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Effeminition: Equal work

Editorial note: More is explained on what an “effeminition” is here.

One of the more oft-heard complaints of the radfem brigade is the touting of the wage gap myth in support of the “equal pay for equal work” battle cry. This continues despite the fact that said myth has been debunked. This is highlighted by questions introduced by the CONSAD report, which indicates that much of the difference in average earnings can be attributed to the worker’s life choices and willingness to sacrifice other perks in life for the benefit of higher earnings.

A wealth of related links to news and other information can be found in this reddit comment.

It is also especially important to note the collective effect of anything that can be considered hazard pay on the numbers used to support the wage gap myth. The hazard pay effect is attributable to the difference in job choices between the sexes. Among the higher paying items in the job market are The Most Dangerous Jobs. These are not jobs that women are being kept out of due to discrimination. These are jobs that women are not actively seeking to take. On top of the prohibitive risk factors, this is in part due to time demands. Seasonal jobs often mean daily work for weeks or months, with long hours, hard labor, and no days off in between. Further, the labor demands for these jobs require physical strength, labor endurance, fatigue endurance, and a brand of emotional toughness that is beyond what most women possess or seek to test within ourselves.

Among the results of the discrepancy in representation between the sexes in the most dangerous of jobs is what I would refer to as the risk gap and the death gap. The first thing that stands out in these statistics is the huge difference in the number of male workplace fatalities versus female workplace fatalities. While this accounts for only a segment of the whole workforce, it skews the numbers on both sides of the argument, creating an apparently higher average pay rate for men and an apparently lower average injury and fatality rate for women overall.

In addition, this effect spills over into the regular workforce, including professions more evenly populated by both sexes. Higher injury and fatality rates in first-responder professions can be attributed to greater risk-taking by male first responders. Higher rates in the private sector can be attributed to heavier workload requirements given to men, including higher weight assignments and riskier positions in manufacturing and construction, and even in hourly, bottom-rung positions such as retail sales and health care aide positions. Right or wrong, employers and coworkers in general do have higher performance and labor expectations for men.

Taking into account the various factors affecting women’s earnings, can we honestly continue to use the phrase “equal work” to describe women’s contributions in the workplace? In light of the body of work that women will not do, whether that discrepancy is caused by life choices or unwillingness to risk, or inability to perform, are we really justified in demanding legislation to artificially boost our pay? Is the feminist concept of fairness in this case not incredibly biased? How does the assertion that pay should be artificially evened out via legislation not add up to ungrateful beneficiaries of risk-takers and hard-laborers demanding to be handed undeserved recognition and rewards on the basis of sex?

Speaking of the body of work that women will not do, I just ran across the following related article. I want to tell you a story …

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Hannah Wallen (aka Della Burton) became an MRA after weathering the direct impact of feminist advocacy on her family for years. She is the author of Breaking the Glasses, written from an anti-feminist perspective, with a focus on men's rights and sometimes social issues. She also writes and comments on as oneiorosgrip.

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  • Dr_Tara_J_Palmatier

    The wage gap myth is the feminist equivalent of believing that Saddam Hussein had WMDs.

    • Wirend

      One thing I put together, prior to Iraq, there was a lot of talk about women’s rights in Iraq. Part of the large body of literature that was available on was a report calling for liberation for Iraqi women under the hands of a brutal patriarchal regime. On WAF, feminists routinely throw the argument that women in other countries need feminism therefore women in America need feminism. None have been very comfortable with the realization that they are unwittingly calling for George Bush Feminism.

      • Stu

        Feminism is the white western woman’s global imperialism. They are trampling around the world with their armies forcing every other culture to submit. Sounds a bit like the dreams of fundamentalist Islam doesn’t it.

        • Wirend

          Big Feminism has an impressive coalition with many unlikely bedfellows. When the enemy is porn, feminism lights some candles, cracks a bottle of champagne for a night with the Southern Baptist Coalition. When the enemy is irrelevance, instead of kneeling down for a Clinton, they don their special panties for Dick Cheney and ensure that the women they are marching off to help happen to live above oil. A lobby who has outlived its usefulness must find ways to justify its continued existence, and if it necessitates imperialism and the mass homicide of the people they’re trying to help, full steam ahead. A job is worth a few hundred thousand irrelevant dead bodies half a world away.

        • Arvy

          Trampling around the world with their armies? You mean the one’s that target “military age males” (over 12 gathering firewood qualifies) and in which mostly men get killed?

      • Cylux

        None have been very comfortable with the realization that they are unwittingly calling for George Bush Feminism.

        Once upon a time Marxists, leftists and socialists were opposed to feminism, instead cleaving to the idea of women’s liberation, citing that feminism was a bourgeois ideology and frequently a tool for imperialism. They are however a dying breed, now those political leanings are practically dominated by feminism.

        • destroy_all_monsters

          Sadly true. Useful idiots in merely changing the sex from the so-called oppressor to an actual one.

          As a long-time unionist and laborer I’m disgusted by their failure to grasp basic class politics and how feminism unravels them.

      • ronthebuilder Excellent paper by Corinne L Mason, Johns Hopkins U, on the applications of the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA) as a component of the “Hillary Doctrine”, for the purpose of infiltrating the internal systems of places like Papua New Guinea in order to gain access to their considerable resources, while giving a pass to nations like Saudi Arabia who may indeed not be nice to their women but are “friendly” states.

      • Magnus

        Ironically ISIL seem SO Liberal about their attitude towards woman! >.<

  • Arvy

    Oh. there definitely is a “wage gap” for sure. It arises from the politically correct hiring of delicate young flowers in higher paid positions of authority over men and boys who do all of the actual work involved, quite often having to explain it all to their nominal “supervisor” as well. You can see it everywhere, from road crews to retail outlets such as garden centers where the petite female in charge couldn’t (and wouldn’t) move a few bags of topsoil if life itself depended on it. But they’re sure good at hollering for boy slave assistance.

    • Cylux

      I really would like to see some feminists start an all-female community or state project somewhere.

      Well Samantha Brick did start an all female media company that didn’t end well:-

      • Arvy

        Not too surprising, but I suppose I was thinking more about the creation of an all-female environment with some real infrastructure requirements involving “from the ground up” engineering and building skills. In that case, I suspect that just getting started might be the larger problem and not ending well a mere disastrous corollary.

        • Cylux

          I think there was a danish series of the TV show survivor where they dropped men onto one island and women onto another. The show managers had to drop the entire premise of that particular series ‘the battle of the sexes’ after a couple of weeks once it became apparent that the women weren’t about to get their shit together, so they swapped out three guys for three girls. The three girls got the better end of that bargain.

          • Arvy

            It’s all due to the male’s notorious inability to multitask, don’tcha know. Men have conquered the challenges of land, sea, air and outer space and have built entire civilizations without ever once having employed any multitasking capabilities … or so say the feminist “female superiority” mongers.

            While it is certainly true that most men do tend to focus primarily on whatever job is currently at hand, that is largely a consequence of having discovered long ago from direct experience that illogical scatterbrained approaches don’t usually work very well, let alone the “go with whatever you feel at the moment” method.

          • Andrejovich Dietrich

            Who do they think invented Multi-Threaded, Multi-Tasking Operating Systems?

          • Pvblivs

            Um, just sayin’. But the real advantage of a multithreaded program is that it frees the programmer to focus on one thread at a time.

          • Andrejovich Dietrich

            ROFLMAO…In my 6 years working in construction prior to College age, I did roofing and framing during the summer months.

            Never saw a single solitary female, other than on the air conditioned lunch truck.

          • Arvy

            That was your boss. :)

          • Steve Brulé

            I worked in the Chemical Industry for 22 years. I frequently saw female operators, receiving the same pay as their male colleagues, lounging in the warm control room, not even bothering to dress for work, wearing slippers, while the men worked feverishly in freezing rain with dangerous heavy gear to get a shutdown completed on time. No one asked the women to pull their own weight.
            I saw women declare they weren’t doing this or that job, and management let it slide, and even made excuses for her and then assigned the unpleasant job to a man. Never would a man even suggest that he was not going to do an assigned job -he’d be fired. I saw one woman have 4 kids in a row -with a combination of sick time, children time, and maternity leave, I didn’t even know what she looked like until I had worked there more than 4 years. In dangerous job environments, hiring a woman often means that the men have to work harder to pick up the slack.

          • Susie Parker

            My son put himself through college hand shoveling snow @ 3a.m.and attending night classes with the old guys. No scholarships were available to him as a dreaded white guy, it was the only tuition break he could get, since no “more deserving” woman was willing to shovel snow @ 3 a.m.
            The Obama administration has closed even that opportunity, now taxing the tuition break as “income”.

          • Andrejovich Dietrich

            I put myself through College working on a Computer assembly line (Tuition Reimbursement) attending Night School. Tuition Reimbursement is now very rare. And other than Sports scholarships to very few men, what other assistance are available to men?

            And toward the end of my last College pursuit, was taxable. That was Bush era.

            Democrats and Republicans are just 2 sides of the same money laundered coin. Im registered Independent and the last time I voted for a mainstream party was Perot. Who has now been thoroughly proven right on his sucking sound where high tech jobs used to be platform.

          • Susie Parker

            It isn’t a Republican/Democrat scenario, but a return to elitism where only the wealthiest or PC “chosen ones” can afford college. I keep hearing various feminists claim their (swm) sons handily got scholarships, but I know they’re lying.

            My son actually considered taking his wife’s Asian last name so his children wouldn’t have to struggle for an education like he did. I pointed out the tables will probably be turned by then – AA started just AFTER I graduated.

      • klaatu

        Cylux…..That’s a great article you have linked. That it’s written by a woman makes it even better

      • justman7

        Consider the following VERY REVEALING quote from the linked article about the all-woman company:

        “My deputy, Sarah, the general manager, first showed how much
        style mattered when she advertised for an office assistant and refused
        to hire the best-qualified girl because she could not distinguish
        Missoni from Marc Jacobs. THIS GIRL WOULD HAVE BEEN MAKING TEA AND RUNNING ERRANDS. But I didn’t challenge the decision not to hire her
        because I had a policy of picking my battles carefully”

        I do not know whether to laugh or cry. This girl would have been making tea and
        running errands. First of all, isn’t that the kind of job description that only Teh Patriarchy (TM) could have come up with? And then allowing underling “Sarah” to hire based on style rather than competence? I shit you not, you could not make this stuff up!

        • Cylux

          I do feel a little sorry for Samatha Brick, because for all her faults, she put her money where her mouth is and bet on all the tales feminism tells about the state of sisterhood being true, and learned the hard way that they’re not. It’s one thing to talk a good job in academic circles, it’s quite another to try it out in the real world and to find it wanting, and then to go on to explicitly say so in a national newspaper.

    • MGTOW-man

      Under your hypothetical experiment, men would help women “be equal”. But of course no one is allowed to notice the cheating. If they do, they of course, “hate women”…because the truth to them, even if natural, is hatred of women. The feelings of women is skewing their perspectives on reality…and yet, those same women are too oblivious to even know it.

      When the civilization infrastructure collapsed due to women’s inability to build it like men have ( most often, to benefit women), those inept women would blame it all on men for not letting women be equal…as if equality and being equal is something allowed and not self proven. The fact that men DID try to let women be equal by proving their abilities, when those women inevitably fail, of course it is the fault of men.

      The thing is, it is very hard to get through to creatures who have their feelings worn on their sleeves so much in fact that their perspectives really are skewed.

    • klaatu

      It’s like how the military promotes women over men to become officers to ostensibly protect them from the prospect of leering overbearing men.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    So, when we finally go down the Marxism path of our swiftly dwindling Republic. How is everyone going to feel when Men start dropping out of those important positions which only Men are willing to do, but are critical to a healthy society?

    Does no one else consider that lowering performance to its lowest common denominator causes those higher performers to stop working so hard?

    • Reason

      Or what the root word of “feminism” is.

      • Magnus

        Then ask them to look up “Egalitarian” and ask: So why do we not use an equalizing term for what you claim feminism stands for?

        I mean feminism is for the equal treatment of WOMEN, so it’s not really about egalitarianism now is it.

        • Andrejovich Dietrich

          At this point they can call it a Utopia Movement. And is just as false. I think feminism needs to learn what equality in fact entails. Obligation and Responsibility is markedly absent from their equality narrative.

          • Magnus

            I agree. This is why I challenge any “hobby feminist” to throw the term out of the window and instead call themselves what they want to be: Egalitarian.

          • klaatu

            Hobby Feminist???? That’s perfect! These women become feminists in college when it fits their simple minded agenda, but later when it’s time to get a job and support themselves, they forget about this agenda and start looking for a trophy husband they can rob. Too bad they the damage they leave in their wake becomes a self reinforcing loop of hate and inequality.

          • Magnus

            I also lob Purple Poodles and White Knights into the term.
            People who are feminists because “it’s the right thing to do, it’s for equality you know” type people

          • klaatu

            I am familiar with the white knight but Purple poodles? I can’t wait. So much so, I am going to google. I am guessing it’s a Mangina?

          • Magnus

            There have been some articles about it on here. Its from german decent, and I have no idea if I use it right, but I generally call anyone that is a lap dog to the feminist ideas (but don’t always jump to the defense of the wominz) a purple poodle. (And the imagery is of course of a dolled up dog that’s only purpose is to look pretty and is often owned by a woman)

          • klaatu

            Yeah I saw the google images of these poodles on the end of a leashs all dyed purple with their tongues hanging out and I immediately understood.

          • Magnus

            Yeah, as soon as you see one of them you sort of understand why it’s a derogatory term used for “lap dog” men :)

          • klaatu

            And you want to feel sorry for them both, but the dog doesn’t have a choice.

          • Magnus

            I know… poor dogs.

            That said the weird styling of the fur apparently had a function back in the day. Poodles were used for bird hunting I think, and cutting the fur in that pattern would reduce the amount of dirt it picked up, and keep it lighter when it ran through water (while still keeping vital parts of its body like chest and joints warm)

            But I have no idea why someone thought “hmmm purple! YES MAKE IT PURPLE!”

          • klaatu

            LMAO here!

          • Magnus

            I guess being an evil oppressing patriarch makes me funny?

            I wonder then why “Dad jokes” are considered unfunny… maybe I will lose my funny bone when I have kids?!

            SHIT! Another reason to stay MGTOW.

          • klaatu

            I’ve got two daughters and there ain’t nothing funny about it! They are fun to have around but in todays world they are not the sweet dumplings I remember from my youth.

          • Magnus

            you know I would actually have liked to have kids, but it’s everything around it that scare me. You know having a woman around that you never truly know if she will leave you and try and keep your kids away from you and all that… And with my experiences with women I just have never ever met a woman I would consider to live my life with.

            To me it’s sort of: I’ll save my kids the anguish, before they are even born. (Bit odd I guess).

            But I’m a kick ass Uncle! And that will have to do for now :) (Until the possible time when my brothers wife decide to trade him in…)

          • klaatu

            These two are my step daughters. My first wife was the epitome of the crazy person that this site is trying to warn others about. For some reason she talked me into getting snipped. Back then I questioned the wisdom of it but now I view it as the best decision I ever made. If I had kids with wife number one she would have used them against me shamelessly. So much so I probably would be corresponding from a Texas prison. She trumped up assault charges and used them against me and took everything in the divorce. I still consider it a bargain to be rid of her.

      • PlainOldTruth

        True. But we also need to cover our butts and get all grown-up like and pay more attention to what the root of “patriarch” is.

        The philosophy of anti-patriarchy is the behind-the-scenes rationale more not just the plague of harpies, but for all and any form of control-freak social engineering. Question, how prepared is an elementary school child to make a well-informed critique of the ideological message that the teachers’ unions have adopted (handed down through many layers of bossy bosses of both sexes) so as not to be seduced and conditioned to see the world though (or at least largely through) the lens of the script-spewing indoctrinator?

        It is up to us to deprogram ourselves, individually and through sharing real knowledge, so we MHRA-types are going to have to reach a point where we solicit and publish (here or elsewhere) a thorough description and critique of the anti-patriarchy philosophy, its dogmas, its strategies and institutional history. This is not a task that requires reverse engineering, guessing and opining. It can be done by those who have the most knowledge, experience and insight gained over a period of decades. (note: I am not talking about myself here; I’m talking about people more qualified than myself).

        We, as a group, have not reached that point yet. It requires a bit of humility to admit to ourselves that there are people who know a lot that we do not yet know (and which it would take years of work to know) and to ask them for assistance and make sure they are treated with due respect.

  • Eon24

    “”So, if I fell in that, how long would you be listening to me scream?”

    He said, deadpan and serious, “About 3 and a half minutes”.”

    I don’t think many people other than miners and their family quite understand just how dangerous that shit is

    • Ed

      After 30 year in the oil patch, Amen brother.

  • DukeLax

    white gender-feminists “Empower” themselves over other…by their constant attacks, and inflammatory agit-prop. google “Meg Lankers”

  • PoeTentiate

    I’m wondering if all men that work in the same job get paid the same wage?

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Shhhhhhh. Logic is grounds for an accusation of gender based assault. Feminists feel violated by any foreign concept.

    • Magnus

      How many “same jobs” can you really find in a company? Where seniority and experience doesn’t play ANYTHING into it?

    • Bewildered

      Great point ! Even in theory that shouldn’t happen. Even with the same qualifications and same experience there will be guys who can do the job better than you or worse than you. Beyond a certain point remuneration shouldn’t be statutory but should be strictly based on productivity.
      If that’s the criterion then the ‘equality’ myth will evaporate much to the Marxists chagrin.
      While socially constructed inequality based on stupid myths is bad ,natural inequality is vital for human existence.

  • ronthebuilder

    I posted this on Twitter on the #womenagainstfeminism hashtag:

    “HELP WANTED: Equal woman for equal work. Immediate opening.
    Bring tools, gloves, water; pay depends on RESULTS”

    (and meant it, I could use the help)

    I received no replies.

  • Rob

    please help us fight the myths that won’t die here inthe UK
    guess what was published today

    • ronthebuilder

      “Nope. Afraid not.” Now, THIS is why we have such a hard time arguing down feminist boilerplate: because they use such shatteringly cogent argumentation with which to defend them…..


      • Rob

        many people are challenging it.
        especially with the dodgy stats and yet if you challenge too hard
        censorship is the weapon of last resort.

        the guardian is getting worse, the last hideout of blinkered thinking ( inlcluding jessie valenti)

      • klaatu

        Feminism has become such an entrenched part of the iron triangle that you can’t separate them from the government leg. And what does is the government well known for? Making stuff up as they go along.

  • PlainOldTruth

    One of the most powerful women in the world in the early 20th century, Empress of Abyssinia Taitu Betul (many spelling variants) did not need feminism to become empowered. Has anybody come across this in their Women’s Studies prayer books (er, I mean text books), I wonder.

    Attributed to Taitu, Dowager Empress of Abyssinia:

    — If you would gain a throne and hold it, fear not to make of human skulls thy stepping stones.
    — As a woman dealing with men, let dissimulation be thy watch-word. Let no man know thy secret thoughts and ambitions.
    — If another woman stand in thy way, take her to thy bosom; if a man, beguile and marry him.
    — Harden thy heart to all pity, all remorse; then shall thy mind and heart be free, without scruple, to gain high aims.

    [“The Worst Woman In the World – Dowager Empress Taitu, Who Climbed from the Gutter to the Throne, Married Eleven Times, Joined in Innumerable Intrigues and Murders, and Is Now at Last Safely Locked Up, to the Great Relief of Abyssinia,” Indianapolis Star Magazine Section (In.), Feb. 22, 1914, p. 1]

  • earth one

    Feminists claim that their efforts benefit men too, but God forbid that suddenly every man was free to do the safer, easier, protected work. Without men to do the dirty, difficult and dangerous work that keeps the infrastructure the safe, protected world feminists claim all women are entitled to would crumble to the ground.

  • klaatu

    I worked construction all my life, I have had surgery on both my hands to reattach severed tendons (I was a glass worker). Before OSHA started clamping down and insurance rates skyrocketed, an ambulance at the jobsite was a weekly occurrence. And we were not really paid all that much. I worked for a company that paid union comparable wages,but only to keep unions OUT! I could count the number of women on the job my whole life with one hand.

    • earth one

      Every time I pass a construction site, I always note when I see women “construction workers”… They’re the ones wearing the dayglo safety vest and hard hat, holding the stop sign on a stick, and sometimes a clip board, standing at the entrance to the site directing traffic… I have never, ever seen a woman in the construction trade actually doing construction.

      • klaatu

        I don’t remember seeing much of even that. But it’s because I was usually hanging several stories up on the side of a tall building.

        • earth one

          Installing plate glass windows on a high-rise – how anyone does it is beyond me – props to you.

          • klaatu

            I hated it. I have a healthy fear of heights too. But you start on the ground floor and work your way up. Pretty soon you have worked your way up there and it doesn’t seem so unnatural. Watching that through a wide angle lens makes ME dizzy. I haven’t done it in a few years and won’t be up there again.

          • earth one

            Watching it makes me dizzy too – intense. Almost couldn’t watch it the first time, but it’s an amazing illustration of the definition of “high risk job.”

          • klaatu

            Whenever/if you see a building that has a small christmas tree mounted on the highest point…….That is an iron worker tradition that means they completed the building safely. Just thought I would throw that in.

          • Eon24

            There is not enough cash in the world to get me up on one of those things. I simply can’t do it.

            There’s something about heights.. the higher I get, the more I realize just how frail and squishy the human body really is

          • klaatu

            That spire stuff is the steelworkers domain. Glaziers (that’s the official name for the glass guys) are in awe of the steel workers…….those guys are FEARLESS!

      • driversuz

        Once in a while I see one driving the heavy equipment. And I get jealous.

        • earth one

          Yes, you are right, driving equipment is another example I have seen, Suz :) and more power to them. It’s just the risk associated with the labor of construction nearly always falls on the shoulders of the men, who are walking the I-beams and carrying the reinforcement rod. And doing countless other things I can’t even imagine doing myself, every day, day in and day out. I’m regularly amazed by construction workers.

  • Omar

    I would really be interested in finding out the actual wages women on road crews make compared to the men. I have never, ever, ever seen a woman do anything but stand still and hold up a sign, sometimes just standing there without a sign. If they make even close to what the men make(and I bet they do) that would be just hilarious.

  • jbantifem

    The gender pay wage gap is a complete fallacy indeed. I’ve seen Canadian employment stats where they will compare a woman working at Tim Horton’s to a man working construction. I don’t think I need to clarify that obviously one gets paid more than the other and it has nothing to do with gender. It’s all about the labor and workload.

    The gender pay wage gap is yet another weapon the radfems are trying to use to discredit and demonize men. Nothing less.

    Here’s an interesting story. I worked as a janitor for a female owned company and was paid less simply because I’m male. That was until I called a lawyer and was able to prove that I genuinely worked harder than most of the women. Then I got what I deserved. I had to fight for it though. How ironic.

    Good article and quite accurate when looking at my own research.

  • Tom Golden

    Thanks you Hannah for this article. Good stuff and very good links. That last link to the story about the mining jobs was a powerful statement about the sorts of dangers men face on the job. Damn good story.

    One quibble…. The woman pictured is actually lifting boxes. lol I think a better representation would be to have her standing on all of her boxes while the man is lifting all of his. There. Fixed it.

  • Sanelity

    I posit that the wage “gap” will reverse in the coming decade or two as the Boomers retire en masse.