Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler’s dance of fools

Eve Ensler, the feminist who gave vaginas a voice because women speaking from their mouths was apparently not enough, recently tried to get one billion women to dance to end violence against women with an event she called One Billion Rising. Last time I checked dancing was not one of the moves taught in a self-defense class, but I digress.

Her attempt to organize a billion women to shake their booty on Valentine’s Day was apparently not very successful, with only a few hundred women joining each different venue for the event around the world.

The One Billion Rising event was inspired by a UNFPA estimate that one in every three women will experience violence during her lifetime, meaning well over a billion. Of course, an empirical peer reviewed paper demonstrating this data is not cited or mentioned by UNFPA. What a surprise.

Still, Ensler’s activism extends beyond shaking her booty in a half-assed attempt to stop violence against a billion women. Recently she’s been drawing connections between “the violence that men perpetrate against women” and “the violence that fossil-fuel companies perpetrate against the climate and all of us who depend on it”.

Yes, that’s right. Eve Ensler is now drawing a connection between violence against women and “violence against the planet.”

In a recent interview on the website Grist, Ensler said:

You’re destroying women and undermining women and raping women and disempowering women – there seems to be a pressing rape mentality, which has to do with the powerful getting what they [men] want at the expense of the person they’re taking it from, without an awareness of reciprocity or mutuality. And that seems to be how we’re treating women, as well as how we’re treating the earth. It’s the same mindset.

No you are not hallucinating. Ensler is now claiming that men not only rape women, but that they rape the earth as well. And I thought I had heard it all when it came to the bullshit that feminists love to dream up in order to vilify men. Apparently I underestimated their capacity to draw imaginary connections between anything and the evil menz.

But of course she does not stop there. She goes on to say:

The connection between mining [in the Congo], for example, and violence against women – women’s bodies are now on the front lines, being raped and destroyed for the purposes of mining. When mines become militarized, where everything is militarized, escalation of rape and sexual violence occurs, but in the case of the Congo, this has been methodical, this has been intentional and systematic.

Yes Eve. The men decided to open a mine and militarize it just so they could rape and abuse both the earth and women at the same time. Two birds with one stone and all that, right Eve? Well at least the men are efficient and decided to save time by combining two tasks into one. Props to them for that.

She finishes her interview with Grist by saying:

We’re bringing boys up who don’t even understand that they’re being violent when they’re being violent, because it’s become so ordinary.

Of course Eve, because everything a man does is violent in your world. A man can’t sneeze without someone like you screaming “abuse”.

Perhaps the next time a man passes gas we can accuse him of abusing the ozone layer and your nose at the same time? Oh wait, best not to give Eve any more ideas, lest she begin an event calling for women to crazy glue men’s ass cheeks together in an effort to save both the Earth and women — since the whole dancing thing was a massive flop.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

    The only connection between women and environmental destruction is consumerism.

    Thanks, Kristina, great read.

    • 98abaile

      Gosh Paul, didn’t you know that consumerism is a patriarchal conspiracy to keep women perpetually poor and repressed? How could you be so insensitive?

  • the hermit

    The only thing you can do for earth dear Eve, is to lower your needs. I’m not holding my breath.

  • Laddition

    She said that out loud?


    when the patriarchs in the white coats come Eve…get in the van quietly dear. deep down you must know that you have ‘issues’, don’t you? this isn’t good and it definitely isn’t anywhere near normal (not even shouting distance of it).

    sometimes these women are so far gone that I actually feel a little sympathy…or is it just gas? yeah, gas…carry on

  • Never Blue Again

    Ohh… Eve….!!
    How can you use the electricity in the home and gasoline for your car which is generated form the things men acquired by raping the earth along with women …. !!

    JUST STOP USING THEM ….. !! IF YOU CARE TO BELIEVE YOUR OWN WORDS …. !! Otherwise you are participating along with men in these things.

    Godhhh …. Just can’t wrap my head around it.
    These people just don’t give a shit how and from where
    fuel for cars comes.
    From where electricity for homes and industries comes.
    From where drinking water comes.
    Where their everyday shits goes. How does it go ?

    Yah….. Just like that. Never ask women for anything about it. They are just not responsible for anything.

    Throughout the history all the wars occurred for resources are just fun for men. And women were just forced to take the half of all those resources robed from another nation. They didn’t need those … right … ?

    Gathering resources for other is a solely men’s duty right … ? And Nobody should give a fuck from where those might come…. !!

    Ok… Hold on …. !
    If men can gather the resources… what the fucking rapist and robber men is.
    And if men can’t …. or don’t…… what the fuck men are useful to? Man Up you assholes…!!

  • JinnBottle

    Eve “Raping 13-Yr-Old-Girls-Is-Good-Rape” Ensler is simply one of the Hypocrats doing a selfstyled lead in the vast FemHypocracy. Feminism has become to the world what the world has always been to feminists: “Boring at best”.

  • Andres

    I must admit, I feel kind of guilty now. Is it rape when I push the keys of my keyboard into its surface so I make words appear? Am I raping my poor input device (what a VILE, VILE word that! “in-put”, it’s in the name!) by typing these very words?
    Maybe I should use my pencil instead. I think it’s much better to press its hard, violent tip into the pape… Oh, I give up. It’s probably raping the air if I dare exhale, penetrating those sweet, innocent air particles with my evil male breath.

  • Steve_85

    So wait, we’re up to 1 in 3 now? Shit, I’d better get started, how am I ever going to meet my quotas?

    “We’re bringing boys up who don’t even understand that they’re being violent when they’re being violent, because it’s become so ordinary.”

    Everything counts as misogyny, and I don’t give a fuck any more. And when everything counts as rape, the term loses all meaning, and then no one gives a fuck about that either.

    Keep on blowing that horn honey, pretty soon you’ll be the only ones listening to it.

  • http://marktrueblood.posterous.com/ Mark Trueblood

    Unfortunately, this line of thinking is very common in the new age and eco movements.

  • napocapo69

    One in three planets are raped.

    Dear Kristina, what it seems a ridiculous explosion of indiviudal hatred of males by a woman that has lost sanity, it is in all regards the istitutional expression of current feminism.

    Eve Ensler might dance, others such as Nicole Kiil-Nielsen spoke at the European Parlament, presenting at the beginning of 2012 a resolution in this matter, “on women and climate change” addressing the not so obvious relation between gender equality and climate changes:

    I kindly invite you to read it. A poisonous cocktail made of:
    – 50% of hatred of males
    – 25% of idiocy
    – 25% of ingorance of sciences and antropology

    The resolution addresses the sick realation of men with mother Earth, and how women are the victims and the saviors; how to achieve this? By preferential treatment after disasters, by women quotas, by giving money, ecc ecc. Business as usual.

    The resolution approved with unanimity, of course. A manifesto of waste of taxpayers’ money and misandry.

    I’d spend hours on this piece of crap, but one quote for all:
    “The indirect causes of these inequalities – male enterprise culture, discrimination in the time spent on domestic work, etc. – are rooted in androcentrism. If gender is not incorporated into political discussions from the outset, the resulting projects and proposals are in danger of being biased by default, through use of an implicitly white, able-bodied, heterosexual male in permanent employment as their reference model.”

    Read it, is EU crap but it is Global crap.

    • Laddition

      “One in three planets are raped.”

      If only we would stop sending patriarchal ‘probes’ to the poor innocent planets and their moons…

      can’t we send her as a peace envoy (one way ticket)? because it’s the right thing to do…

    • harrywoodape



      This ‘thinking’ is actually propaganda for a purpose. There is a ‘patriarchy’ if you want to call it that. It is who puts people like Eve Ensler up so she can be heard. Another name for the ‘patriarchy’ would be the most powerful men in the world. Not Obama…think higher.
      The plan is to deindustrialize and depopulate much of the Earth.
      Why? Because the world is controlled by a special type of control freak called a Neo-Malthusian. These guys run the major instruments of international coercion – like the UN, IMF, World Health Org, EU, etc.
      Radical feminism and anti-male agendas are deliberate instruments that they are using progressively towards eliminating free men from civil society AROUND THE WORLD.
      When Eve is making this parallel between men raping women and men raping the Earth, she is signaling to the policy makers what is coming from on high.
      Neo-Malthusiasns are indistinguishable from top-level radfems – they both focus on control of reproduction. Neo-Malthusiasns see PEOPLE as the biggest threat to their control and basically it is Eugenics, what they are doing.
      The new world that they are working towards will be much like the radfems vision from RADFEMHUB…a much reduced male population of slaves, serving the production needs of women and selective breeding. The elite at the top, feel better that they can’t be toppled and they aim to put it in place. They intend to continually promote the message that men are the problem and that women need protection from men.
      Obviously, the mining/rape thing is part of a campaign to deindustrialize. Neo-Malthusian solutions are…”Too much oil/food/mineral/water etc. consumption? Get rid of most of the people. In schools now, they train the kids that men are the scourge of the Earth and that mom is goodness. If mom has problems, it’s because of men. Look around and you see that much of the Earth’s unemployment is men being deliberately unemployed.
      It’s all pretty deep.

  • UKMan

    I thought there was more chance of being raped on a U.S. university campus than the Congo?

    Congo 35,000,000 female population (50% of the 70,000,000 population?)

    Estimated 400,000 rape survivors (Source: Wikipedia)

    So, 1 in 88 chance of being raped in the Congo.

    1 in 4 chance of being raped on a U.S university campus.

    Feminist students should be taking the first plane out to Kinshasa for their own safety.

    • Never Blue Again


    • Nightwing1029

      UKMan, that comment is PURE win!

    • Bewildered

      LMFAO! LMFAO! There’s a much better chance of their getting a real education there.

      Heck! they might go there and insist on inflating the estimated rape survivors population.

  • Kimski

    Here it comes again.

    Wait for it…

  • Stephen O’Brian

    I wish Eve Ensler would just bugger off and stop polluting the place.

  • Robert Sides

    Has Ensler ever gotten laid? If so, by which Martian?

    So much of her shite sounds like the sour grapes griping of One Never Chosen.

    Let’s counter her by creating a new holiday for feminists: “One Billion Boneheads.” We’ll cite stats like, “One hundred percent of males around the world will be murdered by their female partners…or die from some other cause.”

    Let’s seek zillions of dollars from feminist companies, too.

    Now, any women ever clog toilets with tampons? Ever use makeup tested on animals? Ever use toxic chemicals to clean houses? Ever drive cars fueled by oil “raped” from the ground?

    Finally, Eve-of-Destruction inadvertently, and yet again, confuses consensual sex with rape. I recall one movie, for example, where men “dry humped” the earth in a village rite to symbolically fertilize soil.

    Then again, Ensler would probably call it rape since the Earth didn’t give verbal permission.

    Which brings up some questions: how do mutes give consent? How do deaf women?

    Anyway, read this:

    “Primal sexual forces inherent in this work, which is essentially a fertility rite, are made explicit here, with the bare-chested men humping the earth furiously in unison at one point, under the gaze of the statue of the Virgin Mary.”


  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    ” The men decided to open a mine and militarize it just so they could rape and abuse both the earth and women at the same time.”

    That’s known as “multi tasking”, sister. You know? That…thing…only women are good at?

  • Bewildered

    She’s one of the biggest environmental pollutants on the planet. The fact that she’s still around proves that people are not serious about protecting the environment and hence we will keep coming across women with supernatural vaginal feelings.
    VSP[vaginal sensory perception] is ESP gone south.

    • James Huff

      Taking notes on this new phrase.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

      VSP,,lmao priceless.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/DannyboyCdnMRA Dan Perrins

    Damn did eve mention how men raped the earth to put a roof over her head?
    Or how men drill raped the earth so she could jet around the world doing her lil my vagina has a voice talks?
    Thanks for saving me the pain of reading her dribble Kris, I enjoyed the grill of eve.

  • Nightwing1029

    Man, I have to say, it’s far worse in the comment section of the interview, than in the interview itself.
    Ensler isn’t near as bad as the women in the comment section.
    Even going so far as to hit every single stereotype, within the first couple of comments.
    How do these feminists not see how #$^&ing hypocritical they are being?
    How far up their vaginas are their heads?

    Good article. Very nicely done, Kristina.

  • keyster

    Let’s forget all the men toiling in these small corrupt mining operations under gun point, extracting diamonds and gold for Jared’s, Shane Co and Tiffany’s – so our privilaged women can ensconce themselves in expensive jewelry.

    Let’s dance for them too.

  • harrywoodape

    Eve Ensler is not an idiot. Don’t underestimate your enemy. Of course what she is saying is bullshit. If people could think for themselves they would instantly recognize it for what it is.
    Look, feminism is backed by the world’s suprawealthy. The same suprawealthy that own all the media, started up globalist organizations that take away sovereignty. The same suprawealthy that are very interested in controlling the planet and eliminating most of the people.
    Stop thinking of feminism as a bunch of crazy ladies and really look at who is behind it…why…and where they are going.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCpjmvaIgNA&w=560&h=315

    • keyster

      The United Nations is key.
      They’re establishing “Global Law”, that of course they expect the United States to follow, while others get a pass.

      The international elites running the United Nations have an agenda, and it’s not individual freedom, liberty and capitalism for all. It’s about centralizing power, economic justice and equality.

  • Steveyp333


    lolol that is the most vague, wanky statistic I’ve ever heard. Let’s take it apart – “raped OR beaten” ok so we’re conflating two massively different things already… “during her lifetime”… ok so now technically anyone who ever got beaten up at school is part of this “1 in 3″

    Oh my God… I just realised… I have been raped or beaten during my lifetime!! :O

    • John A

      It’s worse than that, 1 in 3 women will be murdered, raped or beaten in their lifetimes. Even worse, 97.5% of women will be murdered, raped, beaten or verbally abused in their lifetimes.

  • Mateusz Wacek

    Ensler makes some very good points here about how men are raping the Earth (and the Earth is totally asking for it, putting her sexy mountain ranges on display like that). You never see women destroying the Earth. Women never drive cars, wear diamonds, use plastic products, use eat meat, or plants that are genetically modified. Women don’t use electricity produced from coal or nuclear sources (women are so in tune with Mother Earth, that their bodies function as solar panels… so maybe that means they are in tune with Mother Sun too. I need to study more feminist astronomy).

    The real reason oil drills are shaped that way is because they’re phallic. It has nothing to do with form following function, and the shape being the most efficient for pumping out oil.

    And, as anyone who works in a mine will tell you, the only reason they dig minerals out of the earth is because it’s literally just the exact same feeling as rape. That’s why miners are men. It has nothing to do with mining being a dangerous profession, but one that society decides someone has to do, and it’s not going to be someone of a gender whose life matters.

    Consider logging, another example of patriarching. There are these phallic trees (they would be shaped like vaginas, but the patriarchy forces the Earth to grow them penis-like… somehow), that men domestic violence down with axes. Wait… cutting down phallic trees… that analogy doesn’t work so well… er… Look over there! Rape!

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      “the Earth is totally asking for it, putting her sexy mountain ranges on display like that”


      Dont forget those Virgin forests and enticing valleys teeming with animal life. :-)

  • http://www.hermitparkclinic.com.au Greg Canning

    Thanks Christina, I didn’t see much rising and dancing here in the Ville on Valentines day.

    A 1 billion rising event was advertised at our local “women’s centre” but did not attract any media attention.

    According to my step son the local night clubs traded well with many young women dancing with their committed or potential partners/rapists.

    My wife and I enjoyed a quite and romantic meal in a packed restaurant with many couples young and old doing the same.

    The message was overwhelming one of love, respect and mutuality between the sexes, not of beating and rape.

    1 Billion rising didn’t even register a blip in the mainstream consciousness despite it quake like effect on the hardcore gender ideologues .

  • Disorderly Conduct

    The 2010 CDC report that the 53% statistic came from gave the 1 in 3 number, which includes sexual violence. They gave a 1 in 4 number for men as well. (But I’m sure as feminists will point out, those women sexually assaulted men in self defense)

  • TheUnknown

    Remember, boys: Gaea is a woman, both literally and symbolically, because she gave birth to us all and nurtures us, and motherhood, nay, womanhood, is the most sacred artifact of the universe that must be adored.

  • http://equalitythroughtruth.blogspot.com/ Jean Valjean

    What? A feminist blamed men for her perceived problems?

    That’s unheard of.

  • Kukla

    I knew it! These men are RAPING the planet. We must get our political officials to institute VAPA(Violence Against Planet Act) immediately!

    Someone must tell Julia Gillard at once.

  • Bombay

    “We’re bringing boys up who don’t even understand that they’re being violent when they’re being violent, because it’s become so ordinary.”

    So stop evicting fathers from their families.

  • All Contraire

    Attn. trolls, satire and irony follow:

    Our bounty comes from the father, and what he has given He can taketh away.
    We guys can go back to living in caves just fine, hunting and protecting, an’ scratchin’ ourselves…
    But can they, barefoot and pregnant?
    . . . and scratchin’ those itchy animal hide sack dresses?

    The final ‘green’ rule of Fight Club is: ***BLOW IT ALL UP!!***


    So, evil Mz. Ensler, you get what you want as women always do. Hope you’re ready to be driven by your own selfish conniving and sinful lesbo-feminist misandry from your cozy manmade garden of modern life back out to serve and toil in the wilderness for your in-charge again man…

    But of course, this lizzy Eve is a criminal seducer of young girls and the devil snake in the garden who would murder Adam, Cain and Abel. Her Eden is a barren euthanized lesbian paradise free of the Y chromosome. Far worse than useless, she is repulsed by just the thought of lying with a man to beget children. She is a lesbian-feminist temptress leading naïve women to sin, betrayal and destruction and, like a deadly poisonous snake, should just be stomped on …

    As for the rest of you lofty spoiled elite ladies, we big strong men will grow the crops and herd the animals in this wonderful new pre-industrial Eden you demanded. And you, needing to be of environmental use, can shut up, get up, gather up, bend down and spread around all the fertilizing piles of stinking poop.

  • TigerMan

    ONLY one in three?? I don’t know a single guy who has NOT experienced violence in their lives and since the statistic doesn’t qualify or limit what is defined as “violence” I would say it is a totally meaningless statistic since anything from a shove to a stabbing could be called “violence”!

    • napocapo69

      If you look at the NAVA survey (USA) it appears that more 70% of men experienced some kind of violence.

      Once you consider everything as violence, that’s the crap you get.

      The reason of this is that the survey was built to get the figure of 1/4 of women suffering intimate violence.

      I remember the survey made in Italy, bad copy of american one. The result astonishing; 32,5% of women experienced some kind of violence. Equally astonishing is that more than 80% of the women did not consider those events as violence. Do you see the picture?

  • JGteMolder

    Huh, given how many women wear jewelry the majority of women must consider rape by mine and around mine “good rape”.

    Shame on you, Eve, for not checking first! Shame one you! Now all the women enjoying their good rape jewelry think you’re stupid!

  • MGTOW-man

    “Apparently I underestimated their capacity to draw imaginary connections between anything and the evil menz.”
    —They can be so overwhelmed by their feelings in which they let control them, that they imagine into existence dots, then manage somehow to connect them. That is sort of what feminism is.

    “We’re bringing boys up who don’t even understand that they’re being violent when they’re being violent, because it’s become so ordinary.”–Eve Ensler
    —try substituting girls for boys in the above paragraph. How is that for oblivion?