DongleGate II JudgyBitch judges judge-mental bitch

Delicate flower has her sensibilities offended. Gets her ass handed to her.

Adria Richards got her panties bunched up nice and tight when she overheard a couple of guys making a dongle joke while attending a PyCon conference as a PR rep for her company, SendGrid.

What the hell is a dongle?




A device that is connected to a computer to allow access to wireless broadband or use of protected software.


Say it a few times.  Dongle, dongle, dongle.  Sounds like dong, like schlong, like a dick joke waiting to happen. It would have taken me about two seconds to start talking about big dongles and little dongles and whether the size of the dongle matters, but I’m crass like that.


Not Adria Richards.  Why, she overheard a dongle joke and the petals of her exquisite flower simply crumpled in dismay and outrage and a deep sense of having being personally violated.  So she turned around in her seat and snapped a shot of the dongle-jokers and then tweeted it with a request to the conference organizers to remove the offending cretins from her sight.


Some reports say that the troglodyte dick-jokers WERE removed from the conference, and some say no, but what IS clear is that one of the punsters was FIRED FROM HIS JOB because his little dick joke offended fragile little Adria.


Over-reaction, much?

Some people at paste-bin thought so, and decided that the only reasonable course of action was to have Adria fired, too.  A group of clearly talented hackers went in and crashed  SendGrid, where Adria works and within hours the management team at SendGrid acted in the company’s best interest and fired Adria.

The whole sorry episode is now being cast as some kind of witch-hunt against Adria for speaking out against sexism in the tech world.  That is the part of this story I would like to address.


Naturally, Jezebel has picked up the story, and spins it hard to cast Adria as a brave heroine defending herself against the mean, scary men who are creating a hostile work environment for her with their offensive dick-jokes and general misogyny.

Without the slightest hint of irony, Lindy West writes:

Regardless of what you think of the joke itself, it is sexist to contribute (willfully or cluelessly! Ignorance is not an excuse!) to a hostile work environment for women. Full stop. If you didn’t realize you were doing it, that means you haven’t bothered to think critically about women’s comfort and needs.

No seriously.  Attention all men everywhere, but especially you men working in tech fields:  you need to stop thinking about the subject at hand (dongle dongle dongle schlongle dongle), stop considering your own needs and comfort and start thinking about women’s comfort and needs.

Because we all know women get to define what constitutes an appropriate work environment, what behavior and language is considered polite and acceptable and if a lady is offended then the entire world must screech to a halt to address that tragedy.


Because equality.

Yeah, there’s nothing sexist AT ALL about claiming that women have the right to go through life without being offended by anything ever, and it’s certainly not the woman’s job to get over her shit.  No way!  If I am offended, it can’t be because I’m an emotional cripple incapable of dealing with the occasional dick-joke (that wasn’t even aimed my way)!  Nope.  It’s because men suck and I demand that you all stop sucking right now!

This would be an excellent moment to insert a dick-joke, but I might faint when my lady brain comprehends the full extent of what I just wrote.


Now, let’s be clear:  the reaction to Adria’s little tantrum over some guy making a dongle-joke was completely over the top.

Threatening to rape or murder someone, or suggesting they go kill themselves is some pretty awful stuff, but there is nothing inherently sexist about any of that.  That’s pretty equal opportunity awfulness.  Adria wasn’t targeted BECAUSE she’s a woman.  She was targeted because she had a hissy fit that resulted in someone losing their job!  Over a dick-joke!  And it turns out that Adria makes dick jokes herself, and that little bit of hypocrisy sent her critics over the edge.

dick joke

What IS sexist is Adria deciding that the simple fact of owning a vagina gives her the right to decide what is and is not funny in any given situation.  Waltzing through life believing you are owed special consideration because you are a WOMAN and you deserve to never be offended is sexist.  Why should anyone believe they have the right to never be offended?

The man who made the dongle joke actually apologized for his “insensitivity”, which is kind of a shame.  He should have told her to go dongle herself.  Adria over-reacted to a conversation that she wasn’t even part of that resulted in a man being fired, and then boo-hoo’d her way across the internet when the same thing was done to her.

My friends and I had decided forking someone’s repo is a new form of flattery (the highest form being implementation) and we were excited about one of the presenters projects; a friend said “I would fork that guys repo” The sexual context was applied by Adria, and not us.

My second comment is this, Adria has an audience and is a successful person of the media. Just check out her web page linked in her twitter account, her hard work and social activism speaks for itself. With that great power and reach comes responsibility. As a result of the picture she took I was let go from my job today. Which sucks because I have 3 kids and I really liked that job.

She gave me no warning, she smiled while she snapped the pic and sealed my fate. Let this serve as a message to everyone, our actions and words, big or small, can have a serious impact.

Turnabout is fair play, cupcake.

Whether or not the tech field is hostile to women is not the point, although if the few women who are in the field act like Adria, it’s little wonder they meet with hostility.  The real issue here is women feeling like they have the right to define social interactions with only their own comfort and needs in mind.  On the one hand, women demand to be treated as equals, and then on the other hand, they want special consideration for their overwrought sensitivity to things like dick-jokes.

Deciding that you can police the conversations of others, and attempting to enforce your own aesthetic sense of what constitutes appropriate behavior for no reason other than you are a woman and you feel offended?  Now that is sexist.

Looks like the tech world took a few steps to address sexism:  Adria Richards is out of a job. I’d say she dongled herself quite nicely.

Lots of love,


About Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

Janet Bloomfield has an undergraduate degree in Film Theory and she has read most historical and current feminist theory. No, she doesn't need a dictionary. She was banned from Twitter for creating the hashtag #WomenAgainstFeminism, which continues to flourish without her presence. She has an MBA and a rewarding career as a wife to her husband of 15 years and a mother to their three children. She uses her spare time to bake cookies, blog at and she cares passionately about the well-being of women and girls and men and boys around the world.

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  • Paul Elam

    Laughed till I snorted reading this.

    • scatmaster

      I spewed my Fresca.
      I love JB’s stuff. No sexual intent meant. Wink.

  • Gordon Wadsworth

    You rule, JB

  • Nostradormouse

    This is not resolved satisfactorily. A guy with three kids is now out of a job in a recession.

    That’s interesting. I am beginning to feel solidarity with another man who didn’t deserve to be mistreated.

    Barman, a round of “reds” for everybody.

  • OneHundredPercentCotton
  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Mr Hank, the fired PlayHaven employee, said:

    ” . . . she smiled while she snapped the pic and sealed my fate.”

    I’d be willing to wager this wasn’t a genuine smile, but The Smirk™. The Sociopath Smirk.

    The smirk that means, “You don’t know it, but I’m about to stick the knife in and twist hard.” The smirk that says, “I am feeling very pleased with myself about the damage I am about to do to you.” The smirk that says, “You are such an idiot. I am about to jam my dongle up your backside and you think I’m being friendly.”

    The fact that she “smiled” or, more likely, smirked while violating these men tells me she wasn’t offended by their jokes. But rather that she was taking malicious enjoyment in what she was about to do and the potential harm she would cause them.

    One more thing. I’m really tired of some internet commenters giving the obligatory, “but the men’s jokes were inappropriate.” Seriously? Get over yourselves.

    Ding, dongle the witch got fired.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        There’s a new fund to help the man who was fired because of Richards called The Feminists Victim Fund: Helping Struggling Men in the Face of Adversity.

        This is potentially huge. Has anything like this ever been done before?

        • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

          Whoops. Thought I was posting this in a new comment box, OHPC.

          Kinda sucks that Roosh is involved in the fund, but . . .

          • August Løvenskiolds

            You know, considering what we are up against, allies are a good thing. Do we have issues with others in the manosphere? Yes, indeed. The American colonies and England were bitter foes, too, once upon a time.

            Feminism doesn’t forgive, ever. They don’t have empathy; they don’t have to. Those traits are unworthy of us.

          • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

            Didn’t say I hate Roosh, dislike, am angry with him or consider him my “bitter foe.” I also don’t conflate PUAs with MHRAs. The former group’s focus is about having sex with as much “quality” dysfunctional women as they can; the latter is a human rights movement.

          • August Løvenskiolds

            Fair enough, Tara. Younger men, flush with hormones, piss & vinegar, if they survive their horndog days, grow from PUA into MHRA. Some sooner, some later, but my ideal of compassion for men struggles to overcome my male nature of biological competitiveness for dysfunctional reproductive resources (young hotties).

            Roosh will grow up. Indeed, his engagement with helping another man is proof that this is happening in real time. If it “kinda sucks that the Roosh is involved with the fund”, then it is kind of awesome that a new awareness is growing within him.

          • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

            Let’s hope so.

          • August Løvenskiolds

            Amen, beloved sister.

          • Acksiom

            >Kinda sucks that Roosh is involved in the fund, but . . .


            How, exactly?

          • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

            Hello Acksiom,

            I have nothing against PUAs or Roosh in particular. Personally, I would be more likely to donate money to such a fund if it was being managed by known Human Rights organizations such as NCFM or AVFM because, to me, they have more credibility. When I read that the fund was being spearheaded by Roosh, I wondered if anyone outside the PUA community would take it seriously. Others, of course, may think differently.

            The MHRM has struggled for years to be taken seriously and now, in large part thanks to NCFM, AVFM, FRS et al the movement is gaining real traction. I am sorry to read in another poster’s comment that the fund led by Roosh has been buried on Reddit. That’s too bad because I think it is a fantastic idea to have a fund like this to help men who have been harmed by feminists like Ms Richards.

          • by_the_sword

            The enemy of my enemy is an ally.

          • Acksiom

            I’ll just be explicit, then:

            Roosh has done much, much more for many, many more of us than you have.

            Therefore, we’d much rather do without you than do without Roosh.

            So attempting to split the sphere and ostracize him — as you comment did — will probably backfire on you.

            Just ask Adria Richards. Because procedurally, your “Kinda sucks that Roosh is involved” comment is very similar to what she did. Adria Richards’s comments could accurately be summarized as “Kinda sucks that these Playhaven guys are involved in IT”.

            There are strong, abstract, procedural similarities between her behavior and yours, and the irrelevant, minimal content differences between them do not invalidate those similarities, let alone supersede them in importance to us.

            Procedurally, you’re doing to Roosh the same thing Adria Richards did to those guys.

        • GT66

          I do not understand why they chose Bitcoin as the donation mechanism. Hopefully they will hit their mark with experienced bitcoin users but for non-techy people who just want to toss a few bucks in the hat, Bitcoin is too much of an arcane PITA for a one-off donation. I hope they’ll consider a more mainstream alternative for regular folk like me.

        • TigerMan

          Quite true Tara the reddit addy is . :)

          • TigerMan

            Hmmm it’s had 9 upvotes but 7 downvotes so far – looks like feminists are doing their best to bury it!

        • ATX

          If it is from those referenced in that URL, it’s a trap.

          See their other articles on this matter. They are apparently presently owned internally by parties no less nefarious than Jezebel.

          Also, apparently valid comments and posters’ access seem to disappear without notice as I found recently on another topic.

    • lensman

      Does The Smirk look anything like “Disaster Girl” by any chance? I am trying to have clear picture so that I will know next time I encounter it.

      FYI, here is “Disaster Girl”:

  • Dan Perrins

    Holy Hannah JB that was some poignant word wizardry.
    Damn fine qwerty you wield there.
    Looks like adria is moving a lil slower of late, maybe in her dongle forking (or was it double dongle forking), she forgot to get enthusiastic consent.
    Anyways, nice job of RAM-ing the point home.

  • Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

    The good news is that she is PR rep – no actual skills. It will be tough for her to land another job.

    Mr. Hank, on the other hand, is an actual programmer. He’ll have a job by the time the week is out, if he doesn’t already.

    There’s a small dose of justice in that.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Over six months ago, my dearest beloved (and thus, misguided) Amanda Marcotte wrote: “Why do stereotypes of feminists as anti-fun, unsexy, and humorless persist?”

      Oh, I dunno, dear, hmmm, ummmm….Adria Fucking Richards, much?

      But my lifemate Mandy is on the case, and here is her latest and timely comeback to the whole Donglegate Imbroglio:

      “Hey Women, If You Really Want to Lean In, Marry a Woman”

      Amanda Marcotte. Even though feminist stupidity is now being pounded into paste, I think I’ll keep her.

      • scatmaster


    • Lodatz

      Meh. I don’t share your optimism, JudgyBitch. I reckon her PR capital will now be through the roof, for a lot of feminist circles.

      I hope Hank does well, though.

  • August Løvenskiolds

    Brilliant, Janet, you badass demon. Give ’em hell.

    This incident closes the case that the political correctness industry not only destroys men and the companies they work for, but also sabotages women employed in STEM jobs, and should make any tech company think twice about hiring any woman with a “Women’s Studies” credit on her transcript.

    The days of joyless, inhuman suck machines like Adria Richards are rapidly winding down, and all men and women of worth can look forward to the prosperity and celebrations that will erupt when they do.

  • esto_vir

    The CEO of PlayHaven has left an e-mail address to send him comments. I encourage everyone to do so.

    “…We believe in the importance of discussing sensitive topics such as gender and conduct and we hope to move forward with a civil dialogue based on the facts.

    In that spirit, I would personally like to hear your thoughts and concerns.

    Email me at I will do my best to respond and encourage an active and civil dialogue.”

  • Dean Esmay

    I honestly believe we’re entering an era where this particular Preference Falsification is about to snap.


    • Laddition

      wiki doesn’t mention whether this is more common in women. I wonder because it sounds a lot like herd instinct in action to me.

      hopefully we can turn round the swivel eyed femme herd double quick when the proles see the the brown skirt bleedership start to suffer repercussions for bitch behaviour.

      hopefully this debacle has caused a few lessons to be learned by women and companies, about reasonable behaviour and having a spine respectively. the guy should not have been sacked in the first place. clearly a sales/marketing woman who brings her company into disrepute has little future…

      and a shout out to anonymous – cheers guys.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Preference Falsification is a very interesting and growing issue – but many do have a problem seeing it in themselves, how it works and also how the Political abuse and frank bullying of people add to it and stop change happing. I have found this excerpt helpful in people seeing the picture:

      “Affirmative action is another issue, according to Kuran, where public personas are often different than private. Anonymous polls routinely show that most Americans are against affirmative action. Yet, the practice persists because few people are willing to endure the horrendous social attacks from the minority who demands the programs. People like Jesse Jackson quickly label as racist those who oppose affirmative action. Recently, the new president of Harvard University found himself in a heated public relations battle. One of the chief complaints against the president was that upon entering office, he did not immediately release a statement praising affirmative action policies. Suddenly, even silence was enough to be branded racist. Kuran notes that the tremendous amount of resources spent defending against claims of racism leads many reasonable people to simply support affirmative action in public.”


      It’s very interesting that a Charismatic figure such as Jackson would link himself to a view that Silence proves racism – because that is Political Position (Preference Falsification) and does not agree with the law of the land!

      You only have to consider the Psychological issues of Peer Pressure and how that makes people adopt and accept views that are nonsensical and even damaging to grasp the extent of the issues.

  • thefeministmra

    She also thinks Black people can’t be racist against White people, because…

    …clearly the frame of mind that needs to be in PR… -.-

    • ImNotMraBut…

      I suspect she will want that Twit and many others to vanish – so here’s and archived copy –

    • dejour

      I’m not sure that that quote is a big deal. Admittedly it is a stupid idea, but she’s just parroting a line that is heard all the time in academia. A related idea is that sexism can’t work in an anti-male fashion because men have power.

      Given that she is a black female though, she has probably never considered that she can abuse her power against others.

  • Dean Esmay

    By the way, let’s get Amy Poehler fired!

    (I’m just kidding, I fucking LOVE Amy Poehler. But look at the hypocrisy of our social double standards.)

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Yeah – but it does show just how dangerous it is to be a male around “Shopping Culture” and how you get objectified by women in Retail Therapy. Dongles sexualised and sexual innuendo around bondage and rape fantasy? Thank heavens she wasn’t in produce with access to a banana!

      I wonder if Adria has seen it – or has she lost the will to be a twit?

      • Bombay

        “or has she lost the will to be a twit?”


  • Lovekraft

    Just imagine how paranoid these women and her acolytes must be to regulate their own speech 24-7. They may think that they are in control of speech, but it will come back to bite them in the a$$ when someone else gets to decide what is or isn’t appropriate.

    Case in point: society is going to cast off the childish whimpers of these entitlement princesses and find any such whining to be counter-productive to the workplace (at least this is how I think it should progress).

  • ChrisD

    I would take this women seriously, if only the female version of sexism in the industry were not rampant.

    I worked in IT for a number of years and one of my jobs involved general tech support in an office. I spent a lot of time under a desk trying to sort out some minor issue and a number of times I had women commenting directly on my backside sticking out the desk. I never bothered to mention it because hey, we’re all human and it didn’t seem important. I laughed it off, I mean why the hell would I care?

    Once one one the girls thought it would be hilarious to slap me on the behind with a ruler. At that point I did complain because that’s out of order. I got an official warning for sexual harrassment, even though I was the one harrassed! Yet here is a woman complaning about a joke and she gets taken seriously. Well sorry but piss off.

    A joke is a joke. I have heard women in offices telling the most crude jokes known to man and they are never disciplined. I have heard women commenting on the “package” of the guy delivering some parcel and again no actions are taken. I have heard women in the coffee room rating men on their attractiveness, I even saw a chart in an office where they listed men by their attractiveness and that stayed there for 2 months. No comments were made or complaints registered.

    So it seems women can judge men in their industry and even their office on their gender and attractiveness and it’s all ok. One man makes a silly joke and he’s fired.

    Sorry but if you want to enter the adult work place then you better be prepared for adult behaviour.

  • DeclanLyons

    Excellent article, JB.

    This is the kind of well-reasoned argument that’s been sorely lacking from the Atheist/Skeptical community since Elevatorgate.

  • herman melville

    Then there’s this from in which we learn that Richards was all perfectly innocent and within her rights to tweet the photo of the guys even though one of them got fired. But when others used social media to bring her down it’s terribly unfair to poor Adria. We also learn that because men sometimes respond to women’s bullshit in public space, women are prevented from using such space themselves. As I understand it, the ladies are unable to do to men on twitter what men do to women on twitter. Still trying to figure that one out.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      I’d love to see Salon covering the evidence about Cyber Stalking – such excellent work of the ECHO project (Electronic Communication Harassment Observation) –

      It does show interesting patterns – The Equality of opportunity to be a victim of a cyber stalker – and just how being a stalker is also Equal Opportunity!

      Of course, what is not equal opportunity is getting anyone to accept the threat and fear that results – cos only the Girls get that privilege and the boys don’t exist. Playing on that imbalance is of course plain sexist!

      If Salon and writers like Mary Elizabeth Williams wish to be seen as professional and not just media magpies who will exploit anything for a quick buck, maybe she should look at the whole subject and not just one incident. Of course top do that she may have to expend some time and put in some effort – in a professional manner.

      As any educated person knows, one incident proves nothing – it fails to establish any pattern. People who presents it the wrong way are either fools or politicians and just wanting to get votes over other people’s real lives.

  • Phil in Utah

    My comment on Jezebel:

    “This is insane. For your information, saying “I’d fork that guy’s repo” isn’t a sexual remark in the slightest in an IT context. To fork something means to take a particular aspect of open-source software and build a whole new program around it. It’s done all the time with video games.

    And seriously, taking offense at such an innocuous joke and getting two guys fired over it is ridiculously thin-skinned. The IT world is not filled with sweaty, overbearing fratboys–it’s filled with insecure, apologetic nerds. And women in IT are not a bunch of cowering, uncomfortable shrinking violets who run from every single sexual joke they hear (let’s not even mention how your portrayal of them as such is incredibly misogynistic); they’re usually a bit nerdy themselves, but they’re quite assertive about their needs, they make more than their share of dirty jokes, and they talk endlessly about how they are every bit as capable as men, until something heavy needs lifting.

    Adria did NOT apologize for what she did. She RUINED A GUY’S CAREER OVER A JOKE, for Pete’s sake! Then she had the audacity to compare herself to Joan of Arc for doing so. She is not an innocent woman, she is a malicious psychopath with an agenda.”

    Aaaannnnnd it’s gone.

    • Paul Elam

      I know you are shocked.

    • TigerMan

      pastbin it ! I for one will tweet it if you do 😉

  • Janet Bloomfield (aka JudgyBitch)

    True story: when Mr. JB and I were just engaged, we were at a wedding reception and Mr. JB was out on the patio smoking cigars with a very successful, fancypants business guy.

    The kind of guy most people suck up to.

    They were discussing the quality of the cigars, and Mr. JB said they were “cheap and harsh, just how I like them”, which was a joke because the cigars were really nice Cubans.

    I happened to walk by at that exact moment, so I chimed in “just like your women”.

    It was hilarious because “cheap and harsh” is exactly what all the country club cunts were thinking about me. Mr. BusinessGuy nearly died laughing. He repeated my comment to everyone he could find that night.

    Without exception, the men laughed their guts out. Some of those women STILL refuse to speak to me, 15 years later.

    Women can NOT get over the fact that they don’t always get to define what is “appropriate”, and that sometimes crass is really funny.

    • Aimee McGee

      I keep wondering how these damzels would survive in jobs that require ‘coffin humor’ to survive the sheer horror of what you see…I’ve worked alongside emergent room nurses and paramedics – OMG they don’t hold back on anything.
      Crass can be so damn funny in the right context. Hell, I’m dying to make corporate bingo cards for mandatory training and sell them at £1 a card to fundraiser for charity – unfortunately our coms department lack a sense of humor

      • August Løvenskiolds

        Women who can actually thrive on their merits in such harsh and unforgiving environments are the most worthy, and dare I say it, attractive women on the planet. And idiots like Adria Richards want to turn every one of them into whining, privileged slavemasters who can’t be trusted to lift a finger without breaking a nail, and can only obsess on the comfort and safety of their bloated shoe collections.

      • feeriker

        I’ve worked alongside emergent room nurses and paramedics – OMG they don’t hold back on anything.

        Nor should they. “Coffin” humor is essential to maintaining one’s mental health in a whole slew of industries even outside of emergency medical care (personally, I would fall in love with any female nurse who spouted “coffin humor” at me when I’m brought into the ER with life-threatening injuries – but then I’m really one sick bastard anyway). Heck, “coffin humor” is essential in the IT field too, especially if your clients are employed by any branch of government.

        IME, people, male or female, who get upset at “coffin humor” even –especially– when the situation absolutely calls for it are both professionally incompetent AND without any social skills whatsoever.

      • gateman

        Imagine how offended they’d be by an episode of MASH!

    • TigerMan

      You had me in stitches too! lol
      Reminds me of an old playboy type friend of mine back in the mid 80’s. He finally met up with someone he could settle with and they got this large flat together (needed renovation). So often on a saturdays I would drop in for a chat and a coffee and look at the progress they had made. His girlfriend was gorgeous, very pretty but what was most engaging about her was her sense of humour and fun. He nicknamed her “Tesco” (after our supermarket giant) – I asked him why do you call her Tesco – because she’s cheap and cheerful quoth he! Far from being insulted her laughs were louder than mine as soon as she saw the slightly stunned look on my face!
      Now it was bad enough that she was drop dead gorgeous but to add insult to injury she had a fantastic personality too – the bastard! :(
      (great article btw – right on the money!)

  • ImNotMraBut…

    I keep digging in to the on-line history and patterns of this women. The pattern is not nice – it’s for a Corporate Psychopath.

    She has an established history of double standards, bullying and manipulation via social media, and her evangelical role/title seems to have been used repeatedly to make people Pawns – Patrons – Patsies.

    The two biggest red flags for any Corporate Psychopath are total disregard for other people and their compulsion to serve their own needs. There are so many examples of her using events, people and her employers to further her own agenda it’s a red flag in a hurricane.

    That is an established pattern in Adria Richards’ on-line data trail and evidenced over and over.

    Couple such a mind set with a personality that is all about image – demanding victim status and power. I think that her bosses did just the right thing in firing her. NO wonder she is so quiet as she attempts to figure out how to use legal process to regain her power and make them pawns! She’s looking for that news show to get on air and up her status!

    Watch your backs guys – bring in the experts who know how to handle such people. Do not underestimate the motivation that Corporate Psychopaths (especially narcissistic ones) have for malice and revenge – when operating the malice levels are taken as high – when caught – off the scale.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      Agreed. Sadly, Richards will probably parlay this into a frequent talking head/women’s victim mouthpiece on CNN, MSNBC, etc. The MSM already seems to be setting her up for that with their sympathetic articles.

      • ImNotMraBut…

        Well she has been angling for media for some time – so if she can get syndicated talking head she will be like that cat that got the whole dairy farm and 3000 head of cattle. She’ll be bathing in her own clotted cream.

        If she manages to get talking head status it will be interesting to see if she is able to moderate her past inabilities to place employer over self. My betting is she would last 18 months max. Best option for anyone going near her due to expertise is Subcontractor status and a water tight contract. … and I’m still amazed she has been silent for 3 days. That shows she can when she wants to – so she is wanting to and that screams legal!

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      …and….she says she’s NOT a feminist.

      I believe you are now witnessing the new emerging “off an on like a faucet” feminist.

      “I’m a feminist” when it favors, “I’m not a feminist” when it doesn’t.

      Watch and see – it will be like how now individual racial bigots never existed, EVERYONE was enlightened long before their time…

      You’re may see feminism slip into the shadows – lurking, waiting..

      • ImNotMraBut…

        Well the “off and on when when it suites me Faucet feminism” may be better than the “constant, endless, drip, drip, drip Chinese Water Torture Feminism”… unless of course it’s the feminist self flagellating under a faucet in private.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          No really. An open sore is visible, while a cancerous tumor is not.

          I’d rather deal with an open sore than cancer.

      • Dean Esmay

        You just put your finger on one of the reasons why my war cry of “going after feminism is not enough.”

        Why? They’ll start with the I’m-not-a-feminist-buts and even say things like “fuck feminism” and continue to behave exactly the same way, demanding chivalry and special treatment when it suits them and equality when it suits them.

        Defeat a word and you’ve defeated a dictionary entry. Gynocentrism, male disposabilty on overdrive, and misandry are the real enemies.

        • Mark Trueblood

          So-called conservatives and liberals march in the same parade when it comes to gynocentrism, they just disagree on which neighborhoods to march through.

          I fully expect to see greater collaboration between the two camps to strong-arm men back into traditional provider roles in the future.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          I know you know what I mean, Dean.

          Identifiable “Feminists” will surely disappear, but their stench will continue to waft because they aren’t really gone.

      • Laddition

        I prefer the term ‘douche bag feminist’ – they are happy to flush their ‘values’ whenever it suits them

      • Mark Trueblood

        This is not a new phenomenon. Any positive thing attributed to a feminist represents the glory of feminism. Any negative thing attributed to a feminist means they aren’t a feminist, or don’t represent feminism.

        Most importantly, any strain of hate or bigotry or corruption within feminism is always the fault of the “few bad feminists” not a problem endemic to the movement in itself. Then you politely ask them what they are doing to reform their movement, and you get the rhetorical equivalent of a pancake flipping over.

  • Jean Valjean

    People like Adria Richards are the reason women spent the last 10,000 years in the kitchen.

    It’s the only place where they can be safe from trivial things that might offend them. ie. the “real world.”

  • Al Woods (TMOTS)

    Just amazes me how she goes whacko over the supposed sexual inuendo but does the same type of sexual inuendo banter with a guy in a dif tweet…. WTF?

    Oh, and dont even get me started on her “blacks cant be racist” garbage…..

    Doing bit of research myself ha proven that she is a habitual complainer – professional. She is looking for that bankroll IMO. 20-1 she attempts to sue the company for wrongful… any takers?


    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      I’ll see you your Adria Richards suing SendGrid, TMOTS, and raise you a Mr Hank suing Adria and snatching her VictimBucks right out of her venomous maw.

      • Jean Valjean

        Now that’s a bet I’ll take.

        Mr. Hank has already apologized and therefore damaged any lawsuit chance.

        Besides, like most men he thinks he is in the wrong when he’s really in the right.

        He’s going to slink away and try to find another job before wifey bails on him and tries to lock in child support at his current income.

        He should sue, maybe he might win, but he won’t. Men rarely do, but if they did we could make a lot more progress from that.

        Maybe our work here will encourage more men to stand up for themselves and start punishing these “women” with lawsuits?

  • lensman

    l left this response on her blog:

    I am posting this anonymously, because I don’t want to get fired. Nevertheless, I will be try to be as civil as possible.

    Let’s forget for a moment that you destroyed a man’s life –and make no mistake, that man’s career in the IT business is now effectively over (there are comments in the apology thread that state that there are openings for somebody with his qualifications, but nobody is willing to give him the time of day due to the bad PR). Let’s forget for a moment the Twitter backlogs and the double standards.

    Adria, what you did at PyCon actually set back women and gender equality.

    Let me explain…

    As somebody who is working at the health sector (coding is my hobby) and has to handle both men and women in the lab, a frequent complaint that I get from the female personnel is that men tend to distrust the women. Whenever a woman approaches, men tend to shut up and change the subject of their conversation. The male staff tends to be overly uncomfortable, cautious and distrustful. There is an “Us Vs Them” mentality in the lab which causes the men to literally walk on eggshells and be very reluctant to offer help.

    From, what I’ve read in other forums that I frequent (Mainly IT, Medicine and Feminism) this is a growing problem and especially true in places that have been up until recently male-dominated such as software development and STEM Fields. The sad truth is that women are still considered a token minority at those types of jobs…and being the token minority means that people are inevitably not going to trust you easily (something especially true if you happened to get hired due to an affirmative action program). You are going to have to earn their trust the hard way, If you want to be taken seriously.

    What you did over at PyCon is not “earning trust”. It’s destroying it with a sledgehammer, along with any hopes of workplace solidarity –at a time when it’s
    needed badly too. This is especially damning once you consider the fact that you are an “evangelist”, someone who is supposed to work with clients and
    inspire them to use your product.

    I am sure you are feeling pretty good about yourself and what you did, but let me ask you…

    …After what you did at PyCon, why should men feel comfortable when around women?

    …After what you did at PyCon, why should men take the risk of training women in the IT fields when a joke can lead to them being fired?

    …After what you did at PyCon, why should men take the risk of helping women start-up in the IT fields when the slightest offence can be dangerous?

    …After what you did at PyCon, why should men speak around women at all, if even the slightest innuendo (real or perceived) can lead to loss of a job and livelihood?

    …After what you did at PyCon, why should software companies hire women, when even a slight slip of the tongue can lead to loss of qualified coding personnel?

    If your goal was to create a safe-haven for future female employees, then, I am sorry to tell you this, but your actions are having the exact opposite effect. You are making men look at women not as business partners but as threats and liabilities.

    But, hey, you got a bad sexist neckbearded man-pig fired, so it’s all worth it, right?


    Unsurprisingly, It hasn’t appeared yet.

    • Jean Valjean

      The answer to all those questions Lensman is,

      “Because they have to.”

      Women are allowed to discriminate all they want, and men are forced to live with it.

      • lensman

        I know, but the point of this post was to judge her actions based on her own standards.

        Hmm, looks like my comment was deleted… Oh well.

    • Stu

      In other words, women are creating a hostile environment for men at work.

      • lensman

        Yeah, but that hostility works both ways. Let me put it this way: The little girl that triggered her is going to have to hit the books HARD, if she wants to have any future in IT, other than a token minority wallflower.

        • ImNotMraBut…

          Lensman – her claiming that the child triggered her is false. The child could only have activated an internal trigger. The only one who has a little child as an issue is Adria Richards.

          I also don’t accept the claims of this child image acting as a trigger – it’s not consistent with her them turning smiling and photographing these guys. The narrative and reported history is simply inconsistent from start to finish.

          The word Trigger has become a trigger if the field of Feminist propaganda. It’s used to imply two things.

          1) that the women using it has a long-standing history of being abused and therefore has PTSD – it’s also used as a red flag to imply victim status.
          2) to invoke an emotional reaction in the reader to colour all language that comes after it.

          Remember that a major factor in the Marxist structures that feminism is built upon is the appropriation and redefining of language to fit the agenda – not the reality.

          Richards conduct and language is just too deliberate – she is using language and ideas in too heavily structured a way – it’s too well “Programmed” to be accidental.

          This is not the first time she has been caught manipulating people in this way, and significantly her most vocal past critics have been women. I’ll stick to my analysis of Richards as a Corporate Psychopath … it fits far better than her just being a mindless feminist magpie who picks up shiny objects and hopes it makes them look good.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Maybe she did that little girl a favor – by forcing her to hit the books hard instead of riding on gender or racial quotas, she will actually be a valuable asset to society instead of a leech and a brain drain.

          • Bewildered

            ” she will actually be a valuable asset to society instead of a leech and a brain drain.”

            This would be the ideal outcome and be worthy of true respect.
            But I guess a lot of people prefer a state enforced boost to one’s pseudo ‘self esteem’ .

    • MRA.

      frequent complaint that I get from the female personnel is that men tend to distrust the women. Whenever a woman approaches, men tend to shut up and change the subject of their conversation. The male staff tends to be overly uncomfortable, cautious and distrustful. There is an “Us Vs Them” mentality in the lab which causes the men to literally walk on eggshells and be very reluctant to offer help.

      I was told this is happening in the education system too, many males teachers are refusing to help females students, from primary school, high school and college, as most males teachers tend to work in areas that are hard for women, math, science, etc, females students are ignored by the the males teachers because they fear the problem that can cause, from false rape claim to sexual harassment, this is why females students tend to say that they prefer women as teacher, because the women are not going to fear any false claim so they offer mush help as they can.

      A male math teacher from a college was offering extra help after class at his home but he refuse females that wanted to attend, he did want to help them but but….

      …how on hearth is he going to take such risk!?

      For women like Richards is why such environment exist.

  • JFinn

    OT: Check out one of the top comments:


    • Jean Valjean

      Mine is the number 2 comment (gamenode).

  • gateman

    Who needs TV?
    There’s never a dull moment in gender politics.

  • Booyah

    I find her use of the word “forking” in a clear innuendo of a common nickname for fornication to be far more offensive in use than the word “dongle”. Dongle is a legitimate word in the tech industry. “Forking” is only acceptable in the homewares industry. Forking implies a sexual activity rather than just a loose possible innuendo for male genitalia. That makes it much more offensive and I’m glad that her employer responded in this manner. By her own very sensitive standards she has shoved both her own feet very firmly in her own mouth. When you work in the PR field for a company and behave like this demonstrating a very clear double standard you deserve to be summarily dismissed. You have shown a distinct lack of PR throughout this incident and I’m sure your sexually innuendo laden tweet was seen by far more than the original “dongle” comment which was simply made between two attendees of the conference and never made to a wider public audience.

    • TigerMan

      The Englishman upon being given a plate of food by the Irish waiter fails to notice the cutlery wrapped in a white napkin near his plate so asks “Where’s my knife and fork ”
      “Under your forkin nose” quoth the waiter…

      • Booyah

        but the waiter was too busy actually doing his job to be quoteth worldwide via his dongle. 😛

        • TigerMan

          yeah and he was man enough not to give a fuck about his forkin rep(o). lol 😉

  • mra2012

    Thank god, THANK GOD, she got fired too. Quid pro fucking quo.

  • ComradePrescott

    I hope that man gets his job back.

    • Jean Valjean

      I hope he gets a better job.

      And I hope he nuts up and sues that bitch.

    • TigerMan

      As lensman pointed out it may prove very difficult to get a similar job due to fear of bad PR. It’s a pity Anonymous didn’t “have a word” with his former employer because they were even worse than Adria’s employer sendgrid. (because in Adria’s case there was undeniable proof of a breach in code of conduct etc. when she photographed them and tried to humiliate them via 9000 followers on twitter )

      • deniz

        if a man photographed a woman and put it on the internet he would be thrown in jail , but she has not only done that but also humiliated them publicly and to aggravate things has RUNIED TWO MENS CAREERS , this feminist twat should be put in jail , I SALUTE THOSE MRA WHOSE ACTIVISM LEAD THIS VENOMOUS FEMINAZI SERPENT HER BEING FIRED AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE !

  • Lucian Vâlsan

    „Because we all know women get to define what constitutes an appropriate work environment, what behavior and language is considered polite and acceptable and if a lady is offended then the entire world must screech to a halt to address that tragedy.” – Yeap. That is pretty much how things are, nowadays, unfortunately. I am glad this bigot got what she deserved. We should see this happening more often!

  • Kimski

    Wouldn’t claiming that a working environment is being hostile against women be like putting the cart in front of the horse, when you think about who spends the most time trying to change those workplaces into halls of horror, where the male half of the workforce literally has to walk around on eggshells, in order to not offend anyone.

    Wouldn’t it be more correct to say that the first might be a consequence of the other, considering who is now being treated like unwelcome guests, in the environment the dictating half originally was invited into?

    Seems like humor is also off the table now, unless of course it’s a woman telling the dirty joke, just like sexual harrasment is all fine and dandy, as long as it’s the woman doing the groping.

    I wonder what’s next?

    Inappropriate breathing in order to stay alive?

  • scatmaster

    Inappropriate breathing in order to stay alive?

    don’t give them any ideas

    • Booyah

      Yes light breathing is only a bare minimum coping mechanism of the sex addicted male, used to conceal his desire to indulge in the oppressive and extensive patriarchal heavy breathing 😉

      Fill in any gaps with dogmatic theology and bake for 15 hamster rationalizations and you’ve not only exposed another piece of the secretive patriarchy you’ve also been oppressed in the kitchen as well for double points.

      Grrrrrrrl Power FTW!

    • Kimski

      Oh, I’m pretty sure that given the opportunity, they’ll come up with something far worse, Scatmaster.

  • TigerMan

    Once more it looks like the reddit effort to provide some much needed pushback to feminist encroachment against men’s freedom of speech and expression has failed through apathy. The Feminist Victim Fund has been buried by mocking manginas and feminists. I persons comment just saying he supported the fund ended up with minus 18 points! The overall reddit is minus 7 points and has now been buried!
    Wish I could point to an upside but I don’t see one right now excepting that I have an even greater determination to carry on speaking out against feminist inspired attacks on whatever freedoms we have left.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      But Tigerman – with Adria Richards sitting at home and bored she has nothing else to do but use her multiple personalities to skew Reddit up and down. You also need to remember that all those worshipping at the sacrificial alter for the Monstrous Patriarchy believe that pushing buttons on Reddit is a religious devotion and if they don’t do it they be banished to the Hell of incessant sexism, made to wear Mink Bikinis and obliged to wax none stop. P^)

      • TigerMan

        Yeah I was overtired when I posted my comment – I forgot why I stopped posting on reddit in the first place. (ie feminist and pro feminist trolls dominate it).
        Also what I think might have put many off is that all donations would have to be made in trust that it would be used for stated purpose, well that plus the fact that you need to download and install peer to peer software ie the bitcoin client in order to make a donation. Personally I had no issue with using paypal but sadly that option wasn’t offered.
        Anyway AVFM is much more effective a vehicle for raising the profile of an issue so I was an idiot for letting the reddit thing annoy me. lol 😉

  • Maleman

    For something a little light hearted check out the opening scene in the bus, of this old 1967 movie ‘To Sir with Love’. (Just after the opening credits, two minutes in, only one minute long).

  • JedaChz

    Great article JB, a blast to read,

    Unfortunately, and this is not surprising, it appears she has a case in court, while the man who was fired does not. What she will do remains to be seen.

    • Hf

      Proof that the laws are biased, eh?

    • Laddition

      If I employed someone to evangelise potential customers to use my products, and she did that? I’d sack the bitch too.

      Can it really be very hard to prove that she damaged his business given that his company suffered a DOS attack because of her actions?

      I’m no lawyer, but I suspect that he can show cause to terminate her contract, assuming that he even needs to under US law (I’m not american either)

      • ImNotMraBut…

        Well – I’m not US centric either, and if I had an employee who was attending an event like Pycon, representing my bushiness – with the business paying her expenses… and she used the business to push personal agenda as Adria Richards has done … canned Ass would be the 100% reaction.

        If Adria Richards publishes the receipts and proof of payment showing she personally paid for her tickets to PyCon – showing that she was there as a private individual – that she acted in her own right and did not Use the situation and her employee status to cause an issue, then being an Equality and Legal Type I may well back her on the evidence.

        (Any such proof will be checked with her ex-employer to verify that she has not been reimbursed by the employer)

        In the mean time – under contacts of employment, using your companies resources improperly and damaging that business by personal activity that you should reasonably know does not represent the Business’ best interests – that’s Fire Her Ass Zone – period.

        What I find most interesting is that when a man has been fired for the same thing ( as has actually happened here ) the likes of Adria Richards still continue to misrepresent personal conduct and responsibility and monopolise reality. I’ll keep saying it over and over – She’s a classic Corporate Psychopath.

        the Guy who got fired actually apologised, took responsability – which makes hi a safe employment bet. Adria Richards is such that she would tie up Management and Human Resources at great expense because she has no regard for others and a business assets and remits. To her they are for her utility and she will use them.

        When a supposed grown adult is using the argument of Boys have cooties and throw stones to cover up egregious gender neutral breach of contract and Equality canned ass – that again is the pattern of The Corporate Psychopath. Do as I say Not As I Do?

        Adria Richards is Toxic – a Corporate Psychopath – say it loud and often.

        • Laddition

          just giving a +1 seems insufficient – I agree with you entirely.

  • napocapo69

    Splendid article, full stop.

  • sooverit

    I love your writing Judgybitch.

  • Nightwing1029

    My thoughts:

    Is what he did right? Not really. He was in a professional environment. He should act in a manner that brings a good characterization upon his company.

    Now, before someone starts thinking I mixed up my prescription of red pills, with some blue pills, just wait.

    Is her reaction commensurate with his mistake?
    Oh hell no! It’s the equivalent of dropping a nuke on a person, just for dinging your car.

    She went out of her way to get him fired, because she felt “uncomfortable”.


    Woman up, lady. You should have turned around and dealt with it in a professional manner. Not like a little child that got told no to having your favorite cereal.

    If I thought she had a conscious, I would hope she felt bad for getting him fired. Especially with him having a family, that needs to be taken care of.

    We need to sign an old Reagan style disarmament accord with feminists. We take away all of their nukes, and keep a few of ours.

    Janet, good article. It amused me.

  • Fidel Johnson


    I’ve read all the comments here, and no-one has mentioned the other villain in this story.
    Adria Richards DIDN’T fire Mr.hanks.
    His mangina boss did.
    This is a person who took the the word of a stranger, and fired his employee.
    (Hat-tip to Captain Capitalism).
    This spineless, weak, wanting-approval individual who threw himself down on feminism’s altar, is named Andy Yang.
    He shares immense responsibility.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      What choice did the company have when 10,000 people are tweeted that their employee was sexually harassing a woman at a convention?

      Obviously the employee “owned up” that he made the heinous remark (aaaarrrruuuugggghhhh!) so what else could they do?

      Be seen as doing nothing to the 10,000 “outraged” tweet recipients and the “offended female” or fire the guy to avoid his company being sued for condoning rape, murder and genital mutilation of helpless women in third world countries?

      Because if they hadn’t taken that action, that’s exactly what they would have been accused of and could have been sued for.

      This was a no-win situation on the part of that company, and the blame lies squarely on Ms. Twitter Queen.

      If the “not cool” guy hadn’t made his side of the story public, or if he hadn’t been publicly depantsed, disciplined or fired, this story would have had an entirely different outcome, and none of it good for the “sea of white men” oppressing more deserving women by their very existence.

      • Fidel Johnson

        I hear what you’re saying……
        But I have been a manager of programmers for several years. ( Not at the moment, tho ).
        I would stand by each guy. And, in this case, if it was to be a court-case, ( highly doubtful ), it couldn’t be about rape, murder, and genital mutilation, but about a joke that didn’t even have “bad words” in it.
        I would tell the guy involved to sit tight, carry on, and this will all blow over. and fuck her.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          I was being facetious about genital mutilation – but not by far.

          If a woman tweeted 10,000 people that your employee sexually harassed her at a convention and you responded with “it will blow over”,there’s a really, really good chance it could be used to PROVE your company condones sexual harassment. That or every female employee you have will be sniffing the air for any opportunity to sue, claiming you have a history of ignoring sexual harassment.

          I, too, have been a manager, and I have been shocked by threats of being sued over the most trivial matters. Threats of lawsuits were almost a daily occurrence when I worked in the school system.

          10,000 people in your business community thinking your company harbors sexual harassers does not bode well.

          • Fidel Johnson


            We’re on the same side. I haven’t been where Andy Yang has ( in a small way, as my subsequent post shows ), but I just believe in standing thru thick and thin with your people. Family, friends, or employees.

            I see your point of massive public disapproval, but I stick with what I’ve said : Andy Yang should have stood up for his employee.

      • Fidel Johnson

        Oh, yes….
        1,000,000 twits ( or whatever they’re called – that used to be what we called idiots )….
        is nothing compared to reality, and dealing with humans.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Frankly, I think the Twits have taken over the asylum, or so it seems.

      • Fidel Johnson

        In the army, many years back, one of the guys in my section was accused of theft from someone else.
        The guy accused was an athlete, of great moral standing, good looks and genes…… the sort of guy that you would enjoy your daughter getting married to.

        I called a meeting of all concerned, and stood up and defended this young man. ( I was also a young man at the time ).

        You can imagine how I could have been knocked over with a feather, when he admitted to theft. Obviously, I changed tack then, was apologetic, and went into damage minimising mode.

        Just WTF.

        The point of this, is that a boss is supposed to be on your side. And stay on your side until circumstances change that.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          I once angrily called a store manager and demanded he apologize to my sister in law after falsely accusing her of shoplifting and searching her purse in front of other customers.

          …except the very next week she was arrested for shoplifting in the very same store.

          “I needed a pack of gum ’cause I’m trying to stop smoking and I didn’t have any money. I offered the cop $10.00 for the gum, but they arrested me anyway. No, I don’t want you to babysit my daughter, I’ll get off lighter if they see I’m a mother”.

          OK, I wasn’t supposed to notice she said she didn’t have any money but she offered $10.00 for a pack of gum…and yes, the Judge let her get off lightly because she brought her little girl to shoplifting court with her.

          This is the same woman who years later falsely accused my son of rape.

          Everyone who knew her knew she was an atrocious liar, but defended her and backed her up anyway. Some even lied for her, and pretended they didn’t remember her prior history of making false accusations.

          Here I was, one of those people who used to defend her and “believe” her, even when I damn well knew what a liar she was. I KNEW she couldn’t keep her story straight when questioned, but I also knew she didn’t have to.

          She’d always be believed no matter what.

          The point was, the courts, the advocates, even neighbors she’d screwed over and falsely accused in the past blindly stuck by her obvious bogus accusation BECAUSE OF THE NATURE OF HER ACCUSATION.

          My son was found guilty not based on the tiniest shred of evidence, and in spite of HUGE evidence to prove him innocent…


          Children never lie, women never lie, men lie, lie, lie and deny. All men are always guilty.

          One day Andy Yang might find himself the accused – and nobody will stand by him either.

          The worst part is – he, and most all men, already know that.

          • Fidel Johnson


            I know nothing of you, or your backstory.
            Now I’ve just read about your son.
            My sincere condolences on your heartache. Really meant.
            What can I say, but that I hope you and your son make it through this as unscathed as possible.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            Thank you for your kind words. I wasn’t trying to turn the conversation to me, but my own experience with women making “hot button” accusations has shown me first hand just how much power women are given for making accusations against males.

            This isn’t male vs. female. It seems “good” women are not given power to do good, but evil women who are being given free rein to slash and burn everything and anybody in their path – male or female, adult or child. Anyone getting in the way is going to get burned.

            However tragically this played out for this father of three, it has FINALLY shed some much needed light on the imbalanced power of women’s destructive accusations and the knee jerk reactions made to accommodate them.

            I am so very proud to say my son has triumphed over the evil done him, and I am praying this young father will triumph as well.

            When they say you can’t keep a good man down – I know it’s true.

          • ImNotMraBut…

            OneHundredPercentCotton – I’m booking my place in the dog house now, because I can’t agree with you and quite a few others. There is simply not enough public domain information to support repeated attacks on Andy Yang at Playhaven or Jim Franklin at SendGrid. As businesses and under terms of contract even with ex-employees they are not allowed to go public. Suffice to say, both companies will have sought counsel and covered their legal asses – and unless someone breaks cover and says things in public it has to be assumed that both employees were fired for breach of contract – potentially a morals clause, or failure to represent the business properly to the the wider industry. NO CEO in their right mind would dare to just can ass without legal protection and reason.

            However – I’m more than critical of Adria Richards who has a long establish pattern of using such events as PyCon and self promoting media to push herself centre stage … along with agenda she can jump on the back of. That’s why I’m happy to call her pattern of conduct – long term – repeated – Corporate Psychopath.

            The sheer volume of her interminable, poor quality badly executed video rants on Youtube show her fixation with media and getting attention. If she really was interested in education she could edit and add visual content. She could get high powered and free open source software to do this – something she is fully aware of. So why does she prefer being a talking head on her incessant videos? It’s a tad Narcissus and overly boring!

            She was at PyCon representing her employer. She decided yet again to be opportunistic and use events to get attention (Repeating such behaviour over and over can be clinically significant). She is a supposedly mature business women who knows that making a complaint in a business setting is best NOT done by Twitter – and it also comes under such things as Privacy and Confidentiality. Odd that because I’m sure if her Privacy and confidentiality were breached in a business setting, guess who would be the first to scream about it and turn it into a Sex related issue?

            People have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty – but with Adria she is so fixated on her own moral rectitude and privilege as an accusing women that she empowered herself to hang the guy on the spot. Now, sorry that is not the conduct of a mature and supposedly rational women, acting as an employee and representing her employers best interests… and then getting the business hit by DDOS and having the corporate bottom line hit.

            She has planted the idea in Public that she was Triggered by events and that this is tenuously linked to PTSD. In which case, as a person who knowns they have an impairment she should have taken responsibility and sat on her hands. I don’t believe that Adria Richards has any such Impairment – has no PTSD – and that her deliberate attempts to appropriate disability as an excuse are cynical and part of her ongoing pattern of media magpie picking to make herself look good. That one actually pisses me off more than anything else. If she was in a Disabled Parking Nay illegally she would be looked upon as a real shit – but attempting to park herself in the middle of disabled reality gets a pass? I don’t think so!

            I’ve said, if she can show she was not acting as an employee but had paid for herself to go to Pycon, My Equality and Legal support will shift behind her – because being at PyCon as a private individual – and Twitting as one simply can’rt be reason for firing unless you are giving away trade secrets or threatening to blow up the business with a bomb … but as an employee representing her employee under contract, she breached contract and her ass is out! The same goes for employees in other businesses – Playhaven.

            I keep wondering why Adria Richards has not managed to get on live media as yet – hell she hasn’t even manage to break into HuffPo TV, and all you need to do that is be able to self suck. Her self imposed silence is interesting as it indicates she is looking for exclusivity … and the longer she is off air the more she is yesterdays news. That will really piss off her inner Psycho.

            The longer she is kept off air and not given live TV the clearer it becomes how Toxic she is. The Media/TV companies are not stupid either, they will be asking Playhaven, SendGrid and PyCon lots of questions, and as I suspect, most probably finding very big differences and legal one’s that mean they can’t afford to allow Adria Richards anywhere near air. She has a well established track record of shooting her mouth off and only engaging her brain after she has caused so many others untold damage. That again is a common pattern with Corporate Psychopaths – they are always self justified and can’t learn and change core patterns of entitlement

            I get it that people want to be angry, but I really do feel that aiming unwarranted anger at Andy Yang at Playhaven or Jim Franklin at SendGrid is just ignorant – it shows a lack of real world understanding of how business works. It also is the trick of the Corporate Psychopath where they get people looking in the wrong direction rather than seeing the real villain clearly. Have a look with better focused eye glasses – you may be surprised at just how clear the vision can be!

          • Fidel Johnson


            As you say, can’t keep a good man down.
            I’m glad your son triumphed, and may every innocent young man go on to achieve a happy life, along with a deserving young lady whose aspirations are the same.
            In spite of all that I hear and read, I still believe that most people just want to meet the people that they would like to be with, and have a happy life with them.

            I am lucky, with the love of my life for several years now, I absolutely adore her, ( she deserves that ), she treats me great…….
            But I have strong feelings on what is happening to our young men. Even 40 years ago I had identity issues with feminism telling me what I was that I knew I wasn’t.
            And it’s far worse now.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            ImNotMraBut. I think you’ve misread my remarks. I DID say that blaming Mr. Yang is futile, he had no choice but to do what he did.

            If he hadn’t, this little ego maniac would have rallied her personal (10,000!) Twitter Troops in a haterade against Mr. Yang and company for NOT taking action to defend her honor.

            …and SHE would have scored an enormously feminist amoral victory.

            mr-hank is certainly a sacrificial lamb in all this, but he fought back in a most amazing way – quietly, politely – and best of all – honestly.

            If he truly was the bad guy in this, that he had three kids wouldn’t have mattered a whit to anybody. If he had trash in his background, like Adria has, or other women who found him “offensive” they would be chiming in the chorus with Ms. Tattletale, his name would be smeared all over the internet.

            This is truly the first time I have EVER seen a situation like this play out in favor of the man, and it wouldn’t have happened this way if not for how the chain of events played out to perfection.

            The time was right, the circumstances utterly perfect.

            I did write a polite note to Mr.Yang in support of hank.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            Fidel Johnson – I have been married almost 38 years to the love of my life. After what his family put my family through, believe me, if there had been any weak links in my marriage, I would have been gone long ago.

            There were times when I understood why an animal will chew it’s own leg off to escape entrapment.

            I don’t have a lot of faith in justice or karma, except I believe it comes once you no longer care and it no longer matters. I would become too evil myself rejoicing in their karmic ass kicking, so I figure it’s still a long way off.

            My son is getting married this summer after reconnecting with the girl he was dating in High School when this all happened. She’s definitely a handful, but they are very suited for each other. He’s marrying her parents as much as her, they adore him.

  • donzaloog

    Good job, JB. Hopefully incidents like these will wake people up to the real problems with, and hypocrisy of feminism. The false sense of entitlement of these women must be stopped.

  • cllmeal

    loved the article, I am a diesel tech and the things we say, should would be snapping pics and tweeting all day, and when all was said and done, we would be standing around laughing about it. a bully only picks those they can bully, of course she picked on these guys, she thought she could get away with it, she would never, EVER, pick guys like me and my coworkers. and yes we have almost as many women techs in my shop as men, and they tell some really bad jokes. they are great! lol

  • ImNotMraBut…

    Is This a major arse spanking for Adria?

    Was It Appropriate For Adria Richards To Tweet A Photo Of Two Men At PyCon And Accuse Them Of Being Sexist?

    Antone Johnson, Social Media Startup Lawyer

    It was highly inappropriate and probably illegal. If I were them, I’d explore filing suit against her for “false light” invasion of privacy at a minimum, perhaps other privacy and defamation claims as well.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Does anyone remember the Seattle “tippergate” story, where a waitress posted on Facebook the photo of a receipt with a man’s name and the words “p s you could stand to loose(sic) a few pounds”?

      Thousands of people began an internet attack on the man, including at his work…only it turned out to be the wrong guy…

      …and when the right guy came forward, the note turned out to have written by his girlfriend because the waitress told her she could stand to gain a few pounds.

      Not to mention that same waitress had two men arrested a few years before by falsely identifying them.

      What happened in this case? The wrongly accused man sent her a 100% tip and didn’t press charges. She totally skated…TWICE.

      Does anyone remember the “Fucking sthcummm” guy mewling an apologetic forgiveness after she screamed in his face?

      I truly hope this signals the beginning of a new “enlightenment” that women are not harmless children that shouldn’t be held accountable for burning the house down.

  • scatmaster


    A little bit of good news however.

    The infamous St. Louis University profiled by our own Paul Elam

    ranked #4 in the NCAA basketball tournament went down to defeat tonight at the hands of #15 Oregon State.

    With apologies (not really) to those who believe watching sports is a waste of time I am actually surprised that with Title IX ( that a misandric University like St. Louis actually has a male basketball team. For the players I am sorry you lost. However, for the money that this university will not get for furthering their misandric endeavours because they are not moving on in the tournament. Up yours bitches.

  • Clarence

    We may not have heard the last of this nutty , hateful, bigoted, assclown.
    As others here have pointed out she might be able to get a job with some network or the other as a professional victim with speaking engagements, segments on shows etc.
    I think that’s unlikely, but I did see at least two tweets from “white knights” in the tech industry offering her jobs. They will be fools if they put her in any kind of public position however. She basically killed any possibility of a career as a ‘developer evangelist’.

    However there is one more place she has lots of support: certain types of feminists. For instance, Jezebel, Shakespeare’s Sister, “Free Thought” blogs (home of the atheism + crowd) Manboobz, “Skepchick”(Rebecca Watson) and all the other “Class Woman Can Do No Wrong Nor Can Any Individual Woman” clowns have all got her back.
    I’m sure she could find some place in academia.

  • cuatezon

    Feel I need to defend Dr. T on previous negative comment towards her. Dr. T has done much to propel the Men’s Right movement. She is one of the most honest women I know. She has taken extreme, bitter criticism from many women on her work to support and defend Men’s Rights and for confronting narcissistic, borderline and sociopathic women. Her insight into sociopathic women is bar-none one of the best I’ve ever seen. She reads bad women’s souls like a book and and pick apart any sociopathic, femi-nazi diatribe or philosophy in short order. We’re all entitled to our opinions here but I am concerned when I see someone blasting Dr. T and stating that she hasn’t done much for our cause, because in fact, she has.

  • rake

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned here before, but I’d suggest checking out the PyCon code of conduct, particularly these snippets:

    PyCon is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone…

    Harassment includes offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, sexual images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of talks or other events, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

    So it’s worth noting that Adria Richards was herself in breach of the conference code of conduct, and any attempt to portray her as the victim in all of this may be speedily demolished by pointing out how she, by her very well-publicised actions, very clearly violated that code.

    Of course, by ticking all the right diversity boxes, she naturally assumed that no such rules applied to her (and she’s probably right) but there is a certain satisfaction to be gained from showing how even strong, independent womyn will inevitably fall foul of feminist-inspired, ostensibly anti-male rules. By seeking to make just about anything criminalized, eventually just about everyone becomes a criminal.

    This is one of the few cases where ‘worse is better’. One can only hope that more feminazi types start publicly stepping into the traps they themselves have helped to set. It might even give them pause for thought.

    No doubt the response would be to make future behavioural guidelines more gender specific – giving women an ‘out’, of course, and exclusively targeting men – but that would surely backfire by alienating even more people and simply make things easier for the MHRM, ever vigilant as it is for examples of institutionalized hypocrisy, misandry, and double standards.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      “So it’s worth noting that Adria Richards was herself in breach of the conference code of conduct, … Of course, by ticking all the right diversity boxes, she naturally assumed that no such rules applied to her ..” Yup – The rules are for her to use and not for her to follow. That’s the mindset of the Corporate Psychopath.

  • WWVD

    Please sign a petition to give the guy his job back.

    He has three kids and this is just ridiculous behavior.


    • Bewildered

      I find it very exasperating that they have still not managed to garner 1000 votes !
      The tally was 740 when I had signed and after more than 16 hours it is just 766 !
      When will people wake up ? When will this apathy end?

    • Kimski

      Signed, and with great pleasure.

    • Tim Legere


    • Dan Perrins

      and shared as well.

    • GVrooman

      I signed last night and posted the link to another board. I am always willing to sign a petition in a good cause. Since this petition is destined for a private company you shouldn’t have to worry too much about Homeland Security tracking you down or Barack Obama putting you on his drone list. :)

  • scatmaster


  • The Equalizer

    Done. I also note that Playhaven have received a shit storm of negative comments on their Facebook page 😀

  • OneHundredPercentCotton


  • Vman

    I have a small software company. I employ one woman but I won’t hire any more. I can’t afford to hire women because they might turn out to be another Adria Richards. That is the legacy of this woman.