Dennis Sobin Interview – creator of The Idiots Registry

Dennis Sobin is a Registered Sex Offender. Whatever you think of his past, he recently won a major 1st amendment case regarding sex offender registries, establishing that it is legal to publicly identify individuals who work in government departments implementing these registries. We had a chance to sit down and chat, and found him a fascinating interview:

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Bob O'Hara is the U.S. News Director for A Voice for Men. He is a men's rights activist living in the Washington, D. C. area who has done work with S.A.V.E. and is the host of a weekly radio show with news and analysis on men's and boys' issues.

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  • JJ

    I think we should use Sobin’s webpage to highlight family court judges, attorneys, city, county, state, and federal officials of every stripe.

    When they are highlighted for their own idiocy, and people can look up a “Dumb-asses” (like angieslist) and give a negative ten star to positive twenty star rating and comment. It will be interesting to see their reactions.

    Bring a smile to my face. My unjust treatment started almost 8 years ago, and did not stop yet. I have about twenty bureacrats I want to “highlight” like they did me.

  • Bluedrgn

    He got 10 years because he allegedly pointed a camera in the wrong direction!!! Women who murder their own children don’t even go to jail that long! And to top off he has to register as sex offender as well; all on zero real evidence. I feel sick.

    “Justice” is freaking joke in America.

    • Shrek6

      What are you talking about. Here in Australia, women who murder anyone, rarely go to prison for even one day. It is a very unlucky woman who ends up in prison today. They are almost always forgiven if they murder children. If they murder a man, especially one they were married to, not only are they most often forgiven, they are also celebrated as heroines. You go girl!

      Women who are part of clandestine drug labs, heck they probably even run the damn things, and who also have children inside this home that could explode at any given moment, are also rarely charged and go to prison. I have not yet heard of a case where they had their children removed for putting their lives in danger. If these women are being charged, then the media are keeping it quiet.

      It’s amazing how women get away with all sorts of crimes. Yet this poor man spent 10 years locked up because some rotten woman didn’t like him taking photos and because he wouldn’t pay a hundred dollar fine for something he never did wrong.
      I think the criminals in both our countries are the ones committing these abuses against the humanity of innocent men.

  • isitpoetry

    Being from Tampa Florida,
    and I know now that all of you can.
    I am James McLain
    the father of my daughter and like some of you
    and being tall and true and as such,
    a tree a bush, and all those other lovely southern words
    we each and each is us, we make and still of thought we use and think when making sufferance to the other, each being we meet each day and my/your could this be and day it is.

    Will you confess to a crime you did not do?

    I am a progressive red neck.
    But then most are not.

    I enjoy creating poetry and writing on everything about you and I that one can.

    I used to like trying to write the law, but a few of the laws concerning me have changed so often that as those same laws helped create such panic and fear trauma in hearts of family in part, that I will not make mention of small lives broken obviously; so then, it is not a law.
    Laws are meant to protect not destroy, it is that my unlearned opinion.
    When of that it was written to cause such wide spread presumption of fear, when it does not appear, then it’s
    your mind they have numbed, and theirs yours is then off again of.
    and It concerns you, us the all.

    Kick them out, you can vote, I dislike cowards whom hide behind others to get what they want.

    Applied force under any pretense is simple coercion to obtain one’s an end, broken down made thus
    is immoral or amoral
    under any application when one person knows and the other one doesn’t.
    That is the law of the land.

    I like speaking on many subjects, subjectively, such as politics and real life experiences including the horrors I’ve seen that have happened to myself and others. I will try to speak of things most are afraid to and may even loose their job. Forensic psychiatrists can be paid to say whatever you want. Life to me seems like one long experiment, although the ocean helps the journey, as I love to swim and explore the sea life, catch & eat most often, is yours a saw cutting interesting?

    I feel the arts are important and history. What little I know I have taught myself through Moore books that my friend and his wife bought me.

    Editing and punctuation can sometimes be my weak points, depending on how you read it, I just lovenly love to, just because I must and some like her understand this because you write as well, deep as it is that you find you are and I know you now Grace is lined flowing as rivers of ink even deeper.

    The sciences are more than Steven Hawkins…isn’t he moore than star dust and still you like that he is forever, beings facing the sea are fascinating.

    If some of what I say makes your ears burn, do not run away, and know that I know you still are, and can’t even try turning away, smile. Though if words like the tree hides the moon when love and green the bush…concealed in white clouds…causes you harm, you may need to seek out the professional, country council woman with a PhD. If you think I have traumatized you, be aware that I have no civil rights, which obviously means…To those who think people are just numbers…057512…If you have not figured out your own issues, go in peace. Otherwise, do not hold me back, please pray. I am still Ameri-Can. I would beg your pardon, and try and try and try. What is it like to vote…Do you take it for granted?
    What is it like to have civil rights?

    I used to lie when I was younger, I even stole.
    It is so much simpler now not having to and yes,
    to enjoy the surroundings wherever I go.
    Perhaps in the end it’s all we have, credibility, lost, then found.
    If you wish to help me, the more I can help others.
    If you think something may sound better, I’m open to suggestion, just give it a shot.
    I am still an Ameri-Can.
    Is the American dream just a fantasy?
    One must keep in their head until it becomes your reality? Are not all things possible to all.
    Gather me up unto you, If you are close I will come and.

    is it poetry