Fem-education down under

Christina Hoff Sommers 2000 expose “The War Against Boys – how misguided feminism is harming our young men,” provides a chilling account of how gender feminism and it academically bankrupt pseudo-research, aided and abetted by a politically correct main stream media fundamentally changed the USA’s education system to a female centric one that is hostile and harmful to boys and young men [1].

Similar trends occurred in other developed countries including Australia, where in the in the 1970’s research indicated fewer girls then boys were completing year 12, or commencing higher education.  Government action was called for resulting in the 1987 “National Policy for the Education of Girls in Australian Schools.”  By 1989 slightly more females than males were proceeding to higher education and this excess has continued to increase ever since. By 1992 school retention rates to year 12 were 10% higher for girls and have remained at or above this level.

Australia also saw the same trends toward feminization of our educational doctrine, with a shift from structured teaching with a focus on basic numeracy and literacy skills toward the laissez faire, female friendly, student centric and group learning environments so typical of todays classrooms. Predictably boys failed to thrive educationally in this milieu with documented decline in academic achievement. Boys natural exuberance and vitality did not mesh well this new pedagogy and the inability of the increasingly female teaching staff to deal with boys resistance led to a redefining of boys reactions as a variety of behavioral and learning “disorders.” A concern about boys rather than for boys led to a perceived need for boys to be socialized to be more like girls in order to fit into this feminized learning environment.

Concurrent with this and continuing there has been decline in the number of male teachers and reduction in the number of male role models for boys in schools. This is especially evident in primary education where in 2006 males accounted for about 20% of teachers and many of these in administrative rather than active teaching roles. Males make up only 2% of the preschool teacher workforce and 4% of the childcare workforce.  The impact of child protection policies, media prominence of allegations of child sexual abuse and fear of being labeled as a pedophile are significant factors in men avoiding careers in these areas.

It became apparent that the gains in terms of improved female educational outcomes were occurring at the expense of boy’s outcomes, rather than from a fair and equitable integration of the needs of both genders.  Data confirming the deterioration in boys educational achievements has been growing in all western countries since the early 1990’s, but unlike the swift action by governments to correct the “girl crisis” of the eighties, very little concrete has been done to address male educational disadvantage.

Australia’s NAPLAN scheme the “National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy” collects detailed data, which continues to confirm boy’s poorer performance in literacy [2]. Boys remain less engaged in schooling and report fewer positive experiences in terms of enjoyment, perceived relevance of curriculum and teacher responsiveness. The proportion of young men enrolling in and graduating from tertiary education courses continues to decline.  In 2009 of the 175,070 domestic students completing a tertiary degree 60% were female and only 40% were male, and in 2010 of the students commencing tertiary study 56.2% were female [3].

Australia has historically had a two-tier education system of government-funded schools, and government assisted private schools where parents supplement government funding with additional tuition fees.  Some of the private schools have been traditionally, and remain, gender segregated all boys or all girls schools. There is a current debate regarding the level of government funding for private schools, which are seen by many as elitist with an argument they should receive reduced government funding, with more funds diverted to disadvantaged groups.  Still many parents are keen to secure the best available education and elect to incur financial liability in the hope of better achievement and opportunities for their children.

During this years hype around international women’s day I came across an article over at the “Huff Post” by one Soraya Chemaly a “Feminist, Satirist, and Media Critic” titled “International Women’s Day: 10 Reasons Why Feminism is Good For Boys and Men [4]” OK, got my attention. Are there 10 reasons, really?

Not far into the article was an embedded you tube clip  (Trigger Alert: viewing this video may cause extreme nausea take an anti-emetic or have a suitable vomit receptacle handy! Feminists: suggest a good supply of chocolates and ice-cream and tissues in case of excessive bodily fluid secretion)

Chemaly goes on to explain:

This video was produced as part of a Gender Equality Project at Sydney Boys High School last year. The project concluded with the boys’ joint presentation with a local girls’ school to 400 business leaders. These boys and their efforts got some flack for “mansplaining,” in this case the implications that the “little women” need the help of big strong boys. But, I don’t think that’s what’s happening here. In order for gender equity to happen, girls and boys need to be taught why it is important to them and it’s just plain fair when you respect other people’s equal rights. That’s what these boys are talking about.

The boys PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here for anyone who is game.[5]

While some of the statistics in the presentation are indeed “confronting” they are presented in the completely unbalanced non-contextual way that is so typical of feminist propaganda.  Targeting that emotive protective male response in order to co-opt advocates to their cause.

Here are a couple of examples from the presentation. The first and most “unequal” statistic quoted is;

Just 2% of the world’s land is owned by females.

Land ownership is not an issue that I have found particularly prominent in my readings around gender issues. Yep, its there if you look for it, and “UN Women” is vocal about it, but it’s an issue singled out as problematic in developing countries which are in early stages of cultural evolution from long established systems of ownership and transference or inheritance of land to rightly more equitable ones. In developed countries it is more an issue of land ownership by wealthy elites versus that owned or not owned by the socially disadvantaged classes.  Given a long standing ideal is for Australian couples and families to “own their own home” it would have been more appropriate for the boys to have looked a property distribution by gender post divorce, but no matter – around half of them are likely to find out where the inequality is in that sphere in due course.

Violence is a given in any equity presentation, so let’s just spout the standard unqualified feminist line.

Guess how many women and girls are beaten or sexually abused at least once in their lifetime. Maybe you think 1 in 10, or 1 in 8, 1 in 5? It’s 1 in 3. That’s how bad the situation is. That’s how bad gender inequality is.

I wonder if any of the teacher’s supervisors had bothered to point out to them that the rate of male violent victimization is 1 in 2, perhaps if they did their concept of “how bad gender inequality is” would be different? They might even have mentioned war dead, but if that came up perhaps it was neutralized by the idea that it’s men who cause wars in the first place?

No gender equality presentation would be complete without mention of female genital mutilation.

Another story repeated every day is females being subjected to genital mutilation.” The boys go on to tell us that this affects “130 million” and “If we put that into context, that’s more than a third of the U.S. population. And the number continues to increase.  

Undoubtedly, female genital mutilation is an abhorrent cultural/religious practice that has occurred over thousands of years in some parts of the world, and deserves to be stopped. However male genital mutilation is a cultural/religious practice that has occurred over thousands of years and was accepted as a norm in western societies.  This is a clear sexual double standard that would have been worthy of noting and of debate.

The Sydney Boys High School is an elite all boys school, which aims to attract “gifted students” and prides itself on the large number of graduates going onto tertiary study and gaining recognition in public or professional careers [6]. The “GenEq” project was completed under the auspices of a group called “Highresolves” who state their aim as “developing high school students to become effective citizens and leaders who are armed with the confidence and skills necessary to tackle the unique challenges of the 21st century” [7].

It’s interesting that the Highresolves initiative arose out of the graduate program at Harvard University, and it was feminist professor Carol Gilligan of the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s corrupt research that invoked the beginning of the gender feminist’s reformation of the US education system.

I wrote to both the Principle of Sydney Boys High School and the CEO of Highresolves with my concerns about the lack of balance in the project, which has been publically promoted and applauded. The principle has not responded but I did get a phone call from one of the Highresolves staff who said they did not interfere with the “content” of projects only provide tools and assistance with the “processes.”  One can only wonder why objectivity and an examination of the counter viewpoints should not be integral to the “process.” Naturally if the intent is to co-opt young impressionable minds to be better “global citizens” by adopting a feminist understanding of gender equity then all dissenting views should be explicitly excluded, lest the boys get a whiff of the truth and perhaps start to follow there own logic and reason.

While the boys may have chosen the topic themselves (and who would argue that gender equality is not a reasonable topic to investigate) I felt particular umbrage that the teachers and sponsors of the project allowed such a prejudiced perspective that assumes gender equality can be achieved simply by identifying and advocating for change in areas where females are apparently disadvantaged. This to me is an inherent breach of their duty as educators and appears as an overt attempt to indoctrinate. That boys from an elite all male school are advocating gender equality when it is inequity in wealth and educational resources that affords them the position to do so is an irony evidently not noticed by many who showered accolades on this project.

Education and its abuses remains a key area of concern for the men’s movement and I would encourage all to speak out against such instances of gender bias and misrepresentation when they encounter it.








Acknowledgement: a number of statistics in this article a reproduced from the excellent 2007 briefing paper produced by Men’s Health Australia for the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissions “listening tour,” the full report can be accessed here

About Greg Canning

Greg is father, Family Physician and medical educator located in North Queensland, with interests in mens rights and exposing the corrupt domestic abuse industry. He is also the News Director for AVfM Australia.

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  • AntZ

    God, I love this post. This is the front lines of the gender war. Feminists are attempting to destroy men by destroying boys.

  • Otter

    “Very little concrete has been done to address male educational disadvantage.”

    Because nobody cares if boys fail. If girls are having trouble not only is it the fault of men but everyone will pour money into helping the girls and restructure the entire system to help them succeed.

    If boys are having trouble it’s our own damn fault, right?

    Fucking hypocrites.

    • AntZ

      “Because nobody cares if boys fail …”

      I wish this were true. It is not. Boys are intentionally engineered to fail.

  • AntZ

    “… from structured teaching with a focus on basic numeracy and literacy skills toward the laissez faire, female friendly, student centric and group learning environments so typical of todays classrooms … ”

    This is very important.

  • Jade Michael

    This is such an important post. If there is no other way to prove that feminists have an agenda of hate, just look at the disparity between boys’ and girls’ educational success. They want boys to be at the bottom and will do anything to make sure they stay there their whole lives.

  • Kimski

    Throw hypergamy into the equation, and watch history’s most blatantly obvious attempt to shoot oneself in both feets.
    “Good luck” with that, while they are creating another generation of girls prevented by their own biology from ever getting a husband, that they don’t secretly despise. One can only hope they will reach critical mass, sooner than later.

    Great post, Mr Channing.

  • Ben

    “Just 2% of the world’s land is owned by females.”

    Feminist propaganda. . .

    I would be willing to bet that less than 10% of the world’s land is actually privately owned. Agricultural companies and governments own most of the world’s land. Think of China, for crying out loud.

    So, this would mean that women would own 20% of all land that is available for ownership by PEOPLE.

    This also does not account for the fact that women are probably at least 50% less likely than men to BUY land, whether they have the money or not.

    With all these things considered, they have absolutely no grievance at all whatsoever.

    • Rper1959

      Indeed, I was unable to find a source for this statistic, or anything remotely comparable, it was clearly put first to make a point about “how bad gender inequality is” , their supervisors no doubt knew this would set the scene for the other misrepresentations in their presentation.

      there is some data on agricultural land ownership here

    • ThoughtCriminal

      Very astute,sir. I was about to say the exact same thing. Additionally,I think it is wise to point out that a lot of the world’s land is completely uninhabitable. In order to even use the land, it would have to be developed. In many countries, this means developing the land yourself or with the aid of your family. Guess how many women are interested in digging irrigation ditches,hauling rocks,or driving with truckloads of dirt, sometimes days away from civilization?

      My guess would be very few.

      I find it just too precious how all of these “inequality” arguments are themselves unequal in presentation. How many times, when we are presented with a statistic like “1 in 3 women are abused in their lifetimes”,do they offer the equivalent statistic for males?

      How much does a statistic like that tell you when they deliberately exclude the other half of the story. If I told you 1 million Americans claimed to have seen a UFO in their lifetime, you might say “Wow,aliens are visiting the United States on a regular basis.”, but only if I didn’t tell you that the rest of the country has NEVER claimed to have seen a UFO.

      Feminists lie by obfuscation of all available data, when they don’t lie by deliberate distortions of the truth.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Land ownership requires stewardship and maintenance – which is a “man’s job” even in this enlightened day and age.

      Land ownership is a male concept – something a man was willing to fight and die for.

      Once the fighting’s done and the dying part is out of the way, it seems men should start handing it over, like “due process” and the right to vote.

  • Ben

    Even in majors such as mechanical engineering, where women (at least here) are only about 5% of graduates, they still have the advantage during career placement. You would not believe the difference in the numbers of interviews and job offers the female mechanical engineering graduates recieve versus the males. The companies are chomping at the bits to hire the female graduate. She can essentially name her price and go wherever she wants.

    The only way for a male to be able to compete with this is to graduate Summa Cum Laude. So, the very best, hardest working, and most talented man has excellent career opportunities upon graduation. In fact, his opportunities are so bright that they are almost as bright as even the most unqualified female’s.

    Now, for a disclaimer: I am not saying that female mechanical engineering graduates are less qualified than male mechanical engineering graduates. But in the event that the female happens to be less qualified, she is still chosen over the most qualified male as long as affirmative action for females is in place for STEM professions.

    That being said, I know female mechanical engineering students who are serial white knight manipulation artists. In a class of 49 men and 1 woman, I have seen the woman do nothing but text message and talk to they guy next to her while all the men are taking notes. This one girl in particular has NO interest in anything mechanical. Just yesterday we were passing a photograph of a Damascus blade in class. It was a brilliant photo. The steel had these swirling dark and light bands that were absolutely amazing. We all looked at it for a minute and then passed it along. Anyway, when the photo gets to her, no one could get her attention because she was text messaging. Finally the guy behind her poked at her back. She turned around and looked over her left shoulder at him (the photo was laying to her right). He pointed to the photo. She grabbed it and passed it without ever even looking at it, while looking irritated. This is just one example. I could list dozens. I have seen this every day and for several consecutive semesters.

    I cannot figure out why she, and others like her, are even here majoring in mechanical engineering, except to get a free education. I would say that the majority of female mechanical engineering students here are okay. I have no issue with them at all. However, this one in particular, does nothing but copy her homework from guys. It is a daily occurance to see her deliberately copy their work from one class while she is supposed to be taking notes in another. There is no way in hell that ANY of us male students could EVER pass this course like that. EVER. No way. See, ALL men must prove themselves but women do not have to prove themselves. Of course, most women DO prove themselves, but it is an OPTION for them and a necessity for us. Sure, some guys copy other guy’s work some of the time. But none of us would allow another man to become a total mooch. We would confront another male who only took answers and never provided them.

    One final thought. I have worked with other engineering students for about 4 years now. We will work hard for days sometimes on a project. One guy will show up with breakthrough information and will share that with the rest of the group. I have had a turn at being that guy more than once and so have most of my male counterparts at one point or another.

    However, I have NEVER, not even once, seen a female show up with a breakthrough understanding that she shared with the rest of the group. The only time a female has showed up with breakthrough information was when she showed up with a copy of an old test or the answer in a solutions manual.

    So, either women are just wired differently, or they are not socialized to put blood, sweat, and tears into a difficult major like this one, or they are not willing to share their scholastic revelations with others when those moments come for them, or it has been a stroke of total luck that I have witnessed this trend without ever seeing any contrary evidence of it. But this is my God’s honest reporting on exactly what I have seen. No spin. Just the facts. NEVER have I seen a female engineering student contribute anything of any value. When we get stuck on something late at night, we call other male students for help.

    But the girls consistently get better grades and I never see them study. In fact, just yesterday, we were all at the library studying for a test. This same girl showed up. The topic immediately turned from machine design to sex. She was telling some story of a girl who slept with some guy and then put on his gym shorts while he was asleep and walked across the hall to get in the bed with another guy. And on-and-on it went. I packed my books away and walked away. She wasn’t even at my table but she was talking so loud that she was disrupting the whole library. She was wearing running shorts and had both here feet in her chair too, with her ass literally hanging out.

    See, the girls might be just as talented as we are at engineering and might very well put as much into this major as we are. But that is their choice. They will get the degree whether they deserve it our not. That is not a choice that we have. Some of them get this degree only because it is politcally incorrect to fail them and they are oblivious to the that fact. They see us killing ourselves to get this degree and, I presume, just think they are smarter than us.

    So, even if women became 5% of college enrollment across the board, they would still be a problem, due to these issues. Again, this is not directed at the women who I actually do consider my academic equals. In fact, some are stronger than me at this material — I have had several female mechanical engineering professors or Ph.D. students for teachers who were absolutely brilliant that I look up to this day.

    • Jade Michael

      “However, this one in particular, does nothing but copy her homework from guys.”

      Can this bitch’s behavior be called out on or even ratted out for this? Can you prove it to the powers that be?

      Ben, bring the bitch DOWN.

      • Ben

        There are huge obstacles in trying to do that, Jade. I will give you an example. Last weekend, I literally spent 16 hours on a metallurgy homework assignment. Monday, several other engineering students and I compared the work we had done and after long discussion, modified several of our answers.

        Later on that day, this bitch asked one guy from our previous homework discussion, “did you do the homework?” He said yes. She asked, “do you mind if I look at it?” I was sitting right there watching the whole time, two rows back. I could not hear his answer. A moment later she asked again, “do you mind?”

        Within seconds, she was literally copying OUR work, which was a combined effort, among all of us, of probably over 40 hours of actual hard research and practice.

        We have a very strong honors counsel at Mississippi State. But here is the problem. They look for plagiarism by comparing the work of two or more students for an actual match. Otherwise, they use resources such as turn it in dot com to check for plagiarism of published work. If there is no match, they don’t take action, and rightly so.

        People like her know how rewrite other people’s work in such a way that they avoid being detected by the powers to be. They only get caught when one of them very stupidly copies something directly. Believe it or not, even this happens all the time.

        In fact, 2/3 of one of my fluid mechanics class from two semesters ago deliberately copied the solutions manual on a homework problem — that had a MISTAKE in it! The instructor raised hell at us but did not turn anyone in because nearly everyone cheated. Not me, though. I did not cheat. On many occassions I have turned in my incorrect work even when I had the correct solution right in front of me (after someone gave it to me against my will, of course). I told a colleague once, “I am turning in my incorrect work because it is MY work and the instructor needs to see my level of understanding of this material so that he can help me.” I vividly remember some guy saying, “That is amazing” in front of a study room with about 8 people. I am not trying to blow my own horn, here. I am just trying to point out why it irritates me so much to have someone like her deliberately copy work that I might have had input.

        As long as she writes it in her own words, she is immune to any risk of discovery. Also, she could turn us in for cheating, too, I suppose, since we worked together to at least some degree. But the difference is that each of us understood what we were turning in. We simply learned from each other’s strong points. So that water is very, very muddy. That is where the trouble lies.

        • Steve_85

          I see this a lot at my university also. The number of girls who do great all semester but then fail massively in the exam is staggering.

          Without the guys there to give them the answers they simply fall over.

        • BlueBlood

          Hey there Ben, my fellow frontliner. I have recently taken the definitely-not-feminist-approved path of reporting these things. I, of course, have to keep it hush-hush, but you can only forgive so much. And the simple fact is that it`s ALWAYS women cheating.

    • Rper1959

      Thanks Ben, you have certainly enlightened us on the gender bias on campus with this and you other excellent posts and videos.

      Female representation in senior management and on company boards is being pushed heavily in Australia with plans to legislate quotas to increase the number of females. Big companies are well aware of this and are keen to get women into their organisations. They are fighting a loosing battle as after a few year many of these women discard career for motherhood and family and marry a CEO / senior manager. If and when they come back to work they would prefer a lower key job with less stress and commitment.

      Be that as it may Australia has a “Higher Education Equity Support Program (ESP) which currently assists women, but not men, who are entering “non-traditional areas of study”. Assistance will be provided to a female student to undertake an engineering degree but not a male student who wishes to train in early childhood education or nursing.

      A young high school teacher(Senior maths physics specialities) I know recently has a his career plan significantly altered to accommodate a female engineer who unable to cut it in engineering, opted to do a teaching diplolma and was employed by the same school. Despite men being less than a quarter of the teaching staff ,the male principle made no secret of the fact that getting a women into the still predominantly male bastion of “math / physics” would be considered a win for him!

  • Zerbu

    Feminist meaning of gender inequality:
    “Anything negative that happens to a woman or girl.”

  • quolls
    • Imdefender

      “It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching, or one of the links below, can help.”
      Help !?

  • Elder Swami

    I’m Aussie and it was my university experience that moved me over to the MM. You would not believe the amount and severity of the anti male teachings in our system

    • Rper1959

      Would love you to share some examples if you have time!

      • Steve_85

        Dear Students

        I invite all students and staff (men and women) to celebrate International Women’s Day on Thursday 8 March, 7:45 – 8:45 am, with a free breakfast and entertainment in the [PLACE].

        International Women’s Day is a global day that celebrates the vital role women play in enhancing economic security for their families, communities and countries as a whole, while also recognising that
        significant barriers to achieving women’s economic security and equality continue to exist.

        This celebration is brought to you by the Equity and Diversity Unit and the International Office of the [UNIVERSITY NAME].

        A women’s only lunch will also be held at the [OTHER PLACE], please contact [E-MAIL REMOVED] for information about this event.


        I replied, asking if there would be similar events to celebrate International Men’s Day. There was no response.

  • blueface

    Great article, Greg.

    Yes, the education system here is in a dreadful state. The long term damage by this can only be guessed at.

    Most of this comes from socialism / feminism. The idea is to indoctrinate children into politically correct thinking rather than teach them basic numerology and literacy.

    You can tell by that video how bad it has got here. Not only were the boys showing their manliness by being Good Men Standing Up, but the male teachers approval of this drivel was sickening.

    “If we just keep talking shit, we can change the world.” The problem is that they do, and they can. But it is not for the better.

    I found the high resolves web site interesting. Communism sponsored by big business. The irony shows the complete lack of thinking that dominates our culture today.

    It is clear to me that these boys did not research and develop this program by themselves, but were taught what to say and how to say it.

    A point worth noting, in the powerpoint they are asking school children for donations for the UN Women and spruiking their sponsors Deloittes. Clearly unethical behaviour.

    I’ll bet McDonalds would fund a program for children to teach children stuff.

    An important point to note, in the interest of good research, that the reports providing the 1-3 violence against women, including the WHO 2002 report on violence and the Australian 2005 Personal Safety Survey both show that men are twice as likely to be victims of violence.

    So for every statistic given for women and violence, you can reliably double the figure to get the numbers for men experiencing violence.

  • gambino

    Yes, an interesting article.

    My first post here. About 15 months ago, frustrated by a general anti-male bias across the different spheres of life that I couldn’t quite articulate in a coherent holistic manner, I stumbled across several American blogs predominantly to do with dating and relationships – Heartiste, Dalrock, privateman, badger hut, MMSL and others. As my consciousness of the reality grew (as did the outrage) I then came across AVFM.

    While the other blogs mentioned have been important to taking the red pill and having greater depth of understanding of the ‘real story’ of male-female interaction, I think AVFM provides a more important service by outline the scope and depth of the broader crisis faced by men in today’s society.

    It is one thing to get the truth about women and dating; it is another to be fully awakened to the systematic, ongoing and growing discriminatory and abusive environment being created and perpetuated in society towards men. Congratulations.

    I am from Australia and graduated from a very prestigous (if I do say so myself) private school in the late 90s. Extreme modern feminism had yet to penetrate broader society and become mainstream, inlcuding the education system. Thankfully I went to an all boys school where learning was based on a male learning style. I am also extremely thankful I did not have to be subject to such horseshit indoctrination either.

    Similarly, I graduated University with a double major in finance and economics 4 years after, without a hint of what composes our environment today. Interestingly enough M/F ratios in this faculty at University where probably 60/40 to 55/45 – I saw no evidence of systemic anti-female bias.

    A mate who did Mechanical and Electrical Engineering would frequently comment on the overwhelming number of men doing engineering generally. But, as in my faculty, we did not see it as a symptom of anti-female discrimination.

    I’m from the State of Queensland, where an election was held and a new government sworn in. Unbelievably, as an election promise, the new Premier has agreed to provide $10 million in funding to encourage women to become engineers.

    But funnily enough, no money for men to go into traditionally female careers. In any event, it is absurd – if women actually wanted to go into engineering, THEY WOULD. They would be complaining about not being able to and there would be parades, protests etc.

    There is no booger-man at the faculty gates, just the reality that most women are not highly pre-disposed to professions which involve systems and technical details, analytics, flow paths. etc. Nor are they interested in working in specific work environments and conditions (mines, factories etc.) which men have long accepted and DEALT with.

    Women (for better or worse) are generally not interested in the technical detail, although they are quite happy to trivially socialise with the resulting applications of engineering and technology or benefit from the engineering and infrastructure that deliver them water, electricity, transport etc. All without a moment’s thought to the bigger picture.

    It’s all so mindless and misguided.

  • Shrek6

    Greg, thanks for a great informative post. Being an Aussie father with 3 teenage children still languishing in the public education system in this country, I can concur with what you have written in your article.

    In the state I am in (Western Australia), if any boys enjoy wrestling on the oval at lunch time, they are either warned very sternly to stop this violence or they are immediately marched off to the office, suffer detention, are threatened with suspension and their parents are contacted.
    With sports. All sports are non-contact in school. Why? Because the bloody girls want to play sports with the boys, so they can get amongst it and feel like they are tough and strong. If the girls make contact and shove boys over or trip them up and hurt them, it is ignored. The non-contact order is for boys only.

    With regard the unisex schools. The positive discrimination laws that came along with the Anti-discrimination laws a few decades ago, now make it illegal to run ANY organisation without deliberately making it 50% female staffed, unless of course it is a female only organisation, then the rules don’t apply.
    All boy schools and colleges now have so many female teachers in them that the boys cannot escape being force fed the vomit that comes from feminists. I do not know this for an absolute fact in every boys school, but I do in some.

    It also amazes me in the country that it is illegal (to my knowledge) to have male only health clubs, but there are many female only health clubs, where men are banned.

    And I have noticed that there have been a few posters to this blog consistently referring to Circumcision of boys as male sex mutilation.
    I wonder if anyone has actually looked for the real reason circumcision came about?

    Circumcision has been a practice for a few thousand years that has proven useful in preventing disease of the penis and foreskin. The only reason it is less of an issue in modern western societies today, is because hygiene practices in men are better and they have better facilities available to them.

    Female circumcision is nothing but mutilation and there is no earthly reason for it to exist. It is just a sick religious practice designed to further subdue females.

    As for male circumcision being religious. The only way any authorities could get men to obey a public health rule/law, was to make it part of the religion of that day. Circumcision was brought in by the Israelite’s, just as the banning of eating Pork was made part of their religion.
    And the reason for the banning of eating Pork, was because of a bad disease called Trichinosis, which is a parasite infection. Pigs get this if you allow them to live in filthy conditions.

    There has been and still is a valid case for male circumcision and it is not mutilation at all.

    I do understand that the practice is viewed by many as barbaric. I do believe that it is a matter of choice, but depending on where you live, it could be a necessity.

    • Rper1959

      Male Genital Mutilation ( and I use that term for the same reasons the term “female circumcision” is NOT used) is currently being hotly debated in Australia , with at very strong pro lobby getting exposure in the medical and popular media. The debate is complex but in my view any “benefits” are likely to be small or easily achieved by other simple hygiene measures and use of condoms but the prime reason for my stance on the issue is that I believe it is morally and ethically wrong to subject male infants to genital cutting rather then allowing them to reach the age of consent and decide for themselves. I am pro choice; His body his choice , his foreskin his choice and of course his sperm his choice.

      What Men do to their own bodies or with their foreskins and sperm after the age of consent is their own business.

      • Shrek6

        I don’t disagree with you. I was simply putting the case.
        I think the main reason they circumcised infants, is because it is a big deal to do it after the age of consent. There is a lot more pain and suffering when it is done at a later date, plus I have read somewhere that the scaring can cause some impairment to the surrounding tissue. Also, I certainly have no memory of any suffering from when it was done to me as an infant.

        Here in Aus, there have been studies to show that even in this day and age there is a much higher degree or risk of infection in the uncircumcised males as apposed to those who have had the chop. Sorry, I read that a couple of years ago and do not have a link.

        Like I said, male circumcision will always have a case for it, but it needs to be considered without all the same emotion as female circumcision/mutilation is discussed.
        In my opinion, the two types occur for completely different reasons.

    • Bombay

      Please review/update your position on circumcision or provide references.

      This is what medical experts say:

      “In 1998, the former Australian College of Paediatrics (ACP) was absorbed into the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) as the Division of Paediatrics and Child Health. In 1971, 1983, and 1996, The ACP and its predecessor organisations had issued prior statements regarding male circumcision. The 1971 statement affirmed that there is no medical indication for neonatal circumcision”

      “The CPS recommends that “Circumcision of newborns should not be routinely (i.e.,in the absence of medical indication) performed.” Since there are no medical indications for circumcision in the newborn period, in effect, the CPS is saying that newborn circumcisions should not be performed.”

      “The Royal Dutch Medical Society (In Dutch Koninklijke Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot bevordering der Geneeskunst or KNMG) published a seventeen-page position statement in English regarding the circumcision of male childen on May 27, 2010. That statement cites many problems of male circumcision and says that the operation violates the human rights of the child. ”

      “The current policy statement of the AAP is the 1999 Circumcision Policy Statement. The AAP does not recommend routine (performed in the absence of medical indication) circumcision of the newborn.”

      And the list goes on.

      • Shrek6

        Bombay, you are obviously one of the anti-circumcision group. I am not advocating either side of the argument.

        Sorry but, who or what is AAP?
        I’m not that good with acronyms!

        And I take it that the CIRP is an anti-circumcision political activist organisation?

        You have only provided one side of the argument. This argument has been hotly debated here in Aus for over 30 years and there are two sides to this debate, which are still being argued.

        I already stated that I read a couple of articles, in fact I even remember seeing a news program on TV where a professor from some university was making the same assertions that boys and young men where ‘X’ times more likely to contract a venereal disease and pass it on, than any boy/man who was circumcised.

        And I never said babies should be circumcised because the get diseases. Where did you get that from?

        At the end of the day, you can tell me I’m an ignorant fool for not proving my point, but the truth is, I don’t have to. The fact that the debate still goes on here today is proof enough that there is in fact a case for male circumcision.

        I am just not going to get all emotional about it.

        • Bombay

          “you can tell me I’m an ignorant fool”.

          Never, you are a fellow MRA.

          Please visit the link. The site lists and references what various medical associations/organizations around the world have stated about circumcision.

          “Bombay, you are obviously one of the anti-circumcision group.”

          Definitely. Nothing beats pulling the foreskin up to prevent irritation. I would not wish not being protected on anyone.

          “I am not advocating either side of the argument. ”

          IMO this is an MRA issue, I hope that you will eventually advocate accordingly.

          AAP – American Academy of Pediatrics

          • Shrek6

            Bombay, I don’t think I am far behind you on this issue, because one of the main reasons given over 30 years ago for why baby boys were given the chop in Western Nations, is because women perceived it as being cleaner. They preferred to have a husband with a visually clean penis, instead of one that looked unkempt and dirty, in other words, one with its foreskin attached.

            So back in the pre-1970 era and probably post war, the women had a lot to say about whether the boys were circumcised or not.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            This is embarassing to admit, but when I balked at having my son circumsized the Doctor snapped “He’ll be laughed at in the locker room if you don’t do it”.

            I’m ashamed to say I totally let that influence my decision, not realizing the Doctor’s main concern was he stood to make a buck doing it.

    • father marker

      When our boys were in the first grade of secondary school here in Australia they and their classmates thought it would be a great idea to play a game called “spank tag”. The idea of the game was not just to tag but the pursuer was to apply a real walloping to their victim’s behind.

      Of course everyone was on the lookout for teachers when this was on the go. Boys will be boys and they will find ways to get around the rules applied by the teachers.

  • Rog

    I have a bad feeling about this one guys what i can see in the future is that there wont be any accountability for changing the school system to suit girls they will just say girls are smarter hence do better in school ,, just think about it theres still enuf of us around that remember them changing the schooling and all the hooplaw in the media about it,, but once we forget (like most of society already has) they will just chalk it up to girls just being smarter than boys(rather than hijacking and dumbing down the school system to suit girls needs…)

    • Steve_85

      This society wont last long enough to forget those changes. If this sticks to a similar timetable as Rome did, we should see complete collapse of the west within 50 years at the most.

      • Bombay

        “MIT Predicts That World Economy Will Collapse By 2030″

        “Commissioned by an international think tank called the Club of Rome, the 1972 report found that if civilization continued on its path toward increasing consumption, the global economy would collapse by 2030. Population losses would ensue, and things would generally fall apart.

        The study was — and remains — nothing if not controversial, with economists doubting its predictions and decrying the notion of imposing limits on economic growth. Australian researcher Graham Turner has examined its assumptions in great detail during the past several years, and apparently his latest research falls in line with the report’s predictions, according to Smithsonian Magazine. The world is on track for disaster, the magazine says.”

        Note the reason – “increasing consumption”. I wonder who consumes so much?

        • ThoughtCriminal

          I have seen this too. IF it is true,that means we know feminism’s expiration date with 100% certainty. As soon as this collapse happens, feminists are fucked. If women keep supporting it as a group and spitting on men and boys,they too will be fucked.Roughly 15 years,brothers, and we will see feminism’s Wile E Coyote moment happen. The moment when they finally realize that they have no more power, and glomming onto a man will be their ONLY choice for survival.

          How many of you are going to starve so a woman can eat?How many of you are going to work so a woman doesn’t have to?

          Not me, fuck all of them. I won’t lift a finger to hurt them physically, and when it comes time to lift a finger to keep them from dying a painful death of starvation, I’m not going to do that either.

          Women are used to living an artificial life of no consequences. As this economic collapse will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are ALWAYS consequences to our actions. Call it karma, call it whatever you want, it’s real, and feminists and the women who supported them have a GIGANTIC fucking bill to pay. Who is gonna “man up” and pay the check for the little lady? Not me, I’m just a loser with a small cock who lives in his mom’s basement. Besides, women are independent, they don’t need a man,lol.

          • Bombay

            “Who is gonna “man up” and pay the check for the little lady? Not me, I’m just a loser with a small cock who lives in his mom’s basement. Besides, women are independent, they don’t need a man,lol.”

            Yeah, the new dick comparison paradigm.

            Man 1: “Mine is smaller than yours.”

            Man 2: ” No mine is smaller and I live in the sub basement.”

            Woman: “Will someone just man up?”

            Man1 and Man2: [Both walk away without responding]

          • Stu

            The dates are wrong. Total unadulterated, complete bullshit, and, wishful thinking on the part of the optimists.

            Western economies will collapse way before 2030.

            We have one cycle left. The US will slip back into official recession this year. I say official because they were never really out of it…the so called recovery was all smoke and mirrors.

            When the recession resumes, with both a much larger pile of both public and private debt, it will be harder to create another round of smoke and mirrors via bailouts and money printing. They will attempt it though, and will probably artificially create enough bullshit to make it appear as though recovery is underway yet again. We will struggle along in this apparent recovery, consisting of a house of cards built atop of a pile of bullshit for a few years until the final collapse comes. This will be late this decade, or at the latest, early next decade.

            We are reaching the stage now where the only way one region can have economic growth, is at the expense of another. The pie is not growing anymore, it’s shrinking. They only way your piece can get bigger, is if others have a smaller piece. So expect more wars in with the economic collapse.

          • Tawil

            I agree with Stu- its already collapsing and the double-dip is almost here… I’d give it 5yrs max to hit bottom. The first things to go will be the taxpayer funded wimmins support/entitlement programs – which are already beginning to lose funding around the world.

            I recently saw a program documenting the triumph of the ‘desires based’ consumer over the earlier ‘needs based’ consumer, around 80yrs ago. One of the first successes in this experiment was getting women to desire to purchase cigarettes – until then only men smoked. The tobacco companies came up with an ingenious strategy promoting cigarettes to women as “Torches of Liberty”- specifically, liberation from any responsibility to males. The implicit idea was that if women desired to be free from men’s “control”, they had to demonstrate it with a symbolic purchase. Women lit up in the millions and the tobacco companies struck it rich. After this other companies caught on and began marketing exclusively to women with the message that buying a particular product will liberate them from all responsibilities to males and to society. I suspect feminism is the product of this strategy, and one welcomed by the existing chivalrous culture.

            Encouraging female desire for entitlement provided the engine-room of capitalism, but it took a self-defeating turn when government treasuries fell prey to the same philosophy. The whole experiment has reached end game.

          • Stu

            I wouldn’t be sure about the first things to get axed being women’s programs. There may be some on the chopping block now, but when the shit really hits the fan, you can bet that politicians will do what they always do, buy women’s votes by promising them the world. I think I can form a pretty good picture in my mind of what they will do…..more draconian laws against men, more wealth transferes from men to women…..and more bullshit reasons for all of the above. But this will drive more and more men to go their own way, and to the MRM.

            This won’t just be the end of feminism, it will be the end of the lifestyle that most westerners grew up with and is all they know. I’m not saying that by 2020 the transition will be complete, but the writing will be on the wall, and more and more people will be waking up that business as usual is over…..forever. I’d say by 2030 society wont have much room for anybody that wants something for nothing, or a bigger piece of pie than they produce themselves.

            My appeal to all MRAs, and all men, is to stop buying shit, stop nightclubbing, stop holidaying, stop consuming everything you can do without, and start hording your money. Rainy days are coming. In all likelyhood, there is no more than a few more years to prepare for these hard times.

          • ThoughtCriminal

            “My appeal to all MRAs, and all men, is to stop buying shit, stop nightclubbing, stop holidaying, stop consuming everything you can do without, and start hording your money. Rainy days are coming. In all likelyhood, there is no more than a few more years to prepare for these hard times.”

            I’m inclined to agree, whatever the exact date for the end of feminism may be.Rather than hording money,however,I would encourage men to horde that which can be converted into money.

            You can bet on pushing wheelbarrows full of dollars to the supermarket to buy a loaf of bread when this collapse happens. The paper they are printed on will be worth more than the currency. Some things, however, are always valuable.

            These things being gold,silver,platinum,guns (in countries where it is legal for private citizens to own them),bullets,fuel,spices and seasonings,jewels and jewelry,tobacco,alcohol, and things of this nature.

            However,I would urge extreme caution to the point of even discouragement of hording guns,even where it is legal to possess them, because the federal government looks at this practice like you are attempting to build an American Al-Qaeda,even if you are only looking to make a buck.

            Additionally, whether feminism dies first,last,or somewhere in between,in an economic crisis,feminism dies. This we can be certain of. When no one has enough, the last thing they’re going to want to do is give it to some fat old harpy whose only contribution to society is hatred.

            I know I don’t have to tell you guys this, but in these coming hard times,help a brother out and let the sisters “do it for themselves”.If nothing else, it’ll give them a chance to grow up a little.

    • mccrorie

      One of my tutors had the gall to flippantly remark that the current state of things is due to boys not being able to handle competing with girls fairly. As if all that ‘privilege’ that male pre-teens and early teens were so used to has suddenly evaporated and left them reeling and under-performing. This guy is male, too… It just boggles my mind the lack of sympathy males have in the west.

    • blueface

      I’m afraid they’re already ahead of you Rog. Check out this talk by Hanna Rosin.

      She talks about how women are ahead of men in universities and earnings. No mention of affirmative action, as it is called in the states, or the billions of dollars, or the various government agencies, etc etc. No, it’s because women are naturally smarter and naturally more able to grasp the “new economy”.

      She even shows a video of her daughter explaining why girls are better at school, while the girl’s father and brother look on.

      And, you guessed it, it’s because girls are just better, nicer and smarter than boys.

  • Bombay

    It reminds me of when there were books outlining how boys are smarter than girls. Those books are considered very bigoted now. It is amazing how the “smarter” people do not learn from history. LOL

  • Tawil

    Good expose, Greg. The unbalanced presentation showing only those inequalities and issues faced by females was unquestionably overseen and shepherded by the staff of Sydney Boys High School. On that account they have some serious explaining to do.

    Feminism -the philosophy that generates these one sided accounts- is becoming increasingly unpopular. Globally.

    Via this article stakeholders at the Sydney Boys High School will be alerted to the one-sided presentation that has been endorsed by the school. Parents of current and future students, along with funding bodies will read this AvFM expose and have a double-take about whether they wish to continue supporting the school in question. Who wants boys to be conscripted into propaganda that does not adequately address issues boys will face?

    It may well be that this AvFM expose will be high up on search engines for any who type in the name ‘Sydney Boys High School’. Makes one wonder why the principal at the school didn’t take more time to address your concerns seriously and in person… It would have been in the school’s best interests to avoid this kind of publicity.

    As for International Women’s Day and it’s objectives, it has today become little more than an outlet to promote women’s victimhood, according to formal sources:

    • Shrek6

      I note in the article from your link, which I must say is a great piece of work, that the introduction of international women’s day was being pushed in western nations around the globe, at around 10 years after yet another old soviet or socialist policy was rolled out across the globe.

      The family laws that were introduced into all western nations around the globe in the late 1960s onward by socialist govts, is old soviet law/policy. Part of the old communist empire, that subjugated men by giving women power over them.

      And I noticed in this guys (Jason Thompson) article where he says that the feminists who were wanting to change the name to IWD, were doing so to try and dump the socialist tag.
      I could just see that day being celebrated here in Australia in the 1970s, where anything communist or socialist was fair game in the media and on the political scene.

      These bitches knew what they were doing. They were adopting old communist propaganda policy that was used to destroy society, by subjugating men and emasculating boys. Well done girls, you have been very successful!

      Have a look at university syllabus for the study of feminism. I think Marxism is one of the core subjects if my memory serves me correctly.

      And they say Communism died with Perestroika. Ha!!

      • Tawil

        “Part of the old communist empire, that subjugated men by giving women power over them.”

        Hey Shrek, your comment about the old communist empire was right on… and while Women’s Day took a major departure from the soviet model in the 1970s, it also retained some of the earlier socialist elements. There’s a stunning article from a U.S. newspaper in 1968 pinpointing the problem in the Soviet Women’s Day – and its exactly the same problem we face under feminism today… its worth a read (is short):

        • Shrek6

          Ha, great article Tarwil!

          And yeah, even though the women in the soviet block never deserved any day, they most certainly deserved much more than the lazy good for nothing whining bitches who live in Western Cultures and who only ever get dirty when they slip over in the mud in their stilettos.

          I agree with this guy too. Where the hell is the recognition for men?
          Why isn’t there an international men’s day?

          Well, now we have one ( and we should all make it an MRA objective to get involved.

          • Tawil

            Yes we have one… and no government or feminist owns it. In fact nobody owns it, except those who choose to celebrate in whatever way they choose.

            I understand Greg Canning is putting on an IMD event in Australia; also the Dads On The Air team (Australia); Pelle Billing in Sweden; and Jade Michael (of Artistry Against Misandry) is organizing something in the USA. Those are the AvFM members who have so far mentioned they are planning…. guess we’ll know who else closer to the time.

  • CanMan

    It’s interesting how many Australians post here. Most non-country-specific websites have a vast majority of Americans (the English-language sites, anyway). I think that says something about the feminist situation in Australia. It’s bad there.

    I have family in Australia and went to university there. One of the universities I attended had a list of ten different scholarship categories they awarded out annually. All but two of them were for women only. The other two were for indigenous groups only. So if you were the best in the country at what you did, but you were a white guy, too bad. The woman who came up with this list was asked about the inequality in it. She said to the reporter, “Tough luck”. And laughed about it. That was it. She didn’t have to change it and no one else complained. It’s probably still like that.

    Australia is also the most politically-correct country I’ve been to out of about a dozen, though tell that to any Aussie and they’ll disagree with you. I don’t say that as an attack, but I think there’s a link to that and the preponderance of feminism.

    • Tawil

      Australian culture is extremely PC, but disguises that PCness behind a facade of easy-going. So most Australians are taught to think of themselves as being free, and even to act free but are unconscious of just how stifled they are. Even our best larrikins are constantly spouting PC bullshit, particularly about gender behaviour. There’s an excellent MRM book whose subject is this illusion within Aus culture – ‘Sanity’s Insanity: Applying semiotics to understand the hidden world of mind, culture and gender roles’.

      Same could be said of the USA- the constant recitations of the words ‘freedom’, ‘libery’ etc are at odds with the lives of many who nevertheless still believe they are free.

      But telling that to your average Aussie or American messes with thier indoctrination.

      I sometimes wonder whether Germaine Greer is responsible for spiking Australian men’s interest in the gender war? That would partly account for the interest from the country, along with the long and strong history of MRA collectives.

      • gambino

        @ Tawil. Agreed – it’s incredible the lack of conscious awareness people have here in Australia.

        There is an absolute inability for the majority of people to see the distinction between reality and indoctrination and PC-themes. Hearing a mantra continuously and regurgitating it becomes a substitute for critical thought.

        Part of it is culture specific to Australia – there is an underlying, automatically negative reaction to anything that seems ‘intellectual’ or any deep level conversation about real issues.

        It is also being fuelled by a media whose business model has changed to one of ‘infotainment’, where short-term, contrived controversies are constantly manufactured and given continued oxygen. This, not coincidentally, is arguably a more ‘female friendly’ media model as well – merely an extension of a Women’s Weekly magazine to broadsheet.

        One of the popular angles to use is sexism – even if there is merely the presence of the opposing sexes involved in an issue, this angle will be probed and exploited.

        For example, you would not believe the number of mindless articles perpetuating the bullshit of the ‘wage-gap’ and ‘unfair treatment’ of mothers in the workplace from self-proclaimed ‘cultural experts’.

        They fail to see that despite growing female university enrolment numbers, that there is something more to the continued lack of females in senior positions, other than ‘sexism’.

        Most men are still on the blue-pill and clearly have the inability to grasp the real issues at stake, in part because of intellectual laziness but also because of the fear created by this environment.

        A very worrying set of trends here in Australia.

        • Tawil

          Well said, gambino… there’s a reaction to anything intellectual.

          Sport appears to have eclipsed intellect, has become the omnipresent outlet for Aussie males. Sport dominates the tabloids, and it takes up an entire third of the evening news slot (which increase of air-time coincidently corresponded with the rise of feminism over 30 years). Thinking by males is now frowned upon as a medium of social exchange, but physical competing is allowed… after all we males are manifestations of testosterone poisoning in need of a civil outlet. I happen to love playing and watching sport -league, tennis, etc- but I also have a kind of resentment that male existence is being slowly reduced to this one aspiration. The emphasis today on males as unsophisticated sporting caricatures has an eerie echo of yesteryear’s Black and White Minstrels Show. Before the rise of feminism men were encouraged to become rounded individuals- learned, sports fit, politically savvy, and curious on all matters metaphysical.

          • mccrorie

            I believe New Zealand needs to tackle (hurhur) the same problem. Not only are the majority of male role models ostensibly sport orientated, there is a culture of ‘sportdom’ attached to a sense of national identity. This lack of respect for academic achievement can be seen in the othering of groups such as Asians who are often stereotyped as highly industrious achievers, academics and intellectuals who resemble a feminine rather than masculine example of maleness.

          • Tawil


            True, all our male role models -I mean ALL of them- are now sportsmen. How can these men teach us about life outside of sport?

            Men cannot learn how to get through a hard day’s work by by imitating a footballer, nor cook a family meal with a baseball bat, i.e. we need role models for how to operate in the workplace, for home activities, family care, hobbies, marriage, schooling, socializing and so on. While we can agree that team sports teach excellent teamwork skills that can be utilized in various areas of life, this skill proves less than suifficient as a model for all of life’s complexities.

          • mccrorie

            Hopefully the public will begin urging the govt to tackle the lack of men in primary and secondary education. It gets scant attention in the media in New Zealand, which is strange because it’s undeniably a THING. We have all these kids growing up in single mother families going to schools dominated by women and coming out not knowing what the hell a man even is. It’s incredible. I imagine a similar situation is occurring in Australia

  • outdoors

    I was wondering why all the comments were in praise of this feminist nightmare,then I tried to comment.
    Comments are premoderated.

    Typical feminist’s.

  • Jay

    Good and well thought out article as always Greg. I would wager that Germany and Japan have a better education system than other industrialised countries.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    > “Circumcision has been a practice for a few thousand years that has proven useful in preventing disease of the penis and foreskin.”

    Similarly, removing the chest buds of young girls “prevents” breast cancer…and exploding nipples. And as Dr. Monte Pithon showed, exploding nipples are as common as, well, penis diseases.

    > “Female circumcision is nothing but mutilation and there is no earthly reason for it to exist.”

    Wrongo! It prevents diseases of the clitoris, labia, and vagina (depending on what’s done). Just like amputating your legs saves podiatry bills.

    FGM makes girls look like Mommy. Just like MGM makes boys look like Daddy (the reason some give for doing it). It makes sense, too: like blinding your baby if you’re blind, too.

    Mutilation is acceptable when done to males. In fact, it’s THE original domestic violence (hence the suffering and damage being downplayed). Evidently even tiny, helpless male babies deserve to be punished for not coming out of the womb female.

    Hell hath no fury like men awakened to feminist lies.

  • Auntie Pheminizm

    >”Also, I certainly have no memory of any suffering from when it was done to me as an infant.”

    If you’d blinded your kids as babies they’d not have remembered, either. Plus you’d have prevented eye diseases and saved on glasses. So why didn’t you do it? Plus, they’d not know what they’d missed…just like circumcised men don’t.

    The circumcision issue shows the sexism at the heart of feminism. They SAY men and women are equal, but then ACT like only women suffer…and only men whine. They deny that men are equally human, equally sensitive, equally deserving of protection and respect.

    Alas, on the feminist funny farm, females are more equal than males.

  • quolls

    What has the Australian Labor Party ‘Emily’s List’ of feminist bigots ever done for Australia?

  • Alan Vaughn


    So, either women are just wired differently, or they are not socialized to put blood, sweat, and tears into a difficult major like this one, or they are not willing to share their scholastic revelations with others when those moments come for them…

    I can assure you they will NEVER “share their scholastic revelations to share with others when those moments come for them”…, simply because such moments cannot come for them.
    The first part of your paragraph (above) states the reason why and the reality of the whole sham(e): “So, either women are just wired differently,…”

    I can remember a few years ago, when the governments were bribing employers with substantial cash incentives to hire female apprentices over young men in the mechanical, electrical, electronic and other metal trades (normally men’s jobs) and many of them needless to say: took advantage of what they perceived as ‘cheap labour’, as well as satisfying the dominant gender equality, polictically correct narrative of the time. (The mid 1980’s to early 1990’s in Australia and New Zealand).
    I almost faced disciplinary action from my employer at the time, following a very heated argument after I suggested to my manager to write back to the apprenticeship board with a message rejecting their proposal on the grounds that it was sexist!
    (And if offering a cash bonus to an employer just to employ a female over a male for no reason other than to satisfy feminist ideology is not sexist, please tell me what is)!

    To my way of thinking: asking me if I think the institution of feminism is sexist is exactly the same as asking me if I think racism is racist…
    (I actually told my boss that, 27 years ago).

    Anyway, it turned out to be the total joke I expected it to be, with at least 20% of them not even completing their apprenticeships and then almost all of them not working in the trade at all – dropping out, long before reaching age 30; normally due to the most obvious reason: marriage, thence pregnancy.
    So all of those jobs that could have been filled by young men, who would not only have stayed in the trade well beyond age 30, but probably their entire working lives, were effectively wasted.

    Of the girls I had any contact with in the electrical / instrumentation disciplines: none were what I would consider ‘competent’, even 3 years post-apprenticeship.
    They were absolutely HOPELESS at troubleshooting / fault finding and most could not read the most basic electrical schematic drawings and wire a circuit based on the drawing – the final wiring job in many instances was dangerously incorrect! (Dangerous if a high voltage circuit).
    The guys I supervised, and who in turn mentored the apprentices, including the new female ones all said they’d tried with all their patience and understanding to explain, using the simplest language on how to do things, but said it was just like bashing their heads against a wall. A very frustrating experience for many of them, as they reported that these girls did not want to be taught anything – many they said, were real ‘know-it-all’ types.
    Most were OK at completing the theory side, but again as you observed in your courses: they were copying from the guys in their classes or even relying on the white-knights to actually do their homework for them.
    If they failed exams, they were still allowed to progress to the next ‘qualifying level’, thus no matter what: even if they did not pass ONE exam out of dozens normally required over the duration of an apprenticeship, they STILL completed the theory curriculum within the 4 years! Sexist favouritism.
    No young man would EVER be afforded that sort of tolerance: if they didn’t make the grade: they stayed behind, so occassionally there were guys that had actually completed their apprentceships, but were not QUALIFIED tradesmen until a year or two after the completion of apprenticeship.
    Assuming the female apprentices actually stayed the entire 4 years required, they would ALWAYS be fully qualified, despite being very poor excuses for a tradesmen, sorry: ‘tradespersons’ and probably failing all of the theory exams as well.

    So at the end of the day, the employers who thought they were on a ‘good racket’ for employing female apprentices, were largely disappointed in the outcome of it all, yet none of them of course were game to publicly admit it.

  • Alan Vaughn

    How long does it normally take for a first-time comment to be approved by the moderator?
    (I posted one about 10 – 12 hours ago and it still doesn’t appear unless I am logged on).

    • Paul Elam

      sometimes we fall behind. Sorry

      • Alan Vaughn

        Thanks Paul, no problem – wasn’t sure if it was that, or (I thought) maybe I’d said something I shouldn’t have…

      • Stu

        New avatar. Suits you. I can just picture you hunched over rubbing your hands together with you eyes bulging and a very evil laugh……while your evil plots hatch. I know because I get bursts of that myself. Now if only we can get rid of Dudley Doright…….