Assault Rifle

Marc Lépine is a feminist hero

Taslima Nasreen, an award-winning writer, physician, secular humanist and human rights activist, is known for her powerful writings on women’s oppression and unflinching criticism of religion, despite forced exile and multiple fatwas calling for her death

And Taslima Nasreen is selling hate. Not just hate, but also fear, conflict, pain, and lies.

She’s an ex Bangladeshi, possibly an apostate Muslim. Certainly based on her country of origin, she is familiar with the social impact of that religion in its various flavors.

Her byline on Free From Thought Blogs provides all this background, which is what makes her most recent offering such an odious indictment of character. She’s banging on the Gamil Garbi drum.

This name, Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi wont be immediately familiar to most readers. That’s the name he was given by his father. The name familiar to most people, the western name he assumed is Marc Lépine. And when we talk about him using that name, Marc Lepine, we are talking about one of the heroes of western feminism.

He’s the man who, in on December 6, 1989 ( that’s 23 years ago ) shot and killed 14 women and 4 men at Lecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec.

Marc Lépine is Taslima Nasreen’s hero. But he’s also a fictional character.

I do not mean the shooting and massacre did not happen, or that there was no individual named Marc Lepine. I mean simply the story now universally known is a fictionalization. Marc Lepine was a man, and a sparkling pure demonstration that men are violent, that women are victims, that men hate women, and that probably it would be best for everyone if all male children were locked into cages at birth so that their razor sharp teeth and bullet-emitting penises couldn’t ever harm another innocent woman ever again.

That’s the fantasy.

The reality is that the man who became a feminist hero grew up within a family twisted by instability and violence. They moved frequently, and much of Lépine’s early childhood was spent in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, where his father – a non-practicing Muslim worked for a Swiss mutual funds company. The family returned to Montreal permanently in 1968, shortly before a stock market crash led to the loss of much of the family’s assets. The father was an authoritarian, possessive and jealous, and was frequently violent towards his wife and his children. Marc Lépine’s father had contempt for women and believed that they were only intended to serve men.

Understanding this throws a bit of light on why he took up an assault rifle and murdered 14 women. But that’s not the public narrative, that a MAN (evil) shot women (good) because he hated feminism, (and therefore, hated women). That simplistic lie is the story we are bludgeoned with every year.

This crime occured 23 years ago. Taslina Nasreen has just done her level best to attach to the men’s rights movement; the child from an abusive upbringing, who, so lost and distorted by belief system inculcated by an abusive parent ended up shooting and killing 14 women, then himself.

Taslima Nasreen is trying to draw an equivalence between this fatally damaged and abused individual, and a human rights movement.

Taslima is from an Islamic nation herself, but omits any mention of Gamil Gharbi’s upbringing. The story she tells of the feminist hero Marc Lepine is a simple one. It is, in fact so simplistic that it is false.

Her article’s title also conflates the name of an ideology of gender with a group of people identifiable by their sex. Women are not a thing formed from ideas, they are people. Feminism is not a sex, or a group of people, it’s an ideology.

But according to Taslima “Feminism is hated because women are hated.”

No, feminism is opposed because it is increasingly obvious to the public that it is an ideology of hate and violence.

Taslima Nasreen paints herself as a human rights activist. But that, too, is a lie.

She is selling hate.

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  • James Williams

    Informative and engaging piece but, most of all, an article based on truth and reality. According to your account, did not Marc Lepine also murder 4 men as well? Are they not continuously ignored in the body count when we are reminded of this massacre?

    • Jay

      “murdered fourteen women and wounded ten women and four men”

      • James Williams

        Thanks for the correction. That’s what happens when you read stuff without having had a morning coffee. lol

      • Merlin

        I think James is referencing this particular paragraph. So there is really no need for his apology. Unless of course you are citing another source?

        “He’s the man who, in on December 6, 1989 ( that’s 23 years ago ) shot and killed 14 women and 4 men at Lecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec.”

        • Ray

          ““He’s the man who, in on December 6, 1989 ( that’s 23 years ago ) shot and killed 14 women and 4 men at Lecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Quebec.””

          Yep, there’s even controversy over the stats. Here’s what’s on Wiki:

          “Marc Lépine (né Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi) (October 26, 1964 – December 6, 1989) was a 25-year-old from Montreal, Canada who murdered fourteen women and wounded ten women and four men[1] “

    • Ray

      I’ve read stuff that he selectively picked his targets based on their sex, but the four men, whether wounded or killed, would tend to indicate otherwise.

      The facts in this story have definitely been steeped in controversy, and we all know that feminists manipulate statistics for political purposes so was his shooting of victims “random,” or not? Does anyone really know what was the final trigger that set this guy on his killing spree?

      I’m just curious and would like to know more details.

      • typhonblue

        Some(all?) of the men who were wounded, were wounded while attempting to save the women.

        Yet it’s Gamil Garbi we remember.

        • Ray

          I just contributed to a story for my college newspaper about a recent, classroom emergency workshop. One of the drills was, “rushing the shooter.” You guessed it. The photo that ran in the newspaper clearly shows that all of the people rushing the shooter are male. Yes, it was only a drill, but one that mirrors real life, IMO, where men are often self-sacrificing in saving others’ lives. I don’t hear mention of that when gender feminists gather to vilify all males on Marc Lepine day.

          • James Williams

            Well done. Would you be able to email the photo? It could be an iconic pic of male sacrifice.

        • Mr Kilroi

          Actually no. They were wounded after he had committed the murders. He entered the classroom and ordered all the male students out which they did leave promptly. Then began his killing spree. the woundings were all when he was leaving and before he killed himself. 1 male that left the classroom committed suicide some months later.

      • Yalpe

        There are men (who were present in the classroom) who killed themselves after the shooting. They all reported that the killer asked for all men to get out of the room, and said he hated feminist. One of the girls said she was not a feminist, and he replied something to the effect that just the fact that she was trying to be an engineer was feminist enough for him. That’s, in a nutshell, what happened.
        The killer has nothing to do with the MRM, he was just a deranged nutcase. I lived in Montreal at the time, and I never heard people say it was anything else than a crazy sick person shooting people based on gender. I never heard people there hint that it means men are violent and dangerous. I know it was said/thought, but I think it’s the fringe.
        Talisma Nasreen is a reactionary ideologue. I tried to assume that it was because of her tough upbringing, but this is just insulting. Her type of association reminds me of people who link serial killers who kill boys to “the dangers of homosexuality”. Sickening.

  • Jay

    Yeah, her post saddened me.

    In my occasional read of her blog at FfTB, she’s usually better than this, and posts on real issues, and not the made up nonsense they get traffic with.

    What saddened me was that her post was so of touch, so ignorant, that it really just came across to me as a “Me too” statement more than a statement from someone informed about the situation.

    There is just no way to read this site, or reddit, or Warren Farrell or Glenn Sacks, or Fathers & Families or COTWA or any of the many many women that either write about mens rights issues or write about the problems with gender feminism and equate any of that with a terror spree murder.

    As Justin Vacula pointed out, criticism of ideas cannot be equated with hatred of women.

    (And from the wiki page on the guy, it’s clear he disliked feminists. But there is nothing at the wiki to suggest he supported “mens rights.” If I were to say I dislike men’s rights activists, that wouldn’t make me a feminist.)

    So, I all in all, her post left me lessened.

    • James Williams

      The fems are making the same associations between Brevik and Mens Rights. This is par for the course with them and let’s face it, they have built their current philosophies on lies, exaggerations and ‘newspeak’ (re: Orwell), so what can you expect? They are hardly going to be the proverbial leopard that changes its spots.

    • James

      I saw your reply to her post, and bizarrely enough the Justin Vacula post you mention as well by pure coincidence. Well spoken.

      • Jay

        Thanks. I reread that again just now and thought I need to remember that proofread is my friend, and vodka proofread’s enemy.

  • Roger O Thornhill


    An excellent article yet again, how do you do it?
    Gifted I say :-)

  • James Williams

    I think, JtO, that you should apply for a job with the New York Times, get paid a good salary, and help give balance to the media with your perceptive and well written brand of thinking.

  • Sasha

    In other news (which in contrast to the Lepine shooting, you’ll be hearing next to nothing about…)

    Aug 13, 2012: Victim: Grocery store shooter said ‘Screw you, pedophile’

    A woman accused of shooting three men in a Key Peninsula grocery store and then telling investigators she hated men has been charged with attempted murder and assault.

    “There does not appear to be any understandable motive for this shooting,” said Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. “The defendant said she didn’t even know the men she shot.”

    Prosecutors said Laura Sorenson entered the Peninsula Market Saturday, pulled a revolver out of her purse and made a comment about killing people.

    Investigators said Sorenson fired until she was out of bullets, hitting three men — a clerk, a developmentally disabled man [20-year old David Long, who later died] and a 78-year-old man who was crouched down hiding.

    “She said, ‘Screw you, pedophile,’ and — it was rough,” said a 20-year-old clerk who was grazed by a bullet in the shooting. He asked to not be identified.

    Prosecutors said Sorenson told investigators she decided to kill herself and wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone else first. She said she had been molested as a young child and hated men, police said.

    Two of the victims were hospitalized. One victim is in critical, but stable, condition.

    After Sorenson was out of ammunition and dropped the gun, she was held by a couple at the scene until deputies arrived and took her into custody.

    “She was very hated towards men, like, ‘You scum. I’m going to kill you all,'” the 20-year-old clerk said. “It was very frightening because … I saw her face-to-face, holding her gun next to her hip, and I thought, ‘Maybe this is it,’ you know? I thought of my family.

    “It was terrifying,” the clerk added. “Something you find in nightmares.”

    Police said Sorenson obtained the gun, a .357 caliber handgun, from her grandmother’s home.

    According to court documents, Sorenson has been violent before. Twice in the same week last August, her mother called Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies after Sorenson punched holes in walls, knocked down pictures and destroyed figurines. Her mother told deputies Sorenson is schizophrenic, and that she was having trouble getting her help.

    Sorenson was charged with two counts of first-degree attempted murder and one count of first-degree assault in this weekend’s shootings. She’s being held on $500,000 bail.

    • Paul Elam

      “She said she had been molested as a young child and hated men, police said.”

      And if the shooter had been a man, would we have heard a word about his childhood abuses?

      Shit, the ink was not even dry on this before the groundwork for a pussy pass was being set up.

  • knightrunner

    From my dealings with feminist, I have reached a few conclusions about what it takes to be a feminist. One trait that is necessary is a complete lack of morality when it comes to being truthful. Feminist lie. The have no problem telling a lie. Its easy to them. They don’t believe that it is wrong. They will say anything and expect everyone else to believe it. Its not a simple misunderstanding. Its not viewing the world through a lens. They know that are telling a falsehood. They just don’t care. If it damages men and places women in a superior position the will say the world is flat and call anyone who disagrees a misogynist.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    In my ongoing research on female violence I have reached a threshold I would like to announce. It has to do with serial killers. Keep in mind that most people believe the US has had but one female serial killer. Most people believe that almost all serial killers are white males of the United states. Also keep in mind that funding for / time spent on criminological research is probably worse that 100:1 in favor of male criminals.

    My announcement. I now have collected 600 female serial killer cases from 36 countries, from all continents. Perhaps I will make a small bit of money (coming out at below minimum wage) from the time-consuming book I’m writing, but I certainly will get no grant. That we can be sure of.

    Yet who am I to complain. Unlike Solzenitzen was, I am still free, presumably, to publish heterodox information out in the open.

    The number is 600.

  • scatmaster

    I vividly recall that day and the aftermath.
    The shaming bleats from the feminist pen of the men “cowering” behind desks and not “protecting” us were rampant. I think my first intravenous red pill drip started that day. It is unfortunate that I fell off the wagon a few times over the years but I have been blue free for nearly ten years. FTSU!!!!!!!

  • keyster

    I believe he had broken up with his girlfriend and blamed feminists for it, so he wanted to kill as many of them as possible.

    The whole event has been a cause célèbre for feminists and anti-gun activists in Canada ever since, this time every year. It won’t go away.

    I agree that he’s become a sort of Martyr in reverse for feminism. They WANT to keep his legacy alive because it suits their narrative…a reminder that “men are hopelessly violent and hate women, especially feminist women”. It benefits their cause 23 years later.

    I can’t relate to Canada.
    I can barely relate to the US anymore.

    • Raven01

      Yeah the “Assault Rifle” he used was a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle with an after market high capacity clip. And, the reason behind the Long Gun (now defeated) Registry and the RCMP blanket classification of any rifle that looks remotely military in design as “Prohibited”. Quite literally, I can buy a legal rifle that comes with multiple stocks and it is a non-issue in a woodgrain sportsman stock but illegal in a composite black stock. Same action, same capacity, same rounds.
      Who would have thought there would be a feminist behind more government stupidity.

  • Gamerp4

    I think someone should tell this hate monger about this

    than maybe she would understand that what she is stating is wrong but who am I? to stop BS from publishing in FREE THOUGHT BLOGS.

    I just want to say this too that I had earlier had a visit to Dubai, UAE and on International Men’s Day that is on 19 November 2012 there was an unusual program formulated by Unknown group and it was named “Female Empowerment Program Middle East” and it was organized in Dubai Global City.

    Ha.. Glory days are coming on International Men’s day we had a Women Empowerment Programme “How Fascinating”.

  • scatmaster
    • Raven01

      Vampirefreaks? The same online hangout of Kimveer Gill(Dawson College shooter).

  • Dean Esmay

    Exactly how many women have to kill or castrate women before we get to blame all feminists for that?

    Oh. Wait. We don’t get to do that? Why not?

    • Kimski

      Yes, and how many women have to sexually mutilate young girls in foreign countries, before we are allowed to place responsibility for that where it belongs?

      Because men sure as hell don’t do that kind of shit to those girls, and that’s a proven fact.

      • Ray


        I agree, but gender feminists will argue that those are Patriarchal societies where men set the rules and oppressed women who lack “power and control” are left to carry out (be instruments of ) Patriarchy’s rules. Hence, much of the misandrist activity we see gender feminists foisting through the U.N.

        Are those women really that oppressed, or have those societal gender roles evolved over centuries, incorporating both male and female input?

        Very little, if anything, is mentioned by gender feminists of the cruel traditions of male circumcisions, and other male cuttings, that oft occur in those “primitive” societies. I seem to recall one tribe even sewing bells into the skin of the penis. I suspect many of those traditions are steeped in religious/cultural beliefs long established.

        • Raven01

          There are tribes that pierce the glans from side to side(Ampallang) or vertically(Apadrayva). Often by driving a a nail through the glans into a block of wood.
          And, Europeans had the Prince Albert for fashion sake.

  • Ray

    Wiki also says this:
    “…after separating men and women in a classroom, he shot the women, claiming that he was fighting feminism. He then moved into other parts of the building, targeting women as he went, before killing himself. His suicide note blamed feminists for ruining his life.”

    As an “opinion” writer you certainly don’t have to make the other sides argument, but if you’re writing “news,” all the facts should be stated. The above appears to be more in the “news” vein.

    Also from the same Wiki page:
    “The massacre is regarded by criminologists as an example of a hate crime against women, and by feminists and government officials as misogynist attack and an example of the larger issue of violence against women.”

    The statement immediately above in quotes appears to be more in the vein of “opinion.” The very last part veers strongly into “opinion.”

    Could someone just have easily put forth the “opinion” that “religious/cultural background” played as much, or more, a part in his possible motivations?

    • TheAmazingAnarchist

      “The massacre is regarded by criminologists as an example of a hate crime against women, and by feminists and government officials as misogynist attack and an example of the larger issue of violence against women.”

      I find it funny(not ha ha funny) how when men die in masses in wars, genocides and mass murders because of the fact that they’re men and they “don’t matter” nobody says it’s “Violence against men” but when some nut job comes out and kills 14 women it’s a HUGE deal and shows some issue about “violence against women”.

      Pathetic society we live in.

      • scatmaster

        Oh shit and my son wants to go into criminology.

      • Ray

        I think it was Stalin who said (paraphrasing), “A thousand deaths is a statistic. One death is a tragedy.”

        Whatever, one things for certain, feminists have milked the sympathy factor for women’s tragedies far, far more effectively than males have for males’ tragedies.

  • Ray

    “Marc Lépine is a feminist hero”

    Once when Warren Farrell, PhD was running for Governor of California I attended a meeting where he spoke. At the meeting he explained the etymology of the word, ‘hero.”

    According to Farrell, in ancient times, a “hero” was a servant who served well. Of course, this definition has taken on more of a military service connotation these days, but isn’t a man who dies “defending his country” the very personification of a modern hero – a servant who serves well. The highest honor, the medal of honor, is given to those who serve best. The medal is most often awarded posthumously.

    Indeed, Mark Lepine serves the gender feminist movement well as Exhibit #1 of a male who uses violence against mostly women, but is Lepine truly an honest representation of the male sex, or just an anomaly that’s cherry picked to fulfill misandrist, gender feminist propaganda? Over-obviously to anyone with even average intelligence, it’s the later.

  • yinyangbalance

    The logic behind the equation “Hatred of Feminism = Hatred of Women” is the same logic behind “Hatred of Zionism = Hatred of Jews” which is simply untrue. The two sides do not equate, the groups are not one in the same. Logic speak we would say that the groups intersect but are not in union. Take away the intersection and they are mutually exclusive.

    We should write about how Feminism (like Zionism) preys on those that are logically flawed and perpetuates stereotypes that women are not good at math for they depend that women are too stupid to realize a logical fallacy as well as deliberately kindle mathematical and logical stupidity amongst their targeted women audience. The Feminazis get mad when women stand up against them with logic, so they lunge more logical fallacies at them hoping they will submit to the illogical stupidity. Most of the time it works but when it doesnt, boy, does it piss them off.

    In fact now that we mention logic, did you know that under VAWA, using logic in an argument with a woman constitutes abuse? What a load of shit.

  • baldwinbravo

    A friend of mine, who proudly identifies herself as a radical feminist, tweeted that the national day of mourning is “my mothers day”
    I don’t know anything about her relationship with her own mother, but that struck me as kind of a slap in the face to mothers everywhere.

  • captive

    That’s the point of the feminist harassment complex. They openly and repeatedly target and terrorize individual males in society with the hopes of provoking a propagandizing event. It’s like if I went down the streets of Harlem shouting the n-word to “prove” black people are violent.

    He was one of the many victims of the autocratic emasculation thought-crime system imposed by feminists and their alpha male allies to terrorize and quell dissent from any and all disputes to their established totalitarian dogma.

    The Evangelicals have been using these gaslighting techniques for decades to control the populace:

    • Wild Bill

      Feminists are basically trolls.

  • eldigato

    Feminists and other degenerates are the ones who will continue to ruin and destroy our empire. We will soon fall, just as ancient rome and greece has.

    • ArthurFrayne

      A man kills 14 women because he hated feminists and it is the feminists who will ‘ruin and destroy our empire’. If that empire is the empire of women-hating misogynists, then I will join the Feminist army and do my part to bring an end to your deranged empire.

      • Wild Bill
      • Dean Esmay

        Valerie Solanas, a feminist, went on a shooting rampage herself, so what does that say about feminists?

        Hey, Charles Manson liked rock music. He even recorded an album. So tell me, does that mean everyone who likes rock music is like Charles Manson?

        Logic: you might want to learn something about it.

        PS: You might also want to stop holding onto a terrorist act that happened over 25 years ago when countless men have been killed in countless massacres, some ideological and some non, since then. Indeed, men are overwhelmingly the victims of all forms of violence, including murder. I’m just sayin’.

  • Wild Bill

    Marc Lepine is my hero.

  • Earthling1

    This damaged man was raised by a Muslim to hate women.