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Climbing out of the crazy-tree

By now, almost everyone reading this will have seen video footage of the girl shouting, “you’re fucking scum” at a young, sober-faced man in what appeared an obvious attempt to provoke him into a posture of self defence. She will probably have a nickname soon, like creepy-bitter girl or something similar. And seeing footage of her all-but-spit on that young man, somebody she knew nothing about, while hurling the most vicious accusations she could muster – it is easy to fall into disdain and contempt, and even well deserved loathing for her. How could anyone in a first world country demonstrate such public, unashamed but undiluted and unjustified hatred? What kind of monster is she?

That narrative is easy and obvious.

However, another question has been on my mind. How does an individual climb down out of the crazy tree after a public display like the one we all watched outside the Warren Farrell talk at the U of T?

Obviously, the crowd chanting “no hate speech on campus” lost the thread of their own narrative when they changed their chant to “fuck Warren Farrell,” No hate speech on campus except by them, maybe that’s what they meant. But the attempt to intimidate, to physically threaten, to silence, to suppress counted on an “all or nothing” strategy. The outrageous and overt display of hatred and violence by these campus feminists and “socialist workers” members had an effect running in the opposite direction to what they intended.

In attempting to silence and suppress the humanist message of Dr. Farrell, the violent thugs (feminist protesters) became the main story. Their utter contempt for the basic human rights of anyone who doesn’t slavishly agree has done more damage to the feminist brand name than any dozen articles by opponents of that violent and hateful ideology.

But what about violent-hate-girl? Where does she go from here? In fact, where does anyone go when they find themselves on the wrong side of a human rights movement? What does a person do when they’ve publicly pooped their pants in a manner as spectacular as violent-hate-girl?

The men’s rights movement can’t be silenced or made to go away. This much must be obvious even to the most adamant of this movement’s opponents. We are, in fact claiming an ever greater share of public attention. The arguments and rhetoric of the movement can now be found all over what now passes for mainstream media. Like every other true human rights movement in history, we are winning.

So how, if you are an individual who has invested themselves in is now screamingly obviously a position opposed to basic human rights, and invested in perpetuating the role of women as permanent victims with a political angle using that victimhood as a lever of totalitarian power.

When you’ve outed yourself as violent, hate propelled ideologue, one which looks to an outside observer like a vicious sociopathic predator, how do you go back to being a moral human being?

I don’t know. But I wish her luck.

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  • Paul Elam

    My vote is Creepy Spittergirl. And a nod to Roger O for the great image. :)

    • Zorro

      That graphic is awesome.

    • Roland3337

      “Creepy Spittergirl” gets my vote.

      • Kimski


        I think it’s important to hold on to the ‘creepy’-term, seeing that that is what is used to describe any man, who doesn’t make them tingle or can be usefull in some way.
        I think both ‘Bitter’ and ‘Spitter’ cover those requirements in spades, when it comes to any sane, intelligent man.

        • 4thtroika

          How about “The Bitter Spitter?”

    • TheUnknown

      It is a little confusing though, since Creepybittergirl got in trouble for spitting on an SUV.

    • Ray

      Excellent graphic.

      For some future display, perhaps a photo of a crying baby in diapers with “feminism” written on the diapers and a couple of people standing on either side with clothes pins on their noses. Is it possible to draw bad odor trails steaming from the diapers?

      At the bottom of the cartoon, a caption that says, “This is what a feminist acts like.”

      No offense intended to poopy pants babies. :-)

    • Roger O Thornhill

      I’m the victim here! The victim of rational dialogue with AVFM cohorts who have warped my mind with Red Pills and Ultrasonic Kitty blenders! A victim I tell you!!! :-)

    • jesus_marley

      I don’t know. The level of entitlement she is displaying in her rant combined with the sheer hate she is spewing forth makes me kind of partial to the name Princess Antipathy.

    • Dean Esmay

      I like “Creepy Harpygrrl.” She’s shown herself to behave exactly like the Harpies of Greek legend. Seeing her in action, I suspect she’d wear it as a badge of honor. Let’s go ahead and give it to her.

    • Mykeru

      I am so stealing that.

    • Mr.Zeph

      Too close to Creepy Bitter Girl. We’ll get’em confused. Seems to me that F’ing Scum Girl is probably more descriptive of that particular beast.

  • ForsakenEagle

    The photo is perfect to a feminist scholar; a game.

    I welcome as much hatred these feminists can muster against calm, gentle intellectuals like Dr. Farrell (I can spell his name right… *cough*). They only know how to attack soft targets who are open-minded enough to reason with such unreasonable minds.

    The protests outside U o’ T just proves the point (as ya’ll veterans of AVfM and beyond have confirmed time and time again). If someone could time travel from the 21st century to the middle ages, they would think they were still in the present. All of this screaming of “no hate speech on campus” is just the blind dogma of a failed ideology.

    That is all the feminists have ever had to go off of: dogma. Whether it was from the insecurities of the average woman or the knight in shiny armor tendencies of the average man. This feminist movement. some had to witness grow from a small seed of hate and others had to live with their entire lives. is all just a farce.

    The only resolution is the truth. Men and women CAN achieve equality the feminists have wanted so dearly. However, it is the feminists and women as a whole (traditional and ‘independent’ women included) who need to have the courage to step up and see men as men without the approval of women.

    To the women of AVfM, I salute you for going where no woman has gone before.

    • Kimski

      “If someone could time travel from the 21st century to the middle ages, they would think they were still in the present.”

      Now that you mention it, my initial reaction to the video were actually thinking:

      ‘Welcome to Salem, New England, 1692.
      -Hope you’ll enjoy your stay.’

  • Tawil

    The question is: Who. is. she?

    In the meantime while waiting to find out her name, i vote for a nickname that has a clear reference to her violence. The girl was physically lunging her head and body forward in an attempt to intimidate each time she spat, and in most countries that qualifies as prosecuatable violence. It also qualifies the victims or witnesses to be able to take out a restraining DV Order against her (or also against some of the other protestors – for instance those blocking the doors and standing over people).

  • Kimski

    To answer JtO, I could not give a flying fuck how she accomplishes regaining a resemblance with a human being. Period.

    To Roger: That is an above and beyond excellent piece of work. It will be used as background on my PC for a very long time to come. Actually, another one of your graphic masterpieces had to go, to leave space for this new one. There’s really only one word that fully describes it:


    Damn, the world in general are missing out on some terrific work, both in writing and graphics, on these pages.

    Thanks, JtO and Roger. You just made a cold, snowy sunday a whole lot nicer.

    • Roger O Thornhill

      Hi Kimski,

      I’m just a Monkey behind a computer, not a flying Monkey mind you! :-)

  • James Williams

    I know of guys who, for a long time, have been afraid to say what they feel because of the hate messages coming from feminist idealogues. They were starting to get a little bolder with the gains being made by MRAs the world over. The effect SpittleHateHarpy has is in sending the timids back into their boxes again. I don’t personally feel that way. In fact I feel more enboldened to do more and I hope others do too. SHH brings in to sharp focus just what vile creatures we are dealing with.

  • Rog


    • Rog


    • Zuberi

      (Broad, Acting, Crazy, Over, Nothing)

  • Dr. F

    Thanks for the article,

    Refreshing if not for a such a stale bunch of twatters.

    Interestingly, our Roger O Thornhill while making terrific images as this one, refuses to put his name to them.

    Duly corrected as I always do with his pictures. Great work Mr. Rog.

    • Roger O Thornhill

      Dr F,

      I walk and work in your shadow Mate!

      Admin footnote—————————-
      The above statement was obtained after twenty minutes of coercion with a couple of crocodile clamps, 2 nipples, a 5-phase power outlet and a goat.

      • Roger O Thornhill

        Admin please note! No goat was present, but there was a sheep named Barbara.

  • rper1959

    “Violent Hate Girl” does it for me, and yes this in now in the MSM in Canada,

    I gather violent student activism in Canada was also evident earlier this year, in response to proposed tuition fee rises, and led to arrests and tear gas use by police at some events , It would not surprise me if Dani Sandau and Violent Hate Girl were involved in this as well.

    Self-righteous protesters trample others’ rights

    Quebec student protests ‘confuse’ rest of Canada

  • Laddition

    My preferred name for her would be
    ‘patient in padded cell #407678′

    she looks to be in need of medication and counselling in a secure environment for her own protection.

    just what are the official stats on mental illness amongst the fembots? it cannot be good news psychologically to be so divorced from reality. and boy are many of these ‘ladies’ divorced from reality.

  • gateman

    I think this incident gives a time to consider how we, individually, would act if confronted by such an aggressive verbal assault. In my case I doubt that I would remain composed. I think I’d tell the bitch to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out my way. We must stand up to them. Silence and stoicism has not worked for the past 50 years and it won’t work now.

    • tallwheel

      I also wonder if I could have handled it as calmly myself. But tell the bitch to shut up? Nah. It couldn’t have gone better the way he handled it. When your opponent is flinging poop, all you really need to do is sidestep it and let them get their hands covered in poop. Fling the poop back at them and you both get dirty in the end.

      You’re right that remaining silent about our issues and doing nothing in our daily lives will get us nowhere, but when your opponents are already doing such a good job of making themselves look bad, the best thing you can possibly do is sit back and watch them destroy their own moral highground (at least whatever moral highground they thought they had) – especially when it’s all being captured on camera.

  • TigerMan

    Since the pampered princess was clearly projecting when she uttered those spittle flecked epithets we already know her name – well a phrase that describes her anyway. ;-)

  • OneHundredPercentCotton

    That IS a very clever graphic, Rog.

    …so…”Fucking Scum Girl” is out, huh?

    I’ve invoked this name before, and I will again to answer your question, JTo…George Wallace.

    You remember the angry man who stood on the school house steps in Alabama, refusing admittance to “negro” students?

    “The Stand in the Schoolhouse Door took place at Foster Auditorium at the University of Alabama on June 11, 1963. George Wallace, the Governor of Alabama, in a symbolic attempt to keep his inaugural promise of “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever” and stop the desegregation of schools, stood at the door of the auditorium to try to block the entry of two black students, Vivian Malone Jones and James Hood.”

    It’s not a well publicized fact, but after being shot and paralyzed he did find grace and a way back to humanity in the end.

    It could be said, in the end, that George Wallace “manned up” and asked for forgiveness.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Students with the most severe cases of obsessive bigotry disorders are the ones who succeed in gaining access to the tax-payer funds which make the campaigns of hatred continue. And who is the target of the tax-payer funded hate campaigns? Boys, girls, men and the majority of women who don’t even realize they are targeted by these deeply disturbed “change agents.”

  • Cultural_Expat

    “Isn’t she lovely…Isn’t she wonderful…Isn’t she Isn’t She precious……”
    Venom Spittle Snake-or whatever her moniker is-will have to live with the fact that, at least right now, the internet never forgets; it too is a misogynist oppressor.
    Although I am sad for her, she earned her place at AVFM. She is young and she most likely doesn’t realize at her age that she is just a tool to support the non-productive and divisive hate of the government funded playpen full of over-“educated,” liberal “arts” non-productive tax feeders and man-haters.
    At this point one cannot be sure of her upbringing but one only need surf through any of the many of the University Woman’s studies academic department web pages and look at their publications, their curriculum, and the head shots of their leaders and you understand from whence Venom Spittle Snake intellect born, raised, and “highered.”
    As the Men’s Rights Movement continues to build walls of resistance and fight back against feminist hate and their intellectual dishonesty, her near vocational future may not be the cushy one of her teachers, this future may indeed shame and belittle her. Future opportunities may seem unexplainably dimmer to her. I for one Google everybody I hire; if I had found this video, her resume goes back shoulder ala David Letterman. However, I’m pretty sure that even absent her movie star role she has no concept of measurable societally improving work of value anyway.
    John writes “Obviously, the crowd chanting “no hate speech on campus” lost the thread of their own narrative when they changed their chant to “fuck Warren Farrell…” Venom Spittle Snake is likely an infant Fembot-A Women’s Studies Frankenstein Borg 1/2 feminist and 1/2 robot only doing as she was programmed, absent any real and classical critical thinking skills (and evidently not being taught any) she could only resort to a dead-end unproductive perpetual repeating if-then-return loop.
    She will likely bear the burden of her professors and teachers, of which, non I could easily identify at that U of T protest; why should they go, they have programmed Fembot drones to do their dirty work. I’m sure the Woymns studies classes are abuzz up at their U of T. I’m sure AVFM is now the hated patriarch du jour, and the professor programmers will now insure that their current stock of fembots are programmed with the…can you believe it…the old binary option, the if-then-goto victim loop.
    Broadly, and similar to feminism but with faces representing way different meanings, the ancient Roman God Janus had only two faces one opposite the other. The fembots will go to their only fall back strategic option. Sometimes they lead with it; sometimes it’s their contingent. Feminist Janus has one face “hero”-the protesting Farrell Fembot Faces, and the other face “victim.” My guess is The U of T’s Womyns studies classes are insuring that their young minions are programmed to go “victim” next.
    *Today, and besides my annual contribution, I’m sending $5-bucks more to AVFM for highlighting Clare. I hope she is appreciative of AVFM in helping her to get her personal message disseminated to as many people as possible…*

  • Skeptic

    Superb image Rog!
    One thing I’m enjoying about A Voice for Men of late is the tremendous imagery. Well done!

    In the north of England folks call spiteful small minded women like her Gobshite.

    I see the University Students Union are putting up a statue in her honor –

    • Roger O Thornhill

      Hi Skeptic,

      Glad you like it, it was fun to make. :-) BTW I think the image you found is a classic!

  • Zarathos022

    I got name for her:


    Because that’s what she’d be without her precious ideology.


  • knightrunner

    Awesome graphic.
    Hats off to JTO on this one. John you have taken the moral high ground to new heights. Showing compassion for the enemies of human rights is very a humane thing to do.

    Creepyspittergirl sounds to much like creepybittergirl. People might get them confused. Just a thought.

  • Roger O Thornhill

    Thanks for a great article JTO!

  • RM1970

    I got a name for her, but it’s unprintable.

  • Lordmep

    I vote for Scummy-face so that it’s more obvious who we’re talking about. I can see this snowballing into quite the list over the next few months so we’ll want to be certain who is who.

  • Brigadon

    10 years from now she’ll be selling her body for pez.

  • Rad

    How do you get off the crazy tree? There are three options:

    They could ask Warren Farrell. He was once in the crazy tree himself. Then he climbed down and apologized and followed the facts where they led. His journey is instructive, if one cares to entertain that story.

    Of course another option is to climb to the very top and then jump off. Bit of a waste of life, if you ask me, but it’s one’s own prerogative.

    The final option is to remain on the tree whilst it’s chopped down. Seems that tree is someone else’s property, and they decided they don’t want to deal with the eyesore anymore.

    The warning calls are ringing out, the gas is being pumped into the chainsaws, and the choice (and corresponding responsibility for the consequences) to stay or go remains the climber’s.

  • TheSameDog

    JtO, you may want to reconsider that “in a first world country” bit, particularly the balance between its importance for the whole message and its quote mining potential.

  • Jay

    JtO, Paul,

    Have either of you submitted your posts here about the Farrell blockade as an op-ed at the university?

    And/or, how has the campus paper treated this, and have they followed it up?

    I think it might be good to add a little dialogue and a little heat to the issue at the local university level, and ensure everyone up their knows how their local feminists behave.

  • Augen

    Allow me to say that there is a path to redemption for these folks, articulated by, ahem, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and illustrated for us by the good folks at South Park …


    For demonstration, see here:

  • bowspearer

    I said this on the facebook page, but I thought it was worth adding here in case it was missed. After, studying the article graphic, I think you need to alter it slightly. Having it read “RAPE!” with a few of the buttons, makes it look like rape apologetics.

    Where I think you need to make changes is instead of the buttons saying “RAPE!”, they should read ” “RAPE!” “. The difference is that with the latter, you are clearly referring to “crying rape” or false rape allegations, which I know is meant by them.

    Whilst you and I understand it, the feminists will claim you’re being a rape apologist with it and as it stands, the uneducated man or woman on the street reading checking it out is likely to side with feminists, which is the last thing we want.