An industry of human damage for cash

Barry Nolan seemingly wants domestic violence to continue without amelioration.

Or, possibly, he’s simply too stupid to be taken seriously. However, I don’t think that’s the case.

At the start of September 2012, Nolan published an article in Boston Magazine, opening with an item of naked fear mongering.


Angry, radical men’s groups believe males are being victimized by out-of-control judges and politicians. They’re wrong and they’re dangerous and they need to be stopped.

There’s that emotional hot button again, the claim of danger and the cultivation of fear.

Contrasting Mr. Nolan’s idiotic lies, a small detour into another oppositional ideologue’s attack on the MRM is worth revisiting.

“It should be mentioned that the SPLC did not label MRAs as members of a hate movement; nor did our article claim that the grievances they air on their websites – false rape accusations, ruinous divorce settlements and the like – are all without merit.” [1] (emphasis mine)

Arthur Goldwag managed dropped this admission in his backpedalling after being pasted by Reason Magazine, Business Insider and the American Spectator for the SPLC’s irresponsible fear-mongering about the MRM of last year.

Barry Nolan’s moronic fantasy that men are not “victimized by out-of-control judges and politicians” depends on a readership completely out of touch with the universally known reality of anti-father bias in family courts.

According to Nolan about the MRM : “They’re wrong and they’re dangerous.”

I guess old Barry doesn’t have any male friends, or perhaps, none of them have been divorced. Must be a small circle he travels in. Of course, Nolan’s piece vacillates several times between sanity and hysteria. He describes several father’s rights activists who, concerned by the anti-male bias they’ve witnessed in the family court system, each regularly participate in meetings of the Massachusetts Governor’s Council.

And hold on to your socks, these terrifying father’s rights activists oppose anti-father policies and rulings. Oh no. Quoting Nolan, “One thing the Fatherhood Council is particularly concerned about is restraining orders, which it insists are used in a way that’s biased against men.“

Nolan paints a picture in which this claim is outlandish. An outrageous fantasy of restraining orders issued frivolously, abused, weaponized against innocent men.

He apparently counts on a total disconnect from reality in his readers. Mis-use and abuse of restraining orders is so well known that a google search returns scores of articles on the topic[2][3][4][5]. The problem is an old one, and even fellow bostonian and libertarian feminist Cathy Young[6] has written about it.

Nolan’s commentary on the political success of men’s and father’s rights activists steers the predictable course of reiterated feminine victimhood, and the tiresome lie that the small successes of these activists have an aim of placing women into danger.

The Duluth Model, a popular approach to domestic violence, relies on a false and cartoonish model of partner violence, that violence has one sex, male, and that victimhood has the other sex, female. The pretend picture of women only victims is of course very effective as an emotional fund raising tool. However, opposition to a model which recognizes only half the perpetrators and half the victims is doomed to inadequately address  the problem, but it will keep filling shelters with victims.

A one-sexed one directional approach to domestic violence makes about as much sense as fighting a building fire by only spraying water on north or south facing walls, and letting west and east facing walls burn freely.

The recently stalled renewal of VAWA has in Barry Nolan’s narrative a motive of justified battery against women. In reality, the bill was stalled due to the republican party’s apparent objection to the inclusion of lesbians, gays and bisexuals, but it is the abrogation of legal due process – and the incentivization of fraud by both claimants and prosecutors — which men’s activists most strongly object to. The previous version of VAWA has so much legal and financial fraud built into it that identifying one set of problems is beyond the scope of any single online discussion.

Observing that domestic violence in the real world is most commonly reciprocal, Nolan manages to spin the fact that in female initiated violence women are most often injured, as if this is justification for injury. The abject depravity of this characterization exceeds description. Quoting Nolan: “In other words: She was asking for it, officer.”

Not in other words. Only in Barry’s words.

Nolan lists a number of successes in the activism of Fathers and Families and the Fatherhood Coalition, but lacking a rational rebuttal – elects to cultivate fear. Opposition to unjust and easily abused legislation is characterized by Nolan as removal of women’s protection against violence. Naming a Massachusetts statute, Nolan portrays it’s accurate description in the colors of hysterical hyperbole.


The fundamental idea behind 209A is that men are inherently batterers and women are fundamentally victims.

Absurd as such a view on domestic violence sounds, like many other laws built on the Duluth model of DV – this is an accurate picture of much current DV legislation

Barry Nolan also goes goes back to the source of sensationalist fear-mongering at the ever-more-credible SPLC, noting that “men’s groups are having successes like this all over the country. Citing Rita Smith of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence who apparently told the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report that such groups have ‘taken over the courts’ ”.

This bit of hyperbole aside, father’s and men’s rights groups have succeeded in gaining a legal voice, which is appropriate in a functional society. Compared to previous exclusion of anyone besides gender ideologues, this is a great improvement, but the legal travesties played out against men like Vladek Filler and Gordon Smith are sadly typical in a deeply broken legal system requiring continued attention.

Nolan manages to portray small successes opposing legal corruption in terms of imminent disaster. “They [men’s rights activists] have been able to get custody evaluators, mediators, guardians ad litem, and child protective service workers to believe that women and children lie about abuse.”

Imagine the horror, the evil, frightening and dangerous MRAs convinced CPS workers and court officials that some women lie about abuse. Of course, we all know women do not lie, they simply cannot lie, because they’re not really human beings, but perfect pure creatures of divine aether.

The bad men must be stopped! Legal reforms in which men and fathers are afforded consideration as humans with rights must not continue! Somebody, think of the children!!!

But like a good-cop, bad-cop routine, where both rolls are played by the same hammy actor, Nolan breifly takes the responsible citizen tack, creating plausible deniability for himself. Claiming in a moment of apparent opposition to his earlier fear-mongering that “It’s true that the family courts should be better staffed, and better trained to sort out the truth, assess the risks, and ensure that kids are kept safe, happy, and healthy. And men’s groups certainly have every right to try to change the law. That’s how democracy works”. And of course, there is no “war on men”.

In the next paragraph of course, the fantasist is back. Nolan claims that: “women’s groups” need to wake up and get involved, which they’ve apparently been slow to do.

There are two lies here, one of which is obvious. The known anti male bias in family courts didn’t happen by accident, it is the result of decades of vigorous activism. But Barry’s second lie is the use of the term “women’s groups”. The implication is that women’s and men’s interests exclude each other, and that fathers or men’s rights activism is hostile to women, or children or their human rights.

Doubling down on the implied lie, Nolan cites Toni Troop of Jane Doe Inc., a Massachusetts domestic violence advocacy group using the Duluth model of DV. According to Troop: “People see through their rhetoric and their repeated attempts to undermine safety for the real victims of domestic violence.”

I was not, until reading Nolan’s excellent and completely truthful reportage that the men’s rights movement, or indeed, my own activism was built on “repeated attempts to undermine safety for the real victims of domestic violence”.

Well shit, I guess we should all stop doing that, and instead, take up hobbies. Knitting sounds nice.

Nolan re-iterates his double lie that the human rights of women are in danger from MRAs, and that gender ideological activists haven’t dominated family law and domestic violence law for decades.

“More women’s and mothers’ groups need to start attending these meetings and demanding a seat at the table”

The unstated equivalence is that gender ideologues and women are the same thing. Women happen to be people identifiable by their sex, the doctrine commonly using the label of feminism is an ideology; a thing formed from ideas. Ideologies and people aren’t the same, but Nolan apparently can’t tell them apart. Many father’s rights activists happen to be women.

And in case he hasnt made himself clear yet, Barry quotes Mr VAWA himself, repeating Vice President Joe Biden’s flowery and dishonest emotional hype.


Violence against women reflects as much a failure of our nation’s collective moral imagination as it does the failure of our nation’s laws and regulations…it deserves our profound public outrage.

As ever from ideological thinkers, in mention of violence or of domestic violence, the limiting clause is invoked. “against women”.

Although Nolan himself noted earlier in his article that DV is commonly bi directional and reciprocal, the fiction to be preserved is that women are the sole victims, and men are the sole perpetrators. This is the Duluthian view – the one guaranteed to tap into protective instincts from men and generate donations, but also guaranteed to continue the problem of violence by addressing it with a nonfunctional model.

According to Nolan, it’s time after 20 years of VAWA to become outraged “again”. In fact, it’s 20 years past time, because those who’ve controlled the policies of family courts, of VAWA-funded laws and who’ve shaped decades of public messaging on domestic violence with a known fiction did so to keep the funding. And that has kept the violence flowing.

That is the result when ideology is placed in primacy over evidence, and violent behavior is enabled and justified by gender ideologues whose salaries depend on perpetual female victimhood, and the narrative of “male violence”. Giving the problem of partner violence a sex is a sick game of pretend, and it produces real human carnage.

The outrage Barry Nolan calls for is entirely appropriate, but misplaced, and decades late to arrive. And the fear he seeks to cultivate is appropriate for those whose comfortable jobs depend on maintenance of a one sided fiction of male evil and the saccharine sickly fantasy of women as not fallible humans like the rest of us, but perfect, sweet eternal victims.

And to the politicians, the court employees and officials who continue to operate from ideology rather than evidence, and maintain a corrupt, broken system pouring damage, pain and destroying lives of individuals and families, Yes, Nolan is right when he says be afraid.

[1] http://www.splcenter.org/blog/2012/05/15/intelligence-report-article-provokes-outrage-among-mens-rights-activists/

[2] http://www.expertlaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22828
[3] http://www.expertlaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64948
[4] http://www.massoutrage.com/ma/restraining-order-resources/fighting-false-restraining-orders/
[5] http://www.mishpattsedek.com/Docs/VAWA-Restraining-Orders.pdf
[6] http://www.batteredmen.com/youngres.htm

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  • kiwihelen

    Knitting is far from a peaceful activity. Try getting knitting needles onto a flight in your carry-on bag sometime ;)

    • Skeptic

      Try being a man sitting peacefully knitting next to an unaccompanied child on some airline’s flights too eh?

      • kiwihelen

        Now wouldn’t that be an interesting social experiment?

        I know a number of male knitters….

  • napocapo69

    It is not just a matter of stupidity.

    A sentence like “Angry, radical men’s groups believe males are being victimized by out-of-control judges and politicians. They’re wrong and they’re dangerous and they need to be stopped.” is a manifestation of hate, and denial of the right of speech, free thought and opposition.

    Who is the dangerous guy?

    • The Real Peterman

      No men have been victimized by judges or politicians! Never has an innocent man been sent to prison or put on death row. Never has a man had to pay so much alimony that he was forced to live in his car. Never has a man been drafted and sent to the other side of the world to die. Never has a man been denied the right to see his own children.

      So shut up, MRAs!

    • Theseus

      Yeah. What a treacherous pussy this guy is. It’s almost like a black person attending a Klan rally in the deep south and then telling his fellow blacks to stop getting so “uppity”.

  • Skeptic

    Thanks JtO.
    Holy shit.
    Where the hell has Nolan been these past 40 years?
    Under a rock?


    Talk about socially autistic!

    • Robert St. Estephe

      He has not been under a rock. He has been associating with politically correct ideologues who want to “fundamentally transform society.” He is a Utopianist. That’s how he makes his living. Cultural terrorism pays.

      Barry Nolan is a bigshot, he knows best. Obey his orders. He is part of the elite and is only doing this “for the good of society.” (Just like all the other control freaks who have set up reservations, concentration camps, re-education camps, internment camps, and gulags).

      He thinks he has “history on his side” and that you are a worm who must be “socially reconstructed.”

      He is not at all ignorant. He is power hungry and well-versed in the propaganda of social control. A typical sociopath.

  • Kimski

    Barry Nolan is a hate monger, and a radical one at that. He would be spending his time more wisely applying for a membership on the board of the SPLC, where they will learn him the secret martial art of backpedalling at lightspeed.
    (Thanks for the laugh, JtO!)

    What he needs is a quick little divorce and a subsequent court rape, where he is stripped of all assets and the right to see his children, by a manhating female judge and a exwife with BPD.

    I’m pretty sure that will do the trick.

    • Skeptic

      Perhaps Dr Tara can hook him up with a BPD for the shock therapy you suggest.

      • Kimski

        What a great idea, Skeptic.

        Barry Nolan strikes me as being a man who would fuck anything with tits.

        Perhaps we can hook him up with Manboobz?

        Now, imagine the level of stupidity in the offspring, if that was possible.

      • Robert St. Estephe

        Janet Napolitano, the head of TSA (Transgressive Sexual Assault), would be a perfect match. She knows just how to treat a member of the incorrect “gender.” And Big Sis’s famous stable of special femme friends (on the gov’t dole) are going to join in to help out, we can be sure.

  • Sasha

    This is a great piece; informative, reasonable and firm with a clear voice.

    You know, one of the things that strikes me these days is – and this struck me reading Quiet Riot Girl’s piece about second-wave feminism – is that AvFM has actually, quietly, become the home of some of the best polemical writing and activist journalism I think I’ve seen.

    Even – and I’m aware how self-regarding this sounds – even the comments set a pretty high standard.

    As a professional I’d say we’re a long way off the gold standard of the NYT, Atlantic Magazine, The National Journal or some of the best of the BBC, but I find AvFM is consistently more edgy, sparkier – simply funnier and more challenging than the Huffington Post and 90% of mainstream media I come across.

    When I read JtO’s stuff, or GirlWritesWhat, I often find myself thinking that it just – content aside, whether you agree with them or not – it just blows most other stuff out of the water.

    • Bombay

      Yes. The quality of writing and the truth it contains are undeniable. Without this, the move to street activism would not be nearly as successful.

    • Arvy

      When you refer to the NYT et al as the “gold standard” I must assume that it’s their stylistic wordsmithing that you have in mind rather than their journalism as such.

      Other than that, I agree absolutely. The authorship here (both articles and comments) is quite remarkable.

      • BioCan

        Agreed, Arvy. I don’t even see a gold standard in writing, but only a gold standard in pandering to consumers and what they desire. This website has produced far better content than any of these news websites for it bears observations and citations to support them. It is a fantastic method that reduces the signal to noise ratio produced by social media outlets that results in great articles with a lot of substance.

        As well, after the article they allowed to be published entitled: “Men, Who Needs Them?”, or something to that effect, I can’t take them seriously as a news company at all since they have clearly shown their bias and hatred for men time and again.

  • ChrisD

    It’s hard not to get a warm happy feeling when reading this kind of article calling us all angry and dangerous. I know outrage is the immediate response but then you realise why these articles are becoming more common – they know they’re losing.

    Before now we were treated as a joke, we weren’t a threat to the misandry in society because no one would take us seriously. Now we are getting heard and even winning some serious victories, affecting legislation and seeing more balanced reports on mainstream media.

    They have to attack us because they need to shut us down fast, before we gain even more traction. It’s a losing fight but they will push it as far as they can.

    • andybob

      I know outrage is the immediate response but then you realise why these articles are becoming more common – they know they’re losing.

      Exactly my response, Mr ChrisD. Shrill, hysterical and increasingly desperate. Mr Nolan’s alarmist rant is so absurd that Mr JTO carves him up like a Sunday roast.

      As our talented chef points out, the code red sirens are deafening throughout. “Angry…radical…dangerous”. Mr Nolan never really explains why the MRM, “must be stopped”. He just reveals that the idea of educated professionals acknowledging that women sometimes lie sends him into a blind panic. His response is simply bizzare.

      Is the notion of female infallibility so imperative to safeguarding his Happy Place, that questioning it causes him to go into meltdown? He may relish the saccharine fantasy of perfect women, but it is leaving a sour taste in the mouths of a world that is fast switching to Splendour.

      Feminists actually think that sending out clowns like Barry Nolan is going to help them. They’d be better off sending out Whakapapa’s most famous son. Bret Vanders may reek of sheep pooh, but he has more gravity and sense than Mr Nolan any day of the week – I really mean that. Besides, they could always hose him down.

      Excellent post, as always, Mr JTO.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    There is a coverup going on: of violence against women by violent women. Female victims of violent women are treated as if they do not exist.

    • kiwihelen

      I’ve got a lesbian friend and over the last couple of years as I have got to know her she has slowly disclosed the kind of abuse she has experienced at the hands of other women. I hear a lot of bad stuff moding on S4M, and from my work. I know how bad DV can be. Her stories are horrific.

      One thing I’ve spent a lot of time talking with her about is her realising she doesn’t need to accept abuse in her intimate partner relationships.

      Apparently, when she tried to raise it with other lesbians, she was told she was making it up….so it takes a hetro woman who really likes men to help a lesbian woman see she has the right to violence free relationships? Do we see some cognitive disonance?

      • The Real Peterman

        Study after study shows that domestic violence is as common in lesbian relationships as in heterosexual relationships. For instance:


      • andybob

        After talking to lesbians about IPV, it seems that they don’t think of the violence in their own relationships as being ‘real’ violence – because ‘real’ violence is only committed by men.

        Lesbian feminists were the first to hold the Duluth Model aloft, much like a trophy. Now they’re stuck with it. Their trophy is now their albatross.

        Let me stress that I am not victim-blaming. No-one deserves to be in a violent relationship, whatever their sex or orientation. It’s just that lesbians are the last group who would ever acknowledge that female-perpetrated violence exists. Hell will freeze over before they admit that it’s a problem.

        As told to me, women are never in the wrong, so their actions are always justified. How much pain can a woman inflict, anyway? Besides, you can’t be patriarchal and tell womyn what they can and can’t do. So, it’s OK for men to be violent, but when women do it, it’s wrong – you must hate strong women. On and on and on.

        Forget solar power. The spinning hamsters of a tiny lesbian enclave could light any city in the world. They have an excuse for everything. Many lesbians are awed and intrigued by violence. It has a male glamour that fascinates them. You need a strong stomach to delve into lesbian culture. Take my advice – don’t. It’s vile. Very different from the silly-but-harmless gayness of Colin and Justin heisting the homes of style-challenged Canadians.

        I don’t have much advice to offer you Ms Kiwihelen, except to encourage your friend to distance herself from the lesbians in her circle. Those circles can be very toxic environments full of negativity, drama and gossip – and feminists. They always seem to live in each other’s pockets which makes them stiflingly incestuous.

        I always make it clear to my few lesbian friends that when I see them, I expect their circles to be far away – preferably in a different country. These are the circles of crazy from which feminism spun out of control. Tell your friend that her only hope is to get as far away from it as possible. That is her only hope. Good luck to her.

        • kiwihelen

          She’s finding it harder and harder to find a date now she’s started being discerning about this issue.
          Kinda sad that having a moral compass excludes you in this community eh?

        • http://pinterest.com/zetapersei/male-privilege/ Perseus

          I have long suspected as much. As someone loath to dislike, I have always experienced a sinister vibe emanating from lesbian culture. Some kind of an absolute absence of the fiber from which decency originates. And once again, andybob hits it out of the park in laying it out.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Historical facts of violence by women have been suppressed in order to further the ideological and financial agenda of the “inherent victim” cult:

    A quick look at some behavior you are not supposed to have ever heard about (not available in the universities):

    “Acid Queens: Women Who Throw Acid”


    Remember: men are evil and women are holy — and only a complete surveillance (with lots and lots of SWAT Teams) state can save the inherent victims from the patriarchy.

  • napocapo69

    “wo” and “fe” …

    “Angry, radical [wo]men’s groups believe [fe]males are being victimized by out-of-control judges and politicians. They’re wrong and they’re dangerous and they need to be stopped”

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Funny how victims of muggings, burglary, extortion, fraud, forced drugging, false arrest, false incarceration, perjury, violence-by-women, prosecutorial misconduct, false witness and kidnappings seem to fail to avoid becoming “angry.”

      Is “anger” a crime that will be now be aggressively punished by the politically correct SWAT Teams that are being built up by that pervert authoritarian opportunist stealing your tax dollars, Janet Napolitano?

  • Zerbu

    “Nolan manages to spin the fact that in female initiated violence women are most often injured, as if this is justification for injury.”

    It’s completely acceptable to judge men and/or women as monolithic groups when women get the advantage from it, but do so when women are not at an advantage and there will be a shitstorm.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    The commonly made claim that the courts ignored domestic violence against women – until the domestic violence industry created by radical feminists came to the rescue in the 1960s — is a BOLD FACED LIE.

    Here is the evidence you can use to debunk the cold-blooded opportunists like Nolan who lie for cash (and for “gendered” favors):

    “Community Disapproval of Domestic Violence”

    “Society’s Acceptance of Domestic Violence?” http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com/2011/10/societys-acceptance-of-domestic.html

    “19th Century Intolerance Towards Domestic Violence” http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com/2011/11/19th-century-intolerance-towards.html

    — Misandry is about THEORIES; Anti-Misandry is about FACTS —

  • http://mrathunderinthehammer.blogspot.com/ Dannyboy

    think barry no-man might have a scorched ass now after reading your piece on his article.

    ” And the fear he seeks to cultivate is appropriate for those whose comfortable jobs depend on maintenance of a one sided fiction of male evil and the saccharine sickly fantasy of women as not fallible humans like the rest of us, but perfect, sweet eternal victims.”

    Wait you mean women lie JTO?
    Please say it ain’t so I need female approval so I can be a real man(gina) like barry.

    Right up until the last few lines of the article I thought women farted the truth. It came billowing out of their nether regions perfuming the air with honesty and honor.
    Wait I think I got heat stroke yesterday on my poster run, red pill taken, reality sets back in.

    Reality has proven that the flemmie rhetoric does in fact resemble something that is well known to be produced by their collective arses. It attracts weak minded people,( like barry,) like flies, who gobble it up.

    barry, like a two bit whore, you and your ilk are a societal syphilis that goes unrecognized or diagnosed and spreads. Copulating and infecting every mental midget out there who lost the ability to use critical thinking.

    barry, if you do happen to read this well sonny jim your gonna realize that after those flemmies have been exposed for greedy lying miscreants they are, just how very wrong, ignorant and lacking in critical thinking abilities you and your ilk are.

    The flemmies are being fought back on many fronts and via those fronts their flemmie lies are being exposed to the light of truth and public scrutiny. So it appears they, the flemmies, turned to a white knight such as yourself. Tell me barry were there crocodile tears in their eyes?
    Did you say “it’s alright I’ll protect you with my pen for it can spew your flemmie lies far and wide.” See barry the only problem with you spreading their lies, is that, it requires you to toss your journalistic integrity into the trash can where it belongs. Now that too, your journalistic integrity, has as well been exposed for the lie it is.
    Really barry are you that feeble-minded that you can’t, for a moment realize, just how bad and how much state sanctioned metaphorical raping of men and boys that goes on in the laws and courts these days? Is your iq that deficient? Did the flemmies set you up with a hooker and take some naughty pictures using them to black mail you to write a misandric piece for them?
    Are you really that much of an idiot?
    Enjoyed your grilling of barry JTO thanks.

    • Arvy

      Journalistic integrity, like military intelligence, is an oxymoron. It wasn’t always so, or at least not always so overwhelmingly prevalent, but the first lesson for today’s journalist is how to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. The reverse, which used to be their credo, has not only gone out of style, it has become a real career killer.

  • The Real Peterman

    Men in America are 3 times as likely as women to be the victims of a violent crime, so why the hell is there a Violence Against Women Act?

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Men need to be kept in their place. How can we have 500,000 men killed in one day by loving governments (as in World War I) if they were to go and get uppity and disobey both their Mistresses and their social superiors in the government bureaucracies. They will send our sons out to slaughter if we let them and do everything they can to weaken resistance to their authoritarian lust.

      • Arvy

        Another good one, Robert. I wonder if you’ve read Andrew Bacevich’s The New American Militarism: How Americans Are Seduced by War. If not, it’s worth a look. It includes some very interesting perpectives on feminism (its origins and uses) from a military standpoint.

    • Darryl X

      After data concerning reciprocal violence (men who are responding to violence initiated by a woman and who are often defending themselves and/or their children) is excluded from the definition of domestic violence as it should be and after data concerning child abuse by women and men is included under a broader definition of family violence, women are responsible for most violence in families. It isn’t even close to equal. For more information, consult publications in refereed scientific journals by researchers like Daniel Whitaker (former CDC scientist) and Murray Strauss (Professor, Dept of Psychology at University of New Hampshire) and many more.

  • Adam

    On that note of exaggerated importance of domestic violence on women and masculine minimalisation, there’s this:

    Held on the 23rd November, if anyone will be in Perth CBD, Western Australia on that time, let me know. I’ll be keeping an eye on replies and can give my email address if there’s interest.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    John the Other is an inspiration to read. But the target of this article, the sociopathic social engineer and lies-for-hire writer, Barely Normal, or whatever his handle is, is an ever greater inspiration — for some further truth-perpetuating publishing.

    NEW POST in response to this new promotion of fake statistics and authoritarian ideology:

    “This Is What An “Inherent Victim” Looks Like (Female Violence Exposed)”


    The quotes given are offered to you as bits of evidence you might want to use for your own purposes.

    — May the spirit of Sigurd Hoeberth be with you!

  • Gamerp4

    >“Angry, radical men’s groups believe males are being victimized by out-of-control judges and politicians. They’re wrong and they’re dangerous and they need to be stopped.”

    Hmm maybe Nolan forgot about Radical Feminist who seek eugenics, eradication of males, and in some cases of children and women too but overall he says “They’re wrong and They’ re dangerous, Got proof for that Barry Nolan ol’buddy :D NO! that is sad because it seems your just trying to link something that is just not happening.

    In one sentence he says MRM activists are WRONG and DANGEROUS in just couple of paragraphs down he says this

    >”“It’s true that the family courts should be better staffed, and better trained to sort out the truth, assess the risks, and ensure that kids are kept safe, happy, and healthy. And men’s groups certainly have every right to try to change the law. That’s how democracy works””

    So whats up with contradicting in your own rhetoric rant, if you state us as dangerous and untruthful then how come you say that WE HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO CHANGE THE LAW, if we have the right then who are you to mark us as WRONG and DANGEROUS :D hilarious i tell you and I think i have a good IQ level than most journalist now a days.

    >”“One thing the Fatherhood Council is particularly concerned about is restraining orders, which it insists are used in a way that’s biased against men.“

    So restraining a father from meeting his child is not bias, tell me did Nolan took his medication when he wrote this piece, If a mother tries to force the father out of his children’s life by using false evidence and the law against him it isnt biased, Yep i totally believe that is what Nolan wants his reader and us “The Unwashed Masses” to accept.

    >”They [men’s rights activists] have been able to get custody evaluators, mediators, guardians ad litem, and child protective service workers to believe that women and children lie about abuse.”

    Yah we know how much influence we have in the society, now fear is something that you should feel in every day of your life NOLAN because not only we are marching towards the Egalitarianism but we are blowing the air with screams of “To Reveille” and this is the fear which eats NOLAN and feminist. You see they dont want equality they want Female Supremacy that is why Nolan says WE SHOULD BE STOPPED, OUR FREE SPEECH SHOULD BE CENSORED, WE SHOULD BE JAILED because we are “wrong” and “dangerous” (Without any prove he states that like I or Paul or JTO are standing outside his house with an AK-47 and a grenade to blow his ass up, yep we are more dangerous than Real Terrorist).

    And one last thing Nolan uses Children for his and feminist advantages :D you know the old narrative Think of the children, well i didnt see any children testifying against his/her father about abuse but i sure see many women claiming abuse and sexual assualt (Without any proof mind you, that is how Family court works in western countries).

    Thank you Barry Nolan for showing us that We are having an hard impact and an influence on society and masses because if we weren’t doing any of that YOU WOULDN’T ORDER OUR VOICES TO BE CRUSHED.

  • Darryl X

    Great article, JtO.

    “Angry, radical men’s groups believe males are being victimized by out-of-control judges and politicians. They’re wrong and they’re dangerous and they need to be stopped.”

    Data that show this statement to be completely wrong-headed and the opposite of the truth is considerable. You can ignore the truth but you can’t ignore the consequences of the truth.

    Presently, our governments are ignoring the consequences of the truth and systematically enslaving, imprisoning and exterminating men.

    They deny men proceeds concerning programs for public assistance (and other resources critical for survival) to which they contributed disproportionately more and are instead exchanging those proceeds with women for political power and control. Often holding children hostage to achieve this goal.

    When in a “civilized” country does defending your life and livelihood or that of your children at the expense of no one else become radical and dangerous? Or are we just no longer “civilized”?

    I’ve written before and I’ll write again that malignant narcissists interpret complaint about their oppression as evidence of their success and will encourage them to impose even more. Men are now being condemned because they are objecting to persecution of them by governments without provocation.

    The statement above from the Boston Magazine article is a perfect example of this condition and the circumstances of men today as a result. “Radical” and “dangerous” – what a joke.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      I withdrew my membership from the College Arts Association (the leading professional organization for art historians and artists) 15 years ago because their newsletter included — in article titles, or titles of projects — the word “rage” six times — in a SINGLE ISSUE.

      Feminists and Europe-bashing race ideologues are obsessed with the word “rage.”

      There is nothing more “radical” than a social engineer all set to violate your natural rights “for the greater good.”

  • Arvy

    Angry, radical men’s groups?! Gee, is there some kind of password required to get access to the radical bits? Personally, I’m inclined to the view that the anger expressed here has been quite unradical, even understated, for the most part. I’d really like to get to those more radical items — especially the “dangerous” ones that “must be stopped.”

    • Darryl X

      Second that. Where do I go to sign up for the radical part? LOL

  • keyster

    “Angry, radical men’s groups believe males are being victimized by out-of-control judges and politicians. They’re wrong and they’re dangerous and they need to be stopped.”

    Saul Alinsky would have advised him to use “extremist” or “extremism” somewhere in there too.

    Much like abortion rights, “violence against women” is BIG MONEY. We’re talking the continued employment of thousands of Women’s Studies Majors. You’d think after hundreds of Billions of dollars spread around to countless agencies and 501c3 organizations over the last 20 years it would have had an effect by now. But no, it seems violence against women remains at epidemic proportions. Who knew? Obviously something is not working.

    And the fact that Senate Republicans dared question where the money was going, led to shrill cries of “the privilaged white male class wanting to put women in danger” and “being FOR violence against women”. They’re obviously “waging a war against women” on several fronts; access to health care, VAWA funding and equal pay legislation. They want women to die, get beat up and work for less money than men.


    Dear Women Folk:

    Vote for us and we won’t take you back to the 1950’s when women were chained to their stoves, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

    We’ll give you free health care, and men will gladly make up the difference in what they pay. Your health is paramount, men not so much.

    We’ll continue to fund VAWA so women will be protected from violent men, and have access to homeless shelters where men can’t rape them.

    We’ll ask corporations for access to their payrolls and set govt pay standards for every job men and women do, so you won’t get cheated out of equal pay. And if there are violations, we’ll allow you to sue.

    So please vote for us because we’ll protect you from the Scary Party of Danger.

    With Love,

    Barrack Obama, Sandra Fluke
    and the Femocratic Party of Women

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCp3CWpiPUE?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360

    • Theseus

      Hey brother Keyster. I just signed on to the MRM as a full blown MRA. Damn, I’m sorry that it took so long. I agree with a lot of what you say in your posts. There is no doubt the endless patronizing from the dems and the left is quite nauseating. However, in my view, the Republicans aren’t the lesser of two evils.

      The social/religious right promote what they see as “proper” gender roles based on their own traditional and biblical views. Men are caught in the crossfire of the bogus “drug war”, and this leads to a much higher incarceration rate of poor and minority men than it would be otherwise. And they are obsessed with discriminating against our gay brothers in the name of preserving some kind of mythical moral society.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    I have a new interpretation of this Barney Ozone (or whatever his name is) guy’s behavior. I think he is desperately trying to get normal people to stop buying the products advertised on the Good Man Project.

    I disagree with that destructive strategy. I think he should instead try to reform the site and start telling the truth for a change. And, I would, hope, also get rid of all those infantile, gratuitous, cheap, dumbed-down “10 ways to have intercourse” type of articles that make GMP look like Cosmopolitan magazine and which are only fit for indoctrinated TV-head slaves.

  • http://manamongoaks.com/index.html Ray

    Joe Biden’s taxpayer funded, Violence Against Women Act is based on the fraudulent, gender feminist paradigm that domestic violence is “gender based” (man bad/woman good), and is a hate movement (plain and simple). VAWA will always be a hate movement as long as it follows that gender feminist paradigm. Actions based on VAWA constitute witch-hunting males” as shown in “Witch-Hunting Males” at Youtube. http://tinyurl.com/65dpzwu

  • TPH

    I think I will create an experience transfer machine, the Experienceomatic 3000. With this machine you can transfer your experiences and feeling to another human being.

    I’d be thinking about the 11 year fight I fought for my sons custody and basic child support from my ex-wife, going through the family courts, having the DCS be held in contempt 3 times and ordered to collect child support from my ex-wife and then having them raise their middle finger to the judges and get away with it because I was simply a man asserting his rights of equality under law.

    With the click of a contact, the Experienceomatic 3000 would activate, taking my life experiences and copy them to Barry Nolan’s life experiences. I wonder then if he would pen poison posts/articles and be such an incredible pandering mangina with the experience of ONE man who went through Hell and back several times in order to be treated equally under the law?

    What would happen if 10,000 men who experienced the family court system transferred their experiences to Barry Nolan?

    He would be rendered a gibbering idiot. Pretty much as he is now, but without the experiences of men who have gone through the crucible.

  • AntZ

    Message posted on /r/mensrights, regarding this news story:



    Offer applies to any SERIOUS feminist (with a link score in /r/feminism, /r/shitredditsays, or /r/srswomen that is equal to or higher than mine on /r/mensrights — 946). This requirement is to make sure that you will actually pay up (or face your valuable screen identity disgraced). If more than one feminist replies to ths message with affirmative offer (I won’t hold my breath), offer applies to the earliest time stamp.

    1) I predict that the jealous woman’s boyfriend will receive a longer prison sentence than the jealous woman will receive.

    2a) I agree to donate $100 to the feminist organization of your choice if I am wrong.

    2b) You agree to donate $100 to A Voice for Men if I am right:


    3) Proof of payment will be offered by the loser on this board, via imgur screenshot of the PayPal receipt window (with account number and other DOX information blotted out).


    The ONLY thing that I have to know, in order to make this wager, is the genders of the people involved. That is all.

    Bigoted sexist feminists insist that there is no such thing as sexism against men. OK then, make some money off of your “belief”. Take me up on my offer, and make an easy $100. After all, if there is no judicial gender bias against men, the mastermind of the crime SHOULD receive a MUCH longer sentence than the poor sod who she conned into helping her.

    Is there even one feminist in the world who has enough integrity and courage to PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR HUGE ANNOYING LOUD LYING MOUTH IS?!?!

    Make me pay for my “sexism” and “privilege”. The “privileged” man will (of course) receive a shorter sentence than the “victim” woman. Right? RIGHT?

    Prove to the world that “MRAs are sexists”. Come on, cowards.

    Offer expires in seven days.

    Pay up or fuck off, feminists. I am tired of hearing your screeching annoying voices.

  • tallwheel

    If only Nolan were right, that AVfM and the MRM were responsible for stalling VAWA. Now THAT would be activism…

    • Robert St. Estephe

      And Nolan openly attacked efforts to curb the green card larcenies which, as has been documented, were not merely committed by well-prepared immigrant criminal women pretending to be interested in marrying Americans, but also are coached by taxpayer-funded (VAWA) organizations which allow feminist lawyers to, with impunity, design the cash and property thefts from inception to cash-in — on behalf of their later-to-bei”abused” clients.