Riot Police

Those who rule over us: Part III

From Angry Harry, the third installment in his series on those who rule over us.

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  • DukeLax

    Angry Harry , father of the online MRM movement ( can we call you pop???).
    I like your premise about the myopic tunnel vision of those that seek power…by dis-empowering others!!

    • DukeLax

      “pop”… youre lectures lend themselves to me cranking up on the radio, as Im cleaning my room. You have that comforting father / professorial voice.

      • Stu

        So his comforting professional voice has helped him gain power by making you listen and take on board what he says and perhaps modify your thoughts and actions in some way……..a way in which will help him have the power to destroy his enemies perhaps, through the rising tide of Angry Harry fans. Whatever…..sounds good to me. :)

        It just made me once again think of something though. Angry Harry’s voice does indeed command respect and has the sound of authority and wisdom…… us. But what sort of voice might be required to urge a completely different audience to listen and take note…..and perhaps……action. It takes a lot of different styles, of speaking, and writing to reach everyone, and we need to reach everyone. The widest possible audience.

        • Angry Harry

          ” his comforting professional voice ”

          50 years of smoking did that + some difficulty in getting my mouth to do what my brain is trying to tell it to do. I don’t exaggerate. I had to read the last two podcasts.

          “It takes a lot of different styles, of speaking, and writing to reach everyone, and we need to reach everyone. The widest possible audience.”

          Yes, we have no hope unless we get the message out continually to a wide range – and large number – of people. But each of us can only reach a few, at the moment.

          • Stu

            And I can’t wait for the fourth installment, where you tell us how feminism will devour us all, and how truly fucked we are if men don’t get off their arses and fight back. :)

          • Dan Slezak

            AVFM BUMPER STICKER!!!!!

    • PlainOldTruth

      Yes. And the MHRA needs to mature and overcome the narrow tunnel vision of its critique of the growing tyranny. We need to become thoroughly familiar with the nature and methods of the opponent — instead of keeping the focus primarily on its front-women (feminist cult zealots — the pawns in the game, the plague of locusts that occludes our vision and prevents our seeing the full image of the monster).

      • DukeLax

        right on brother!!! I agree, women may in fact be just a tool in this game to strip men of their basic civil rights. Break and divide men, and no one will stop the crooks from robbing the public.

      • Arvy

        Amen. The impetus for feminism’s broad support at the highest levels, if not for feminism itself, has had little to do with advancing female issues per se and much to do with other interests. I almost inclined to suggest that male societal and familial roles were the larger target of those interests, but perhaps that’s a step too far.

      • dreamjoehill

        Yes. Don’t forget that Gloria Steinem was a CIA agent and closely allied with uber-capitalist tools like CD Jackson (publisher of Fortune & Eisenhower psyops head) & Rockefeller tool John McCloy.
        From the start, Ms magazine was heavily funded by 1% controlled corporations and foundations.

    • Angry Harry

      ” can we call you pop?”


      You can try!

  • PlainOldTruth

    Non-partisan critique of corruption:

    Q: What did George W. Bush get on his SAT exam?
    A: Drool.
    Q: What did Barack H. Obama get on his SAT exam?
    A: That is a State Secret. Next week, the IRS will audit you for asking.

  • WhoCares

    A much simpler way to say what you are saying, is simply that thoughts in our mind are behaviors. Habits. We have the thoughts we have had in the past, and those thoughts are the thoughts we grew up having, have been trained in by “culture”.

    Not to say we can’t think outside that, but it’s not automatic, easy and habitual. You can walk backward no problem, but it takes a conscious effort to. Forward is easy, automatic, without “thinking”. You tend to do what you’ve always done.

    You can’t stop this. It’s automatic. You CAN notice and distinguish between automatic thoughts from “the culture” and logical, more rational thinking, but since the vast majority don’t do this a lot… as you say “truth doesn’t matter”. It’s more about defending our favorite thoughts, as we’ve been trained to through politics. Look up the argumentative theory of reasoning (by cognitive scientist Dan Sperber et al). It explains a lot. Truth has no natural appeal to humans at all.

    • Angry Harry

      “A much simpler way to say what you are saying, is simply that thoughts in our mind are behaviors. ”


      I don’t think that anyone has actually shown what thoughts are.

      And to call thoughts ‘behaviours’ seems, quite frankly, pointless and uninformative.

      ” You CAN notice and distinguish between automatic thoughts from “the culture” and logical, more rational thinking,”

      An example would be nice.

      • Paul Elam

        Harry, did you not know that the much simpler, better, clearer, superior way to say everything comes from other people who are not taking the time to say anything at all?


        • WhoCares

          google “mercer argumentative theory” First hit:

          55 pages of scientific literature. TL;DR Much easier to just attack and villify and indulge your own thoughts. It proves my point and the article discusses all that.

          Sheesh yourself.

          • Angry Harry

            Keep calm. Paul was referring to your assertion in your very first sentence.

            IOW, you could have at least taken the trouble to justify it.

      • dreamjoehill

        Who cares has a point. People’s thoughts heavily influenced by media, advertising, culture and schooling. New ideas are usually just a bit removed from the old ones. The truly radical new idea is a rarity.

  • Dan Slezak

    link rot

  • Angry Harry

    Who Rules Over Us Part III

    Try this link …

  • TPH

    Interesting Podcast, I’m going to listen to it again on the way to work and let my brain do its categorizing and sorting algorithms. :-)

  • Epoche

    We see some of what Angry Harry is talking about manifest in Karl Witfogel’s study of oriental despotism. From

    Broadly speaking, the ranking officials determine the operations
    of their secretarial and menial underlings. But often an administra-
    tive (or fiscal or police) problem can be solved to the advantage of
    either the ranking officials or their underlings. Ambivalent situations
    of this kind are inherent in all organizations whose functions are
    vertically divided. But in the hydraulic setting these situations were
    particularly consequential because the actions of the apparatchiki
    were not checked by effective outside forces and because those in-
    volved in the conflicts disposed over the resources of a uniquely
    powerful state apparatus.

    The ranking officials, as well as the underlings, aimed at a maxi-
    mum of control over details of procedure and personnel, partly for
    the sake of power and partly for the sake of increasing their share of
    the government revenue.

    We also see these ideas also manifest in the west. For example the idea of an enrollment manager

    This is a rapidly emerging and expanding profession with very few
    channels of professional development,” said Jerry Lucido, executive
    director of the University of Southern California’s Center for
    Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice. “This is a profession that
    has grown up rapidly in the past 30 years.”