Erica Jarvis

The crucifixion of Erika Jarvis

When, however, the bluff is exposed… then the apostles of feminism, male and female, being unable to make even a plausible case out in reply, with one consent resort to the boycott, and by ignoring what they cannot answer, seek to stop the spread of the unpleasant truth so dangerous to their cause. The pressure put upon publishers and editors by the influential Feminist sisterhood is well known. ~ E. Bellfort Bax, 1913

Toronto Standard makes its own news, then buries it in an attempt to cover up the truth.

Erica Jarvis is hanging on a cross.

On January 3, 2013, the Toronto Standard ran an article she penned, an interview with me which represented a first of sorts for the mainstream media. In a departure from the now standard mainstream narrative, and set against the backdrop of the University of Toronto student protest against Warren Farrell’s talk on the Boy Crisis, Jarvis actually put in a good effort toward balanced and ethical journalism. She wrote as though she did not get the Official Party Memo that the men’s rights movement is a club for aggrieved, basement dwelling white male Republicans, whose hatred of all women compels them to use the internet to bully and terrorize the world back to 1950’s America. Instead, she actually interviewed an MRA and allowed a fairly complete vetting of the facts.

And that put the first nail right through her hand.

There was a plug for the long discredited anti-men’s rights disinformation campaign of the SPLC tossed in at the end of the article. I later confirmed that was placed there not by Jarvis, but by editors of the Toronto Standard.

Some of her conclusions, editorial bullying notwithstanding, were as follows:

  • After speaking with me at length she deduced that I did not hate women, and in fact even found it necessary to remark that she felt like she was being treated like an equal during our interview;
  • She acknowledged that the conduct of some of the protestors at U of T was designed to stifle free speech;
  • Even though she clearly disagrees with some of our tactics, she understands that we are facing real resistance to speech that would address the issues of our concern, and indeed admits that if our tactics were less provocative, she would not have even covered the story;
  • She acknowledged that the makeup of the MRM was significantly different and more diverse than what other mainstream sources are reporting, citing the significant numbers of women who support our cause;
  • She expressed sympathies to the core issues facing men and boys as presented to her in the interview.

In short, she contradicted every bit of feminist spin you have ever read in the mainstream media about the men’s rights movement, even as she clung to some artificially lofty standards that would keep us from being so uppity. Even that did not save her, though, and her conclusions became another nail driven through another hand.

The article received numerous comments. All of them, to the last one, either challenged what anti-MRM bias there was in the article, or thanked her for the aspects of her coverage that hit the mark. Not a word of support for the protestors or for feminism, even from the Standard’s regular readers.

That silence could be interpreted as a sign of the last nail, the one that would pierce her feet, was being carefully placed; ready for the strike of the hammer.

Of course, I should give you a link to the article for reference. Here you go.

Oh, but wait before you click, because when you do you will find that the page where that article use to reside has been deleted, and the url has been re-directed back to the Standard’s home page. They have made their own news, and then buried it once the feminists came calling to let them know trouble was brewing for those that did not align with their worldview.

It is one of the few unfortunate aspects of electronic media. Stories can disappear as quickly as they appear, leaving editors to simply expunge their own records with no retraction or explanation necessary, as the Standard has done here. In fact, were it not for industrious MRAs who anticipate this kind of mainstream sneakiness, the article would be lost forever. We have it in .pdf, complete with comments, and anticipate that links to it off site will be available in the near future as we continue to cover the cover-up.

It is a smoke and mirrors routine that I have ample evidence is being conducted by those interested in maintaining feminism’s stranglehold on public discourse, which has no room for the discussion of the human rights of men and boys.

How do I know this? Because Erika Jarvis confirmed it in an email after the article came out. She wrote me after I posted a response to her article, in which I criticized the addition of the SPLC propaganda, among other things. She responded:

Jarvis email

First I want to point this out as more evidence of Jarvis’s intellectual consistency. She disagrees with AVFM tactics, but clearly shows between the article and her email that she is concerned that the issues are being subjected to censoring, just as she more than tacitly implies that she has already been subjected to a feminist backlash against her work.

This is what we will see more of in the future. This is where the battle gets a little tougher and a hell of a lot closer to victory — as this monumentally stupid tactic will fail them.

Their plan, if one can call it that, is to make an example of anyone who dares to cover the MRM outside the realm of their edicts. The message is simple, the MRM is bad, feminism is good, and if you even hint at another perspective we will come to nail you to a piece of wood.

Feminists are now having to work harder than they have before in the mainstream to keep the refutation of their lies and their advocacy for violence and censorship from seeing the light of day. The truth has begun infect the collective consciousness, with will now leave them to do what we see here, petty sacrifices and transparent attempts to revise history after it has already happened.

As we see from the now 100 year old quote from E. Bellfort Bax above, this is not really anything new. But he did not live in the internet age, where attempts to rig the record can so easily blow up in your face.

This is a pretty important piece of the picture. Even now, as I look back on this series of events, I remember telling Jarvis that AVfM got just a little less traffic than the Toronto Standard. She even mentioned that I said that in her now erased commentary.

Even in the short time since then we have exceeded their traffic by a significant margin. What this in effect means is that more people will likely now read about their ill-fated attempt at a cover-up than ever read the original article they scrubbed from the site. That includes a good many Canadians.

Bellfort Bax could not have envisioned the Streisand effect, and the thinking of the editors at the Toronto Standard appear to be similarly a hundred years behind modern realities.

In other words, they not only not covering anything up, they have just publicly exposed themselves as being directed by a culture of yellow journalism and deceit, hiding news and information from their readers, even what they chose to publish, that does not fit with the prescribed ideological dictates of feminists.

The sad part here is that the only person actually being hurt in this part of the story is Erika Jarvis, because she tried to write a balanced news story on the wrong subject. She is finding out the hard way that feminists demand absolute agreement and support or they will take any extreme necessary to silence you. That has about zero effect on those of us whose stock-in-trade is shining a light on this kind of conduct, and in fact fans the flames of our fires, but for those with ambitions of mainstream acceptance it can be a game stopper, as evidenced by Erika Jarvis being so casually crucified.

She may be able to skate out of this; to move on in other directions as a writer, mindful of where she can go and what she can say. She may be allowed to have a career as a writer, even after her egregious faux pas. But the publicly conducted witch hunts are only going to paint a much more stark picture for a public that is beginning to awaken to the fact that they have been sold a bill of goods, and played like cheap violins for the sake of a corrupt and oppressive ideology.

Addendum: Here is the web cached version of the article, without the comments, and interestingly enough, the add on about the SPLC is also missing:


And here is the full pdf, as provided from an off site source:

  • typhonblue

    Feminism is misogyny.

    • Steve_85

      Misogyny: The radical notion that a man could possibly hate a woman anywhere near as much as other women already do.

      • feeriker

        Another “quotable quote” for the ages!

    • Dean Esmay

      Erin Pizzey, once a bestselling author, had a generation of self-proclaimed feminist editors take over most national publishing houses and had them expunge all of her books. None are in print anymore save one, the one the small house Peter Owen Publishers now has in print, “This Way to the Revolution,” and even though it’s a terrifically well written and fascinating book by and about an important historical set of subjects (2nd wave feminism from someone who was part of it, the start of the international anti-domestic violence crusade, and Pizzey herself), it took her 10 years to get it published despite her proven track record.

      If they will, in true Stalinist fashion, attempt to erase Pizzey completely from the history (Stalin had this done to many of his enemies, famously even altering photographs of himself to remove people he no longer wanted people to remember), they won’t hesitate to do it to someone like Erika Jarvis.

      I know a couple of other journalists and writers who had their careers obliterated because powerful monied interests (who people refused to believe were powerful and monied) with an agenda wanted them destroyed.

      Erika’s probably got three choices: keep her head down and write on absolutely nothing even remotely related to us ever again, openly defy them and make a stink and risk losing her career for doing so, or retract her story and apologize and openly denounce us, which may also be harmful to her career.

      It might have been nice to warn her this could happen, but then, she might not have believed it. People usually don’t believe this sort of thing until it happens to them.

      People think I’m joking somehow when I call this Stalinism. But this is exactly the sort of thing Stalinists did, even though the majority of Stalinists had no idea just how evil Stalin and his closest minions really were.

      Do I believe these people would kill in mass purges? Given that some of them brag unironically about wanting to do just that, I don’t consider that paranoid. I continue to wonder when they’re going to try to kill one of us directly. No that’s not paranoia, or even conspiracy mongering. It’s the sort of thing with power and money and prestige and blinding ideology do, and the “they’re just women they’re harmless” illusion is a powerful one.

      • Kimski

        “I continue to wonder when they’re going to try to kill one of us directly”

        The fear of creating a martyr is probably the only reason it hasn’t happened yet. Even though they managed to bury the self immolation of Thomas Ball, it continues to re-surface once in a while.

      • Ray

        “(Stalin had this done to many of his enemies, famously even altering photographs of himself to remove people he no longer wanted people to remember),”

        Stalin “disappeared” people.

        Here’s a prime example of how it works from the Joseph Stalin Wiki page.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      And misogyny is a strategic device used to cripple the culture, which in turn cripples the economy, paving the way for authoritarian top-down control by a centralized dogmatic bureaucracy. Oh, how useful those marxist-theory-addled useful narcissistic idiots are to the money masters up on high who have deliberately placed them in their privileged positions to do their filthy “feminist” work.

      But they will fail. And fail miserably. These indoctrinated minions of the power-broker bosses are mere deluded and inexperienced fools who know by heart their vapid and arcane schoolbook theories yet have little grasp true reality and know precious little of true human nature — while the spirit of liberty is reawakening among all good men and women.

    • Angry Harry

      Perhaps you can talk to her ….

      • Stu

        I was looking at that before and thought that’s probably her, but couldn’t be sure.

        An Aussie girl too. Tasmania. Ok, now I’m going to have think of a two heads joke. :) :)

        • TigerMan

          A two hats joke would be much easier! 😉

        • Angry Harry

          Hi Stu

          I just reckon it would be nice if people said Thank You to her for having a go at writing something about the MRM.

          It can only do good – or nothing at all.

          In my own case, there is nothing that spurs me on more than knowing that somebody out there appreciates my efforts.

          I’m sure that the same is true for many people.

          BTW, it’s freezing here in London. No doubt, you are basking in the sunshine in your own part of the world.

          • TigerMan

            Hi Harry – sounds like your still not old enough to qualify for the Winter fuel allowance – unlike me. lol
            Anyway nice idea about thanking her directly – am getting on it right now! :)

          • rake

            That being the case, Harry, consider yourself spurred because, fwiw, this anonymous random from internetland very much appreciates your work.

            Your website was one of the first I stumbled across in the ‘manosphere’ and opened my eyes to a broad range of issues. I should add that I was also deeply impressed by your contribution to the ‘manwomanmyth‘ video series (can’t recommend that highly enough, if anyone hasn’t seen it yet).

            Thank you for your priceless contribution to my education.

  • Rog

    i would like to see her write more and post here for prosperity if she consents to being the honest devil’s advocate for feminism and following the story of her eyes being opened to it might be a good series of articles here?

  • laotzu12

    Hey Paul, any chance you could “turn the tables”, so to speak, and interview Erika about her experience covering this event and publishing her article? I’m hoping it does not damage her writing career to have refrain from pillorying MRA’s at the obvious terrorists we are; and I’d love to hear her perspective – both at the ‘illuminating’ feminist response and her feelings about having the article addended then pulled.

    • Paul Elam

      I would love to interview her on this, but I am not encouraged. Her doing that would only cause them to come after her harder.

      • typhonblue

        At some point we have to grab our gonads and do what’s right even in the face of being bullied.

        Give her the opportunity to woman up.

        • corbyworld

          It could be the start of a new career-direction for her 😀

          Barbara Kay is good, but it would be great to see some new faces dismantling the feminist lie-machine

        • TheBiboSez

          Agreed. One-by-one, feminists are cannibalizing their own natural allies (the ones with integrity, anyway) and turning them into MRAs or our sympathizers.

          Thanks again, feminists, for shitting your own bed yet again.

          And welcome, Erika. AVfM is a decompression chamber for those suffering with the feminist bends. It can be a rocky transition to be sure, but it is to be hoped you will find it a worthwhile experience.

        • Aimee McGee

          Hi TB, yes I agree she’s got a chance to woman up.

          I’m guessing she’s staring into the abyss of wondering whether she can get published as a feature writer or whether she’s relegated to covering ‘society news’ for the foreseeable future. Not a nice place – been at similar myself in the past.

          Erika, if you need an empathic ear, you can contact me through the forum. There are loads of women who’ve had to deal with feminist bullies before and you can overcome, by exposing their bad behaviour to the light…but only you can do it

      • Marcus

        What if she did it on the condition of anonimity? we get the article, she gets protection.

        • Scarecrow

          Offer a young woman anonymity – for *daring* to write something that might be a teensy bit sympathetic to the MRM. Yes, I can see how feminism is all about giving women a voice…

          I agree with Typhonblue – feminism is misoginy.

      • Raven01

        There is a pro-male journalist in JtO’s neck of the woods and Peter Lloyd. Point her at those sources. They may not be so shy about hiring a journalist like her.
        I may not agree with her assessment but, have to give her credit for trying to do an honest report and bonus credit for having guts.
        I can’t see it hurting anything to discuss this with her and then let your conscience guide your final decision.

      • harrywoodape

        Now Erika Jarvis, you have been given a glimpse of a broader truth that exists. This is the biggest untold story in Canada right now. The UofT protest and it’s fallout and what it was really about and who is squelching the news.
        It’s headline stuff really. Not the protest really…but who is backing radical feminism and its hate campaign against men in our society. How do they have control of the mainstream media and the power to censor and blackout men’s issues?
        You have discovered Erika, a real story that needs to be told for all the countless broken families and discarded men and they’re innate goodness.
        Hopefully she will have courage. Hopefully she can face the truth and be brave enough to tell it for a cause worth fighting for…the truth about men.

  • by_the_sword

    Is there an internet Cache of the article? There’s no reason why her work should be lost.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    Good read. MSM is not on our side, and seek to stifle us. It will take a few more verbal hammers to get them looking our way more objectively.

    Not to be too terribly nit-picky, Paul, but isn’t supposed to be January 3, 2013? Been trying to break myself out of the 2012 habit myself.

    • Paul Elam

      Thanks for spotting. Fixed. And I agree with you on the hammers. Good thing we have a large supply of tools. :)

  • laotzu12

    I don’t know, Typhon: I would genuinely hate to see her punished career-wise for being so even handed about this topic. Certainly she should be given a choice, but absolutely not pressured, and if she declined an interview, no touting the refusal as further evidence of supression. But I may be projecting my own concerns on her: I’m a University professor, and I do some writing and commentary of MRM, but all anonymously because I know first hand how career-damaging being non-PC and non tenured can be. I’d hate to see her further punished for doing what was right.

    • Paul Elam

      Agreed. One, even this piece is going to be used against her. I was keenly aware of that, but obviously the importance of the story trumps the concern over that.

      It is the same reason I don’t give MRAs flak for remaining anonymous. This is dangerous to people with jobs who want to hold them.

      Except those doing the censoring and practicing the bigotry, which was Jarvis’s real crime here. She wasn’t hateful. How fucked is that?

      • laotzu12

        Precicely. If you had no ideological stake in the issue, her article would have been downright boring: an academic talk that a few college students took umbrage with, and a website that blogged about it, disagreeing with the students’ methods. Only if you had strong financial, or unreasoningly limbic and visceral reaction to the topic would you do things like shove the SPLC addendum at the end, then yank the piece alltogether. My suspicion is the latter, since so many media outlets thrive on whipping people in to a frenzy. Getting people worked up is in a paper’s best interest, so I would induce that there is a feminist editor in Canada that is very invested in message management.

        • harrywoodape

          Every media outlet has a feminist desk or if it doesn’t – they will be advised who to contact to review their articles for them. If a media outlet is not writing articles that pass the feminism desk approval – they risk loss of advertising, access to government sources and are basically out of the loop. The mainstream media is a tightly controlled business that is wholly owned and operated by….the same people that send us to wars and profit from those wars, the people that own the worlds banks and corporations, the 1percent, the people that advocate global government, ….the same people that fund the hell out if known societal poisons like feminism, the same people that openly work towards destroying the common family.
          If the radical feminists are ever going to get their wish of amputating men’s genitals and a utopia where they have complete control..if will REQUIRE martial law, media complicity, and a totalitarian government where children are programmed lies about men.
          Crazy as that sounds to me…it is the way it is going, fast.

      • harrywoodape

        I like your humanity Paul. You are being considerate of her but also doing her right thing. I think your assessment of her was good and you are a smart guy (smarter than me) and I respect that.
        Give her a job offer. Give her the offer to tell the truth. It’s an offer that needs to be made.
        She may be a sister that is new to the realities of the world she grew up in. It’s a smack in the face but it happens for a reason. Let her decide.

  • dhanu

    “Their plan, if one can call it that, is to make an example of anyone who dares to cover the MRM outside the realm of their edicts. The message is simple, the MRM is bad, feminism is good, and if you even hint at another perspective we will come to nail you to a piece of wood.”

    Dear Feminists

    Don’t try too hard to keep the MSM narrative so exclusively feminist. We’ll replace the MSM with the manosphere and then you’ll keep clinging with that defunct piece of crap.

    • Tawil

      We’ll replace the MSM with the humanosphere.

      • corbyworld


        THAT, needs to stick!

      • Paul Elam

        Coin it and ship it.

      • Raven01

        Thumbs up and remember there is no “human” without “man”. 😉

  • Kimski

    I wonder if the same thing happened over at GMP, when their MRA articles disappeared?

    Were there any outside pressure applied?

    Perhaps it would be an idea to start collecting the articles that has disappeared in the mainstream media in a file of their own, called ‘Feminist Censorship’.
    Who knows, maybe a file like that might come in handy later.

    • Dean Esmay

      Actually, a “Censorship” category is a good one, we now have three (four?) examples just in the last year. Paul…?

      • Rog

        it may be useful to prosecutors at a later date 😉

      • corbyworld

        An article that was pulled shortly after it was published:
        Ministry of Silly Feminist Numbers By Martin Loney, Financial Post Thursday, Jan.6, 2011

        Could once be found here:

        But that link was also taken down.

        I put the full article here:

        -it’s halfway down the page.

        • Steve_85

          Ministry for Silly Walks anyone? 😀

        • Raven01

          “Visible minorities born in Canada outperform others born in Canada, most notably in accessing higher education, notwithstanding the supposed failings of the Euro-centric curriculum and the absence of appropriate role models in the schools.”
          And, if you look closer those immigrants that do well regarding children and higher education are only some minority groups. Those with stronger family values or rather that place importance on family itself. The immigrant groups without the family structure seem to be disproportionally represented in gang/criminal activity. The 800Lb gorilla in the room that the PC crowd flatly refuses to see.

  • Stu

    Well, in spite of Erika writing what I previously called, a less negative piece, rather then a positive piece, she is still paying for it so it seems. The message is clear, if you say anything less then absolute hateful rheotoric about the MRM, the feminists will hang you out to dry.

    What did I give her….minus 5 out of minus 20 for her piece. And that is true. But it’s possible she was trying to throw as much positive in as allowable, without winding up on the cross. Maybe she is more sympathetic than it would appear. Even so, it appears she has overstepped the allowable degree of niceness to us evil MRAs

    I’ll send her a well wish. She’s done ok considering the environment she operates in.

  • Dr. F


    Erica Jarvis is of an integrity not seen in her circles before.

    You had no choice but to tell it as it is as we are slaves to the truth as should her employers be also.

    No doubt about it, this woman is a vanguard for the shape of things coming and one day will look back at this unpleasant time with pride and fondness.

    • scatmaster

      integrity being the operative word Dr. F
      Stu might give the article a -5 out of -20 but at least she has some integrity. Not white knighting but I agree she is a “vanguard” and I wish her every success.

  • 86

    A couple of things:

    1) The graphic of the letter from Erika is very hard to read
    2) It may be me, but I am left at the end of the article wondering:

    Has Erika been fired?

    Did she ever have a job there? The reference to a B+ makes me think she was a student…?

    Had she published other articles there or was that her only one?

    Who owns copyright on her article? Erika, or the Toronto Sun? If the latter consider asking a lawyer for advice on how you can legally archive it and present it under Fair Use. And suggest ways on how readers might, on their own volition, distribute it to pastebin, anonpaste, scribd, freezepage, webcitation, etc.

    Consider writing to,, These are almost certainly feminist friendly organizations, but if Erika was fired and the article memory holed, you may be able to get them to write articles about the damage to her. And in general, these organizations are typically not fond of censorship. (Of course, taking down their own article is not usually considered censorship, even when it is.)

    Let Barbara Kay know.

    The Toronto Sun has won awards from (

    Canadian Online Publishing Awards
    The Webby Awards
    .net awards (.netmagazine)

    They should probably know as well.

    • Paul Elam

      She is freelance writer, and was not employed, so could not be fired. The B+ reference was from my first response article on her, and the image is what it is. Just a screen grab from my email. It is a tad fuzzy, but readable.

      • 86

        Okay, thank you.

        Um whatever happened to the (presumably hostile) article to AVFM from the University of Toronto journalism student? Did that ever come out?

    • scatmaster

      Well I sent both this article and the cached webpage to Mrs. Kay. Did you as well? The more the merrier. Honey Badger her into it so to speak.

    • TheBiboSez

      For those like me who’ve had trouble reading it, I’ve attempted to transcribe Jarvis’s note. I had to guess at some of the punctuation, and comments in [brackets] are my own notes and interpolations.

      Here goes:

      Erika Jarvis Jan 9 (3 days ago)

      Thanks, Paul. It was a really big piece for me. The feminist backlash was…illuminating.

      I was also pissed about the addendum by the Standard. Felt like I had been abandoned out there on my own. frankly [?]

      All the same I hope one day you’ll reconsider featuring the protestors on your sites and focus on other things. They are all very young. I know that doesn’t excuse it, and I don’t expect you to change your mind. I just wanted to say it. I hope also that men and boys’ issues will be allowed to be heard and taken seriously at U of T [the University of Toronto], and I seriously mean that.

      B+ is a pleasant surprise. Although I definitely worked hard enough.

      Best [wishes? regards?] and thanks for the dialogue.


      [the note ends here]

  • NCFathers

    If the Google Cache isn’t enough, here is a video of the Content the Toronto Standard Censored.

  • Andres

    After having read Erika’s piece a few days back, two things were apparent to me: Firstly, the last bit was added on later because of pressure from somebody. Presumably the lead editor. I’ve worked as an editor and the sudden change in tone and structure set my edy-senses tingling.
    Secondly, that she would get into trouble for it. Because it looked like a relatively ‘new’ editor tried to take on a controversial issue. i say ‘new’ because after a time editors tend to become cynical, and her desire for an unbiased, open approach was very noticeable. She wanted to let the facts speak for themselves and clearly marked any feeling she had on the matter openly.

    I just hope she’ll not take too much damage (both in reputation and spirit) from this. And, in case she reads this piece, I want to say thanks that she did have the guts to write how she wanted to and and only caved as much as she had to.

    Best wishes,

    Andres (who also uses a pseudonym because of the very real repercussions displaying my real name could have)

    • Aimee McGee

      Holiday time…young sub editor trying to increase sales steps into a controversy s/he had seen brewing through the UoT horrors. Gets cold feet and adds SPLC bit to get ‘balance’
      Feminist editor returns….
      Betcha the young sub won’t be editing anything but classified ads for this paper for a LONG time
      There are many ways to get bullied…and I’ve experienced a few

  • Roland3337

    This is a bit of a cautionary tale for me, as I have been thinking about ‘coming out’ a little at my own university: throwing out some MRM ideas more often in some of my classes, or perhaps teaching a complete red pill class. Not sure if it is too early or not.

    • corbyworld

      It is possible. I do this where I teach; not a red-pill class, but I bring issues into discussion and let the students debate them or research and present further ideas/findings.

      What I do:
      I choose a topic that is relevent to the course, like DV for example.
      I find a feminist source and a well written source that effectively contradicts the feminist perspective -often from women as this tells the girls that it’s ok to be against feminism -rolemodelling, if you will. I take a very neutral stand-point -like “I just stumble across this debate. What do you think? I’ve never looked into it so I don’t really have an opinion. I think DV shelters are a good thing. This researcher (or what ever I have supplied to the contrary) says that men are equally abused, but there are no shelters for men. Is this true? What are your opinions? Should men also receive support? Read these articles and prepare some arguments for a debate next week. You are welcome to do further research and present it, as long as it is from an academic source.”

      Usually, at least 1/3 of the class takes an MRA viewpoint on the issue during the discussion. Some remain neutral, and few defend feminism due to the fallacies in the feminist arguments. Legitimate feminist papers are usually weak, if they exist. They often follow the paper I gave them regarding the MRA standpoint and ‘stumble’ upon the MRM. The students are forced to take an anti-humanitarian viewpoint in front of their peers if they choose to defend feminist propaganda.
      Since people naturally want to come off as fair and caring, most say “of course men should also have support”.

      I’m using a little social psychology too. Since most are voicing these oinions ‘on their own’ they naturally come to adopt them in real life. I’m creating people who care about males; not just females.

      The key is to not show your colours and remain neutral. You have to pay some lipservice to women’s issues to protect your job -it is simply the reality of the situation. At least, it is a good idea so as to cover your ass.

      I find that throughout the year I have numerous students (male and female) who later approach me to share other MRM issues and they often ask if we can discuss them in class -I know they’re digging into the movement and finding feminist BS along the way. I then bring those issues into class by stating “a student brought this to my attention and asked if we could look at it.”

      I’m not an MRA -at least in the eyes of my colleagues- my students are. They are just concerned citizens trying to understand society’s issues and engaging in their university experience.

      I remain neutral and they discover the faults of feminism ‘on their own’.

      You CAN red-pill your students. Just think it through and stay away from saying/doing things that will get you into hot water. It’s sad, but being an open MRA in a university is dangerous, like putting a target on your back.

      I find it works best by addressing one issue at a time as an innocent observer. No overdose, just a little taste of the red pill and many take it from there on their own.

      I keep a bottle of red pills in my briefcase for the ill-advised students of today 😉

      • scatmaster

        I find a feminist source and a well written source that effectively contradicts the feminist perspective -often from women as this tells the girls that it’s ok to be against feminism -rolemodelling, if you will. I take a very neutral stand-point -like “I just stumble across this debate. What do you think?

        Amazing you haven’t been fired or censured even though you are pretending to be neutral. With the female dominated education system I would be worried if I was you.

        By the way I wish you were one of my sons teachers sounds like you get it.

        • corbyworld

          I’m very carefull about how and when I do it. I’ve seen women doing the same. I had a prof once during my undergrad that was using her own texts in class. She had statements in them like “Not all women are feminists.” She quickly became my favorite prof 😀
          She was completely anti-feminist; too much misandry for her. And regarding general intelligence; she blew the ideologues out of the water!! This lady was way too smart to fall for their BS.

          Edit: That should say “stumbled” in my other post, but oh well.

      • Robert St. Estephe

        “I remain neutral and they discover the faults of feminism ‘on their own’.” BINGO. That is the method!

      • Roland3337

        Thank you! Very clever tips!

        I feel foolish for not thinking of this myself.

        I’ll look for opportunities to try this approach in my classes.

      • laotzu12

        I think it would be nice if we could possibly arrange for a small subgroup of us who are college (and even high school) faculty to have a forum or discussion group about how we approach these topics in our work: would that be a possibility?

        • Roland3337

          I think that’s a fantastic idea. I was actually thinking the same thing myself.

          Academia carries a lot of blame for the current state of affairs, but dare I say it?

          Not all academics are like that?

      • harrywoodape


        You are doing good work. Hopefully, some of your students will use the truth. But if this movement is going to succeed we have to accept that jobs, careers, food, shelter, basic human rights, etc will gradually be removed from innocent men because of their gender and that those telling the truth about that will also have to give up those things or remain silent. Why is that?

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Perhaps you can employ the backhand method. There are ways to Trojan horse this scenario.

      For example, if you give out historical material, (early Men’s Rights organization (Sigurd Hoeberth, Austria), the broad-based Anti-Alimony movement of the 1920s USA, or the American “Society’s Acceptance of Domestic Violence?” material [with lots of pictures of wife-beaters being harshly punished — by MEN!] — all from Unknown History of MISANDRY) you can allow the material to be discussed in the standard terms, at first — but, since the facts contained in the material are totally unknown and unavailable to students in their books and other standard sources, they will be startled and begin, without any prompting, to realize that their previous history lessons on past “patriarchal oppression” are censored, skewed, and downright wrong. And it will piss ’em off.

      PS: I cannot imagine that the vintage material quoted in “The People’s Guide to Marriage” on AVfM would not provide a shock-and-awe and a lively productive discussion among even the dullest and most indoctrinated students of any college. That Soviet social engineering material is slam-dunk pure gold.

  • Jay

    Erika actually did some half-decent journalism and look what happens? Toronto Standard is a misandrist piece of schmuck.

  • 86

    Also: @torontostandard

    • TigerMan

      Already tweeted ’em 😉

      • scatmaster


        • TigerMan

          Nice one! :)

          • scatmaster

            I think you see what I did there TigerMan!!!
            Not many would. :)

          • TigerMan

            Well it’s just Grrrrrreat that more of us are beggining to using our twitter accounts more effectively 😉

  • Zarathos022

    Typical. Just fucking typical.

    Ms. Jarvis tries to tell the world the truth about the MRM for once and the UofT bigots try to shut her up.

    They’re cowards. No denying it.

    The sooner the world is rid of the ideology these shitheels support, the better.

    Fuck Feminazism

  • Paul Elam
    • TigerMan

      ReTweeted 😉

      • scatmaster

        myself as well

    • Dannyboy

      Oh hell yah tweeted and in my favourites.

  • Erasmus

    I recall something similar happening before when a pro-MRM article was posted and then was silently taken down shortly after. Could someone jog my memory?

    • Stu

      You might be thinking of the The Good Men Project and how they have removed articles from GirlWritesWhat and Elly Tams.

      • Robert St. Estephe

        Wizardess of Oz — The “woman behind the curtain” is terrified, absolutely terrified. She knows from history that once Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag” got smuggled out of the “paradise of equality” it was not long before the Berlin Wall was vigorously picked apart by ten thousand previously passive hands. She senses a tipping point approaching — and she is quivering with cowardice within her ill gotten man-built dacha.

  • Woody Red

    It is a suprisingly evenhanded story – it’s a shame it got pulled.

  • TigerMan

    Suggestion – use hashtag #TorontoStandard and perhaps also #MensRights in your tweets on topic – that way it will show a focus of intent and presence. :)

  • TigerMan
    • TigerMan

      I only just noticed you have included the web cache url as an addendum which does in fact include the comments up to the time it was cached – you just have to wait (a couple of seconds on my machine) a little bit while they load.

    • Chris Deslone (aka @mensrightsrdt)

      the google cache version seems to have gone away.

      this is the only thing I could find that still worked.

  • donzaloog

    I think it’s in her best interest to stand by her article and call out the feminists for trying to censor her.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The Toronto Standard, like Toronto University Student Union, is S.C.U.M. manifested.

  • Not buying it

    The simple fact that the article had been taken down is not a total surprise, the surprise is to what degree do the feminist demagogues control the editorial sphere of many media & internet outlets.
    “What a sham”! It’s in your face ideological intimidation & bullying.

    Which brings to mind a wise saying that goes like this, “for if you have no shame & integrity then do as you please”

  • Tawil

    It only takes one PC employee in an organisation to stop due process and suppress truth on behalf of a corrupt ideology.

    Organisations usually have one or more of these ‘threshold guardians’ who vet incoming and outgoing information to enforce feminist hegemony… and it only takes one of them to block info.

    It may be that it was one editor (threshold guardian) working at the Toronto Standard who graffiti’d and then deleted the article, quite aside from outside pressure.

    I take heart in the fact that AVfM now has a larger readership base than the Toronto Standard. As for Erika, I wager she will look back on her article with a sense of pride.

  • andybob

    When I scanned the headline of this post, I was immediately reminded of Jessica Mason-Paull, the would-be debate organizer, who fled her country to escape the fast-approaching feminist mob that was eager to lynch her.

    In a scene right out of an Orwellian nightmare, the obviously shocked and terrified Ms Mason-Paull agreed to return on condition that she participate in a show-trial at the Court of Jezebel. She flung herself upon the mercy of the sistahood, offering a tearful apology, while reading meticulously pepared cue cards about MRM harassment and patriarchal oppression. She was led away – chastized, disgraced and bald.

    She was never seen again.

    I hope that Ms Jarvis fully comprehends her need to watch her back. She lives in a city where packs of creepybittergirls roam freely while wielding box cutters and really, really bad poetry. Anyone who stands up for the rights of men and boys – as opposed to penning misandrist drivel like Clementine Ford – has my gratitude and respect.

    Ms Jarvis’ e-mail indicates that she probably intends to respond to her predicament with honesty and integrity. I wish her well. Feminists are responding as they always do: with heavy-handed censorship and self-righteous hysteria. Purge away feminists – it won’t save you any more than it has saved any other tyrannical ideolgy.

  • Dannyboy

    Around here Toronto use to be called the big smoke back in the day.
    I see there is cause to call it that again.
    That mushroom cloud like plume of noxious, malignant smoke rising from it is the smoldering embers of journalistic integrity at the toronto standard, if there ever was any left since second wave feminism cancer metastasized in the msm.

    We know its going on.

    1 comment too close to the truth and blip there goes the comment section.
    1 poster to close to the truth out come the box cutters and makeshift clubs.
    1 honest open discussion about human rights and here comes the foaming at the mouth femmie drones.
    1 journalist with integrity writes a story about human rights issues and they get censored.

    All them 1’s are adding up, being counted and noticed by society femmies.

    Here’s another 1 for you femmies.

    1 day the world will look back on feminism and see it for the hate mongering fascist regime it is.

    Fucken beautiful Paul, loved the article.

    An aside for Erica,
    You have my respect. I may not agree with everything you say / write but you have my respect and would read another article by you any day.
    I wish you the best.
    And if you ever wanna consider writing for a site that isn’t in cahoots with the femmie gestapo, that isn’t afraid of their bullying, that couldn’t give a rats ass about their cowardly tactics or threats, I’m sure you know who to contact.

  • Mr. J

    Bax wrote that in 1913…100 years ago….and for the last 50, 99% of men have chosen to piss away their time instead of trying to effectively counter it.
    Feminists got busy, men pissed away their time.

    • TheBiboSez

      Yes – we pissed away the time while winning 2 world wars, raising our children, fighting the courts to get them back, building communities, creating radio and television, discovering the universe, landing on the moon, creating the computer age…

      And what did feminism do?

      Demanded rights without responsibilities, censored speech, jailed men who didn’t give them money, co-opted all DV shelters for themselves and rejected battered men & boys, changed the definition of rape to exclude male victims, expanded the definition of rape so much that most women who have been “raped” deny that they have been, determined that all man sexual desire is shameful and all female sexual desire is empowering. Oh, and they invented Spanx.

  • HieronymusBraintree

    I just tried to get Jarvis’s email at the Standard to send her an encouraging note, on the chance she was on staff. When I did a search her name turned out to have completely vanished from their data base. Outstanding.

    Of course you realize that this sort of thing has to be done since men have all the advantages.

    • SeaforthCJ

      I had a brief hunt around the web, for a young journalist/writer who is obviously familiar with using social media it seems to now be remarkably hard to contact her directly.

      My assumption is that she is keeping her head down and hoping that this doesn’t cause any long term damage to her career. I can’t say I blame her.

      Since she seems to be a free lancer, possibly those of us who can influence buying decisions in media may want to send some work her way.

  • rake

    Thanks for the follow up and cache links, great to be be able to finally read the interview and associated comments.

    Now, compare and contrast the fate of an article (not particularly sympathetically) profiling an MRA, to the gushing hagiography (written by one of her bestest friends, ffs) of a Toronto-based feminist activist whose notable accomplishments include – wait for it – outing ideological opponents (and in her case actually aiming to and succeeding in shutting down his free expression).

    Hardly surprising of course, but worth pointing out I think. Additionally, the author of the PR-puff-piece-thinly-veiled-as-journalism, Sheena Lyonnais, and her BFF Stephanie Guthrie, mark themselves out as ‘persons of interest’ when considering who may’ve applied pressure and influence to get Paul’s interview buried. +Possible links to U of T protest? /speculation

    Also, browsing the website, it’s great to see the tweets showing up in their “@TorontoStandard on Twitter” sidebar. Nice work, people. 😀

  • UKMan

    Only to be expected – extract from my comment on the original Erika Jarvis article:

    ” ‘…to be honest I was afraid of being on his (Paul’s) radar’

    Ha, it’s the feminist radar she needs to be worry about (cue death threats and dead dogs).

    It would be interesting to hear about any consequences of the article she experiences over the next few months.”


    I didn’t expect anything to happen within a few short days though – feminists win the Golden Turd for expediency.

    Personally, If I was now ‘exposed’ and on the feminist’s radar like Erika, I’d consider that it was appropriate to be hanged for a sheep as a lamb, and pen another warts and all article about how I found the feminist response “…enlightening”.

    As an aside, I was wondering if AVFM pays for any articles?

  • TigerMan

    I think we should keep up the pressure against the Toronto Standard until they reinstate the article at a minimum – better would be for them to issue a public apology to the readers/commenters and Erika Jarvis.
    Either way this has been another blunder by those who wish to silence as it just recruits more fair minded people to our cause! 😉

    • Bombay

      And their sponsors….

  • Redfield

    Censorship in the media is a cowards way to impede truth … the woman has earned my respect.
    What I find as troubling is the propaganda generated by TV networks in programming regularly depicting men as murderers, rapists and general assholes towards women (pick your favourite crime show). Writers must be running out of fresh ways to turn the average male into a depraved piece of humanity …. I recently viewed a programme depicting a 13 year old boy as a psychopathic serial murderer and his weapon of choice was a baseball bat, his victims of course were young girls …
    As much as Erika Jarvis is a light in a long dark tunnel, we have male executives of these networks actively festering the minds of all who view …. Perhaps they should be made to display actual crime statistics at the end of each programme and the risk of victimisation women face in reality to each of the crimes portrayed for the episode just viewed …
    So we have one brave Erika and hundreds of males kicking an “own goal” for the team … Not a great situation to be in … feminism and its lies will expire more quickly if men stop giving it oxygen … even if censorship is endemic!!

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The Censorship Today website currently has this Elam article on its front page (as “shared by Paul Murray”).

  • Paul Elam

    It appears the crucifixion was self constructed. Jarvis just tweeted that she requested that the Standard remove her article.

    • Dean Esmay

      We already know she was attacked for the article. She probably didn’t see that coming.

      Can I blame her? Hmm. I’ll have to think on it. Sending her a bunch of hate mail isn’t going to help anybody, but, what are we to make of a journalist who won’t stand by her own published work? At the same time, it is a virtual certainty she had no idea how much calumny she’d get from gender ideologues who would be outraged at anything less than a piece that poured bile and derision on us. It likely shocked her how much hate she got from the anti-MRA people. It’s one of those things people don’t believe can happen to them until it does.

    • TigerMan

      Yes I can confirm that is true – the Toronto Standard just responded to my tweet to them over this very issue. They also said the article was removed at the authors request.

    • TigerMan

      What is odder still is that I cannot find that tweet to me. I heard the news via the Toronto Standard – looks like she may have deleted her tweet to me also shortly after sending it!

  • Zeus Vapor

    Seems to me that Erika has tasted the red pill and the cognitive dissonance it stirred inside her may make her open her mind to the blatant sexism that feminism perpetuates. As for Erika asking not to feature these women ( Stardusk mentioned this as well ) I have this to say. These young women need to realize that there are consequences for their actions and that they can’t go around bullying under the false guise of equal rights.

  • funnyfaceking

    Can you ask your friend why does the managing editor of the toronto standard say that Erika Jarvis crucified herself?

  • Adam Catalyst

    This article seems to imply, and subsequent commenting seem to assume, that the Toronto Standard decided to remove the article. I am told by the Managing Editor of the Toronto Standard that Erika Jarvis requested the article be removed.

    I personally believe the Toronto Standard threw her under the bus with the disclaimer they published underneath the article. When the backlash occurred, the publisher should have shielded her, rather than distancing themselves and subsequently deflecting more of the backlash her way. The backlash was probably too strong for any single human being to weather, and I respectfully sympathize with Erika Jarvis’s alleged decision.

    • Dean Esmay

      Update on the matter here:

      It is entirely plausible that the blowback was so severe for her failure to hate us sufficiently, the publisher pressured her; the clumsy pasting in of the outdated and discredited SPLC hit piece was clearly not her doing, I could tell that when I read it. We can only speculate as to whether she’s falling on her sword because her editors want her to or because she’s afraid of feministstalinist backlash. We can only speculate. I only hope she realizes that these horrendous bullies are never satisfied; once they smell blood in the water, they don’t stop.

      I wish she would, in Typhon Blue’s words, “woman up.” But if she won’t, well, I wish her luck trying to keep the PC bullies off her back. I don’t think she’ll succeed, she just made it even easier for them, unless she sucks up and comes out and starts viciously attacking us.

      This is a tough lesson. I’ve seen things like this happen to other journalists, and they almost never believe it can happen to them until it does. She now faces a very painful decision for a person of conscience: fight, flight, or join the bullies. None of them must look very appetizing to her.

      If she’s reading this, I hope she realizes I don’t hate her, or even blame her, exactly. I feel sorry for her. One wonders when the next journalist will come along who’s got the guts to talk to us as if we’re reasonable, rational human beings and not Orcs.

  • JGteMolder

    Can anyone get the .pdf? All I get is a filedropper page, but no option to download the .pdf, nor does the .pdf get loaded. The file name is not clickable, and it also says it 0kb large, which seems a little too small.

  • keyster

    She has a choice – either become an accomplished journalist or become a Men’s Rights Advocate…you can’t be both, and one pays while the other does not. A persons gotta eat!

    The reporter that spins that feminist narrative into whatever she writes gets to keep her job, and might even win a Pulitzer Prize one day. The reporter that has ethics and standards won’t get published in the Thrifty Nickel.

    • funnyfaceking

      Pullitzer was the biggest tabloid yellow journalist of them all.

  • Stu

    Actually I think a woman could do well attacking feminism. In fact, I think it’s possible at this point in time, especially for a woman with a high degree of neoteny like Erika to make herself stand out.

    She could spend the rest of her journalistic career just being another one of the millions of journalists writing about this and that, a bit for this publication, or that publication, or she could be really controversial and become the woman they love to hate, “they” being the feminists and their supporters. But it could still make her rich and famous. She’d probably have to hire a clerical team to deal with all the marriage proposals to lol.

  • Grunt

    Hmm…something about hoisting and petards comes to mind. Nah, let the sleeping dog lie.

  • gateman

    Given the vitriolic attack on those attending Warren Farrell’s U of T speech and another attack on a woman who dared organise a feminism debate, we can only imagine the tirade of threats Erika Jarvis would have been subjected to for having the gall to speak with feminisms public enemy number 1 – AVFM.
    So while I am incredibly disappointed by her apparent cowardice, I think I understand why she did it.

  • Heisenberg

    Try the seach box on the Toronto Standard main page ….

    Sorry, no results were found with the word “Erika Jarvis”.

    Sorry, no results were found with the word “Paul Elam”.


  • yinyangbalance

    Wow, what happens when Feminism censors women? No one hears about it…except ironically the Men’s Movement. Ha! Feminism = Sexism. Feminism = censorship, Feminism = Hate Feminsm=Lies.

  • Erwin88

    First post here guys. Figured I’d finally make an account after reading the articles. What triggered it was being told to “check my priveledge” on a datingsite, realising that even in my little country, this toughts are being imported. Not much of a “redpill”, hm?

    Does this kind of thing happen a lot? I mean both the reports on mens-rights and the shaming of the reporter that went on here. I hardly ever read about men’s rights in papers of whatever (or feminism for that matter).

    Probably because both feminism and man’s rights are not as prominant in my country as it seems to be in many other countries. Our pri-minister is an unmarried bloke, the alemony rates were recently lowered, and circumcision is illegal. And except for a nasty time in our equivalent of kindergaten, i never encountered someone whom i know to be both a native and a feminist (i had a weird encounter with a British professor though). Despite this most people in my education do not feel embarrassed talking about men’s rights openly. Let’s hope there’ll never be a reason to. It might inspire some hope that not all countries have gone completely mental.

    • Erwin88

      *shaming of the reporter that went on there

  • Chris Deslone (aka @mensrightsrdt)

    Do you have another copy of her article? It looks like filebox menory-holed it as well. I can paste the text as a textpost at Reddit, With solid authentication, I may ask a mod to post it.

  • the_mouse_

    I’d never heard of Thomas Ball before reading the comments here. Reading the parting words he left his children actually made me cry a bit, and I don’t cry easily.

  • Astrokid NJ

    Storified some of the tweets for posterity. @Erika_jarvis account seems to have been deleted long ago. There is one now, but it seems to not have the requisite history.
    Erika Jarvis of Toronto Standard writes about the MRM. Based on the Jan 3 tweets, feminists seem to have piled on Toronto Standard, and decided to excuse Erika Jarvis coz “she was an intern who did not get the guidance from editors”. But thats only Jan 3. I suspect that much more happened outside of social media by Jan 8, when the article was pulled.