Rape farming: The next generation

A member of the brassica family that includes mustard, cabbage, and cauliflower, the plant called “rape” or “rapeseed” is a high-oil, high-protein crop that is one of the foundations of modern agriculture.

Of course, both the terms “rape” and “rapeseed” can cause emotional distress to certain segments of the population, so at some point the plants were renamed “Canola” (from “Canadian oil”), in order to appease the distressed.

Suddenly, all the feminist bullshit in Toronto, Canada, has a basis in ironic fact.

As the terms “rape” and “rapeseed oil” began to decline on food product labels during the 1990’s, by an odd coincidence, feminists began to face a real problem – the other sort of rape, meaning an unwanted sexual assault, was declining also. The sexual revolution, the ready availability of birth control, the widespread availability of porn and the hypergamy of women meant that fewer and fewer men raised to be rapists by their abusive single mums had enough dry time to service the rape needs of the gynocentric ideologues who had worked so hard to damage men and boys.

Bigots of all stripes had used rape narratives as a staple of their propaganda diets. Want to undermine a black man, or a Romani (gypsy) man, or a Jewish man, or really, any man? Accuse him of rape, and toss a noose over the limb of a tree – problem solved. Even when the stories were recanted, either it was too late, or the police did nothing to the false rape accuser.

Unfortunately, the flaw in the rape narrative is that unless you have an actual rape, sooner or later your narrative will lose its power and your bigotry needs will go frigid and starve.

Imagine what would happen if 70% of the food in your city or town vanished. There would be panic, riots, extreme violence, crushing fear and death would soon be commonplace. The wasting of food would be a crime, dubious food would be consumed nevertheless, and the total collapse of social order would drive draconian measures to save society.

Now consider…the decline in the forcible rape rate from 1979 to 2009 was over 82%.

As the rates of actual jump-out-of-the-bushes forcible rape dropped to near extinction, the bigots against men who relied on rapists faced a huge problem – how to grow and promote rape without seeming to grow and promote rape.

Some feminists, formerly sex-positive, linked the decline of rape to the rise of pornography, and thus began to battle sexual liberation and pornography in earnest, betraying the sexual freedoms won by their younger, hotter sisters. They even claimed, comically, that pornography somehow leads to rape and they used credible death row experts like serial killer Ted Bundy to argue their point. The strange bedfellows of Christianists jumping onto to their bedwagons must have unnerved these early feminist rape farmers, and they mostly bailed.

Badly burned, the early rape farmers changed their working model of rape whorticulture to resemble illegal drugs such as pot – like marijuana farmers, they had to produce a valuable cash crop AND hide their efforts AND claim they hated their crop and wanted to end it. Unlike marijuana farmers, their product was vile and they often fancied killing, brutalizing and maiming their primary customers.

Just as some farmers use genetic engineering to produce new crops, the rape farmers used memetic engineering to breed new types of faux rape. Some of them were pretty silly and failed to sprout, such as:

Birth rape.

Verbal rape

Pity sex rape.

Sexual regret rape.

Others, just as ludicrous, gained marginal traction:

Drunken hook-up rape.

Date rape.

Now, farming rape has been at best a mixed bag for feminists. The stunning 82% decline in the rape crop has occurred despite all the false accusations, definitional expansions, and delusional rhetoric to the contrary. Those evil men just aren’t raping enough to satisfy the needs of feminists, and as early as 1994, scientific studies were beginning to note this.

Thus the Next Generation of Rape Farmers was born.

While they still retained some of their focus on discovering new and previously unsuspected forms of rape, the Next Generation Rape Farmers reasoned that, since the actual forcible rape of women was approaching extinction anyway, there was no real harm in stripping away the protections and precautions that women had used for generations to protect themselves from a hostile world.

Modest clothing? Screw that – modesty is nothing more than victim-blaming! Bring on the slut walk!

Police protection? Despite their dedication to put their lives on the line for your safety, they’ll never believe you, so learn to hate and disrespect the police to their faces. Maybe they will try to protect you, anyway.

In their desperation to save their failing rape crop, the feminist rape farmers are tossing their own sisters into the grinder. Left in the dust, of course, are those male and female victims of actual rape.

Hey, wait a minute: while victimhood is normally a transitory state subject to normal human healing, what if we can turn real rape victims into perpetual perennials so we can exploit the worst day of their lives FOREVER?

I have sisters, nieces, female cousins and DAUGHTERS. Every time a feminist rape farmer rips away the reasonable steps any woman might take to protect or heal herself, my rage and resolve to destroy feminist rape farmers is renewed.

One of the most recent experiences with rape farming is occurring even as I write these words – and it is on a 21+ month-old post on AVfM, “The unspoken side of rape”

The rape farmers are out in force – one, some febrile cat named Meow, wrote “Women who go to Slutwalks half naked are showing that no matter what someone is wearing they are not asking for rape, it shouldnt even matter what someone was wearing when they were raped, they never gave consent and that is the god damn problem”.

This is the perfect gaslit storm of feminism: “Women, you live in a violent rape culture that hates women AND you should do nothing to protect yourself from it.”

What level of idiocy does one have to have to think that that being defenseless is a great defense?

Well now, Meow, we’ve got your number. You are a rape farmer. You use rape and rape victims to feed your narratives that oppress both men and women. You have failed, and will continue to fail, as long as you seek to damage others in this way.

Your crop is dead. Plow it under and go fuck your field with something else.

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Once he stumbled onto GirlWritesWhat's videos, August Løvenskiolds, aka The Bibo Sez, started eating red pills like they were tic-tacs. He likes debating feminists, but knows this stage will pass soon enough.

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  • http://feministink@facebook.com Joel

    One word. “Awesome”. Simply awesome.
    This has summed up my own thoughts on this subject so very nicely.

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Agreed. Amazing article.

      An interesting sideline. The article he linked, “The other side of rape.” Just was just recently posted to tumblr and went viral there. Over 12,000 hits in 24 hours to the site, and nearly that much hate mail in my inbox, lol.

      And when I went through all the new comments to the article, all the hate mail I got, and the nasty messages on the facebook page, NOT ONE OF THEM understood the article correctly.

      It caused me to coin a new term.


      I may even put a new category in the admin for articles about rapetards because false rape culture and rape hysteria just don’t seem to reflect the emotionally driven stupidity around this subject.

      We actually do need a word for the level of stupid it takes to fail to understand the difference between challenging rape hysteria and supporting the rape of anyone.

      • August Løvenskiolds

        My own coining of “rape farmer” happened about three weeks ago at my business when an unusually aggressive female customer started putting my male customers at risk. I’ll save the details of this encounter for a later time.

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    “Some of them were pretty silly… such as: Birth rape. Verbal rape. Pity sex rape. Sexual regret rape. Drunken hook-up rape. Date rape.”

    Oh, and dont forget Eye Rape (being raped by somebody elses eyes) or Touch Rape (being raped by a hug, kiss, or a touch of a hand on a woman’s arm). And of course the most painful of them all, getting ravaged by cold water:

    • knightrunner

      When Im watching my local news channel there is always three or four stories of murder and mayhem. People have grown so accustomed to it that no one pays it any attention. If feminist continue to broaden the definition of rape to the point where anything and everything is rape no one will care about rape anymore. They are defeating themselves.
      Mailbox rape. (inserting your mail into the box)
      car rape (inserting your keys into the ignition)
      Sounds insane but that’s where we are headed. The word “rape” will invoke no more of a emotional reaction than the word “fuck.”
      Is that what feminist want?

      • Near Earth Object

        Does not sound insane to me.

        They will wear the word out!

        And folks will cease to give it, it’s due.

        • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

          “They will wear the word out!”? Boy are you a deluded optimist with your future references. They “Have” worn the word out, which is why it’s repeated Grating, Metal on Metal, Whine is being noticed and people are socially engineering ear plugs.

          • Near Earth Object

            Settle down…

            Yesterday it was, “Dear Near Earth One” and today it is “Boy are you a deluded optimist with your future references.”…LOL

            Settle down and hear me out. (smiles)

            They have not yet (italicized) worn it out.

            Undoubtedly, they have worn it out as far as you (and I) are concerned. And with many folks here, I presume, and still many more folks beyond AVfM, I conjecture.

            If what they are continuing to do is still (italicized) working, at least to some degree, then they have not yet worn it out.

            Below, you make reference to a psychological experiment: “Oddly if you call for help people don’t come, but if you call fire people come to see what is going on.” In my mind, they will have worn the word (rape) out, when next to nobody pays it next-to-no mind when they hear the word used.

            We are not there yet. In terms of that large society out there, quite the contrary, in my opinion.

            May I suggest that you go have a nice cup of tea and think this thought:
            IF they had worn it out, what necessitated the writing of this article?

          • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

            Settle Down? – oh boy – some peeps are just so Patriarchal … the meme is so deep seated they can’t stop themselves! P^)

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/MRAGreatestHits MRA Greatest Hits

        This accounts for half of so-called rape culture. They have diluted it to such a degree and are now pissy that people are cracking jokes (essentially at them). Much like is rampant on YouTube etc, they then start in with the pseudo shock-horror ad hominem’s, like anyone is mocking the real thing & not just their stupidity. Unfortunately it’s the laws that are the problem.

  • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

    One of the biggest issues is how Rape has overtaken cancer as a marketing commodity. With the new media and technology advertising has changed, but demographics have not. Once National Enquirer knew that putting cancer on the front page increased sales – rape never did. (It’s even joked about in literature covering the era)

    With the new technology, and how people can consume by cherry picking even just one word with google, rape has become a big marketing tool and those with agendas know it. It’s become a modern day “Shibboleth” along with Rape Culture – and both are used as emotional bludgeons due to Psychosocial Conditioning.

    If Pavlov was used feminists and not dogs, the bell would not have been there, just the words Rape and Rape Culture. The feminists can bitch about that analogy, but they need to consider just how conditioned they are to bitch and not think!

    • knightrunner

      You and I have very similar comments. Yours was first. Sorry brother. Wasn’t trying to steal your thunder.

      • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

        Thunder and rain are never an issue when bright sunlight illuminates that which is dark! P^)

        And, as they say “Great Minds Think Alike!”. You sound like you have been conditioned to apologise when not required. Put the Pussy Whip Down…. You’re Free! P^)

  • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

    This is a deeply good article

    Raype farming indeed

    Rape requires the result of an unwanted child. That would be the only significance distinguishing it from common assault.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      I respectfully disagree with that contention.

      My friend’s son was raped while in jail after being arrested for not paying a traffic ticket. Raped. That kid was NEVER the same afterward. He changed from being a nice every day type guy to a foaming at the mouth religious fanatic involved with abortion clinic protesters, and later a failed suicide attempt. He was truly a lost soul, just never the same.

      • Jay

        Truly horrible. Please view this youtube clip, where a police officer threatens a man with rape for a speeding infringement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Cw2EryjdBxM

        The government has a duty of care to all those in custody, anyone raped in prison should be entitled to sue the government for millions. Stories like yours are exactly why we need the MRM. We are the only people who care enough about men and boys to fully comprehend how wrong prison rape is.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          My son was threatened with rape over a traffic ticket as well. He had just gotten his license and racked up several tickets in close succession. I went to the court hearing with him just as an observer. I told him I wasn’t going to pay his fines, he was responsible entirely.

          His fines were over $200.00 so he had to make installment arrangements. The guy in charge of the paperwork lewdly told him “If you miss a payment you will be arrested. I worked “lock up” for 12 years…and yer a purdy boy, know whut I mean”?

          The implication was not lost on either of us. The officer grinned up at me fully expecting me to whip out my check book and pay in full.

          If I’d had the money I would have.

          Talk about scared straight…

    • Legion

      So I take it men cannot be raped by other men?
      That must be of great comfort to so many prisoners.

      • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

        How would you define rape?

        How is it distinct from assault?

  • ZoarWalker

    Let’s not forget “Command Rape”, formerly known as “fraternization” in our military. If you follow the comic strip in the link, you can even see the female pastor employing religious simulacra to bully the male commander in his assignment decisions. Just a suspicion is all it takes to herd the modern coward today.


  • knightrunner

    Excellent article. Well done. I hope the Toronto feminists read this.

    Shameless plug. (for the feminists)

    • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

      The reading ability requirement for feminists was removed in 1998. It’s why YouTube is such a common communication route. It has icons and not word labels! P^)

      • Dylan

        “The reading ability requirement for feminists was removed in 1998″ is not only a poorly structured sentence but also factually inaccurate. Anyone whose command of the English language is second par should refrain from discussing the communicative standards of others. If you are referring to the problem of non-linear, meta-narratives dominating the global consciousness and reducing the reliance on structured patriarchal roles within major media outlets then yes I see your point however I doubt you really considered your comment and would advise you to do so in future.

    • BlueBlood

      Knightrunner, I took note of when you said something similar to ‘all men will perpetrate sexual violence on women.’ If we are actually going to use the feminist definition of sexual violence, then that sentence is probably true. Reverse the sexes and the sentence (according to feminist definition) is also true. Is there a man on the planet who hasn’t been woken up by their girlfriend sucking them off? On a pettier note, the feminist in your video sure is pretty :-/

    • knightrunner

      Sorry guys. Didn’t mean to clog up the entire page with my video. It was supposed to be just the link. :( Sorry.

      • Near Earth Object

        One episode is covered under the 1st Amendment.

        Two episodes, in succession, constitute a contravention of “The Clogging Act” and you will be spoken to in no uncertain terms.

        No worries Brother.

        Good Post!

        • knightrunner


    • Near Earth Object

      I found a half-hour to check out your video (and your channel).
      Nice breakdown. Solid conclusions.
      Good Stuff knightrunner!

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

      REALLY good video. I hope you produce more; not only was the content excellent, but your voice and your accent are pure gold. Your work would appeal to a LOT of people (and yes, call me mercenary, but I suspect plenty of women would sit quietly to hear you read even the phone book!)

      Is it warm in here? (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

      • Turbo

        Tsk Tsk.

        Shameless behavior !

  • Xayadvara

    I have a vague feeling that the following is something that I have elaborated before, yet I will take the plunge.

    Lets take the case of a policeman. This guy has a gun and he can shoot people. Now anyone can do this, but what puts the policeman apart is he has much lower repercussions about it compared to others – Why? Because he is doing his job AKA “Responsibility”. He was given the gun and the license to kill anyone AKA “Power” because that ‘anyone’ is a negativity in society – so that means it was this Responsibility which justified Power in the first place.

    Now let’s consider a “slut” walking in some shady areas and she got raped. That rape was a violation on her persona and the cause of physical and mental trauma. The rapist is a human being who lives in society. By living in society and enjoying its rights, he is responsible of extending the same courtesy and concern that he gets to others in society. But what he did was usage of Power ( i.e. his body ) violating/disregarding the Responsibility (courtesy & safety to other individuals in society) that comes with it at the same time. So it is rational in expecting that he should be punished for it.

    From the girl’s side, she uses the Power society guarantees her to punish the rapist by severely limiting his natural freedom in society AKA jailing him. But the hypocrisy here is, she dressed poorly with no regard to society especially as they extend courtesy to her but she has no qualms in using the power that the very same society gives to her – in other words, she used Power disregarding Responsibility.

    But there is a difference in the nature of the transgressions of both parties. Here the rapist violated Responsibility given by society in 2 counts i.e disregarding the assured safety of all in society which was given to him too and then forcing himself on one individual, the slut disregarded the Responsibility of society only on one count i.e the courtesy given to all in society.

    So while he was punished for exercising this Power which violated the Responsibility, she can go scot-free for using this Power on another person due to what she suffered. She is also left out of the punishment for her violation of Responsibility considering her suffering. Though it might appear crass, one can argue that her suffering IS the punishment of the violation of Responsibility.

    What Slut-Walks or any walks of that kind enforce is the idea that only Rights must be enforced AKA Power – never Responsibility. While the Rights or Power part is normally enforced by the machinery of the government & courts, the Responsibility part was enforced by society. Now due to the narcissistic breakdown in society, this Responsibility part is not enforced properly. And we cannot simply allow this burden to fall onto the government/courts too – it implies that we are children. How can we initiate realistic moves to strengthen society so that it can keep it’s side of the bargain??

    The way I see it, society now just wants to enforce the “male” side of responsibility & not the “female” side – and no points for guessing who is the reason.

  • Steve_85
  • oldfart

    ‘Spout” should be ‘sprout.’

    Raping good article.

  • Tom

    Of course we can’t leave out the other kind of rape growing in the RF’s fields:

    “Almost raped”

    https://encyclopediadramatica. se/Almost_raped

    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      Sorry, Tom, had to break your posted link. The url contained some porn links.

  • Legion

    I worry that certain aspects of your article – the fairly trivial way you treat date rape, and the presumption that “jump-out-of-the-bushes-forcible-rape” is the only kind of rape there is, really isn’t consistent with compassion to male victims, whom, it seems, were primarily victims of “date rape”, being incapacitated by drugs or other non-violent means.

    • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

      Legion, it’s not clear if you are well versed in two areas which appear linked, but which are very different.

      The first is the Operational Definition of “rape” as used by different groups. The FBI require penetration – Feminist studies scholars(sic) communicate the idea that proximity to, or possibility of penetration, is to be taken as rape.

      Then you have how Dumb Smucks use the word! There’s a bit of a spectrum and lots of area where the word is used in very improper ways – and the Impropriety is gender neutral.

      Ever seen a feminist react as they are walking past a field of Brassica Napus and some says look at that rape?

      Many years ago I was involved in a psychological experiment concerning alarm calls. Oddly if you call for help people don’t come, but if you call fire people come to see what is going on.

      When faced with danger natural instinct is to move away, when it’s a possible spectacle people come running. Try Crying rape after dark and see what happens – the ones’s that come running are either dealing with Pavlovian Conditioning or coming to see the spectacle – and the findings of that experiment re-run many times are gender neutral.

      • Legion

        Not entirely sure what you’re trying to say here.

        We have the FBI/traditionalist definition of rape; forcible penetration.

        We have the MRA definition of rape; forcible penetration and/or envelopment.

        We have the feminist definition of rape, which is pretty much, as you said, anything unwanted done by a man in proximity to a woman, whether it was unwanted during or after the occurrence.

        We have the colloquial of rape, where we use it to indicate something bad (but not sexual assault); getting beaten on HALO, a particularly difficult test, etc.

        We are trying to push our definition – that men can be raped, are being raped, and that their stories should be heard and considered. However, by using the FBI – or “traditionalist” model of rape, we discount a vast number of sexual assaults which occur to men.

    • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

      I have to concur.

      I think a lot of this would be cleared up if “actual jump-out-of-the-bushes forcible rape” was changed to “forcible rape.”

      I know there’s a push towards being edgy and hip, but clarity is more important.

      I assume that the OP doesn’t consider only forced stranger rape to be rape. People can also be forcibly raped by acquaintances and sexual partners.


      ” fewer and fewer men raised to be rapists by their abusive single mums”

      The risk factor for a boy going on to become a rapist(although the vast majority don’t) is having been raped by an adult woman. It’s incredibly ironic that the government has what we might term rape training camps–in the form of juvenile facilities where adult female staff have unfettered access to troubled boys and have used that access to rape with impunity–that manufacture rapists.

      For a society so concerned about women being raped, they might want to stop putting tax money towards training future rapists

      • August Løvenskiolds

        Using “jump-out…” was a rhetorical choice towards clarity on my part due to the numb knee-jerk that those who seek to breed new cultivars of rape rely on – I felt I had to burn down the 50 shades of faux rape in order to get to the real crime.

        Typhon, the cultivation of faux rape by feminists specifically excludes the rape of men and woman-on-woman rape. It was that cultivation of faux rape that was burning hot in my head when I wrote the main article above.

        If the real or faux rape varietal doesn’t serve feminism, then it is rejected by them – and jokingly, too.

        And your point about juvenile rape is well met.

  • JFinn

    I rapen’t dare imagine what these rape fetishists in the media and academia are preparing as substi-rape. The words ‘rapey’ and ‘rapish’ come to mind as the next possible memes. I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-rape! will certainly be a hot product on the market. Even though I haven’t the raipest idea what’s to come, I bet society won’t question it.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter” is, of course, made of rape (Canola) oil.


      “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-rape” is called “butter” and it is made from cream.

      • MrScruffles

        I was just walking down the street one day, and a woman asked me for the time. I feel so violated.

        • August Løvenskiolds

          It was THYME she wanted…and her name, sir is Rosemary. A sage like you would know that.

        • SteveParks

          I was shooting pool one day and a girl said “bad shot…..but nice form” with a devilish grin. I’ve not been able to sleep ever since :(

  • Near Earth Object

    All around outstanding article, August.

    “Oh, I just suffered a mini-rape.”

    [MR. WATTENBERG: What about rape? Is that exaggerated by the modern feminists?

    MS. SOMMERS: Completely. This idea of one in four girls victims of rape or attempted rape? That’s preposterous! And there’s also a kind of gentrification of rape. You’re much more likely to be a victim of rape or attempted rape if you’re in a high crime neighborhood. The chances of being raped at Princeton are remote. Katie Roiphe talked about being at Princeton. She said she was more afraid — she would walk across a dark golf course and was more afraid of being attacked by wild geese than by a rapist. And yet the young women at Princeton have more programs and whistles are given out and blue lights. There’s more services to protect these young women from rape than for women in, you know, downtown Newark.

    MR. WATTENBERG: Where do you come out on this?

    MS. PAGLIA: Well, one of the things that got me pilloried from coast to coast was when I wrote a piece on date rape for Newsday in January of 1991. It got picked up by the wire services, and the torrent of abuse that poured in. I want women to fend for themselves. That essay that I wrote on rape begins with the line “Rape is an outrage that cannot be tolerated in civilized society.” I absolutely abhor this broadening of the idea of rape, which is an atrocity, to those things that go wrong on a date –acquaintances, you know, little things, miscommunications — on pampered elite college campuses.

    MS. SOMMERS: I interviewed a young women at the University of Pennsylvania who came in in a short skirt and she was in the Women’s Center, and I think she thought I was one of the sisterhood. And she said, “Oh, I just suffered a mini-rape.” And I said, “What happened?” And she said, “A boy walked by me and said, `Nice legs’.” You know? And that — and this young woman considers this a form of rape!

    MS. PAGLIA: That’s right.]

    This interview, now approaching 20 years old, is a must read folks!

  • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

    G8 announces initiative to tackle sexual violence in conflict http://bbc.in/ZKvIEO It’s Official Rape is Women Children And MEN!


    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      From Falserape.net:

      “According to Stephen Donaldson, president of Stop Prison Rape, more than 290,000 male prisoners are assaulted each year. Prison rape, says Donaldson in a New York Times opinion piece, “is an entrenched tradition.” Donaldson, who was himself a victim of prison rape twenty years ago when he was incarcerated for antiwar activities, has calculated that there may be as many as 45,000 rapes every day in our prison population of 1.2 million men. The number of rapes is vastly higher than the number of victims because the same men are often attacked repeatedly. Many of the rapes are “gang bangs” repeated day after day. To report such a rape is a terribly dangerous thing to do, so these rapes may be the most under reported of all. No one knows how accurate Donaldson’s figures are. They seem incredible to me. But the tragic and neglected atrocities he is concerned about are not the kind whose study attracts grants from the Ford or Ms. foundations. If he is anywhere near right the incidence of male rape would be as high or higher than that of female rape.”

  • Cousin Dave

    Great article! However, there is one point I disagree with, and it is this:

    “The strange bedfellows of Christianists jumping onto to their bedwagons must have unnerved these early feminist rape farmers, and they mostly bailed.”

    On the contrary, I don’t think they bailed at all. From what I remember, they were perfectly happy to make common cause with the wackiest fringe of the social conservatives, in their pusuit of eliminating as many symbols of hetrosexual desire from society as possible. The campus Take Back The Night movements were a direct offshoot. And look at all of the protests that occur whenever an attractive women appears in advertising for a product marketed to men — it’s not just that the woman in the ad is “exploited”, it’s that the feminist busybodies don’t like the idea of any man receiveing any sexual stimualtion, anywhere, ever.

    There has been a strong streak of Grundyism in feminism going back to the beginning. Carrie Nation smashed bars and pubs in large part because she disliked the idea of men having places where they could have fun. First-wave feminism marched arm in arm with the temperance movement. And even the Slutwalks are deceptive in this regard. The Slutwalkers advocate the idea that a woman should have as much sex with men as possible — but she isn’t allowed to enjoy any of it. Any woman who admits to enjoying the company of men gets drummed out.

  • http://none universe

    Very good article Mr. Løvenskiolds.
    A good reference. A review of the past for the present and future.

    This paranoid nonsense is truly tiresome. But as long as people continue to have an open mind to open discussion of this sacredly held verboten topic they, retarded feminists, too, will tire of their own failings. In part, it starts with your article.
    I sense that nap time for them is coming. We could all use the break.

  • MrScruffles

    Rape Trek: The Next Generation

    • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

      I was thinking the same myself – but stopped at Deep Rape 9.

      Also the idea of “The Search For Gloria Steinem” was just to much – even if it is all another country!

      • Robert Crayle

        So you missed the entirety of Rape Trek:Vaginoyer?
        That was the first series with a woman as captain rape.

  • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

    Absolutely outstanding article, August!

    There just aren’t enough female “victims” for feminism to exploit, so feminism must cultivate/manufacture them. Victimhood of any stripe is a commodity to them and they don’t care who gets hurt, so long as the harvest keeps coming in.

    Feminism despises women almost as much as ti despises men.

    • Stu

      Yep, I’ve been saying this since I was a teenager, about feminists in general, not just rape hysteria. The bigger this organism of feminism becomes, the more jobs rely on the view that women are victims, and men are raging mad men. The more impossible it becomes for them to admit there is no problem, or even less of a problem. Their bread and butter relies on the perception of there being horrifying crimes being committed against women behind every closed door, every street corner, every minute of the day.

      Also, new generations of women are being indoctrinated from the time they can talk. They are being trained to be increasingly fearful, increasingly sensitive, and interpret every little thing, such as a casual glance from a man in the street, as a major threat to their safety. Feminism is making women weaker and weaker, more and more fragile. To these women, overhearing a dirty joke causes them trauma, because they have been trained to have strong irrational emotional responses to tiny little things. In the same way that that a woman raised in a muslim fundamentalist society would feel if she suddenly found herself standing on a beach full of men wearing a bikini.

  • JFinn

    Absolutely outstanding article, August!

    Hip hip:

    • JFinn

      Ah, misfire. I was hoping someone would reply “hoorape!”


      In any case, maybe this is why feminists are trying hard to prevent women from listening to tips on how to avoid rape. “Don’t teach women how to not get raped. For god’s sake, it might drive prevent even more victims which would have otherwise become feminists. Teach men how to not rape. Because since the vast vast vast majority of them aren’t rapists anyway, well, that’ll keep everyone occupied until we figure out what to do about these plummeting rates.”

  • Gordon Wadsworth

    Great article, August. You’re right on the money. I hadn’t heard of this “birth rape” concept before. I believe that might have been the point feminism became an unwitting self parody.

  • Aimee McGee


    Don’t even start me on the issue of the ever expanding definition of rape.

    Over a period of a couple of years I had 3 failed attempts at some minor gynaecological surgery. On the third go the surgeon had me knocked out and got to have a good look around, and found there was an anatomical abnormality which explained a whole lifetime of issues. In the process she made a small mistake and I lost nearly a pint of blood and had a 10 hour hospital admission.
    The amount of tiptoeing around me, clearly with the fear I must be feeling violated from the whole process was ridiculous. In the end I was blunt and too the point and led her and the ward sister through a process I would use to debrief in my own service if we had a mistake. I pointed out what went well, what we had learned and where my concern lay (the original ultrasound image was “substandard” in my opinion), and how I could imagine it best avoided in other cases.
    The relief was palpable.

    But lets think about it – I’m not permanently scarred or damaged – I have answers about a life long problem and I also had good medical care when a mistake was made. I was reassured the ultrasound had been recalibrated since my scans and was performing far better.

    Some women would think this was medical rape. They need to STFU

    • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

      Aimee – you remind me of a mate who loves blunt too. Last time I spoke to her she was pissed – pissed – pissed at certain feminists and the non stop drip drip of Rape Culture. At the dinner party one of them started the drip drip she just looked at her and said “Can’t you find a better Fetish?”. It was one hell of a moment!

    • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

      “The relief was palpable.”

      It’s the same relief anyone gets when they find out they aren’t going to be attacked.

      People are so used to women weaponizing their victimhood to hurt others that it’s almost automatic to bunker down when a woman finds a box of bullets–I mean is subject to a “violation”.

  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    Conflating a touch or look with “rape,” really is rape hysteria. Under this definition women are raping men all the time as well.

    Thanks for the lucid analysis August.

    Of course many men will be familiar with the concept of having been financially raped.

    • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

      and of course here in good old Aus, resident gender bigot clementine ford continues to spread rape hysteria and rape culture, poor Clem says “I’ve been thinking a lot about rape culture recently.”
      and naturally hosting forums on dismantling rape culture
      titled “Is Rape Culture Everywhere?


      • Gordon Wadsworth

        These psychos are absolutely relentless. God, it pisses me off so much.

        • Near Earth Object

          Your post was not there when I went to construct mine.
          We both see psychos’…synchronicity!

      • Near Earth Object

        “I’ve been thinking a lot about rape culture recently.”

        I read that opener on a previous occasion.

        I am reminded of this:
        Neurotics dream of castles in the sky.
        Psychotics try to live in them.

        Clem is damaging herself, right along with the wider society.

  • donzaloog

    Excellent article. I also think the broadening of the definition of rape will cause it to lose it’s effect and ultimately devalue feminists’ trump card.

    • Cousin Dave

      To a considerable extent, I think that’s already happened. I don’t hear a lot of discussion of it anymore outside of academic circles.

  • Kimski

    Great article, Mr.Lionshield.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Thanks, brother, and thanks to all the commenters.

      Many of the critical remarks are good suggestions and I will be adding them to my understanding and analysis of this issue.


  • Justice

    Dear August,
    You are one in a long line of men providing fine in-depth analysis … but it is not enough.

    Your words offer a micro study of feminist tactics in using rape culture as a weapon to demonize men. You should have also included analysis as to how this is all part of women controlling men through deference to the cunt. All ‘advanced’ societies have been hijacked by women through the theme of cunt worship. Indeed, it can be said that the cunt is the altar in which society prays.

    Until men realize that the altar of the cunt exists, discern why it exists, and develop strategies to replace it with a male-friendly concept … little will change. MRAs are now working to shame feminism into a corner with some success, but it won’t last long as feminists will mutate and appear under a different banner of cunt worship, as it is the true source of their power.

    I encourage you to focus your efforts on identifying and REMOVING the altar.

    • http://shiningpearlsofsomething.blogspot.com Suzanne McCarley

      “I encourage you to focus your efforts on identifying and REMOVING the altar.”

      The “altar” cannot be removed; protecting the uterus is a survival instinct shared by both sexes. The manifestations of instincts are modified by two primary means – by abstract thought (understanding the consequences of acting upon our emotions) and by social conditioning.

      The social conditioning which magnifies this particular instinct, is completely out of control, and there are two primary ways of reining it in – using logic to expose its irrational manifestations, and starving it via GTOW and (indirectly, with side effects) PUA.

      This article is right on target, to accomplish something that CAN be accomplished, unlike the eradication of human instinct. What you propose is as unrealistic as feminism’s ridiculous “tabula rasa” bullshit, that instinct can and should entirely disappear since its so damned inconvenient to Utopian ideals.

  • All Contraire

    Kudos August! a great work of both reporting and writing –– skilled, clear and concise, building seamlessly from point to point from the premise to the conclusion, all buttressed by facts and logic and thematically united by the unexpected and arresting metaphorical comparison of the immoral feminist ideology/industry selling rape culture with the honest business of farming. In the tradition of using editorial irony and satire along with straightforward analysis to make a point, you expose, ridicule and rightly denounce the amoral, callously self-interested feminist purveyors of ‘agri-rape’, showing how misandry, profit motive and competition drive their constant need to rebrand the old and roll out new ‘products’, update their misleading packaging, and turn up the volume of outrage in their advertising to maintain their market share, revenue stream, power and employment. An impeccable balance of style, parody, and investigative reporting plus stern condemnation of the criminal scammers. Like so many excellent articles from so many contributors on AVfM this should be on the front page of both the NY Times and Wall Street Journal and every other major paper, not only as an in-their-face eye-opener on a pc-monopolized subject, but also because of the high caliber of your writing. It should be taught in schools and colleges as an example of excellent journalism and literature, neither of which qualities and certainly not the truth are much in evidence, if at all, regarding men’s rights in the MSM nowadays.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Jeez, and just when I thought I couldn’t blush.

  • navian

    I want to post this under this story also.

    If this ends up a murder conspiracy between a white knight and false accuser there could be the possibility of some momentum from the national media (although I doubt it )
    it is just a male death.


  • gwokbot

    This article is trash. Sure there is measurable a decline in rape (which can largely be attributed to some of the memes you are disparaging), but it’s still a huge and under-reported problem that will always elude statistical analysis. No one is using the term “pity sex rape,” and the term’s very inclusion in this article shows how divorced you are from the feminist culture that your insular men’s club scoffs from a virtual distance.

    Rape is defined as sex without consent, period. Do you have a problem with this definition? Whether it’s leveraging your power dynamics against someone and ignoring their hesitations or the more violent and blatant instances crime shows familiarize us with, non-consensual sex is a traumatic and disgusting event no one should have to experience. All sex should follow a “yes” or clear non-verbal cue to continue. This is just human decency.

    “Women, you live in a violent rape culture that hates women AND you should do nothing to protect yourself from it.”

    The claim is that in spite of living in this culture, you should be able live freely without fear. Events like SlutWalk provide safe spaces for women to express their sexuality. It’s a microcosm for what will hopefully be the world one day — where a women can take off her shirt just like a man without being harassed, attacked, or ogled by shitheads like you.

    Anyway, you’re losing. Our culture is evolving, and your insensitive masculinist drivel is becoming less and less relevant. Hope to never meet any of you half-witted circle-jerking rape apologists IRL.

    • Near Earth Object

      Dear gwokbot,

      On behalf of the men AND women at A Voice for Men, I welcome you.

      Thank you ohhhh soooo very much for this:
      “…this article shows how divorced you are from the feminist culture…”

      We are soooo enjoying the divorce. Evidence > :)

      One question before I close.
      If we are “losing”, as you claim, then why are you presenting as so annoyed, so irritated, fuming, so mad, so livid, so irate, so heated…

      [August Løvenskiolds scores again]

    • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

      “Insular”. Hm, interesting word choice coming from an inculcated sycophant.

      Say hi to all the gurls in your bitch club :-)

      “Rape is defined as sex without consent, period. Do you have a problem with this definition?”

      Actually, bitchface, reality has a problem with that definition. I would love to wake up to any myriad of people fucking me. That would be explicitly without my consent. Or to take me against my feigned will.

      “Non-consensual sex is a traumatic and disgusting event no one should have to experience.” Incorrect, see previous.

      You seem to want to dictate your worldview with such fervent authority, to dictate ethereal things into law which the law has no business and no ability to justly and successfully govern. It is your own personal way of being your very own petty little control freaking tyrant. Lil’ Kim Jong Il.

      Rape results in unintended pregnancy. That is what objectively discriminates ‘rape’ from unwelcome and substantive physical contact- ‘assault’.

      Go back to Salem, bitchface.

    • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

      “Rape is defined as sex without consent, period. Do you have a problem with this definition?”

      Say that to the people who are watering down this definition.

      “where a women can take off her shirt just like a man without being harassed, attacked, or ogled by shitheads like you.”

      Ever seen a man in a kilt? Harassment is not only male-on-female.

      In fact defining unwanted sexual contact as a male-only activity is rape apologia.

      This article questions the fact feminists are rubberizing the definition of male-on-female rape so that it encompasses all sorts of situations that bear no resemblance to rape. As feminists work to remove the due process rights of men accused of rape.

      All, apparently, to bring back a culture of lynching (did you know that the majority of men who are falsely accused of rape are black? What a co-incidence!)

      Meanwhile feminists are working to exclude men from having _their_ sexuality legally protected from sexual assault and rape by women.

      “Hope to never meet any of you half-witted circle-jerking rape apologists IRL.”

      Who is the real rape apologist? The person who questions the ever expanding power of one group of people to falsely cry rape and destroy the lives of undesirables (lynching is the historical precedent for this, btw.) Or the person who not only supports promoting rape hysteria targeted at the “undesirables” but also supports a group with a proven track record of removing the legal protections of the “undesirables” against being raped?

      If you’re not following this, that would be you, btw. You support rape hysteria targeted at an undesirable group and you tactically support feminists, who have been busy stripping the undesirables of their right not to be sexually abused.

  • gwokbot

    “Actually, bitchface, reality has a problem with that definition. I would love to wake up to any myriad of people fucking me. That would be explicitly without my consent. Or to take me against my feigned will.

    “Non-consensual sex is a traumatic and disgusting event no one should have to experience.” Incorrect, see previous.”

    Hey, you shit-gobbling sexless misogynist loser, we’re not talking about preventing people from acting out rape fantasies. You can contractually agree to have this kind of sex beforehand, either gender on the receiving end, and very few feminists would have a problem with it.

    Forcing someone to have sex with you is the depraved “Kim Jong”-y thing to do — desiring legal codes and/or social mores to prevent and punish rape most certainly is not.

    “inculcated sycophant.” At least I’m not some fucking idiot posting on an irrelevant men’s forums about the conceptual monstrosity known as “rape farming” and sharing his fantasies about getting laid in his sleep. You’re a joke.

    To Asha, who actually has things of substance to say (or something):

    A man in a kilt? Seriously? Do you see women ogling and catcalling men in kilts? This is a pervasive problem?

    Look, unwanted sexual attention coming from either side is a problem, but let’s look where it’s systemic. The man in the kilt doesn’t have to be afraid to walk home alone at night, doesn’t have to fend off advances, isn’t slut-shamed and made to feel inferior by the culture at large.

    Many feminists, myself included, abhor the prison industrial complex and don’t see jail as the answer (especially when you look at rape recidivism rates), nor are we in some kind of lynch mob mentality. If you actually enter these communities you’ll hear much more talk about education and accountability processes than bloodthirsty and short-sighted revenge. I really think this perception you have is based off the misogynist mythos of this stupid fucking forum.

    Anyway, I have real things to do and will likely not return to this shitstorm of ignorance.

    – A guy who think you’re all fucking nuts and is confident you’ll have this self-realization soon.

    • Near Earth Object

      Hi “Guy”

      If/when you return, can I have your comments on this article.

      How to Stop Rape


    • http://www.genderratic.com Typhonblue (Asha James)

      “A man in a kilt? Seriously? Do you see women ogling and catcalling men in kilts? This is a pervasive problem?”

      Yes. Just like a woman wearing something out of the ordinary is likely to get comments.

      In fact a man wearing a kilt appears to be almost uniformly subject to sexual harassment _and actual sexual assault._

      “but let’s look where it’s systemic. ”

      Where we aren’t looking is likely where it’s systemic.

      “The man in the kilt doesn’t have to be afraid to walk home alone at night,”

      How do you know? I don’t feel particularly concerned about running at night, can I extrapolate that to all women like you’re doing to all men?

      “doesn’t have to fend off advances,”

      Yes he does, that’s why I brought up the example.

      “isn’t slut-shamed and made to feel inferior by the culture at large.”

      No, he doesn’t have to deal with slut shaming, he has to deal with the fact that society will have zero sympathy if he has a problem with being groped, oggled and even sexually assaulted up to and including rape.

      ” If you actually enter these communities you’ll hear much more talk about education and accountability processes than bloodthirsty and short-sighted revenge.”

      Except for female assaulters, of course.

      ” I really think this perception you have is based off the misogynist mythos of this stupid fucking forum.”

      No, it’s based off of a lot of separate sources I’ve read over the FIFTEEN YEARS I’ve been involved in this particular issue.

      Feminists definitely–perhaps not the kind you run with but the kind who have significant power in government–are interested in expanding the legal scope of rape and removing due process for those accused of rape.

      Conversely they are working exceedingly hard to strip men of the legal protections preventing their sexual exploitation or prevent awareness that male sexual abuse by women exists and is a significant social problem every bit as big as the reverse.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Awww, don’t leave, gwokbot! I was so enjoying your insightful criticism, extensive documentation, and tasty vagina worship.

      But if you must depart, know that, although you have disposed of yourself like all loyal manginas are required to do by their femasters, your rape farm seed will grow within me into a sequel to my OP, and it will burst forth from my loins in such a fashion as to burn your foul feminist boilerplate into harmless cremains.

      May the blessings of your Goddess finally get you laid.

      Much love,


    • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

      “At least I’m not some fucking idiot posting on an irrelevant men’s forums..”

      haha, see ‘irony’, bitchface

      “You can contractually agree to have this kind of sex beforehand..”

      You know what you can do with your ‘contract’, bitchface? Make a shit taco out of it and gobble it up, yum :-)

      “[I’m a big fat sloppy massage artist, with warts]..we’re not talking about preventing people from acting out rape fantasies.”

      Miss points much?

      must I go on?.. somebody stop me..

    • http://www.imnotamensrightsactivistbut.wordpress.com ImNotMraBut…

      Gwokbot – you evidently have a very emotive reaction to the word rape and the idea of rape culture. You are showing a very US centric bias and behaviours. I’ll ask you a few questions and we will wait to see your responses. I do fully expect you to ignore everything (especially any linked sources that may damage your fixed world view), but here we are fair and reasonable and provide opportunities for people to learn about the big picture reality and not the small snapshot that is used to limit dialogue. So:

      1.) Why do American feminists and Women’s/Gender Studies Proffesors deny the existence of the 1974/5 Film Rape Culture? (YouTube Excerpts)

      2.) Is the denial of the film “Rape Culture” because the main protagonists and inspiration for the film are male? (See Prisoners Against Rape Inc)

      3.) Is the denial because the main protagonists and inspiration for the film are Black African American?

      4.) Is it because they were working with Black African American Women from the DC Rape Crisis Centre Co-operatively and that inspired a film which inspired the term Rape Culture? (See “Oh, I’ve forgotten to tell you about Prisoners Against Rape.)

      5.) If the reason that the film Rape Culture is being denied to exists is because of Black African Americans being central to The Film, does that make the Deniers Racists?

      6.) If The Deniers are using positions of influence in academia to propagate racism through teaching Women’s/Gender studies, is that Feminist Theory, Feminists Practice or is it some other aspect of Feminism – and if so what aspect of Feminism is it: What is it called?

      Once you have been able to address those questions on just one film and provide answers we can try the big stuff – such as why did Ms Magazine claim in 1985 that 1 in 4 female college students gets raped?

      When the survey was being done – paid for by Ms Magazine – and Students stated they were not raped, Why did teh researcher insist they were and introduce at least a 75% error in reporting?

      Why did Ms Magazine Publish false research and then campaign under that false research promoting the false view of rape, incidents of rape, rates of rape and even how to stop rape.

      When you have done some of the basics in Sociology of Rape 101, then we may be able to progress.

      Do you know that more rapes are committed per year in US Prisons that outside, which means that in the US more men are raped than women. A small group of people between 4 and 6% who correlate with socio-path/psychopath are responsible for some 96% of all rapes. Why is it that when you talk of rape you do it only in a biased way and centred only on one sex?

      Are you Sexist?

      Are you just ill informed?

      Do you care ?

      Are you aware that when “Female” college students are asked about their behaviour 6% admit to raping and sexually assaulting others – and they are happy to admit it and don’t care – which is what you expect for the demographics of sociopathy/psychopathy.

      Do Reply Soonest.

      Some Quotes that you may also find interesting

      All the data reporting mistakes I have found in the literature, without exception, were made in the direction of supporting feminist preconceptions” – Understanding Domestic Violence

      Whilst there are reasons why feminists limit discussion on the subject of women abusers, these reasons are valid only to feminism.

    • Near Earth Object

      “- A guy who think you’re all fucking nuts and is confident you’ll have this self-realization soon.”

      There have been times in history, when a member of the current dominant culture, would have regarded a member of an emerging culture, as something akin to “fucking nuts”.
      I get your vantage point, though I will never share your conclusion.

      I don’t know what you have heard about A Voice for Men—
      now that you are here, why not find out for your own self.

  • Bombay


    “The man in the kilt doesn’t have to be afraid to walk home alone at night, …”

    There is much more violence directed at men with or without a kilt. It is a feminist fantacy that only women are attacked and that they are attacked more than men.