Shepherd of lies

Tory Shepherd writes for The Punch, an Australian online outlet for political news and opinion. One of her available online bios presents her as a worldly, devil-may-care sociopolitical guru, steeped in hard news coverage and life experience:

Tory Shepherd studied anthropology, then travelled, then studied some more, then travelled, then ended up with a cadetship at The Advertiser in 2006. She covered police rounds, politics, general news and health, while working at The Punch on the side. Now Tory is working full time at The Punch. She can be seen and heard on ABC local radio and Radio National, PM Live on Sky, and in other nooks and crannies. She is passionate about words, wine, chilli, soccer, and people (even the ones who hate her or keep praying for her soul).

Let’s add some more credentials to infuse some credibility into all the fluff. Feminist, ideologue, yellow journalist, liar.

It appears that recent articles presented here that exposed the corrupt ideological influence on Australian government have Tory’s panties in a bit of a twist (which is only sexist if she doesn’t wear them), and now she has gone on the attack in an article, rolling out big guns like Michael Flood, and, well, Michael Flood, to discredit the lot of us as a bunch of bitter, moustache twirling, hypervigilant, middle aged white guys who present an egregious threat to the rights of wimmen everywhere.

She softens her readers a little by feigning some understanding of men’s issues (more and more required these days), bestowing on us the following bits of her egalitarian largess:

“Men’s outcomes in some areas really are poor. Male suicide rates are three to four times higher, their life expectancy is lower. Girls often outperform boys at school. Males are more likely to be incarcerated, more likely to be addicted.”

And then of course, true to her agenda, she puts her foot in it with the following:

“But these genuine issues are not the ones that concern the new breed of men’s activists. These men are aggrieved because they see misandry – the hatred of males – everywhere in society, from government down.”

Oh really? Since Tory quite pointedly attacked AVfM as Paranoid Central, then she might have done some searching on our website and read into the more than 50 articles that either target these issues or make significant reference to them. She might have even stumbled onto our Facts Page, where these issues and a score of others are documented. Sorry, we don’t have a Misandry is Everywhere page. I will have to talk to our managing editor John about that, as I am sure it is his fault.

Generally speaking, though, we only tend to see misandry where it exists. For instance, I am having Chinese for lunch as I write. I note that my eggrolls are misandry free, as is the Kung Pao Shrimp. The young man who delivered did not “appear” to be a misandrist that I could tell. And while I am not quite through eating, I do not anticipate that my fortune cookie contains a secret misandric message. Admittedly, I cannot vouch for what is written in Mandarin on the Chinese side of the fortune.

I do, however, see misandry in a law that would have me in jail without bail because my wife got angry and accused me of giving her the silent treatment, which is exactly what is on the agenda in Australia, courtesy of real misandry. Color me creepy for seeing it that way, I was born like this.

Shepherd goes on to highlight all the things that make us paranoid and stinky and extreme, as well as white and male. Let’s take a look at her list, and see what we can make of it. I will try to stop the misandric voices in my head long enough to be more objective than Tory.

Women have never been worse off than men – this is a feminist lie and is part of the plot to subjugate men.

Well, so far – so good. Women never have been worse off than men. Well, only if you consider being dead, unhealthy or incarcerated as “worse off.” Did I mention dead? Remember those items you seemed to acknowledge about men, Tory? All that stuff about life expectancy, suicide, education, incarceration and addiction? Well, here in Texas those things rank pretty high in the “worse off” department. And when they happen to men a lot more than they happen to others we consider it a “worse off” qualification. Pretty much the gold standard as far as worse off goes. We can add plenty more, like conscription, combat death, workplace mortality, victimization by violence, etc.., etc.., but I don’t want to belabor the point.

Now, I don’t recall anyone here saying that this was all a feminist lie and part of a plot to “subjugate” men. Just that it is a feminist lie and used to con government and everyone else out of more special considerations and money. I know, I am just being extreme.

Women are all gold-diggers who use marriage and divorce to extort money from men.

Well, I should hand this one over to any one of the women that write for this site, but I can tell you what they will anyway. No one ever said that. You’re lying again. What has been said, and is quite true, is that the system is set up for women to do that very thing with State muscle behind them, and way too many of them do. So many, in fact, that marriage is a role of the dice on a man’s future. I just checked my fortune cookie. No misandry there.

Family law courts let women legally steal children from men, and let women get away with false accusations of child abuse.

Thanks for admitting it. Now go do your homework and come back with the complete laundry list of family court corruptions and we can talk some more.

Women routinely falsely accuse innocent men of rape.

Well, duh, yeah. A little hint here, Tory. If you want to paint men as having extreme ideas you need to allege they are saying things that are not true. Be sure they can’t instantly reference studies[1] and news stories[2] that completely back them up. Just saying.

Domestic violence statistics are warped; men are victims as much as women and women make false claims about violence in courts that are too inclined to believe them.

Same problem, Tory. Lordy mercy grrl, you got it bad, doncha? Not only are domestic violence statistics warped, so are the ideologues doing the warping. The problem is so pervasive, in fact, that the warping itself has been made the subject of study by one of the most preeminent authorities on domestic violence research in the world, Dr. Murray Straus. [3] His conclusion? Feminist ideologues have intentionally corrupted the study of domestic violence and the dissemination of information from research results. Oh, a slight hint here, Dr. Straus is an esteemed academician, not a blogger, or a paranoid white guy who is angry because they let women vote. Neither is anyone else I know, though I still have my suspicions about the guy who delivers Chinese. Something kinda funny about him, in a possibly misandric way.

So now, according to Tory’s veiled “threat,” it appears that over at The Punch the lot of them are going to come out with a series of articles condemning the men’s movement. I trust they will be delivered with the same top flight, cutting edge drivel just dished out by the desperate and disingenuous Shepherd. And I am sure they will be ready to block comments as they come in. Can’t have an open discussion about this, can we?

The long and the short of it is simple. The plans of corrupt ideologues in Australia have just been outed, big time. And now they’re pissed. They want to come on the attack.

Alrighty then..

The really wonderful thing about the internet, Tory, is that it does not give a fuck if you are a woman or a feminist. It affords all people the opportunity to make their case. Those that have relied on the silence and acquiescence of others to further their ideas are screwed in a world where everyone gets to speak, and will.  So by all means, take your shots. Come at us with everything. In the end, you will be exposed for the liars you are and you will see your ideology continue to crumble while you see men and women increasingly defy your agenda.

We are here to fuck your shit up in just that precise way.


[1] Kanin, 1994

[2] Orlando Sentinal, June, 2010

[3] Straus, 2007

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  • justicer

    I’m still searching for recipes for braised ovaries and stewed cow’s teat to serve beside the testicles à l’ancienne that our female cooks have perfected. Can’t find anything. Perhaps Tory can work on that for me.
    To return to the subject, Tory has reacted to finding a men’s rights site. A real one, with angry and relevant testimony from real victims; and, with whatever honest research has dug up; and, with evidence that real research has been suppressed.
    And she reacts because we’re angry, not just mildly concerned.
    And Tory knows that men aren’t allowed to get angry without the wife calling the cop to claim her tits are on fire. And men, knowing that, just keep their oppressed traps shut.
    Not here, not now.
    I suspect Ms Tory is outraged because she lives in Australia, where radical-feminism has erupted, like a new syphillis sore, broken out, into the political & legal spheres. It had been doing dirty work for years; but the crass power-grab is new.
    Whereas North Americans (and Brits) have been wearing this albatross for 30 years. So the anger of MRAs is shocking and the reply, hysterical.

    • Kyle Lovett

      Best reply I’ve read all day, thank you.

      • justicer

        Thx, Kyle. Your avatar squirrel has a nose like one of my cats’.


    People don’t forget the offline activism, posters stickers, we MUST grow the movement! FTSU.

  • Jack Richards

    White-ribbon day, hey? What a great social advance! It’s all so black and white, so cut and dried, so obvious. Women are such victims and they never, ever, do anything to provoke. They are humble, loving, nurturing and care only about protecting their children from all those brutal rogue white men out there (Blackfellas get a pass as they are down-trodden victims of the white-patriarchal imperialist establishment). Women are always as sweet as fairies farts and would never victimize, persecute or bully anyone and, of course, would never tell a lie that would get an innocent person into deep shit.

    Does anyone remember the “repressed memory” syndrome of about 20 years ago? When all those white men were accused of having raped their daughters who had “repressed” the memory until it was dug out by (mostly female) psychologist? How many men’s lives were ruined by that femonazi inspired crap? I can remember two cases in Oz where men were gaoled for lengthy sentences because of the lies of hysterical and disturbed females – and it happened all around the world.

    Then there was the epidemic of sexual harassment in the workplace. Again, all the victims were women and all the perpetrators were white men. Strangely, in every case that made the papers in Oz, the complainant was an ugly middle-aged bush-pig no bloke would ever look at without the beer-goggles on. But again, many careers were ruined by the shrill screams of the femonazis.

    Then there was the epidemic of “repetitive strain injury” (RSI) requiring lengthy absences from work, on full pay of course, and then compensation for the “pain and suffering”. Surprisingly, nearly every victim in Oz was a woman! This terrible ailment just didn’t affect men who used exactly the same keyboards.

    Then the Oz Government opened the “Women’s Bureau” and then the “Office of the Status of Women”. One of the first things they did in every Government Department was to set-up a mechanism for dealing with workplace harassment and bullying – so that they could punish all those evil white-men, of course. But you won’t find any published statistics on the gender of the complainant and the gender of those complained about. The stats didn’t support the theory at all, so they are regularly buried. It seems 95% of complainants about workplace bullying are women (Tick – as expected) but 98% of those complained about are female bosses! How could this be? This doesn’t fit the script at all! The only possible answer is that bullied and harassed women are too frightened and intimidated by those brutal men to even lodge a complaint!

    When the Queensland State Government first opened one of these misandrist Star Chambers they brought in a heavy-weight Bitch-of-Buchenwald to root out every white, male, predatory, bullying, arsehole boss. Embarrassingly, the entire staff of the Star Chamber went on strike because this bush-pig-in-chief was such a bullying, brow-beating, foul-mouthed tyrant that everyone (male and female) refused to work for her! She did everything she was supposedly there to eradicate.

    In Oz we also have this unique and wonderful thing called “Sorry Day” which was started about 15 years ago by (mostly) extreme left-wing feminist and wanne-be Che Guevara’s. The idea is that, back in 1788, the culturally advanced, peace-loving, idyllic-living-in-harmony-with-nature Aboriginal people were invaded by a fleet of nasty white British men who then: stole their land, enslaved them, raped their women, murdered the men, carried out a genocide, and then stole all their children. So now, once a year, these “activists” attempt to shame every white man into signing a “Sorry Book” for all the “crimes” supposedly committed anything up to 224 years ago!

    The fact that none of this ever happened is beside the point – the purpose is to punish today’s white-men for the fictional crimes of their ancestors! Seems fair, hey? Just like punishing today’s Jews for the supposed crucifixion 2000 odd years ago.

    I have always flatly refused to sign the “Sorry Books” that they set up outside Government buildings, schools, and in shopping centres. Of course, I’m called a “fascist” and a “white chauvinist pig” and all the usual shaming and isolating insults. What they don’t know is that the only “slaves” who worked in chains in this country were exclusively “white” and included four of my direct British ancestors. They also don’t know that I am 1/64 Aboriginal of the Wiradjuri tribe. My grandchildren are 1/16 Ngunnawal – so we could all “identify” as Blackfellas if we wanted to! Yes, I’m a Blackfella, even though I’m white with blonde hair (what’s left of it), my children are all blue-eyed blondes and my little grand-daughter, with her strawberry-blonde hair and azure eyes looks like she’s just arrived from the Highlands of Scotland.

    To the femonazis and white-man-hating extremists, I am the visual epitome of everything they despise. I am 60 years old, over-weight, have a sun-burned neck, now own land in the beautiful Snowy Mountains (traditional Wiradjuri land) whereon I raise Hereford cattle, am a university graduate, have been successful in business and am pleasingly ugly.

    I am everything the world’s Tory Shepherds hate because they instantly assume I come from a long line of privileged and empowered Anglo-Celtic males who have never known hardship and have never had to struggle for anything. Yep, they’re right! Being a part-Aboriginal descendant of transported convicts, nearly all of whose children were “illegitimate”, we’ve had nothing but privilege and ease since arriving here, more dead than alive, and in chains, on the Second Fleet in 1789! Yep, it’s all been gravy!

    • justicer

      Terrific post, Jack!
      I take back my comment, which suggested Auslander faminazism was a recent infection. Obviously, it’s only the volume of pus we’re now witnessing as something new.

    • ZenCo.

      I hear ya Jack. I’m, probably, one of the few Americans who have read the book ‘Fatal Shore’. I found that a very conflicting, but illuminating, read.

      • Jack Richards


        The “Fatal Shore” is a good read. It was given to me by colleagues when I left a teaching job back in 1987. I’d like to read it again, but the “ex” has it, along with many other personal memorabilia of mine – and she ain’t gunna give it back! There’s no reason not to, she just refuses out of pure spite – like she refuses to give me any photographs of our four kids when they were little – and there are hundred of them.

        If you are interested in Australian History, and the rampant femonazi/marxist falsification of it, might I suggest Keith Windschuttle’s “The Fabrication of Aboriginal History” (in three volumes). Professor Geoffrey Blainey has also written a lot of articles on the “black arm-band view” of Australian History.

        For a country of only 22 million people, we’ve certainly produced more than out fair share of feminist, ball-crushing cunts. Shamed as I am to admit it, that festering pile of shit, Germaine Greer, was Australian. But she’s been living in the UK for about 50 years now, and the Poms can have her. We don’t want the old crone back! She pretty-much started the “feminist” movement with that absurd, turgid and pseudo-intellectual load of crap, “The Female Eunuch”. To demonstrate how mad she is, some years ago she seriously advocated anal intercourse as an effective method of birth control!

  • justicer

    I call upon the webmaster to highlight Jack Richards’ testimony, above, perhaps as a special sidebar. This is too good to leave inside a long thread. Jack, you’ve made my day, week, & month.

  • DenisfromMND

    Females do not exist in a liberty-based reality. They forever are lobbying (unofficially or officially) the powerful men to gain special privilege. They are forever working to manipulate our nobler instincts. Everything they do-from endless propaganda on victimization-to endless preaching on their superiority-is based on controlling males. They appeal to the government to gain control. They exploit our noblers sides to control us. They are at fault for lobbying for special privileges and the powerful men are at fault for providing these advantages. Government is a force for conferring special advantages to women over men. It’s in all spheres of our male live these days. Tonight a voice for liberty spoke eloquently and forcefully. The second place winner in the NH primary was Ron Paul. Our strongest philosophical weapon against the forces of special advantage against males is liberty. When liberty reigns men control their lives. Females as a group will never out-compete and out-perform males when freedom reigns. Our enemy-the government-will know it’s place and not dare tread on males. And neither will the women. Liberty is the pesticide for feminist governance and feminist thinking vermin everywhere.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I have always suspected a “higher power” was at work behind feminism, and that “higher power” is…male. – The “Sugar Daddies” Behind Feminism

      I am very inept at sports. My husband (was once asked to “go pro” on the Racquetball circuit years ago) was always trying to inveigle me to play racquet ball with him “for practice”.

      Amazingly, it seemed I could play Racquetball extremely well. I could keep some vicious volleys going and even managed a kill shot now and then.

      I amazed myself!

      Then one day a woman I work with invited me to play racquet ball with her, and I accepted, thinking I would have to “tone it down” and not hurt her feelings by beating her too badly.

      It was a diaster. I couldn’t hit the ball, she couldn’t hit the ball. We gave it up after about 10 minutes.

      The lesson learned? It was my husband’s skill that made ME appear to look good. His expertise placed the ball where even I could get a lob in. He carried the game so well I thought I was an excellent player.

      That diasterous racquet ball game has always served as a metaphor for “feminism” – that males in power are setting up the shots while the Femmes congratulate themselves for being “equal” and “anything men can do I can do better”.

      Apr 4, 2009 – Feminists drawing large salaries in universities and NGO’s, all have these unseen sugar daddies. The rank and file don’t know this. They’re too …

  • Jack Richards

    @ Justicer. Thank you for your support.

    I should be doing some work, but it’s the middle of the Oz summer. Living, as I do, in the Snowy Mountains, it’s fucking freezing and pouring rain, so I’ll move the calves tomorrow. It’s a retirement hobby anyway and they won’t starve overnight.

    So, as I have plenty of time, I’ll write a few sentences about some more of my pet hates. Oh, I’m an angry white-man (even though I’m part black) that’s for sure.

    Topic 1: Political Correctness (PC)

    PC is completely out of control in this country – and nearly all the chief inquisitors are women. They have developed a whole Gospel of myths and lies which, if you don’t completely accept them without any evidence at all, immediately brands you as a “racist”, “misogynist”, “hater”, “Hansonite”, “white-male-chauvinist-pig” etc et al.

    One of the “accepted truths” of this PC Gospel is that, from 1788 onward, white men have systematically raped Aboriginal women. What sexist, racist, criminal bastards those white men were/are! Indeed, according to the PC Brigade, it was “tacit” Government Policy and then they went around and stole the resulting half-caste children and threw them into brutal orphanages or foster homes. The purpose was a white-male plot to eradicate (i.e. commit genocide with a pink cock) the Aboriginal races entirely! Ethnic cleansing on a grand scale – breed out the blacks! That explains the fact nearly every “Aborigine” in Australia is at least part-white. Indeed, nearly everyone who can trace their ancestry in this country to pre-1840 has some Aboriginal blood (like me).

    But the truth is a little bit different to the feminist PC Mantra of Bullshit. The British Government transported around 160,000 convicts to Australia between 1788 and 1860. The great majority of them were men. Thus there was a huge shortage of white women.

    The Aboriginal tribes, at that time, lived in a constant state of war with each other and the young men regularly killed each other over hunting grounds and the prettiest girls. Also, to become an “initiated man” in most tribes, young men had to pass a fairly brutal “ordeal” which included being thoroughly beaten by the elders, circumcised and sub-incised with a sharpened stone; and going off to the sacred sites alone – often hundreds of miles away in the bush. Only about half of Aboriginal boys survived to be Aboriginal men. Thus, there was a great surplus of Aboriginal women.

    So there were lots of lonely white men and just as many lonely black women. The white men knew how to build a house, plant a crop, husband sheep and cattle, and had stuff like cloth, grog, sugar, tea, flour – great luxuries to an Aboriginal girl.

    The point being: No white man had to rape an Aboriginal woman – they were only too happy to part their legs for the first bloke to offer them a permanent roof over their heads, a bag of flour, and a pouch of tobacco. Maybe some of them even liked each other!

    Of course the PC feminists won’t accept this rather tawdry truth at all. Nope! It was an example of white men using economic power and privilege to turn black women into domestic slaves and sex objects!

    But their argument wobbles a bit when I point out that I am partly descended from an Aboriginal man and a white woman – and all he owned was a kangaroo-skin loin cloth and a spear. She was an Irish convict from Limerick who went bush after serving-out her time as a “domestic” assigned-servant on a sheep station out west of Wagga Wagga. That wasn’t uncommon in those days. I’d say that going native, living on the fringe, and wandering the bush would have been a great exercise in freedom after seven years in chains in the priest-ridden white society of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

    Now here’s another unfortunate fact that somewhat explodes the “white men rape black women” myth. The great majority of “Aboriginal” women (I read a statistic that it’s about 70%) still marry or cohabit with non-Aboriginal men! The figure for Aboriginal men marrying or cohabiting with non-Aboriginal women is even greater!

    Once you make up these lies, they become very hard to defend. It’s a very complicated matter to decide who is, and who is not, an Aborigine! Indeed it is so tough that all you need to do is claim that you are – and that’s it, you’re now officially and “Aborigine”.

    Up until about 40 years ago it was a disadvantage to be identified as an “Abo” in Australia. But then the Government brought in all these “affirmative action” programs, grants and hand-outs. Suddenly the population of self-identifying “indigenous” persons exploded and the whole thing has turned into a complete farce – particularly in Tasmania where one tribe of “fair-skinned” Aborigines (i.e. they look more like Norwegians than anything else) have accused another “tribe” of fair-skinned Aborigines (who look very Irish/Scots) of not being “blacks”! Ha, ha, ha – what a joke! But all the bleeding-heart PC feminists keep weaving more and more bullshit to try to keep the lid on the shit-can.

    In my own family, my maternal grand-father’s grand-mother was always referred to as being “French”. Well her father might have been, but her mother was the daughter of that Irish lass and that Wiradjuri man. On the strength of that, I am more “Aboriginal” than anyone in the two Tasmanian tribes fighting over who’s legally Black!

    It is utterly ridiculous – but this whole nonsense has teeth and is backed up by the Courts. Recently a journalist in Australia (Andrew Bolt) was charged, and convicted, of breaching the “Racial Discrimination Act” because he identified about a dozen “fair-skinned Indigenous people” he accused of being ‘Professional Aborigines” who had “identified” as such solely to take advantage of the Government grants and hand-outs.

    If you Google this case, you can find photos (and bio’s) of the “offended” Aboriginal people. Make up your own mind. Is this PC gone totally insane or what? Incidentally, I have never “identified” but I have as much, or more, Aboriginal blood as any of the people who brought the charges against Mr Bolt.

  • http://none universe

    “I do, however, see misandry in a law that would have me in jail without bail because my wife got angry and accused me of giving her the silent treatment, which is exactly what is on the agenda in Australia, courtesy of real misandry.”

    – That’s after or if the wife or girlfriend, without any corroborating evidence, hasn’t already had a man jailed for assault or physical battery basis her word alone, the very thing some females around the western world enjoy perpetrating daily.
    And this infringement of one of the most basic rights known, a principle from the most earliest and rudimentary modern law practices – presumption of innocence and the investigative process due to accusation – has been laid to waste by feminist colluding assholes around the world.

    Isn’t it something that feminists predicate equality to men by demanding special freebies and hand-outs for themselves only, and at every man’s expense yet?

    Feminists want for all women what men have worked for and achieved but believe themselves and other women shouldn’t be required to work equally for to achieve the same result. Some would call this larcenous process “equality of outcome”. I call it theft.

    Feminists declare equality to men by demanding for themselves the very things that men never had – exclusive government enforced hiring practices, exclusive protections, exclusive health care departments, exclusive bureaucracies devoted to studying themselves as people believing it rivals a few men’s notable accomplishments – and have the rank stupidity to call this crooked process ‘equality’.
    Then a bevy of these stupid fucks further castigate men when today’s man yells foul to feminism’s utterly decrepit disgusting displays of demagogism and delusion.

    All it takes is a few concurrent natural disasters to crumble the frailty of human infrastructure. If this happens remember the names of those who organized such deceit and misery upon the men and all people of good will. They will be useful as hard gruelling grunt labour for the re-building process. I may even volunteer to crack the whip.

  • justicer

    Thanks again Jack and others posting, above.
    Jack, I wish I was in Aus; I’d be helping you pull together a book, if you needed the help.
    ‘Course, publishers are increasingly in the thrall of a feminized readership, graduates of our misandric academies. By contrast, men are reading less and less. We might have to recite the book aloud in town squares.

    • scatmaster

      Since publishers and editors are overwhelmingly women that would make sense.

  • MRO

    I tried to leave the following comment under Tory’s article:

    “Australian women like Tory don’t know anything about White Ribbon Day. They think it started as a campaign to end “DV against women”. If any of them bothered to educate themselves then they’d realise that it’s held on the same day that Marc Lepine — a Muslim man who changed his name to Marc Lepine after migrating to Canada — shot up a class room of women at a Montreal university on the 6th of December, 1989. It’s known as the Montreal Massacre and Polytechnique Massacre. Marc Lepine committed the crime because he took exception to the hypocritical practices that were introduced at the behest of feminists.For example, Lepine took offence to affirmative action and other policies that allow women to work alongside men WITHOUT having to be as qualified. Women who wish to work in the police force and military are not tested as rigorously and are given employment ahead of men who are stronger, faster, more durable and better equipped to handle a gun. Lepine took exception to this because it was his dream to join the military. The military kept on turning him down even though he was more qualified than the women who were accepted into it.

    Anyway, back to the original subject. The feminists in Canada used the actions of that ONE man — who happned to be a Muslim from North Africa, which is a fact that Canadian feminists never acknowledge — to claim that there’s an epidemic of man-on-woman homicide in Canada that is committed for no other reason than “all men hate women”. It was one of the biggest straw-mans in history. The universal White RIbbon Day is a byproduct of the hysteria that was created by the Canadian feminists.

    To get an idea of how stupid the White RIbbon Day is then consider the following scenario. A day is devoted to remembering the horrific murders that were committed by lesbians who have vampiric fetishes. There have been at least two of them in Australia: Tracey Wigginton and her lesbian friends lured a man to Orleigh Park (on the banks of the Brisbane River in West End, Brisbane), then Tracey killed him and drank his blood, and; a couple of teenage lesbian lovers from Perth who had a vampiric fetish killed a British teenager a few years ago. The campaign is used to portray all lesbians as murderous psychopaths who think they are vampires. Billions of dollars are wasted on getting this message out. Lesbians like Ellen DeGeneres (sp?) are bullied into stating that they will never kill a person and drink their blood.

    I sincerely doubt that Tory and her feminist friends will understand the hypothetical situation I just mentioned, but some of the smarter men and women on here will. “

    Guess what?

    My comment wasn’t published!

    I guess the pathetic people at won’t allow an Australian MRA to post a few facts that prove them wrong. The idiots at Adelaide Now blocked all of my comments.

    My comment was no more insulting towards Tory and her mates than her article was to us. If she’s going to dish it out then she can learn to take it. I guess’s moderation team is run by a bunch of manginas who cannot get sex until they pay for it or grovel like little bitches.

    • justicer

      Good effort MRO, to get past Comrade Femcensor.
      Just a couple of tweaks to suggest.
      – That Marc Lepine (Dec. 6 event) ‘took exception’ to the specifics of anti-male discrimination; I’m not sure I’ve seen the proof of that. He is alleged to have yelled something about ‘feminists’ and to have left a suicide note, but no-one I know has ever seen it, certainly not in publication, just rumored about. I’d be more inclined to think that Lepine was a failed and humiliated person who transferred his self-loathing onto the people around him.
      – This makes his post-mortem fate even more odious. Lepine was depicted as “Poster-boy for all men,” capable of committing mass murder against women. That is the literal description of how this man was depicted by feminists of the time, the State, and media, for more than 10 years, and that continues, although it’s becoming more nuanced. It’s still called the “National Day of Remembrance” for the women who died.
      By way of contrast, there is no National Day of Remembrance for the firemen in Canada who died saving female smokers from the fires the latter have caused. And there is no National Day of Remembrance for Aboriginal men in Canada, killed by the hyperviolent girlfriends they have frequented in their own communities.
      Making it all worse is that the shaming and the gender-smear are greased by the choice of these victims: young and attractive. In other words, they were valuable and exploitable poster-girls for misandrists, and they continue to be. In the face of this exploitation, you can’t even afford to be a human being; saddened by this horrific crime, but rational about it, you can’t even express your sorrow for fear of it being coopted by feminism.

      More and more, men are referring to Dec. 6 as a Blood Libel Day against men, and refusing to lend it any support. In the media, male journalists don’t touch it; it has been left to enlightened women to object to the exploitation and they are always attacked.

      A final word. Your submission to that Australian paper would have been censored for many political reasons; however, I suspect it’s the word Lesbian that pressed the Delete button. The lesbian portion of organized feminism is a power centre and a violent and bullying movement. Lesbians are over-represented in media, wildly so, at the level of copy-editor. They exert their influence by simply cutting out whatever they don’t want printed.
      But there are other ways they work. For example, they will go see the editor-in-chief, and threaten him/her with a Discrimination charge if he/she continues to allow readers to voice concerns over lesbian behavior. They’ll call it Hate Speech, a crime in most Western countries now. Or, call in the Diversity Officer or someone called the Human-Rights Officer. The manager will not bother to object — too much risk of litigation; too much time wasted on triviality, which is how press freedom is now regarded when it comes to standing up for fairness.
      This is not an exaggeration; this is how organized lesbianism works at Universities, where a single unorthodox whisper about lesbian politics can get the whisperer, howsoever scholarly or well intended, into serious trouble.

      • MRO


        You’re 100% right about the lesbian movement. Many of the second-wave feminists were lesbians.

        There’s a militant homosexual agenda at play. The liberals have endorsed it. The education system has thrown their weight behind the perverts. Their goal is to normalise homosexuality and force it down everyone’s throat. The homosexual men are a health risk to society — over 53% of persons with HIV in America are homosexual men, even though homosexual men account for only 2% of the American population. That’s alarming, but what’s even more alarming is the fact that lesbians tend to hatemongering thugs who use underhanded tactics to oppress normal people.

        I might start an anti-lesbian campaign on my website. If it pisses the feminazis off then it’ll be worth it.

        I left a response to Tory Shephard on my website:

        • justicer

          The gay male, civil-rights movement no longer exists.
          What exists nowadays is a morbid counter-culture of sex and thrill. Yes, I agree that ‘normalization’ of gay sexual orientation is the goal. A portion of that is frank recruitment into gay sex by larger populations of youth; a portion is the still-legitimate tolerance (my view) of sexual-orientation diversity. In other words, to fight unreasonable hatred of homosexuality.
          The only socially necessary gay movent, in the entire Western world (non-US), in my view, is the one that defends gay youth, those teenagers who are victims of terrible bullying, isolation, and abuse by their parents. Their rate of suicide is appalling, and we must do something for them.
          Other than that, where gay men (outside the US) are in politics, it’s to parrot the lesbians who run the show.

          • MRO

            I used to be tolerant towards homosexuals, but these days I’m wary of them. I know there are some decent homosexuals out there, but the damage that the homosexual community (as a whole) causes seems to outweigh the good that they do.

            The homosexuals who do not flaunt their sexuality are okay. I’ll fight for their Human rights. I won’t support gay marriage or gay civil unions, but I’ll support their right to be treated like Human beings in all other aspects of society.

          • justicer

            MRO, that’s a wider issue. Possibly this is not the best place to get that aired out.
            Briefly, I support the concept of ‘gay marriage’ as a stop-gap measure, to repair psychological damage to gays who’ve been raised in the normal society, with its coupling conventions, and to encourage same-sex couples to get serious about commitment and, in the case of gay men, cease being attracted to cheap thrills (which is frankly at the root of the AIDS epidemic).
            I have no religious objections to the word ‘marriage’. However, to meet those objections, in places such as the US, creating Civil Unions for gays is acceptable, with all rights and responsibilities that pertain thereto.

            However, I’m opposed, utterly opposed, to child-rearing by anyone except a solid, functioning, heterosexual couple.

            Rule out gay or lesbian adoption, period, it’s a utopian fantasy. Kids come from procreative units.
            Make illegal the practice of artificial-insemination of lesbians so they can realize the fantasy of manufacturing a “family” without men. Just get rid of this lunacy.

            The idea of allowing lesbians to have custody over a child is loathesome in the extreme; gay fathers who can show that they are good fathers can be allowed to keep kids. But the child-protection office should monitor that in the beginning.

            The only exception in the case of lesbians I’d make (a real issue– there are hundreds of kids living under lesbian roofs in the small area I live in) is where a competent childcare expert examines the children regularly for signs of distress or abuse, and where the kids are clearly more at ease with the lesbian “mother” than with any alternative.

            Perhaps this website will consider creating a sort of “Section” where gay-themed issues might be discussed…

  • MRO

    The Adelaide Now publication blocked the following comment:

    “I’m a men’s rights activist from Brisbane. I own the website Men’s Rights Online. Wouldn’t it have made sense for the author to have interviewed me? After all, the author did speak about men’s rights in Australia… Yet she only quoted American and English MRAs…. Funny that. I’m also a qualified freelance journalist. I received my diploma in 2007. So I think I can say I am more than qualified to identify a dud article when I see one. This article stands out as a dud: it is a one-sided rant that lacks substantiated content. One of the first things I learnt when I studied journalism is that the author’s opinion is irrelevant to the reader. I also learnt that it’s important to get as many quotes as possible from all parties that are acknowledged in the story. Anyway people, visit my website and decide for yourself if I’m guilty of the author’s accusations. I have statistics on my website from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, America’s Bureau of Justice and Stats Canada. I cite scholarly investigations that have been approved by leading researchers. I quote former state prosecutors who opined on subjects such as false accusations of rape. Here’s my site:

    I contacted the paper’s administration manager, Greg Mules. He wasn’t there, so I left a message. I asked him to tell me which mangina blocked my comment. That’s the exact wording I used.

    I think the cunts are worried about acknowledging me because I’m an Australian and everything I said is spot on.

    Let’s see if Mr Mules responds.

    • scatmaster

      Let’s see if Mr Mules responds.

      Do not hold your breath. However you may get a canned response not directed at you.

      • MRO

        The phone call seems to have done the trick. My comment is now visible on Adelaide Now.

        If the sub-editors are feminazis, lesbians or manginas then hopefully they will have learnt a valuable lesson: MRAs are starting to stand up for their rights.

        • justicer

          Splendid. Nice work MRO.

  • quolls

    Why is the Australian Family is courts run by bigotry,

    Isn’t there a law against bigotry?

    Please outlaw feminist bigotry and abuse of power.

    Where has Australian dignity gone, fair go Australia?

    Not anymore.

  • TigerMan

    Excellent response Paul – tweeted with a whole hash of hashtags :)

  • Not buying it

    @ Tory Shepherd

    Colour me creepy too, you lying bitch, if asking for my rights to be equal to the same rights provided for women so be it.

    We are here to fuck your shit up & rightfully so, you & every anti-male ideology demagogue that comes along this so called ideological tug of war, when all it is men & women who had enough of your misandrist lying ideology, whether in Australia or the US of A.

    Spin & paint these men & women in the (MRM) as misogynist, women haters all you want, you & the rest of the scum bags feminazies masquerading as humanists when in fact all you & these radical feminist sisters of yours are bed fellows of the same motives & goals, you old bag & make no mistake about it we are here (men & women) to fuck your shit up, you old hag.