Feminist lie #3,468: Obamacare

Shut the fuck up about a make believe “War on contraception”

Feminism is the most powerful lobby in human history.  In every Western nation, feminists enjoy unwavering political patronage, exert move-by-move control of humanities departments (while other academic disciplines are submissively silent), wield unchallenged power over judicial and executive institutions, and preside over the cowed submission of the media and other societal self-correction institutions.  Feminism is the biggest and meanest fish in the sea, and once it smells blood, you can be sure that someone is going to get slaughtered.

This week, the feminist behemoth is busy devouring the Catholic Church, the conservative lobby, and what remains of the congressional Republican delegation.   Admittedly, the GOP brought this upon themselves.   Frustrated by disappointing poll numbers and costly political infighting, Republicans gambled that red meat would bring needed discipline and unity to their ranks.  Nobody took the bait, but it attracted a monster from the deep.  Now the feminist beast is gorging on a bait-ball of panicked Republicans.  Some huddle together seeking safety in numbers, others jump out of the water and pray that gravity will forget about them.  Neither strategy saves anyone from the gullet of hate.

With the vulnerability of the GOP so dramatically unveiled, everyone wants to take a bite.  The Washington Post reports on a fantasy “War on Birth Control,” the New York Times predicts that the “Senate Nears Showdown on Contraception Policy”, and even the conservative Wall Street Journal humorlessly criticizes “Birth Control Yes, Government Control No.”  Predictably, nobody has questioned the feminist narrative that the underlying issue has anything to do with banning birth control.

Gentlemen, sadly this means it falls upon the MRM to debunk yet another feminist whopper.  It gives me no pleasure to do so.  I am tempted to enjoy the GOP wriggling on the hook for just a little bit longer.  These are the same White Knights that can always be counted upon to offer male blood, male sweat, and male tears as a bribe to keep women warbling contentedly in the Republican harem.  However, there are occasions when the feminist monologue becomes so absurd that someone has to kick down the whole rotten edifice of calumny, on general principles.  Everyone else is afraid to swim with Jaws so, as they say in the Army, “it’s our turn”.  We MRAs are used to swimming circles around the big dumb fish, and I guess we can put in a token effort for king and country.  It might even be fun.

One thing you won’t find anyone discussing in this feeding frenzy is the language of Obamacare, and how it pertains to women’s and men’s health.  I guess everyone is shivering in their boots, afraid that if they say the wrong thing, big sister might eat them for lunch. Sigh.

So, here is the exact text from the Obamacare legislation that describes those services that (i) must be offered by all healthcare providers and (ii) must be free of any cost or co-pay requirement:


(a) IN GENERAL — A group health plan and a health insurance issuer offering group or individual health insurance coverage shall, at a minimum provide coverage for and shall not impose any cost sharing requirements for –

(1) evidence based items or services that have in effect a rating of ‘A’ or ‘B’ in the current recommendations of the United States Preventive Services Task Force.

(2) immunizations that have in effect a recommendation from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with respect to the individual involved; and

(3) with respect to infants, children, and adolescents, evidence-informed preventive care and screenings provided for in the comprehensive guidelines supported by the Resources and Services Administration.

(4) with respect to women, such additional preventive care and screenings not described in paragraph [1] as provided for in comprehensive guidelines supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration for purposes of this paragraph.

(5) for the purposes of this Act, and for purposes of any other provision of law, the current recommendations of the United States Preventive Service Task Force regarding breast cancer screening, mammography, and prevention shall be considered the most current other than those issued in or around November 2009.


That is it.  If it is not in this list, there is no mandatory free coverage under Obamacare.  Republicans advocate that certain religious institutions should be exempt from the requirement to provide mandatory cost-free birth control to women.  But how does this “right” to free birth control fit in with the rest of the bill?  What comparable benefits does this legislation extend to other demographic groups, such as men?  To answer this question, we will have to examine each of the (5) categories of mandatory free coverage.

Item (1) refers to a list of “USPSTF A and B Recommendations” that are updated yearly.  You can find the current list here.

This technical document has acceptable gender-parity for most items.  There is a nauseating focus on pregnancy-related items, but I will not quibble because plausible justification can be made for some of it.  However, there are also line items for three breast health treatments, with no matching prostate health coverage.  There is cervical cancer screening, but no provisions for male specific cancers.  There are several line items protecting women from STDs, but no matching money for men.

This is also where mandatory free birth control products and free tubal ligation services for women will be, once the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations are accepted by the president.  That approval process led to the fuss over a “war on birth control”.  Nobody talks about the fact that birth control for men, including vasectomy, is not covered, not free, and not mentioned in either the IOM or the USPSTF.  Feminists and the liberal left are crying foul because a small number of women will have a small number of their female-only services under Obamacare limited.  A few women, some of the time, will be treated like all men are treated, all the time.  Outrageous!

In summary, item (1) has the same composition as broader American society.  So, we have some special privileges for women, generalized neglect of men…but nothing worth putting on war paint for.

Let’s read on…

Item (2) is more of the same.  There is money for cancer prevention for girls, but not for boys.  This got my attention because of recent evidence that the Gardasil cancer vaccine is protecting girls not only from various reproductive and abdominal cancers, but also several of the big upper body killers — including lung cancer.  This is something of a “serendipity” moment in anti-cancer research.  It turns out that the HPV virus (targeted by Gardasil) lives in many parts of the body, even though it only causes warts and other visible injuries in genital and oral tissues.  But wherever it lurks, HPV is cancer causing — even in lung tissue.  It seems inexcusable that the CDC is putting the lives of boys at risk to burnish its pro-woman credentials.  But I digress.  I can’t blame Obamacare for this either.

Item (3) appears to be gender neutral.  It is hard to believe that government can do anything without groveling at the feminist altar.

And then, we get to items (4) and (5).  Where shall I start?  The good news is the legislation is fully contained within the document (both items refer to sub-sections within the body of the 907 page “affordable care act”).  The bad news is the act has so much feminist bigotry and hate that an exhaustive list is out of the question in the interests of space.  However, a quick search for the words “man” and “woman” will suffice to illustrate how this twisted document shamelessly panders to every conceivable female health issue, while completely neglecting men and boys.

The word “women” appears 134 times in the body of Obamacare.

The word “men” appears twice in the body of Obamacare

Both occurrences of the word “men” are in generic “men and women” sentences that mean nothing.

In contrast, all but two of the 134 occurrences of the word “women” outline special privileges, pampering, or programs that benefit women only.  To illustrate this, I will examine every “Nth” occurrence of the word “women”, where “N’ advances in 5s.  This is all that I have time to do.

1st        This is in item (4) above, outlining free preventative health services for women, but not for men.

6th        Mandates that before the Secretary of Health “qualifies” (approves) a health plan, he/she must “take into account the health care needs of diverse segments of the population, including women, children, persons with disabilities, and other groups.”  Health care programs are on notice:  pamper the pussies, or pay the price.

11th     Establishes a congressional program to study “the relative mental health consequences for women of resolving a pregnancy in various ways, including carrying the pregnancy to term and parenting the child, carrying the pregnancy to term and placing the child for adoption, miscarriage, and having an abortion.”  There is no reason to ask fathers what we think, because we are reptiles who do not care about the “fate” of our children.

16th     Mandates that the Secretary of Health must present to congress a prescription drug plan within 12 months, and must “consult with drug manufacturers, clinicians, patients and consumers, experts in health literacy, representatives of racial and ethnic minorities, and experts in women’s and pediatric health.”  Great, now the Secretary of Health must consult with feminists to determine which drugs are covered, and how much they will cost.  Get ready for the tentacles of feminist hate to strangle you whenever you walk into a pharmacy.

21st      Establishes the Office of Women’s Health within the Department of Health and Human Services, with an immediate mandate to “establish short-range and long-range goals and objectives within the Department of Health and Human Services and, as relevant and appropriate, coordinate with other appropriate offices on activities within the Department that relate to disease prevention, health promotion, service delivery, research, and public and health care professional education, for issues of particular concern to women throughout their lifespan.”  Naturally, none of these issues matter to men, and anyways male “lifespan” is so short, who gives a shit, right?  We are like lovebugs or dayflies, expected to do our thing and then die already.

26th     “Establish a Department of Health and Human Services Coordinating Committee on Women’s Health, which shall be chaired by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Women’s Healthy and composed of senior level representatives from each of the agencies and offices of the Department of Health and Human Services.”  Apparently, this is a watch dog organization to make sure that the Office of Women’s Health is adequately “energetic” in promoting women’s health, as it must “monitor the Department of Health and Human Services’ offices, agencies, and regional activities regarding women’s health and identify needs regarding the coordination of activities, including intramural and extramural multidisciplinary activities.”  Wow, I had no idea that women’s health was so much worse than men’s health in America, we need multiple interlocking agencies to address this national emergency!

31st      “There is established within the Office of the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an office to be known as the Office of Women’s Health.”  Yep, another office, this time in the CDC, to make sure that “the Center’s activity regarding women’s health conditions access, where appropriate, age, biological, and socio-cultural contexts, in all aspects of the Centers work, including prevention programs, pubic and professional education, services, and treatment.”  This is big league pussy power.  Nobody at the CDC is going to be able to pass gas without feminist say-so.

36th     “Establishing within the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration an Office of Women’s Health” yadda yadda yadda.  We get it; every federal agency that has anything to do with health administration is going to answer to the feminist Gestapo. 

41st      “There is established within the Office of the Director, an Office of Women’s Health and Gender Based Research.”  So not only health administration, but also health research, will be politicized and fully feminized.  We are going to need a bigger boat!

46th     “The Secretary shall establish within the Office of the Administration of the Health Resources and Services Administration, an office to be known as the Office on Women’s Health.”  Huh?  What could this outfit possibly do?  “Consult with health professionals, nongovernmental organization, consumer organizations, women’s health professionals, and other individuals and groups, as appropriate, on Administration policy with regards to women.”   This looks like the feminist outreach arm.  Handing health and human services to the feminazis is not enough.  Government has to threaten the private sector, ensuring that “consumer organizations” are responsive to women’s desires.  Who knew feminine hygiene was so expensive?  Government will “oversee” the private sector to make sure that feminine products are affordable.  Clearly, Patriarchy must be responsible, because any legitimate business would offer tampons and maxis for free.  Go girl!

At this point, we have covered 436 pages out of 907 pages in Obamacare, and the document never stopped talking about women’s health.

It proceeds the same way until the bitter end.  From cover to cover, Obamacare is actually Omama care.  There is an exhaustive section on breasts, a nauseating section on motherhood, and finally a heartbreaking section on domestic violence. The violence section is the worst of all.  Out of pity for those of you who have endured the unendurable at the hands of crazed and violent bitches, I am going to give you an executive summary.  Obamacare is a long litany of sentences that begin with “there is established within [insert public institution] an office to be known as the Office on Women’s [insert feminist wet dream here].”

Nothing for men, cover to cover.  Nothing for boys, cover to cover.

Vile, feminist filth.  I promised to discuss 1 out of every 5 woman-only programs in Obamacare, but with 98 more women only programs and privileges to go, “I am out of puff” (as Thomas the Tank Engine says).  I can’t go on.  MRAs can easily avoid the big dumb feminist shark, but swimming through the carnage and offal left by the feeding beast is too nauseating to tolerate.  The shock, the pain, and the reflection of what this document will mean for millions of men, boys, and fathers — it is too much to bear.

This brings us back to that circling behemoth that is happily swallowing conservative loud-mouths.

So just what is in the Blunt amendment that has brought the media to a fever pitch and the feminist beast into a blind rage?

It turns out that in some cases, some women may have to pay for birth control.  This means that a tiny number of women will be treated just like men.  You see, Obamacare already has no provision for male reproductive health.  All female gender specific health needs, including birth control such and  tubal ligation, is covered free of charge.  Vasectomy is not, along with all other male gender specific health care needs.

Women would still enjoy hundreds of privileges, programs, pampering, and special provisions.  Men would continue to experience nothing but neglect and hate.  In a very small number of cases, one of the many female-only provisions would not apply.  There is no mention that there are no provisions for men or boys, anywhere in this vile feminist document.

So all this fuss is basically because a tiny number of women, in a tiny number of cases, regarding a tiny number of privileges, might be treated just as badly as all men are treated, in all cases, all the time.

Here is my message to all feminists:

Fuck off and die.


[1]”The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” One hundred eleventh congress of the United States of America, at the second session, begun and held at the city of Washington on Tuesday, the fifth day of January, two thousand and ten.

About Antony Zarat

Anthony Zarat is an MRA observing the impact of feminist governance on the American political scene.

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  • Zerbu

    As somebody on the AVfM radio chat put it: Many of them refuse to even pay their own way on dates, yet they can’t even pay for their own birth control.

    Hey, why don’t those women just get their boyfriend to pay for it? by saying it’s the “gentleman” thing to do, and using shaming tactics if he refuses? Entitlement princesses do that all the time when they need something, so why not this as well?

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      If I were a cartoonist, I would draw a grinning Alfred E. Newman female version with the caption ” What? ME pay for it?” with babies, houses and other entitlements that “Girls don’t pay, boys pay”(to quote the dumb blonde in American Graffiti) pictured in the background.

  • by_the_sword

    This is a great article.

  • orry

    That’s just great. I receive the pleasure of paying for condoms that I don’t get to use. I know condoms reduce sensitivity but this is ridiculous. I didn’t feel a thing.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    This is beautifully written, btw. The content is so riveting I forgot to mention – you got style.

    • Atlas Reloaded

      I concur 100%.

  • http://thedamnedoldeman.com TDOM

    But it’s so empowering when everyone else has to pay your way…

    • Zerbu

      Of course! It’s just common courtesy for men to cater to women’s every whim.

      …at least according to entitlement princesses and manginas.

  • keyster

    So what do you propose be done to “fight” for men’s rights regarding this matter?

    I can tell you feminists activist groups, particularily NOW, lobbied Democrats and the HHS (Kathleen Sebelius) long and hard for this.

    A commitment to feminist issues was promised by Obama as payback for beating Hillary Clinton in the primary of 2008. They were very bitter about her defeat, but Obama knew (and still does) that he needed the female vote, (and got 78% of it). The female vote is the largest and single most important special interest voting bloc. Hence the political drama over every little thing a Republican says that can be construed has “misogynist” or “sexist” by the feminist/leftist controlled media.

    The abject refusal of the MRM to align themselves politically (and team with like-minded women), AGAINST the Democrat Party is the Elephant in the room. The nilhist/anarchist/MTGOW “the whole system is fucked, so what’s the point” types aren’t Activists. They’re narcissistic cowards.

    Those that obsess over “SoCon” shaming and conservatives being “just as bad”, corrupted by feminism, if not worse, offer no solutions either, only more of the same rhetoric, meant to rationalize their leftist political views with what’s happening to men and boys. (you know who you are)

    And here we sit. A movement that can’t move, because it refuses to acknowledge that the only solutions are to be found within the ugly political machinations of your country. It’s a counter social movement that “doesn’t think politics has any place in it”, and that won’t compromise these principles, while feminist governance marches on through their Democrat sycophants.

    I guess we can just keep blogging and hope someone notices, or even cares.

    • AntZ

      Feminists control the narrative because Republicans are too cowardly to openly criticise female privilege.

      Obamacare is two things:
      (i) power for feminists
      (ii) privilege for women

      Republicans won’t say a thing about it because they are afraid to lose the female vote. Take a gander at the four most recent articles at The Good Men Project:

      “Privileged White Males Romping in the Egalitarianism China Shop”, where Mark Greene lectures men to shut up and support women, because even when things are unfair “there is this nasty history of financial, physical and sexual abuse predominantly by men against women which tips the scales at bit.”

      “How Did We Get to Where We Are in the Political Birth Control Debate? A Short History”, Lauren Hale pontificates that “the fight for Women’s Reproductive Rights … is about control, finances, and forcing our gender further into poverty and inserting a wedge between the genders in the workplace.”

      “Rush Limbaugh Finally Sh**ts The Bed”, Mark Greene accuses men of being angry, “what I note more than anything else about these posts is the rage … these comments boil over with rage; rage that is way out of scale with the issue of birth control … rage by men against women.” Keep in mind that this tool has a feminist wife, trained in Gender studies, who tells him exactly what to say.

      The little vermin then beast shames all men into silence: “And let me take a moment to say something very clearly here. You guys who are saying this stuff? You are not men at all. You’re cowards. Because real men don’t beat up on women. Ever. You can share your opinions if you like in a civil and gentlemanly way, but this stuff you’re doing is disgusting.”

      Finally, Brandon Ferdig brings us “On Fear and Loathing in Politics”, where he says “For those who do support Limbaugh’s comments, Mark Greene was perceptive to note that the people it brought out of the woodwork were those men who are tortured with fear of women and/or sex and so release this anger in verbally abusive ways toward the likes of Sandra Fluke.”

      • scatmaster

        Mark Greene can fuck off.
        I am noticing a rising anger in the manosphere over the last few days. More so than normal. Carry on.

      • Poester99

        Antz, you know that that place is for men that agree that men should need the permission of women/or a woman for every little thing they think or say. I’m glad you’re managing to slough through and possibly answer some of their female supremacist narrative. I’m pretty sure that their funding comes from female supremacist groups.

      • keyster

        “Republicans won’t say a thing about it because they are afraid to lose the female vote.”

        Republicans have had plenty to say about it, but it was passed through a Dem majority congress and Dem president, before it was shifted back again in the Nov 1010 “shellacking”.

        Every Republican candidate has promised to repeal it if elected president, including Romney. We also have the Supreme Court ruling coming up in June.

        Since liberals control the PC narrative and enforce the doube-standards we live with, obviously Republicans can’t openly appear to be against women or women’s rights or even feminism. Whatever they say or do has to be very carefully measured and positioned.

        Don’t expect a Men’s Rights Coalition in the GOP, that’s not how it works in this political environment. It’s “individual responsibility and self reliance”, vs. “group think/victimization” and “social justice”.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Actually the Democratic party needs to be reclaimed by working class men.

      I’m working class. My family is working class. I always will be working class, I have no illusions that I will ever become wealthy or “above” the working class.

      I never have, and never will vote conservative.

      As disgusted and alienated by the democratic party as I am, I will never *knowingly* sell out to the wealthy.

      I am “conservative” but not in the way THEY are. I am religious …but not in the way THEY are.

      No way, uh-uh, ain’t gonna do it.

      • keyster

        “I will never *knowingly* sell out to the wealthy.”

        You’ve been indocrinated by the left biased media.
        That Republicans are “for the rich” and Democrats are “for the poor” is a myth. That Republicans are the party of “privilaged white males” and Democrats are for everyone else they oppress, (women, minorities and gays). The class warfare strategy has worked well on you. That’s exactly the narrative to pander for your vote and you fell for it.

        You can’t possibly be for men or men’s rights and vote Democrat. It’s a 180 degree contradiction. If that isn’t blatantly obvious by now, nothing I say will convince you.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          My husband is a Union guy, I support Unions.

          Don’t tell me I’m not for Men’s rights.

          At age 58, I have been “indoctrinated” since the Kennedy administration. Every male member of my family historically has been Democratic. My family was decimated by a non union work accident crippling my father, and our family held together four years on welfare while he returned to school.

          The only Republican in my family was an Uncle who partnered with Dr. Phil in a rip off scam in the ’70’s. He drove a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost and laughed about not paying a penny taxes. I don’t resent republicans as”rich white men”, because I know they have rich white wives and spoiled rich white children of both genders, who would have had no problem regarding my family as “leeches”.

          God knows I’ve heard it enough in my life.

          Not defending democrats. I’m saying one is as evil as the other – equally. Both are my enemies.

          • AntZ

            Please, lets not do this. Keyster did not say that you are not a men’s rights activist. I believe that he does not question your motives, he questions your tactics.

            I recognize that men have no enduring political allies. I have voted Democrat all my life. This year, I am voting Republican. It is not a question of choosing friends. It is a question of choosing the lesser of two evils.

            This year, the Democrats must be punished for VAWA and Obamacare. Four years from now will be a different ballgame. This is my opinion. I do not question the loyalty of an MRA who does not share this opinion.

            The MRM has no friends. This is a slave rebellion, and everyone is angry when the slaves revolt. The best that we can hope for is allies of convenience. This year, I hold my nose and vote for Romney. It is not what I want to do, it is what I have to do.

            Obama must be punished. VAWA and Obamacare represent the greatest disenfranchisement of any group of Americans since Jim Crow. We can kick Romney out 4 years from now. Right now, we need to deal with Obama. His administration is an unprecedented assault on men, boys, and fathers. All other issues must be rescindent.

            There is no choice.

          • keyster

            You’re personalizing your vote.
            What’s in it for me, myself and I.
            That’s not what a Democracy is intended for.
            It’s voting for the greater good of the country.
            But Democrats have sucked you in to their “identity politics” scheme. Union member? “We’ll take care of you.” The biggest union in the USA is the NEA, about 3 million members, I’m guessing since its the teachers union its about 95% female (no affirmative action for guys there).

            Unions were well intended and necessary in their day. Now they’re another political constituency Democrats can make promises to for campaign donations and votes. Unions are socialism, cloaked in “worker rights”.

            I agree neither is a great choice, but that’s how democracy works. If you care more about Union support than the strident march of bias against the male gender, you should vote Democrat. You only get one vote, use it well.

          • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

            My Dad was a very strong union supporter involved in a great deal of activism in the ’60s. Unions did a lot of good for worker safety and increasing the standard of living for blue collar families. I still think Unions are one of our bets for infiltrating and emulating.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            It’s ALL personal, Keyster. Are you kidding?

            When unions were strong America was strong.

            Unions busting, corporate raiders and outsourcing to foreign countries are the result of the party I’m supposed to now believe will love me long time?

            I live in a town where MEN along with their wives and children had federal troops open fire on them for those rights I “selfishly” want to protect.

            We are ALL being herded in the same direction, the result will inevitably be the same. We are too busy infighting to notice what’s really going on.

            I’m pretty darn sure we don’t have to worry about losing any more jobs to cheap illegal labor no matter which way we vote. BOTH parties are gonna love you long time…

        • AntZ

          I am voting Republican this year. I do it for the same reason that Churchill supported Stalin during WWII:

          “If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.”
          — Winston Churchill, 1940

          Yes, the MRM should help the GOP to defeat Obamacare. This does not make us friends. This makes us allies of convenience.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            “These are the times that try men’s souls…. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.

            What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”
            ― Thomas Paine, Works of Thomas Paine

            Having a son on a public pillory registry the past 14 years I have noticed it was Republican legislators, LE officers and Jurists leading the charge and amassing incredible power against males with crime and sexual hysterics to garner votes with Democrats pandering and placating to “women’s Issues”. Republican’s “tough on crime” tactics have resulted in the largest incarceration of mankind the world now witnesses, feeding the bloated gut of lucrative FOR PROFIT prisons…

            While on the puppetteer’s other hand the Democrats have followed suit – because it’s a winning strategy.

            Elections are merely gauges of how much one “team” can get over on the public before the other “Team” steps in to distract and reherd.

            If Romney is meant to win he will. If not, he’ll ask Sarah Palin to be his running mate and “lose”.

          • keyster

            “Republican’s “tough on crime” tactics…”

            I’ll add the crime rate has dropped precipitiously in the last 20 years. If you can’t do the time…

            Don’t know about you but I’d prefer criminals pay for doing bad things to other people.

          • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

            Tough on crime means criminalizing men and protecting women.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            By “Tough on crime tactics” I was referring to the elections where republican candidates in three different states sent out post cards picturing the same scary looking man and exhorting voters to vote republican because democrats let THIS guy out of jail.

            I’m talking about the relentless wave of sexual panic laws and legislation passed that made millionaires out of victims parents to promote laws that do NOTHING to actually “save” children.

            I’m talking about the hundreds of innocent MEN released from prison after decades of appeals because of DNA exonerations, and the untold numbers of innocent men in prison from false accusations that have no DNA evidence because it was a lie.

            The crime rates had already begun to drop BEFORE the hysterics.

            Well and good to say “if you can’t do the time..”

            …but many DIDN’T do the crime.

            How many innocent WOMEN have been released from DNA testing? How many innocent women do you suppose are in prison, compared to innocent men?

    • ZenCo.

      I’ve got to ask it Keyster: Why can’t you seem to evolve past this Lib/Con, Red/Blue, Us vs. Them, divide and conquer mentality? You seem to have this overwhelming desire to play by the rules the assholes-in-charge set up for you to play. Our enemies WANT us to all be angry right-wing conservatives. Guess what? They’re wrong… It seems you play right into the hands of the very Establishment that got us all here.
      Easy labels. Easy little boxes to put people in… Etc..
      I truly believe the MRM needs to be as open to as many people as possible. This is human rights, NOT politics.

      • keyster

        “This is human rights, NOT politics.”

        And how’s that been workin’ out for ya?
        EVERYTHING is politics and the culture that shapes it.
        Try convincing the liberals over at the Good Men Project that human rights matters, or for that matter The HuffPo, The Daily Kos and Media Matters. Perhaps Rachel Maddow or Joy Behar will understand the plight and inequity of men and boys today.

        Feminists play by the rules the “ass-holes in charge set up”, and until MRA’s accept and realize they have to as well, we’ll never get off the dime.

        • ZenCo.

          It’s been working out fine for me. It means I take on, apparently, less narrow politic views than you.
          I know you may find this hard to believe, but feminism isn’t the only issue folks with some progressive views believe in. You might want to dust off a copy of Steinbeck’s ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ to see where I’m coming from. I’d be willing to bet a lot of things in our society that you take for granted are because of these views.
          E.g. Free libraries, the weekend, safer working conditions, 40-hour workweek, child labor laws, etc.
          Maybe you think everything in our society should be run by corporations and for profit. I don’t.
          Sometimes I really do wonder if you’re a plant from the RNC.
          I truly believe the MRM will only get the message out by leaving partisan politics out of it and accepting men and women off all possible political beliefs.
          Your inflexible and angry tone probably turns many people away from embracing the true message here.
          I’m far from being the only one here with that view.
          Just my $0.02…

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            My (wealthy republican) business owner once asked me why any working person would vote republican. Although he asked it sardonically, I thought it amazingly insightful for someone in his position. He said he’d asked that question a dozen times to his employees and never got a good answer.

            I actually had a ready answer – My Dad’s observation was that everyone in America thinks one day THEY will be a rich fat cat, and they want those rights and priviledges in place when they arrive.

            He seemed pretty satisfided by that answer.

          • keyster

            Of course anyone who disagrees with the progressive movement is “inflexible and angry” by default. Jon Stewart and Bill Maher aren’t angry, they’re “funny”.

            How do you so neatly compartmentalize statism/socialism/liberalism/democrats, and feminism as a wholly detached entity unto itself? How does your conscience reconcile it morally? It’s like being baseball fan, but hating the fact they use bases and balls.

            And as I’ve said a bazillion times, I’m a Libertarian–not down with the sanctamonious moralizing of Republicans. Yet when the evidence presents itself, I’ll vote Republican rather than not at all, because if they can’t stop the march of feminist governance, they can slow it down and aggravate them (Democrats).

        • ZenCo.

          Except the Republicans are just as bad in their own way. This is why I “compartmentalize” my political beliefs as you say. It’s called free-thinking. Why do you feel I or anyone should swing towards any mainstream political organization? Some things I’m very conservative about. Others, very progressive. So what? We can argue about this forever but until the MRM can get the Alec Baldwins of this world on board we will never gain the traction we need as a movement.
          I know for a fact that comments like yours only scare off potential allies. Paul Elam’s and JTO’s comments only scare off feminists, yours scare off otherwise good potential allies with ‘Liberal this’, ‘Democrat that’, etc.
          You will not be able to change someone’s political persuasion once they’ve reached a certain age, nor should you even try. Meanwhile they’re still getting screwed by the feminist agenda and are simply looking for a politically mainstream-free place to tackle these issues.
          Coming off like Glen Beck in a fit of pique does no one here any good IMHO.

  • jaytheman

    haha don’t forget its women’s history month as well and my wonderful campus is hosting the “the vag dribble” oops i mean vagina monologues herrrre weee gooo -_- also man woman myth did a excellent video as well on the subject

  • Dennis

    What the government is doing is establishing a giant welfare state for women but not for men. And on top of numerous educational programs for women but not for men. And on top of numerous job benefit and training programs for women but not for men. Men are being severely marginalized in this country and it is really beginning to show up in everyday society.

    What a lie it is that psychologists say women are more empathetic than men. What an outrageous hypocrisy it is that men are dehumanized in every way possible and then society becomes so shocked when men behave like “animals”. What the hell do these assholes think is going to happen as men continue to be shut out of every support program society has to offer.

    Hatred soon begets hatred and all of us are all just beginning to pay the price for the massive gratuitous abuse of men inflicted by the feminist-progressive establishment. Yet the conservative establishment is fully culpable in their refusal to condemn the same abuse proffered by the feminist liberal establishment.

    It’s not that men will riot as they did throughout the UK in every major city. The worst consequence, by far will the the withdrawal of men from the Agora of society as the “grass eating boys” of Japan have done and good for them. As the nation of Japan goes we as a nation will follow. This nation is constructing a paradigm of social entitlement that provides no reason for men to participate in any way except to pursue exclusively their own individual happiness and well being.

    • Bev

      What the hell do these assholes think is going to happen as men continue to be shut out of every support program society has to offer.

      They know but has the penny dropped yet? The worse men rebel the easier it is to say “look I told you they were beasts”. We need more draconian legislation/rules to control them. So around and around we go in ever decreasing circles. This why I think it will end with blood in the streets. I don’t believe there is any other way feminism will be broken.

      • Shrek6

        Bev, the rule of feminism can easily be broken, if only we could re-educate ‘ALL’ or at least half the women throughout society, that feminism is the force that has been destroying their families.
        We need to convince these women to stop believing the lies that are peddled on a daily basis, about men being abusers of women/children/cats/dogs and Budgies.

        If we can get even half the women in our societies to stop believing this vomit that spews from the mouths of feminists, then their rule and reign of terror will end in one foul swoop.

        The key lies with the majority of women, because the radical feminists have got men in a position of Check and it matters not which way we move, the next move is going to be Check Mate!

  • Atlas Reloaded

    “Here is my message to all feminists:

    Fuck off and die.”

    OUR message. THE Message!

    Receive it well, bitches.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    I know this is cold comfort at best, but this just might save your lives…

    Whenever medical doctors go on strike, a most interesting phenomenon occurs – death rates go down! In 1976 in Bogota, Columbia medical doctors went on strike for 52 days, with only emergency care available. The death rate dropped by 35%. In 1976 in Los Angeles County a similar doctors’ strike resulted in an 18% drop in mortality. As soon as the strike was over, the death rate went back to normal. A 50% decrease in mortality occurred in Israel in 1973 when there was a one month doctor’s strike!

    Google it.

    This doesn’t mean much, except to advise you to read and learn everything possible about nutrition, prevention and holistic approaches to healing.

    My son’s dominant female (“girlfriend” sounds so lame anymore) is a nurse, and laughs at my husband and I about our organic food and drug free doctor free lifestyle. She knows it ALLLL about everything while we’re ‘kooky’. She dismisses anything not pharmacentric.

    My youngest son became seriously ill while I was gone for two weeks. The Doctor prescribes anti anxiety drugs and told him he would have ‘panic attacks” for the rest of his life.

    When he steadily got worse, I insisted he go back, where he was prescribed Prozac.

    He got worse. I asked him to see my holistic Doc, who immediately recognized he had MONO! It is raging at his school right now.

    IF he had taken the prozac his symptoms would have begun to abate about the same time the Mono symptons would have. He would be on prozac indefinately thinking he had mental problems instead of temporary Mono symptoms.

    EVERY woman I know my age is on anti depressants and God knows what else.

    My “witch doctor” found my daughter and husband both have celiac, after years of anti depressants and ‘it’s all in her head”, and lipitor for my husband. Cutting out wheat she was able to concieve and carry two babies. My husband’s heart problems are gone.

    It’s why women LOVE Doctor shows and ER drama. It’s why more women have Munchaussen’s.

    Google Dr. Mercola for nutritional information. There IS a better way.

    • Stu

      I reckon the average moron off the street could walk into a doctors practice and do most of their job straight away. All you would need is a database of symptoms and typical drugs prescribed and a little training on questions to ask…….it goes like this.

      Ask question of what symptoms they have and check medical history.

      Look up computer for list of possible causes and cross-reference for drugs to use.

      Ask if they have had this problem before, if so, what treatment they had……did it work….etc.

      Most of a GPs job is this.

      Prescribe pain killers for pain, anti-inflammitory for inflammation, antibiotics for infection, and anti depressant for people who feel sad.

      Refer all not sure cases to a specialist.

      Might as well replace most of them with automated atm style drug dispensers. Answer the questions on the screen, swipe your card and out come your drugs or prescription.

    • Shrek6

      OHPC, I was also married to a nurse who knew everything. Indeed she knew more than specialist doctors did. Well, so she thought anyway.
      As it turned out, she was just another man hating narcissist.

      The doctor I got the most care from, was one who although practiced as a GP, he was also a practitioner of holistic medicine. His prescription pad resided in the back of his drawer and was rarely used.

      This doctor is a believer of ‘we are what we eat’ etc.

      He is also not prepared to work with anyone who is not prepared to do the required work to help themselves. He has kept many a cancer suffer alive many years after other doctors/specialists have told them they should go home to die.

      Suffice to say though, most of his patients are male. The women simply will not do the work or accept that they are to blame for most of their ills, just as we men are. We have been too use to eating crap and then taking drugs to fix the damage that is caused by eating crap.

    • http://aleknovy.com/ Alek Novy

      Things like this scare mainstream guys away. They come on here, and they see generalizations about Dr. Mercola and “ultra diets” and “secret underground theories” and hollistic health and theories about “how doctors cause death rates”…

      If you want to buy these stories and hollistic medicine, that’s fine, but please don’t attach them to the MRA. It’s hard enough without having all sorts of additional stuff latched onto MRA.

      Note: Even if you are right, and there is a medical conspiracy that has escaped everyone… There’s still no practical or pragmatic reason to bring it up and attach it on MRA stories – none whatsoever. It’s not helping random visitors want to stick around.

      Even if you believe that theory, you must at least accept most of the population thinks its a kooky theory and will be turned off by it.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        Well and good. Remember when you’re calling the “caring” attorneys @1-800-BADDRUG you were right and I was wrong.

        • http://aleknovy.com/ Alek Novy

          you were right and I was wrong.

          Notice that I didn’t judge you or the theory personally, nor did I make a statement on whether the theory is “right” or wrong” ->

          What I’m telling you is that trying to attach hollistic health theories, and anti-doctor stories to the mra is politically useless. Even if those Mercola theories “are” true, there’s absolutely nothing to be gained from attaching Mercola to the MRM.

          Doctors are highly respected, and mainstream medicine is accepted by most. What can possibly be gained by attaching anti-doctor theories to the MRM?

          Selling the MRA is hard enough as it is, there’s no need to link it to 10 other things the general population finds odd and weird.

      • OneHundredPercentCotton


        When articles about Bill Gates bankrolling the circumcision of African men appear at AVFM it is considered “informative”, but mentioning a site that posts information about Bill Gates investing in Monsanto and “donating” millions for genetically altered food is “kooky” and unwelcomed by MRAs?

        Maybe a “Dos and Don’ts” list would be helpful for us kooks.

  • AntZ

    PS The Good Men Project has just hosted yet another pro-Obamacare misinformation effort:


    Basically, TGMP has decided to participate in a mass effort to silence all opposition and enshrine the feminist misinformation narrative.

    Opinion: Log on and give them hot lead.

  • AntZ

    At TGMP, another pro-Obamacare article:


    Note the time stamps for the 6 most recent pro-Obamacare articles on TGMP, over the past 2 days. They are coming out at an average of one article per 4 hours, and I can’t keep up. The place is overrun with feminists, they are dominating the narrative by force of numbers.

    March 5, 2012 at 5:32 pm
    “Nine Thoughts On Birth Control”

    March 5, 2012 at 3:19 pm
    “Limbaugh’s Parent Company Pulls Advertising”

    March 5, 2012 at 10:23 am
    “On Fear and Loathing in Politics”

    March 4, 2012 at 8:51 pm
    “Privileged White Males Romping in the Egalitarianism China Shop”

    March 4, 2012 at 10:11 am
    “How Did We Get to Where We Are in the Political Birth Control Debate? A Short History”

    March 4, 2012 at 10:41 am
    “Rush Limbaugh Finally Sh**ts The Bed”

    I have been following goings-on at TGMP for 2 years. They have never gone as all-out in support of a feminist cause, as they are doing now. They are doing everything they can to maintain the narrative that this discussion is about women’s rights and birth control. Why is this so important to them? I am perplexed and annoyed.

    I had begun to think that there was hope for TGMP. Not so. It was born under the wing of Ms Magazine, and there it is condemned to live out is miserable existence.

    • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

      It was just a ploy and a very clever one. Nothing has changed, they’ve just learned to attract a wider audience.

  • Atlas Reloaded

  • http://www.avoiceformen.com Dr. F

    What a grubby and salacious act of nasty literature this Obama care thing is.

    We are talking genes here aren’t we ?

    Darkies to the left and Abbies to the back. Chinks over there with the Wetbacks and the Slapheads with the Wogs and Coons. The Boongs and Bule’s here, and the Honky’s, Round Eyes and Peckerwoods over there. Zog Lover’s, Micks and Merkins in this section please, and Taigs, Dagos with the Wops next to them.

    There. Now we have everyone in place it’s going to be very orderly when it comes to the business of who get’s what and who does not.

    Genes are very important when it comes to care.

    This is why we do not like the term “Obamacareless.”

    • db917

      Doc, you are funny! Thanks for making me laugh in these ugly times.

  • http://aleknovy.com/ Alek Novy

    Breaking News
    EU To Mandate That 60% of Board Members in PRIVATE companies Own A Vagina


    • Zerbu

      Holy crap O_O

      Are they also going to mandate that men take over the female dominated jobs like teachers and nannies? I didn’t think so…

    • Paul Elam

      Wow, like Europe can afford bullshit like this in these times. Has government become suicidal?

      • http://aleknovy.com/ Alek Novy

        I’ll just quote emanon:

        When Norway tried this quite a few firms simply moved their HQ to a different country or sold themselves to foreign firms.

        That’s just what the EU needs: less business, fewer jobs, and an exodus of highly qualified executives. [/sarcasm]

    • Raven01

      Heard the same story on CBC here but they claimed 40% pussy minimum as an “acceptable” standard.
      I shudder to think of how bad that will be for business. Not based on any male superiority but on observation of the performance of undeserved promotions to meet quotas in middle management.
      Next we will have to reserve 50% of the Oscars for women, even if they only produce 3 movies all year. Because to a feminist it is quantity (i.e. greed motivator) over quality (merit motivator). Because it would be misogynistic to suggest that women make better movies if they want more Oscars. As it would to suggest they put in 60-80 hour weeks, be decisive and rational in order to EARN a boardroom seat.

  • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis

    Very nice explanation, I didn’t realize Obamacare included such an extensive mandate to increase the feminist bureaucracy. Rush could have learned a few things from you.

    The problem with Republicans is that they’re very paternalistic and are going to protect and pander to women, just like everyone else. They just don’t like sex and abortion.

    Talk to them, flirt with them, but stay out of their bed unless they have something to offer of value. Otherwise, they’ll just treat us like a two bit slut, mark a notch on their bedpost and not call us after the election.

    • keyster

      The “problem” with Republicans is that they get pulled into obfuscations created through political correctness traps, and get distracted from framing the debate around the Constitution–which no one understands anyway, but they DO understand when a public figure calls a woman a SLUT.

      • http://truthjusticeca.wordpress.com/ Denis
        • Rad

          “Aren’t conservatives supposed to be the people who understand how economic incentives work?”

          It does not matter what the incentives are, what is understood or misunderstood or what works or does not work. It does not even matter what is true. What matters is what you believe is moral. This is why Republicans can’t even push their own petty issues, never mind some kind of defense of capitalism.

          Defense of capitalism is incompatible with altruism. More fundamentally, defense of individual rights in incompatible. Ask J.S Mill, Spencer, Adam Smith, or Bush Jr. . As long as Republicans agree that what is proper to man is a “brothers’s keeper” morality, then America will continue to have this one-party special-interest war entitlement state that it currently has.

  • Rad

    Even if the entitlements were equally distributed, they are still entitlements.

    The primary objection should be to the massive violation of individual rights that Obamacare entails, not with who gets what goodies. If individual rights are respected, then no forced disparity is possible.

    Yes, we can make light of the favoritism, but to what end?

  • The Watcher

    The Republicans opposed to the “Obamacare” bill really should choose their fights more carefully, and couch their rhetoric in less dogmatic terms. As this article well illustrates, there is plenty wrong with this piece of legislature that would allow for rational, constitutional or rights based legal challenges with a much stronger footing that what has been put forth recently. The GOP has painted itself into a corner in their race to embrace the Christian fundamentalist right-wing, and the recent ruckus is a foreseeable result of their unholy alliance. It is all too easy for even reasonable citizens to conflate any challenges to female privilege with the anti-sex, anti-abortion, abstinence only, anti gay, Dominionist and theocratic fringe that has found a welcome home in the Republican party.

    If the various new offices and departments of “women’s health” were challenged on a gender discrimination basis, you’d still hear a lot of people screaming, but at least that challenge would stand on firm moral ground, and indeed legal ground. The challenge would be finding attorneys valiant enough to handle the case.

    Unless and until the GOP disentangles itself from the radical religious right, it will remain under a veil of suspicion in almost any stand it takes regarding gender. And, in this writer’s opinion, rightfully so.

  • yurlungur

    I’m not a USA citizen so i don’t know that much about your politics, but it strikes me that all the republican candidates have committed in some way to cutting down the size of the government. I’ve watched some of the republican debates on all the candidates seem to be rolling on this issue. maybe it’s the Ron Paul effect or maybe it’s the tea party effect who knows, but something is having an effect.

    From reading the article it is clear to me that the DEMOCRATIC party is going to establish a massive feminist bureaucracy where nearly every decision has to go though some sort of feminists over-mind. Which means increased funding towards women only programs and research.

    Does anyone honestly think men have a chance in a system like that! Do you think you have any hope in hell when lobbying for men within that system?

    scientist: I have this really promising preliminary research on prostate cancer I just need some more equipment and a research team to investigate it further
    Overmind: sorry no funding is available at this time

    Be thankful you don’t live in many a European country where you don’t have any choice.

    Semi Recently The UK conservative lead government has said women could get free c-sections on the NHS – even when they don’t the operation. which of course means costs will increase or people will have to have their operations canceled.


  • Autcel

    Everyone deserves public health care. The truth is as simple as this. No exceptions. It is a shame that males does not get public health care as they deserved.

  • StarStuff

    I enjoyed everything about this article.
    Nicely done :)
    Now to let it marinate on the mind and realize how ridiculous shit has become.

  • Phil in Utah

    If it’s their body and their choice, why do men have to pay for their contraceptives?

  • Skeptic

    Ah, the USA election season is with us again.
    This will bring the worms out of the wood for sure.

    Feminist women want ‘free’ contraception. Fine.
    I’m happy to shell out a one time time payment to chemically neuter for life every feminist woman in America.
    Having busted the Vagina Union, I’ll then set up a company importing non-feminist women from overseas.

    I’ll dispense the non hormonal male birth control pill free for life to all USA males over the age of 16.
    DNA paternity testing I’ll make mandatory.

    Feminist women can then be herded into government ‘make work’ office jobs where their collective ‘wisdom’ can be micromanaged with strict surveillance and human management oversight and prozac.

    I’ll set up online universities which teach a non-feminist curriculum – if women want to commute congregate in ever greater numbers in concrete and steel physical universities, fine. A convenient way to herd them for the kind of camera surveillance/prozac oversight micromanagement I mention above.

    Feminist women will get one privilege under my regime however.
    Each will be entitled to a cat, a cardigan and a cable connection to “Days of our lives’.
    The cats of course will be neutered females too, so that there are no envy inducing pregnancies from visiting ‘rapacious’ tomcats to shock the settled feminists.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    I’m not one of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show listeners, but have become aware of this incident through alternative media. Radical feminists and their ilk are now trying to get Limbaugh’s sponsors to drop their support of him. I’ve decided to sign this online petition to oppose them in this matter. http://www.istandwithrush.org/?

    As many of you recall, Limbaugh recently spoke his mind (bluntly – some say “crudely”) about taxpayer’s subsidizing women’s contraception, after an alleged “college co-ed” testified before congress about “women’s rights to taxpayer subsidized contraception.”

    Here again is that petition in support of Limbaugh, but more importantly in opposition to feminists and their ilk. http://www.istandwithrush.org/?

    • AntZ

      I think Rush Limbaugh is an obnoxious loud mouth, but I signed the petition anyway. Sometimes war picks your allies for you. Rush has the balls to face feminism, so that makes him an ally.

      • Poester99

        “had” is a better word. Feminists are much too powerful for him now.

  • JinnBottle

    Had a look at the Limbaugh Petition, and it looks to me like it veers much too far into dittohead land. As Alex said, we need to concentrate on MRM matters, not go off from a single issue or incident on a Neocon – or Libertarian, or Democratic or vegan or union, ad infinitum – partyline.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      As an older person myself, I never back up an older person behaving this way toward a younger person, no matter what the gender or circumstance.

      Name calling is never appropriate in any situation, but especially when he had truth and maturity on his side, but chose to throw sand in the sandbox – as an adult against a kid – anyone young enough to be your kid is a kid.

  • http://forsakeneagle.blogspot.com/ ForsakenEagle

    Another day, another feminist hypocritical law that will go ignored in the mainstream media. At least recent months have shown there is a growing number of people I know personally who are seeing the totalitarian and biased legislation being paraded by the feminist lobby.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    If only MRAs were as active as Limbaugh’s dittoheads!

    Carbonite was a big Rush advertiser, giving new subscribers discounts with the code “RUSH.” It’s CEO pulled the plug…supposedly in the name of supporting more polite discourse.

    Rush listeners then pulled the plug on Carbonite. Its stock plunged 12% and continues to fall.

    And it’s not just Carbonite. Listeners are compiling lists of the top defectors in order to boycott them.

    Meanwhile, at least 3 NEW advertisers have joined Limbaugh.

    Men who say things that women don’t like face job loss, sponsor losses, etc. Yet when Sharon Osbourne and her on-stage claque of harridans (including the audience!) LAUGHED about a sexually-mutilated man, nothing happened.

    Mere words reproaching women: a hanging offense.

    Actual DEEDS harming men: no big deal.

    Finally, I used to listen to Limbaugh (among others) years ago when “talk radio” first started. While I didn’t agree with his politics much, I thought his analyses keen (particularly regarding the liberal bias of mass media) and his humorous sketched brilliant. Like newspapers, I gave up most radio (including NPR). I give Rush props for not cutting and running…though I think he shouldn’t have apologized to Fluke:


  • sethster

    The best way to defeat this bill is to fight it on the grounds that gay males are discriminated against by it.

    The feminists claim that they are helping families by providing special treatment for women. Since gay men’s families do not include women, they are being discrimintaed againt by these provisions.

    The liberals will have nothing to say for an argument like that.

  • MGTOW-man

    It is astonishing how little resistance men are providing against radical hate-movement feminism. I actually have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure that the cowardice and stupidity of mainstream males really is a reality.

    The reason feminists continue to control most everything now is not because they are right, as if they are the only ones to know what is right for everyone, about everything, everywhere… and everything/body else is wrong, but because they have been left the field all to themselves. This is why they actually have the 134-mentioned references to women and girls written into the body of Obamacare, while none for males. They, if they have brains at all, HAVE to know that this is blatant discrimination, sexism, bigotry, unfairness, biased, and so on. But they have learned that most men are too cowardly to rightfully defend themselves and boys. The feminists learned this with Roe v. Wade, and beyond. They have seen men cave in to everything they push for. If it weren’t for cowards, synthetic-replacement feminism would have dwindled back into the unrealistic fantasies of envious and terribly misguided women where it belongs.

    Feminists will continue to brazenly push their bigotry, envy, revenge, and hatred right in front of all for all to see. It will get much worse too. Not until men grow a set again will things change. So, if you are a man and are just tuning in here, you should know that the future of men and boys is in your hands. Will your heads be hung in shame when the boys ask you, “What did you to try to curb the hatred and undeserved punishment of males?” If you are a woman with empathy for males relative to how rotten things have become for them, perhaps you can make a difference too. Why not use your feminine ways to rally much more support for men and boys?

    You know, I am so glad that I never married into feminism. Marriage, in most cases these days, is like having a contract with feminists in which the man loses at every angle. I see men get married and think what a foolish puppet. There are some very good women out there. But most of them are taken, or are independent too (nothing wrong with independence as long as men can do it too—without ridicule or fear mongering).

    I have been saying for years that the best thing I never did was marry. I do not have kids to worrisome-leave behind in a world gone horribly wrong and mad. I do not have to raise a girl like a boy no more than I would want to raise a boy like a girl. I do not have to let feminists-run social services dictate how I will raise my kids—or risk having them taken from me. I had no wife to steal them from me. I did not bring into the world a girl or boy that might become a feminist. I did not bring forth a boy that likely will undermine his own sex because males are STILL stubbornly hung up on thinking manhood requires them to defer to women to determine their worth, image, egos, and basically everything else too.

    Being a male is hard. But being an independent man makes it much better. Some men are insanely jealous of me and my multi-faceted successes, but the tide is starting to turn because men are beginning to wake up. Over all, I wouldn’t change my life at all. It isn’t ideal, but it is a whole lot better than the alternative.

    I look forward to the day when there are more unmarried males than married. I truly believe that is where male power lies because most women still want that perfect family. When we males mass-deprive them of that, things will change in our favor.

    I wish it weren’t so, but it is. Men didn’t start this fight but we certainly have a fundamental right to win it. We’d settle for TRUE EQUALITY, sure we would, if that is what feminism was really after. But we all know why that truth-laden option scares the living hell out of most feminists. Sure, they are telling on themselves, but they do not care because they do not have to care. They will never care until men make them.

    At least I and others like me can say to the boys, ” I didn’t cave in. I tried. I had your futures in mind. It wasn’t me who sold you down the river.” That gives me great comfort in what would otherwise torment me.

    I do not even have boys but I care about them so much. I do not understand how the mainstream males of today can call themselves men when they allow their manliness and masculine futures to be eroded right out from under themselves.

    Yes, what an astonishing lack of resistance!

    • Shrek6

      MGTOW. I personally don’t think that men in general are cowards in this war.
      I honestly do not think men have an answer for what is happening. Hence the ‘Blue Pill’ deception.

      Throughout all history that we know of, men have been conditioned and trained to defend themselves and their loved ones against other aggressors who will almost always be other men. There has never been a need to educated males of any age to defend themselves and loved ones against aggressors that are female. Most especially a female so close to home!

      Today we have such a case where the aggressors are female, and those of us who have boys must teach them how to defend themselves and their loved ones against these evil mongrels who seek to destroy them.

      I think you will find that while there are few men on the ground in the MRA movement fighting battles, in their own ways they are quietly going about their business educating young boys of the perils that come with attachment to a female today.
      This I think, will be one of the reasons why there is a man drought. The poor little over entitled bitches can’t have kids the natural way, because no man wants to commit to such a sentence. When a female drops her knickers in front of you, the overwhelming power of attraction that is forcing you to dive in and enjoy the fruits of this encounter, are so strong that it will take away all your senses of reason and logic.
      It takes a mountain of a man to turn around and walk away, because he can see that to touch this female, will see him sentenced to near on 20 years of hard labour and heart ache.

      Females use this as a weapon against men all the time and in my opinion it is nothing but rape of the worst degree!

      Even the so-called good females, if there exists such a creature, will find it difficult to attract a good male. Most young males today are gun shy, because they know that a huge number of them are going to lose everything, plus probably end up in prison at some point, just because they followed the sweet sound of a Siren.

      I do share your despair, because it looks as though we are heading down a very destructive path. But then, this is what the one world social engineers, who are men, have designed this whole experiment for.

  • AntZ

    Anti-male sexism in Obamacare may have an immediate solution.

    The betting odds on Intrade predict 63% chance of reversal on the individual mandate.

    If men can buy any kind of insurance that we want, it will not matter how one-sided and sexist the coverage of “qualified” insurance becomes. We will just buy insurance that covers the things that we need. Women will benefit from having qualified healthcare that covers their needs, and men will benefit from having the option to buy non-qualified healthcare that covers our needs.

    If the supreme court does the right thing, this issue may have a happy ending.

    The end of Obamacare sexism may be closer than we hope!