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MRA protests prompt Highest Court of India to overturn provisions of VAWA

In a landmark judgement Indian Supreme Court struck down the automatic arrest provision of its Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and went on to order future action or punishment against Police officials and lower court judges, who violate its order and indulge in automatic arrests of accused men. This is historic, though MRAs want punishment and jail terms for women who lie and make false allegations against their husbands (link).

The Supreme Court yesterday laid down new directions making police officers and judicial magistrates liable for departmental action and contempt proceedings for making “scurrilous” arrests and ordering “routine” detention under Section 498A of the IPC or under Section 4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act.

The order said,“The fact that Section 498-A is a cognizable and non-bailable offence has lent it a dubious place of pride amongst the provisions that are used as weapons rather than shield by disgruntled wives. The simplest way to harass is to get the husband and his relatives arrested under this provision.”

In last 24 hours, MRAs of various Indian Men’s Rights Organisations have participated in more than 10 TV debates.

The Background:

India has two domestic violence laws and both are only meant for women. Feminists say, “there is no need for any protection for male victims of DV.” The first criminal law against domestic violence called “Section 498a” was enacted in 1983. If a wife complains of physical and mental harassment by husband, his parents and his sibling, then under this law all the accused are presumed guilty until proven innocent and they are automatically arrested without evidences or investigations by police and sent to prison. The accused often remained in prison until their relatives and lawyers secured bail.

Over years this law has become a weapon in the hands of wives, who extort huge sums of money and property from the husband and his parents. If the husband does not agree to give in to extortionist demands of wife during separation, then she and her lawyers attack him with multiple false cases of domestic violence hoping that fear of arrest or a prolonged costly legal battle will make the man to pay up, getting bankrupt in the process.

According to India’s Home Ministry, in last 10 years, more than 300,000 women and 800,000 men were arrested under this law. The women are female relatives of men. Feminists, who claim to be so sympathetic to men and women, vehemently opposed any amendments to this law.  In fact, when some judges warned about misuse of this law by women, feminists protested outside their courts and sometimes even ransacked the courts. That was before MRAs came into the scene.

In 2005, India’s highest court, the Supreme Court at New Delhi warned of legal terrorism if misuse of this law is stopped. Many MRAs testified in Indian Parliamentary committee hearing to dilute the law and to punish women who file false complaints.

Feminist Rumor Mills:

It is to be noted that the feminist evil empire is too good at manufacturing fake statistics about condition of women in West. However, when its an alien culture located at a geographic distance, they efficiently use cultural, religious differences or even some xenophobia to propagate their lies. This is pathetic. It is a fact that most people in any society are likely to dislike or distrust any foreign culture. Feminists did not leave any stone unturned to continue their anti-male hate agenda across the world. Their leaders met at Beijing in 1995, where Hillary declared, “Women’s rights are human rights; and Human Rights are Women’s Rights”. Naturally men have no place in the human rights dictionary of feminism. After Beijing-95, they used UN CEDAW to push for UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to extend the reach of their empire across the world.

Feminists unlike men do not recognize national borders. Feminism is a monolithic radical religion with a firm belief system, which issues fatwas and even death threats for any dissent or criticism.

Global feminist sisterhood claimed that 25,000 women are murdered by their husbands and their parents every year in India. Media picked up this nonsense. Oprah declared Bangalore as “Bride Burning Capital” of India. All these statistics were manufactured. Media is in any case focused on bad news and when a country is huge with 1.3 billion people, it generates bad news at a much faster rate. What western media failed miserably to mention is, the much lower suicide and murder rates of women in India. If women in India are really subjugated, then how come the suicide and murder rates of women in India are lesser than in many western countries? Often feminists generalized poverty related issues into feminist causes and hijacked funds meant for human rights, starving children and poor for feminist causes. The funds of Oxfam, UNICEF and ActionAID ended up with feminist ideologues and they continued their “patriarchy is evil” narrative, by which they basically meant, “men are evil”.

Feminist Extortion Industry:

In India, the feminists expect men to take care of women financially. That means, feminists want men to buy divorce by paying a huge sums of money to their wives. Often they insist the man’s parents to pay, because they claim it is the duty of the man and his parents to take financial responsibility of the woman.

Recently, feminists got a bill in parliament in which they insisted that if a marriage breaks, court must order the husband to give the wife half of his property inherited or acquired before or during marriage, while the wife gets to keep her property as individual property. Please note this in the background context that 30% of Engineers in India are women.

So, a woman uses these one-sided alimony laws and also multiple false DV cases to financially and mentally ruin a guy and then they turn up at International forums with sob stories.

Truth about Dowry Murders:

Feminists forced Indian Govt to classify any suicides of a woman within 7 years of her marriage as dowry death, if her parents complain. Then, Feminists claimed in the media that husbands are killing their wives for dowry by showcasing this suicide statistic as spousal homicide statistic. Media choose to forget the huge difference between committing suicide and getting murdered. So, 8000 suicides of women in a year are now classified by media as murders by husbands. I can not blame media because the IQ of most journalists is very low in any case and I can only pity these journalists for their pathetic lack of intelligence.

You will find articles in western media like BBC or WSJ that every year 8000 women in India are killed for dowry. The reality is most of these deaths are suicides of women who suffer from mental health ailments. India is one rare country in the world, which punishes men for suicides of their wives and girlfriends. Even here no evidences are needed. A dead woman means jailing of husband and his parents or 6 months to  a year. A man goes through hell because he ended up marrying a schizophrenic or bipolar woman. There are Indian MRAs who went to prison after suicides of their wives and the courts found them not guilty after couple of years.

Impact of Global Feminism on India:

Feminists in West convinced the Governments for making radical feminism as a part of foreign policy. If a country wanted to do business with USA, then they are forced to implement dictates of feminist policy makers inside US Govt. The childish foreign policy novices in USA never bothered to see issues of the foreign cultures holistically and they trusted feminists blindly. US directly funded feminists who worked for sustaining “section 498a” in India keeping a blind eye to large scale human rights violations.

In short, US tax payer’s money was used to fund human rights violations in India.

So, the directive of India’s Supreme Court against false domestic violence cases is a slap on the face of global feminist establishment. I am sure, they will soon convene a special session of UN CEDAW somewhere in Europe and many Western Feminists will try to arm twist Indian Govt manipulating paranoid alpha males running Governments.

MRA Street Protests:

When Indian MRAs started protesting against arrests of innocent men and their parents under section 498a in 2005, feminists hoped that MRA organisations will vanish in a year or two. However, when it did not happen, they started to learn to live with existence of MRAs and worked in the background using their influence inside parliament and their foreign funded NGOs. However, MRAs reached out to parliament members as well. So, their evil empire of lies started crumbling. So, the parliament and judiciary started openly speaking about false complaints by women.

MRAs Protest:

MRAs shout, “Men’s Rights are Human Rights” at Mumbai Marathon:

At New Delhi, MRA’s protest against proposed law to give husbands property to wife:

MRAs Protest at Bangalore:




2) CNN-IBN (TV debate in English)

3) ABPNEWS ( TV debate in Hindi)

4) News24 ( TV debate in Hindi)






10) Feminist takeover of UN is an issue of National Security (link)

About Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar is an Engineer and Artificial Intelligence scientist. He became so frustrated with stupidity of sociologists that he decided to become a social researcher himself. He is one of the founders of modern men's movement in India and he is associated with many Men's Rights NGOs. He has been invited by Indian Parliamentary Committees several times to speak about amendments to domestic violence and divorce laws. He is also founder of India's first Men's Rights Research and Community Center at Bangalore.

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  • Malcolm H. Johnston

    Well done Anil. It was great meeting you at the conference.
    You Indian MRAs are getting the job done despite incredible opposition.
    The world could learn a thing or two from you guys.

    • Jesse James

      Very true.

      All one can do is admir….or just join up! The thing about these movements is there are so many opportunities to get isolated, rejected, disrespected, and ostracized. You know, all the things that one must face if they are going to make a difference in the face of all the complacent, and quasi-fascist feminist thugs are going to throw at you.

      But hey, if being right were easy, it would never be worth it.

    • Dagda Mór

      It staggers the mind you know. Not just the sheer scale of events in India, the numbers of people involved, but that a country with such enormous potential could attract internationalised ideological parasites bent on damaging the future of this mighty nation in the name of what, playground theories that boys have cooties?

      Keep fighting, Indian MRAs, don’t stop until the last feminist is run out of your country still tearfully clutching the tattered remnants of her copy of the SCUM manifesto.

      Kick Them Out.

      • Bewildered


  • Lucian Vâlsan


    • ComradePrescott

      Heh, that was going to be my comment.

  • OzzieMatt

    Great to hear.
    We have the same law in Victoria, Australia, where I am from.
    Men are presumed guilty in any domestic violence.
    I only discovered this recently.
    I don’t remember it ever being publicized or open for public discussion when it happened!!

  • Flo

    Congrats. I think we have something to learn here.

  • Daniel Peirson


  • Man Alive

    Thanks for the good news Anil.
    I have sent a link to your article to some of my Indian biddies in Himachal Pradesh.
    Well done!

  • mark mooroolbark

    You are an inspiration, Anil. A man of great courage and passion-thank you.

  • Ekalavya

    If you want to know how women misusing laws against violence against women look at this news..
    Two-month-old Zoya gets dragged into a dowry harassment case filed by her father’s first wife. Legal experts, child rights activists react in shock at her having to get anticipatory bail to avoid arrest

    In a case straight out of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the Mumbai Sessions court last Wednesday (June 17, 2009) granted anticipatory bail for what must have been their youngest applicant ever a two-month-old baby: Zoya aka Mehak Shamshuddin Khan. Lucky for her, or Zoya could have ended up behind bars.

    • Model 800

      So now they need to post bail for 2 month old babies to avoid getting them arrested in dowry disputes? Way to go India! Looks like those 4,000 years of civilization are finally starting to pay off.

  • Andybob

    This is great news and very encouraging for everyone here. Congratulations.

  • Andrew Ulrich

    Well done sir.

  • Kimski

    The tide is turning, guys.

    • PlainOldTruth

      The tide is turning against the status quo.

      The authoritarian Gender Maniacs are so poorly familiar with factual history that they cannot grasp the simple reality that they are representatives of a status quo. — One of the most frustrating aspects of dialog is the confusion caused by multiple definictions and multiple (often widely divergent) perceptions of the same term, and the reality that so many people are aware of the pitfalls of the limitations of language (which can only be overcome by clarifying definitions when one uses a problematic term).

      An example – After the fall of the Soviet Union, the minority of stalwart Communists who wished to see a restoration of Communist Party rule were called ——- “conservatives” (because they wanted to keep the only recently toppled status quo).

      Who is “conservative,” “radical,” “liberal” all depends on context – “compared to what?

      In the West, the Gender Maniacs (more broadly, the politically correct Class-Race-Gender ideologues) now represent the status quo. They are the establishment. They are the wanton violators of civil liberties ensconced in the bureucracies and universities.

  • donzaloog

    Excellent news. If only the Western world was willing to say no to women like this.

    • PlainOldTruth

      In the USA, we have undergone more server indoctrination over a longer period of time. The Yale behaviorists used the us as their guinea pigs.

  • Sadman365

    That’s ALL it takes to get the insane misandric laws repealed- PROTESTS, and more protests. If men in the West unite and just march in the streets the misandric governments will cancel every misandric law that exists and will start respecting men. Until then, they will see men as work mules.

  • PlainOldTruth

    PRINCESS ALERT, PRINCESS ALERT — Slave revolt in India. Could spread worldwide. Ramp up bossiness! Ramp up flirty smiling! — If those don’t stop it, then . . . Ramp up sobs!

  • PlainOldTruth

    NGOs. Virtually all of the violations of human rights and civil liberties MRAs combat in the US are traceable to large foundations’ policy think tanks and their funding of initiatives that push their agenda. The agenda is indeed international and the NGOs based in the US are, in a very real sense, foreign to the US. They are internationalist and do not respect local government (home rule). Beware international treaties, especially those negotiated in secret.

  • Gavin Grant

    Brilliant! You guys are definitely getting things done over there. Great article too, it’s pathetic how much feminists abuse people’s ignorance about foreign countries to spread their toxic agenda. But, hey, NAFALT, right?

  • Whothehell Cares

    Great victory for justice. Keep up the momentum and political pressure until the actual relevant parliamentary acts are amended or repealed. Otherwise, this is just a temporary respite via court administrative ruling, which ultimately can be over ridden by ousting this one judge. Still, you earned a celebration. Well done Anil and fellow supporters.!

  • Victor Zen

    YES! YES! YESS!!

  • MrSonicAdvance

    Protection for falsely accused men AND feminist butt hurt? Nice!

    • Doug Hart

      Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for radical feminism. Passive resistance is no longer enough.

  • Stu

    Great news. A small step in the right direction. I have a feeling that the feminists will have a plan b, and c, and d, and e. I also have a feeling that their never ending quest to ramp up anti male laws in India, will eventually result in some very serious consequences for them….the feminists…..I mean. Feminism is after all, the white woman’s global Imperialism. Feminism……creating strange fruit the world over.

    • Bewildered

      the white woman’s global Imperialism
      A very powerful descriptive phrase !
      It’s primarily the women from the privileged classes who feel the “pain of poor,oppressed women” all over the world.
      Their muse ? Sheer boredom and attention whoring.

  • crydiego

    I have a number of Indian friends and although they have a gentle and kind nature, they are also tough as nails.

    We should never forget that this is a world wide movement.

  • DukeLax

    Imagine an America that casts of its… “feminists yolk”.

    • Bewildered

      It will be great once again !

  • DukeLax

    Anil….Many are starting to understand that the modern gender-feminist movement…is more about “breaking Men” psychologically,……..on an industrial scale, then it is about liberating women.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    Excellent work and news Anil!

  • iggy

    I was reading on another article the claim made by an Indian Feminist that over 8 thousand women a year where Dowry related murders… and it made be scratch my head as ask in the comment section where those statistics where from… because even India’s 1.3 billion massive population it makes no sense at all that EIGHT THOUSAND women are killed by their husbands every year for money. Thank you so very much for clearing that up for me… feminist ideology twisting the tragedy of female suicides to equate them to male murderers is utterly contemptible.

  • Emilio Lizardo

    “there is no need for any protection for male victims of DV.”

    How is it then that women are fit for front line combat if they can’t defend themselves?

  • Riku

    Fucking awesome!
    And what Lucian said! 😀

  • Lastango

    This breakthrough is inspirational! One benefit is that it gets the MHR issues out in the open; over here one of the biggest barriers to progress is public ignorance.

    I lack a close familiarity with political dynamics inside India. However, I note that this change came about through the courts, not the legislature. So I’m wondering if feminists in India remain sufficiently powerful so that politicians in India are disinclined to take action on behalf of men’s rights, or are pressured into continually passing new anti-male laws.

    But a win is a win. In the public perception, a supreme court validation that men have human rights is worth something. This lays groundwork for further legitimization of our cause.

    • Emilio Lizardo

      Part of the problem in India is its deeply socialist political culture. This leaves if vulnerable to any form of socialist ideology, everything becomes a political football within that framework, usually in the form of competing rights. The louder voice wins. Once you’ve raised the red flag, all other voices are apostates.

  • MGTOW-man

    We in the west need to protest just as India’s men had the courage to do. They set a fine example of MRA. So when are we going to make OUR boys equally proud?

  • Mike Buchanan

    Anil, thanks for the great article, I’ll link to it now. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Detroit conference.
    Mike Buchanan

  • Rob

    Thank you anil
    with regards to the divorce laws upon which the wife keeps her and the husband loses half, there is the same problem in sharia law whereby the wife assests are solely hers and not part of the marriage but the husbands is up for grabs( found this out the hard way). This concept is fundamentally flawed because if you marry someone of a different nationality you invariably run into various laws that don’t permit the man( or woman) to own assets( because they are not a national of that country), this mean the wife has to have everything in her name( hence you lose the lot in divorce).

    there is also the flawed idea that the man must provide for the woman on his own, but the wife does not contribute, again a major problem when the wife becomes the main breadwinner( sharia states that the man can be divorced onthe grounds of not providing even if he become the primary child carer and the wife become the primary earner( this is a problem for expats families whereby the wife is the reason for the relocation for work), a flaw pointed out by a muslim women rights NGO in malaysia in their critical report of divorce in muslim countries

    well done to india for fighting back againt inequality.

    Its now time to name and shame the various donors in the western countries that use the funds of private donors and government/taxpayers money to enforce inequality.

  • Dennis Markham

    Hot damn! Way to go!

  • fidelbogen

    This makes my day!!

  • Dan Slezak

    Happy Independence Day! I want to say thank you, too all the veterans out there that fought and defended my rights, as a sovereign born US citizen.
    I hate tea.

  • Upender Dhull

    Its a great win for MRAs and we are notgoing to stop here. We wont stop untill we get full equality in India. Feminists are really pissed off but they cant do anything now against apex court’s brilliant worded judgement. For the first time court had quoted the stats from national crime record in this case which clearly shows that these laws have been misused highlyby the women for extortion of money or for personal revenge. 85 percent acquittal after years n decade long trial is clearly a figure showing the extent of law abuse. We were able yo do it because of massive protest n campaigns to save men in India. All over television channels Famous MRAs can be seen n host this times seems not biased towards feminists. MRAs r being listened seriously.All in all lets hope good days are coming for men now.

  • napocapo69

    Great job!

    • ronthebuilder

      Is that you, fab? Been missing you around antimisandry.

      • napocapo69

        I’m very busy and I’ve not that much time to contribute to many forums.

  • ExpatMatt

    I hope this isn’t seen as too US-centric, but…Happy Independence Day, my Indian brethren! Now y’all have a good reason to light off some fireworks on July 4th, too. 😀 (…if only we could strike down that provision in the US version, too. Land of the Free, my a$$, thanks to shit like VAWA.)

    Seriously, great work. What the MRA has done in India is wonderful, and I have the greatest admiration for your efforts…

    …Which is only possible because I have learned about said efforts. Thanks to AVfM and the many other web-based organizations, thanks to GWW, Victor Zen and all the other vigorous Youtubers, MRAs of the world are uniting. Now that we talk to each other, each individual success is a source of pride and encouragement for us all.

    Now justice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere.

  • Paul Elam

    Anil and the other MHRAs of India are leading the world in how this work is supposed to be done. So proud to have him on our team. Go Indian MHRAs!!!!

  • Sean

    Well done, keep it up.

  • Caprizchka

    International feminism = imperialism.

    On another note, I am curious as to the genesis of what this article implies is an epidemic of mental illness among Indian women. I see a similar thing going on in the U.S. Frankly, I wonder how much of feminism actually causes this mental illness via an unconscious rational conflict–sort of an institutional gaslighting–wherein the heart’s desire for an intimate heterosexual relationship is subsumed to the feminist hive.

  • ronthebuilder

    Time to take aim at the USA version of VAWA: and not let go until this horrific approach to domestic violence and gender relations is made a thing of the past. This is an enormous development, and unfamiliar as the concept is for manhood of late, LOOKS LIKE VICTORY.

  • Mike Brentnall

    Anil Kumar writes:
    “[i]India has two domestic violence laws and both are only meant for women. Feminists say, “there is no need for any protection for male victims of DV.”[i]
    [i]Feminists, who claim to be so sympathetic to men and women, vehemently opposed any amendments to this law. In fact, when some judges warned about misuse of this law by women, feminists protested outside their courts and sometimes even ransacked the courts. That was before MRAs came into the scene.[i]

    Both these observations appears strangely familiar. History has shown examples of British suffragettes extolling the virtues of female suffrage by damaging property with rocks and arson.
    Different countries and times, but similar behaviors.

    Apparently, in an earlier time it was feudal knights and later certain ranked military men who risked their lives to uphold security who were granted influential status in national affairs. Land owners of a higher class also attained influence then later suffrage or inclusion in national or regional affairs. In the past history of Winnipeg Manitoba , where I reside, individuals who were property owners could vote in its earlier civic affairs – some with up to 13 votes basis their land claims.

    Most peasant men in developing Europe had little influence beyond being industrial and cannon fodder. Most if not all women of this same period and region were not required to physically defend their nation during warfare, so, therefore, no vote. Most people of past eras were not land owners. Again, no vote. Yet, always the big hue and cry from early and contemporary feminism about demanding for self without equal input for what most disparate others had not yet or barely attained for themselves through sacrifice.

    Is female focussed cultural exclusivity regarding safety and unlimited concern without reciprocation a universal characteristic of unthinking women in general or is it the worldwide social meddling of North American feminists with their misleading and erroneous campaigns behind this emotive based singular ‘equality’ and special privileges putsch? OR a varying combination of both? We are going to find out.

    To the extent of my knowledge Anil’s piercing and to-the-point article has provided us with an accurate glimpse of the endless universal funding given toward perpetuating the current unreasonable craze for all things female. Future articles written in a similar vein will enlighten other men once finding themselves concerned about their surroundings.

    Great contribution Anil, summarizing the world zeitgeist as uniquely reflected through India.
    And good show you supportive MIAs.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    In the UnitedStates, I would like to see a movement where every congressman who has voted for VAWA is fired from their job. It clearly violates the constitution and Bill of Rights which they swore a solemn oath to uphold.

  • HH

    Apart from this, these feminazists fail to remember that number of suicide of males in India is more than two times the number of suicide of females. So, even though all the suicides by females (within 7 years of marraige) is auto-classified by the biased calculation as dowry death; but still the number of males who are doing suicide in far far greater numbers than females, is not classified as torture on husband by wife , nor this statistics is even talked about.
    So male victims , who “far outnumber” female victims in the same category – do not matter to the Indian govt and Feminazis.

  • HH
    (this article written by an Indian Female “Nandita Thakur” about 498a as legal terrorism)

    Recently a police constable committed suicide, and in his suicide note he wrote that his wife who was staying with her parents for last one year was threatening to book him under anti dowry law if he did not agree to stay with her at her parents house leaving his mother alone. The mental harassment lead him to commit suicide
    In 2005 while delivering a lecture on human relationships to women inmates of Bilodara (Nadiad) jail my attention turned to a middle aged woman sitting in a corner of the room and continuously crying. After the lecture I asked her the reason. With tears in her eyes she told us that she was a victim of 498-A. She was a Christian and was behind the bars because her daughter in law had filed a case of 498-A and she along with her son, mother, father and sister were put behind the bars. Here I have specifically mentioned the religion of the woman because in many Christian communities it’s the boy’s family which gives money to the girl’s family during marriage. So it surprised me that a Christian family should be behind bars for a dowry case. The daughter of the family was to marry one month later but unfortunately was behind the bars before marriage. Family was worried that her in laws will call off the marriage, but luckily with legal help the girl was out of jail and her in laws got her married to their son within a few days.

  • pacman7331

    Wow this just made the month… if not the year.