Breaking news: Mary Kellett free to practice law

(Washington D.C. July 15th, 2013)

Justice Ellen Gorman has allowed corrupt Assistant District Attorney walk with a slap on the wrist.

Just after 10:00am today the disciplinary hearing for Mary Kellett, Assistant District Attorney for Maine’s 7th prosecutorial district, was held in Portland concerning her mishandling of the Vladek Filler case. For those new to the case, Ligia Filler falsely accused her husband Vladek Filler of domestic violence and spousal rape. Kellett in her role as Assistant District attorney withheld exculpatory evidence and made misleading statements to the jury in her closing remarks, leading to Vladek Filler’s conviction.  The hearing was brief and followed a closed door meeting involving Kellett’s attorneys and representatives from the Overseers of the Bar. A plea bargain was submitted to Justice Ellen Gorman, presiding, who suspended Kellett and then promptly suspended her suspension resulting in Kellett facing no consequences for her gross misconduct during the Filler trial.  She is still free to practice law and still acting as Assistant DA.

Kellett made a statement of apology before the judgment was handed down saying that she “went too far” and that it “wouldn’t happen again.”  After her apology Filler was given fifteen minutes to speak. AVFM’s acting correpsondants said he was very emotional when he spoke as he told the court how Kellett’s actions have permanently damaged his life and that of his children’s. After the judgment was handed down Kellett exited through a back door leaving our correspondents and reporters from other news sources  including Channel 2 News WLBZ from Bangor with no comment.

Acting AVfM Correspondents Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell conducted a video interview with Vladek Filler. This will be available later this evening along with other details.

Editorial note:
The entire staff at AVFM and many others to numerous to mention here extend their thanks to Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell who all heard the call to attend this hearing.  These men did this on their own time and this was the very first time all of them had engaged in any activism of this kind. By each of them taking initiative they have sent a message that we are all watching.  Please join us in thanking them in the comments below.

About Robert O'Hara

Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • scatmaster

    Well I posted the link to the Bangor newspaper about 5 minutes ago but it is caught up in Spam. You can remove the post.

    Txs to the MRA’s on the ground.
    Watch your back getting out of town.

    Kellett leaves through a back door. Probably for a celebratory drink with her boss. Chicken shit.

    • Borjo

      dude, this has nothing to do with your comment, its just that “scat-master” is a REALLY BAD NAME, everytime I see one of your comments I just feel really sick, I dont have anything with people who engage in such activities, but you have to undestand that for must of us scatmaster is a fucking weird name, I think. Sorry :(
      Please change your username

      • scatmaster


        You have a problem with scat music.
        The Queen of Scat Ella Fitzgerald and the man
        Mel Torme.

        I performed as a youngster on the same stage that I saw the touring Broadway show Jersey Boys a few days ago playing the same type of music that Ella and Mel perform.

        I am offended by your assertions and you should really seek professional help for your thoughts.

        Mr. Elam, Dr T, DE, Dr F, Kimski, Tim L, et al.
        People who I respect for their intellect, their compassion, their perseverance have never called me out on my online handle.

        I have been on this board and others related to the movement (no pun intended) ever since the Gonzo’s Bar and GoGo Grill days when Paul was an editor at MND.

        If you think I am into the other definition of scat you have serious issues and need professional help.

        I am not nor have even thought about that perversion until some misandric feminists mentioned it to me on a few boards.

        The fact that you have brought it up here to me on this board that I have contributed to both monetarily and through my activism (email to all government officials in Mail through the Kellett fiasco been one example) is offensive to me.

        I do not even know who you are.

        I have never seen your online handle on any activist board related to the Mens Rights Movement.

        I am tempted to cry out an expletive deletive but others will tell you I save that for misandric cretins not misinformed newbies.

        😡 😡 😡 😡

        • Kimski

          Don’t change the name or the picture.
          I love that clam on a stick, brother. 😉

          Seems like we both got on board back in the day when Paul was on MND.
          I used the handle ‘GreyGhost’ back then.
          Still do, occasionally.

          • scatmaster

            Thanks Kimski!!!

      • JinnBottle

        Borjo: The icon depicted is “Hi Fi”, a character Fred Flintstone spontaneously created when he did some karaoke (not known as that yet) at a fair. His main appeal to teenage cavekids was his scatsinging.

        …And I’m still carrying *that* around, since circa 1959?? When the hell am I gonna grow up?

      • Jared Spencer

        Wow. The fact that you could not put scat master together with the hip cat Flinstones with mic avatar is pretty damning in the ignorance department.

        The fact that you then parlayed that ignorance into an intensely rude shove on a member’s USERNAME, of all things is – well – just plain rude. You don’t glean respect or consideration by showing a lack of it.

        Google and 45 seconds would have cleared that up for ya, dude.

      • Dean Esmay

        Oh you youngsters. “Scat” is an early version of what the kids today call “beatboxing.”

        Learn some history. 😉

        Here’s some scat, old school and new:

        I really like that second one. 😉

        • scatmaster

          Thank you Dean, Jared, Kimski, and Jinn!!!

          Very disturbing that someone would equate my online handle with something that I consider to be a perversion. Especially with as Jinn noted my HI-Fi avatar staring them right in the face.

          I love jazz music with some scat mixed in I have also performed it to select audiences over the years including as I said on the National Arts Centre stage a number of years ago.

          The fact that two hours later I have not had an apology troubles me.

          • Aimee McGee

            Hell, even the kid who grew up with no TV here got the Avatar and I’ve always figured it was about scat music.
            Gonna bee-bop my way to work today :)

          • Borjo

            This is just so damn embarrasing that it is incredibly funny, I just laughed for minutes.
            First of all, I will apologize in advance for my english. I didn´t thought this was going to be such a big deal, I though it would be just another comment, I thought that the worst thing that could happen was a little correction but I had no idea so many people read the comments, its really funny to think how wrong I was, I had no intention to insult anyone and look what happened. I´m sorry if I did
            Now I will explain myself. I´m not a native speaker, I am Colombian, and I live in Argentina. I like most kinds of rock and metal, but I´ve never been atracted to jazz at all, neither the people close to me. I´m sure that if I went to the streets in the whole continent to ask people if they have ever heard about scat music, only the jazz fans (1 in every 100, maybe less) will know. It is also not an usual topic in the internet, so there was no way for me to know about that type of music or its symbolism (the flintstone´s guy). In the other hand we have this other meaning of scat. Look, Im into BDSM, and that word is really recurrent to me. I´ve been with people that likes it. For me its not a tabu, I´m around that kind of people really often, also in the internet, and that word has always had that meaning for me and I have always used it with my partners in that context. Someone said that I should have looked that in the internet, but I thought that if I typed “scatmaster” into google some really nasty shit (no pun intented) will appear, not a clue it had an other meaning. I thought you just didn´t know what scat is, I also forgot that not everyone is so fucked up as I am and dont know about this kind of things, my bad, I just wanted to make a favor to scatmaster, maybe scat was an Acronym for something and he didn´t know the “real meaning” was, but seeing repeatedly “scatmaster” in the comments was too much for me, it just seemed to me a really bad name. I wanted to send a private, but there is not that option.
            Now its time for me to be a tille bit of an asshole. It troubles you have not had an apology in an 2 hours span. Well… you know, I´ve been busy, I left that comment and continued my life, I couldn´t check my mail until recently, I think that´s not such a crazy idea. I think it is more troubling that concept of “pervertion”, they used againt gays before, and it only means you are afraid of other people´s sexuality, not because it is out of the mainstream it means that me or my friend need help, we are happy as we are and if you dont like, well, fuck you.
            I didn´t mean to be rude, I´m just new to this part of the internet, I don´t know what´s the protocole. I didn´t know there was some kind of hierarchy between members depending of how much money you donate and stuff, I´m sorry. I saw videos of the amazing atheist regarding feminism in the states, then somewhat around 2 month ago I saw some videos of GWW in the suggestion box, I had my own theories abouth the roles of men and women in society (BDSM gives you a GREAT insight in that matter) and her videos helped me to polish them. I had no idea what an MRA was, but most of their goals seemed noble to me, that´s why I´m here. But really people, no offence, but you really got to get that sand out of your vaginas, try to take things with humor. I wanted to sleep early today and now its 2 am.

  • feeriker

    And in other earth-shattering news, the sun rose in the east this morning…

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    W. T. F.

    Time to file more complaints against that criminal.

    • Jim Doyle

      “Justice Ellen Gorman has allowed corrupt Assistant District Attorney walk with a slap on the wrist.”

      Time to go after her. Decisions like this are why these crimes continue to happen.

      • yinyangbalance

        Do it, but more importantly keep tabs on her and dont let her out of your radar, document everything. That pattern is there. She and her Feminist kind are MRA factories, the more they do this the more they alienate from Feminism. Document everything they are doing, show the hatred they have for males and people will open their eyes. This is what a ‘movement’ is.

    • yinyangbalance

      No…time to make movies. You couldn’t make this stuff up. Lets make some movies folks, it will speak louder than any legal ‘action’.

  • Tom Golden

    OMG. Sad. But this tells us that our efforts need to be stepped up. When the system refuses to punish instances of institutional bullying we have a larger problem. The system is now the abuser. I hope we can find ways to leverage this injustice and whitewashing.

  • frostedflake

    That’s why there are citizen’s grand juries: to file indictments against these criminals. A citizen’s grand jury indicted Angela Corry, for falsifying the arrest warrant for George Zimmerman.
    The other option is a class-action lawsuit against Kellett, with the demand that the case ONLY be heard by a common law jury, and not just another thug in a black robe.

  • James Huff

    On behalf of AVFM I extend my thanks to Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell.

    I look forward to hearing the interview.

  • Iron John

    Bummer. : (


    Typical misconduct in the legal system. All of these corrupt people have each other’s backs. We need the name of the chief prosecutor so that when he/she comes up for re-election we can make that chief prosecutor pay for this issue. Ditto for the judge. Meanwhile, whatever jail time and legal fees were spent by the falsely-accused Filler needs to be paid and served by Kellett, the judge, and Kellet’s boss. It’s called accountability for these cretins in black dresses who abuse their power to destroy others. Payback should be painful. Is Filler filing a complaint about this bad judge with the Maine Judicial Review Board? I hope so!

    • Phil in Utah

      Couldn’t agree more, Mark. Mary Kellet’s just the tip of the iceburg. The whole system is corrupt, and that’s what we need to work on fixing.

      • feeriker

        I don’t think the system can be fixed. It’s too far gone. Time to obliterate it and rebuild from scratch.

  • JJ

    What do we have to do to get justice against these criminals?

    She is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Honestly, what can we do now? The next time we won’t have a case as bad as Filler’s with which to chase after her. They just shit canned a thousand men, and a thousand more as now she will prosecute with impunity since she knows she is protected.

    • Jack Barnes

      We hound her to the gates of Hell if need be.

    • frostedflake

      Citizen grand jury indictment
      Class-action lawsuit, heard ONLY by a common-law jury.

    • Murray Pearson

      We can take up *my* case, perhaps? Starts September 3 in Montreal. Police and the courts covering up domestic abuse including attempted homicide in front of the kids, child abuse, pedophilia, perjury, fraud, contempt of court, and abuse of process. Legal Aid giving a job to a psychopath who’s used her position to abuse others such as Tom Matty. Denying me ANY opportunity to testify in my own defense. A lawyer who refused to notify the Courts of my disability for TWO YEARS. It goes on and on.

  • Kimski

    Thanks to Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell.
    The sentence comes as no surprise. It’s a hard fact that men and women are held to different levels of accountability, in any “equal” and “just” society.
    Mary Kellett is just another example on a very, very long list.

    Edit: Btw, the headline is an oxymoron.

  • Jack Barnes

    Congratulations Kellett, you won this one.
    Just remember we will always be watching and we will be waiting. If you ever try this bullshit again we will be standing there smacking our lips. We will drag your ass before the state bar a thousand times if that’s what it takes. We will not stop. We will not yield.

    Kellett you are a public official. Everything you do and say in that capacity will be monitored. Its a citizen’s right to do so. You work for us, not the other way around. REMEMBER THAT.

  • Dean Esmay

    Our thanks to Scott, Sean, and Chris, and everyone else who bent over backwards to show their support.

    My anger on this is such that I’m probably taking the rest of the day off. Today is my birthday and this is the shittiest birthday present I’ve gotten in quite some fucking time.

    I honestly no longer believe in our system of justice.

    • Tom Golden

      Happy Birthday Dean! Something good may come from this yet.

    • Phil in Utah

      Dude, I know how you feel. My birthday was yesterday.

    • TexasIsPangea Greg

      No one “believes” in anything if you are willing to take that train of thought that “belief” doesn’t exist, well in a tangible sense. I know, quotation marks seem to make light of context in certain situations, and the motive to put the quotation marks there can be questioned. When I make the statement that belief doesn’t exist, I don’t negate the other context where it can “exist” in another context.

      I have been able to entertain the idea that something exists or not depending on whether or not I see that there is a grain of truth to the context. Some contexts though when applied to the SERIOUS world may need some opposition for consideration, not that I think that the person is necessarily wrong based on his or her claim.

    • Tom Golden

      BTW Dean, here are some birthday cards for you. ;>)

      Happy Birthday!

    • Kimski

      Reached the 50 mark five days ago.
      Some shitty late birthday present, I’ll likely remember for a long time to come..

      • scatmaster

        I received nothing from my wayward son nor his mother.
        That is another story that I will be working on with Dr F over the next few months.

        My birthday was ten days ago. Not that I was expecting anything but if this atrocity was my gift.

        Fuck you Kellett you psychopathic misandric bitch!!!!

        Kimski, Dean, et al. Happy Birthday Brother to Brother!!!

        Truly mean that dudes!!!!

        • Kimski

          Happy birthday to you too, Scatters, and that includes the rest of you guys, too.

          God, I could use a good long angry radio rant from James Huff right now.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Happy Birthday, Dean. My 60th was day before yesterday and my son’s best friend’s mom’s funeral was today. She’ll never hold her treasured grandchild in her arms again, but I’m going to do that in about two minutes.

      I REFUSE to allow ANYTHING or ANYBODY to bring me down without my consent ever, ever ,ever again.

      That being said – I am going to do my dead level best to stop others from harming the innocent. Mary Kellett – your prosecution days maliciously ruining innocent lives are numbered.

  • Jason Gregory

    She must complete 6 hours of additional prosecutorial ethics training.

    • Jared Spencer

      Well, THAT should show her. Ugh.

    • scatmaster

      With all due respect James (and I know you know this),
      whoopdee freaking doo!!!!!!

  • Phil in Utah

    Might I suggest a different approach for our next corrupt prosecutor?

    Let’s not rely exclusively on the people whose lives they’ve ruined; they can be too easily dismissed as biased and bitter, and as for their crimes, it’s their word against that of a seasoned lawyer.

    Instead, let’s also talk to the subordinates of those prosecutors, the ones who were financially coerced into helping them destroy people’s lives. Let’s get insider information. Let’s do the same thing with the judges who refuse to hold these crooks accountable. Let’s also talk to the defense attorneys who fight them, who have the right of disclosure, and see if they’d be willing to cooperate.

    Then, let’s take all our findings, and hold them up to the light of day for all the world to see. It’ll be a lot of work, but it’s what needs to be done.

    • Jim Doyle

      Exactly. We bneed to go after the people with institutional power to let or make this crpa happen, and you are outlining a very good approach.

  • Allan

    To Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell, I am most impressed and encouraged you did this. It’s hard to undo the pattern of men competing not working together well. And yet, you did. Motivated by, I gather, some internet activism, what you read about here and elsewhere.

    If we can grow that, it could be the pebble that starts an avalanche to bring down a whole lot more than just Mary Kellett.

    Great job guys.

    • Typhonblue (Asha James)

      Where do people get this idea men can’t cooperate?

      Men working together built society!

      • JinnBottle

        Asha – You’re right, men cooperating did everything from bringing down 9ft cave bears to building the NYC skyline. But I do see what Allan means by a negative calcifying of once-healthy competition setting in.

        The “men sticking together” meme seems to have been largely an Old World legacy that survived in the New World in the avatars of the Knights of Columbus, Knights of Pythias, Polish-American Clubs, etc, etc, etc.

        Until about 1970. Enter 2nd Wave Feminism. The labor force doubles (i.e. jobs for men, women for men, start getting scarce), males start being brought up from birth under feminism/single mothers, women start invading Men’s Space – which the MSM pussies start demonizing – homosocial relationships amongst men are outlawed – and many other factors new in History.

        Result: The always delicate balance amongst men between Competition and Affinity tips completely down on Cooperation, and that male-cooperation which has been, with positive competition, that which has guided us to climbing skyscrapers instead of trees, is poisoned.

        Men retrieving Male Space, homosociality, positive competition are going to be key in saving civilization itself.

      • scatmaster

        Asha: with physical infrastructure I agree!

        Sometimes, however within this movement we do that “shoot off our nose to spite our face” thing.

        MND is an example of that.

      • Allan

        Where do I get it!?

        I get it from the frequent comments about the “circular firing squad” in the men’s movement, Paul’s video about the Plague of modern masculinity, my own experiences advocating for men, and for example this typical comment by Shlomo at The Spearhead:

        “The sad, maddening truth: the main reason men are in the sexist soup they’re in is due to males themselves. For the most part (and sundry reasons), they failed to stand up to feminists. Ask them to storm enemy machinegun nests to protect their buddies and they will do it. Pronto. Suggest they publicly confront “wimmin” per the injustice of losing their children (or having to register with Selective Service, etc.) and men will play ostrich and/or remain mute.

        It’s easy for feminists win in the court of public opinion when men refuse to speak.”

        Frankly, it’s something I’m very interested in understanding much clearer and better. It’s strategically important because it’s behind why there isn’t a huge backlash to the wide swath of feminist destruction. It does seem to be related to a lack of positive father experiences, male space, role models but I’m not sure how to correct this in our current population of males. It also seems to be about unconsciously supporting women’s interests not men’s interests when there is a choice to be made with women watching.

        JinnBottle: “Men retrieving Male Space, homosociality, positive competition are going to be key in saving civilization itself.”

        Very interesting. Do you see that happening anywhere?

  • JFinn

    Apparently fighting for the innocently accused is being a “rape supporter.”

    These bigots have it in their minds that 1 in 4 to 6 women are raped in their lifetimes and therefore only a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of rapists are sent to prison. If you follow their frightening math, you’d conclude that we need to take about 4 average-sized states in the US and fill them with nothing but prisons for men. This is why they don’t have a problem pushing to incarcerate any man that comes their way. And this is a direct result of the paranoid, hate-filled Patriarchy Theory: wildly false statistics combined with bigoted generalizations(like the term “rape culture”) that dehumanize half the planet.

    The government is controlled by the voters. The media is controlled by the viewers, readers, and listeners. Corporations are controlled by the consumers. Women are powerful. There is no patriarchy.

  • Nightwing1029

    My thanks to Scott, Sean, and Chris.

    My deepest regrets to Vladek Filler.

    My continued resolve to keep people like Kellet from continuing this type of BS.

    • scatmaster

      I should apologize to all as your post is dead on.
      My vitriol has been directed at that corrupt prosecutor.
      It is warranted but I should also be sending my regrets to Mr Filler and like you reinforcing my resolve to as you say “keep people like Kellet from continuing this type of BS.

      Mr. Filler:

      I am so sorry. I hope one day you will sit down an do an interview with one of our hosts on AVFM radio. Who know sit may be a catharsis for you.


      Fuck you and we will never stop watching you and your “sista” in arms Bassano!!!

      • Nightwing1029

        Brother, I get it.
        We all lose our heads, once in a while.
        Nothing wrong with anger.
        I’m pissed about this decision, myself.
        I will bet it probably touched a nerve with you.
        This is why I posted it the way I did.
        A quick reminder to keep fighting for what we know is right.

  • August Løvenskiolds

    Let me add my thanks to Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell for their good work.

    I’m somewhat consoled that they forced Kellett to apologize. Women (particularly feminists) detest both taking responsibility and offering apologies, so she must’ve been choking out the words.

    Fuck you, Kellett. Your apology is refused. We will never forgive you for your ongoing hatred of men and their families.

  • greg

    Thank you Scott, Sean and Chris.

    Par for the course.

    Fuck You Kellett.

  • theoutside

    Time for class action law suit.

    • scatmaster

      No disrespect but show us the money and a lawyer with the cojon, er, intestinal fortitude to take on something like that. Their career would be over. Only a big time lawyer would take that on and if the bigwig at the Innocence Project (his names escapes and I am too lazy to Google) has not spoken to this travesty I think that idea is just wishful thinking. Though I like the way you think.

      • theoutside

        Well maybe the Dershowitz mentioned below by fathers4fairness.

        He might be interested, who knows. If we all put in according to our current finances….Maybe he would take it.

        After all, we must remember: NIFONG WAS DISBARRED. (the Duke Lacrosse prosecutor).

        Therefore do not give up hope. :)

    • scatmaster

      Kind of tired of going into the spam filter without a link in my post. Did I say something wrong? Mods??
      If so let me know. Yes, I am butt hurt. LOL!!!!

      • theoutside

        ???? … I don’t think I follow, scatmaster.


        • scatmaster

          Sorry, theoutside. I believe filing a clash action lawsuit would cost a lot of money and I don’t think you could find a lawyer to do so even if the money were available. I may be way out in left field but IMO it is a pipe dream.

          • Jared Spencer

            You are right, scatmaster. Expensive is the easier problem. The other problem is harder. A class action can only be successful if your class can be viewed as a victim. That would be some serious upstream without a good paddle action.

          • scatmaster

            and Jared we know the only victims are women.

      • Typhonblue (Asha James)

        The spam filter has gone nuts.

        • scatmaster

          Thanks Asha. I kind of noticed.
          I really thought it was that.
          I don’t believe I have been that far out of line ever.
          Apparently in this case patience is a virtue. It was my gender feminist mother that told me that however.

  • theoutside

    Maybe other things like strikes, protest marches, boycotts — as in the Civil Rights movement — will be needed.

    Having come this far with the case, AVFM and allies should perhaps not let it drop, but pursue using Kellett/Bassano/Gorman as poster girls for feminist judicial corruption. In a way, the very brazenness of the final decision will be a gift to the MHRM in the last analysis.

    Many thanks to all who wrote and reported.

  • fathers4fairness

    I just read how Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz is “livid” at the professional irresponsibility of FL Special Prosecutor Angela Corey in filing a misleading Affidavit of Probable before the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Murder Trial. Claiming he has seen the good, bad and ugly of state prosecutors – but Corey took the cake.

    I guess he hasn’t heard of Mary Kellett.

    But seriously – were it not for an unusual and obscure clause in Maine State regarding a petition to the legislature – Mary Kellett’s behaviour would never have been held to account. There is an oversight problem.

    • theoutside

      Lets hire him.

  • Jared Spencer

    I suppose she said “I went too far” * wink wink* and ” it won’t happen again” * wink wink*. Giving a shitty woman a second chance at BEST. Buying into the shit show, lock, stock and barrel at worst.

  • gateman

    This is FUCKED UP. So much for justice. What a joke.

  • John

    All of her cases will have to be carefully monitored from here on out, gender bigots like that rarely change their stripes. Mark my words, she will continue, and when she does hopefully she can be placed before the same court yet again.

    • Dean Esmay

      Odds are she will cover her tracks more carefully, at least for a while, hoping we lose interest and go away.

      Odds are also that the rest of Bossano’s office is just as corrupt, they’re just embarrassed that Kellett was dumb enough to get caught.

      Alas, I think the same is most likely about “Justice” Ellen Gorman.

      The best advice I can think of is to stay out of the State of Maine. Hate to stay it, I’d like to be on the ground there and fighting, but I can’t blame anyone who has a sense of self-preservation and just leaves.

  • JinnBottle

    Deep thanx from all of us, Mssrs Scott Soly, Chris Caldwell, Sean Campbell. This was not easy for you all, I’m sure, but it was heroic.

    • JinnBottle

      Oh yes: Just read some of the above Comments and am inspired to add:

      Fuck you, Kellet.

  • Bolo

    What a surprise, a woman won’t be held accountable for her actions. I hope AVFM continues to put the pressure on her. Everyone in the manosphere knew she would get a small handslap for being a corrupted bigoted piece of trash.

    • JinnBottle

      If her suspension was itself suspended, and she walks right back into her gig, I don’t get how she was even slapped on the wrist.

  • HQR3

    The really big problem behind this ruling is that it is a feminist governance test case. Nearly all of these egregious injustices set precedents–remember the first “burning bed” case? Expect in the near future to see a hundred Mary Kelletts now that this one has shown just what she can and will get away with.

    • theoutside

      Unfortunately, yes you are right.

      That’s why we must defeat her. Remember, Nifong (the Duke Lacrosse prosecutor) was in fact disbarred.

      It can be done.

      • Tom Golden

        To men.

  • Borjo

    Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell are role models, we all have to get involve in this kind of issues actively.

  • scatmaster


    Saw Jersey Boys the weekend before last here at the National Arts Centre (ya that is the way we spell it up here Overlord Elam) in Ottawa, the song resonates.


    Ooh, walk, walk, walk, walk Ooh, walk like a man

    Oh, how you tried
    To cut me down to size
    Telling dirty lies to my friends

    But my own father said
    “Give her up don’t bother
    The world isn’t coming to an end”

    He said it, walk like a man
    Talk like a man
    Walk like a man my son

    No woman’s worth
    Crawling on the earth
    So walk like a man, my son

    Ooh, walk, walk, walk, walk Ooh

    Bye baby I’m gonna meet a lady
    Gonna get along some how

    Soon you’ll be crying
    I’ll count on though you’re lying
    Oh yeah, just look who’s laughing now

    I’m gonna, walk like a man
    Fast as I can
    Walk like a man from you

    I’ll tell the world
    Forget about it girl

    And walk like a man from you

    Ooh, walk, walk, walk, walk Ooh, walk, walk, walk, walk Ooh, walk, walk, walk, walk

    • Robert Crayle

      Although I would like to know why the lyrics “talk like a man” is in such a high-pitched squeal…

      • scatmaster

        That was Frankie’s style.
        What can one say?


        • Robert Crayle

          It was a great style too. He perfected it way back in the December of ’63. Oh what a night that was…

  • Tim Legere

    Thank you for your efforts Scott, Sean, and Chris.

  • Dean Esmay

    We got a statement from Vladek Filler today. Expect to see more in the next day or so, as we’re all exhausted.

  • Mickster66

    Despite the farcical conclusion this was some great work by you guys, changing this lousy corrupt system is going to be a long up hill battle, but this is where it starts, they know people are watching – and are not prepared to sit back and let them get away with it. Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and commitment, you really are inspirational.

  • Stu

    This is exactly what I thought would happen. But look at it this way, although Kellet is probably celebrating and laughing about her victory now, our activism has not been for nothing. Her peers, and feminists, are giving her a pass, but her pass shows yet again, that feminism has way too much power. The ordinary people that have learned about this story via our coverage, and that of organizations like SAVE, will be shaking their heads wondering how the fuck she is walking like this.

    In other words, feminists, have just fed a whole lot of people a whole lot of red pills.

    If they had of nailed her to a cross, people could say……see, the system works, no pussy pass here. The fact that she is walking with a slap on the wrist will drive home to many that the system is anti-male, pro radical feminism.

    In the end, they do our work for us.

    • greg

      Thank you Stu.

  • Ray

    There is no shortage of misandry in Maine. It is very clearly, institutionalized. :-(

  • Perseus

    This demon crucified innocent men. Vladek Filler is an outstanding, innocent man. This whore crucified him.

    May the dogs of war hunt this degenerate piece of filth to the gates of hell with the skill, cunning and relentless determination that is the hallmark of men. Insidious wretch

  • KeanoReeves

    I save seen somecases (ver very very few, I admit), here victims of small crimes refused to file complaints because they will jot be helped. A time is not far when victims of larger crimes, of burglary, of armed dacoitry, ofgrievous physical injury refuse to file a complaint because they feel justice won’t be done. When that happens………..

  • Never Blue Again

    👿 👿 👿
    👿 👿 👿
    👿 👿 👿

    Only one question Arieses… !!

    What gives these judge or judicial system the authority or moral superiority to judge anyone else for anything ….. ??

  • Aimee McGee

    Scott, Sean and Chris, great work!

    To anyone lurking wondering if they could do activism such as court watch, just do it!

    It’s the buzz that never gets boring – real life activism feels great

  • gateman

    Perverting the course of justice, bringing the judicial system into disrepute – I would have expected 20 years jail time. Instead she gets a stern talking-to.
    Fuck this shit.

  • gateman

    We need another Vladek Filler to come forward.
    If it can be shown that Vladek Filler’s case was not a 1-off, that she has a history of interfering with evidence and corrupting due legal process then they will have to take her crimes seriously and give her the punishment she deserves.

  • Turbo

    Good grief, what sort of punishment is a suspended suspension? Unbelievable. It is totally appropriate that she exited out the back door, the cowards way out.

    I guess it was always known that this was the possible outcome, these people look after their own. However, thanks to the activism of this site and others, a lot more people have seen the level of corruption. This results in more awareness and more support for the MRM. Well done all.

    Thanks to Scott Soly, Sean Campbell and Chris Caldwell, good job fellas.

  • Winstone

    Helping a mother to use false allegations in child custody cases is CHILD ABUSE. Feminist prosecutors who commit child abuse should be fired, jailed, if not hanged.

  • Attila L. Vinczer

    Marry Kellet needs to be pursued by what ever legal means until her will to be among men and women who prize honor and virtue above the external advantages of rank or fortune is fully removed.

    She should NEVER be allowed to practice law EVER again! She should be shamed every day she puts her ugly carcass before the public eye.

    Run her out of town, out of the country and of this world.

  • Billy

    Here is a link where you sign a petition to get Mary Kellet disbarred.