Feminism has changed fatherhood for the better!

Once upon a time journalism was about investigating and reporting on an issue in a balanced way from all perspectives of an argument. Recent times have seen a proliferation of self-indulgent feminist writers who spout misandric nonsense and infuse feminist propaganda into the mainstream media as though it were orthodox truth.

Chloe Angyal[1] is an Australian novice feminist writer, who has moved to the US to cross-pollinate dogma with her American Radfem sisters. The Australian Fem-fax media group recently published an opinion piece of hers titled Thank feminism for an ever-improving line of fathers. [2]

Line of fathers? What an unusual turn of phrase. For me the title conjured up images of fathers lined up outside family courts, outside Child Support Agency offices; lines of fathers alienated from their children, falsely accused of child abuse or domestic violence; lines of mourners at the funeral processions of fathers who commit suicide.[3] I imagined lines at paternity testing centers, in the debtor’s prisons; even lines struck though the fathers names on birth certificates, legally replaced with the mother’s lesbian partners name.[4]

I also thought about the people who will line up at the forthcoming Fatherless games in the London[5], and the earlier lines of fatherless rioting youth in that city.[6]  Yes the rise of feminism is arguably responsible for the greatest epidemic of fatherlessness ever, yet Miss Chloe considers this “ever-improving” and mentions not one of these issues in her article.

She contends:

The feminism that burst into being when my father was in his early 20s declared that women had the right to have careers. And, it insisted that, for women to have careers and children, men would have to shoulder more of the work of parenting.


Well not exactly, Chloe, You see, women’s innate drive toward hypergamy ensures that they still want all the resources that a husband can provide. So rather than increasing the effective parenting of children by greater involvement of both parents, infants as young as 6 weeks old are pushed en masse into the emotionally empty environment of the feminist/Marxist inspired day care industry.

Feminism created an economic milieu in which the previous ability of a family to live in comfort on one wage was replaced by an economic imperative for many families to require 2 wages, just to survive. Furthermore, any couples that exercised their choice and elected for the wife to be a stay at home mum (even if just through their children’s, preschool years), found the wife denigrated and ostracized by rabid feminists, as indeed they still are.

This passage from Maggie Hamilton’s 2007 book, What Men Don’t Talk About, sums up the situation in Australia.

There’s no conflict about this: Australian women don’t like it when their men work part-time,’ says Jan van Ours, an international researcher… from Australia’s HILDA (Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) survey. ‘Australian women want their men in full-time jobs. They are least satisfied when they, themselves, have a job of more than 50 hours, and most satisfied when they are working part-time, or not at all.’ Happily, Australian men are in lockstep: they too prefer to work full-time – although, unlike women, they don’t mind if their partners work full-time, part-time, or not at all.


Rather than feminism, I suggest that it is the easygoing nature of men, their adaptability and desire to please women – whatever women’s choices be – that has facilitated much of women’s progress into the workforce, as well as their option to avoid professional life altogether.

Australian labor force statistics confirm, however, that fathers continue to have little choice. Part time and stay at home dads remain a rarity, regardless of how many men would jump at the chance of being one.

Fathers working away from family and children are historically a relatively recent occurrence, commencing with industrialization. Traditionally fathers were intimately connected with family and children and had well defined roles in the upbringing of both boys and girls but especially the initiation of young men into manhood. This fact of recent history if conveniently forgotten by feminists whose memory however for any instance of perceived injustice against women stretches back to prehistory.

She continues:

Statistics indicate that decades later parents in two-career families have yet to figure out how to split that work equally.


Not surprisingly the “statistics” she is referring to are not referenced. However when feminists speak of division of domestic labor they refer only to tasks traditionally performed by women and exclude from their calculations tasks traditionally performed by men.  Excluded items include chores such as yard, house and vehicle maintenance. When researchers do consider these things the conclusions are quite different:

However, if we consider the full range of domestic tasks, including the outdoor activities that are the traditional tasks that men do, then we see a more equal division of labor. [7]


The focus of feminists remains on childcare activities and indoors housework as though these were the only tasks needed to finance and run a household.  Additional factors such as travelling times for fathers who generally have to travel longer distances to work are not considered, nor is adjustment made for higher incomes generally earned by men for the good of the household even when most spending decisions regarding that income are made by the woman.

Chloe then utters this absurd statement:

One of the greatest challenges feminism has faced is getting men on board.


How surprising, that an ideology founded on the hatred of men, that sees men as disposable sources of finance, sperm donors, that paints men as innately violent monsters from whom wimmen-and-children must be protected by gender biased laws and disregard for constitutional rights, that has declared destruction of the family as a central objective – how surprising that men are not flocking to get on board!

Well of course some men do flock to get on board and Angyal quotes one such male born feminist, Michael Kimmel and describes him as “a leading thinker in masculinity studies.” Nope sorry, calling bullshit on this one. Masculinities as a branch of gender studies, which is a branch of feminism, might be the breeding ground for white knights such as Kimmel and our very own Michael Flood[8], who wish to engineer modern men into servile androgynous drones of women but they know little about the realities and challenges facing ordinary modern men. It is only through the MRM and initiatives such as New Male Studies[9] that these challenges will be addressed.

Other silliness from Chloe’s article:

Feminism is one of the best things that ever happened to fatherhood.


Sure it is Chloe; please see above for a few of the many reasons that feminism is actually the worst thing that ever happened to fatherhood.

Thanks to feminism, the men my friends and I marry will be engaged, emotionally present fathers.



Those men, some of whom are just meeting their future spouses, will feel the positive influence of feminism every day.


Sure they will, Chloe! Men all over the world are waking each morning and bowing down in thanks to the wonders of feminism. You are clearly well versed on social trends.

I wonder exactly how many feminist trollops are getting married these days?  Are not marriage and family institutions of oppression rejected by feminism? Recent US data does not look good for their prospects as young men seeing the inherent dangers of involving themselves with the narcissistic and entitled female end products of feminist engineering, and facing a greater than 50% chance of divorce, financial ruin, and little if any access to their children are increasingly rejecting marriage and going their own way.

Aware of the trend for American men who do seek partners and family to look outside their own country, feminists aim to further control men though legislation, rather then looking inside their own hearts and acknowledging that they are a big part of the problem rather then part of the solution.[10]








[7] Baxter, Janeen, Changes in the Gender Division of Household Labour in Australia, 1986-1997  





About Greg Canning

Greg is father, Family Physician and medical educator located in North Queensland, with interests in mens rights and exposing the corrupt domestic abuse industry. He is also the News Director for AVfM Australia.

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  • Paul Elam

    The truth. It burns. It buuuurrrrrnnnnsss!

  • Skeptic

    Thanks Greg.
    Feminism is so great for fathering that this is happening –

  • BioCan

    “One of the greatest challenges feminism has faced is getting men on board.”

    I’ve never really been confronted by feminists, but I have seen the havoc that they reek and the lies that they spout in their gender studies programs at academic institutions throughout North America. Nor have I ever had to deal with the court for divorce reasons. But, from an external and ideological perspective, as long as feminists continue to call for the rights of a young man who hasn’t done anything to deserve their violence to be stripped away than I will continue to oppose the movement. As long as feminist writers like the one in the article here continue to demonize young men like me and demand that more entitlements and advantages be given to women (be it in education, employment, etc.) and state that men are deserving of nothing in life, than I will continue to oppose their insidious ideology.

    That’s what makes me disappointed in it entirely. How can I not be opposed to it? It harms someone who hasn’t done a single thing to them simply because of their sex. That’s an affront to justice in every aspect of it’s supposed mission. That’s what makes me upset about it as well. Every article they publish, every book they write, and every research paper they produce has this counter-factual tone to it that’s utter rubbish. It reminds me of the days where publishing stuff about eugenics was acceptable. It shouldn’t be. The literature is so toxic, these feminists have this smug sense of superiority and their published works have quite the egotistical tone to them.

    “Thanks to feminism, the men my friends and I marry will be engaged, emotionally present fathers.”

    I’m not sure where this is coming from. Can you even get evidence to back this up? It’s ridiculous. Those men are in for a very big surprise. And it’s not a happy one either.

    “Those men, some of whom are just meeting their future spouses, will feel the positive influence of feminism every day.”

    If by “positive influence” they mean pain, anguish, and torment. I was “positively influenced” once with indigestion so I took an antacid. I’m afraid there is no prescription for marrying a feminist though. At least not that I’m aware of.

    • yurlungur

      Great Post Biocan.
      I too like you have never had to loose my kids or get shafted in divorce.
      We see the way men or treated in the society and seek to challenge it.
      Trouble is we have empathy whilst our opponents do not.
      They simply care not – money , power and hatred of men is what fuels them.
      Feminism = HATE

  • Roderick1268

    Fantastic article,
    That woman is just advertising her privilege in her ivory tower.
    But I think she wasn’t just making her self feel all warm and superior, she was gloating over men and boys at what she and her sisters have done to us.
    Any man that marries her would have to be an arsehole a traitor, and deeply cynical about human suffering.
    What a sick bitch!
    I find it deeply upsetting, and I don’t mind admitting it.

  • Kimski

    Ehmm…What ‘fatherhood’??

    The kind where you must constantly compliment every one of her decisions, and grovel to her in order to make sure her every whim is taken care of, in fear of being thrown out of the house you paid for, or being thrown in jail on some false accusation, because she feels bored one day?

    That’s not ‘fatherhood’.
    That is just being a sperm delivering slave, living a life in fear, and without any kind of rights.
    ‘Emotional terrorist victim’ would be a much more fitting describtion.

  • Bombay

    Very nice writing!

    When I read, “Thank feminism for an ever-improving line of fathers.”, I thought of the RadFems eugenics program where they are literally proposing to “improve” that genetic line for their own narcissistic purposes.

    • Rper1959

      Yes, I am sure she meant “line” as in breeding blood line, but this simply shows her ignorance of biology and evolution, the 100 years of feminism, just a blip on our genetic evolution, despite its effect on our cultural, each generation of new men are born biologic male regardless of the gender constructs society might wish to force on them.

    • Rog

      i think she actually meant the line of men outside the door of a single moms bedroom after she boots the real dad out to get child support,,,

      sex positive feminists providing a good example to their daughters since 1960….

    • Girl Writes What

      “Line of fathers” made me think of a line of appliances, actually.

  • AntZ

    A home run.

  • JinnBottle

    Dr Canning, much thanx. I hope – no, I know – you young men will starve them out until they have nothing in life except their careers (I notice the bitch doesn’t mention “jobs”, just “careers”), marriage to a lesbian, and the paralyzingly boring lives women-alone create.

  • chrixthegreat

    “The Australian Fem-fax media group recently published an opinion piece of hers titled Thank feminism for an ever-improving line of fathers.”

    Greg, I think by “line of fathers”, they are not referring to waiting lines at family courts or such. They are referring to factory lines. We see corporations using these terms all the time.

    “GM is proud to announce its new line of cars”
    “We have recently developed a new line of dish soup that is gentler on the hands”
    “we have just released our new line of blackberry phones”

    These are things you would hear corporations say about there products, not about people. It is clear to me by the title of that piece that the feminist who wrote it sees fathers as products to be sold, and that it is feminists job to product ever better “lines of product” for women to buy. It also alludes to feminism being a industrial complex with a primary goal of making money.

    I was unable to link to the article you are referring to here. Gives me a 404 error. By the title and the quotes you provided, the author seeing men as lines of product to be sold to women is how I interpreted the referenced article.

  • Rper1959

    Factory lines indeed, of the feminist industrial (or service industry rather) complex


  • Howard

    Great article Greg. When I read that article I at first wanted to puke, being a father myself. But then I thought about it and I actually might agree with her in one way. Feminists of today are pushing for such blatantly biased laws and have helped make fatherhood such a glaring pitfall, that men who may have thought about marriage and fatherhood under less obvious discriminatory policies have been saved a fate worse than death. By the obvious extreme anti-male views of feminism and the resulting increased bigotry of legislation and courts, many men today have seen the light and are free of poverty, parental alienation, incarceration and suicidal finality. So there may be a glimmer of truth to her claim. Sort of.

  • Codebuster

    I have to confess that there was a time that I actually sided with feminists [oh the shame – but in my defense, that was a loooooong time ago]. I actually found the idea of the stay-at-home doormat highly unappealing, and thought that a more robust, gutsy and intelligent bud who would accompany me on my adventures would make me happy. That still holds true today (pursuant to theoretical refinements), but boy was I ever wrong to believe that feminism would deliver on that promise. Feminism just makes women look like ridiculous morons, worse than any pyjama-clad stay-at-home sloth imaginable. I’ve since recanted – if I had to choose, I’d take a pcsahs any day over a feministe pig.

  • blueface

    Great Article, Greg.

    You bring the real world to those who live in fantasy.

  • Turbo

    Well done Greg, excellent once again.

    What a disgusting piece of feminist writing, but then again what’s new.

    If the author was honest she would have called the article

    “Thank feminism for an ever-DECREASING line of fathers”

    But of course she could not then have written this deceitful, insulting, vile piece of feminist banner waving.

    What really gets me though, is that she takes the natural love and nurturing of a clearly terrific Father, and somehow turns that into a victory for her sick feminist ideology. Puke.

    She also fails to mention that this wonderful feminist made Father could have been removed from her life completely by her mother at anytime, thanks to that very same FEMINISM.

    I almost feel sorry for these young feminist writers. Do they really believe this stuff, are they really so badly indoctrinated by their Gender Studies courses that they can believe a Fathers love was created by an ideology. Phew, makes the mind boggle.

    “Thanks to feminism, the men my friends and I marry will be engaged, emotionally present fathers”

    If she really believes everything she has written in the article then I would suggest she is getting ahead of herself.

    Maybe it is time to go cat shopping.

  • Dr. F

    “Lines of fathers” ?

    What are we, cocaine or something ?

    Ok, fair enough. It seems we’re getting up their noses quite a bit these days.

    “Lines of fathers”. Australia’s best export this year I reckon. You can keep that crappy product – it’s like you know, like totally ewww.

  • Skeptic

    I’d tried to warn him……..but he was hooked.
    He was totally cunt-struck.

    Not surprising really.
    He’d been raised to be dependent on female approval from day one – Mother/Teachers: Kindergarten/Primary School/Intermediate/High School -Girlfriends – University Lecturers – Manageress…….so he had a very bad case of chronic White knight syndrome with recurring pussyitis.
    Very contagious too, unless you were regularly taking the red pill.

    I couldn’t stop him, try as I might with desperate pleas and warnings of what was to come.

    He went ahead and married her – Feminista.

    Last time I saw him he was in hospital and laboring badly.
    The surgeons had managed to remove the growth, but she’d taken an arm and a leg as the growth was cut out……..

    “I think I understand what you were trying to tell me” he said as he looked down at his decimated half a man body. I looked around the room and noticed the family court papers detailing the bills that would cripple him for life. His, wallet house and car keys had gone as if stolen……..hmmmmmm? His children would never visit him again.
    With allot of restraint I choked back the words –
    ‘I told you so!
    and instead fell into a deep dark silence with him my bitterly wounded brother……………

  • Zuberi

    This article serves as more fuel to an ever increasing flame known as the “Marriage Strike”. No amount of shaming and demonizing will ever make these young men (myself included) put away their video games and procreate with less than senseless things who despise them for being born!

  • Rper1959

    More evidence for the critical role of fathers in child developement, a role regularly denied by feminists, Harriett Harman being one of those who claimed fatherhood was redundant

    • Jay

      Harriet Harman is possibly the most evil and hateful person alive on the planet. She is very powerful in British Labour and I want to know why it is she is allowed to continue her push for policies which are purely misandrist. Why is she still allowed in the House of Commons. Her and Fiona McTaggart are bordering on close to pure evil.

      • Turbo

        Indeed Jay, and the Australian equivalent is Nicola Roxon.

      • Raven01

        Because British citizens have effectively been disarmed.
        On reviewing the militarization of “peace officers” aka the police, 1st world nations crushing dissent like 3rd world cesspit dictatorships, I can clearly state that a government MUST fear its’ citizens. Human nature is such that we prefer to use the carrot but politicians must live constantly in fear of the stick.
        That is one reason I get so annoyed with men that are not politically involved(if I agree or disagree with what you support is immaterial to the point) and do not vote. These bottom feeders only have what power we allow them to have.

  • Jay

    Wonderfully written Greg. Perhaps not strictly true that feminism is “an ideology founded on the hatred of men”, but certainly not far off the mark. Thanks for your insightful analysis.

    • Rper1959

      Jay when I say “feminism” I refer to “gender/ radical or partisan feminists” and their is no doubt their brand of feminism is indeed founded on the hatred of men, whilst this may not strictly apply to the doctrine of “equity” feminists, they remain equally as guilty by complacency, collaboration, or instrumentallity in creating the current culture of institutionalised misandry – how many feminists of any genre oppose the societal changes leading to rampant fatherlessness- precisely none or if any an insignificant number.

      • Jay

        Certainly agree that radical feminism is founded on the hatred of men and boys. Why are these evil people allowed to hold such high positions in society and why are they always applauded as good people by society in general? It is amazing.

  • knightrunner

    Great article. I wish I could offer something of relevance. I can’t believe that she believes what she has written. Please tell me that this is some sort of satire.
    On the other hand, if her and her followers are that ignorant; defeating them should be easy.

  • keyster

    The feminism that burst into being when my father was in his early 20s declared that women had the right to have careers.

    No one, including “patriarchy”, ever denied women the “right” to have a career — until Feminism convinced them that financial independence from men (or a husband) was a worthy goal.

    Now instead of being shackled to a stove, barefoot and preganant in the kitchen – – they’re shackled to a soul destroying job in Encorpera or Government, shuffling papers and pretending to look busy, just like so many men.

    Feminists don’t represent women, because feminists don’t live the lives of most women.

  • Jade Michael

    Chloe, you ignorant wretch – the reason I and other men choose NOT to become fathers is directly because of feminism. Why would I want to father a child when there is no guarantee I would be in his/her life for longer than it takes to conceive? Why would I even want to entertain the possibility of raising a son in a world that despises him and tosses him aside for not conforming to some twat’s Masculinities term paper? For that matter, why would I want to raise a girl in a world where her ego is illegitimately and illogically inflated, only to set her up for a life of misery and loneliness?

    Furthermore, I refuse to be another manufactured robot in your “improving line of fathers” when it simply means deferring to you, or someone just like you, on every level and being a slave to a gynocratic state. Fuck you 12 times to Sunday, without an orgasm, in the ass, without lube.

  • DruidV

    Damn Chloe!

    Where can I get some of that shit you’ve been smoking, grrl?

    From what you’ve written, it must be the fucking whip!

    I wouldn’t even know where to begin in response to your moronic, delusional ramblings, which I have no doubt whatsoever, you would proudly call “balanced journalism”.

    Like I said, it must be some killer stuff…

    Sounds like you need to pull your lips off the bong for a while, climb down outta your ivory tower, unlock the gates leading into your community and have a stroll out side, for a fucking change of scenery.

    Be sure to have a good long look at the unwashed, homeless masses as you do so. Note however, that they are all, every one of them Male. Most of them put there by bigoted dingbats like yourself, but unlike you, these bigoted dingbats actually do have the power to put Males there, permanently and by the millions. Power given them by the votes of dingbats like you Chloe.

    This made me wax philosophical, Chloe:

    “Thanks to feminism, the men my friends and I marry will be engaged, emotionally present fathers.”

    I think you meant to type “cats” instead of “men”, there Chloe, because you and I both know that the only chance you bigots have anymore is with your furry feline friends.

    Enjoy living with your future litter, Chloe. You’ve earned it, a thousand times over…

  • OscarCalme

    Slightly off topic but relevant:

    Feminism certainly has changed marriage for the better.?