Disturbing: Woman burning copies of Dr. Hoff-Sommers’ book The War Against Boys

There’s something symbolic about burning a book that fits perfectly well with the mentality of our opponents. I believe the phrase is “intellectually bankrupt.”

The vast majority of our opponents don’t have arguments. Developing arguments would involve actually considering potential counter-arguments, which would in turn cause a very discomfortable next step of introspection … of questioning their own positions.

Since arguments are out of the question, our opponents instead adopt the methods of name-calling, violent threats, logical fallacies, and censorship. And you can see this played out over and over again in the articles here on free speech.

The woman below is burning an older edition of Dr. Christina Hoff-Sommers’ book The War Against Boys. You can purchase the new revised edition, which was released late last year, at Amazon here.

The woman in these pictures is the author of a Tumblr blog. Here is a screenshot of her original post. I will be adding one of these pictures to the key AVFMS page “The Face of Misandry in Academia.” Check it out if you haven’t already.














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  • Billy Rubin

    In the words of Heinrich Heine: Where they have burned books, they will end in burning human beings.

  • DuckWithNoSoul

    I really dont understand why they do this shit and why they still get angry for comparing them to nazis

  • Jack Strawb

    Sheer ugliness.

  • Bora Bosna

    Some “quality time” there in front of the fireplace, yeah… She must find it very romantic