Why would Edmonton’s Karen Smith lie?

Why would Karen Smith tell such an obvious and stupid lie?

Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton is the organization behind the Don’t Be That Guy campaign. Karen Smith is the executive director, and told an interviewer with the CBC that the posters stating “Don’t Be That Girl”–a parody done by AVfM affiliate MREdmonton–and which identified the problem of false accusations of rape, were disappointing and inaccurate: “It just doesn’t happen. Nobody would report sexual assault needlessly because it is a grueling process to go through.”

The posters also say: “Just because you had a one night stand, doesn’t mean your sexual encounter was not consensual. Lying about sexual assault = a crime”.

According to a major fraction of mainstream commentary, these “Don’t Be That Girl” posters are “rape apologetics”. This is too stupid to bother refuting, but it merits mention as an illustration of the tone of public commentary. In fact, “Don’t Be That Girl” refers to the phenomenon of wilfully fraudulent accusations of rape, the prevalence of such cases, and the near total lack of legal consequences for accusers making such claims. But Karen Smith, the executive director of Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton said in a CBC interview that it just doesn’t happen.

It just doesn’t happen.

Interestingly, the CBC reporter who wrote the July 9 article entitled “Posters say some women lie about sexual assault” is not named, and the article on CBC.ca has no author attribution or by-line. This means that whatever irresponsible dolt at CBC did write the piece, nobody can criticize them with the observation that on the same website, there is a 2009 article entitled “Edmonton cabbie sues passengers over false assault allegations”.

That article documents the story of a veteran Edmonton taxi driver whose female passengers accused him of sexual assault to avoid paying a their cab fare. The cabbie was saved by a camera which recorded what actually happened: the women had refused to refrain from smoking in his cab, and then refused to pay the – wait for it – THIRTEEN DOLLAR fare. To avoid any consequence of not paying that $13, they claimed sexual assault – and the “grueling process” began.

That’s what a man’s life, freedom, reputation, family, and future livelihood is worth. Thirteen bucks.

But according to Karen Smith, executive director of Sexual Assault Voices, It Just Doesn’t Happen. So why would somebody in a position of such public trust, responsibility, and power tell such an idiotic, stupid, and irresponsible lie?

It just doesn’t happen.

Crystal Mangum

Elizabeth Jones

Nafissatou Diallo

Kirsty Debanks

Katelyn Webster

Linsey Attridge

Leanne Black

Wanetta Gibson

And there is also false accuser Ligia Filler.

A few journalists are starting to stand up to liars like Smith, including Robyn Urback: http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/07/10/robyn-urback-sometimes-assault-accusations-are-false-a-little-awareness-is-ok/

Urback writes, It’s shocking, all right. And arguably provocative to a fault. After all, Men’s Rights Edmonton could have made the same point without making a parody of an existing anti-rape campaign, a move that will rub salt in the wounds of those already sensitive to the issue. But despite the tactless presentation, the message remains fair: Sometimes, women falsely accuse men of rape.

Despite Urback’s distaste for the ungentle tone of the posters, she is at least willing to concede that the concerns they raise are valid.

Maybe somebody ought to tell the executive director of the Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton: Hey Karen, Don’t Be That Girl.

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  • http://feministlies.wordpress.com/ Theaverageman

    Correction JtO,Sexual assault voices of edmonton is responsible for the campaign.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Correctrix/videos Correctrix

    The weird thing is that I often hear the ‘it doesn’t happen’ or ‘why would a woman *ever* do that?’ comments from feminists, alongside the claim that false accusations are only 2% of cases. ‘Only’? That still means that for every fifty reports, one of them is complete bullshit that may ruin a man’s life. Feminist claims do not compute.

    • Iron John

      May ruin a man’s life? Well, I have to disagree here. At least in the United States a man need not be guilty of anything in order to have his life ruined. A mere accusation of rape is considered guilt. And that is not some that ever goes away. Even when he is completely innocent.

      • http://www.judgybitch.com Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

        Have you seen this?


        A woman accused her ex-partner of raping his OWN son and three other little girls, and it was shared over 26 000 times on Facebook.

        The police response to a false accusation like this one:

        “It’s not illegal to spread a rumor,”

        Really. That was really their response.

        Oh, she posted his picture, too. Just for good measure.

        • scatmaster

          Holy shiat JB!!!
          Can these loons get any more depraved.!!!

        • Sir_Quixote

          “It’s not illegal to spread a rumor,” Heffernan said.

          You might want to read up on those laws you’re supposed to be enforcing, Heff.

          Crash course in Canadian Law:

          “What is cyberbullying?

          Cyberbullying is a type of harassment using new technology […] to engage in deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour intended to harm, embarrass, or slander someone.

          Cyberbullying may also be defamation. The Criminal Code (section 300) outlaws publishing a defamatory libel – material published, without lawful justification or excuse, likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing them to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or designed to insult the person.

          If a person is charged with criminal harassment, crown counsel (the prosecutor) makes the case against (or prosecutes) them. The prosecutor may proceed by indictment for serious cases, and then the maximum penalty is 10 years in jail. Or the prosecutor may proceed by summary conviction for less serious cases, and then the maximum penalty is either a fine or 6 months in jail, or both.”

        • Iron John

          Yes, I have seen that and it made my blood boil. While the police officers are correct in their assertion that it is not illegal to spread a rumor, I would disagree that a rumor is what took place here.

          What this woman did is akin to banishment via the power of the internet. She has systematically shut down nearly every opportunity this man will have in the future to interact normally in society. Just like a prison term for a serious crime does. Even if you do manage to survive and get out, the public record of what transpired will haunt you forever. Note that in the case of an innocent person being incarcerated, compensation, however meager is offered by the state and well as a public declaration non-guilt. The man in this case can’t get that either. The woman’s word is law. And that is the crux of the problem. A problem men still have to face.

          Until the day comes, a day when men are presumed innocent by people, and women are not automatically assumed to be truthful, a counter weight is necessary to balance these horrific acts done to men. No one else will care enough to do it, so I would assert that onus is upon us.

          To that end, I suggest the formation of a subsection for Register-Her.com. One beneath false accusers. One where the legal system has not been involved, but rather court of public opinion. Women who do this sort of evil thing belong there, so everyone can hear the man’s side of the story. It seems only fair. This is after all, “A Voice for Men”? Isn’t it?

          • http://www.genderratic.com/ Jim Doyle

            I second the motion. The section should have face shots and whatever reflect whatever internet presence the person has, as a resource for the public.

    • Robert Crayle

      One wonders if cognitive dissonance is eventually terminal at a high enough level?

  • greg

    As we know, your list of false Accuser’s goes on ad Infinitum.

    Saying women don’t lie about rape is akin to saying crackheads don’t lie about smoking crack.

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

    “…despite the tactless presentation…”


    • scatmaster

      Welcome back Suzanne!!!!
      All the best to you and your family!!!!

      • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

        Thanks Scatmaster. I’m still running in ten different directions, but AVfM is a good way to take my mind off of everything whenever I get a few minutes.

        • scatmaster

          Stay in touch even if it is just for piece of mind.
          We miss you around here.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            OUR peace of mind, as well, Suz.

    • http://www.genderratic.com/ Jim Doyle

      Indeed. It looks to me like the “tactless presentation” was all that got this issue noticed at all.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    “But according to Karen Smith, the executive director of the EDMONTON Sexual Assault Centre, It Just Doesn’t Happen. So why would somebody in a position of such public trust, responsibility, and power tell such an idiotic, stupid, and irresponsible lie?

    It just doesn’t happen.”

    Because showing the true prevalence of rape would cost her significant funding for her cause from the government. She wouldn’t be able to lever as much out of them.

    Because she would have to concede that women are not always the victims.

    Because she would have to rely on hard facts instead of the metastudies she has used time and time again (1 out of 4, et al.)

    Because she would have to yield her blanket stereotype that all men are rapists.

    Because it shatters part of herself that believes all the feminist lies to the point of fanaticism. So ingrained is it into some women’s persona, it will crush them to have it proven wrong. Notice how dogmatic she is in her responses.

    • harrywoodape

      Excellent comment and points you make.
      What I have noticed – as an outsider – is that the professional rape/domestic violence industry is a tightly controlled and monitored vacuum. These ‘professionals’ would not have been granted their positions of power and authority without being tested for their loyalty and subservience to the web of lies and falsehoods that paints all men as inferior and oppressors of women and all women as victims.
      Not only must they state that they believe it (where they are rewarded for touting the party line) but to advance they must do it with conviction and also show that they will take actions that advance the common cause.
      I used to think that all members of the domestic violence and rape industries must hate men. I’ve come to realize that it is much colder than hatred. It is that they no longer live in a world where men trouble them much – if at all. They exist in a feminist bubble where the only men allowed are basically safe and for appearances. These are women that are very accustomed since birth to knowing that they have very powerful connections, social mechanisms, and cultural programming, backing them up. The LAW is on their side…in a very sure way. That is what breeds this unprecedented arrogance in the modern woman that occupies her seat of power in a system that evicts fathers from the lives of their children and puts men in jail and dismisses or ignores the multitudes of false accusations that THEY HELP CREATE AND TWEAK AND SUSTAIN…to support their organizations.
      It’s their job. If they didn’t do it…they wouldn’t be there.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MrShadowfax42 MrShadowfax42

    More annoying to me was Urback’s comment:

    “It’s shocking, all right. And arguably provocative to a fault.”

    And it is shocking how you don’t find the original posters “provocative to a fault”.

    “After all, Men’s Rights Edmonton could have made the same point without making a parody of an existing anti-rape campaign, a move that will rub salt in the wounds of those already sensitive to the issue.”

    Part of “the point”, Urback, is that the posters are offensive in THEIR ORIGINAL FORM. Now tell me, how does one make THIS point without “rubbing salt into wounds”? Urback is either being deliberately disingenous herself, or she is simply uncapable of seeing anything from the male point of view.

    Feminism – the novel idea that men aren’t really human.

    • http://www.avoiceformen.com August Løvenskiolds

      “Feminism – the novel idea that men aren’t really human.” – and that, nevertheless, women are equal to those men.

      • http://www.genderratic.com/ Jim Doyle

        “Feminism – the novel idea that men aren’t really human.”

        Men not being fully human has been the satndard for a long time now. Feminists just learned it growing up with it.

  • Iron John

    @ JtO

    A thought here: Is this possible that an error has been made by the media or that the quote was taken out of context? Maybe AVfM should contact this individual in order to verify what was reported on the CBC? If however, she persists in that assertion, then my suggestion would be to add this person to Register-Her.com. In that case, she would certainly qualify as a bigot and even probably as a corrupt public official.

  • paddybrown

    “Women don’t lie about rape,” says woman, lying about rape.

    • Kimski

      My thoughts exactly.

      How do you address such an obvious example of not fully comprehending the meaning of the words she uses, which is the only explanation beyond lying?

      Start out with A-B-C, and do it ve-ry slowly??

  • Jack Barnes

    Feminism was built and runs on lies. Feminists are accustomed to no one calling them out on their lies. They feel free to lie because they believe everyone will just go along with it. And why shouldn’t they, that’s exactly what everyone has been doing for fifty years.
    This is nothing more than a dialing up of what we have faced all along. The feminist’s answer to the MRM is to paint us all as crazy misogynists. They will say anything
    short of “these men are the literal spawn of Satan” in an effort to sway public opinion of us. Feminism’s only hope is to convince the public that we are evil misogynists that should be scorned and ridiculed and never ever listened to. “Disregard what they say, they just hate women and want to rape your wives and daughters. Listen to us not to them. Do rely on your own ability to use reason, logic and common sense. Believe what we tell you or we will label you as one of them.” This is the only card feminist have to play. Its their only defense.
    It won’t work.
    It won’t work because they can’t convince people like Mr. Filler and his family and friends that there isn’t a problem with the courts and the gender ideologs running them. You will never be able to convince men, along with their family and friends, who are in prison for failure to pay childsupport that there isn’t something wrong. You will never be able to convince the family and friends of the 6 yr old boy who had charges brought against him for playing doctor with a girl the same age that there isn’t something wrong. I could go on and on.
    Feminism has created legions of people that feminist will never be able to convince that there isn’t something wrong. Feminism has literally created the army that will destroy it.
    Feminism has two choices, wait silently and let the truth be revealed or lie to keep the truth hidden and hope it works. They have to lie, they have no other viable choice.

  • Stu

    The number one reason why the demonization of men continues, and women are held up as perpetual victims of everything under the sun, is money.

    There is a gigantic abuse industry that relies on finding greater and greater numbers of victims for their continued existence. This is why the definition of rape is being changed to include practically anything. This is why all that matters is how a woman feels. It is not just rape farmers…..it’s the entire grievance industry.

    We have a massive army of university educated women, with nothing else to do, and no other way to make a living except cry victim on behalf of such and such a group, and set themselves up as the paid rescuers of those individuals. And the education system is turning out more and more of these parasites every year. They have degrees in what…..they can’t do anything basically, except cry and whine and whinge and point fingers and invent problems and threat narratives in order to create a market for their services.

    Without massive numbers of rapists, sexual harassers, an assorted straw boogeymen, they are good for nothing.

    The reason they can so easily convince women that they are under constant threat, with rapists on every street corner, and every little thing a guy does is just a precursor to rape, is because women are naturally risk averse, and generally more fearful. So all of their marketing is done as scare campaigns which target men as the bad guy, women as victim, and every woman is in dire danger 24/7

    That is why they make statements like “it never happens” There are not enough real rapes, so every accusation has to be made into a real rape, and everything that is not rape has to be changed to be legally rape. They can’t keep their jobs otherwise. If the public wakes up that they are full of shit, it’s all over, most of them wouldn’t work again.

    • GQuan

      Feminism demonizes men, and holds women hostage. Feminists and apologists for feminism like to paint the picture of women’s history as being one of silent, miserable endurance of oppression…until feminism came along to help. They like to claim feminism is responsible for battered wives being recognized and aided rather than brushed under the carpet (Erin Pizzey would have something to say about that, just for a start, to say nothing of the various historical laws that harshly condemned woman-beating in many historical communities). They like to claim that it’s thanks to them that women have voting rights (despite the actual history of suffrage, as people like GirlWritesWhat have tried to draw attention to). And they like to claim there’s a “rape culture” and that society sees no problem with rape of women and never believes them when they report it.

      Violence against women isn’t taken seriously! Rape of women isn’t taken seriously! Women had no voice, no influence, no hope, until feminism came along! So that’s why I need feminism!

      “Oi, woman. You know who I am. I’m feminism. You would be *nothing* without me, woman. Nothing. You owe *everything* to me. Everything, yer hear? D’yer wanna go back to the nothing you were before I saved yer? Do you think you could survive without me? Is that what yer want, to go back? No? Then yer better treat me right, hadn’t ya, woman?”

    • http://www.genderratic.com/ Jim Doyle

      “We have a massive army of university educated women, with nothing else to do, and no other way to make a living except cry victim on behalf of such and such a group, ”

      This has been called the Ophelia Complex

      ..which is a specific form of damseling.

  • eddy.dogleg

    Thank you for the article John. Below is part of the message I sent to the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton using their contact us page.

    Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (kalyca.ryan@gmail.com)
    July-11-13 12:08:51 PM
    (Email address removed)

    This is a copy of the following message you sent to sace email via Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton

    This is an enquiry email via https://www.sace.ab.ca/ from:

    Dear Ms. Karen Smith

    I read an article where you were quoted as saying “It just doesn’t happen. Nobody would report sexual assault needlessly because it is a gruelling process to go through.” I do not believe this statement is true and would like to bring to your attention the case of Regina v. Martin, 2009 BCPC 282 (CanLII) http://www.canlii.org/eliisa/highlight.do?text=Janelle+Peyachew&language=en&searchTitle=British+Columbia&path=/en/bc/bcpc/doc/2009/2009bcpc282/2009bcpc282.html&searchUrlHash=AAAAAQAQSmFuZWxsZSBQZXlhY2hldwAAAAAAAAE .

    I hope you’ll take the time to read the tragedy of errors that led to Cory Headen death because of a false rape allegation. As I read it I wonder do you owe the grandparents, parents, child and widow of Cory Headen an apology? It must be very hard for all of them when they hear false rape allegations never happened.

    • Stu

      I’d like know why she thinks it is such a grueling experience to report a rape that didn’t happen.

      • eddy.dogleg

        I am terrible at bull shit poker, I find it very stressful doing all that lying, so I can see why it would be difficult to make a false rape accusation. //end sarcasm

        I agree with you Stu. It would be interesting to hear her arguments for why making a false rape accusation is a grueling experience.If for no other reason than to make her think through what she said.

  • Jared Spencer

    It does seem like a growth industry. Professional victims supported by professional victim advocates agitating professional activists enabling professional rioters developing and training professional domestic terrorists.
    The subsidies are great, the hours attractive and the ability to lie your sweet ass off and cavort about swathed in bile reeking corruption without consequence is just delicious.

  • rexxthunder
  • rexxthunder

    Maybe we should all go on a web hunt for all the false allegation stories out there on the web. I’m willing to bet there’s a lot.

    • scatmaster


      Is this what you are looking for?


      • rexxthunder

        Nice, that was quick. Lol.

        • scatmaster

          I have periods of lucidity. LOL
          Glad to be of help.

  • baldwinbravo

    Does anyone remember this story?

    It’s not the only city I’ve heard about taxis avoiding picking up women after dark due to common threats of false accusation.
    Claiming that false accusations “just don’t happen” is putting more women at risk… real risk, not the made up kind of risk she might be more familiar with.

    • scatmaster

      bwb. I remember this very well.
      I was down on George Street in St. Johns a few years ago and over heard two drunk tarts yelling at a taxi driver for not allowing them into his cab. They threw their drinks on the cab (lots of outside patios on that street), cursed him, spat on his vehicle. No wonder the cabbies won’t pick them up. This is not the Newfoundland I grew up in.


  • http://vilo13.blogspot.com/ Lucian Vâlsan
  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I know, I know – the names of false accusers IS pretty limited…

    …because false accusations are so RARE?


  • gateman

    Women never lie about domestic violence either.
    In fact, women never lie about anything.
    They are goddam perfect.

  • Andres

    Slightly off-topic, but:

    This is the second time I’ve heard a cab driver be accused of rape to avoid paying the fare (fee? charge?). Both times the cabbies were only able to avoid conviction on false rape charges because both happened to be recording the entire goings-on.

    I really am against surveillance of public places (such as CCTV in the UK). I also advocate for the right to privacy. It’s a bone-chilling thought that in the face of such behaviour such records could very well be the ‘lesser of two evils’ because of their potential to exonerate a wrongfully accused person.

    I mean, really? Accuse a man of rape because you don’t want to pay fricking 13 bucks for his labour? But, yeah, right. No woman would ever lie about rape. Not ever. Not in a million years. Not if her life depended on it. But if it’s thirteen bucks…
    How disconnected from reality (or how ruthless, if you don’t go with Hanlon’s Razor) do you have to be to be able to utter this appaling lie in public?

    (Here’s the other case: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10160029/Cab-driver-falsely-accused-of-rape-saved-by-his-phone-app.html)

  • http://www.schorel-hlavka.com inspector-rikati

    When I was accused I decided to publish a book about it very quickly, and forwarded a copy to the chief commissioner of police. My wife was horified that this publication sopmehow could backfire, but the response was that I was no longer subject to an investigation. I was never charged. No one held it against me. I was just ahead before it would be to late. Not everyone may be able to do as I did, but at least I didn’t sit around waiting my world to fall in, but went in a counter offensive. I understood from a police officer that 9 out of 10 investigations about alleged rape were found to be false, where the woman had engaged in consensual sex and then afterwards (such as fearing pregnancy and being married) decided to claim rape. The real sad part on it is that women who are really raped, and suffer horendiously because of it, as they are inflicted even more harm because the numerous false allegations causes more scruteny, etc.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I had a news paper reporter wanting to investigate the handling of my son’s case, but warned against possible retaliation.

      I contacted him because of his expose “The Power To Harm” about the Wenatchee Witch hunts in WA state.

      He said many of the people who spoke to him in that case had been retaliated against. After speaking to some of the people involved in that case (a minister who’d spoken up for some of his parishioners ended up falsely accused, in prison for a year and his daughter hours away from being permanently adopted off in foster care).

      I backed off out of fear.

      There was NO retaliation against the principals in that case, they are still Judges and prosecutors to this day.

  • Nemoque

    Feminist want us to believe that women never lie or rarely lie. That is itself a lie. Women lie all the time. They lie about all sorts of things. Women will lie about sex, too. If you do not think that women lie, just ask other women if women lie. Feminist are so blinded by their ideology that women are morally superior to men that will deny what they themselves know to be true.

  • donzaloog

    So a man’s life is worth 13 dollars to those women? Holy shit. That’s so fucked up.

    Karen Smith’s only concern is her funding.

  • Diana Davison

    I noticed that in at least one of the news articles they claimed that rape went down 10% since the “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign started. Really?
    If reports actually went down it might also be due to men realizing that they can be accused of rape if they let a drunk girl trick them into having sex with them… So they stopped having consensual drunk sex as often.

    There is zero evidence that it was a reduction in rape instead of a reduction in false accusations.

  • Bombay

    “Edmonton Police say the number of sexual assaults in 2011 was up 14 per cent over the previous year.

    There were 687 reported incidents in 2011, compared to about 600 in 2010.”

    So are those guilty verdicts/pleas or reports? It says reports. So false reports are up? Considering how “Don’t be that guy” vilifies all men – many reports against males could be on the rise.

  • StudioBrule

    Well-written response. I particularly like your observation about the CBC website

  • harrywoodape

    PR – or professional lying – is a core element of the global feminist power grab and control game. CBC is onboard. Loading up on stories of brutal rape dehumanizes the target – the target would be men. If you carpet bomb the public with stories of atrocities committed by men against women – and write them as such – it does a halfway job of preparing the public to support tougher measures and laws against the target (the male) later on. It also provides reference material to reinforce your measures.
    The other half of the PR campaign is to do your best to minimize and silence and prevent MOST stories that go against your story or elicit sympathy for the target (again..the male) or make your “victim” (the female) look unvictimlike, untrustworthy, deceitful, aggressive, or violent.
    The art of bullshit – known as PR – knows that to outright suppress or stop all unhelpful stories of false allegations of rape made by women is overkill and would backfire and cause more people to wake up and start questioning what exactly is going on.
    Everybody knows or has seen women be violent or women engage in false allegations and abuse of men. It is actually very common – and I believe epidemic. So you don’t hide an epidemic by pretending that there is no illness whatsoever. You do damage control.
    You acknowledge that there is a problem but you do so with platitudes on hand, and you do little more than acknowledge a few cases.
    Ka-chunk! Ka-chunk!…but the machine keeps moving towards it’s target endgame – the complete enslavement of men…manufacturing and conditioning hatred and falsehoods about men as a whole. Nothing changes despite the odd acknowledgement that men get the shaft. “We are looking into it.” or “It sometimes does happen.” or “The system has it’s flaws.” are just more deceptive lies.
    The ear of mainstream mass media – like CBC – bends for feminist PR all over the world. Why is that?