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Politics, Sexual Assault and the War on College Men

The war on college male students continues unabashedly with even the President getting in on the act recently by citing the feminist-inspired myth that “1 out of 5” women are victims of rape. Though a Department of Justice report shows a 10-year decline of sexual assault on college campuses, playing politics with the very serious issue of sexual assault appears to be gaining momentum. President Obama has appointed a task force called the the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. We could easily write the script for what the recommendations that this task force will likely make.

So as a taxpayer, and to appease the rape hysteria feminist proponents, I have the following suggestions to the task force to help them ensure that men are expeditiously driven off college campuses:

1. All enrolled secondary and post-secondary students unfortunate to be born of the male sex should be required to wear a bright, striped uniform with a large decal sewn into their clothing to designate them as potential rapists, a similar program initiated during the 1930s by the German government against a class of people whose only crime was being born Jewish. We should be inspired by their bold action in combating that menace, and must be similarly bold in our action against men, sex fiends that they are.

2. Any male student accused of sexual assault or harassment should immediately have their due process rights suspended, be required to attend anti-male indoctrination training and be forced to stand in front of a specially-trained tribunal in which the outcome will be predisposed to a finding of guilt (because why would they be accused if they weren’t guilty?). While this has already been accomplished in part through the passage of the SaVE Act, which was conveniently buried within the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), colleges would be well-served to stop pussyfooting around and get serious about really protecting students from the male population.

3. In order to justify the directing of millions of taxpayer dollars to grow the army of dedicated resources within the rape industry, we should direct the Department of Education to broaden and weaken the definition of what sexual assault (rape) and harassment constitute so as to ensure that a mere allegation would suffice in expelling a male student from campus. This weakened definition would then be used to inflate the number of “assaults” reported thereby justifying the need for additional resources.

4. When contemplating how best to destroy a young man by branding him as a rapist for the remainder of his life, we should lower the evidentiary standard used by a university disciplinary panel for adjudicating sexual assault cases from that of “beyond a reasonable doubt” (a 95% probability of guilt) to the lowest possible standard, “a preponderance of the evidence” (a 50.1% probability of guilt), essentially a coin flip. Several readers will catch on that idea has already been enacted by the DOE through the issuance of the 2011 Dear Colleague letter, but I think we can do better and make the rules even more explicit.

5. To drive home the message that these new protocols are required on college campuses, and borrowing heavily from this nation’s past history of intolerance, discrimination and the denial of civil rights to a class of citizen, we should move well beyond merely destroying a man’s life when an allegation of sexual assault is made and move directly to “participatory justice” by implementing public lynchings, which can be held in the middle of campus for all students, faculty and administrators to witness.

Do these sound extreme? They’re clearly close to reality now. In all seriousness, given the culture of misandry and radical feminism pervading universities along with the kangaroo disciplinary courts that exist on college campuses today, I predict that there will be a tidal wave of lawsuits filed by falsely-accused and expelled male students that will flood our courts as universities continue to implement Draconian measures to appease “rape culture” fanaticism. We should certainly hope so, anyway.

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  • Bombay

    Nice article. For affect, just as #5 is last # 1 could be second to last, since all other items are current reality.

  • greg

    My elder son is Jewish and I loathe any comparison to the Holocaust. But I understand, because with all the lies/propaganda coming out I feel like I’m living in early 30’s Germany.

    For campus matters I go to and

    Eric Rosenberg has settled 3 cases against Denison U on behalf of the falsely accused.

    • Christopher Wedge

      Lest we forget that the Roma, the disabled, the not-straight, (who, IIRC, were treated like crap even by other prisoners) and others beside were also gassed – not just Jews.

      I wonder where the popular perception came from?

    • The Real Peterman

      In fairness, the Nazis wanted to kill all Jewish people, while the radical feminists only want to exterminate 95-99% of men.

      Wow, stay away from Denison U. What a mess that place must be.

      • captive

        They are pretty deplorable people.

      • Duke

        I believe that American media’s constant one sided and biased reporting, is de-facto psychologically castrating American males.
        This constant / biased/ one sided media reporting is literally atrophying parts of the male brain…. that the media machine does not want guys to have. If they can psychologically castrate males, then they can still harvest male labor.

      • JGteMolder

        That’s one way to look at it.

        The other way is that Nazis only wanted to kill some .02 percent of the entire world population, radical feminists want to kill 40% of the entire world population.

        • Duke

          Maybe, If males are killed, there labor could not be harvested…If parts of their brains are killed, ( psychologically castrated) …..their labor is still harvest-able.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      It is regrettable that since the creation of the US Federal Department of Education, the increasingly centralized government education agenda has succeeded so amazingly well in dumbing-down the US public so that references to “other holocausts” such as the Holdomor will not be recognized. The crimes against humanity by the Nazis are fortunately not forgotten due to dilligent efforts to maske sure they are referenced constantly in all media. Yet there is great danger in thinking that such crimes are of a merely German, or European origin. Thus we ought to encourage more public discussion of the crimes against humanity that the cultural marxism-dominated education buraucracy has swept under the carpet (as pertains to the the general public) such as: the Armenian Genocide, the Rwanda Genocide, the Holdomor, the Gulags, Khymer Rouge, the Great Leap Forward, etc. etc., etc.

      It is also worth noting how Nazi Lebensborn was directed as Polish Christians, enslaving or murdering adulkts and kidnapping the children for the purpose of engineering to be ideal citizens of the collectivist Third Reich. The brilliant predictioons made by Erica Mann (Thomas Mann’s daughter) in her 1938 book, “Schools for Barbarians: Education Under the Nazis,” is a great source for those wjho wish to study the methods of centralized collectivist education as pertains to setting the stage for authoritarian tyranny.

      History does not repeat, but it rhymes. We are in a major rhyming (doggerel) stage right now.. Heads up!

      • Redfield

        South Sudan has had an estimated 600,000 – 1,000,000 Christians exterminated in the last 10 years …

  • Justice4all

    Additional recently filed lawsuits against universities (including Vassar, St. Joe’s, Xavier, and Swathmore) by male students falsely accused of sexual assault can be located below:!lawsuits/c3x9

  • captive

    I’ll believe that 1 in 5 women are victims of rape when there are women in jail for having sex that involved no force, coercion, threats, or restraint. Until then, I will believe it’s nonsense propaganda built to feed the prison complex and eliminate people who are not in line with the proper religious sensibilities.

    Until then, I’ll believe it’s all nonsense…

    • The Real Peterman

      So it’s 1 in 5 this week. Last time I heard it was 1 in 3, before that 1 in 4. There’s an old saying: always tell the truth, it’s easier to keep your story straight.

  • HieronymusBraintree

    If we really want to go whole hog on the war against men, I suggest we offer a reward of at least 50 thousand dollars to any woman who makes a rape claim and double it if campus authorities find the accused guilty and then triple it of the police determine that the claim fake. Otherwise real rape victims might feel too afraid to come forward.

  • crydiego

    Following the links is worth while in this post. One part of the Obama directive was chilling:
    “(c) Because rape and sexual assault also occur in the elementary and secondary school context, the Task Force shall evaluate how its proposals and recommendations may apply to, and may be implemented by, schools, school districts, and other elementary and secondary educational entities receiving Federal financial assistance.”
    There is no limit to how far these people will go using false statistics!

    • MrWombat

      It would be nice to think that they are finally going to crack down on female teachers who sexually abuse boys.

      • Duke

        There is no federal pork bloating dollars for female rape Arrest statistics, so i doubt American law enforcement will pursue the case,………. “Just because its the law”!!!!
        American law enforcement has become accustomed to the pork bloating dollars they get to pervert the course of justice.

  • Theseus

    Mister President, I as a concerned liberal/humanist, will believe the 1 in 5 stat when you can quote reliable peer reviewed resources for these “studies”. Until then all available unbiased sources show a completely different picture.

    Unfortunately your administration is engaging in fear mongering and witch hunting reinforced by myths and dubious statistics. This is something that you and other liberal Democrats have (in many cases rightly so) accused the Republicans and conservatives of doing on many occasions. I ask you to please cease and desist with your hypocrisy and the obliteration of due process of college students, and to put back the handling of the accusation of the very serious crime of rape and sexual assault where it needs to be: In the hands of the proper authorities.

    • Justice4all

      Let’s not overlook that this is an election year for many politicians and this administration needs to deflect the bungling of the healthcare website roll out, small businesses laying workers off because of Obamacare, the tragedy of Benghazi, etc… so political pandering to women voters is their primary target, hence the need to show that they are cracking down hard on the alleged “war on women”.

    • The Real Peterman

      Don’t liberals (and I’m one of them) love to call themselves “the reality-based community?” Yet here’s liberalism swallowing unreality hook, line, and sinker.

      • Theseus

        Yep. I identify as one as well.

        Problem is it’s selective based reality. Yes, many are reality based when it comes to fundamentalist religion, evolutionary theory, the idiotic War on Drugs, prisons for profit, etc. However a vast number of them completely lose their fucking minds when it comes to ideological mindsets like feminism. If they hear or read anything to do with rape or “violence against women” they start nodding along with the most absurd and ridiculous unfounded claims imaginable.

        It’s the PZ Myers syndrome. One minute you will be listening to this incredibly well thought out and critical analysis of “Intelligent Design” and ‘Creationism” or how the “War on Drugs” does untold damage to minority communities…and in the next moment ALL rational thought flies out the window as they turn into Chicken Little and the sky starts falling with all the “rape culture”, systematic rape apology”, the ( 1 in 3, 1 in 4, 1 in 5, take your pick), the “violence against women” etc. HEEEEEELP!! HEEEEEELP!!

        Goddamn they remind me of that Twilight Zone episode where everybody in a suburban neighborhood starts freaking out because all the lights went out and a mysterious figure filled their heads with a bunch of bullshit.

        Witch (or Warlock) hunt anyone?

      • Duke

        Soon we will see liberals calling themselves conservatives…. just so they can challenge the perverse gender-feminist / law enforcement perversion Alliances.

  • tamerlame

    “The war on college male students continues unabashedly with even the President getting in on the act recently by citing the feminist-inspired myth that “1 out of 5” women are victims of rape.”

    Thought it was 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 women get raped during their life time? Looks like feminism has managed to reduce the amount of rape in society. If we support feminism even more we might get the rape stats down to 1 in 6!

    *Disclaimer* Stats don’t include men who have been raped in prison due to false rape accusations.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Bill of Rights Quiz FAIL – College Students Don’t Know Their Basic Rights

    Government education. The problem is bigger than feminism. It is authoritarianism. And feminism, in all its hatefilled multifold hoaxiness, is merely authoritarianism’s handmaiden.

    • Joe Joeseph

      This is something that’s always bugged me. When I hear the feminists crying about how evil patriarchy is, when i really listen what I hear a lot of them saying is they don’t like authoritarian controls. And this bugs me because it was men who wrote the bill of rights to make things fair for everyone including women. But they carry on male bashing oblivious to this like women are the only one who could do that and men are incapable of anything but being oppressive authoritarian monsters.

  • Redfield

    When you have a President or a Prime Minister of a country actively involved in spreading mythical numbers on rape, and actively involved in ignoring the decline of education standards for men and boys you will eventually have a backlash … If men have been falsely accused of rape on college campuses, and they have the right to litigate this wrong then at some point these college campuses will have to see reason as their insurance premiums rise with every successful litigation … And if these men have been found to have suffered and subsequently had their innocence proven, then what is to stop them from taking civil action against their accuser??

    • Fredrik

      Her anonymity.

    • Duke

      These manufactured statistics Alliances are a stain on American law enforcement that won’t wash off easily.

  • Duke

    There’s rumors around that someone is going to make a top 10 list of the worse colleges to be a male student at in the US.

    • Justice4all

      With so many candidates to select it may be difficult to boil it down to a top 10, but top 20 for sure.

      • Duke

        1. Duke University
        2. Meg Lankers Alma mater
        3. Caleb Warners Alam Mater
        4. Hostra University
        This is my list, a 100 word or less description of “Why” will be coming soon.

  • stansbury

    Sad, but I believe its all possible, they will have no problem with finding “men” to help out with number 5. Every time I see one of those old lynching photos I wish I could see the white women that put them there.That is not an oppressed class but one of privilege! That’s power!

  • MrWombat

    “preponderance of evidence” is not a coin flip. These tribunals forbid men to speak in their own defence, forbid exculpatory evidence. So “he said/she said” becomes “she said”, and that’s the only evidence heard.

    If the standard was ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, or even ‘clear and convincing evidence’, then a man might possibly be found ‘not guilty’ by way of there being not enough evidence of sufficient quality for conviction. But under a ‘preponderance of evidence’ system, a simple exclusion of exculpatory evidence is enough to guarantee a ‘guilty’ verdict.

    • Justice4all

      Well said and true on many campuses. Let’s not forget the denial of the right to even face your accuser who is often not even in the same room as the accused along with the denied right to have an attorney present when everything said can be used against the accused in a criminal court trial. At least the right to have an attorney present is now available in the state of North Carolina where the war on college men is well documented but I believe that that may be the only state where that is allowed.

  • Open War

    I understand the logic that litigation would help, but I’m currently being ‘investigated’ with no money for representation nor any attorney who will take a nonlucrative case against a public university. The truth is, men will continue to be purged until the entire university system becomes a de facto feminist sisterhood that keeps a few token males around. Advice for those males remaining: you are under Sharia law. Look at your feet, talk to no female. Apologize reflexively. Be thankful you can still earn a degree when they get done chimping out on your reputation.

  • markis1

    i think men need to wisen up and segregate themselves from women on campuses …i have told men before: stay to yourself ,keep quiet and get your education/diploma and get the HELL out…..i would really like to see education be segregated by sex down to the elementary level…boys do better without girls around as a distraction

  • Javiroll

    Until recently, my son had an American girlfriend. The relationship broke down because of the physical distance between them, but I, and many of my friends who have sons, are all wary about our offspring associating with american females. I am concerned about him wanting to rekindle their affair and move to the USA to study.

    I cannot make his life decisions for him, but I have done my best to raise his awareness of the ‘bear traps’ that have been set for our young men by our degenerating and corrupt societies.

  • Keith

    The presumption of terrorist activity from Homeland Security isn’t always enough to put people away and silence free speech…for everything else, there’s Title IX an VAWA.