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Canada’s Infanticide Culture: MRA on Newstalk 1010

Raz of Men’s Rights Edmonton recently appeared on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, where he got some irrational harassment and scoffing, although he acquitted himself well. Make special note of how they questioned whether or not letting women off easy if they murder is really something people should be concerned about, then read the news below:

Almost on queue, after the scoffing of the Newstalk 1010 set, and the abuse Raz got for saying women are given special privilege and treatment in Canada and not equality, news broke in Canada that a woman who in 2010 killed one of her children, then in 2011 killed another one, hiding both in the trash, was let off with a wrist slap because of special laws that give women only light punishment for killings that would put a man in jail probably for life.

This leads many in the Men’s Rights Community, having said all along that the idea that Canada is a “rape culture” is nonsense, to start wondering openly: is the truth that Canada suffers from an Infanticide Culture?

Will Canada’s feminist establishment continue to defend these obscene laws giving special privilege to women? We predict the ones in power will–even if the ordinary, everyday coffee shop feminist thinks it should be different and keep repeating the obscene lie that “feminism is about equality.”

  • Not buying it

    Awesome Raz, logical and on point responses, considering the slightly biased interviewer.

  • politicalcynic

    Sigh…sheesh-you know, someday maybe a feminist or a purple poodle will learn that “disagreeing with me means you hate women” is just a STUPID thing to say….

    And then, no doubt, pigs will fly….

    Nice job Raz!

  • Shrek6

    Raz, you da Man! Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and defending the truth.
    And a big thumbs up to MRE, as they yet again prove to be the force standing on the front lines fighting the battles for the human rights of men, boys and children in general. And believe it or not women, you will benefit from what these guys are doing also.

    There IS NO DEFENCE when it comes to killing a child. NONE, NADA, ZIP or any other bloody thing you might like to add.
    You murder an innocent child of any age, you go to gaol for a very, very long time, if not for the term of your natural life.

    Sorry, I give not one ounce of credence to this post-partum bullshit as being an excuse for anything other than a sheila bawling her eyes out in public. With all the help women have today, by way of a multi billion dollar industry in each and every western nation, where their every need and want is catered for ‘FREE OF CHARGE,’ they have absolutely no right to claim mental illness for any crime, because all these services are right there at their finger tips.

    Good on the radio guy for allowing you to speak, even if he was sitting there clothed in shiny metal while handing his white horse some sugar cubes.

    We are all here on the same page with this. Remove sex from sentencing in every country on the planet. You do the crime, you do the ‘PRESCRIBED TIME’ no matter what sex you belong to. No discount because you have a hole between your legs. This has to stop!

    The only reason women commit such heinous crimes so often, is simply because they know they can without being punished. You start punishing them and you watch the incidence of these crimes disappear virtually over night.
    And this also applies to false allegations of DV and rape. You put a couple of women in prison for 5+ years for falsely alleging rape, and you watch the false allegations drop to zero within weeks or months of those sentences being handed out.

    Women by nature, and I do mean well over 90% of them on the planet, are cowards. If they knew they were most definitely going to prison for falsely accusing a man of DV or rape, none of them would ever consider it. EVER!!!

  • Bombay

    The men callers liked straw man arguments. People who do not show me their naked bodies and subsequently have nothing to hide do not have any credibility to me. Apparently, the French resistance in WWII lacked credibility as well.

    Nice interview Raz! Your interview shows much more integrity than many people have.

    • Mark Wharton

      Yep if a Jew spoke up against NAZIs his ideas are not legitimate unless he made himself known.

  • Attila_L_Vinczer

    This is the same jerk, Jim Richards, who interviewed me about the Men and Boys in Crisis where he called movement = MRAs female hating a-holes 8:50 angry guys mad at women who we should kick out of our organization. Have a listen here. Make no mistake about it, 1010, Jim Richards, is a feminist friendly radio station that harbours plenty of misandry and androphobia!

    • Dean Esmay

      Well there’s obviously a bit of a shift for while they’re still being mocking they actually at least somewhat listened to Raz. Time to get more in their faces I think.

    • Astrokid

      When they accuse you of being a woman hater, or your movement containing women haters, what if we say “Well, what do you make of the feminist movement that we are fighting and politicians support? Did they not have mainstream man haters like Robin Morgan, McKinnon and Mary Daly?
      And if your wife takes away your wealth and children, or women falsely accuse you of domestic violence or sexual assault or harassment, what would YOU do? would you not harbour any hate toward them?

    • Bewildered

      When you are too fixated on a real woman’s dopplegänger—the ideal,pedestalized woman,then it’s natural to perceive any criticism of women,no matter how justified it is,as nothing short of sacrilege.
      So no matter what you do,no matter how legitimate your concerns are, be doubly sure that you don’t ‘attack’ women or else you are an evil person !

  • fathers4fairness

    With widely available Birth-Control, Abortion, Adoption and “Safe-Haven” options – why do we still permit Infanticide?

    Especially when both men and women suffer postpartum depression at roughly same rates 3-6 mths after birth? (13% of women and 10% of men)

    Here are a few terrible Canadian cases I found within seconds of search:

    Vancouver BC March 2010/Apr 2009 – Sarah Leung delivered both babies and then put in plastic bags before disposing of them.

    Calgary AB Sept 2010 – Meredith Boroweic threw her just-born baby in a dumpster near her home and it was rescued but by its father, her boyfriend who did not know she was pregnant. During questioning Boroweic admitted doing the same thing in two previous births.

    Edmonton AB April 2005 – Katrina Effert secretly gives birth, strangles the baby and throws over fence into a neighbours yard.

    Feminist outrage over Effert’s sentence – with long, long series of excuses why women should not suffer such indignities. Dead babies not so much.

    Guelph ON 2002 – a review of infanticide sentence for a 17yr old women only identified as L.B. (to protect her identity as a juvenile) found guilty of strangling her two infants – one in 1998 and the other in 2002.

    Court noted that women and men suffer postpartum depression at roughly similar rates during 3-6 mths following birth – 13% of women and 10% of men. Although in first few days after delivery 70% of Mom’s experience so-called “baby blues”. [Ed: If true temporary removal of child from mom might be helpful?]

    • plasmacutter

      The same reason we still compel child support:

      The fundamental rights of men (slavery) and children (life) must give way to female convenience (in the case of toilet-baby, “the game”).

    • Attila_L_Vinczer

      Women murdering infants with impunity.

  • gary959

    CASE IN POINT: Watch the movie “Dear Zachary” I believe it’s on Netflix – riviting true story of a whacked out woman, a CA doctor, who was slapped on the wrist when she was accused of killing her husband, which resulted in… another killing.. of (don’t want to give it away). RIVETING MOVIE! A MUST SEE!

  • Jordan

    I took “Criminal Justice” for my undergraduate degree, and one thing I noticed is that Homicide and Infanticide are two completely separate offences in the Criminal Code of Canada. It has been this way for over one hundred years, and it began this way, in particular, to respond to the fact that women are less culpable for their actions than men (this was common and sadly still is). They remain separate offences so they can continue to garner separate sentences.

  • John mws

    I find it amazing how any one can support child murders. The host is so flippant about it when he says is this something we need to bother about, it saddens me. It is a crazy country Canada if you have a host and callers attacking a person who is calling for justice for murdered children. He even has to protect his old well being from these people by using an alias. The current Canadian human rights laws place little value on a child’s life it seems since most of the child murders cannot be charged with that crime. The MHRAs position sounds more reasonable to me.

  • OldandNavy

    Holding the MURDER of a human being (a child) as a lesser crime based on the gender of the MURDERER is just grotesque.

  • Mark Wharton

    why do they care so much about anonymity? The ideas should be what matters, not the person telling them….

  • Jim Byset

    In Utah today a woman was charged with murdering SEVEN NEWBORN BABIES. Utah is a death penalty state. I don’t know if infanticide is a legal defence in America but I guarantee that even without it – she won’t be sentenced to death and will receive all the sympathy in the world. Watch it happen. Oh, and by the way from the Salt Lake Trib – ‘Utah has had a Safe Haven law
    on the books since 2001, allowing biological parents to anonymously
    give up custody of their newborn child without facing any legal
    consequences. Intended to save children’s lives, the law tries to
    prevent women from abandoning infants in places such as trash cans and

  • TPH

    Looks like a woman in Utah was going for the record in murdering newborns:

    7 newborn infants murdered! We’ll see how long before the pity parade for the murderess begins. As an interesting note, the woman’s ex-husband called the police when he found a dead newborn in a plastic bag in a box in the garage. From the article: “At this point, police are not pursuing charges against the ex-husband, Roberts said.” You can be assured that the cops are trying their very best to implicate the ex-husband. After all, women never do this horrific type of crime unless a man forces her, right?

    Utah is a state that has the death penalty, it won’t be used or even contemplated in this case. Let’s watch this case develop and see if this fucking EVIL woman gets any justice served to her. She might get a few years, but quite possibly a psychological pass for her behavior. Still, 7 newborns!