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The end of feminism – a prophetic fiction

Many have read Orwell’s prophetic book 1984, but few in the MHRM have heard of the 1971 pulp fiction novel The Feminists, an equally prophetic work detailing events that have unfolded -and continue to unfold- in the area of gender politics. Set in the year 1992, the story recounts the rise of misandry and feminist governance that saw women in charge of every detail of civilization, and of a growing resistance movement (to feminism) that mirrors the sentiment of men’s rights groups today. The story tells of how one resistance group, while living in a network of secret underground tunnels, plans and executes a successful bombing (which I hasten to add no one in the MHRM would ever consider doing) at a public gathering attended by both the feminist President and a mayor named Verna. The deed is one of many attempts to undermine feminist governance and hasten the end of misandric culture.

During the bombing the feminist President is injured. From a hospital bed she organizes an emergency meeting with executive members of her government, including her old friend and mayor, Verna, who was also witness to the bombing. The following is the pivotal scene in which the President addresses her guests, and where she makes the intriguing suggestion that an increase in female MHRA’s has made it impossible for feminist governance to continue. – PW

Here’s a summary from the back cover, followed by an excerpt from the book:

the feminists - front cover


Take a look into the future…women now rule the world—or most of what’s left of it—and their world is not a pretty place to live in. Men have been reduced to mere chattel, good only for procreation. THE FEMINISTS are working to eliminate even this strictly male function…

Men must get permission to make love to any female—even if she is willing—or the penalty is death!

Follow one man’s story as he is hunted for just such a crime. In desperation, he stumbles upon the hide-out of the subterranean people—others, like himself—both male and female—who have broken the law of THE FEMINISTS. Hiding in abandoned subway undergrounds, this group of gallant and desperate people wage a guerilla war to overthrow their enslavers.


The president glanced from one to the other of the women, her eyes finally settling on Verna and softening as if she was remembering their long years of friendship during the rise to power. She smiled weakly and then fixed her gaze on her own hands. There was a look of defeat on her face.

”It has been the policy of our administration to conceal the unfavorable aspect of Feminist control,” she said, her voice almost a monotone. “I’ve spoken to some of you individually about the resistance in Los Angeles and Chicago.”

”The pigs can be overcome,” the Secretary of Defense interrupted. “We beat them once, we can do it again!”

”No,” the president said firmly. “We won’t beat them again. We are no longer merely fighting the male element of society. An increasing number of females have joined forces with the men.


The president lifted her head and stared at the Secretary of Defense coldly. “This country,” she said, “is in the midst of a revolution like it has never known. The only thing keeping us from being ousted is the lack of communication. If the revolutionists in each city did not think they were fighting alone, they would be in control. Fortunately we’ve dissected the country by cutting off all forms of communication.” She met Verna’s stunned face. “The resistance movement in New York has been minor in comparison,” she said. “But all these groups will soon unite. It’s inevitable.”

The Mayor, feeling her legs growing weak, turned and sank into a chair.

“The time has come for us to objectively examine our control,” the President said. “Unless we return the rights to males that make them equals, our country will be torn apart.”

“But they’re not equals!” the Secretary of Defense insisted.

“Thirty percent of the female population has suddenly decided they are, “ the President said. “To retain control we would be fighting our own sex.” She closed her eyes and sighed wearily. “In short,” she said, “we must face the fact that Feminist control has failed.”

The mayor felt as if she had been struck. “Then it’s all been in vain,” she mumbled.

”Not entirely,” the President told her. “Not if we concede now. Unless we allow ourselves to be beaten and forced into male servitude, we can maintain our dignity. Remember, I said equals. In the future, men will consider us in higher esteem. Many of the changes we have brought about will remain in effect. Our control, even though only temporary, has proven that our sex does not make us inferior. “

”Is this what you intend to tell the public?”

”It is.”

”You will create mass hysteria.”

”I don’t think so,” the President said. “Granted, there will always be a segment that will resent my decision to reunite the sexes. I suppose there will be guerilla fighters who refuse to comply, but they will be a minority. I only hope none of you are among them. There are many problems our country must face once the question of sexual superiority is conquered. All of us are needed. We must rebuild our environment and stop starvation.”

Source: The Feminists, by Parley J. Cooper (pp. 173-75) Pinnacle Books, 1971

  • Daniel

    One of my favourites… my first Orwell was “Animal Farm” when I was a kid.

    I still remember the feeling at reaching the end and going down stairs to my dad and asking were there pages missing, that it couldn’t end like this. I was just reading it as a story about this farm and the animals were the characters. Maybe we should all re read it like that, the outrage is very clear that way.

    • Daniel

      …. not just the outrage, the utter grief.

    • PaulMurrayCbr

      The “pages missing” were still being written in the contemporary politics of the day.

  • Daniel

    … there is no reason to presume a happy ending, don’t be complacent. that hits you from Orwell, very hard.

  • Bewildered

    GOOD GRIEF !!! .

    But the feminists and manginas are mocking it in the reviews.

    • Dagda Mór

      Eh? I can see only one review and he’s mostly gently amused by the brash pulpy tone of the book.

      • Bewildered

        Feb 26, 2014

        Kyle Brittain

        rated it
        1 of 5 stars


        The fact that this exists makes me so fucking angry.

        oppressed parties and turning them into the oppressors is horrible.
        Entirely horrible and naive and just a shitty decision. Like, I
        understand this was the 70’s and everyone was brain dead but that
        doesn’t make it right. It’s pretty much a novel about demonizing any
        women who is a feminist. It’s saying ‘any women who is a feminist thinks
        she is better than all men.’ NO. that’s not how it works. Parley J.
        Cooper, you need to get your shi…more

    • Chris Wedge

      Well, they’re right to. A Nazi-like rise to power by 1992?
      Try an ongoing KKK-but-even-more-subtle rise that’s still currently in effect.

  • Steve Brulé

    If only feminist rule were so out in the open! We have it today, in zero tolerance laws that arrest a man on the word of a woman, in family court that views every father as a token parent to be treated with suspicion, whose paycheque is up for grabs by the lawyers and his ex-wife. We see it in the new rape laws being formulated. We see it in the serious consideration of legalized husband murder, as advocated by E. Sheehy, and the E. Fry society. Every woman has the full-power of the state available at her word. A man is his wife’s slave in every way except title. She only need become sufficiently angry to prove it to her husband. I think every man ultimately knows this at some level, and it contributes to his slow withdrawal into the empty 65-year-old shells we so often see in older males, if he is not dead by then.
    All of this is done in the name of equality, by democratically elected officials.

    Feminist rule is not a future-fiction, it is the present reality.

    • Dagda Mór

      Indeed, and they’re far from finished tightening the vice. It sounds ludicrous on the face of it but: “Men must get permission to make love to any female—even if she is willing—or the penalty is death!” isn’t all that far away from where things stand right now.

      How long before actual registrars are called for so that couples can enjoy conjugal relations in carefully monitored state sanctioned facilities? Sounds crazy? Enthusiastic consent and drinking any alcohol = rape would have sounded crazy ten years ago too.

      This train must be derailed.

      • Bewildered

        This train must be derailed.
        That goes without saying,but too much time has been wasted in deciding who would bell the cat !

        • Masculist Man

          That goes without saying,but too much time has been wasted in deciding who would bell the cat !

          What is belling the cat?

          • Bewildered

            A bell around the cat’s neck severely hampers its ability to launch surprise attacks on the rats.It’s the rats’ version of the GTOW solution.

      • PaulMurrayCbr

        Enthusiastic, verbal, continuous consent. If she isn’t loudly begging for it the *entire time*, it’s rape.

        • Bewildered

          Oh! yeah! yeah! yeah! ,no! noo!, noo! noooo ! yeah!, yeah ! no!,no! yeah! yeah! no! ,no! ,yeah !,no! creep no! ,yeah! baby !,no! creep………………………..

          If you think this is fun then both of you need a good shrink!

          • Eon24

            In your example, bewildered, the girl was technically raped eleven times. Then again, I’m not sure what the tone of the yeah’s were.

            Some of them could have been those infamous yeah’s that mean no I am always hearing about

  • DukeLax

    Not all of the white gender-feminist establishment are female.

    American gender- theory does not attack all males equally, and if one was to study it, they would learn that only hetero-males are the scourge of the earth!!! Only hetero-males are the racist/ capital gains / rapers of women.

    • politicalcynic

      Beg to differ. Feminism only tolerate gay males (barely) because of the lesbian component of feminism. If you research the subject (and I recommend Genderratic as a good starting point) you will find that feminism has a long and sad history of hating gay men-and although in some ways they have become more subtle. However, even a simple Google search shows that “gay male misogyny” as well as statements devaluing m/m relations to “substitute vaginas” or as being “not as” good as heterosexual sex are commonplace from feminists (that last was, by the way, stated this year BY an equity feminist).

      Gay men have been buffaloed into believing feminism “helps” them. In fact, history has repeatedly shown that feminists are MORE than happy to throw gay men under the bus if it serves their needs. Good luck, for example, finding ANY feminist organization who, for instance, sought to challenge the female nobel prize winner who publicly supports anti-gay laws in Africa (most of which are used against men).

      The primary difference is that feminism is more…cautious I suppose…in their homophobia than they are in their attacks on straight men. But any gay man who believes feminism is his “friend” simply has not bothered to educate himself on the facts.

      • Matthew Lane

        Or that NY based feminist group a couple of years ago that had gay men as being the ultimate woman haters as one of the foundational principles of there group…. The idea being that any man who “chooses” to fuck another man must being doing so because he hates women.

        • PaulMurrayCbr

          Again, the intersection of feminism and puritanism.

      • Nunya Bidness

        Agreed. It’s easy to catch on if you listen. What is the first thing a woman calls (or insinuates) a man is when he doesn’t do what she wants? She calls him gay. How can feminists constantly put up the idea that they are accepting of homosexuals when they show their true colors by using homosexuality as a shaming device against men?

  • Chris Wedge

    That lady in the header picture oughta lose the cigar. 😉

  • Stu

    This could happen. In fact, it is happening in slow motion. And it is only made possible by massive amounts of white knights and manginas.

  • wakjob

    I’ll write and direct, for scale.

  • John Narayan

    Feminism will fail because it is largely pushed by the non-STEM crowd, the mostly arts grad gender studies type fail at one big thing, knowing how things work, good at rote learning and belching up lies, but useless at anything else, a bunch of parasites.

    Feminist – parasite

    Parasite – feminist

    • Shamednomore

      Feminists biggest weakness is TRUTH, and so they skillfully bury, subvert and obliterate it out of existence. The TRUTH is patient and in the end it will always be reveled without exception. At some point all corrupt systems learn this before they disappear.

      • Peter

        “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

        George Orwell

    • Gerald Vrooman

      Right now feminists are trying to apply Title IX to STEM. This is one of Hillary Clinton’s pet projects. If she actually becomes president, look out. Not that feminists want to become rocket scientists. They merely want other women to become rocket scientists. Unfortunately STEM requires the use of patriarchal male logic. Women’s ways of knowing just doesn’t work. Colleges and universities will be forced to either eliminate STEM courses or dumb them down to make them appealing to women. In either case we will keep falling farther and farther behind technologically. We are already buying our rockets from the Russians.

      • PaulMurrayCbr

        The women will go into management and HR, the men will be replaced by cheaper men on work visas. STEM will become a low-paying ghetto. Like science today, but more so – the pay will be crap, and people will do it because they love it.
        Oh, the occasional bridge or building will fall down, but there will always be someone to blame.

  • ComradePrescott

    30% of females? Seems like an overestimate. Really, seems more like there are countless men selling out their own gender than there are women defending men. There are a number of female advocates (12?), mostly I read about them on this site, but I’ve never met one in real life.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    The following quote is what gets me:

    “…In the future, men will consider us in higher esteem. Many of the changes we have brought about will remain in effect…”

    Does it sound like they are going to go to ground and rise up again? For me it is.

    Cautionary tale, folks. We have got to get the leaders and take them to task on their actions and their writings. Take their writings apart as both insane and hateful. Make sure the personalities of these feminists are shown to be lacking in basic human dignity and compassion. Otherwise, in a generation or two we will be at this shit again.

    Use them as examples. Never bury the truth of their hate. Let it shine as examples of what you shouldn’t do to your fellow human.

    • Dagda Mór

      Those feminist organisations in government at the national, EU and UN level as well as their breeding grounds in academia. These are the roots of the weeds, without them sanity stands a chance at prevailing once again.

  • John Narayan
  • Matthew Lane

    Oh crap, this book is going to be hard to find….. Stupid pulp fiction novels not having ISBN’s…. I’m almost tempted to find out who owns the rights, purchase those rights & have the book reprinted & sold through amazon, advertised on AVFM.

  • k.j.mckenzie

    some famous astrophysicists – Carolene Herschel, Caroline Moore, Maria Mitchell, Annie Canno. – Dumbed down? I think not

    • Bewildered

      ”Not entirely,” the President told her. “Not if we concede now.
      Unless we allow ourselves to be beaten and forced into male servitude,
      we can maintain our dignity. Remember, I said equals. In the
      future, men will consider us in higher esteem. Many of the changes we
      have brought about will remain in effect. Our control, even though only
      temporary, has proven that our sex does not make us inferior. “

      ”Is this what you intend to tell the public?”

      ”It is.”

      ”You will create mass hysteria.”

      Sweet sugar dumpling, please read and reread the above.

  • Masculist Man

    The parallels are staggering. He got the year right:1992 with the Clinton administration incoming to the Whitehouse.

    There is also another good book about a man who combats amazons,it is called Bethany’s Sin and it is quite good.

    Off topic:

  • Susie Parker

    Macy’s is at it again – offering “We can’t move forward if half of us are held back” T-shirts. Here it is, folks – be afraid. Be very afraid:

  • Roby 83

    There is also the 1984 film “Sex Mission” and another sci-fi book (I don’t remember the title) where feminism oppression was predicted. Hopefully feminism will end with new Nuremberg trials.

  • Susie Parker The First international concert to EMPOWER WOMEN!

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    We have the opposite problem, we have all the communication, but not enough rational-thinking people, and thankfully are crazy-feminists not that powerful. :-O

  • Daniel Kulkarni

    Damn, I wish I could go buy the book (without paying a fortune).

  • Danlantic

    … executes a successful bombing (which I hasten to add no one in the MHRM would ever consider doing) at a public gathering …

    Would it be OK if the successful bombing were in an open field and with a fireworks permit? Announce that it is a non-feminist act of non-feminist fireworks and then see the SJWs go into a predictable tizzy at the thought?

  • Danlantic

    Parley J. Cooper is on Facebook.
    Other sources say he was born in 1937 in Oregon and that his slant is scifi and horror

    Curiously, the Spanish translation of this book is available for $1.99 at Barnes&Noble:

  • Zyavol

    Let me know when I can find a free copy if no one owns rights to the book anymore.