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Darwin’s Rejects attempt to disrupt CAFE event

On the University of Toronto campus on August 5, some of Darwin’s Rejects, a.k.a. feminist protestors, attempted to disrupt yet another Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) event.

The scheduled speaker was Igor Serebryany, who started an organization in Russia for fathers called All Russia Fathers’ Committee. Using his experience as a reporter, columnist, editor, and a former producer of BBC World Service, Serebryany was prepared to talk about the issues men and children face in the Russian courts. “I can speak about this issue 25 hours a day,” Serebryany said.

I’m not going to report on the details of his lecture in this particular piece, but I’ll post his lecture on YouTube shortly. I will say it was a distinct pleasure to meet him. Serebryany was completely respectful to all, even politely interacting with the feminist protestors.

However, I can’t say the same for those feminist protestors—I call them Darwin’s Rejects because of their inability to evolve beyond rudimentary disruptions—who decided they would try to prevent Serebryany from speaking.

They did delay the lecture for a short time—and managed to provide attendees with some comedic relief—but ultimately they failed in their mission, and the lecture continued without interruption, followed by a Q&A.

But I did witness some extremely disturbing actions. Shameful, disgusting maneuvers that should not occur on a world-class university campus. Behavior that is contrary to the evolution of learning, justice, equality, and society.

When Darwin’s Rejects arrived at the event, they came in just like a gang: about a dozen or so of them marched in and took up seats in the last two rows, eager to unleash their fembryonic understanding of equality from their half-baked Gender Studies brains.

I paid light attention to them, not wanting to inflame the situation. After all, maybe they would have some intelligent questions—or just one intelligent question—instead of the usual baboon-level buffoonery we’ve come to expect from these feminist specimens of higher learning.

It truly is as if evolution has rejected them. Their inability to make cogent points and still populate post-secondary campuses in large numbers must have Darwin rolling in his grave.

Still, I’ve seen some pretty rare things in my life, so maybe this was going to be one of them.

And then the lecture started.

With that, Darwin’s Rejects began chanting and making use of noisemakers to disturb the peace. CAFE organizers called campus security and asked attendees to leave and gather in another area to avoid any confrontation with these increasingly disruptive, aggressive feminist protesters. I walked up to some attendees to pass along a message about the location of a second gathering point. And then I switched on my cellphone camera to grab some footage of Darwin’s Rejects.

I’ve edited the footage to protect innocent attendees. We already know feminists won’t be held to the rule of law and are given free rein to terrorize individuals and groups on Canadian university campuses.

I then watched as campus security did nothing to stop or to remove the protesters. Security didn’t do anything because it was a protected right of the protesters to disrupt lectures. They have the right to free speech, don’t you know.

The very right that the feminist protesters were trampling all over by disrupting and attempting to silence Serebryany was being used to protect their own idiocy.

At this point, for the most part attendees had left via the stage door, and one of Darwin’s Rejects decided she was going to follow them to harass them some more. There was a bit of drama at the door and I watched it all unfold.

The female protestor tried to push through a male attendee standing at the door, which resulted in her assaulting him and in the process tripping herself up. She immediately tried to claim that this was an assault on her. She deployed the full “demented damsel defense.”

We all know how it goes: A female feminist makes a false allegation, and any and all male feminists within earshot beat their chests and come to her aid. They are usually rabid in their attempts to prove what Good Men they are, ignoring evidence and eyewitness testimony. What brave, upstanding male feminists they are, willing to help file false charges against another human.

But, hey, it’s all good, right? Because a girl screamed, some male must be guilty, right?

Unfortunately for her, and for the rest of Darwin’s Rejects, I witnessed the whole event. As an aside, if you’re reading this, Ms. False Accuser, when you run into someone, you are the one perpetrating an assault. They stood there, you tried to push by. You tripped yourself up in your attempt to further harass law-abiding individuals.

And sadly, the only law upheld here was the law of gravity when Ms. False Accuser tripped, as campus security made excuses not to evict those who were there to harass and disturb innocent people. Common sense would dictate that these protesters be removed from the hall, and if they so choose, they could protest outside the hall. That didn’t happen. Instead, the lecturer and attendees (who had donated money to the event) were forced to relocate due to some irresponsible policies created to protect feminist feelz over the rule of law.

I predict that it’s going to be a lively lecture season, folks. Grab your cameras and come on out to enjoy the show as Darwin’s Rejects demonstrate their devolution.

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Dan "Dannyboy" Perrins, up until a few years ago, was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Then a series of events demanded he either grab his ankles and let a corrupt "just-us" system have its way with him or take action. He chose the latter.

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  • Bewildered

    It’s shit like this that will cultivate true misogyny.

    • David Sutton

      Just as an aside: we don’t practice true misogyny. We do ‘IRONIC MISOGYNY.”

      • Dagda Mór

        Ohhh that really ground my gears. Of course the true irony is someone named “Hess” working with feminazis.

        • TPH

          Yea, that kinda stuck in my mind too. There might be a great parody in the works with Amanda Hess and the feminazis.

        • Iron Duke

          When I was in last Germany the police and everyone got all upset cause I was wearing a swastika and doing a roman salute. They just didn’t get it was ironic! Geez!

        • Andrejovich Dietrich

          Actually they utilize Joseph Goebbels teachings. Hillary quoted him, “A lie told often enough will become the truth”.

      • Paul Johnson

        Are you sure it isn’t substantive equality? :)

        • TPH

          LOL! Good one!

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      I guess the phrase I invented years ago may become relevant. “Involuntary Misogynist living in a Misandric Matriarchy”…

      (I still crack up over the fact that Spell Check doesn’t recognize Misandry as a word)

  • Lastango

    Sounds like a double-win.

    Not only did Igor Serebryany speak, but attendees gained an indelible impression of the brownshirt that lurks inside every feminist. That’s especially valuable for newcomers to the MHRM, and to anyone who dropped by out of curiosity to learn more.

    • TPH

      Er, Brownskirt 😉

      • Andrejovich Dietrich

        Hitlers Personal guard before the organization evolved into the SS Gestapo

  • PlainOldTruth

    Why the hell should anybody listen to Russians? Those are they dudes who came up with that loud mouth Solzhenitsyn is way out of fashion. He was so, like, serious and stuff. Who cares about gulags?

    This the West, dudester. Duh! It can’t happen here!

  • Cenobite

    Weird thought department checking in here. Give all the attendees disposable foam ear plugs, and let them know that when the feminists gestapo arrives they will need to put them in. Have a powerful amp, and speaker system on standby. Chants start, earplugs in, switch to amp, and keep talking like they are not even there. Record all the fun.

    • Bombay

      LOL. And record security ordering the amp to be turned down….

      • Cenobite

        Yes, then let security know that as long as the disruption is going on the amp is too. Soon as they clear the disruptive people from the room you will be more than happy to turn the amp off. They are welcome to protest outside just like everyone else.

        Borrow one of those amps from “Spinal Tap,” cause you know they go to 11!

        • earth one

          I really like that – it would be surrealist theatre at its best. Can you imagine these clowns going ballistic when they realized nobody was listening to them?

          That’s thinking outside the box!

    • TPH

      Play the Barney song at 160Db. Hey, if the CIA can do it to break down terrorists, I can guarantee that it would clear the room of the feminist dumb shits in less than 30 seconds.

      • Myopia


        • Andrejovich Dietrich

          The feminist gets asked a question and has no reply. “Du Haste”

      • Jesse James

        Are you kidding?! Most likely they would erupt into tears as that was the last time they were actually on their own educational level.

        We all know women’s studies is there to allow the un-intelligent the ability to reproduce right?

  • mythago

    aww the children were causing some ruckus and a little girl got a boo-boo. With all the OMG’s and nervous laughter, they don’t even know what they’re doing, just sucking up to their profs and bff’s and the boys are hoping for pats on their heads. Get yourselves educated you fucking morons. You’re supposed to be adults now, all growed up and getting educated. Why act like retards? I mean you brought toys with you. Little horns that make big noisy’s. Yay!! fun!! as my 12 year old daughter would say.

  • klaatu

    The one girl is saying the men in attendance should be embarrassed and proceeds to gloat at how they ruined the event by blowing party favors and shouting people down who are trying to speak logically and with a measured tone. Who’s the dumb ass here?

    • John Galt

      Unfortunately a protest like this can (will) be trumpeted by feminists as another victory, a confirmation of the power of such mindless protests. We may be having fun with it here, one more stupid thing we can laugh at, but it is being viewed differently by other audiences, even confirmation that one woman was assaulted when she attempted a legitimate dialog with CAFE.

      I think it is important to the MHRM to develop serious strategies and methods for anticipating, responding, and discouraging these protests and disruptions from even happening. Dan Perrins handled this surprise attack the best he could under the circumstances. My comment is not intended as a criticism of Dan or CAFE. It can serve as an incident we can all learn from.

      We are in a massive struggle here to recapture some fairness, balance, and rule of law in our legal and educational institutions. Being relegated to playing the victim ourselves in these situations is weak and ineffective, especially for men as we have no standing in the arena of public sympathy. We should anticipate disruptions of every single public event where men’s rights advocates will be appearing. If we expect we may need public documentation, let’s prepare for it ahead of time with decent video cameras. We need not only to defend ourselves but also develop powerful public relations methods.

      • Nathan Drescher

        This is actually good advice. Record every moment of every event from multiple angles. Bring lots of extra batteries. Don’t turn the cameras off until everyone has left. Keep several cameras focused on the femtards who are bound to disrupt every event, and some on the speakers, and a few on the audience as a whole. Post everything online within a few days of the event happening, and let the court of public opinion make its judgments

      • klaatu

        Good ideal. They are revealing themselves to us in a way that promotes strategies for further events. It’s like discovery in a court battle without the judge compelling opposing counsel to do so.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      Logic appears to elude the entire bowel movement of feminism

  • Bombay

    Nice reporting as usual. Thanks for all you do Dan!

  • Mike Buchanan

    Dan, well done for capturing some footage on your cellphone, and for coming up with the ‘Darwin’s Rejects’ idea – priceless. We’ll link to the piece now. I recall watching a documentary about a chimpanzee which had been trained to recognise hundreds of words. Something that Darwin’s Rejects the world over have in common is a lesser vocabulary than that chimpanzee, so they invariably resort to two-line rhymes which they’re just about able to remember and chant. In this case, a rhyme which will surely lead to one of their number (Brian Big-Brow?) being nominated for a Nobel Prize in Literature:
    “We can see through your lies,
    MRAs – telling lies!”

    • PlainOldTruth


      (as Mr. Popp says)

  • mythago

    I guess that feminist who fell was butthurt- wakka wakka wakka!

    • David Sutton

      Good one! But way too easy. We could say that she was just anxious to get to the bottom of things.

      • TPH

        I’d say she failed to get her rear in gear.

        • David Sutton

          In powerlifting, when we do squats, it doesn’t count unless you go ass to grass. She also didn’t have a spotter.

          • Andrejovich Dietrich

            In Martial arts we use cups on the ground. Squat down till you can pick it up without bending your back. Move up to the next cup. Put the one your holding down. Than pick each one up individually. Repeat up the line of 10 rows of cups.

            Yes you can imagine the entertainment. Its almost like watching them do push ups. I call them BJ Pushups because the only part of their body going up and down is their head

          • David Sutton

            Excellent image.

          • Andrejovich Dietrich

            Don’t mean to imply only a limited number of endeavors are possible.

            But boy when something tough is encountered a certain behavior does seem to come naturally.

          • David Sutton

            No, but, as Mark Twain said, “That’s the way to bet.”

      • mythago

        The MRA’s would’ve had their meeting if it wasn’t for those feminists and their pesky manginas

        • Bewildered

          Did you notice that the so called males outnumbered the females among the protesters ?
          Come again,what was that about fish and bicycles ?
          People are talking of all kinds of ‘cultures’ and ‘wars’, AFAIC see the only real sub-culture in existence is the ‘ Mangina culture’ which enables psycho bitches to rule the roost.

          Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we
          extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are
          not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the
          intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with
          them. –KARL POPPER

          I dedicate the following to our beloved feminists and our great social engineers :

          1)Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take this as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem which it was intended to solve.

          2) Those who promise us paradise on earth never produced anything but a hell.

          —– KARL POPPER

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      She made a flipped a coin for her next decision. Heads means think it through logically, Tails = feminism

      • David Sutton

        Feminism is always the default position with college profs (whether male or female). They don’t do heads.

  • Dagda Mór

    Good show Dan. Honestly I don’t really blame the students that much, they were clearly put up to it by their gender studies professor, like trained monkeys in a circus. Their primitive chanting, lacking only the arrhythmic pounding of a hide drum and some woad facepalms to fully transport us back into the midst of those who hunted the mammoth, was clearly the product of a superior mind. Or at least one that would have been superior when making fire was the microchip fab of the day.

  • Roby 83

    Publishing the name of at least the false accuser would help society. Suppose that somebody hires her, and she builds another false accusation to extort money. Or that somebody marries her, and she builds a false accusation to extort alimony. Preventing these crimes can save innocent men.

  • Partridge

    This is why it’s necessary to record everything on video, including the refusal/comments of the security staff as well as the ‘protesters’. Armed with such evidence, you can seek legal advice and take steps to prevent such disruptions in the future.

  • earth one

    A pack of confused monkeys.

    • TPH

      Fall semester hasn’t started yet.

  • klaatu

    At least they stopped short of throwing their feces.

    • TPH

      Hey, c;mon now. No digs against Primates, they are more evolved than the feminists protestors. :-)

      • klaatu

        Primates think up with more clever rhymes.

  • Dorian

    In the future, maybe always make sure to have someone filming the protesters at all times, so that charges can be pressed and their crimes publicized more widely.

  • Patrick DiSandro

    It used to be that people would talk on an issue, and every now and then someone would interrupt with idiotic comments and try to shout over everyone else. They in turn would usually get either ignored if possible, or removed if necessary. But now they’re not just idiots, they’re self righteous assholes and they’re coming en masse. Since they have power in numbers to back each other up, as well as power in higher places, they have no shame in saying whatever they want or doing whatever they want. The injustice of it is enough to cause a visceral reaction.

    It’s a sad fact, but there is little defense to this. We practically need to cry for help to our ‘parents’ in hope that SOMEBODY with actual authority will have the clout to tell these people to shut up with their lies, and punish them if they persist.

    • TPH

      What I find ironic is that feminists state that they want to have a dialog with men regarding mens issues, yet vocally protest and disrupt events where they could ask questions and start a dialog. For a long time, feminists and society as a whole ignored boys and mens issues, now that men and women are standing up to the dogma of feminism, feminists are turning vicious and totalitarian in their attempts to stifle ANY conversation that does not support feminism, and make women perpetual victims of male aggression.

    • Berth Ljunggren

      Wonder what kind of people they will grow into when real adults, will they behave like this cause the pay raise is not high enough or they didn’t get the job they applied for cause female studies are so useful in real life?

  • ReyekoMRA

    MRAs spread feminists views ensuring as many people as possible see them.
    Feminists silence MRA views and attempt to prevent anyone from hearing them.
    I wonder which group is full of hatred and lies and which is fighting for truth and sanity.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    A couple of ideas that i would love to see happen to shove it up these idiots’ asses:

    1. Whatever room the next event is held, post the notice that “All proceedings are being recorded for documentation.” When they start their idiocy, everyone in the audience turns their cameras on them, tell them to smile and introduce themselves; they will be on YouTube for the world to see. Let them show the world their hatred of men, and ruin whatever chances they have for any career that involves honesty.

    If they go for the cameras, assault has been committed on their part.

    2. Have bonded security have them check their noise makers, posters, and signs while letting them to keep their smartphones. Those signs can be dangerous in an enclosed environment like a lecture room.

    I am desperately trying to find a way that protects the innocent while showing the protestors hatred as much as possible. But I don’t want to compromise legality issues, or have them get the upper hand legally. They need to lose; hard and with long-term consequences. :/

    • Berth Ljunggren

      Sadly how big is the chance that a woman is charged with assault anyway :(

  • mark mooroolbark

    Please-will someone explain to me why the security is not held to account for refusing to remove these disruptive pigs? Dan-does anyone make an issue about the lack of action from security or do we just continue to shrug our shoulders and scuttle off to another place to avoid confrontation?

  • TPH

    What?? No fire alarms were pulled? I’m aghast. Looks like the feminists are getting soft. Still, the fact that the Darwin rejects feel the need to harass and intimidate people who are interested in finding out about issues that confront fathers, boys, and men shows that there is a real need to continue to hold these meetings to get the issues in the open. In a strange way, these protestors are giving PR to the MRM by acting hostile and showing their bigotry, the very things they accuse the MRM of.

    When’s the last time folks from the MRM have protested a feminist speaking event? One MRA asking a couple logical questions is apparently a massive hostile protest in the feminist echo chamber, worthy of campus security and the police using physical force and threats of violence. The Golden Vagina must never be questioned.

    Keep it up feminists, you are actually helping us by showing your bigotry and hatred, no wonder why young women posting selfies stating why they are not feminists, or need feminism, has got your panties in a bunch. Go ahead and attack them, by doing so embarrassingly dumb feminists provide the validation young women need to stay away from feminism and all the toxic garbage it brings to the table.

  • Junky

    they have a few rejects we have nearly 20k WAF
    im thinking we win..

  • Astrokid

    Did Steve Brule attend the event? I hope someone from CAFE captured the disruptors in more stable and detailed video.

    • DannyboyCdnMra

      No Steve didn’t make the event this time. I’ve got some stills I’m working on.
      There was one teacher(?) there at the protest I’m interested in.

      • Astrokid

        The below is not specifically directed at you brother.. I am just wondering aloud.

        Each of these feminist attacks wins us a lot of outsider support if seen. Why isnt CAFE preparing for such eventualities with a dedicated recorder, at least for these 1-2 years of showdowns? We could have demonstrated that these attacks are not a one-off.. that its happened 1.5 years, and its happening ever since, and it happened this week too.

        There is a bit of psychology at play here. A lot of anti-feminist men are aware of the issues, but dont join the MRM because it is male nature to not want to seen as a “victim” at the hands of a woman. But if it is instead reframed as fighting for justice and against an organized force thats attacking men, they will be more inclined to join in.
        I worry that once feminists leave us alone to discuss these issues, we do discuss these issues in public, but outside men will still remain apathetic coz they think its not gonna happen to them. As such, videos of feminist attacks are priceless.

  • Doug Lefelhocz

    I am offended by the graphic accompanying this piece. “Dweebs” like that guy put men on the moon. Gender feminist “protestors” have never done any such thing.

  • Reason

    These protesters are classic examples of middle class trailer trash: mouthy, stupid and overentitled. I’ve heard the same attitude in a college bar at closing time, only drunk on alcohol, not empowerment.

    • Andrejovich Dietrich

      And indignation. Are the three mutually exclusive?

  • driversuz

    Keep me posted. I might be able to make a few of them…

  • Matthew Lane

    Guys, with all due respect, grow some balls and have them evicted from the event: You can do that you know. Its time for us to stop being nice about this shit, because no amount of being nice has worked, its time to start being nasty about it. An before anyone says “but that’ll make us look like thugs” the feminists already think we look like thugs, as evidenced by how the white knight maginas tried to turn not dropping everything to rescue a female thug from the effects of gravity into a hatred of women.

    An if campus security won’t execute the rules of your local campus, file an official complaint & then hire private security to do there job for them. You will only need to do this once or twice to get the message through to these people.

    Because feminism only prospers through surrogate violence, if you remove that from there repertoire by bringing in effective law enforcement, they’ll quickly give up when they find they no longer have the numbers to intimidate or disrupt.

    Because at the moment you’ve plateaud, you are in a stalemate, one of you has to break that stalemate & if we don’t, these professional feminist trolls will

    • Mike Lopez

      Agreed, isn’t their a way of these mangina security guards to be given a talk for not doing their job? These Feminist thugs have been disruptive in MRM events on this specific campus on more than one occasion now and security just stood there idly letting these hooligans threaten and verbally/physically abuse the attendees like at the Warren Farrell event. Something should be done because these individuals will only start showing up with larger numbers and then they will eventually be able to shut down CAFE’s events and claim “victory”. I agree with Matthew stop being nice,being nice won’t make Feminists like us anymore being nice than straight up with them.

    • Berth Ljunggren

      Blackwater would be nice :)

  • Rob

    can I make a suggestion?
    find the best stand up comedian who has a good track record of embarressing hecklers and bring them onto the stage everytime there is a childsih approach ( video it for yotube)

  • Doug Lefelhocz

    Did anybody get anything on the group that protested this event? Groups that have protested other events have openly declared themselves communists/socialists or have called themselves anti-capitalists. I’m wondering if that holds in this case also.