Amanda Marcotte: Liberal Head, Bigoted Heart

I’ve just been re-reading Amanda Marcotte’s critique of Aaron Schock, whose supporters of “hyper masculinity” she pathologizes in The Guardian after he posed on the cover of Men’s Health.

In the last paragraph of her article, Marcotte suggests that only the final destruction of traditional masculinity will allow men and women to interact in a meaningful way. This really brought a couple of things home to me:

i. Equality in law is not enough for feminists like Marcotte. Equality of opportunity is not enough. Forced equality of outcome will not be enough. No matter how pro women society becomes, it will not be enough for her because, not only is it not about equality, it is neither about getting a better deal for women. It is about destroying masculinity.

Why? Because:

ii. Feminists cannot handle difference. They come from a very distinct socioeconomic pool, and their privilege and education have alienated them. Sure, as liberals they’ll celebrate diversity as a concept, but they’ve never had to experience it in the real world setting. They have never had to learn to negotiate a relationship with, and eventually understand and in some aspect be humbled by, someone who’s very real difference of background, values, opinions, temperament and aesthetics makes them uncomfortable.

They develop in an environment where their ideology and politics are reinforced without scrutiny, to the point where they become such unshakeable truths that, in their minds, anyone who does not share their world view must be defective.

The result is aversion to difference, not the embracing of it. In their world the aesthetic and ideological reinforce one another and reverberate through academic, state and media institutions – outside of which they cannot operate.

In Marcotte’s article, she indulges the liberal/feminist fallacy that the enthusiasm for sculpting the kind of muscular, traditionally masculine physiques you see on Men’s Health covers is symptomatic of some kind of homoerotic attraction/repulsion complex. Her inability to cope with difference blinds her to the obvious; men’s bodies react differently to exercise from women’s.

When a guy is eating healthily, with the kind of food and portion sizes he enjoys, and doing a lot of exercise, he doesn’t generally develop a wasp waist, slim thighs and diaphanous shoulders. He generally builds a lot of muscle. He may well orient more towards the weights than towards track, because he already has decent strength and knows he can quickly build muscle, burn fat during idle time and get a good dopamine hit. There’s no homoerotic subtext to buff men – strong, healthy male bodies are just noticeably more muscular than strong, healthy female bodies.

But Marcotte can’t accept that. For all her article’s contrived levity, the punch line reveals her visceral discomfort with masculinity and shows that in her mind, equality means the extermination of difference.

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  • Snark

    Only the final destruction of feminism will allow men and women to interact in a meaningful way.

    • Terry

      Surely not! With feminism, women can have it “all.” Why let a meaningful relationship with a man get in the way of collecting child support/alimony, watching your former husband commit suicide, massive over-consumerism due to feminist/leftist greed, and of course the holy grail… the ever sacred woman’s career?

      All those are much more important than whole families and a productive society. No, this Huxley/Orwell dystopia is way better!

      • Bev

        Not new. Just more noticed now. Here is a quote froma while ago. I don’t think she was joking.

        “So, how do we control men’s fertility? Mandatory
        contraception beginning at puberty, with the rule
        relaxed only for procreation under the right
        circumstances (he can afford it and has a willing partner)
        and for the right reasons (determined by a panel of
        experts, and with the permission of his designated female partner).”

        Martha Burk feminist pro-abortion advocate

        • Troll King

          Can I please have a link to this? Pretty please? I haven’t seen this before but it encompasses what I have seen feminism becoming for awhile now.

          Feminism seems like totalitarianism in seed form, it fertalizes cotempt and breeds a tree of authority to overshadow the tree of liberty. Scary stuff.

          All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

          • Bev

            Here is her Wiki entry.

            Another quote from the same article.

            “…controlling men’s fertility would not be a
            hard restriction to enforce. The fertility
            authorities could use a combination of punishments
            for men who failed to get the implants and for
            doctors who removed them without proper authorization.
            The men could be required to adopt one orphan per
            infraction and rear her or him until adulthood.
            The doctors, could lose their licenses or, in extreme
            cases, go to prison.”

            Taken from:

            November/December 1997 issue of Ms. Magazine.

          • Red0660

            Ahhh I see, so abortion is to much a burden for women. How do we transfer away responsibility, accountability, reciprocal obligation and liability from women and on to men so women no longer have to have the insufferable burden of “choice” in the matter of conception and abortion…..transfer it all onto men by sterilizing them by force.

            The female gynocentric hamster is running full speed…it will never stop. Don’t think for a second that the proclivity outlined above is not present in every female…it is their nature. The seek to ever more provide more to themselves, to protect themselves ever more. There is no end to it. Female institutional power is nothing short of frightening.

          • Red0660

            Women inherently think how males can be of value to them through our use and utility. We have no inherent value to women other than the beasts of burden to provide for and protect them at our own expense.

          • Red0660

            Hypergamy is never satisfied. It is voracious and all consumptious.

            It is present in all females:

  • Denis

    Amanda Marcotte is certainly an extremist among feminists. She is specifically taking offense to “traditional masculinity” and characterising it as opposed to shaved metro males because of homophobia.

    She is a hypocrite because she is labeling the political right and opposing “choice” for men to determine their own definition of masculinity.

    Does anyone have a good definition? The only one that I can think of is XY.

    • Denis
      • Snark

        Aka the colonization of male space.

      • Paul Elam

        Just like the Good Men Project, it is a mangina breeding ground.

        Check this blog post about Lara Logan,

        There were few good comments challenging the bias in the article, but the (I am sure intended) bread and butter comes from mangina Scott:

        “I could care less about the male reporters who have been casualties of the very violence they cover. However, my heart goes out to this lady. Hopefully she will make a full recovery.”

        Gooooood boy, Scott, good boy.

        Fuck sake.

        • Denis

          Yep, I never thought men’s health really dealt with “men’s health” but rather was the men’s version of cosmo.

          I just found out they’re overtly spreading feminism.

          • Paul Elam

            It has been in the plans all along I think, and part of a broader picture to co opt the men’s movement and frame it in feminist attire.

            Men’s Heath has for years cultivated a mangina audience. Their “dating tips” was a long series of videos put out by princess bitches to let me know just how they needed to be treated for men to have a chance.

            Oh, and you want sex advice?

            Try this shit on for size


          • Denis

            I don’t like that site

            8 things she hates about you:


          • MRA4life

            Notice that JenK (The Biscuit Queen from the mens rights “SYG” website”) has been commenting on article after article from the feminist blog section, so props to her I gave up commenting after about article 4.

          • Raven01

            `If you weren’t already aware, Men’s Health now has its very own MH Feminist blogger, Kiera Aaron. Of course, there are many, many other feminists at Men’s Health – everyone I’ve met at MH is respectful of women and seems to believe that women and men should have equal rights at home, at work and in the world – but I appreciate that MH is being out about this. Feminism shouldn’t be a dirty word that people don’t feel proud to align with. I’m certainly a feminist – and so are the many men and women I know, love and work with.

            The MH Feminist blog will be taking a critical look at a range of issues that affect women – and by extension those who love them, work with them, look out for them, and date, partner with or marry them. And it’s pretty fantastic. Check it out here. ”

            ………………. WTF does feminism have to do with men`s health other than assuring an earlier grave?
            And at the top of that article, `HER map of Tasmania` and, `Perky Period Commercials”.
            I swear the next guy i see buy that trash I will ask if he got the free skirt that comes with it in their promotion.

            P.S. advice on dating from a feminist is worse than longevity advice from Dr.Kevorkian.

          • fidelbogen

            It is simple. If you even CALL yourself a feminist, then you are the enemy.

            I will NOT sit still long enough to find out “which kind” of feminist you are.

          • BeijaFlor

            What’s the first thing I found on following the sex-professor blog link?

            “My New Guide To Anal Sex is out! Get it from Amazon, on your Kindle….


          • Snark

            What kind of person writes a guide to anal sex?

          • ProleScum

            ” “My New Guide To Anal Sex is out! Get it from Amazon, on your Kindle…. ”

            LOL, how complicated can it be?

            I’m not into it myself but if I was, I sure wouldn’t need a guide book 😉

          • Red0660

            Paul Says: “Try this shit on for size”

            Holy shit Paul…it’s a woman’s magazine for men. Men read this magazine??? This is a publication of the walking wounded masculine souls among us.

        • typhonblue

          ““I could care less about the male reporters who have been casualties of the very violence they cover. However, my heart goes out to this lady. Hopefully she will make a full recovery.”

          Yuck. Just… yuck.

          His sentiment is about as humane and compassionate toward both genders as if he said:

          ““I could care less about the reporters who have been casualties of the very violence they cover. However, my heart goes out to the damaged vagina. Hopefully it will make a full recovery.”

          Doesn’t any other woman find it disturbing that if you removed Lara Logan’s vagina this man’s compassion would evaporate?

          • Snark

            Oh my, it seems that Scott views women as life support systems for vaginas!

          • typhonblue

            If your compassion is conditional on whether or not I have a vagina, I don’t want it because it’s not compassion.

          • Tom M

            Idol worship?

          • Bombay


        • Red0660

          Inside Scott’s primordial mangina brain: “Please oh please let me be self sacrificial of my own kind and even myself so I may gain mating opportunity. I am the best White Knight on this board! Females will find me useful and worthy!!!! The ladies are going to love this comment.

      • MasculistMan

        Why do they have a resident feminist? That is like a jewish blog having a resident nazi.

        • BeijaFlor

          I left a response on that blog comparing it to Cosmopolitan having a blog on PUA from Neil Strauss … I bet it was deleted.

    • Tom M

      I find Amanda to be the norm among feminist “thinking” but a bit more vocal than average, a narcissist in love with her own voice of lies and hate…

      • Denis

        You’re probably right, she’s just more outspoken among the gender feminists.

    • Collins

      Now there is one Amanda whom fate will NEVER make a gentleman’s wife. No sensible man would ever think of her as marriage material.

    • Eff’d Off

      It’s ok fellas, I found the plug.

      [img] the Air.jpg[/img]

  • Eff’d Off

    I liked this article a lot, it was most un-gay.


    • Bombay

      LOL. Your talents are greatly appreciated.

      • Eff’d Off

        Thank you – taken to heart. :)

    • Snark

      lol. Really puts it into perspective. Her argument is essentially “you guys are gay.”

      • Paul Elam

        Indeed, the message is, don’t be men, it’s gay. She is tacitly using the inference of homosexuality in men as a way to shame men into being less masculine.

        How fucked up is that? And why don’t more gay men look at this and just…fucking…lose it?

        • FascistOrigami

          Scratch the surface of a feminist, find a homophobe.

          But, LOL, my partner is an ex-firefighter! And while, for him, there was a homoerotic component, it was mostly (for both himself and his colleagues) about pushing yourself to physical limits and then surpassing them. There was quite a bit of spiritual satisfaction in doing so. He got out when they tried to promote him into a desk job.

          • Herbal Essence

            “Scratch the surface of a feminist, find a homophobe.”

            Actually, I think many women in general tend to be secret homophobes. Watch how quickly women shame men by accusing them of being gay at the slightest provocation, but pretend to be all about tolerance when its convenient for her.

          • Eff’d Off

            “Scratch the surface of a feminist, find a lawyer mate”

        • Snark

          With women like Amanda Marcotte out there, I sometimes wish that I was gay (like she thinks I am).

          • Raven01

            No kidding. If it were really a choice….. lol but dammmmm the only whisked burn i ever wanna get is on a camping trip with a woman. Damn my biology and straightness!
            Ahhh, screw it I can`t apologise for being straight. But, that is part of the point of why I am here so men can be the men they are, warts scars and all right along side the honour, nobility and integrity. All things Marcotte would need a dictionary to begin to comprehend.

          • FascistOrigami

            Here’s what you can do: value your man-friendships, and don’t be afraid of feeling them to their depths.

            I’m a gay guy, but the truth is that the deep friendships I have with other men (gay and straight) are infinitely more important to me than sex. I feel that way about my bf/partner also: the sex is good, but the love & friendship is better.

          • Snark

            Already with you there.

            Frustrated straight guys need a change of perspective – that’s all.

            They need to depedestalize.

            Then when you look at things – objectively – you realise how much deeper and more lasting are the (non-sexual, non-romantic) friendships with other men.

            Your bros won’t ditch you for a wilfully misinterpreted remark.

        • fidelbogen

          Feminists in general, not just Amanda, have played upon hetero men’s fear of being perceived as gay.

          They have carefully cultivated and propagated the idea that gay men are more cultured, refined, charming, suave, intellectual, etc etc…..

          And, that average hetero males are NOT the above. (Which is in fact true for a large number of them.)

          Thus engendering, in hetero males and the culture as a whole, the “myth” that gay men run a closed shop on such qualities as listed.

          And hetero men, partly as a result of this, are driven more and more toward approximating a buffoonish archetype of the “real man”.

          Hetero men need to RECLAIM culture, refinement, intellectualism, etc etc….

          Too bad that so many “traditional males” of the boobus americanus variety stand ready to club them over the head when they try.

          • fidelbogen

            Addendum to the above:

            Not only will they get clubbed by boobus americanus traditional males (and females), but they will also catch various forms of specifically feminist mockery.

            The feminists emphatically do NOT want to see hetero men reclaiming culture, intellectualism, and all o’ that.

            Thus, feminists will often accuse such men of being “pretentious” or “pedantic” or “pseudo-intellectual” or the like.

            The only exception being that of a pro-feminist male — e.g. Hubert Schwyzer. It’s okay for THAT sort of male to be intellectual, etc. Such men are “tolerated” because they help to underpin the feminist construct by virtue of their living presence on earth.

            But heaven forbid that non-feminist males (MRAs especially) should become formidably cerebral.

            That would be dangerous, n’est-ce pas? 😉

          • ProleScum

            1,000 thumbs up.

          • Jonny

            There are a few of us pro-men cerebrals out there. I am working on a project designed to build more.

            I AM reclaiming intellectualism, I WILL reclaim intellectualism. There is no debate here.

    • Kris

      Fabulous! Portrays Amanda Marcotte’s inner most thought processes in vivid detail!! Great work Eff’d!!!

      • Eff’d Off


    • Tom M

      “Supremacy? NOT good enough for me, Me, ME!”
      “Prove you are real men! Denounce yourselves!”
      “Bow down and give your lives for me, Me, ME!”

      • Eff’d Off


        Tell me if I am wrong but I suspect you like a good word-play gag.

        Anagrams – So here’s a couple for you:

        Q/ Who is “Mama Coated Rant” ?

        Q/ Who is “A Vile Turd Fled” that lost his temper in a debate with our Paul recently with his “Default Drivel”… or is that “Faulted Drivel” ?

        Ooroo Mite :)

        • Tom M

          1- Amanda’s commie mommy wears commie-bat boots?
          2- Turd Fergusson and the Fem-Bots?

          • Tom M

            Q: What’s the favorite spread from “down under?”

            A: Vagimite

          • Eff’d Off

            Interesting. I have never heard of that term before so I googled it.

            Apparently whackers actually wear T-shirts like the following:


          • Eff’d Off

            Lol…. nah.

            Q/ Who is “Mama Coated Rant” ?
            A/ Amanda Marcotte

            Q/ Who is “A Vile Turd Fled” that lost his temper in a debate with our Paul recently with his “Default Drivel”… or is that “Faulted Drivel” ?
            A/ David Futrelle.

            Guffawww !

      • Red0660

        LOL natural critical, selective gynocentric hypergamous female nature in a nutshell. Feed it and give it what it wants and it wants more more more better better better.

  • ProleScum

    Eff’d Off, I just stood on my chair and saluted you. Marcotte would have had a field day. :)

    • Eff’d Off

      Your article deserved one back from me for sure.

      P.S. Before you wrote about this donk I had never heard of her… it.

      Now she is another node of material just cranking out the good stuff just begging to suck the ink out of my pen.

  • Eagle has landed

    New gender feminism has very little to do with the womens equality feminism of 30 years ago.

    • Snark

      Feminism 30 years ago had nothing to do with equality.

      ‘Equality’ was always a myth, a benchmark they always intended to surpass.

      • Tom M

        How could they hope to surpass the goal of equality when they have ALWAYS been supreme beings?

    • Bev

      If you had looked behind the curtain 30 years ago it was a there, they just didn’t talk about it so openly. Remember the scum manifesto.

  • BoxANT

    Typical feminist/leftist response. I’m sure if this politician was a big feminist supporter, they would be praising him. But no, he dares to object to their agenda, so he must be destroyed.

    Are you against feminism? Then they call you a woman hater.
    Are you against the gay agenda? Then they call you a closest homosexual.

    Well reasoned arguments? Who needs them when you can simply make baseless character attacks.

    What I don’t get, is how can gay men support these vermin, when they use homosexuality as a political weapon against men?

  • Herbal Essence

    Rep. Schock is a Republican. If he was a Democrat, I fully expect feminists across America would be praising him as a “Manly Man” and “this is what a feminist looks like.”

    Not that Republicans are an ally of men, mind you. but they are slightly better than the alternative.

    • Meritocracy

      While I have not kept track of Mr. Shock’s voting the last few months, I did disagree with him on 4 to 5 straight votes that involved freedom and fairness. As he is my representative I have to say I am very displeased with what I see as a anti-freedom voting record on his part. He seems to consistently be in favor of idiotic legislation like the Patriot act and has voted to extend such laws or to prevent reduction in their scope.

      • Herbal Essence

        Which is one of the reasons why Republicans are not pro-male. They all too quickly embrace the Police State.

    • UncleRay

      “but they are slightly better than the alternative.”

      I would prefer to say “slightly less damaging, but still pretty damaging.”

  • ProleScum

    Meritocracy, there’s more valuable information on, and critique of, Schock in your short post than in Marcotte’s entire article. 😉

  • mongo

    The feminist is a female supremacist – psychologically equivalent to a skinhead. Nothing could be more natural to her than the desire to subjugate or exterminate those who are different.

  • ProleScum

    Yep. And Marcotte knows that getting control of the “liberal gaze” could just be the perfect means to her end.

    Walk tall and alone through children and parents in a busy suburban park. He’ll, walk into an East Village coffee shop, wearing a baseball jersey and cap. See the hate and distrust in their eyes.

    Meditate on the irrationality of it all. Then imagine if somebody married that irrational hate to political belief. Imagine what they could do with that.

    This is Marcotte’s game, and it needs to be challenged.

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    Any woman (read, any hetero woman) that says she has a problem with the masculine physique is as full of shit as a colostomy bag. The women that act like they don’t like buffed up men are miserable and as f%$#@ed up as a soup sandwich, like Amanda here.

  • ProleScum

    Sorry, should have been “Hell, walk into an East Village coffee shop…”


  • The White Rider

    You did see what this crazy wrote during the Duke false rape trial, yes? There is no doubt that this female-Moe-from-the-three-stooges-lookalike is absolutely nuts. More so than even any religious zealot I’ve ever seen given any kind of public voice in my lifetime.

  • ProleScum

    Yep. Her comments about the Duke players were very telling, as was her absolute silence after their acquittal.

  • scatmaster



    Amynda is uglier but they are close.

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      LMAO!! Perfect!!!!!!

    • Eff’d Off



    • Red0660

      Wow, look at the cold vacuous soul less eyes in Amanda!!!!

      Take a look at one of the most prominent feminist leaders today…Jessica Valenti!!! Look at that soulless stare:


      Women let their leaders destroy us all. To bad women don’t raise their voices in defense of their own interests. These are the people who speak and act on behalf of women.

  • Lovekraft

    This site should have a wall of shame, easy reference for we MRAs to ensure we don’t give any quarter to these enemies.

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    Hey Dennis, I just looked at that “8 Things She Hates About You.” This one pisses me off the most:

    If we happen to be fresh off a girls’ night out liquored up and ready for sex, which you’re refusing, tread extra carefully. Horny can change to emotional, crying wreckage very quickly when your girl has a couple of glasses of Prosecco in her…”

    That’s a threat. I see it as violent actually. “You better not displease me or I will turn on the water-works and get so emotional I will rob you of the little peace you have left in you after dating me for so long..”

    If we men made such an ultimatum to our women, we’d likely be on the stage of Dr Phil or someother psycho-babble bully . To be booed, ridiculed and reminded of what typical male behavior we have displayed.

    • The White Rider

      Any man with any self-respect who knows what “girls night out” usually entails wouldn’t have anything to do with a woman who has “girls nights out” anyway.

    • The White Rider

      Any man with any self-respect who knows what “girls night out” usually entails wouldn’t have anything to do with a woman who has “girls nights out” anyway.

    • typhonblue

      ” Horny can change to emotional, crying wreckage very quickly when your girl has a couple of glasses of Prosecco in her…””

      We have conjugal rights to your body.

      You have no right to say no.

      This must be that ‘rape culture’ I hear so much about it.

      I wonder if feminists have ever considered that one aspect of a ‘rape culture’ would be to completely hide an epidemic of rape from view by creating a dynamic in which the rape of one group by another is considered ‘beneficial’ or ‘no big deal’.

    • Snark

      If we happen to be fresh off a boys’ night out liquored up and ready for sex, which you’re refusing, tread extra carefully. Horny can change to emotional, shouting wreckage very quickly when your guy has a couple of pints of beer in him…

  • http://none Atlas Reloaded

    Look what says it all, what any guy needs to know about Amanda’s mind can be summed up in the article at TGMP. The one where she states that the “answer to Men’s Issues is..MORE FEMINISM!”

    Ya know, where she says it is ok for a woman to “demand” (her word) that the fella pay for the entire date…

    • Tom M

      Feminists.. typical string of drama, contradictions, lies, manipulation and abuse… nothing more, nothing less

  • SingleDad

    Amanda Marcotte simply hates men, there is really nothing more to it other than that a whole world of women agree with her and also hate men and want them dead.

    Did I say dead? Yes, much like a an ex-wife who complains that she is never listened to, I think it is very troubling that people don’t know that death to men is the driving root of modern feminism. It colors everything they do and say. Of course mainstream writers like Marcotte can’t say it out loud, but it’s not exactly hard to find, especially if your ears are not closed to such plans.

    • http://none Atlas Reloaded

      I’d say that as a general rule, most of the periodicals and magazines today be they internet or printed that start with “Men’s” anything are run by feminists or at least very influenced by them and are generally what men should stay away from.

      This site being a MAJOR (and rare) exception.

    • Eagle has landed

      Amanda loathes heterosexual men.

  • John

    Although I’ve had no interest in “Men’s Health” (and just visited their web site for the first time) – I can’t believe that they actually have, specifically, a Feminist writer – and actually promote it as such. WTF??? Unbelievably ridiculous.

  • Eagle has landed

    Amanda seems to have a hallow-ness about she’s empty. And by the way, she does not hate all men, just those nasty hetero’s.

    • Red0660

      How could you criticize women’s leaders you online misogynist!!!

      • John

        I watched that clip – a woman’s attempt at insulting men’s rights/MRA’s while attempting to look defiant – although her nervous smile reveals her underlying fearfulness.

        What struck me as odd is that although I’m not a misogynist, when she actually labeled me (as a men’s rights supporter) as a misogynist, I genuinely felt complimented. I guess because, in reality, her video is an acknowledgement that MRA efforts are making serious progress – and the feminists are seriously worried.

      • universe

        Off to the trenches or deserts overseas, femifisted.
        Off to the coal mines in the Appalachians and elsewhere.
        Off to the re-education programming therapies for you because yours isn’t working and never properly did.
        The power of the hypnotized mob prevents socially apprehensive men from voicing their true opinions. This, the same mob who will cause you to cower behind the flora once discovering that what you stand for now and stood for previously is revealed as false.
        You’ll find no cover there while many walk away from you. Penitentiaries and labour camps will be your friends.

  • Eagle has landed

    Equality feminism fought for women to get into the workplace like men. New gender-feminism attacks the hetero-patriarchy.
    What happens to a society where the loudest voices coming across the media are gender-feminists??? The re-sexualisation of the hetero-patriarchy. But what if i don’t want to be re-sexualised??

    • Keyster

      Then you will be banned from participating in the new social construct.
      You’ll be relegated to a lonely life, working menial jobs, an outcast.

      This is the fantasy they imagine for those that resist.

      • Snark

        Keyster please, they imagine nothing short of tortuous death.

  • Peter Charnley

    @ Archbishop of Buenos Aires – Womens Day in Argentina – approximately 9 or 10 years ago.

    “Feminism is a message of division, hatred and death.”

  • Keyster

    They refuse to tolerate intolerance – or anyone that disagrees with their worldview.

    They’re accepting of diversity – as long as you agree with their worldview.

    They will NOT tolerate dissent or diverse opinions from theirs.

  • fidelbogen

    I find it weird that Amanda would choose, as a focus in her discussion of “traditional” masculinity, something so sub-cultural as body-building.

    Weird…and yet perfectly understandable as a strawman strategy.

  • yurlungur

    The Guardian – where feminists go out to pasture;
    Seriously it’s absolutely chock a block full of em.

  • andybob

    “Indeed, the message is, don’t be men, it’s gay. She is tacitly using the inference of homosexuality in men as a way to shame men into being less masculine.
    How fucked up is that? And why don’t more gay men look at this and just…fucking…lose it?” Paul Elam

    We do.
    Feminists frequently display their complete contempt for gay men. They imagine that levelling the accusation of gayness to be the gravest possible insult – the ultimate kick in the balls. It let me know many years ago exactly what they thought of me. Feminists are not on my side. As Fascist Origami notes, feminists are not-so-secret homophobes. And we hate ’em right back.

    Many MRA’s, like Mr Elam, are already aware that most gay dudes are otherwise regular men who work hard, pay taxes and are also negatively affected by feminism. Many of us are deeply involved with the manosphere and promote it at every opportunity. As I have said often, I am a man and identify with men. Gay men have seen the damage done to straight men (our brothers and friends) that feminism has wrought. I get angry when straight men are attacked and belittled – which most peole find hard to understand. Why wouldn’t I?

    There are certainly many swishy, glittery fags who love their shopping galpals. This image is rigorously promoted by the feminist-controlled MSM. It seems to believe that most straight people would have a collective meltdown if ever confronted with the truth that most gay men are not discernably different from their sons and brothers. As a straigt-acting gay man, people assume that I’m straight until I tell them otherwise. This means that I have been on the receiving end of the kind of anti-male crap that many straight men put up with. It’s relentless.

    Masculine gay men are just as hated by feminists as straight men. Women have no use for us, nor we for them. The whole sex equation is eliminated and what is left is a large group of men whose assets they can’t access. That infuriates them. Some of the worst offenders are conservative women. We don’t register on their radar at all. Gay men are astute observers of female behaviour and what we see is rarely admirable and usually makes us back away from them in disgust.

    I would like to reassure Mr Elam, and others, that there are many gay MRA’s who react to the kind of gay-shaming mentioned with anger, but not surprise. The fact that women are always taken aback that I (a man) support men’s rights just about says it all about what they think of me – and my ire is returned in spades. You do good work for all men, Mr Elam. Men everywhere owe you bigtime.

  • aych

    I see. And did Ms. Marcotte write this screed after endorsing the habits and behaviors of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino on MTV’s Jersey Shore as somebody worth emulating over at an article at The Good Men Project?

  • universe

    Excellence in writing, Mr. Elam.

  • Eagle has landed

    Modern American gender-feminists now own the term “Patriarchy”.
    By perverting society to believe that violence is “patriarchy”, when in actuality most of societal violence is coming from the “matriarchal underclass”, this is a fundamental perversion of the term, and of which much further perversion rests upon this basic perversion of the terms “matriarchy, and Patriarchy”.

  • Eagle has landed

    American gender-feminists have said black is white, north is south, patriarchy is matriarchy, and have gained much “Empowerment” from it.

  • Eagle has landed

    How can gender-feminists claim societal violence is patriarchy, when the large majority of societal violence comes from homes with no fathers, and the only males in their schools are guards who frisk the students for guns and knives??
    How patriarchal is this matriarchy??