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“Check Your Privilege” Is An Idiotic Phrase

Feature image of Julie Borowski, by Gage Skidmore

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  • donzaloog

    Great video. She’s right. “Check your privilege” is just a way for someone with no valid argument to shut down dialogue.

  • ghebert

    She also has some other great videos worth subscribing to her channel for. Namely, this one here where she opposes VAWA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQMLM4vGbtI

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      I’ve always wondered why congress who take vows to uphold the constitution, enacts laws which violates it?

      • Mark Wharton

        Same reason we had Jim Crow laws. Bigotry is an evil that has not passed.

      • maxsnafu

        You’re laboring under the delusion that Congress makes our laws. They don’t. Our laws are made by judges and bureaucrats.

        • Andrejovich Dietrich

          No, I’m pretty sure Congress makes our laws(Influenced by feminists). And Judges (Known to be influenced by the feminists) interpret their enforcement. And I always thought the Judges also took an oath to uphold the Constitution as well.

          • Paul Johnson

            Judges set precedent and make common law.

          • alex brown

            Law is practise, what is practised by statist gatekeepers

        • https://www.facebook.com/ Darryl Jewett

          Our laws are made by the Central Banks. That being written, who makes laws is of little importance because laws are practically irrelevant. Plato more than 2,500 years ago wrote: “Responsible people don’t need laws to be responsible and irresponsible people will always find ways to violate laws.” Nothing has changed. Laws are fine guidelines but they are easily abused. The more laws a country has, the more corrupt its government and population.

  • PlainOldTruth

    The idiotic “privilege” phrase is in the spirit of “Juden rauss.” The
    new versions of “Juden rauss” being “Weissen rauss” and “Männer rauss.”
    Unaccountable bureaucracies attract control-freaks and bossypantses and
    who will use every device to harass innocent people and to deny
    services to those who pay their salaries. Officiousness is treated as a
    privilege by petty authoritarians. Solution: fire them. They are thieves and extortionists.

    • Seele

      Pretty much like saying “mansplaining” as a way to invalidate anything said by men.

  • Partridge

    ‘I have got two men. When the enemy were giving us trouble we set an ambush – which also gave us a chance of getting our breath back – and we killed some of them, and made up our minds to take a few alive for this very reason, to have the services of guides who know the country.’

    At once they brought the two men and questioned them separately, to see if they knew of any other road apart from the obvious one. One of the two, although he was threatened in every kind of way, said that he did not know of any other road. Since he said nothing that was of any help he was killed, with the other man looking on. The survivor then said that the reason why the other man had denied knowledge of another road was that he happened to have a daughter who had been married to somebody in that direction.’

    (Xenophon: The Persian Expedition, circa 394 BC)

    I recently came across the above passage Xenophon’s book, written over 2400 years ago. It seems little in human nature has changed over time. Men die, women are protected. So, well said Julie. Yours is a timely reminder that to judge people based on purely demographic features, on sex, class, race, or religion, is a nonsense which simply shows the true nature of extreme ideologies such as feminism, and the notion of ‘men privileged, women oppressed’ is as ridiculous now as it was way back then.

  • Andrejovich Dietrich

    I do realize that feminists haven’t walked into a kitchen for the longest time. But surely you have heard a pot and kettle, and a phrase associated with it?

    • LikkiCurry

      Well, there is a kettle logic which describes many feminists’ argumentation pretty well.

  • sputnik

    “Check your privilege!”
    “Check your prejudice!”

    • Draigo Luther

      Good one, I ‘ll remember that! Thanks!!

    • alex brown

      I checked it, I can’t seem to find it!

      • PlainOldTruth

        I’ll tell ya where you can find it (if you are a US citizen). You will find it attached to your Selective Service documents.

        • sputnik

          I turned 18 during the Carter administration. :-]

      • sputnik

        Unfortunately, neither can she. Find her prejudice, that is. That’s why it’s prejudice; if it were “visible”, it would be instantly repellant to her. Yes, even to a hard-core feminist.

        At the same time, she can “see” your privilege, but only because of her prejudice. Seeing (and not seeing) things much?

        Interesting problem, eh?

      • Razedbywolvs

        They keep the privilege at the bank. But they don’t just give privilege to any one You have to meet the “qualifications”. Next time your at the Bank just Lean In and tell the teller your a white male and the will give you free money.

        • https://www.facebook.com/ Darryl Jewett

          I did that once but I ended up in jail. Must be because I was exercising my second amendment rights at the same time I was exercising my male privilege. Some people have no sense of humor.

          • Razedbywolvs

            And you got free housing and food. See it really does work. :)

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      Whenever someone says the former, present the latter, it’s the best rebuttal. 😀

    • PlainOldTruth

      “Check your bossiness!”

      • sputnik

        Oh how I wish there were a single word that said it all. However, the word *prejudice* is more inclusive, and it begins with a P, so it gets the nod as a Proper, Pointed, Poetic riPoste.

        • PlainOldTruth

          Use both. Alternate them. “Prejudice” rubs them the wrong way big time. And “bossiness” (at least until the stupid Ban Bossy campaign is forgotten) just rubs salt in their hypocrisy. — Course what do I know. I’m just an astonishingly privileged degenerate undesirable white male. I’m not a leader of high morality and high gender, like Queen Ashantehemaa Yaa Akyaa.


  • Draigo Luther

    Check Your Privilege= a Politically correct way to be a bigot. Nothing more, nothing less…

  • Eliah Ryan

    I take every chance I have to say “check your privilege” inappropriately to feminists, it sets them off into epic rants and they end up looking really bonkers.

    • PlainOldTruth

      Check the insurance policy of the building before doing it though. Those nasty cracks and holes resulting from feminists bouncing off walls, floors and ceilings are not always covered. — Look for the “woman-made disasters” clause.

  • iggy

    Check your Privilege is a term used to express a desire for revenge. Its about others being angry that your ancestors my have had an advantage and used it. It’s saying that everyone else BUT YOU is a victim of something your ancestors did so you should be ashamed and stop oppressing people. In the end, its really about anger, hatred and revenge… because it’s your fault that someone else is disadvantaged at this time in their life. I find the term counterproductive, simply because it doesn’t invite further dialogue, it simply reinforces the oppressor/victim position.

    • LikkiCurry

      It’s a bit of a thought-terminating cliche, and a really ignorant red herring.

      “‘Check your privilege’ said rich lady to a homeless man.”

  • Andybob

    The ‘check your privilege’ putdown is used by lazy ideologues who want to instantly silence anyone with opposing views. The most efficient method of confronting this tactic is to point out that only someone who considered themselves ‘underprivileged’ would ever dare to use it.
    Watching a pampered, privileged, protected and provided for feminist princess who can afford a car, fifty pairs of shoes, the latest smartphone, skiing expeditions, spa treatments, another master’s degree and the upkeep of two cats trying to explain her ‘underprivileged’ status can be lots of fun if, like me, you enjoy watching smug bigots metaphorically drown in their own bile before your very eyes.
    As she splutters around for a bit, she’ll try to cling to some inflatable feminist myths – wage gap, 1 in 4, girl crisis in education – which you can easily skewer with the range of debunking skills acquired at AVfM. This is usually the point when she becomes enraged and produces the bile that will eventually engulf her.
    Feminists use ‘check your privilege’ to silence you, or at least put you on the defensive. It is imperative that you don’t allow it to do either of these things, but use it against them. Feminists simply don’t know how to respond when it fails, and it usually leaves them flailing around looking like deranged hypocrites.
    Wonderful video, Ms Borowski.

  • Reason

    Yup, I’ve had this privilege my whole life. From being treated like a criminal for being poor, to losing custody for being male, to being molested by women with impunity, to being scolded for being too sensitive. If I got any more of this “privilege”, I’d kill myself.

  • Cenobite

    I actually used the following while sitting on a sofa at a book store looking at a book I was thinking of buying.

    Hum, 4 to 6 million years ago our common ancestor stood upright, and left the trees which were getting sparse on the savannas. Since then they have spread out to cover this little blue dot, and we are proof that from then to now our lines have successfully avoided dieing before having children. Privilege checked oh wait that’s your privilege too. I’ll check the sofa cushions for any other privileges I might have that are more important than that one. Meantime why don’t you check your intelligence before saying anything else to me.

  • thatdogguy

    Next time a feminist tells you to check your privilege, send her this link:


  • Scrufflecat

    “Hey, baby, wanna check my privilege?”

  • markis1

    I grew up believing that privileges were something earned.If someone ever told me to ” check my privilege,” i would leave and never speak to that person again

    • LikkiCurry

      Apparently being able to work without moaning about the fact that work is hard, is men’s privilege…

  • Zarathos022

    Check my privilege? How about you check your privilege and shut the fuck up?

  • Shrek6

    This girl has some good videos, but I disagree with what she is saying here in this video.

    “Check your privilege” is not only correct, it is a valid thing to say to any arrogant woman in any western nation on the face of this planet. Most especially white women!

    Women are far more privileged than men are, this is a fact! So we actually do have a right to use that term with women, without the need to “check our ignorance.”

    Their privilege over men is so overt, it is disgusting to behold. From the most obvious things in life women have privilege over men, to many hidden parts of our world, like legal privilege, where most men have no idea that they are discriminated against.

    There is not one part of our social structure that does not see women privileged over men.

    So for men to use this term in any interaction with women, most especially a negative encounter, is most definitely valid and warranted!

    • alex brown

      Control of the family unit, being able to kick fathers out on a whim, that is a privilege no woman should have.

  • Dan Slezak

    I like this women, as she’s honest about it. As a White male, I got a women pregnant, she wanted too keep it. I didn’t, quite vocal about it. She didn’t care. Dropped out of school to pay for her choice, better than jail. She finished her degree. Single mothers have a shit load of scholarship opportunities. Where’s my white male privilege at, too save my ass? Oh that’s right. It doesn’t exist!

  • Kelsey da Silva

    To quote Zoolander, with a twist….”She’s absolutely right…..”

  • Kelsey da Silva

    To quote Zoolander, with a twist….”She’s absolutely right…..”

  • https://www.facebook.com/ Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for that. Yes, feminism is supported by the right as much as by the left and anywhere in between. Anyone who thinks somehow that the right (as it presents itself in the US) is inherently anti-feminist does not understand the problem. Liberals and conservatives are both responsible for drafting and passing legislation that is misandrous to extremes. No political party has a monopoly.

  • Kai Nakazawa

    “Check your privilege”

    “Fuck off, check yours”

  • alex brown

    It is a feminist and politically correct term. Feminism has mixed it way into race politics, co’opting other ethnic groups issues.

    Feminism is not really left wing, it is not really right wing, it has traits of both. At the end of the day it is a regressive, female supremacy, male hating movement.

    • yinyangbalance

      So in other words, its like Nazis.

  • Andybob

    I am very impressed by your outstanding commentary on various sites, Ms Voreskova. Woe betide the ignorant feminist ideologue who comes up against a well-informed rhetorical powerhouse like you.

    People who rant about male privileged don’t seem to have much awareness of female privilege, and when they do, they dismiss it as ‘positive sexism’. I have actually read feminists interpret not having to bleed to death in some frozen trench in a foreign land, as being denied the opportunity to be ‘glorified for heroism’. For feminists, it is all about the medals they didn’t get, not the sacrifices made on their behalf.

    It is not always easy to maintain one’s composure when dealing with people who think that male disposability is a good thing – when they think about it at all. I look forward to reading more of your work, Ms Voreskova, especially at AVfM.