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Papering over inconvenient crime

According to the Executive Summary of the 2010 CDC National Intimate Partner Violence Survey Report[1]

Nearly 1 in 5 women (18.3%) and 1 in 71 men (1.4%) in the United States have been raped at some time in their lives, including completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration, or alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration.

Regardless of the lifetime numbers, the more reliable previous year figures on tables 2.1 and 2.2 (pages 18 and 19) show rates of rape for women of 1.1% and rates of “made to penetrate” for men of…huh. Wouldn’t you know it? 1.1%.

Unfortunately, lifetime stats are the least accurate, which is why reports like this almost always include previous 6 or 12 month figures.

From the full report’s definitions:

Rape is defined as any completed or attempted unwanted vaginal (for women), oral, or anal penetration through the use of physical force such as being pinned or held down, or by the use of violence) or threats to physically harm and includes times when the victim was drunk, high, drugged, or passed out and unable to consent. Rape is separated into three types, completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration, and completed alcohol or drug facilitated penetration.

Among women, rape includes vaginal, oral, or anal penetration by a male using his penis. It also includes vaginal or anal penetration by a male or female using their fingers or an object.

Among men, rape includes oral or anal penetration by a male using his penis. It also includes anal penetration by a male or female using their fingers or an object.

Being made to penetrate someone else includes times when the victim was made to, or there was an attempt to make them, sexually penetrate someone without the victim’s consent because the victim was physically forced (such as being pinned or held down, or by the use of violence) or threatened with physical harm, or when the victim was drunk, high, drugged, or passed out and unable to consent.

Among women, this behavior reflects a female being made to orally penetrate another female’s vagina or anus.

Among men, being made to penetrate someone else could have occurred in multiple ways: being made to vaginally penetrate a female using one’s own penis; orally penetrating a female’s vagina or anus; anally penetrating a male or female; or being made to receive oral sex from a male or female. It also includes female perpetrators attempting to force male victims to penetrate them, though it did not happen.

This is already problematic, since it lumps in both attempted and completed “forced/nonconsensual sex” by penetration of the victim (I use the quoted term, because both rape and being made to penetrate fall into that category and have basically identical definitions, yet the survey chose to apply two different terms), and then claims that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men have been raped in their lifetimes.

Not the case. 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men reported having experienced completed or attempted rape, as the survey defined rape, in their lifetimes.

If they’d used an egalitarian definition of rape–that is, if they had included “made to penetrate” in their definition of rape, the lifetime numbers (less reliable than previous year ones, remember) would have been 1 in 5 women and 1 in 17 men experiencing completed or attempted rape.

Regardless of the lifetime numbers, the more reliable previous year figures on tables 2.1 and 2.2 (pages 18 and 19) show rates of rape for women of 1.1% and rates of “made to penetrate” for men of…huh. Wouldn’t you know it? 1.1%.

A cluster of studies on gender and sexual violence show that women are about as likely as men to use aggressive strategies, including coercion, force, and drugs/alcohol, to get sex from unwilling partners. One study determined that 15% of female subjects had admitted having done so, or having attempted to do so, to get sex from an unwilling man. Other surveys and studies have found higher rates.

In addition, a number of studies on gender and perceptions of violent victimization indicate that men are more likely than women to forget or recontextualize as consensual sexual violence perpetrated against them (even in childhood), and that perceptions of the severity of female violence (by witnesses of both sexes) decreases over time. One study found that only 16% of men (compared with 64% of women) with a documented history of child sexual abuse reported it on a survey designed to capture victims of child sexual abuse. (Sorry, I don’t have the link on hand, it was Ahola, et al.)

These two phenomena likely account for the much larger disparity between the previous 12 month and lifetime numbers for men who were “made to penetrate” than exists between the 12 month and lifetime numbers of rape for women. Extrapolating from the previous 12 month numbers, the lifetime rates for women should be slightly higher, but for men, they should be MUCH higher. Incidentally, 79% of men who were made to penetrate over their lifetimes (page 24) reported a single female perpetrator.

Men recontextualizing sexual violence against them (especially by women) as consensual complies with the cultural narrative of “men are (sexually) aggressive/women are (sexually) passive” as well as “men are perpetrators/women are victims”.

That narrative is certainly evident in the figures the NISVS chose to highlight in their executive summary (the largest female victim/male perpetrator and smallest male victim/female perpetrator numbers), and which acts of sexual violence they chose to “recontextualize” as “something other than rape” in their survey definitions (that is, the most common form of rape suffered by men, primarily perpetrated by women, and for which there were NO reported female victims at all).

[1] http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/nisvs/

Further study: http://business.highbeam.com/435388/article-1G1-107203500/women-sexual-aggression-against-men-prevalence-and

For a more detailed analysis with citations see: Manufacturing Victims; Marginalizing Men

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  • Shrek6

    Thanks for this article GWW. You have pointed out the obvious disparity in these figures, between male and female victims and the different types of perps, be they willing or forced, to commit the crime of rape.

    I would venture to say (without any proof whatsoever) that the rate of male rape or sexual abuse over years from childhood, would be very high indeed. I believe this rate would be equal to, if not higher than that of female child sexual abuse.

    I believe women are as sexually deviant and aggressive as men are.

    However, because we have had 40 odd years of Stalinist Feminism, I believe that women have become drunk with this power and their deviant behaviour, their lies, cunning and deceit, has blown out of all proportion to the point where women are now the forerunner in the race of which sex is the worst behaved. They commit serious crimes from petty theft to murder, but are rarely punished for any of these crimes.
    Here in Australia, most women who murder do not see the inside of a prison at all or for very long. They simply do not lock women up for any crime, unless they have stolen money from a govt dept.

    Women have been sexually abusing male children for hundreds if not thousands of years. There will be little difference between men and women with this type of activity.

    Women today are getting their sexual needs met by whatever means they can. Be it children, a dildo, or even from a creature not necessarily human. It seems that they have little moral compass left today.
    And no I don’t mean ‘ALL’ women, but a large proportion of women today will consider any of the above to satisfy their needs or wants. And I will never accept that all or most women have a moral compass above that behaviour. Only a fool would believe that garbage!

    But we (society) would gasp at the thought of these flowers of innocence even considering such abominable behaviour.

    Yeah right!
    For every rotten male on this earth, there is a rotten female. And they are both capable of the most heinous forms of crimes and depravity known to Mankind.

    Time to stop the bullshit and start telling it like it truly is!

    • Stu

      Actually since Western Governments are on a witch hunt for bad men, while simultanously giving women a pussy pass for their bad deeds, and in fact, rewarding them in many cases, I would suggest that for every rotten man out there, there are 3 rotten women. I call it the 1 in 3 hypothesis.

      • Shrek6

        Indeed I agree with you.

        I was only trying to be conservative with my personal guesstimate. But then, maybe that’s a remnant of blue liquor still lingering in the far corner tissues of my brain that need routing.

        I have actually conversed with women in other countries who are Caucasian and not red pill converts. The do not seem to be anywhere near as bad as the white Australian women.

        Caucasian Australian women are so damn toxic and I believe they stand out.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Don ‘t look now, but it’s not just “caucasian” women.

          Cursed Indian Male: Why are anti male laws created in India ?


          Sep 13, 2012 – Why are anti male laws created in India ? … are routinely oppressed, when it is a known fact, that in India, women are more powerful then men.

      • Stu

        Did anybody notice the inconsistency in my data lol

        For every bad man there are three bad women. 1 in 3 hypothesis.

        That would mean out of every 4 bad people, one would be male, and three would be female. That would make it the 1 in 4 hypothesis. See how easily inconsistencies slip by people :)

  • TheSandreGuy

    Great article GWW! Keep up the great work :)

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    I hope we get a video version of this. :-)

    By the way, here’s an even more detailed and thoroughly referenced article on this same subject that I keep handy!


  • Stu

    Apart from being forced to penetrate or being drunk or under the influence of drugs etc, women, feminists specifically, have another way they rape men. They use the law to rape men. Yes, as part of The Plan to End Violence Against Women and Their Children……a draconian piece of legislation being implemented in Australia…….a man is guilty of Domestic Violence for denying his intimate partner sex. This can result in a record of DV, which can be used to issue restraining orders against him, have him removed from his home, denied access to his children, lose ownership and control of his assets, have his income garnished, and possibly wind up on future planned publically accessible DV registers.

    That’s one hell of a lot of coercion to have sex on demand.

    At the same time, they seek to have men who pester, beg, ask repeatedly for sex from their partners, classified as rapists, and that sex given after such repeated requests legally defined as rape.

    The fact is anyway, that the average woman doesn’t think any degree of force, coercion, drugs, drink, or extorcian qualifies as rape when used against a man. And, even if it is……..who cares…..they are only men, and that goes for boys as well. If the world laughs when a drugged man gets his penis chopped off for asking for a divorce…..I can’t really see them caring if a man, or boy, is forced or coerced, to any degree, into any kind of sex. The fact is, the bigger the sexual crime committed against men……the funnier it is. Unless of course it’s another man who does it. Then it will be used to punish the offending man, but they still laugh at the victim

    • Shrek6

      Amen to that Stu!

      I note that here in Australia, a woman can’t rape a man or boy. All she can do is give the lucky bugger a freebie.
      That’s the attitude of the Stalinist female mongrels in this rotten country.

      Yet, I have seen stories of men who were raped by women when they were young, and they are as screwed up as if they were raped by a homosexual. No difference in the outcome and psychological torture they go through later in life. The depression is the same and the thoughts and attempts at suicide is just the same also.

      And the reason most men would not report sexual abuse by anyone when they were young, is because of not only embarrassment, but the fact that they know they will get a lot of crap from other members in society. They will be vilified and abused, by both women and manginas!

      The stench of Emily’s List is wafting across this country, turning from a wonderful ancient land, into a filthy cesspit of Stalinist feminists who seem to be permanently on the rags and on the nose!

      • Shrek6

        Oh and PS:
        It seems as though the vast majority of women in Australia, are totally wrapped and happy with that filthy stench that has infected our country and society. There are very few honourable women left in this country.

        • Steve_85

          ” There are very few honourable women left in this country.”

          You imply that there ARE and/or WERE honourable women in Australia. My experience tells me otherwise.

          • Shrek6

            Ha, I never looked at it that way. Well, I guess I’m saying in the half century and a bit that I have been alive in this country, there are few honourable women left.
            They are indeed not all rotten.

            I do know of some women who would dress down a toxic feminist in 30 seconds and make them look like the trash they are. And these women are elderly and were born before or during the Great Depression.
            None of these women are damsels and would never rely on any man to take care of them. They worked in partnership with the men in their lives and the whole bunch of them, men and women alike, pulled their weight. No exceptions!

            My old man is in his early 90s and he has always said to me throughout my whole life, that women were placed on this earth to torment men and that they have an inherent evil that is different to what men do wrong in this world.
            I kind of never really knew what he meant by that until I became an adult.
            And I guess I am still trying to process that statement, but I think I understand quite a bit of it now that I have suffered at the hands of very many women, from those in my personal life, through to all the women who run/staff all govt depts and ngos that have anything to do with social welfare.
            And i’m not referring to women in my own personal family, such as mother/sisters etc. I mean females in relationships with me.

          • Codebuster

            women were placed on this earth to torment men and that they have an inherent evil that is different to what men do wrong in this world.

            A very Australian perspective. Having been established at Australia’s inception, misogyny and misandry have a long, entrenched history in Australian culture. They account for the basic terms according to which men and women relate to one another in this country.

    • Raven01

      “The Plan”, a double bind enacted into anti-male law.
      If there were somewhere safe for men I would suggest Aussie men start applying for refugee status right now.

  • rper1959

    Thanks GWW for your detailed analysis and summary. As usual the devil is in the details and the fine print, these are the parts feminist misrepresentation tactics 101 demand to be hidden whilst inflating the least reliable parts in bold and making them the key point of the executive summary. I wonder how well surveyed male victims of prison rape were in determining the figures in those studies, generally they are ignored all together.

  • Primal

    “Made to penetrate’ is really forced ‘envelopation’. Forced envelopation implies agency by the enveloping rapist. The present ‘heresy’ that women can use their vagina to rape men and boys is unlikely to become common sense until we begin to acknowledge the most basic fundamental of female-male rape…and until we stop defining rape solely in male ‘penetrative’ terms.

    • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

      …which by the way requires us to give up the astonishingly common (especially after 40 years of feminist so-called “empowerment”) that sex is something men to do women, rather than something women and men do together.

  • scatmaster

    I see that [1] after the statement

    According to the Executive Summary of the 2010 CDC National Intimate Partner Violence Survey Report

    Yet I see no physical link to that report. Just saying.

  • TPH

    GWW, Thank you for a thoughtful and thorough analysis on the report. More MRA’s need to analyze and debunk the agiprop reports that are generated by the government and universities.

    Thorough analysis and calling out inconsistencies in the data is needed more than ever. If there is outright deceit and data manipulation to suit the desired outcome, we have to hammer on that fact repeatedly.

    The ability to use critical thought in our society has been diminished because critical thought and an open mind is the bane of any totalitarian regime, government, and social engineering movement.

    Document, critique, and analyze.

    • chris3337

      TPH you are so right. Be suspect of all genderized stats from anyone, analyze and call out deliberate inconsistencies. Do it over and over again. Feminists love stats that they approve of but get extremely agitated by stats they cannot massage to their liking. They need to be called out loudly every single time, especially now in November with all the White Ribbon (feather) vilification of males going on.

  • andybob

    Great post, Ms GWW – so much valuable information here. This kind of blatant propaganda is typical of what has been force-fed to generations of Australians. The consequences of feminist brainwashing abound. It’s depressing as hell.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    This is an article in JennQ.Public verifying my own suspisions about the outrageous military rape claims.

    Lies, Damned Lies, and Military Sexual Assault Statistics

    Statistics inspire confidence and can lend an air of legitimacy to anecdotal evidence. But as the saying goes, torture the numbers and they’ll confess to anything.

    Torturing the numbers is something Columbia University journalism professor Helen Benedict knows a little something about. She’s got the military sexual assault data on the rack and she’s ratcheting up the tension as high as she can to promote her new book on the abuse of female soldiers.

    Consider these statistics published by Benedict in a recent Huffington Post piece:

    Nearly a third of military women are raped, some 71 percent are sexually assaulted, and 90 percent are sexually harassed.

    Benedict’s piece is entitled, “The Pentagon’s Annual Report on Sexual Assualt [sic] in the Military, or, How to Lie with Statistics,” and how to lie with statistics is exactly what she demonstrates.

    The sexual assault figure is the most preposterous, and spelling assault wrong doesn’t get her off the hook. It is an outright lie that some 71 percent of military women are sexually assaulted.

    The statistic comes from a study of PTSD sufferers published in Military Medicine in May 2004. The research sample was not, as Benedict would have you believe, culled from a general pool of female veterans or current servicewomen. Instead, participants were selected from “an eligible pool of 4,918 representatively sampled veterans seeking VA disability benefits for PTSD.”

    Helen Benedict is fully aware of the proper context for this statistic on sexual assault. In a 2007 Salon essay she noted that the study was limited to veterans “who were seeking help for post-traumatic stress disorder,” but since then she has repeatedly cited the statistic out of context. She mentioned it in a Huffington Post interview this month, a recent BBC News piece called Women at War Face Sexual Violence, and a 2008 essay in which she suggests that soldiers rape because Bush lied to justify the illegal occupation of Iraq.

    The data Benedict cites on military rape and sexual harassment are also misleading.

    Nearly a third of military women are raped? No. While not as glaring as Benedict’s sexual assault deception, this is, at best, an inaccurate representation of military rape data published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine in 2003. Researchers found that 30 percent of a self-selected sample of 558 female veterans reported experiencing one or more rapes or attempted rapes during their military service. The study was limited to women who served between 1961 and 1997, and does not take into account the impact of numerous sexual assault awareness and prevention programs instituted in the last 12 years. And because the study relies on self-reporting of retrospective data, recall bias is of some concern.

    I don’t expect Helen Benedict to dissect every flaw each time she cites the study, but how about something like this:

    A 2003 survey of female veterans from Vietnam through the first Gulf War found that 30 percent said they were raped in the military.

    That quote comes from The Private War of Women Soldiers, an article by none other than Helen Benedict. Yet again, we see that she can indeed place numbers in their proper context when the mood strikes.

    The 2003 article from which Benedict gleaned her military rape statistic also indicates that 79 percent of women surveyed recalled being sexually harassed in the military. Benedict frequently cites the rape research in that article, but rejected the companion stat that places sexual harassment at 79 percent in favor of the 90 percent figure reported in a 1995 Archives of Family Medicine study.

    Again, Benedict shows a reckless disregard for the truth. In addition to obvious flaws such as the age of the study and recall bias of the participants, Benedict’s readers might find it relevant that the research included rape and attempted rape as types of sexual harassment. But in her Salon article, for which she won the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism, Benedict wrote that the 90 percent figure included “anything from being pressured for sex to being relentlessly teased and stared at.” It should also be noted that the article significantly misquoted one of the subjects, and required several corrections.

    What motive could Helen Benedict possibly have for inflating rape and sexual assault statistics at the expense of her reputation and credibility? The more shocking the statistics, the more media coverage Benedict gets for her book. And the more books she sells, the more attention she gets for her anti-war, anti-military agenda. For Benedict, outrageous and dated statistics about military rape are an opportunity to smear American troops and criticize the war.

    Do the reasons soldiers rape have anything to do with the nature of the wars we are waging today, particularly in Iraq?

    Robert Jay Lifton, a professor of psychiatry who studies war crimes, theorizes that soldiers are particularly prone to commit atrocities in a war of brutal occupation, where the enemy is civilian resistance, the command sanctions torture, and the war is justified by distorted reasoning and obvious lies.

    Thus, many American troops in Iraq have deliberately shot children, raped civilian women and teenagers, tortured prisoners of war, and abused their own comrades because they see no moral justification for the war, and are reduced to nothing but self-loathing, anger, fear and hatred.

    She follows with a list of recommended reforms that would presumably stop so “many” troops from committing atrocities. Ending the war in Iraq is “last – but far from least.”

    Let me make clear that I find rape an inexcusable atrocity; even one sexual assault is one too many. I fully believe that sexual assault and rape are underreported in both civilian and military life, and understand that reliable data on sex crimes can be elusive. But that doesn’t excuse Helen Benedict’s agenda-driven falsehoods and emotionally manipulative sophistry.

    Benedict forces us to spend time disentangling fact from fiction instead of addressing how we can reduce sexual assault. And each time she trots out methodologically questionable rape data and self-serving hyperbole, she undermines the credibility of the publications that carry her writing and the writers who trust her intellectual honesty enough to quote her rape prevalence statistics. Helen Benedict has dragged valid scholarship into a twisted game of telephone, purposefully garbling data into an almost unrecognizable mutation of what the researchers intended.

    When assault statistics are manipulated and exaggerated for use as a bludgeon against the American military, actual experiences of rape are trivialized. It sends the message that smearing the troops as rapists is more important than addressing the very real occurrence of rape. At the same time, it creates what may be overblown fear among female soldiers and potential enlistees. We know that there are too many rapes in the military – too many rapes, period – and torturing the numbers harms both women and men in uniform.

    Feminists have been accused for years of lying about rape – perhaps it’s time to disown Helen Benedict before she cries wolf again.


  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    Marines Offer Brutally Honest Insight On Military Rape Culture
    The military has long been scrutinized by the media for the way it deals with sexual assault. I talked to active-duty male Marines about the accusation of tolerating sexual predators in their ranks, and to get their inside perspective on allegations of rape in the military.

    The opposing views on how victims’ claims are managed were played out recently on national television with the story of eight military women filing a lawsuit against Navy and Marine Corps leadership for allegedly failing them.

    The Associated Press reported that the women allege they were raped and harassed, and are accusing the military of having a “high tolerance for sexual predators in their ranks” while fostering an environment that discourages victims of sexual assault from coming forward.

    The Marine Corps released a statement providing evidence for challenging the women’s claims, as well as challenging the news reports suggesting the military doesn’t take the subject of sexual assault seriously.

    The Marines who talked to me revealed an honest picture of a culture frustratingly reported in the news from the outside.

    Fear of “the rape card”

    “Right now the attitude of guys is to be extremely cautious with girls because they are afraid of them pulling the ‘rape card,'” said one Marine. “The military will never say this happens, because they will run off of statistics of court martial convictions. The military has no way of knowing who actually was raped.”

    Why would someone pull the “rape card”?

    Attorneys Richard Stevens and Frank Spinner defend military cases. Through their work navigating the military justice system and defending the accused, they’ve seen a number of motives for false rape claims:

    “Guilt and confusion after a night of drinking. Avoiding a boyfriend or husband’s reaction to unfaithfulness. Shielding oneself from the consequences of one’s own misconduct. Protecting one’s reputation from the ‘promiscuous’ label. Anger over a sexual encounter not blossoming into a long term relationship as expected,” are listed in their experience as court martial lawyers.

    You can look up military cases where alleged victims retracted their stories, are exposed for lying, or apologized to the accused in court. False claims not only put innocent people in a damaging position, but they also offend true victims.

    The active-duty Marine continued, “A lot of people don’t believe women will do that, but they do. Of course, not all of them do and, as with anywhere in society, rapes happen. And those who are raped are offered probably the most decisive way of bringing your rapist to justice the country has seen. All you have to do is say it happened, and that Marine is taken to court martial.”

    He said, She said

    The Marines who spoke to me said the military court martial is a place where he said-she said thrives. They feel accused men and women are subject to a “guilty until proven innocent” prejudice. You don’t want to be in that position.

    Furthermore, “Everyone sits through the mandatory training on sexual harassment and assault, and the culture is that you don’t want to rock the boat by making a stink about sexual stuff.”

    Mandatory sexual assault briefings teach service members that if alcohol is involved, consensual sex is impossible. That seems over-cautious and could be the military’s overcompensation for not being aggressive enough about assault allegations in the past. This rigid stance on alcohol as a bona fide determinant of rape can lead to questionable convictions.

    One of the Marines confirmed, “Yes, it’s true. If alcohol is involved and the woman alleges a rape, its like an automatic guilty for the guy. It’s messed up, if both of them are intoxicated it’s still a rape if allegations are made.”

    Rush to judgement

    There are many more males than females in the military, so one Marine agrees that there is a level of discrimination because this used to be an all-boys gun club. He admits though, that since he enlisted in the Corps, many women give credence to the stereotype of females in the military being “loose” and “slutty” because of their actions. That’s a rough image to shake.

    It will be interesting to see how this week’s lawsuit fares in the future. And it’s worth noting that a lawsuit is a civil action, meaning a financial settlement is typically sought.

    The Marine told me the general consensus at his workplace was that rape is a criminal offense and it’s a big deal for a victim to face her assailant in court. But with regard to this civil lawsuit, he too wonders how it will be resolved:

    “Honestly it’s a tough one, I wish they would keep rape in a criminal court and not civil. I don’t believe people’s initial motives if there is money involved.”

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/marines-discuss-military-rape-allegations-2012-3#ixzz2DFIsyQwp

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    Feminist Lies Make Bad Laws

  • Brigadon

    you know, if they included ‘rape’ as ‘being forced, coerced, or emotionally manipulated into having sex by your regular sexual partner’ the number of ‘husbands raped’ approaches 100% And they would never, ever admit it.

  • AntZ

    This is one of those factually supportable truths that needs to be said as often as possible.

  • TheBiboSez

    I suspect that a lot more sexual assaults (women on men) go unreported than the reverse.

    In the last 6 months I’ve been monitoring such assaults at my business. There have been 4 such aggressive and unwanted sexual assaults – one was “man on woman” (I had to have the guy arrested; of course, the woman later recanted her story) and three were “woman on man” (I ejected the women from the business and banned them from returning).

    Oh, and I myself was one of the 3 victims of the “woman on man” assault – a woman grabbed my genitals after I had rebuffed her earlier (and creepy) overtures. In an interesting case of “white maidening”, a red pill-ish woman friend of mine saw what was happening and forcibly slapped the nutty aggressor’s hand away. (My lads were uninjured.)

    Were I not MRA/MGTOW, I would’ve laughed off and forgotten the whole thing.

  • Howard Gordan

    I had mentioned the CDC study stats in passing in my Jan. article “To Rape or Not to Rape.”

    GWW , it’s great that you highlighted this in a separate article. It’s great information to use for those that maintain the is a “rape culture.” The CDC study also states that all women that respond that they had sex when drunk or high are counted as rape victims. This further skews the rape victim numbers for women higher. The 1970s study that concluded 1 in 4 college women are raped, also included that those that were drinking or high were counted as rape victims. When questioned, a large percentage of these women didn’t consider themselves rape victims and many engaged in sex again with their “rapists” after the initial encounter.

    If one concludes that many of those counted as rape victims are only victims because the CDC assumes it to be the case, men actually are the majority of rape victims in the 12 month figures by the CDC.

    As an aside, studies show that half or more of women prefer drunk sex. So, do half of women prefer to be raped then? I don’t believe so, but according to the FBI and CDC, they do. Here is one study:


    The following study actually shows the FBI and CDC feel 3/4 of women prefer being raped by their husbands:


    Obviously, the ever expanding definitions of rape will raise the stats to suit the feminist mantra of all men are rapists- especially when combined with the biased stats excluding male rape victims from the count.

  • TigerMan

    Superb graphics by Roger by the way. :)

  • keyster

    “Rape” is as clearly defined as it can ever be, (to ridiculous levels).

    The vageries of “Consent” is where things get completely subjective. Is Consent a verbal “yes, you can do that” or does it need to be in writing? Only the one consenting can say for sure. Kinda puts a damper on the proverbial “heat of the moment”.

    • JinnBottle

      Yes, as I – and I’m sure, dozens of you – have said time & again, taking the heat *out* of the moment, and replacing it with the big chill – fear of prison for the man, repulsion to his tentativeness for the woman – is what it’s all about for the lesbian separatist radfem authors of these laws (and these new, artificial “mores”).

      I can scarcely believe the cowardice of American pols signing this bitchshit into law, let alone contemplate *Australia*. Seriously, Oz men, you should contemplate fleeing to a freer country, *if* you can find one. And I’m not one to talk, at this point. The “Talibans of Feminism” countries would seem to go, from the top down…
      >England/US – neck & neck?? – along with the blurry-fast morphing status of the rest of the world.

      Anyone else give a more precise (hen-)pecking order?

    • Sting Chameleon

      And remember, it’s a continuous process- consent can be revoked at any point during the mating dance and sexual intercourse.

  • Otter

    Chicks have DEFINITELY stuck their fingers in my mouth without my written consent before. I guess this makes them all rapists.

  • napocapo69

    “alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration”…the magic sentence.

    Once upon a time if she get drunk and then got sex, would be considered a bitch from morons and a liberated woman from feminists.

    Now she is a victim of a rape by the evil man….

    Accountability, the unknwon word in women world…

  • http://www.judgybitch.com JudgyBitch

    So wait a minute. You mean if my husband comes home from work and he’s a bit tired and has a few beers and then heads for bed, but I’ve been immersed in some super hot slutty book and want to have sex and I ignore his protests and just chuck him back on the bed and have my way with him, I’VE RAPED HIM?

    Wow! Apparently, some men LIKE being raped.

    How much you wanna bet some women LIKED being “raped” too, but when they found out their male partner wasn’t interested in a relationship, remembered the situation a little differently?

    Actual rape, dragged in a ditch or held down in a prison shower is fucking terrible. What an awful thing to happen to any man or woman. This kind of muddying up of the waters takes the horror of those crimes away.

    I’d like to see the stats on actual forced in a dark alley rape cases versus prison rapes. I’ll bet far more men get Rape Raped than women. Oh but tee hee. It’s kind of funny. Prison rape is a joke. Part of the sentence (that’s angry sarcasm, it case it’s not clear).

    Girls get drunk and sexually aggressive ALL THE TIME. Jesus. If we’re gonna define that as rape, then pretty much everyone, everywhere has been raped at some point in their lives.


    You might like my blog post: You weren’t raped. You’re a Whore. Join the club. I blog at http://www.judgybitch.com

  • Verdad

    Very good read, now if only the entire world could stop ignoring the truth that is staring them in the face.

    This article, and several others, clearly shows that women can be, and are very much so, just as human as men are and I think it is time we stop putting them up on that pedestal of godliness.

    We are all human, we are all equal. If only the rest of the world would realize that fact…

  • http://fathers4fairness.blogspot.ca/ fathers4fairness

    Excellent piece. I recognize comments from Typhoon Blue’s aforementioned post of Jan 24, 2012 “Manufacturing Female Victimhood and Marginalizing Vulnerable Men”. I did not realize that the U.S DOJ had “loosened-up” the rape definition at that time (Jan 2012) to facilitate prosecution1 of Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky. Lets hope this helps improve the reporting bias.

    However, on related stats it should be noted that these measures also exclude a heavily victimized class of men in America – incarcerated individuals – who are about 95% male. I recall a study done in 2001 of the prison population which projected 140,000 Annual Rapes2 out of the 2.2 million adult prison population (which does not even include juvenile/state detention facilities3). Most were male-on-male assaults by prisoners and guards.

    These figures are rarely included in the surveys statistics as quoted by feminists providing another measurement bias.

    Keep those vlogs coming!


    1) FBI scraps long-standing definition of rape to include men as victims. New York Daily News Jan 06, 2012 – http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/fbi-scraps-long-standing-definition-rape-include-men-victims-article-1.1001900

    2) “No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons” Human Rights Watch, April 1, 2001 – http://www.vachss.com/help_text/prison_rape.html

    3) “Sentenced to Abuse” Editorial Opinion New York Times, Jan 14, 2010 – http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/15/opinion/15fri3.html