AVfM Radio Special


AVfM Radio will present a very special program. JtO and I will follow up last week’s show, “What Makes a Man a Man,” with a query into the female psyche, in an episode titled “What Women Want.”

Suffice it to say it will not be your typical, manginosity filled diatribe on pleasing the “fair” sex, but a serious examination of the question that you can only get MRA style.  If you liked the last show, you are going to love this one.

But we are not stopping there.  Also joining us on the show will be Tom Martin, the former London School of Economics student who is now litigating against that university, claiming that the institution practices sexual discrimination in its gender studies program. (Tip of the hat to Jeremiah)

Martin’s suit was “covered,” by The Guardian with an ambush article, full of hollow critique, feminist dogma and condescension, by Jonathan Dean. Martin was, however, allowed to present a response to that article himself, in which I might add he used a THM video as a source for citing the gender bias in the approach to domestic violence (Thanks in part to his use of the video, it has just topped 100,000 views).

Mr. Martin will be interviewed live on the show and will be available to field your questions when you call in to the show at 310-388-9709.

Be sure to join is for what will clearly be one of our most interesting shows. This is one you don’t want to miss.


  • Atlas Reloaded

    What do women want who the fuck cares the end.

    lol can’t wait Paul.

  • Muk

    lol Thanks to that, it’s also got 308 “Dislikes”
    The fembots who read The Guardian doesn’t seem to like it when you shatter their world with proof that everything they think they know is wrong.

    • J3DIforce1

      One of the things I find interesting on the video, especially in the comments sections is that feminist and battered woman are epic fail at understanding the meaning and purpose behind it. It would seem their attitude is that domestic violence belongs to woman and woman only and how dare Paul have the audacity to take that from them. The level of meism is very high and very smug.

      • keyster

        “It would seem their attitude is that domestic violence belongs to woman and woman only…”

        It’s part of their identity or “brand” as a victim group. As long as they claim it and own it they control the narrative of it.

        It’s like claiming what’s called “reverse discrimination”. The race grievance industry OWNS the word “discrimination”, and to imply a member of the majority ethnic group was discrimnated against in favor of the minority (in the interest of a covert quota system), is to steal that word from them, making it less effective for them to use. It’s how a propagandist maintains and controls the power the victim group has “struggled and fought so hard for”.

        They protect the words and concepts that work so well for them to stay relevant and which many of whom depend on as a decent livelihood. Double-standards are conveniently ignored or dismissed.

  • Perseus

    Dude, dude, seriously dude. This is fucking brilliant. I want to give this guy all of the support in the world. Let’s help him light a fire under their fat fucking cow asses.

    100,000 views? Shit that’s awesome. I might add it’s a pleasure to see AVfM creeping toward the million views mark. A million ain’t bad. And if we consider collectively MRM community traffic, seems pretty good. And by extension if we include DrudgeReport and the Breitbart Network, hey we’re looking pretty good 😉 (that last part was a bit of a joke, although …) (btw Breitbart will be coming out with a “Big Academia” site soon).

    • Paul Elam

      I see you have almost hit 3,500 subscribers on YouTube in just 18 months. That is a natural reaction to excellence.

      I look forward to the day we can present a special showcase of your videos here. They are MRA GOLD.

  • Jeremiah


  • J3DIforce1

    This is wonderful news. I can’t wait to hear this one : )

  • Atlas Reloaded

    There is no-read that ABSOLUTELY NONE- male-gender bias on the campuses of U.S. schools today!

    Except maybe the football team. Whose players are all first-in-line candidates for false rape accusations.

  • Adi

    Great stuff. People like him are leading the way.

    By the way, Jessica Valenti’s profile on register-her is now on the front page of Google.

    • scatmaster


      Here kitty kitty

      Let’s aim for the top of page 1!!!!!!!!!

      • Dr. F


        I love these screenies. Thanks.

        • scatmaster

          I will endeavor to keep all up to date, informed, and amused.

      • Perseus

        Wow, thanks scat, that pick brought a smile to my face.

    • BobbyL

      Nice! I must send her a congratulation email.

  • Merlin

    The last show was superb…

    If that’s the quality marker for the next show it can only get better and better! Having read about the Tom Martin story I will be all ears on the next show for sure. Quality move, Paul and the crew.

    In addition, I don’t think women know what they want…at one point they wanted Hairy Hunter, and then more recently wanted Mr Metrosexual. Now it’s become apparent they want Hairy Hunter back again, so they can sit on their FAT asses having coffee mornings and slagging off men behind their hard-working backs.

  • Merlin

    I should add to that last partial rant…what they Do want, is to have anything that makes their lives easier at the expense of males. That’s more the case!

  • Izzey

    What do women want?
    They want it all handed to them on a silver platter.

    They are emotional and physical hostage takers.
    They hold an invisible ‘tin cup’ in front of their bodies and expect you to fill it up under the guise of ‘I am worth it’

    And after they have a full cup…they empty it, and then shove it up your ass.

    What does this woman want?

    I want every woman to live life on both sides of the fence.
    It is only then, that they will see what they are worth.

    Going to work on a boat today. I’m finally done cleaning up after that fucking bitch hurricane.
    Wish I could take a few princesses with me, and show them what hard work really feels like.

    But they wouldn’t last an hour.
    Have a great day, everyone.

    • Perseus

      Brilliant exposé, Izzey.

  • .ProleScum.

    Glad you’re on an even keel again Izzey. :)

  • andybob

    Whatever women want, you can be sure they don’t have it: just to be sure that they can whine and bitch about it ad-fucking-nauseum. Being disatisfied is perceived as one of the enchanted privileges of princessdom. Ever notice the post-coital glowwhich oozes from a woman’s pores when she’s complaining? All that wallowing in victimhood gets their juices flowing. They love it. The Ever witness a whole pack of them whining at once? Mass ecstasy.

    Any guileless female who expresses any kind of contentment – or God forbid, joy – is reviled by femnuts as undermining the sistahood. These days, I associate women so closely with being pissed off, that when I see one who isn’t scowling, I assume she’s either medicated or retarded.

    Mr Martin has the weight of a million misandry-drenched textbooks on his side. How could they possibly deny it? Best of luck to him. This AVFM outreach is an excellent effort for all involved. Another man who refuses to play dead to the woe-filled vaginocracy.

    • Perseus

      More treasure from Sir andybob.

      “These days, I associate women so closely with being pissed off, that when I see one who isn’t scowling, I assume she’s either medicated or retarded.”

      Truer words never spoken. LMAO …………..

      And this from a creature more obscenely privileged than anything this little rock has ever bourne. To think, there was a time that I actually tried to please this abysmal vampire… It’s all wooden stakes from here… skinny bitches.

    • Just1X

      “These days, I associate women so closely with being pissed off, that when I see one who isn’t scowling, I assume she’s either medicated or retarded.”

      That is pure fucking gold…

      more, much more, please

  • keyster

    Imagine how women would feel if men collectively decided to wear dresses, high heels and make-up and be happy little home makers. Do ya think women would be attracted to them?

    You don’t need to imagine women dressing and acting like men, because they already are. And YET men are STILL attracted to them! Never underestimate the power the almighty vajayjay wields over the testosterone laden young man. She could be the Incredible Hulk with double D’s and he’d still wanna fuck her.

    If her feminine virtue and sexual value continues to decline with each generation, its because she’s making it happen. Doubling down with “slut culture” only makes this worse.

  • Dr. F

    You got that guy.? …he’s going to be on the radio ? …. Oh the sweet sweetness of it all. Ha !
    This is going to be out – bloody – standing.

    The radio show is has ticked off people before and will always be so but getting a guy in who has garnered so many hits because of his reply is something else.

    Here he is, a guy with nuts like pumpkins and has the tenacity and stamina to not buckle in the stinky gale of a wall of a million flatulent femsters, and I can see he’s going to have a hoot with us.

    A hoot with us = an inverse hoot for the goblins in the femdom forest online.

    Ha… this is funny as hell I love it.

  • Denis

    Interesting, thanks.

  • CyclotronMajesty

    Very nice. I should like to call in.

  • Perseus

    Males are inclined to derive resources from the earth.
    Females are inclined to derive resources from males.

    Human females are highly refined extraction devices whose target medium is the human male.

    The conventional folly has been to assume that females want a particular thing, a thing which, by definition, they have not yet obtained. I posit that it is not a particular ‘thing’ which females want, but rather explicitly the act of extraction which is the end in and of itself.

    Males practice a variety of skills which may be useful. The primary ‘skill’ of females is the ‘art’ of manipulation. Consider the activities in which the female engages from the time of childhood. Talking and socializing dominates. Look at this for what it is, developing and exercising her verbal/emotional skills. Consider then the typical modi operandi of females- seduction, verbal abuse and coercion, emotional terrorism. Her primary thing is manipulation of other human beings, particularly males. While males are developing the skills to build, females are developing skills to manipulate men. Men are capable of dealing with this appropriately, given the opportunity.

    So the insatiable expression of female desires can be understood as both a means to an end and an end in itself. When she doesn’t have any real needs or wants, she still engages in the activity of practicing the skill of extraction, i.e. abuse of males.

  • JinnBottle

    You *do* know how tomorrow’s show will conclude, don’t you?

    “What Does a Woman Want?” : Whatever YOU ain’t got, pal.

    Nevertheless, lookin forward to it!

  • Denis

    I noticed on Blogtalkradio after Dr.T’s first show last week that she hit the most popular on the BTR blogs. Now it’s AVfM “What Makes a Man a Man” that is at the top.

    I think that these subjects and particularly the titles are attracting a lot of outside interest.

    I think tonight’s show is also going to be popular as this seems to be the elusive question that every man wants answered.