Can you be trendy and marginalized at the same time? Men and their issues can.

Harried desk jockey meme: Stop oppressing me with your trendinessCertain terms have been very trendy of late and the one that has pissed off a great many people is the infamous “rape culture”. There is no point in rehashing what that meme is supposed to mean, because I want to have a life and don’t have a millennium to waste on debunking feminists’ ideology, their manipulation of social psychology, and the engineering on Moral Panic going back at least 40 years. “Rape-crisis feminism” has been a toxic cocktail of misinformation, mythology and social bullying since the 1970’s. Even RAINN has had enough, and is now very publicly distancing itself away from the rape culture meme. They are even telling that to The White House.

I’m always nosy about what is going on behind the scenes. I’m too old, too jaded and way too realistic to accept anything on-line at face value. What is interesting is looking at other things that are trendy, and even using Google Trends. You type in a word or phrase and Google lets you know what has been getting used, how much and when. It can even show you where the trend is happening. It’s not 100% accurate but it is a reliable snapshot.

I did a simple experiment – I typed in “rape culture” and compared it with the word “misandry”. And the results say:

Google trends analysis of the terms "rape culture" and "misandry"

Google trends analysis of the terms “rape culture” and “misandry”

Just in case you were not able to believe your eyes – yes “misandry” is the red line and statistically it’s used more than “rape culture”. For the last 8 whole years the word “misandry” has been trendier than “rape culture”.

This leads to one very large question: If misandry is being talked about so much on the net, and it’s trendier than rape culture, why is it so little mentioned in mainstream media?

Someone tells a rape joke and it’s front page news, but someone passes a law that specifically disadvantages men and you fight to find any mention, except in the feedback asking why the subject is getting ignored. Question rape culture and contrast it with real world male issues and all you get thrown back at you is derision and “What About Teh Menz?”

I have a theory, and it’s called advertising revenues. The honey trap is “rape culture,” which appeals to the one group who have been found to buy on-line and page graze from subject to subject, page to page, shopping venue to shopping venue. In so many ways we saw that last year with the Feminist FaceBook rape campaign – control the media and you control their revenues streams too.

Misandry gets used by people who don’t behave that way so they get advertised at less and are less useful to so many people’s bank balances.

Male Disposability is even being articulated by the subroutines that search the net, measure content and show the trends – cool hard rational computing gets the reality, but the wetware of journalist infected with the “rape culture” meme leaves half the population ignored and reality skewed.

But then again they have to justify reality to their editors and the editors measure content by revenue and income. It seems that until men stop being trendy and drive the media marketplace mad for male money, disposability will reign.

  • Mike Buchanan

    Thanks Isaac, very interesting. I frequently ask people with no interest in gender politics, men’s issues etc. if they know what the word ‘misandry’ means. I honestly can’t recall the last time someone did.

    • Hiandlo

      Just a guess, but most of those did know what the word ‘misogyny’ means, right?

      • Mike Buchanan

        All of them.

    • https://twitter.com/TicklishQuill Isaac T. Quill

      Mike – just tell them to look it up at the AvFM wiki. There are a few examples there to help them out.

      1 Usage & Misuse
      2 Causes of misandry
      3 Types of misandry
      4 Types of misandrists
      5 Misandry and misogyny
      6 Transmisandry and transmisogyny
      7 Degrees of misandry
      8 Responses to misandry
      9 Misandry in mythology
      10 Misandry in literature
      11 Misandry in Western Culture
      12 Misandry in law
      12.1 International Law
      12.2 USA
      13 See also
      14 Notes
      15 Related AVfM articles
      16 Bibliography
      17 News articles
      18 External links
      19 References


      There are only 113 references so far – and as the article is getting cleaned up with research I suspect there are some 250 more to add.

      • Mike Buchanan

        Thanks Isaac. I know there’s a shedload of material on AVfM, I’ve written about it myself a LOT, there are the Nathanson & Young books… I’m just just saying we need a reality check from time to time to recognize that what is well understood by MHRAs isn’t ‘common currency’ outside the MHRM at this time. It’s one of the bigger challenges of the MHRM, to increase public consciousness

  • Ewan Jones

    1993 in the UK there were 44,246 people in jail, of this number some 800
    were female. By 2012 the UK prison population had risen to
    86,048, of this number some 1,200 were female. And you see similar
    statistics in the USA, Canada, and in many other first world
    countries where central bankers have the ability to exploit the
    prison system for their own gains. The other amazing statistic is
    that in all these countries crime rates have been falling. I think
    that’s why rape culture is bigged up in the press. So that rich
    central bankers and other interested parties can promote growth in
    their industry, the prison industry, despite falling crime

  • Malcolm H. Johnston

    The Tibetan culture and people have been both trendy and marginalized at the same time.

  • Astrokid

    More data..
    once you throw in the umbrella word ‘misogyny’, it towers over all else.

    To me its baffling that some journalists are saying that the ‘rape culture’ concept is ablaze only now. Feminists have been using it for a long while in their literature, and I have heard it for several years now.
    NGRam Viewer Results: Rape Culture, Misandry

  • sondjata olatunji

    Now what we need from RAINN is for them to drop the “only 3 in 100 rapists go to jail” commentary as it stands on the faulty premise of all reports are true and all accused are guilty.

    • edtastic

      RAINN’s 3 in 100 claim makes them look real foolish when they insist these crimes be adjudicated in the courts. It’s too late for them to walk it back now without hurting their credibility but they can alter their stats on male victimization since it’s in another category. Expanding the victim envelope won’t cost them anything.

  • Mateusz82

    Interesting. Thanks for pointing this out Isaac. It does show that misandry is being talked about, but it loos like the mainstream media is ignoring it, intuitionally so.

  • plasmacutter

    RAINN is still parroting feminist clap-trap that is causing inconsistent math in their letters.

    Here’s an unabridged section of direct contradiction and self-destruction:

    “One out of every six women and one out of every 33 men are victims of sexual assault –20 million Americans in all. Those of college age are more likely to be victimized than any other age group. According to the Department of Justice, on a campus of 10,000 students, as many as 350 women may be victims of sexual assault each year.”

    so.. first it says 1 in 6 women are victims of sexual assault.

    Then it says incidence is higher among colleges.

    Then it says 350 out of 6000 college women are victims*. which is actually 7 of every 120 college women.

    In the case of RAINN: the enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.

    *10000 students, 6/10 of which are women,… 350 women victims. that’s 7 out of 120 college women.
    if this is the stat for the HIGH RISK segment.. the aggregate must be lower!

  • Tallwheel

    Ad space is worth more when it is shown to people likely to shell out money for the products being advertised.

    • MungeParty

      Right… so obvious when you put it that way.

  • Aoi Warai

    Speaking of targeting women in advertising, some interesting details: Women are responsible for 80% of household purchases, 85% of brand purchases, and women make (or at least direct) the purchasing decision in the buying of over 90% of new homes. If we take the best unbiased-by-feminist-accounting statistics, the gender pay gap is somewhere near 10% less than average male income, meaning that women take home roughly 45% of the earnings in the workforce. This is a pretty startling income number when you factor in the average loss in income from pregnancy.

    How can they be responsible for 80% of household spending, when they take home roughly half of the income?

    At first, I wondered if this statistic was weighted by not segregating out single women and accounting for their spending. But single women are capable of spending significantly less than couples. In either case, wives, daughters, and girlfriends are doing the spending, and they must be spending money they aren’t personally earning. That’s interesting to note. It certainly makes all the noise about gender-pay-gaps sound the more comical, since even the slightly higher rate of income by men is being out-spent by women many times over. Even if we take the debunked feminist boilerplate number of 24% less income, women are spending double their supposed deficit “somehow”.

    Speaking of single women, they also outspend their male counterparts by quite a bit, and are far more likely to use credit, going into debt to finance their higher clothing, food, and entertainment purchases. Makes you wonder how many newly married women take that debt into marriage, but it also makes you wonder if that negatively impacts their incomes before then.

    I then thought about student debt, and wondered if that was why so many resources are devoted to recruiting women into getting more degrees, and why universities have largely de-emphasized male recruitment for female recruitment, perhaps because women are more likely to borrow more. While that turns out to be true, women still graduate on average with less debt than male students: On average, male graduates owe 28% more in student loans than female graduates. This is largely due to the vast disparity in grants, scholarships, and student aid available to women compared to men — women just get more free money.

    Just to stick a cherry on top of all this, their quality of life ratings in nearly every country are far higher than men in almost every category, especially finance-related categories: http://i.imgur.com/6mm4uyF.png?1

    There is a part of me that wonders, in a world of even moderately educated individuals, how emotive appeals and propaganda manipulations can stoke such delusional credulity like the kind that allows feminist claims to be taken seriously for even a short period of time, let alone decade after decade, while constantly being debunked. Its like the most outrageous conspiracy theory that somehow never dies, like we woke up one day to find out everyone believed the moon landing was a hoax.

    You gotta hand it to Edward Bernays. The guy was probably a sociopath, but he was genius. Propaganda is truly a powerful tool.


  • Binky

    Yes, indeed hard to ignore. “Rape Culture” with a splash of “… by the way these shoes are on sale right now – Yeah!”