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Can you hear me NOW?

To the National Organization for Women:

My name is Paul Elam and I am a men’s rights activist. I have just finished reading a document from your website titled, Fall 2012 – Newsletter of the NOW Family Law Ad Hoc Advisory Committee – SPECIAL REPORT.

Contained in it were the expected canards one would normally anticipate from a feminist organization, such as your attempts to deny the existence of custodial mothers who emotionally and psychologically abuse their children by alienating their fathers. And your claims that it is abused women, and not fathers, who encounter the real sexual discrimination in family courts.

I also noted, with some amusement, that while you continue to define men’s and fathers advocacy as a backlash against changing gender roles, you also advocate women be given preference in custody decisions, reinforcing the very same roles you pretend to oppose.

None of that is new or surprising. As an organization with an elitist agenda, deception and hypocrisy are necessary staples in your propaganda.

However, your report did contain something different, and more consistent with the times. For the first time that I am aware, you have launched an offensive against the growing amount of men’s advocacy being conducted online; advocacy that is beginning to reshape the public discourse concerning sexual politics, which explains your attack well enough.

You have cited the Southern Poverty Law Center, and parroted them in attacking the men’s movement, using the same hyperbolic and deceptive language.

It probably would have been in the best interest of your followers if you had informed them of the SPLC’s subsequent back peddling, in which your source Arthur Goldwag acknowledged, after being publicly humiliated for his accusations, that he never called the men’s movement a hate movement, and that indeed the MRM had legitimate grievances that needed amelioration.

Of course, that would not serve your purpose, which seems to be that you are gearing up for a battle. And you know it is one you need to fight.

Too bad for you it is not going to do any good.

The fact of the matter is that the only thing that has held up your ideology and your stranglehold on public perception is the fact that people have been too afraid to shine the light of truth on who and what you are. Another fact is that this is changing, and rapidly.

The SPLC cannot save you. Your current reach into government cannot save you. Your diminishing funding cannot save you, nor can your influence on the media and academe.

There is a rapidly growing body of men and women of all colors, religious and non-religious, gay and straight, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Independent, who have simply had enough of your hatred and lies. They have had enough of you.

Why? It is because activists are teaching them the truth. These so called fitful bands of “misogynists” are reaching more and more people every day, with the proof that your agenda is not one of equality, but of one toxic, virulent grab for money and power after another. People are finally starting to learn what your ideology has done to the family and to the minds of our children. They are learning that the war you fostered between men and women has resulted only in losers and carnage.

You can claim that VAWA was allowed to die because of misogynistic backlash, but fewer people are buying it because more people know precisely what a sexist, porcine piece of legislation it is. The children being destroyed by it are starting to grow up and talk.

You can scream and chant all you want that feminism is about equality, but, assisted by a half century of your actions, we are showing people the truth. Feminism has devolved into tyranny. Like all tyranny in human history, it will be opposed.

The world is learning of your complicit silence in the face of the advocacy of murder, infanticide, eugenics and naked bigotry, as we have found and documented in the radical underbelly of your movement[1][2][3].  But it is not just the most seedy and sequestered elements in your ilk that we have exposed.

We have also shined a light on your phony wage gap, your corruption of research and science, your falsification of domestic violence and rape statistics and even how these things have crept into our government, and into our institutions of higher education. The knowledge of those things is making its way into the narrative of our culture.

The days of a public remaining ignorant and silent are over. We will no longer allow that to happen, and there is no squeezing that toothpaste back into the tube.

I have to give you credit. 50 years of hateful elitism successfully disguised as an equalitarian movement is quite an accomplishment. It would be all the more impressive, however, had it not so totally depended on the enabling and sacrifice of the very men from which you claim to have been liberated.

And therein lies your problem. An aggressively growing number of men and women are done with the enabling. They are done accepting lies and distortions. And they are beginning to look at our fragmenting, decomposing society and figure out what, no, who the problem is.

All that was ever needed to destroy feminism and promote true equality in this culture was for the truth to break free from the chains placed on it by a fearful and misled society.

It is happening as we speak.

This is going to be a very important year for the men’s rights movement, which means it is going to be a very important year for men and women who want to work together on addressing problems with valid, research based solutions – not as competitors out to demonize and vilify and destroy each other, but as partners in an effort that leads us to mutual valuing and cooperation. They understand fully that the absence of that valuing and cooperation has been paid for dearly by our children, especially our boys.

All this means that it is going to be a very bad year for you. All you offer is fear and conflict and people are finally getting tired of it.

I will close with a bit of advice that I know you are too entrenched to heed. If you want to slow the men’s movement, the only way to do it is to emulate the raisons d’être to which you have so far only paid lip service, while pursuing a base and malignant agenda.

You need to act as though you have a moral compass, and that means dropping the entitlement and the hate.

Anything less will result in your extirpation, because it is not the men’s movement that is your problem. It is the truth told far and wide in a society that is beginning to hunger for it.

That truth is coming for you, and we will breathe relief whether you accept it, or are consumed by it.

[1] AO Part 1

[2] AO Part 2

[3] AO Part 3


  • Jay

    Let’s hope the MRM can save us. It’s up to the MRM and the “nice feminists” and people who stand up for civil liberties. Those three groups are the only people who can save us from the doom of misandrist feminism.

  • Stallion

    Congratulations Paul and to everyone that have fought tirelessly for the rights of men and boys. I have been a silent reader for the past 3 years and to be honest I thought that the nature of men and their apparent unwillingness to show concern for men as a whole would keep this movement from becoming prevalent in the public arena. But I have seen rapid gains being made over time and now the movement is no longer brushed off as fringe extremists, at least not effectively, and between the creation of Male Studies and the constant repudiation of feminist lies, we are now being pre-empted by the figurehead flagship of feminism. I imagine for the longest time that these feminists have been aware of our presence, but felt that we were irrelevant and unworthy of their time.
    They were wrong. The only thing they will do is increase readership and awareness of men’s rights and the funny thing is that only true ideologues can cling to lies and deception. I believe that the majority when forced to look at the truth, at least those will some sort of sense of integrity, may not immediately take the red pill, but they will start asking questions. They will ask the kinds of questions that feminism cannot answer. I look forward to watching and supporting this movement, I can only hope that NOW continues to reference the MRM giving us the exposure needed to shake the sleeping majority awake.

    • Greg Canning

      Well said Stallion and welcome, please keep adding your voice to our chorus!

      • limeywestlake

        You said it, Greg. The silent reading days are coming to an end. You have a voice and it sounds like you have something to say, Stallion. Welcome.

    • Howard Gordan

      I hope you will remain silent no longer. We need every human being that knows the truth and advocates for the rights of men and boys and the end to bias against them to shout it from the rooftops.

  • Skeptic

    A wonderful statesmanlike comment.
    Thank you Paul.
    And please understand the ramifications of your statement may spread further than you imagine.
    For the propaganda pushed by these supremacist ideologues has had a profound and terrible effect as their horrific lies and manipulations reach right round the globe.
    As an example I can vouch for the fact that feminists in countries outside the USA routinely gobbled up NOW’s ‘research’ bile then regurgitated it as reason for the misandric policies they subsequently enacted.
    I saw this time and again in the UK, at University in NZ and Australia, in the media, the judiciary, at local and national government level. Hells bells, in a sense in every woe-begotten kitchen and bedroom in the land, polluting the atmosphere into a zeitgeist of needless fear and hatred of all things male.
    That is why even though NOW and VAWA are ostensibly USA initiatives I am so fervently behind the drive to see NOW politically neutered and the end of VAWA ASAP. They’ve bitten a big enough chunk out of my hide.
    They’ve hurt a lot of my people.

    I look forward to the day when I can say NOW is history.

    • Kimski

      I remember growing up in the shadow of the cold war, with it’s overall feelings of dread and imminent lurking doom hanging over everyone’s head. That feeling had many things in common with the feelings I’ve had while watching families being torn apart, and the rising hatred between the genders everywhere. The Agent Orange files really only substantiated my suspicions as to where we were all heading, but not so much anymore. There’s finally a smidgen of light emerging at the end of the tunnel.

      I look forward to the day when NOW becomes back then.

      • JinnBottle

        The left generally, my family – and I, independently, later, as a counterculture hippie – used to ridicule the war in Vietnam, saying (accurately) that we didn’t see any communists parachuting into our backyards yet.

        Little did we suspect that the Soviet Union and Marxism would resurrect themselves, not as an invasion from without, but, worse, a cancer from within in the form of Feminism.

      • Stu

        NOW will not learn. No feminists will. They will employ the exact tactics that will ensure further outing of their real agenda, and result in driving more men, and women for that matter, away from feminism at the very least, and to us in many cases.

        Even if a hundred thousand MRAs sent them letters stating what their strategies for attacking the MRM will be, and how that will fuel our growth, they will still do it. Because they know no other way to operate. Lies, damn lies, and bogus statistics, stawmen, character assassination, and false accusations….all done with crocodile tears and hysterics. They will demand some more draconian unconstitutional laws etc etc.

        What they don’t understand, is that it is them that is growing the opposition to feminism. There actions are what are waking people up, and not just the male victims of their Jane Crow laws and Star Chamber Kangaroo Family Courts…..the blood relatives of those men, and their friends. Every man down, is a another few people at least, that hate and fear the legal system, and will no longer support anything feminist.

        They might still be winning battles at this stage….but it is absolutely impossible for them to win this war.

        • Never Blue Again

          Just read a few page of that pdf.

          OMG…. 😯 It’s like
          Unbelievable Bigotry with amusing Poetry….. !!!

          NOW may be in shortage of intellectual thoughts…!!
          Their lies are becoming very boring type and dumb..!!

          Bowling same ball in same way for 50 years. WTF they’re thinking…. ??

          They should come to MRA’s for some intellectual advice ….. !!! That would definitely help them in long run..!! 😉

      • JJ

        MY question will be after they get started, will they be counting on good ol’Obama and friends to engage in propaganda, and stasi like arrests?

        • scatmaster

          Does not matter which political stripe they all have an agenda and if it suits them to help the wimmin folks at the expense of men. They will do it.

    • JinnBottle

      I think it’s fair to say that US feminism gave birth to monsters – in Oz, Canada, Sweden, etc – more hideous than itself; as the latter incorporate curtailments on speech (which seem always to work out as curtailment on the speech of any of the Left’s “out groups”), whereas the US (aside from the Union of Soviet Universities here, of course), so far has retained relative freedom thereof. *Here* the media self-censors, and freedom of the press is, as they say, for those who can afford one.

      In that sense, thank the gods for the internet – which gave birth to avenging angels like AVfM.

    • bowspearer

      And you can bet they’ll now not only be quote mining with a rabid frenzy but will be sure to give any opportunities they get maximum coverage.

      I realise I’m preaching to the choir in many regards, but I feel this needs to be said.

      This is where the game starts to change. This is the time to ensure no opportunities for misrepresentation are handed to them on a silver platter.

      It’s still trench warfare, but it’s no longer a street brawl – it’s a chess match (one I started to play a while back and will continue to play, regardless of the traditionalists, feminists, or even individual MRAs it may piss off from time to time). Time to get strategic as well as go on the offensive.

      • Kimski

        Completely agreed.
        I will personally moderate my rhetoric accordingly.

        • bowspearer

          I think we all need to – me included where DV is concerned – I tend to easily be provoked into turning into the Incredible Hulk on that issue lol. However It is something I am working on and I am improving – hopefully my progress can be at the required rate for the MRM.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      It is time for now to become yesterday.

      I love watching the professional victims at NOW who have cried, “Wolf!” or rather, “Misogyny!” for so long and with such great effect find their overuse and, more often than not, unfounded charge ringing hollow.

      They tried the same bogeyman tactic with the SPLC. Their worn out lies no longer stick the way they used to do. Too bad for them.

  • Greg Canning

    Classic Elam! The truth is coming for you feminism, and their is nothing feminists hate more then the truth.

    “it is not the men’s movement that is your problem. It is the truth told far and wide in a society that is beginning to hunger for it.”

    and more and more men and women are willing to spread that truth, by any and every means available, from posters, to social media, to increasing mainstream coverage to simple old fashioned word of mouth. I’m sorry but more feminist lies and misrepresentation will not hide it, no matter how much money and influence you think you wield. The time for truth and true gender equity is NOW! Every time feminist ideologues try to peddle their lies, they will be challenged:

    On the ABC today in Australia

    Thank you for contacting the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. A copy of your submission is included below.

    An acknowledgement will be provided in due course if a valid email address was provided.

    Contact type:Complaint

    Subject:Factual inaccuracy

    Response requested:Yes

    Send copy of comments:Yes


    Location:NSW Australia



    Heard or viewed on:Local Radio

    Program:ABC 774

    Date/Time:8am Monday Jan 7th 2013

    The AM Story “GPs the front line in reporting domestic violence” ( claimed that

    “a recent survey in Victoria found family violence is the leading cause of death and ill health in women of child bearing age”


    “it’s [family violence] the leading contributor to death and disability for women of child-bearing age”.

    This is quite incorrect and misleading.

    Cause of Death:

    The Australia Bureau of Statistics “3303.0 – Causes of Death, Australia, 2010″ ( – the latest available – gives the top ten leading causes of death among women aged between 15 and 44 years:

    1. Intentional self-harm (280 deaths)
    2. Malignant neoplasm of breast (143 deaths)
    3. Accidental poisoning by and exposure to noxious substances (122 deaths)
    4. Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs (111 deaths)
    5. Car occupant injured in transport accident (92 deaths)
    6. Event of undetermined intent (91 deaths)
    7. Other forms of heart disease (58 deaths)
    8. Cerebrovascular diseases (53 deaths)
    9. Ischaemic heart diseases (49 deaths)
    10. Malignant neoplasms of respiratory and intrathoracic organs (44 deaths).

    “Assault” as a cause led to 22 deaths.

    Additionally, according to the Australian Institute of Criminology’s “Homicide in Australia: 2006-07 National Homicide Monitoring Program Annual Report” ( /current%20series/mr/1-20/01.aspx) – the latest available – 43 women of all ages were murdered by intimate partners in 2006-07 (the latest data available). Assuming the average age distribution for all homicide victims applies to intimate partner homicides, this would mean 24 women aged between 15 and 45 were killed by intimate partners in 2006-07: on par with the ABS figures above.

    Cause of Death, Ill Health and Disability [combined]:

    The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s “The burden of disease and injury in Australia 2003″ ( – the latest available data – shows that the top five causes of death, disability and illness [combined] for Australian women aged 15-44 years are anxiety and depression, migraine, type 2 diabetes, asthma and schizophrenia. Violence (let alone the subset of family violence) doesn’t make the list).

    I sincerely hope you are able to broadcast an erratum clarifying this serious error.

    • JJ

      Sweet Jesus!

      There is so much wrong with their PDF release I cannot even start to begin. It is so loaded with fallacies; and the SPLC and the Liz Library count as authoritative research about us?

      They are so f*****. We need to catalog NOWs actions here and spread it far and wide with rebuttals. Me personally, I am going to use FnF and this site for the states. Whats yours Dr. Canning; or at least one there you recommend so I can get views over here? I will link to Australia; because if they are pushing this, the harpies in your neck of the woods will do the same.

      I need to rethink this, as there has got to be an imagination form of strategy to truly see what they are up to. They certainly won’t tell us! In the states, their patrons the Democrats, are well known for pushing a false agenda just to denigrate the other side when it gets angry. Republicans fall for it every time. Even if this is just a knee jerk reaction; I want to locate the real weaknesses whether they know of it or not; and then place the traps; or arm others to do it.

      We need to try and imagine their end game, if they have one, and destroy it with well placed trip up points all over the net. I honestly don’t think we can beat them in the advocacy department right now, as they have numerous dumb-@$$ women with nothing better to do all day but stop by a local politicians office before going shopping with their ex’s child support.

      We can stop them; and we can use their info with great effect; I honestly see this as a blessing in disguise. The question is, how do we use their unintentional gift most effectively?

      • bowspearer

        Agreed. If I can help in any way with that archival process, let me know.

    • gwallan


      “a recent survey in Victoria found family violence is the leading cause of death and ill health in women of child bearing age”

      I believe the Victorian study was produced by VicHealth. In terms of the outcomes suggested in that “study” fewer than ten percent experienced any physical injury. The rest were categorized as suffering “depression” or ” anxiety”. Note that the ABC said “death and ill health“.

      The Vichealth study was created by Rob Moody, the third wheel in a troika also involving Michael Flood and Stephen Fisher.

      • John A

        The fallacy of aggregation. It’s like saying that paper cuts are the leading cause of death, serious or other injury in office workers. Or 1 in 3 women are raped, sexually or physically assaulted. They just aggregate a serious category with a minor one(s) to create the illusion that the serious category is widespread. This sort of dishonesty is worse than lying and is the feminists stock in trade.

        Remember, the fallacy of aggregation is the easiest way to inflate figures – look out for it.

    • John A

      Greg, I listened to that report and thought WTF. Not only do they use false and misleading figures, but they repeat the “it’s not your fault” bullshit. How do they know who’s fault it is? The best advise is get help early and resolve the issues before they escalate. The first response of the DV industry is to breakup families and blame the man – this will only deter women and men from getting help.

      Anyway, I sent my first complaint to the ABC.

      • John A

        It made me feel empowered for at least a minute. Seriously, the more complaints they get the better, it’s like voting – every one counts. And it takes up their time and resources.

        Goebbels would have had me beaten up, gaoled or dead by now.

    • feeriker

      I sincerely hope you are able to broadcast an erratum clarifying this serious error.

      Surely you’re not holding your breath, are you? :)~

  • dhanu

    No NOW now.



  • Rog

    well said keep at em Paul

  • ImNotMraBut…

    “”More recently, there are a number of different names the groups organize themselves under – a quick Google search will turn up quite a few websites of fathers’ rights or men’s right activists.”” Page 4

    I don’t know which is more shocking – the lack of valid content, or the statement which implies that Google is the font of all knowledge and just a quick Google is a right and valid way to check reality. I looked at the top of the document, saw a screaming child on a set of scales – googled “Now Screaming Child Scales” and found a great deal of advice about newborns going purple and young mothers wanting to know how to stop it – especially as they wanted time for sex! So that’s a valid assessment of NOW?

    I also looked up Now and Ad Hoc Committee, which for some odd reason is weighted down with pages connected to the Philippines. I take that NOW is based in the Philippines and employs a number of staff writers from there?

    And it’s written by “NOW Family Law Ad Hoc Advisory Committee” – Ad Hoc, as in who ever they have to hand, and don’t name?

    From the NOW site it says this Ad Hoc group was created in and includes “parents, grandparents, activists, paralegals, organizers, attorneys, and advocates from across the nation” – makes it sound so official, to the uneducated and gullible… so that makes it clear not only the target audience but also the level of the writer.

    If the writer is well above the uneducated and gullible levels, then it’s simply evidence of Cynical and most deliberate exploitation by emotional manipulation and “Milieu Control” – google that!

    But why are groups such as academics, researchers, experts in the field not listed as members of this Ad Hoc Committee?

    Could it be that they were it willing to be used to make false and manipulative claims … and so for professional reasons were simply not willing to be put in a Tar Pot with others wielding a big brush?

    .. and for amusement value alone – the First example of the “Woozle Effect” is page 1 paragraph 2 . You couldn’t make it up.

  • Turbo

    “because it is not the men’s movement that is your problem. It is the truth told far and wide in a society that is beginning to hunger for it.”

    Yes, yes, yes.

    This is what they hate, the truth.
    My old school had a motto of “Knowledge is power”, when the the public have the truth, they will have the power.

  • JinnBottle

    Paul – beautiful, succinct criticism. Did you post this open letter elsewhere besides AVfM? Hope so.

    One error only: Paragraph #20, opening sentence, should be “…therein *lies* your problem”. I’m nitpicking this otherwise perfect counterattack only because our enemies surely will.

  • Booyah

    Brilliant letter Paul and I really feel that 2013 is going to be an important year for the MRM. I got this far into the NOW document before it completely (instead of partially) lost all credibility.

    “The average professional–not to mention the average person–often doesn’t ‘see’ what’s going on when a woman is being ‘abused’ by her partner. That’s because most people think it looks like a man hitting or harming or killing his wife.
    More often, it takes the form of a man taking all the money, refusing to pay child support, and filing for custody of the kids. That scenario is far more common, and much
    more devastating, than that which most people picture when they hear the term ’abuse.’” Mo Hannah, co-founder of the Battered Mothers Custody Conference. ”
    [end cut and paste from NOW document]

    On the reverse of this alone feminism is indeed admitting by its very own words its own guilt in battering half the worlds population.

    “Taking all the money” – Like when a father has to pay child support and has no input into how his child is raised or is allowed to spend no time with his child. Or indeed new legislation in Australia where if the man can’t dispense cash fast enough he goes to prison.

    Tick #1 feminism “worse than batters” men by its very own definitions in quoted paragraph.

    “filing for custody of the kids.” – 90% of contested custodies go to the mother

    Tick #2 feminism “worse than batters” men by its very own definitions in quoted paragraph, at 10 times the rate it accuses men of. Truly an epidemic I think its fair to say. Considering they think there is a “war on women” this is nothing short of a “holocaust on men”

    I didn’t even bother reading after this on the first page. Basically its an admission of guilt in itself the way I read it. Further diagnosis is unnecessary.

  • Jim Muldoon

    Thank you, Paul.

    Yes, I am sure NOW are afraid of the men’s movement.

    The secret to their success has never been clever lies, but chutzpah. They just lie and defy people to call them on it.

    When they are called, they use their only weapon: Shame, by making up even more lies and accusations against those who oppose them.

    Like Gillard’s infamous misogyny speech: passion, fire, indignation and righteous anger galore. And plenty of volume.

    But when that doesn’t work. When people don’t back down but instead demand that they provide real facts rather than just chutzpah, then they are afraid.

    Because that’s all they’ve got.

    Great article.

  • Steve_85

    Relatively small is more or less correct. Relative to the support that the feminasties get, we ARE relatively small. Where’s the government that supports us? What about the Universities? The UN council? Anyone?

    We are small, but the truth doesn’t need money. It doesn’t need support. It doesn’t need governments or large numbers of people. It simply is, and it will continue to be the truth despite the howling protests of those who would hide it away.

  • HurleyHacker

    Stick a fork in ’em

  • malcolm

    I have done quite a bit of research into who exactly the-powers-that-be are in the feminist organizations in Ontario, and my findings probably won’t be a surprise to anyone. The same few names of white, middle aged (verging on elderly now) women crop up time and time again, and their fingers are in every pie in the feminism industry. They sit on boards, release white papers, talk with police chiefs, organize press conferences and do all the activities associated with keeping the money flowing in and the press spin in their favour.

    These women are fearful of men to their very core. Some of them worked at DV shelters and conflate their experiences there with the world at large. It’s not hard to figure this out when you do a bit of research and compile some of the more off-handed remarks they have made to the press in the years before they ever imagined that they might come under scrutiny and operated under the assumption that they would remain unchallenged.They never imagined that they would be opposed in any way.

    Paul is right. We don’t have to go out of our way to do anything other than vigilantly expose the truth, which will be easy enough to do once people start listening. The response against us is becoming more and more shrill, and frankly ridiculous. 10 years ago, according to these same organizations, false allegations and manipulation of the courts rarely happened. Now, apparently it happens a lot, and it affects the rights of women. They claim Men’s Rights groups are using “junk science” while they themselves have the “patriarchy” entrenched as their raison d’etre. Their hypocrisy is shameful and stunning.

    All the MRM has to do is apply the gentle and steady pressure of consistantly shining the light of truth on what these organizations are doing, and they will fall apart on their own. The more shrill and ridiculous they become in an effort to cling on, the more people will see exactly how nonsensical they are, and realize that behind the wizard’s curtain is just a group of frightened and cowardly women (and the men who defer to them) who’s fear of men and masculinity has turned into hate.

    • Bev

      The usual suspects crop up in every country. Power is quite centralized in the feminist movement. Any disent is not tolerated. You must accept the pronouncements from on high.

  • napocapo69

    Great article Paul, thanks.

    I’ve been noticing, lately, a growing number of feminists entering in father’s or men’s right forums to dismiss men issues or, cowardly, trying to relate men’s issues to men’s faults; the most ashaming example I’ve seen recently is the attempt to link the domestic violence to the systemic denial of children rights to have a parental relation with the father… An explicative episode, for those who still have doubts regarding the fact the feminists hate men and in particular fathers.

    Sometimes I’m about to get angry…but then I realize that these are good news, because it means that feminism is realizing its shelter made of lies and propaganda is vanishing under the fire of truth. They are getting hysterical, trying to build as many alibis as possible, like little criminals fallen in panic…

  • Mike Buchanan

    Paul, thanks for a great post. I’m reminded yet again of Mahatma Gandhi’s quotation:

    ‘First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, than you win.’

    We’re moving nicely along that sequence.

    I agree with one of the commenters that the only weapons the radfems have are shaming tactics. If we continue to armour ourselves with the knowledge that gender-wide attribution of shame is an absurd construct (gender-wide pride would make more sense for men) their arrows will bounce off that armour.

    The radfems’ fatal weakness is that their arguments are based on hatred of half of humanity, and lies. The MRM’s strength is that out arguments are based on compassion for all human beings, and the truth.

    I’ve just spent the morning with someone planning to establish a political party in a developed nation (not in Europe) and wanting to debate objectives, tactics and strategies. My hunch is that more countries will have such parties before 2013 is over. And they’ll attract support from all sections of society other than the radfems, because women and children are assaulted by the radfems too.

    Mike Buchanan

    • JJ

      ‘First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, than you win.’

      I have been saying for a months now that we are between the second and third portions; ridicule going on fight.

      Strap up, the roller coaster is about to start going fast.

      • BenJames

        No way JJ: we are still well and truly in zone 1 max 1.5
        Dont let the (great) enthusiasm of this site carry you away… the fight really hasnt even begun. Isolated websites here and there that mention the MRM mean very little. Its when the feminists in power start to actively agitate and pre-empt MRM activity (‘backlash’ anyone?) that the game will be on.

        • Dean Esmay

          I expect them to become ever more desperate as their funding continues to erode, too.

          • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

            Dwindling resources and/or the threat of dwindling resources typically causes the inhabitants of the rat colony to escalate their viciousness.

  • Zarathos022

    Paul Elam wins.

    Flawless victory.


    Sorry folks. Couldn’t resist. Been playing Mortal Kombat lately.

  • damien richardson

    I’ve recently started responding to the misandric content so many of my ‘friends’ post on Facebook with links to articles on this site. The stuff they put up is the usual sociopathic feminist hyperbole that drains intellect, incites fear and so remains unfettered by credible investigation but I have decided that it is my responsibility to fill this void with some staple MRA content. However from their response or lack thereof you’d think I’d announced my admission to the KKK. I have been made to feel as if I have slapped them all in the face of their collective imagination. Their trenchant opposition to an understanding of the world that doesn’t accord with their own myopic vision is truly frightening, as if an arts practitioner in ‘fair’ minded Australia dare have an opinion outside that pre-ordained by the demagogs of left wing conspiracists. God help us all if I actually told them what I really think. I fear I might have to start looking for a profession where the well spring of intellectual curiosity isn’t dried out by the fire lighting the cauldron of the witches. “Ugh”, this red pill is sort of bitter sweet.

    • Suz

      Same here, but those FB friends of mine are “real-life” friends that I have known and loved for many years. It’s not only frustrating, it’s heartbreaking.

      • scatmaster

        My niece posted on her FB page that her husband had been cheating on her. Why she would do this on her time line so all could read I will never know. The predictable of course happened all her girl friends jumped in and tarred and feathered all men. There was the predictable if I was you I would cut his cock off and all men are scum. I have been tempted to PM my niece and remind her that her father is a man and took her in a few weeks ago when she left her husband. Do not think this is the right time as I realize she is hurting but I will make mention of it when I feel she is ready.

      • bowspearer

        Yeah I found that out the hard way almost 5 years ago now.

        It was just after things had ended with my abusive ex and I made some nasty comment about her (hey after being abused by her for 18 months and walking on eggshells, I was angry and had alot of pent up anger). I very quickly learned the hard way just how deeply ingrained gender stereotypes were.

        Where people would normally have been supportive if the gender roles were reversed, I was blindly attacked for talking about a woman that way and accused of hating “everyone with a pair of ovaries”.

        It was at that point I realised that as an MRA, I was likely to be in for a very lonely existence and that while I might have a few friends, I would have to choose between a happy life and a significant one. I chose the later knowing that even if noone knew me, noone remembered me and noone cared if I lived or died, at least I was making a difference – and since that day I haven’t stopped walking that line.

        I hope the pain lessens for you soon Suz and that you too are able to come to that kind of a realisation soon damien. As a fellow Ausssie, I know just the sort of mentality you’re dealing with out here and it can really try your sanity at times.

      • Stu

        Suz, what is needed, is that MRAs meet each other. More get togethers, not just for activism, for friendship. It’s makes far less difference to you that your friends, and even your family are against your course when you have other real life friends that are with you.

        These don’t have to be restricted to bigger, organized meetings and events. Just having MRA friends that you go around and watch some TV with, hang out with. It makes the volume of all the knockers you know go right down.

        • limeywestlake

          Stu, is right. My weekend breakfast with fellow MRA’s is a highlight of my week. We need to make connections in the real world. To this end, I urge those who are new here to head on over to the forum, and take-a-lookie at the geographical message boards. You never know, there may be an MRA in the same town as you!

    • Kimski

      “I have been made to feel as if I have slapped them all in the face of their _collective_ imagination.”

      Well, that’s just the problem, IMO. Most of these people have been so doused in feminist propaganda all their lives, that they’ve completely lost any ability to think for themselves, or even make rational choices and decisions, that are not based on what the rest of the ‘collective’ are doing or saying.
      I still find the fact that most of them seems incapable of seeing the obvious difference between an ideology and women as individuals mind-boggling. And that they’re unable to see the analogies between feminism, with it’s present day Barbie Doll Hitlers talking about eugenics as a viable solution, and then what the nazi-regime did, is just beyond stunning.

  • NCFathers

    The National Organization For Women’s Family Court policy actually hurts more women than men. Let’s consider these females:

    1) Step-Mothers
    2) Paternal Grandmothers
    3) Paternal Aunts
    4) Paternal Female Step-Siblings
    5) All Custodial Mothers in the World who have Male children and who will one day become marginalized in the Family Courts because of their Sons.

    • Mike Buchanan

      Militant feminists have always regarded the harming of women as acceptable collateral damage in the war against men.

      Mike Buchanan

  • andybob

    The feminist response to our advance grows increasingly desperate and inept.

    NOW’s best shot at us is to cite the SPLC’s thoroughly discredited accusations (which were based on ‘evidence’ provided by, of all people, David Futrelle). They cannot hide the fact that those accusations coincided with gererous donations from Radfemhub. It was a serious mistep as that kind of naked corruption can never be hidden.

    I think that Dr Elam pin-pointed the source of their growing panic when he said “that there is no squeezing that toothpaste back into the tube.” All of their fallacies and lies are so widely-known that denying them can never be an option.

    They are in blood stepp’d in so far, that to go back were as tedious as going o’er…

    Feminists have relied on an agenda of hate for so long that it’s the only path they know. They are condemned to projecting that hatred onto the MRM. Not even a resource-rich entity like NOW can be saved from itself. They are doomed.

    • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

      When I heard about NOW’s attack, I asked (rhetorically), “Let me guess, they’re citing the SPLC BS, right? Pfft.”

      Feminists groups have a history of basing their mythology/ideology/victimhood on distorted, false and just made up statistics, etc. SPLC essentially gave them new “source lies” for those who are too lazy to do any research.

  • nikonian

    abusive parent (usually the father)….

    Somebody didn’t read the Us Department of Health and Human Services fact sheet…

    I’m too busy to look up the surveys they cited (and to their credit they cited alot) but I assume most of the information is either quack or small scale…

  • nikonian

    Gerda Lerner just passed away too. I’m sure she was much more civil than the organization she bequeathed on us even though her work took about 20 years to start leaking poison. She is also credited with starting women’s studies classes…

  • keyster

    This isn’t just about Feminism.
    This is about protecting a multi-million dollar grievance industry empire that depends on the “female victimhood narrative” to sustain it’s relevance. N.O.W. employs thousands of “workers” who stake out college campuses and state capitals in almost every state in the US.

    More women are employed than men.

    More women have drivers licenses than men.

    Women control 65% of personal wealth.

    64% of women are graduating from college.

    Abortion is legal.

    Contraception is free.

    Women live an average 8 more years than men.

    Government and corporations are dutifully meeting EEOC “gender quota guidelines” by favoring women in hiring and promotions – – lest there be “disparate impact” to one gender over another.

    And yet according to the strident anti-male sisterhood at N.O.W….”there’s always more work to do.”….because so much is at stake, not for our women and girls (who seem to be doing just fine), but for N.O.W. and the business model that is Feminist Inc.

    • John A

      Women want preferential custody of children

      And – to be half of all senior management and board positions;

      Women can be police officers dealing with violent, drugged and drunk criminals, women have the strength to be firefighters and can perform in combat roles,

      But – can’t commit domestic violence.

      It is not discrimination that women make up around 60% of graduates.

      But – is is discrimination when they earn a couple of percent less than male graduates (maybe)

      Methinks double think.

  • FacelessFather

    Our movement is growing, and the Empire is becoming concerned. Now we will see the hive mind of the left wing complex swing into action.

    Watch for a sudden spike of MRA and MGTOW characters on TV where they will be portrayed as villains or buffoons. The Empire will begin implementing strategies that attempt to apply legal and political pressure against us while simultaneously working to coopt the movement into the male cheerleader section of Team Woman. We will have a few bones thrown our way as a kind of palliative so the feminists can point out that they do indeed care about men’s issues.

    Don’t fall for any of it. Hold the line!

  • Suz

    Private Honey Badger reporting for duty. Lead on, Sir!

    • John A

      I think you’ve earned your stripes.

      • TheBiboSez

        Gunnery Sergeant Suz, at the very least, I’d say.

  • Bret Vanders

    You despicable bullying hateful brutes.

    I CANnot BeLIEVE you have the AUDacity to ASSault the POWerful WOMYN of NOW, the most sacred institution in Amerikkka!

    I demand that you apologize to these womyn immediately and admit that you are a hate group full of misogynistic rapists and tell the truth! Masculinity is poison! The patriarchy destroys all! Only womyn’s ways of knowing can save this rotting world!!!

    • Kimski

      One day they will make a statue of you, Mr.Vanders, and place it in a park where dads, with their sons in hand, will be pointing up at you and say:

      “Look, son, here’s a man you don’t ever want to grow up and be like.”

      Mark my words.

      • John A

        Said statue will be surrounded be the stench of urine…

    • Ray

      …but, but, but gender feminism addresses (illegitimately/hypocritically) all the ways Patriarchy (dump everything on men) has held women back (protected them), discriminated against women (protected them), and objectified women (pampered and put women on a pedestal),

      Of course, modern, egalitarian, gender-feminist talk shows love to point out how these same males treat women badly in dating and marriage relationships and offer no end of self-help guidance, showing males how to be more thoughtful (protective and pampering), etc.

      The one thing that never changes in the gender biased, misandrist canard is the rule that everything bad gets dumped on men. Maybe the “disposable sex” should add “dumped on” to its title. Nowhere in gender feminist, Wacky Organizations for Women (WOW), or sickeningly misandrist, liberated women’s talk shows do we ever see emphasis on women actually assuming accountability, or taking personal responsibility in the gender issues being discussed, but there’s no end to “man blaming.”

      The Patriarchy is a gender feminist doormat, carried in by gender feminists on the backs of chivalrous male donkeys (men), for all the world to dump on, then dispose of. A replacement doormat is as near as the next unwitting (blue pill) man.

    • Robert St. Estephe

      Katherine Knight, that Australian icon of women’s empowerment, could not agree more with little mr vanders. His dutiful grovelling has been noted and he may very well be spared the just desserts of all members of the oppressive gender. He will most likely be considered for the trusty position of prep cook once he reaches the local gender re-education compound.

  • scatmaster

    Careful Mr Vanders some will think you are been sarcastic.

  • limeywestlake

    Paul, that was rousing read, I can tell you. Verily for sooth, more dulcet unto mine ears than a Shakespearean sonnet!

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Dear NOW / VAWA congregants:

    2013 is the “year of the 27 stabs.” Yes. the 27 stabs, and the gunshot, and the woman’s prerogative to change her story, and change it again, and change it again, and to embellish, to make further excuses and to flirt with and cajole the jury. It is the year that the “‘I am a woman’ defense” blows up in the face of your coy, obsessed, stalking, entitled, and endlessly deceptive horde.

    The battered truth is getting itself up from the floor and reclaiming a public discourse of integrity, reason and vision away from the dodgy arthritic grasp of you and your gang of worn-out, spite-filled and now obviously obsolete “gender” racketeers.

    It’s over! Get used to it.

    • greg

      Some press reports are favorable to Jodi Arias.

      Refer to her as a victim.

      This trial is going to be about their sex lives, and battered women’s syndrome. Have “Domestic Violence Experts” lined up to defend her.


      • Robert St. Estephe

        Yep. The “battered woman” defense got its name in recent decades, but it is a traditional early 20th century scam. The only thing new about it is that before the marxist feminism of the 1970s and their fake “herstory” indoctrination only white knights (most men then) fell for it.

        “Woman, and Her Right to Kill” – 1922

        But there were honest =brave women who fought the woman’s license to kill back then, as there are today:

        Chicago Woman Lawyer Agnes McHugh Challenges Chivalrous Lenience for Women – 1916

      • TheBiboSez

        Yes, but the Lifetime Channel movie will be a moving tearjerker for sure.

        I’m working on the script now – the working title is “Thelma & Louise & Jodi” – the ghosts of T&L help Jodi escape from jail so that she can drive off a cliff, too.

  • Falland

    If I can summarize the report by NOW, it basically says that they are worried about equality. If they have to share custody, women lose revenue and power. They also are worried about Parental Alienation Syndrome becoming formally recognized and through that women losing their monopoly to claim men are always the abusive party. In other words, they are losing their leverage over men’s money and any claims to the moral high ground they might still have.

    One thing I find very amusing is that Feminists have a prurient interest in the fact that men have discovered the internet and are organizing without their permission or approval. How rude of us! They understand better than anyone that their most potent weapon, the constant staple of ad hominem shaming and personal and public belittling of men’s SMV is completely ineffective in this medium. We are immune and it scares the shit out of them (LOL). NOW goes to great lengths to smear all men and MRAs as bigots because things written on the internet by fringe elements, hence the references the SPLC smear of the Men’s Movement which belies their desperation. They have built much of their success on a foundation of sand using bogus science and rank propaganda which is now finally being challenged. These late attempts as misdirection won’t save them now. It might have worked in the past, but no more. The world is passing them by and any further attempts to go back to the 1970s to regroup cannot help them any longer.

    • Ray

      “They have built much of their success on a foundation of sand using bogus science and rank propaganda which is now finally being challenged.”

      Yep, condemn Women’s Studies junk science where it is being taught in hundreds of colleges and universities. :-)

  • keyster

    Rush Limbaugh calls NOW “NAG” and her members “the Nags”.

    They set up a whole “sister” organization to kick him off the air.

    All the fantastic FEMALE candidates for Secretary of State, of Defense and Director of the CIA – and Obama selects 3 old white guys. And the NAGS remain strangely silent. He’s obviously not a misogynist because he’s a Democrat.

  • Ray

    That’s very well said, good sir. The idea of men’s issues having a voice does not set well with the gender bigoted, femi-supremacist, gender feminists.

  • Howard Gordan

    Awesome letter Paul. I would love to see a debate between Terri O’Neill and yourself (or other representative of AVfM) if you would be willing. I’m sure there are others here that would too. Maybe those NOW members who might get wind of this would be as enthusiastic about that debate and persuade Terri to accept? Probably not. Facts and logic would be allowed.

  • http://none universe

    Hears ya clear and loud, Monsieur.

    Debates forthcoming. Give it time. Bring the cameras (the popcorn).

    “Newsletter of the NOW Family Law Ad Hoc
    Advisory Committee – Special Report”
    – To whom are these people advising? Themselves?

    First get your own issues correct, dears.
    But, to do so, you’re not getting any more time and most definately shouldn’t receive any more public money.
    If you don’t get these things, your own affairs, right and/or continue to leave out vast amounts of information to gain worldwide sympathy from them there are plenty of people who would be quite willing to straighten them out for the rest of the fair-minded in the world. But men’s groups shouldn’t have to do your work for you. Many have already seen through enough of the incompetence of Affirmative Action and we’ve seen yet another example in the ‘Special Report’.

    Then, then, men’s issue groups, after they’re done with youze, will begin to expound more on the complimentary side of the human equation, male/men’s issues. You know, the other side of sexual “equality”. The stuff you’ve loudly been yammering for years over, but, sparingly, have practiced.

  • donzaloog

    Well done, guys. I’ve been hooked on this site since I discovered it a few days ago. Keep up the good work.

    • Patrick Henry

      Welcome to the land or reason.

    • Skeptic

      Welcome donzaloog.

    • Suz

      Sanity is addictive.

    • TCM

      Omg, your name is from a Yu-Gi-Oh card (unless I am mistaken). I loved that game.

      Sorry, couldn’t help it.

      • donzaloog

        Yes it is. And thanks for the warm welcome guys.

  • JFinn

    “Feminism is also about men and boys, by advocating for them waaaaaaaay less than 99% of its focus and no more than 0% of its resources. If you care about gender equality, you should become a feminist and champion a national organization for women and fight against a national organization for men. Also, the thing about rape is that I just said the word rape and now you can’t unhear it.”

  • HieronymusBraintree

    Thanks Paul for all the work you’ve done.

    Feminists remind me of both the civil-war south and the Nazis in that they were destroyed because because they couldn’t stop themselves. Lincoln was perfectly prepared to let slavery go on where it was already present but the south insisted on seceding anyway and then attacked Fort Sumter to kick off the war they wanted to have. And Hitler insisted on having World War II. In other words both kept going with their stupid hate until everyone else realized that they had to be defeated. Our society has been bending over backwards to appease feminists out of a natural desire to be good to women but feminists have continued their campaign of hate and manipulation until even women have had it.

    Feminism is going to have a fall. It’s inevitable and it’s going to be because they insist.

  • Patrick Henry

    Great article Paul. There’s a hurricane a comin’!

  • db917

    Well written article… Thank you Paul for your time and devotion to these issues…

  • Augen


    Couple thoughts if I may address you directly.

    First off, something I feel like I’ve been picking up from articles and comments you’ve written these last four weeks is that you have a sense that going into 2013, we are moving into something big, maybe changing leagues. If I have you right, I would think a person in your position probably has as good a finger to the wind direction on that as anyone anywhere.

    And … from the looks of the NOW pdf it would seem that some of the good folks over there at least agree with you on that narrow point.

    Mighty interesting point of collusion in my view.

    Second, I doubt I am off mark to take the NOW pdf to be a sort of “shot across the bow”.

    If it is correctly so taken, then NOW has rather straightforwardly broadcast its intentions 1) to engage as it has not previously – so directly either through agents or proxies (Jezebel anyone?) and 2) that in so engaging, that it will rely first and foremost on the tried and trusty old tactics of obfuscation and intimidation.

    In that respect, your response was measured and as others have noted, well done.

    Third, with all of that in mind, one thing I would like to see come to pass if I can offer my $0.02: from time to time absolute gems get buried under the accumulation of press matter here. There’s one such gem in this article that I think bears keeping on the mantle in plain view for regular recycle whenever the opportunity arises, you write:

    “…it is going to be a very important year for men and women who want to work together on addressing problems with valid, research based solutions – not as competitors out to demonize and vilify and destroy each other, but as partners in an effort that leads us to mutual valuing and cooperation. They understand fully that the absence of that valuing and cooperation has been paid for dearly by our children, especially our boys.

    “All this means that it is going to be a very bad year for you. All you offer is fear and conflict and people are finally getting tired of it.”

    If the analysis so far plays out, what we can expect this year is more response than ever, and more response that will have the effect of causing the MSM to seek out spokespeople from MRM to address these responses from NOW and other feminists.

    The MSM may not see us, but when they see NOW or a proxy having a hissyfit, they’ll have to ask, “what are they so upset about?” and that’s when they’ll come here.

    When they do, that will be a good time to recycle that quote over and over again, because each new media outfit will not likely come across it any other way and it’s a very good first point of departure.

    Point out that early in 2013, you addressed NOW. That your intention, now and always, has been to work on real issues, not as “competitors out to demonize and vilify and destroy each other”. Show that this statement was set to print, BEFORE whatever the latest obfuscation or intimidation tactic was levied that brought on the media attention.

    I would like to see us pointing out, that again and again, we offer the opportunity to work together on real and common, human, problems – yet time and again we are called back to the same predictable act in a play that doesn’t do anything to help real boys or girls, or real and hurting adult men or women, anywhere, but it sure brings NOW money and attention doesn’t it?

  • chris3337

    Thank you Paul, that is definitely one of your finest.

    This paragraph takes all their retort wind out of their sails so to speak.
    “This is going to be a very important year for the men’s rights movement, which means it is going to be a very important year for men and women who want to work together on addressing problems with valid, research based solutions – not as competitors out to demonize and vilify and destroy each other, but as partners in an effort that leads us to mutual valuing and cooperation. They understand fully that the absence of that valuing and cooperation has been paid for dearly by our children, especially our boys.”

    And, that their real problem is not the MRM but the TRUTH that will ultimately crush them.

    Thank you for that. I ll link that piece to anyone who wants to know about the MRM

  • sevencck

    Well written Paul, language is a weapon in your hands.

  • Teri Stoddard

    Love it!

  • yinyangbalance

    Paul, you are earn more of my respect everyday.

    I’d like to resonate the following…

    I am one of those children that has already grown up and IS talking. We are MANY and we outnumber the Feminists for they were our mothers and (some) fathers. So if I may, I will paraphrase you with an up to date tone.

    THE CHILDREN WHOM HAVE BEEN DESTROYED BY IT ARE GROWN UP AND ARE READY TO TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aimee McGee

      YYB, feel like doing an article? An article from one of those who were colateral damage of VAWA would be a great addition to this site

  • MK

    Paul thanks for keeping us informed. That outrage of a post you linked inspired me to write a blog post as well.
    Anyone who reads that now propaganda and can not filter who the hate group is will never be convinced.

  • MGTOW-man

    Talented! I only wish I had the wit and ability to write like Mr. Elam. Thanks again for your eye-opening wit!

    I have always said that the greatest enemies of feminism, (defined as…selfishness-laced lies and powermongering based on exploiting men’s love of women in order for women to get their way all the time, and done in a way that is truly oblivious to the reality existing independent of their feelings) is two part:

    1. The truth. It scares the hell out of women in general but especially feminists. Anything that does not represent their conveniences, such as the actual truth (before it “got changed” by feelings), gets put on their “hit” list… with society being the real victim. We are literally living in the unraveling. Things are falling apart because people turned from the truth— that works most of the time, about most things, for most people, doing the most good over all.

    Feminists don’t care about what works best, especially if it involves inconvenient sacrifices; they now only care about what feels good…about themselves, regardless of the fallout and ramifications…even to unwilling others.

    Thus, I ask this: If people think that they can yank the rug out from under everyone …as the feminists movement has done with its unapologetic dismantling of the family cornerstone for successful living, and that all their mayhem will have no consequences, no negative ramifications, no unpopular fallout, etc, then they are fooling themselves and lying to others about something so gravely important and laced with commonsense.

    Hence, the mass-shootings among many other examples. Removing fathers, bashing men and boys, centering only on the negaitve, changing things to revolve artificially and synthetically around women is bound to show up in the population…with astonishing consequences. Nothing is free.

    Of course, there is more to blame than feminists, but is there anyone out there, besides we MRA’s, who is honest enough to point fingers? …Legitimate fingers at a legitimate problem.

    Taking away our familial stability, seemingly in the blink of an eye, historically speaking, has caused the most damage to our societies than probably all other intrusive malignicies COMBINED!

    2. Maculinity. It is sought out by regular, normal women, but hated by feminists because it is something they can never synthetically replace, have, or get to “enjoy”. Thus, feminists, some of them unwittingly, seek to destroy masculinity. There is so much proof to them doing all they desperately can to lower the image, stature, success, and sacrifices of men so they can pretend to be equal with them. When they do not have as far to climb up (against their hatred of truth), because they have lowered men, then their feelings are pampered and it is easier to inject the facade that they are equal.

    The trouble with this is that those silly women actually believe they finished equally the marathons of life even though they were most often helped by men and even carried by men. The last I checked, no one can be equal AND special. You can’t get help and still claim that you did it on your own! Duh! Thus, we can’t take women serioulsy as our equals as long as they continue to accept so much help; it just doesn’t work that way.

    They COULD be equal to men..and I, as well as sites like AVfM are committed to the true pursuit of TRUE equality. But feminists, and apparently many unsuspecting, unwitting women in general, prefer special preferential treatment as a substitute for what they can never acheive in reality. As long as they accept so much unilateral help from men, government, and society, with just about everything in life, then perhaps in policy, pretend-land, and on paper they might APPEAR equal, but in reality, they will never be the equals of men…as long as they think the answer is help for creatures claiming they need no help because they are “already equal.”

    Peolple do not care what works, they want what feels good. Thus, the unraveling. It is obvious, it is commonsense.

    The only thing that can stop it is men, that is, if they will shrug off the feminists’ brainswahsing that at first glance appears fair, become men again, to see that is is all a spoil.

    Boo-hoo..poor, poor pitiful women. They charge more for their customers now and their customers are paying.

    Not me. I will never suffer that blow to my dignity. Yet, I do not do without. That TRUTH about my MASCULINITY, is something feminists despise because they want to punish and control me. But when you (me) are not part of the herd, they can’t get to me.

    In the end, when humans are smart enough to figure it all out, when they find out the feminist movement was wrong, and where so much went south so quickly, when the blame is obvious, it is a good bet that the feminsts will do all in their power to obscure the truth.
    They hate the truth…unless it is their unnatural version they made up and foisted onto everyone.

    Change men…and you change the world! Too grand of an undertaking? Well, get started then!

    Men can start by owning, powering, and operating their own control panels instead fo letting their penises (hardwiring scapegoat) own them and lead them around in life, yielding much miserableness for themselves—and especially eventually for the boys.

    Men are clinging to losing! As long as they can get a piece of ass (Valerie Solanas’ hate speech) by swimming upstream in a river of vomit to find it, then they appear content. Yet, the ugly feminists can’t understand that it is this love of vaginas, that has propelled their movement; without it, failure indeed!

    How is it that we MRA’s “hate women” when our love of them is what has brought us here, handing things on a silver platter, letting them do to us men what we are never allowed to do to them—because it is SUPPOSED to be wrong.

    What a conondrum! Men snap out of your stupors, defend the futures of your boys! Be man enough to tell the truth to women and promote masculinity.

  • debaser71

    I may have posted a similar comment before so my apologies if I am just repeating myself.

    I had no idea about feminism of the MRM until so called “skepchicks” starting inserting their radical feminism theories into the atheist forums and blogs I used to like to read.

    So as far as I can tell, and from an outside sort of perspective, the MRM has many atheists and secularists looking at it, testing it out and such.

    I wonder if there other sort of blocks of people who have recently found out about feminism and the MRM. Maybe, for example, video gamers who found their way here because of that feminist frequency person. Or maybe some liberal/progressives who were sick to death of the “war on women” drum.

    Guess I am just curious about the demographics of the already seasoned MRM folk and how it compares to the recent MRM folk.

  • quolls

    Not to all … Don’t employ feminist bigots feminist bigots kill babies.

  • ZimbaZumba

    Probably one of the best articles of yours I have read. Bravo Paul.