ElevatorPress: How Feminists are Making Their Move on the WordPress Community

WordPress geeks won’t be able to say that I didn’t warn them. Their friendly and quite frankly remarkable open source community is about take a very serious turn into turmoil, thanks to feminist ideologues.

We have already seen this happen in the atheist/skeptic movement with the likes of Rebecca Watson, PZ Myers, et al, and with the gaming community’s interloper-in-chief, Anita Sarkeesian. Other components of the tech industry have been similarly targeted. Think Adria Richards of Donglegate fame. The feminists are coming in to co-opt and to dominate. And the result will undoubtedly be the same. There will be disharmony, warring factions and the resultant stagnation of purpose that comes with it.

They are even approaching this with the same M.O.. First, set up the victim narrative; create a crisis for women that literally does not exist. This is done by a small number of very vocal ideological women who claim to be victims, and who need “special” enforcement of even more “special” rules, in order to make them feel safe and welcome (because we all know that women are not welcome anywhere, especially by men, right?). Then, of course, the idea is to punish anyone who disagrees with them with demonization and ostracizing.

The white knights in any given community, seeking female approval and an ego boost, will ride in and do the heavy lifting for them, demanding that the community in question bend to their demands for the sake of decency and everything holy.

As always, the ultimate objective is not enhanced safety, but control; control of language, control of rules and ultimately control of everyone’s thinking.

In fact, the very first, but completely unmistakable signs of this happening have already begun in the WordPress community. Further research may uncover more information, but for now I suggest that members of the WordPress community can mark January 7, 2014 on their calendars as the day the effort to undermine their community started.

It begins with a piece by Stephanie Leary writing in Women of WordPress, “How to Report Harassment at WordCamps.” WordCamps are are regular conferences/social events attracting WordPress users and developers. They are highly informal affairs which Leary wastes no time redefining, saying, “[T]hey are in a sense our workplace.”

Of course, we all know that harassment in the workplace is totally unacceptable, don’t we?

Leary needed an attention grabbing bit of foulness to convince others of the egregious sexual harassment happening to women at WordCamps. Her only problem was that she did not have one to cite. So, she borrowed a case from another community, science-fiction buffs, and used a year old story of a sci-fi fan who alleged that there was a serial harasser in their midst.

Very compelling if you don’t require evidence. Not that this sort of thing does not happen, but just saying.

As to her own community, the one she now wants to rouse to action, her investigation there yielded a “couple of people who’d experienced minor harassment but hadn’t reported it to the organizers.”

That is literally all she had, but it was enough to set the chain of events we have seen so many times before in action. First, and so predictable, a white knight was quick to respond. The very first comment on her article was from someone named Alex Vasquez.

“It’s sad, yet not surprising,” he said, apparently of the couple of minor alleged incidents that were not reported, “that we have to account for things like this at WordCamps.”

Leary was quick to come back and thank Alex for being so gallant. The rest of the comments were quite supportive. Calls to name and shame (with one exception concerned about libel) formed the group consensus.

But of course, it did not stop there.

Just yesterday, Sarah Gooding of WPTavern chimed in and escalated the conversation, with her offering, “Cultivating a Culture of Respect in the WordPress Community.”

If you think that has a distinct social justice warrior ring to it, just wait till you read it. It is straight from the Rebecca Watson handbook, complete with a call for designating safety officers so that women will have someone to whom they can report their “harassers.”

No potential for abuse there.

After advising us of “a few incidents of [uncited] harassment,” that have “popped up” in their community, Gooding lets us know that they now have a “movement to create a Code of Conduct or set of Community Expectations.” That task is being handled by one Jen Mylo, who is heading up their “Community Expectations,” team. She brings with her the predictable mindset, especially in her concerns about “people who’ve never thought about what it’s like to be a member of a minority or anything other than able bodied/financiallystable/caucasian/American/male/heterosexual/bearded/whatever-the-majority-is might not realize how unwelcoming some language or imagery may be to those who are different.”

Do you hear that you insulated, unthinking, privileged straight male neckbeards? Your training, excuse me, your code of conduct (it applies to no one else), on making women feel warm and welcome is on the way. And if you don’t think that you will toe the line, and roll over when instructed, you better ask around.

As we have seen in other communities, the initial dissent was also quick to appear. Raelene Wilson at wmpudev quickly penned a response to Gooding, stating that the idea of security offices designated to handle unwanted advances is “ridiculously over the top.”

“Come on,” she asks, “are we in high school?”

No, Raelene, but if your community yields to this nonsense, you will wish you were. The standard of the infantilized woman is on the way to WordPress. And it will cause more damage than I can possibly describe.

But don’t take my word for it. After all, I am just a crazy men’s rights guy. I wear a tin foil hat and see feminist evil under every rock (when I am not snickering, twirling my mustache and trying to relegate women back to the kitchen).

No, I am not someone you should listen to at all. But perhaps you should spend a little time investigating what has happened in the atheist/skeptic community, as well as in gaming and other tech sectors after feminists asserted the victim narrative and started making demands in those communities.

That is what is in store for the WordPress community right now.

If, on the outside chance, you do that investigation, and it understandably raises some hair on the back of your neck; if you don’t want to see the same thing happen to a community that you now obviously feel connected to, then the solution is for you to talk to your male counterparts, and to do it quickly.

You see, those guys stepping up to pat the showboating victims on the head, who puff out their chests and do the Dudley Do-Right for those poor little girls that can’t handle an unwanted come on, those are your real problem. They are the stalwarts for turning you into a child. It makes them feel like a real man™

Shut them down and you shut down the attack. Yes, it is an attack, on your community. And no one can shut them down as well as a woman. In fact, the only people that can shut them down are women. When men try to do it, those obsequious saps only see it as an opportunity to prove how brave and manly they are. That makes the battle intensify, for some taking on the appearance of a conflict between men and women. That is precisely what the ideologues want, and if they get it they will win, every time.

The only way to prevent that is to tell those men, pointedly, that you are insulted by their assumption that you can’t take care of yourself. After all, it is insulting, is it not? And while you are at it, keep telling those ideologues that they don’t speak for you or the other adult females in the room.

Yours is not the first community to experience this problem, but if the women in your ranks who have agency and autonomy take a stand, you might be one of the last.

About Paul Elam

Paul Elam is the founder and publisher of A Voice for Men, the founder of A Voice for Men Radio, the AVfM YouTube Channel, and appears weekly on AVFM Intelligence Report, Going Mental with Dr. Tara Palmatier and weekly on MANstream Media with Warren Farrell and Tom Golden.

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  • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com Mike Buchanan

    Thanks Paul. As someone who runs three WordPress blogs, this is worrying. Hopefully the Honey Badgers will get on the case?

    Mike Buchanan

    (and the women who love them)


    • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

      I don’t think the worries are out of line. It will take time, but sure as these people get some power they will aim for more. I don’t think a “community guidelines” overhaul for anyone with a WordPress blog would be that far down the line, if you get my drift, which I am sure you do.

      • http://fightingfeminism.wordpress.com Mike Buchanan

        Thanks Paul. For some months the J4MB website – along with 100+ other British MHR websites, some focusing only on e.g. support for male victims of DV – has been labelled a ‘hate site’, and access blocked. A political party’s website classified as a ‘hate site’!!! If it truly was, I’m sure the Electoral Commission would de-register us in a heartbeat. So we’ve sent letters to the CEOs of Symantec – whose filter is allegedly responsible – and a major ISP, O2.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Voice-for-Men/102001393188684 Paul Elam

          We are blocked by the same people, as are all other men’s rights websites. It is utterly disgusting.

          • yurlungur

            Yes bit of a coincidence that most of the mens rights sites are blocked….
            Jezebel isn’t but hey they’ve just probably just forgot. 😛

    • http://mensrightsarehumanrights.wordpress.com/ Anja Eriud

      Well sod this for a game of “who gets to be the biggest whiner on wordpress” – methinks I will pen a “suitable” response to Sarah Goofball – ooops meant Goodytwoshoes – aaargh, meant Gooding – so, let me get this straight – one can have a sort of WordPress “meeting” and hash out some thoughts etc ON WordPress? hmmmmm.

      Okie dokie then, give me 24 hours to get up to speed on how to do this (tech idiot here).

      I am so sick of feminists, and so sick of this “poor widdle fragile sensitive women” crap!

  • donzaloog

    New year, same old shit, huh?

    • http://gloriusbastard.com/ JJ

      The difference is though that now, these professional welfare victims/advocates have opposition. So, they are looking for ways to clip our steam and take us out of the picture. They already have their anti-misogyny laws everywhere, but online. This is really no surprise right?

      The difference is, the online community is a totally different animal. Their is no unity, only unity as euphemism for disguised intentional disunity. Our movement is very different than feminism. We don’t want big government, we want less. We don’t want special privileges for anyone, not even ourselves. We don’t hate women, we actually view them as our equals, and deny them Victorian era privileges to be coupled with their modern ones. Chivalry has to be butchered and buried.

      We don’t care if they work, we just don’t want to waste effective business producing time having to let them rape our ears with how important they perceive themselves to be. We don’t care if they don’t work, as long as it is never justification for a man to lose his livelihood, and children.

      The president’s administration called out some issues last year that affect us. It received virtually zero fan fair or announcement. They know of our plight, they are the ones who have been doing it to all of us for decades. They merely want to have a weak paper trail to only act like they have had their hands tied, but really wanted to help us.

      When their intimidation fails, and it will fail, they will try to lure us with incentives back into our old school cages. I say HELL NO! Get out of my kitchen, get out of my finances, and if you so choose, get the hell out of my life. But if you are willing to work with me equally, and mean what you say, and practice what you preach. Cool, you can stay, but a marriage license is out of the picture. Not until marriage 3.0 comes will I even consider it with an American.

  • Mr. Sungame

    I love how the feminist use the “Female safe place” arguments when they want to kick men away, and yet they are taking over everything we like… in the end it’s not women who need safe places, but men.

    As I have stated before, I dread the day Feminists decide that Wargaming is evil and offensive and start attacking what is currently my favorite hobby.
    I hear from time to time guys saying “We wan’t more games in the hobby”, and I always think “Why? When was the last time you opened a hobby up to women that it did not get hostile and eroded?”

    The reason I like Wargaming is because it’s a “mans club” where we talk numbers and throw dice, and no one is bothered by the ratio of male and female soldiers in the armies.

    as i have said sooo many times now:
    I welcome any woman to join me in my interests and hobbies, and in any male dominated field. But I expect them to follow the rules of conduct in that field, and not try and change them from the get go.
    Over time the rules of cunduct might change, and more women will feel accepted. But by running into the room and accusing everyone who enjoy the field/hobby of being part of something evil you are bound to prove what you claim (Anita style)

  • http://www.deanesmay.com Dean Esmay

    It already began when a community “leader” in WordPress took it upon himself to censor Nicholas Alahverdian for naming the woman who ruined his life. Expect this to intensify.

    The nice thing is that it just means the market for WordPress based sites not based on WordPress.com will expand, if this bullshit continues.

    • chrixthegreat

      They will move on that market too. We need to make our own version of wordpress. We need to stop relying on the establishment and make our own independent establishment that they can not touch. Of course then they will go to the government to make laws but that will more likely backfire on them then censoring wordpress or facebook.

  • AntZ

    My comment:

    Say goodbye to your productive and balanced community: the feminists are here and they brought their strongest poison. You are not the first self-organized community to be targeted for annihilation by the feminist agitators. Have a look at the tribal warfare and disunity that destroyed atheism, Wikipedia, etc. In each case, the darkness arrived on the wings of damsel-in-distress false victim feminism.

  • Mark Trueblood

    Women wanted to be treated equally by men, but many of them don’t realize men often treat each other like garbage due to our competitive nature.

  • http://unknownmisandry.blogspot.com Robert St. Estephe

    If Sarah Gooding of WPTavern wants to go about “Cultivating a Culture of Respect in the WordPress Community,” the first thing she needs to do it warn its m,embers that feminism is a racket which perpetuates fraudulent statistics and fraudulent historical narrative for the purpose of manipulating men. She needs to warn them about the epidemic of false allegations made against men by women )one source in the police department places the percentage at well over 90%). She needs to warn about all the varieties of rackets that are used by feminists in their highly developed “victim cons.”

    The feminist con artists (because they are members of a dedicated supremacist/hate group with a collectivist ideology) constantly make group accusations about all males, just like oppressive socialist governments have done in history (Cambodia, Germany, Russia).

    Sarah Gooding needs to condemn feminism. That is how she can start cultivating a culture of respect.

    • markis1

      Robert St. Estephe

      sir can you please give me a link to that police department % about false rape accusation?

  • AntZ

    Tried again, but this comment was also removed:

    “The feminists have arrived with their bottles of poison and their false damsel-in-distress narratives. Your community will be demolished by it within 12 months. Feminists have spread their destructive hate in online worlds from atheism to the gamming community, and their thirst for control is far from sated. Good night, for the darkness of tribal warfare and disunity has arrived. The trumpeters are summoning white knights to slay feminism’s imaginary boogey-men, and the drums of war are rolling.”

    Don’t these people know that we are trying to WARN them?!? Jeez!

    • yurlungur

      Screencap before you post a comment if only for posterity.

  • D.D.Harper

    I think Rachael Jane Butts’ response to “Cultivating a Culture of Respect in the WordPress Community” is on to something.

    “Maybe I’m living under a rock but I’ve never felt this way and I’ve attended many WordCamps, conferences, and WP meet ups. However, if I remember correctly from Stephanie’s post she was talking about other developers not taking her skills seriously because she is a woman not sexual harassment. That I can understand and have felt a little ostracized from conversations regarding such things but I don’t take it to heart because I’m a designer.

    I have wanted to be more actively involved in WordCamps but it was the women who put on the WordCamp event who made me feel even more shut out. Maybe because I was younger? I’m not sure.

    As women in such a male dominated community is thought they’d welcome me with open arms but I was immediately looked down upon. I’ve felt this my whole life since being IMF involved in males dominated things such as skateboarding.

    What gives ladies!? Let’s just be friends!”

    • Mark Trueblood

      She apparently didn’t get the memo that women only hold back other women because Patriarchy.

    • Catweasel

      This happened with the dongle gate drama as well. *Actual* female developers and techs hit back hard on the hacker news forum. Reason being whenever one of these damsels starts damseling it turns out she’s not even a tech, usually some kind of “journo” or culture critic. But, as the female devs pointed out after dongle gate, throwing hissy fits over harassment that doesn’t exist makes it *harder* for female developers as they now find themselves excluded from informal groups where skills are learned and projects started.
      All that will happen here is the feminist hangers on will get their ‘code of conduct’ and maybe some cash to “train” the organisers, male developers will steer clear of the official after parties and instead head out in groups to public bars or hang in the hotel room, and the female devs will be left with the official after party and a few manginas.

  • yurlungur

    I swear the community does most of the work – feminists just sweep in to do the rest;
    Initiate the fight then swoop in at the opportune moments.
    By focusing on every slight real or imagined a false perspective about the community is built.
    Those who complain the loudest will be given the megaphone.
    Those that are happy will be dismissed.

    People who play online games will sometimes meet an occasional jerk who swears and tries to bully them. It would be so easy to spin the abuse as indicative of that community.

  • alek

    You see, those guys stepping up to pat the showboating victims on the head, who puff out their chests and do the Dudley Do-Right for those poor little girls that can’t handle an unwanted come on, those are your real problem. They are the stalwarts for turning you into a child. It makes them feel like a real man™

    Shut them down and you shut down the attack. Yes, it is an attack, on your community. And no one can shut them down as well as a woman. In fact, the only people that can shut them down are women. When men try to do it, those obsequious saps only see it as an opportunity to prove how brave and manly they are.

    When a woman posted that she’s actually been treated worse by women than men, one of the sycophants posted this

    Wow, that’s an interesting story. How in the world does that even happen? A woman organizer shutting out a women who wants to actively participate? That’s odd!

    See, this dynamic plays out in such a way that you have a small very vocal minority which pretends to represent all women, and then a big portion of female-attention-starved men who try to get a sense of female-approval by “protecting” the women from the other bad men.

    So when a woman posts “hey I’m actually an adult and I don’t need to be babied and no I don’t need special protection and no, men are not my enemy” – it will mess with his head.

  • alek

    Here’s a great comment a woman posted.

    Agreed. All of it. Ridiculous and out of touch with reality. I have never experienced anything – nor have seen anything that concerned me. If anything, I feel that women in WordPress are MORE respected than the men.

    On a funny note, I was at a WordCamp and there was a chic I met whose gravatar is a cartoon drawing of herself that gives a likeness but doesn’t reveal her real identity. She said it’s for, you know, protection online. She’s concerned about personal safety you know. Women have to be proactive about protecting themselves, you know. It’s important. I should totally consider an cartoon avatar. I was amused – but that was about it.

    She then proceeds to get totally sloshed and makes strong sexual advances at one of the other sloshed “professionals.” And he reciprocated and perhaps they had an enjoyable evening. I have no idea how far this whole scenario went b/c I walked away – sober – laughing all the way home. The irony of it all was not lost on me, or any of the 4-6 people that had witnessed this whole thing go down.

    Oh and yes, she was young.

    But I haven’t even told you about the story re: older woman showing completely inappropriate pictures of herself to all the young male professionals.


    Surprise, surprise, the women playing the feminist-victim-narrative card and shocked about being offered sex are themselves often getting drunk and going around slapping younger men, talking to them lewdly etc etc.

    This happened and was documented quite a lot in atheism, where older feminists themselves got drunk and acted like fratboys hitting up younger male atheists.

  • Hg_CNO_2

    I just made a comment on the article about mormons by NA, asking where are the women? It simply is not enough that women in the LDS church accept and fill their roles as moms and do it well. Where are the FEMALE HEROES? You know, the ones willing to stand up with a loud voice and do a slap-down? The ones who know about Honor, Duty and will put themselves on the line for it? The ones who think beyond their own interests, families and do what is right for the larger world? The handful of honeybadgers we know of simply aren’t enough.

    If they want to show leadership, or a kind of “Acting under God’s™ Authority”, FUCKEN DO IT ALREADY! And put your cunting female career-victim counterparts in their place. You don’t need fucking permission, you do it because it is right.

    • JGteMolder

      I believe the proper phrase is: “Where are the honeybadgers?” 😀

  • roeboat72

    I swear it seems there can never be a community that doesn’t end up getting perverted by feminists…

    It reminds me of that joke law which name escapes me, “the longer a movement exists and becomes more successful, the chances of women making it about their vaginas approaches 1.0″

    • Catweasel

      “I swear it seems there can never be a community that doesn’t end up getting perverted by feminists… ”

      Outlaw motorcycle gangs specifically exclude females from membership. I’d say that’s pretty sexist, I think the jezebel lot should set up a picket line outside Hells Angels HQ. Now THAT would be a spectacular victory! I suspect the cost of said victory would be too high for them to pay though :)

  • MGTOW-man

    Please connect me if I am wrong, ANYONE who knows. Isn’t AVfM a wordpress blog? Thus, will this mean that the content and comments on this site and similar others will be moderated by “them”? What is the difference between wordpress.com and other wordpress? How does one know which wordpress option they have?

    Just trying to learn more about this because as many of you know, I have been saying that censorship is coming and faster than we thought. They will do it this way and not try to go after special treatment with in the arena of constitutionally free speech—at least not yet. For the same reason they will not debate us openly for all to see. They get more if they use duped, weakened men, exploit chivalry, and punish the men who won’t cave in.

    Someone please answer my questions above and here: How will this femi-hijacking of wordpress affect this site and other similar blogs? Important information for us all to know!


    • Catweasel

      WordPress is a content management system along the lines of Drupal and Joomla. so it’s basically open source (free) software you can install yourself on any server of your choice under your own total control.

      To download wordpress you go to wordpress.org, but you also have the option of starting a blog at *wordpress.com* instead of going through the whole domain name registration, server setup and software installation yourself. Since AVFM has their own domain name I’m going to guess they have installed wordpress on their own server and control all content.

      However when I clicked the “notify me of follow up comments” box on an earlier comment I received an email from wordpress.com asking me to confirm my subscription, so not sure what’s going on there.

      Frankly speaking I loathe all of these out of the box content management systems and much prefer developing my own.

      • alek

        Frankly speaking I loathe all of these out of the box content management systems and much prefer developing my own.

        Have you volunteered yet?

      • comslave

        This goes to my “how can this affect anything” position. At most, this feminist intrusion will impact only one wordpress support site. But given the nature of open source, there must be thousands of wordpress support sites (I haven’t looked, but prior experience suggests this possibility).

        Although this event may lend itself to some humor. I fully expect someone to post “Your code is rejected due to being cis-gendered and homophobic”.

        But the reality is that code has no gender and when utilizing sites like stackoverflow.com I don’t give fuck one about the gender of someone posting code. It emphasizes just how out of place feminism is in the coding community.

    • alek

      MGTOW-man to answer your question

      To answer your question, the only realistic way that this can harm AVfM is that by causing division and gender-wars, the feminists will simply make the wordpress developer community less productive, meaning features, stability and security will develop slower (which will impact 1/3 of modern websites on the planet, not just us).

      This is since avfm uses the open-source version of WordPress. If feminists were to try to somehow insert rules into the TOS of the software or dictate who or how can use the software – this would actually benefit us.

      Why? Because it would set a historic precedent in the history of open-source and would cause massive anti-feminist backlash and entire armies of hacktivists. It would cause nerd-rage like never seen before and it would produce MRAs at massive numbers.

      • MGTOW-man

        Thank you alek (and others) …for taking time to answer and for taking my question seriously. I wondered if anyone would respond to little ole me but it looks like there are some who understand how important it is to not let any within our ranks (all on the same side overall) be distanced, ignored, and alienated.

        United, we stand a chance; Divided, we will be erased!

        So, we are safe for now if the site is open-sourced? That is a relief but still, in spite of your statements about how it might backfire on feminists if they intrude fully, it is just a matter of time when they find ways to shut out our naughty truth-telling. They despise the truth so much that they will never stop at trying to “change it”.

        We all had better be prepared. This latest attempt to control wordpress is but a small example at what WILL come very soon…for they do not like us having a means to speak, debate, criticize, and so forth. Like so many other things, they want their way about our speech too. Feminism, by default, is for female supremacy, not equality—else they would allow healthy debate to permeate the equality pursuit—to ensure true equality…that initial pursuit of theirs (wink, wink), but that has recently became a hate-suggestion for women!@#$%^&*!!.

        Please people, do not let it come to the point in which they have shut down our ability to speak (AGAIN) but which we have not immersed ourselves into other means in which to get things done? The internet is great for us but we need to expand into many other domains, methods, and avenues.

        Here is a novel idea! Why not march and protest? Anyone care to answer this question: Why are we not planning and implementing marches and protests?

        If they are only going to have to notice us out of the corner of their eye, then they have not really noticed us! From them, we will get nothing but a smirk.

  • aewehr

    I’ve just watched as numerous reasonable comments in dissent have disappeared from http://wptavern.com/cultivating-a-culture-of-respect-in-the-wordpress-community

    Anything directly opposed to Ms. Gooding’s position is removed, sometimes within seconds.

    In other words, it’s already done, WordPress has descended into censorship hell and should be avoided at any cost. I predict it gets an alexa profile like huffington post (all college-aged feminists) within a month.

    If this person is being harassed, I think I have the reason, and it’s not because of her gender. I’d want to make her and her orwellian agenda unwelcome, too!

    • alek

      Here’s what a woman posted:

      Maybe I’m living under a rock but I’ve never felt this way and I’ve attended many WordCamps, conferences, and WP meet ups. However, if I remember correctly from Stephanie’s post she was talking about other developers not taking her skills seriously because she is a woman not sexual harassment. That I can understand and have felt a little ostracized from conversations regarding such things but I don’t take it to heart because I’m a designer.

      I have wanted to be more actively involved in WordCamps but it was the women who put on the WordCamp event who made me feel even more shut out. Maybe because I was younger? I’m not sure.

      As women in such a male dominated community is thought they’d welcome me with open arms but I was immediately looked down upon. I’ve felt this my whole life since being IMF involved in males dominated things such as skateboarding.

      What gives ladies!? Let’s just be friends!

      Notice how she got ignored. All the women who are saying “I feel completely welcome and have seen none of this anti-woman stuff” are getting ignored. A woman who doesn’t tow the victim-narrative is literally rendered invisible.

      The unfortunate thing is unfortunately the good women will end up being the largest victims when feminism invades a community, because after feminists do stomp around a community they DO create an actual gender war pitting man vs woman.

      • aewehr

        Meanwhile, there’s a guy in there literally spewing a women’s studies syllabus.

        I’ve seen 3 different replies to him calling him on his misandric hogwash removed.

        • alek

          I’ve seen 3 different replies to him calling him on his misandric hogwash removed.

          And so it starts… The censorship and intolerance to feminist narrative is how it always starts and then devolves into an outright gender war.

          Bye bye wordpress community… Btw as much as 1/3 of the internet runs on wordpress… Guess what will happen to development if it gets bogged down into gender wars like every other community where this played out…

          • aewehr

            The guy actually was saying that “we need to bring gender politics into wordpress”.

            This is how political correctness kills communities.

            I remember the old days when the first 2 rules of any secular internet community were:

            1 – no politics
            2 – no religion

            Their proposed solution is to violate rule #1 and commit Harakiri.

    • alek

      Saving copies in case they get deleted:

  • comslave

    As WordPress is open source, what happens at WordPress.com or at the coding camps is probably not relevant to the greater community of users.

    The best we can do is highlight places where speech codes written by feminists are being enforced and move away from them. A tech community starved of men is no community at all. We don’t have to protest their action. All that really has to happen is they become irrelevant to the greater coding community by virtue of them having caved in to feminists.

    While geek guys are not the most vocal, they don’t have to stand for being insulted. There’s a great deal of “soft power” that is available to them. At the first sign of being made uncomfortable due to an onerous harassment policy, they’ll leave and form another community. Populations on the internet are highly mobile, and the minute the girls nail up a “no boys allowed” sign, we can go build a new treehouse somewhere else in moments.

    • MGTOW-man

      God, I hope so! They hate the truth sooo much that the foam flowing from their rabid mouths will ooze over every inch of free speech we can muster.

      Those who don’t think it is in the overall female nature to punish men and that this is enough knowledge to (should) have stopped feminism from succeeding, are getting a full splash of this menacing punishment.

  • Stu

    Same as always, a single trick pony. Unfortunately that single trick appears to be all they need due to an abundance of pathetic grovelling men who jump at any chance to show what a pack of pussy begging, pandering useful idiots they are..

    They also seem to be able to count 100% on the silence of all the women who see this tactic as the load of horseshit it is.. But they will sit in silence mostly, and allow the haters, the bigots, the self proclaimed victims of every little thing, to speak for them, just as most ordinary Germans allowed as certain group of fellow Germans to attack another group, up until the point where they had no power to stop it even if they wanted too.

    The day of reckoning will come in the end for those driving this bullshit……and for those who could do something, but did nothing.

    • MGTOW-man


      Just when I am wondering if I should tone down my harsh words to men who think they are more manly (!@#$%^&*…duuuuuh) for ignoring the needs of its own sex, throwing the boys’ futures under the buses, and for being the paying customers that they ARE, I think I will think on it longer.

      Tell me, Where can I go to get a full concentrated saturation of men like you and me being THIS honest with men’s stupidity?

  • http://sportsdroppingsusa.blogspot.com Ty Henry

    I thought you knew, Paul. We are Borg and dammit, you WILL be assimilated.

  • http://www.youtube.com/girlwriteswhat Karen Straughan (aka GirlWritesWhat)

    Christ, I’m sick of reading stuff like this. I’m so incredibly sick of it, I made a meme for it: http://i.imgur.com/G88SHXS.jpg

  • http://mensrightsarehumanrights.wordpress.com/ Anja Eriud

    My own small contribution.


    I WAS honoured to have a “visit” from someone at http://womenofwp.org/2014/01/how-to-report-harassment-at-wordcamps/

    So, I thanked whoever it was – publically – still waiting for my invitation to “Women of WordPress” though – sigh – am sure it’s on the way – yep – definitely on its way. :)

    Great meme Karen, permission to post it on my blog?

  • Mike Schonewolf

    Yes feminists have a way of co-opting and poisoning every community they come across. Even though Karen is tired of reading it, this shit keeps happening.