Julia Gillard

Note to Julia Gillard: not all voters are like that

Julia Gillard may be reaching the bottom of her deck of misogyny cards.

In an editorial entitled “Misogyny attack misses mark”, The Australian pointed out the dismal failure of Julia Gillard’s famous tirade on misogyny in the Australian Parliament last year (The Australian, 2013). The petulant outburst from Gillard seemed to happen because she was insulted that the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, should out-feminist her. Abbott was accusing the then Speaker of the House of misogyny, and she wasn’t going to let him be women’s champion. The resultant tantrum went viral on You Tube (NewsOnABC, 2012).

Gillard 1, Abbott 0 was the score line from Katherine Hepworth (Hepworth, 2012). The headline was “Gillard’s misogyny speech looks even better than it reads.” Apparently she enjoyed the speech because “Gillard waved both hands, pointed, and even moved her feet.”

She loves the sight of multi-tasking in the Parliament: It looks like victory.

And Abbott? Is he a misogynist? Hepworth has him all worked out:  “Abbott’s facial expression and posture amounted to an open admission of guilt.”

Who needs the facts when you’ve got posture on your side? Could you imagine the court time we could save by getting Hepworth down to the magistrates court? She could just hang around the foyer “Hunched? Guilty; Shifty eyes? Guilty; Waving hands and pointing? Not Guilty.” The magistrates would never again miss an afternoon round of golf.

This, with varying degrees of sycophantic idiocy, is a fair representation of most of the mainstream media coverage of “The Misogyny Speech”. The Australian ABC News was thrilled that the speech had “gone global” (ABC News, 2012). “Ladylike,” said The New Yorker, concluding that Obama could take some lessons from Gillard (Lester, 2012). The Spectator thought Abbott had been “carved to pieces (Massie, 2012).”

However, the Australian female voting public was not won over. “Galaxy poll shows female voters choose Tony Abbott,” was the recent headline in the Telegraph, explaining that only 1 in 4 women believe that Abbott is a misogynist (Maiden, 2013). Despite concerns about his views on abortion and his perceived negativity, female voters are preferring Abbott to Gillard personally; and the Liberal/National Coalition to Labor overall (Galaxy Research, 2013).

So much so that Janet Albrechtsen of the Australian felt she should start writing the Labor government’s obituary this week (Albrechtsen, 2013). In her “Biggest Losers” listing Albrechtsen names “the misogyny maidens”, namely Tanya Plibersek, Nicola Roxon, Penny Wong, Jenny Macklin and Gillard as one collective of losers. Albrechtsen states, “Nothing is more certain to offend Australians than the finger-wagging culture of these trendy inner-city MPs,” and blames them for “bringing Labor to its electoral knees.”

Albrechtsen pulls no punches for the feminists, “The damage they have done to the Labor brand will likely last much longer than their own short time in government.”

The damage to the Labor brand is probably best understood in the context of the recent announcement by Jenny Macklin to move single-parents from the Single Parent Pension to the Newstart Allowance.

For those not familiar with this newspeak, in practice it means that single-mothers whose youngest is older than seven will lose some government benefits and will have to find a job (Akerman & Milanda, 2013).

Yes, the flagship of feminism, those doing “the toughest job in the world” (Winfrey, 2010), are having their entitlements cut and being told to get a real job.

Why? Macklin, sounding like someone from the conservative side of politics, claimed it was to encourage the mums to “show their children a strong work ethic” (Akerman & Milanda, 2013).

The real reason for this cut to government spending, of course, was the policy failures were driving the federal budget further into deficit and the Gillard government was turning desperately to cut spending wherever it could.

In a bizarre effort of rationalisation and justification, Macklin, who apparently has an income of $6321 a week, was claiming she could live on the Newstart allowance of $246 a week (Harrison, 2013). After the next election she just might have to try.

What does this mean for the MHRM?

Let me get this out of the way, just to be clear. I am not suggesting for one second that the election of Tony Abbott or a Liberal/National coalition government will bring any meaningful change. Team Red is misandric. Team Blue is misandric. This is because Big Government is run by Big Bureacracy, which thrives on this bigotry. Abbott will not clean up the Family Courts and the National Plan will go on unabated.

Now, let’s get back to what it means for the MHRM.

Gillard’s government has more problems than those that can be attributed directly to feminist influenced policies.  But, the lack of intellectual rigour that so often dogs post-modernists has meant that policies that appealed to the Gillard government on ideological grounds, and this includes those championed by the “misogyny maidens”, fell apart when it came to their implementation. In other words, reality decided it was FTSU time.

More importantly, when the polls reflected their performance, they sought to hide behind the victim card. Since February last year, the cry has been that the criticisms of Gillard are sexist and she should be left alone to lead the country (Wright, 2012).

Since that time until (this really needs some DAHN, DAHN, DAAAAHHHHN music) “The Misogyny Speech”, we should have been so proud that we had our first woman Prime Minister that it really shouldn’t matter how bad a job she, or her government, was doing.

This tactic has clearly failed. Equality means that when you get the top job, not only do you get the top job salary and the top job perks; you also get the top job criticism when you screw it up.

In some ways “The Misogyny Speech” was like jumping the shark (google it if you don’t know what I mean). There was nowhere to go after it. After the speech, when Abbott was not lynched for his “misogynist” demeanour, the only way was down.

But more than this, when things got even uglier, the feminists were only too eager to turn on their own in order to save their cushy jobs. Their cause celebre, the single-mother’s welfare, got the chop while the bureaucrats are still raking it in.

So, the MHRM can now point to real examples of feminism in action. Not only is the rationale screwy, but when put into practice it fails as predicted. And, their hand-wringing compassion is as sincere as Gillard’s promise that there would be no carbon tax.

But there is even more to take heart from. Gillard and her “misogyny maidens” have done more than previous feminists in taking their agenda to the public. Previously, feminists have been working in the back rooms of power. They’ve won over the policy makers behind closed doors with the threat of bringing “the women’s vote” against those who dared to cross them.

Now, in Australia at least, that threat will seem somewhat empty. The truth is that women are a world away from lock-step agreement with everything that comes out of their mouths.

Even more significant, I believe, is the fact that the voting public did not buy “The Misogyny Speech”. We often tend to see our case as practically impossible due to the inherent nature of human beings.

Yes, there are automatic reactions to defend women even when they are wrong. Yes, there are instinctive reactions to female tears which see women receive lower sentences, more government subsidies, and the like.

But, when examined under the spotlight, most people recognise that those instincts can be manipulated for evil purposes. Instincts are just initial reactions, and not carefully considered opinions.

This means that as the MHRM puts its message out, the cries of misogyny will be seen for what it is: a self-serving covering up for their lies.

Our message can be judged on its merits, if we can make it loud enough to be heard over their wailing.


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  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    “Julia Gillard may be reaching the bottom of her deck of misogyny cards.”

    Poetically put, and factual. Really enjoyed your snapshot of the Gillard government here Jim, and the now infamous misogyny speech.

    She got a 2-week spike in the polls for branding Abbott a misogynist – a charge given because he opposed her political views. She was riding high on a delusional cloud of self-righteous moral purity in the short period after she made the statement, but she didnt stop to consider the huge offense her remark caused for all Australian males. Oh, and a lot of females too thought it was a crappy remark, according to polls.

    Basically her misogyny accusation was misandry writ large, and men and women of Australia know it. She’s bankrupt.

    Its clear that “Team Red is misandric. Team Blue is misandric.” But its good to know that the public can see through the more obvious parts of this game. Brings a smile to my face.

    • John A

      To be fair to Julia, her ‘misogyny speech’ was a good political speech. Julia’s problem is that one speech does not make a trend. If she came up with some substance after that speech, the shortfalls in it would have been forgotten. Alas for her, that one speech stands alone, isolated and vulnerable, with all its faults on display.

  • donzaloog

    Glad to see the Australians are waking up to this bullshit. Let’s hope that momentum spreads all over the world.

  • napocapo69

    I’m not prone to be influenced by the appearance.
    But there are exceptions, and when I look at Gillard face I just see empty spaces…

    • scatmaster

      A look of smugness would have been my take on her pie hole. One that should be wiped off when she goes down to defeat in the next election. As long as Abbott and one of his cronies doesn’t fuck it up. It looks like a done deal according to the polls. Not that it will matter who is in power.

      • scatmaster

        Ah, nice to know I haven’t lost my touch.
        It has been a month since I have been down voted.
        Think I will go rape the wife to celebrate.

        • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ


          And they say we are sensitive when wenches like Sharon Osborne calling penis mutilation fabulous worthy of mass down vote?

          I guess we all must learn to take a joke; when it is funny to feminists.

          So I guess the joke is on you scat, you forgot: Rape Culture is out, male disposability culture is in.

          Your social justice fashion is so middle of last century.

          • scatmaster

            Your social justice fashion is so middle of last century.

            Well it was when I was born after all.

  • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

    She looks like a read headed, mentally deficient, and somewhat ugly version of Jaimee Lee Curtis.

    I guess that meant she could not get a career acting? Sucks, because that meant she followed her other dream; government. AKA institutionally cutting off the balls of men if not killing them in war. So since she could not kill them in her imaginations projection onto the big screen; she got to do it badly in reality?


    Too bad her low level “Z” level movie of her dreams had the Australian budget backing it up. Her “critics” seemed forced to have to watch the film. Yet she is surprised she did not get rave reviews? Does not mean she won’t win the “government Oscar” (read feminist approval despite reality and voter disagreement) though; liberal critics, like American Politicians, love to be out of tune with the “common man.”

    I guess she got a bad piece of advice that said she should accuse voters of sexism to win accused voters over? At least after she is kicked out of government her feminist buddies will give her a cushy talking head job. Or maybe she could get on the Talk, or view? I heard Oprah recently got an opening after kicking her pregnant producer to the curb? Don’t know for sure though; probably because I loathe Opera and friends.

    We only say feminists are stupid because they are. We did not say Australians did not have to learn the hard way. But take heart; Americans have been voting in bad actors since before the Kennedy’s sting in the White House.

    Our current misandry-actor-in-chief has several films in play like “title nine coming to a university near you,” and “cut off your husband’s penis followed by a long mental castration of your sons is ok; have some government welfare! Then welcome a pardon when I finally leave office.”

    All destined to get rave reviews from Huge Schwyzer and Mike Kimmel; and I heard the female voting population was fighting over itself for this “producer’s” interview since the films (read legislation) were introduced to hit the masses.

    Needless to say men were not asked what they thought; politicians like actors have very fragile egos when it comes to reasonable criticism.

    But oh, how nice they all look when on the red carpet or dancing at an overpriced state function!

    If we can’t value anything they do, at least we get told they look really nice.

    For your viewing pleasure, here is a taste of Seth McFarlane doing the “boob song” at the Ocars.


    Ahhhh, nothing like a little misogyn….I mean good humor to make things nice again!

  • Booyah

    I was watching her on the mens sheds video a few days ago. On the surface it looks great that she supports it but in light of her other decisions it just looks like pandering on a small mens issue while she knifes Aussie men in the back on the big issues. “The Plan” or family violence act or whatever it ended up being legislated under is the most sickening act of misandry in Australian history. Her best hope of political survival is allowing pets to vote as her own sick legislation deemed them more important than men and fathers.

    Howard despite his failings did at least make some positive changes in family law. I agree with the team red and blue both being misandric analogy. I really think that all Australian men should vote for an independent or someone outside the Labour\ Liberal demographic as top choice on their ballet to let their dissatisfaction be known this election unless the Liberal party is willing to stand tall and identify and pledge to fix what is so very very broken. You can still pick whichever of the liberal\labour poison you prefer anyhow just rank the one you prefer above the other and preferences will trickle down to your preferred choice unless that first choice does happen to wield a majority vote.

    Let them know men have had enough and hit them where it hurts gentlemen. Even if we end up with Liberal and Labour wiped out this election those that get in will know who put them in and what treating them like animals means for your political future.

    • napocapo69

      You hate pets, don’t you?

      • Booyah

        Yes the dwarf bunnies must be stopped at all costs. I’m glad that you can see that 😉 I still haven’t worked out what condiment would go best in a Kudi sammich so please let me know if you have any ideas.

        • Kimski

          Oh, no, don’t get me started. 😀

    • Turbo

      “Even if we end up with Liberal and Labour wiped out this election those that get in will know who put them in and what treating them like animals means for your political future.”

      I agree with your sentiments entirely Booyah, and yes, by all means vote for independents or small parties, let the big two know that we are not satisfied. My own preference will be for the “Non-Custodial Parents Party”.

      However, we must remember that in the Australian political scene at the moment, there are only two parties that are really in a position to actually govern. And the preference voting system in Australia means that no matter who you vote for ultimately it will be a vote for Liberal or Labour. The rest, though important, can hold the balance at best.

      So it is vitally important that unless you fill in the entire voting card and do your own preferences (which most don’t) that you know who your chosen candidate is sending their preferences to. Otherwise you may still be putting the party you least prefer in office.

      I agree with the “Team Red is misandric. Team Blue is misandric” statement to a certain extent. I do not think we have a huge group of banner wavers to the right, I think there is misandry at worst and indifference at best.

      But to the Left, at this moment we have flag waving enemies. Particularly with the “the misogyny maidens” in such positions of power. John Howard had the chance to change the world and legislate 50/50 shared residence into law, but he buckled to feminist pressure. He did however make some significant changes to Family Law, changes that Nicola Roxon always said she would undermine if she got the chance. She got that chance, and she did it. I think we can look at levels of misandry, and determine where we have a chance to make a difference and where we are being attacked.

      We must get rid of this government, and I say that not as a political ideology between right and left and not as a card carrying liberal ( I am not ). None of that comes into play at the moment because this is a Feminist government attacking Men and Boys and their extended families.

      • Booyah

        Thanks for you excellent reply Turbo sir. Yes I agree that ultimately it will boil down to a Liberal- Labour preference once it trickles down through preferences but the thing is it 1. Shows dissatisfaction with both parties.
        2. Shows people that its only through public support that makes this a two party race. If other factions can make a strong showing even if they don’t win it will open people to the idea that it can be more than a liberal-labour race. Without votes neither party is relevant.

        I guess I also have concerns due to some MRA’s calling men to not vote at all in the recent USA elections. This is about the worst move possible in my opinion because it just further diminishes men as a relevant area of the political spectrum. Men should vote no matter what! Not voting just decreases mens political relevance further. I hope that all Australian men see this…

        Yes I will be ranking Labour last on any ballot I fill in this election. Whether the Liberal party rates higher than 2nd last is entirely up to the Liberal party and there willingness to fix some of the mess Labour has created. Thats the main thing if both parties offer men nothing rank them last and second last. Put whichever you prefer of the pair above the other but let your dissatisfaction be felt in this manner.

        I also urge to bear in mind that it was Kevin Rudd not Julia Gillard who commisioned the original proposal. Australian social policy designed at a SCUM conference in Perth in 2007. If anyone thinks that Society for Cutting Up Men is a fair place to decide social policy affecting both men and women I urge them to read up on Valerie Solanas who created it.

        All this started with Rudd not Gillard. We have to realise that this cancer is deeper in the Labour party than Gillard. It very much saddens me as a Labour supporter for the last 20 years to have to say that but then I’ve had my eyes opened so much in the last year.

        Thanks for the suggestion on “Non-Custodial Parents Party” I will definitely check this out. Much appreciated mate :)

        @Kimski. You are a self actualized MHRA brother. You don’t need me or anyone else to start you 😛

        • Booyah

          I guess at the end of the day we have 6 months and we need to develop a voting strategy for men in that time. Whether its this suggestion or another we need to work on some plan on advising men how to vote. I am really not fond of “herd think” in any way shape or form but since we can be sure that feminist inc. will be absolutely doing this we really need to come up with a counter proposal for men to vote as a block. It has been so wonderfully effective for our opposition. By a month before the election there should be something up here at AVfM about how men should vote and why. Burying our heads in the sand in defeatism gets us absolutely nowhere. Whether that be this strategy or an alternative one we have 5 months to work it out if we want to publish an article here a month before the election.

          • Turbo

            Yep, I think we will see plenty of info coming up here before the election. I will certainly forward anything i can.

            Voting is compulsory in Australia, well turning up to get your name crossed off is compulsory, voting actually is not, you can drop the forms straight into the ballet box without filling them in if you want.

            But I agree with you, not voting or “donkey” voting is not going to help. I think everyone should inform themselves and vote accordingly IMO

            The Fathers for equality website is a good source of info at election time


            Also, as I was saying above about where our friends and enemies are, check this out from 2005


            I really hope they do this exercise again for this election

            Cheers to you mate :-)

  • Kimski

    “not all voters are like that”

    No, but all feminists are just like Julia Gillard, deep down inside.

    Why else would they continue to support an ideology that hurts their sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers?
    And through men like them, the other women they allegedly care for and support?

    If there were anything substantial to feminism, besides very poorly concealed bigotry and hatred, then why would it’s followers feel the need to threaten anyone who crosses them?

    /rhetorical and inquisitive questioning off.

  • malcolm

    Too bad for her that she can’t count on the votes of “the billion women around the world who are raped and beaten simply for being women”.

    She is a liar and an ideologue, not fit for leading a country like Australia. Her primary allegiance is not to her country, it’s to her ideology.

    Thousands of brave Australian men gave their lives to defend Australia’s freedom so that her fat ass can sit in malicious judgement of their sons and grandsons.

    • greg

      She is not fit to clean my toilet.

  • keyster

    Now that the US has elected the first black president, we can absolve ourselves of guilt for slavery and racial discrimination…at least a little more.

    The next big movement along the same theme is the first FEMALE president…probably Hillary Clinton. And she won’t be male friendly in any way, shape or form.

    Ironically it will be a female president that faces a $20 Trillion + debt, $5 Trillion more than our entire GDP. And I don’t see her tightening the “purse strings”.

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    “But, when examined under the spotlight, most people recognise that those instincts can be manipulated for evil purposes. Instincts are just initial reactions, and not carefully considered opinions.”

    Thank you for saying this. I have friends who are eternally pessimistic because they think there is no overcoming this innate in-group preference for and of females, and the neotenous “she’s afraid and/or crying, do something!”

    I think practically everyone has the ability to recognize when a woman is crying crocodile tears or damseling. Indeed, I sense that women are quicker to pick up on it than men are, and that instinctively, most people of both sexes loathe it when they recognize it. In fact, even if people are slow to pick up on it, once they do it may take a woman a very great deal of time to regain whatever trust or respect people had for her.

    I also firmly believe that women do in fact have protective instincts toward their menfolk, including their mates. They may not express the same way most of the time, but they are there. I’ve witnessed the protective power of a woman who came furiously to my defense just because she knew it was just to do so, and it’s an amazing feeling when it happens. It’s an amazing feeling when you suddenly realize at least some women will White Knight for a man. I’ve seen it happen, more than once.

    Which is another reason why I believe, for all the evo-psych stuff that gives us useful insights, we overgeneralize to our peril.

    Methinks Gillard gave some women instinctive pause thinking she must be right, but when they had a chance to reflect on it, they became highly annoyed with her and felt manipulated by “that bitch.” Which is probably exactly what most of them thought.

    Maybe she’ll survive this, but even if she does, another use of the “misogyny” card will backfire hard on her. I suspect that for most people, you only get to play that card a few times before everyone–especially the wimmenfolk–start to get really pissed off.

    The people who grew up in the wake of all this family and cultural destruction are coming of age. A confrontation is coming.

    • Jim Muldoon

      The pessimism is understandable, but there is hope.

      Irrespective of exactly why Gillard’s misogyny tirade did not cause the Australian public to cry “Leave the poor woman alone,” it is important to note that they did not.

      It is a real chink in the armour. Understanding it will come with more careful analysis and, hopefully, more examples.

      My own feeling is that there are different motives. For some women, and AVfM has plenty of these, they are just not buying the bullshit. It is important for us to make more and better connections with these women.

      For others, they have skin in the game. Unlike the family court, or whatever court VAWA type cases are run (where only those who go through the process are affected by it), the economy and other things affected by the government hurts them directly.

      For these, it is important that we show the links between feminism and government policy (not always obvious) and the connection between feminism and academic corruption (where the corrupt experts come from to give authority to bad policy).

      All reasons for hope. All reasons for speaking up.

    • Bombay

      “I think practically everyone has the ability to recognize when a woman is crying crocodile tears or damseling.”

      Read up on bipolar people. Not on the Internet, but from the texts. It can take years for even a therapist to appreciate the level of their manipulation and in most cases includes crocodile tears.

      It is fool hardy to believe that you or me has the ability to see when a manipulative woman is crying crocodile tears or damseling.

  • gastirad

    to Jim
    It’s good news if Australian women don’t believe feminist’s lies any more and make it known in votes.
    In France, men an women alike are fed up with political movements.
    Just 2 actors in a “Comedia del Arte” playing parts while plundering your money with the help of feminism as a smoke-screen.
    In the end women have nothing to gain helping Big Taxers filling in their purse !

  • externalangst

    Good one Jim. Thanks for writing it. In the few weeks after Gillard’s misogyny speech where she was basking in the international praise, the opposition’s deputy leader, Julie Bishop, became the chief attack dog to the government in parliament.

    Gillards frustration at this was palpable. She desperately wanted the attacks to come from the ‘misogynist’ Abbott. But he wasn’t playing and left the serious criticism to his female deputy.

    Finally, Gillard couldn’t handle it anymore and she exploded at Abbott sitting quietly across the parliamentary chamber. She demanded that Abbott be

    “a real man”

    and ask his own questions. Apparently Gillard thinks only males have the capacity for courage. Courage is not require for females. Who would have thunk it. She is enough to dent one’s faith in politicians.

  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    Bravo Jim, well said. Reality is starting to bite, and bite hard. The Australian public men and women see Gillard for what she is an arrogant bold faced liar. When announcing the election 8 months out she claimed that we will know which are the “days of campaigning and which are the days of governing” , Campaigning will begin 5 weeks before the election date with the delivery of writs to the Governor General, however this week Gillard is campaigning rather than governing in the western Sydney , where she will explain to the constituents why she has broken 18 election promises made before the 2010 election and why they should still trust her. http://www.liberal.org.au/18-broken-promises-rooty-hill?utm_source=Liberal+Party+E-news&utm_campaign=f4c61bd4e4-3_3_2013&utm_medium=email

    Reaching the bottom of the misogyny deck , she then draws from the race deck buy sacking a long serving emily’s list senator and “endorsing” her “captains pick” (ignoring her own parties preselection procedures) gifting the unqualified aboriginal athlete Nova Perris with a senate seat.

    Regrettably the other side as you say is unlikely to reverse to misandric policies of Gillard’s government, the great cycle of 2 party politics will simply continue with the femcrats exerting their power as before.

    • John A

      ‘… she claimed that we will know which are the “days of campaigning and which are the days of governing” ‘

      Gee I’m looking forward to some days of governing… It’ll make a change from all her posturing, obfuscation and screw-ups.

  • Kukla

    That woman is so low in the brain. How the hell does someone like that even get elected?

    • John A

      “How the hell does someone like that even get elected?”

      >back-room deals, party loyalty and the novelty grrrl power vote.

  • boston86

    If the Liberals announced that all men over the age of 18 will have their left pinkie amputated if they are elected they would still get my vote.

    How anyone of sound mind could even contemplate giving that lying piece of ____ their vote astounds me. By the way I have been a Labor voter my whole voting life. Not anymore.

  • TheSandreGuy

    As a socialist myself, I can’t help but to feel hopelessness over the fact that as long as feminism will hold at least on hand on the steering-wheel, we’ll never be taken seriously by the public.

  • herman melville

    “So, the MHRM can now point to real examples of feminism in action. Not only is the rationale screwy, but when put into practice it fails as predicted.”

    Actually, that’s been true of the domestic violence movement for decades.

  • herman melville

    Here’s the latest assessment of Gillard’s, er, “popularity.” http://bigpondnews.com/articles/Politics/2013/02/18/Gillards_popularity_at_new_a_low_846640.html

  • harrywoodape

    A feminist government cannot be upheld without martial law to force it on the people. There are several reasons for this but primarily because it is inefficient and unqualified for the job. I’m NOT saying WOMEN are inefficient and unqualified – but feminism…is.
    You can’t have a free government that supposedly represents the people when any critique of that governments policies and actions is labelled “misogyny” (or terrorism).
    Feminism does not stand up to scrutiny or facts.
    What we see around the world today under the table is a headlong rush towards a single global government where culture, economic, etc is all prescribed from on high.
    Ever wonder why all the Western countries and places like India are adopting near uniform policies and models? They all supposedly have sovereign governments right? Yet they curiously copy each others most dysfunctional agendas and ‘solutions’.
    Anyway, bad news is, that we are all to end up like Greece. The banks suck your country dry..the fix is in. Martial Law tm comes in and your country will be remodelled in a feminist utopia where the common man is in prison or exiled from civil society. Women and children will be ‘protected’ from evil by the evil gov’t. This new society will be a global export. China has a pretty good copy if you want to check it out.
    Our children will be taught how to think by daddy gov’t.
    You need something horrific to radically force this on everyone. Like a WW3 scenario. Fast approaching. China will sort-of win. USA will sort of lose. Well…no one really wins…except the current global system that seeks to impoose a China style global enslavement system on the remaining population. The technology is here to make it happen say the Neo-Malthusian psycho control freaks and their henchmen/women.
    The figure..there is no god…therefore it’s up to us to be god…and get rid of most of the world’s people which they consider a plague on the Earth to be eliminated so that they can survive and start anew….keeping the Earth beautiful.
    Crazy, huh?

  • Turbo

    Really great article Jim, I think you summed up the situation perfectly.

  • EvilElvis

    I don’t know whether anyone’s realised, if a single mothers income drops guess who picks up the slack through child support…