Conference 750 x 420 Detroit

Don’t Let Them Silence Us — International Conference on Men’s Issues

With thanks to the many people who contributed their voices and their time on this video, I will let it do the talking. PE

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  • Steve Brulé

    Can you imagine a group of men sending death threats, and marching to stop a group of women from gathering to talk about their issues? … Neither can I. …

    Puff-Ho did a lame article with the same old feminist talking points … they have such a low opinion of their own journalism that they force you to use a Farcebook account in order to comment on their articles.

  • Steve Brulé

    Cool! I hope you come to Detroit … maybe then feminists will remember what men look like!

  • Marginalized Dad

    Thank you and your troopers for your service. Enjoy your show by the way.

  • olden

    I have officially entered the Bronze Age…

  • RiseOfDivergents

    Feminism has been promoting hate, violence and call for male genocides for decades:

    Feminists teamed up with liberal academia to advocate for eugenics, mass sterilization, and mass murder in the United States.

    Feminists using violence to silence speakers at University of Toronto

    Feminists are encouraging women to beat their husbands and boy friends:

    Feminists calling for male genocide using twitter:

    7000 Violent feminists attacked and sexually assaulted christian men

    Recently, feminists sent death threats to double tree hotel and its staffs because they are hosting Men’s issues awareness conference,

    Feminists are sending death threats to the people concerned with current men and boys issues.

    It is clear that feminism is a terror and hate group and feminists are terrorists, it is time to take action to maintain democracy, peace in our society. Sign the petition to ask the government to class feminism as a terrorist group

  • sputnik

    Hey, I don’t know you, Andybob, but we have this much in common: my own mother passed away this spring. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to pen an article entitled In Praise of the Woman in Whose Basement I Once Lived. I think you get the idea. Pretty rich, actually. And as I had made peace with my mother over any and all of my adolescent indiscretions decades earlier, I found in her passing an immense sense of pride and privilege in the association: we had become fine friends, and the magnitude of her own “pilgrim’s progress” (escaping an impoverished childhood entirely on her own initiative) instantaneously became deeply resonant within me in the moment of recognition of her passing. It was a uniquely profound experience.

    Thank you for your contributions of both monetary support and finely composed prose, and may you fare as well as I have in the loss.


    On to other matters.

    Jeez, don’t blink, or you’ll miss it! I was away from my computer for a whole day on matters of paperwork regarding my mother’s passing, and the fundraiser is, like, done? Already? Somebody rocks!

    As I am just now back at my computer, I have to figure out where *best* to drop a little money around here, ‘cuz I’m unequivocally in, courtesy of — yeah, somewhat — courtesy of me ol’ Mum, who always understood. Funny how that works, init?

  • Bill Paxton

    When I read this last weekend I immediately began a money transfer from my bank account to my PayPal account (I don’t do credit cards so it’s my only method of making online payments), which takes 6 to 8 business days, and you reached the goal before my transfer finished… lol

  • Astrokid

    Looks like twitter feminists hammered @DoubleTree for hosting this conference, and doubletree has issued an official response. Checkout the feminist responses.

    Hilton Worldwide Statement: A Voice for Men Conference
    Hilton Worldwide strives to operate meeting places for people from all walks of life, regardless of beliefs, race, color, national origin, religion or sexual orientation. The views of our guests do not reflect the sentiment of Hilton Worldwide. As places of public accommodation, our hotels do not discriminate against any individual or group. Our goal is to provide quality accommodations and a pleasant environment for our guests, employees and members of our community. We would like to emphasize that we strive to be an inclusive company and regret if this policy has unintentionally offended any individual or organization.

    • David King

      That’s a fairly old press release, AIUI.