A letter to Jessica Valenti

Dear Jessica Valenti, Someone posted this to my comment section.


To be honest, it was the first time I watched this video. Now, there is so much wrong with this that it is hard to know where to start, but let’s get things rolling with a few basic facts. My name is Paul Elam (yes, my real name) and I live in Houston, Texas.  I am not hiding from anyone, least of all from the likes of you.

As a matter of fact, you are typical of the reasons that I am here doing what I do; which is to yank the covers off people like you and show the world what you really are. And guess what, Jessica. It is happening right in front of your beady little eyes. I would address a lot more than was in your little “fuck you,” video, but I don’t want to waste my considerable talents dealing with your spelling flames, your ideations about where your critics live or the fact that some men choose not to reveal their identity in a misandric culture that you help foster. I won’t even bother eviscerating your contention that your critics hate women.

What I will do, though, is point to the hypocrisy that you just showed the world. You have been trashing men for a long time now.  And then you come on YouTube with this video taunting men as cowards for how they react to it. And then we catch you red-handed on twitter, technical moron that you are, asking if anyone can help you erase your personal information from the entire internet. We caught you trying to put on sunglasses and hide in a dark corner, emulating the very men you were just shaming in this video. How does it feel to think you have to hide, Valenti? How does it feel knowing this is only the beginning? Your true color, yellow, looks good on you, especially considering the rest of that video.

You, in no uncertain terms, reduced everything to whining and just spent three minutes spouting hollow drivel that amounted to 12 different ways to say “Fuck you.”

No, you stupid hateful bitch, Fuck you. You are whining here about MRA’s being a “thorn in [your] side,”? Really? Is that all?  Were the comments of those who critiqued you and your ideas so frustrating that you felt compelled to dedicate your limited talents to making a video just for them? Well, then, before we are through, you will be making a full length feature for me. You might want to see if James Cameron is available to direct. Get Pacino’s agent on the line.

Because, Valenti, I am not here to be a thorn in your side. Oh no, not at all. I am here to fuck your shit up. And that of a whole lot of your sick sisters. Non violently, legally and with integrity of course, but your shit will be fucked up just the same. And the people you have been humiliating, denigrating, demonizing and insulting for the last several years are going to help me do it.

  • Perseus

    “just from seeing the weird comments..” oh weird comments like GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT? Yeah, bitch, that is a weird fucking comment that you helped codify into law. Not much we can do in the YouTube comments to trump that weirdness, but we’ll certainly try.

    Women are 40% more likely to be poor? Are you and your statistic monkey on fucking horse tranquilizers? 90% of the homeless are MEN! And YOUR legislation apartides them from access to all of the RACIST SEXIST FEMALE ONLY SHELTERS. WHITE’S only is back in style, only replace WHITE with FEMALE. FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY- FUCK YOU you fucking RACIST.

  • James Cook

    A word to the wise about revealing one’s identity in a time of tyranny: In the 1950s, Chairman Mao launched the “Hundred Flowers Campaign”, the name referring to the dishonest slogan, “Let a hundred flowers (meaning ideas) bloom, and let a hundred different schools of thought contend.”

    Ostensibly this was an invitation for critics of the Communist Party to come out and make their criticisms public. But in reality it was Mao’s way of tricking them into revealing themselves so that they could be sent to prison.

    • James Cook

      And by the above, I’m not against taking a public stand at risk to one’s life and liberty. I’m pointing out the existence of the peril when an agent of the State such as Valenti urges you to reveal your identity.

    • keyster

      I”ll add, this is what female HR managers will do to feel you out, see if you pose a risk to the company. They befriend you and get you to open up about your personal beliefs, attitude and activities.

    • UKMRA

      Great – Fixed now.

  • Mark

    Hey, Paul, how about challenging Valenti to a formal debate? She will ignore it, of course, the coward that she is. Still, I think it’s worth a try.

    • !!SPARTA!!

      She has nothing to gain, and plenty to lose when she loses the debate (and She will lose the debate)
      Hell, I could probably take her on in a debate and win
      We have the truth on our side
      she has lies and shame and strawmen on her side

  • thehermit


    We’re almost there, baby.

  • quackademic

    Folks may wander WTF happened to America, No one is having children anymore, the economy has collapsed, and public school children can’t read or write anymore, but have condoms with mickey mouse stickers on them as part of their school supplies.

  • Malestrom

    A woman calling men cowardly, that one always cracks me up.

  • Robert Jones

    As they say in The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, Nemo Me Impune Lacessit you feminist scumbag.

  • DruidV

    I gotta say that as a relative newcomer to MRA, (but not to the many terrors up the sleeves of wymyn like this Valenti creep), I find the idea that hateful creatures like these being given any voice or power anywhere in social policy or government, quite distressing to say the least.

    It’s very sad to see what our educational institutions (public indoctrination centers) have done to our youth over the last 50 years. This valenti creep is a great example of that in the flesh.

    Feminized manginas, and hateful misandrist wymyn seem to be everywhere today, and these poor schmucks absolutely believe every last bit of hateful misandrist BULLSHIT they have been spoon fed since pre-school. They are quite void of any critical thinking skills and have replaced these with a vomitous regurgitation of those hip and trendy catch phrases of misandric feminism; “Men are afraid of strong, independant, empowered wymyn!” “Man up!” and so forth.

    I fear for my own children every time they get on the bus, and I do my level best to ‘un-school’ them when they get home. I have both sons and daughters (I am truly blessed!) and I try to inform them of the wool these packs of hateful liberal wymyn disguised as teachers are attempting to pull over their eyes. It must be done delicately, and it must include demonstrable examples, because my kids naturally don’t want to believe the worst of people especially their “teachers” but this is a critical step in helping them develop their own critical thinking skills. In the end it’s worth the effort.

    Fuck their shit up wherever and however you can, no?

    • keyster

      It’s not the last bastions of radical feminists you should fear.
      It’s the more covert ones that won’t even use the word “feminist”.

      Movie stars

      The Rad-Fems are just running interference for the ones that really do all the damage, while your not paying attention.

      • MasculistMan

        We’re paying attention,Keyster and we will hold their feet to the fire as well.

      • fidelbogen

        Well, conventional wisdom has it that the Earnest Feminists are running interference for the radfems.

  • Kevin

    Why aren’t we flagging the hateful videos this channel is posting? Youtube has a specific flag type for “hate speech” which this easily falls under.

    • MasculistMan

      That’s a great idea,Kevin. I flagged her. If you are a member of youtube then flag Valenti’s video. If you are not then sign up and when you’ve completed that flag her video.

  • Encyclopedia MRA

    Anonymity? like the the 3 or 4 thumbs down on every post? or the way feminazi’s have Anonymous screen name in exactly the same way? This would correspond with every other blatant double standard of feminism, guess we’re suppost to just man up i ‘spose.

    Hey Valenti, go Fema-fist yourself.

  • Primal

    Yes, her goading game is particularly offensive because thanks to the differences in male/female psychology there is no effective way to take her down. The important point is to NEVER waste time on her, NEVER treat her like a man, (as an equal), NEVER respond to her. Just register her once as a bigot, create reasonable responses to handle ALL bigots, and move on to register the other prominent bigots as soon as possible.

    Should someone hunt her down and shoot her or commit the other crime that is ‘worse than murder’ on her, it’s important to condemn the crime even as we call her a bigot. As in “Grand Wizard for the gender-bigot gang slain or raped by deranged man”. Otherwise feminists will have their perfect victim, the first martyr for the Cunt cause.
    Should someone hunt her down and shoot her or whatever, the important thing is to condemn the crime even as we call her a bigot.

    • keyster

      The very LAST THING Mizz Valenti has to fear is being raped by an MRA or any man for that matter; assuming she doesn’t jog through nefarious neighborhoods at all hours of the night.

      What needs to stop, however it’s to be done, is her continued banging in of the feminist wedge that further seperates women and men.

      • Primal

        The natural instinct of any man who sees that smiling arrogance as she double bind goads us is to do some serious damage to her. Given that there are lots of men who have been destroyed by bigots like her, one can reasonably predict that sooner or later a righteously enraged man will murder a bigot rather than commit suicide. All I’m saying is that the vicious victim racket that she runs is predicated on precisely that kind of ‘male violence’. We certainly have to shut her down asap but we also have to be very careful about HOW we shut her down because she is, after all, the Grand Wizard of the victim sex (NOT) and we are all from the monster sex (NOT).

    • MasculistMan

      Otherwise feminists will have their perfect victim, the first martyr for the Cunt cause.

      Let’s give them plenty of martyrs. We have two on our side so far so I don’t care what happens to them. Interesting that you should bring up that other crime considering that I have discussed the subject:

  • scatmaster

    mzzzz valenti flatters her self too much.

    She has been femi-fisted so much



  • Quartermain

    For years, she has sowed the winds now she’s bitching about reaping a whirlwind.

    She disabled comments, because she can’t with reaping what she sowed.

  • Quartermain

    Jessica Valenti in her childhood:

    • Quartermain

      Actually, Lucy was based on Charles Schultz’s wife.

  • MasculistMan

    And the people you have been humiliating, denigrating, demonizing and insulting for the last several years are going to help me do it.

    Count on it.

    Fuck you,Valenti!

  • Renly

    Take a look at this test:

    Nothing political about it, right?

    I thought this might be a good place to show everyone (if you haven’t already seen it).

    • MasculistMan

      I got a 4.18 on “hostile sexism” and 1.82 on “benevelont sexism”. Which pisses me off considering I was aiming for “5” on “hostile sexism” and “0” on “benevolent sexism”.

      • Denis

        Hostile sexism is a measure of how much you disagree with feminism, I got about the same. Benevolent sexism is how much you pedestalize women, I got about 0.6, but I was aiming for zero.

    • Unrewarded

      For me: 4.55 on “hostile sexism”, 1.27 on “benevolent sexism”.

      “Hostile Sexism”, according to them:

      “Many women are actually seeking special favors, such as hiring policies that favor them over men, under the guise of asking for ‘equality.’ ”

      (reverse score)”Feminists are not seeking for women to have more power than men.”

      “Most women fail to appreciate all that men do for them.”

      “Women seek to gain power by getting control over men.”

      “Once a woman gets a man to commit to her, she usually tries to put him on a tight leash.”

      “When women lose to men in a fair competition, they typically complain about being discriminated against.”

      “Most women interpret innocent remarks or acts as being sexist.”

      (reverse score) “There are actually very few women who get a kick out of teasing men by seeming sexually available and then refusing male advances.”

      (reverse score)”Feminists are making entirely reasonable demands of men.”

      …So, basically, for anyone whose score is below a 4 in this category: the lower your “hostile sexism” score, the deeper your head is entrenched in your ass.

    • Renly

      “In all countries studied thus far, men have tended to score higher than women in hostile sexism”

      No shit. There’s nothing on the test for misandrists. In fact, the test has already defined sexism as “against women”.

      • MasculistMan

        In the pull down menu labeled “countries” Sweden wasn’t on the list.

    • Katrina

      LOL I got 3.82 on Hostile and 0 on Benevolent.

      • Katrina

        Apparently I wasn’t trying hard enough.

    • Snark

      4 on hostile sexism, 0 on benevolent sexism

      It’s BS, though. I openly admit to hating feminists, but I don’t extend that to women. This test conflates the two categories, which is totally fucking wrong.

      Feminism hides behind women.

      • cjc1295dac

        “Feminism hides behind women.”

        I believe this to be a cardinal truth. Its simplicity in statement and purity of thought makes it one of my favourite lines of discourse.

        I love women. It is feminists I hate.

  • http://VoiceForMen Rod

    Thank you Paul.
    Maybe the reason some ruined men are not so articulate is because woman dominate the educating of boys.
    This entitled, all-empowered, privileged mouth-piece really needs to get her CUNT OFF OUR PLATES, – BECAUSE I DON’T WANT IT !!!

    • Atlas Reloaded

      I don’t personally know of ANY MRA speakers or writers that are not articulate.

  • James Cook

    My mash note to Jessica Valenti (for you youngsters, before circa 1980 a “mash” note was an “unsolicited love letter”, but now it’s called “stalking”), in iambic pentameter verse:

    Oh Jessica, when I imagine my
    Fingers running through your scalp’s greasy hair,
    I fear I might turn impotent, ’til I
    Think of this picture of Mitzi Gaynor:

  • chris

    Was there a point in all that? Did she raise a hypothesis and close it? Did she juxtapose two things and show absurdity? Did she prove any logical fallacy?


    She whined in that incredibly annoying , what can we call it, some derivative of the old 80’s valley girl accent, which wrecks credibility from the very first over inflected syllable.

    The charge of misspelling is one I loath on any internet forum, gender based or otherwise, its the stuff of pathetic weakness of point and character when its used by men or women (note, please dont use that when you post at fem sites, it isnt clever, it isnt cute, and it hurts you more than them)

    Does anyone know….who financed her start-up of the site? Husband or dad?

  • Hugh

    I about fell over from laughter, or was it the stench of her “Red Herring” moment at about 1:10.

    Ironically, My brother and I were in a conversation the other day about whether he had heard from his daughter recently. She is in Tanzania right now on a college study course. Giving me a shit eating grin, he looked at me and said:

    “You know, when we were talking on Skype, she said, “Dad, I just wanted to let you know that when I get back home, I’m never going to be whining and crying about how bad I have it. Not after what I’ve seen over here. I have a great life.”

    “Yes… I know you do. That’s exactly why I encouraged you to go….”

    It might be a Red Herring to Ms. Valenti. But I can assure you the smell is nowhere near as bad as the one rotting between her legs……….

  • michael steane

    You should exercise caution dealing with Jessica Valenti. I get the feeling that if you annoy her too much she will tell her daddy about you. And then you’ll be in big trouble.

    • JPIII

      Why the fuck that Paul has to fear from her? If anything happens to Paul, the anger of MRM only increases ten-fold and there will be thousands of new Pauls. Just dare to cross the line, bitch!

  • Troll King

    SO, does anyone have a link to the twitter incident? I looked through her recent tweets and didn’t see it. Damn, that shit was hard to read. She is older than me and in her 30s and she sounds like a drunk 18 yr old sorostitute sending text messages.

  • Edmond

    Who married this pig….one of the Conscious Eunuchs??

  • KW

    Dudes, she is a sociopath. Look at her body language, she is actually getting a buzz from the drama. Look at how her eye’s glisten(one of the tell tale signs of a sociopath) and the sheer glee in her voice as she is acting like a bigot.

    She is enjoying the banter back and forth, no amount of reason or emphasizing(emotional argument) will do any good. She is just using feminism as a pretext to enrich and advance herself.

    Also notice how she avoids real issue’s, another sign she is a sociopath(they are self aware of the fact they are born evil, while psychopaths aren’t aware), because she knows that she is full of it.

    Mr.Elam, your falling into her hand, every-time she upset’s us or hurts us she get’s off on it. And she will continue to make ever increasing and incendiary comments at us to get an emotional reaction out of us.

    So the only reaction we should give her is to find out how she survives. Where does her money come from? Her husband? Is she independently wealthy? Is she employed for a corporation? Then you find the source of wealth(if she is independently wealthy then no luck) and boycott, protest and harass them till her husband or her is fired.

    That is the only course of action that would work against a sociopath like Valenti.


    If by some law of the universe or act of God or whatever, some man is accused of rape, I hope it is Jessica Valenti’s husband or father, now I don’t wish that upon any man, but if it has to happen it should happen to her husband or husband, let’s she how she handles that.

    • Edmond

      Why would this man hater care??


        True, I forgot she is not a human.

        We gonna fuck her shit up, even if it takes 20 years!

  • AntZ

    One day, a woman will be falsely accused of rape. Until then, feminists will not get it. They feel a little sad about sons/husbands/fathers, but they will really squeal when it is their butt being sent to jail for 20 years, for something they did not do.

    SPEAKING OF FALSE RAPE, did you guys read the news about Strauss Kahn? It turns out his accuser fabricated the story, and the DA is dropping charges.

    Here is what I think: the whole false accusation was a set up by French feminists to get a man-hating femi-fascist into the IMF. Small European nations are begging for bailouts (paid for in part by US taxpayers), and the femi-fasist man hating Christine Lagarde is already making it clear that any government that wants IMF bail-=out money has to hire more women. Here, in her own words, the bigoted feminist blames the entire financial melt down on masculinity:

    “founding fathers … Founding fathers not mothers, notice. Regrettably there was no woman at the table at the time …”

    The pieces are starting to fit together nicely:

    ~ 2010 Feminists want to control bailoiut money for Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain
    May 14 2011 The feminists engineer a false rape accusation against Kahn
    May 18 2011 Kahn resigned from the IMF
    June 28 2011 Lagarde named director of IMF
    June 30 2011 The New York Times reports that the rape accusation was false

    What a neat trick. With 48 hours to spare, the femi-fascists get their foot in the door of the international bailout fund. Now, any time a country gets into trouble, it will have to demonstrate progress towards feminist doctrine before they are eligible for bailout money.


  • Troll King

    As far as the register her site goes, let’s not forget our idiot Amanda Hess.

    She shut down the Sexist blog she ran but now blogs feminist shit here.

  • The Private Man

    I am eagerly awaiting for Amanda Marcotte to appear on that page.

  • Hugh

    Oh yeah… her spelling gripe. Honestly, I think I can understand where she’s coming from. I mean… I pretty much bust a gut every time I read the myriad women’s internet dating site profiles, who are all convinced that their Twilight Saga vampire is just going to fall out of the sky at any moment into their laps. I mean, why else would one use “I’m looking for a descent man” as the header to her profile?? She MUST want him to fall out of the sky.

    Of course, nothing tops the classic “I’m an intelliGANT, indepenDANT, women”…… proving that not ONE of her multiple personalities could independently find the spell checker on her own….

    The best one of all time though…. was… “I work in the airline industry. But I’m not a flight attendant. I mean, COME ON!! I have a BRIAN!!”

    Yep…. I can understand where Ms. Valenti is coming from… most definitely. I truly bow to the more intelliGANT and superior sex.

    (no spell checkers were harmed in the making of this post…..)

    • Snark

      “why else would one use “I’m looking for a descent man” as the header to her profile?? She MUST want him to fall out of the sky.”


      Sadly, most of those women wouldn’t actually GET why that’s funny.

  • Johnny

    Speaking of bigotry and hate, I’m consistently reminded of a Greek mythical priestess named Medea (who murdered her children as revenge against a husband), and her patron Goddess Hera, who both held a kind of scorched-earth policy when thier narcissistic urges were frustrated. These two mythical figures, and especially their scorched-earth policy, remind me of Jessica Valenti and co.

    On a tangent, here’s a bit i once wrote on a Jungian forum FWIW about the goddess Hera:

    Hera (and her troll priestess Medea) is a goddess of status, power, marraige, and narcissism. Hera is the force destroying the social fabric of the planet. She’s the voice of today’s radical feminism, narcissism and rage. Driving her destructiveness is a disguised yearning to return to the old gender paradigm of kings and Queens. She wants her station of wife returned, and the institution of marriage restored to society.

    The Ancient Greeks had a ritual practice of binding a statue of Hera in her ‘uncoupled’ ‘unmarried’ or ‘disconnected’ moments. They bound her statue with rope to symbolise the containment of her destructive energies….. Medea (a devotee of Hera) murdering Jason’s kids after her marraige failed as example of the destruction.

    If Hera is left unbound in her experience of disconnectedness she becomes highly narcissistic (me me me) and highly destructive, taking out her vengeance on all who seem to overlook her station, her Queenliness.

    Ancient Greece Hera was nicknamed ‘The Tamer’. She tames horses, women, men (husbandry) and heroes and apparently she was also known as the tamer of all nature. She reduces wildness, and puts everyone in service to another. She had in that sense a limiting effect which undergirded the orderly functioning of the entire polis. There’s a small snippit in this book about her taming. Unfortunately the link skips the best bits but some useful elaboration still;

    In contrast to her limiting effect within marriage, in her uncoupled state she seems more to be characterised by a lack of limitation, boundary, and interpersonal service, and takes on the behaviour of boundless shapeless titanism; destructive, excessive, shrill.

    When the Queen of Heaven loses her station, loses her married status, the social fabric gets torn into black confetti. If Marriage involving respectful adoration of wives were to return, feminism would perhaps disappear and the social fabric might return to something with shape.

    There’s a good piece on Hera from Spring Journal 1976 (pp. 115-117) by Jungian psychologist Murray Stein. It’s so good I scanned a few pages where he talks about Hera giving birth to the monstrous Typhaon, a scene reminiscent of the birth of today’s feminism. The article throws light on what’s happening out there in this crazy feminist world. If you read the scans just click on them to make the text bigger:

    There’s a lot of grabbing commentary there by Stein. This line kind of hits on the problem; “Her [Hera’s] boundlessness knows no limit to destruction. The rhythm inherent in the archetype has been disturbed, and we get a sort of symphony whose rhythm is one long downbeat. The restoration of a Hera Teleia (the “married one”) is an individual and cultural-historical project that is being worked on in our time.”

    I used to be against the idea of restoring the institution of traditional marriage…. thought it was some oppressive Christian thing….. a tyranny of old-fashioned religion. But now i belatedly understand it goes deeper than Christian ego and Christian moralism to the very roots of civilisation. “BRING BACK MARRIAGE TO STOP THE DESTRUCTION” is the slogan behind the monster Typhaon’s vengeance.

    Interestingly, there’s like 100,000 pages on Medea+feminist on a Google search. Found this bit on Wikipedia:

    “Medea is widely read as a proto-feminist text to the extent that it sympathetically explores the disadvantages of being a woman in a patriarchal society,See (e.g.) Rabinowitz 1993, 125-54; McDonald 1997, 307; Mastronarde 2002, 26-8; Griffiths 2006, 74-5; Mitchell-Boyask 2008, xx.”

    There’s a distinct “poor Medea” tone to all the pages. Just found that interesting…. reminds of dear Jessica.

    • Nergal

      Ah, a bit of ancient wisdom for the modern world. While I agree with your assessment of Hera and Medea,and always find the stories of the Classical Age thought-provoking, I disagree fundamentally with your conclusion.

      An unmarried man is in (relatively) little danger, but as long as men can be legally bound in any concrete fashion to serve women or a woman, women will never be able to be trusted.

      Marriage is an unmanned aerial vehicle that women can use to spray hapless men with bullets while they hide safely out of reach. It is only this. It is only a weapon of terror. Any legal institution that binds men to women will ultimately be used this way until the end of time. Any agreement between men and women should place all of the legal obligations on the woman’s side of the table as it is pretty clear at this point that women as a group aren’t really troubled by losing honor over being a deal-breaker (And why should they be? Their ability to reproduce doesn’t depend on their status at all.) or with doing “the right thing” (Most of them couldn’t even tell you what that is, they just know it’s something men are expected to do when they fall pregnant.).

      So, while I find Hera,Pandora, Medea,Circe,Ereshkigal and in contrast,Aphrodite,the Madonna, Ceres,Inanna ,et al., frequently useful in elucidating some aspect of woman which is timeless,I won’t be supporting any legal agreements between the sexes in which a man can be penalized in any fashion because one of the things that cuts across all cultures and times is the low regard in which the female sex holds such “sacred institutions” and the conniving and evil manner in which women take advantage of the childlike naivete of the founders of such institutions that they may materially profit from it. Read Shakespeare, the bible, or any historical account of any royal family to see what I mean.

  • Johnny

    One more small mention of Medea I found on the net entitled, “How Do We Solve a Problem Like Medea: Medea and the Shadow of Feminism”. It’s a lecture some Jungian woman gave. The author Cheryl Fuller tells this interesting story about her proposal to give the lecture:

    “Yesterday, I received word that a proposal I submitted for a lecture and a day-long seminar has been accepted. Which means that sometime next spring I will present some of my thoughts about Medea to folks at the C.G. Jung Center in Brunswick. In a way this is my coming out event. Though I have offered this material locally in the Senior College this will be the first presentation to a Jungian group and the first time I will make such an appearance before a group of Jungians.

    And I realized this morning that I must now move one of my WIPS into active status and finish it so I can use it for the lecture. I am titling the paper, “How Do We Solve a Problem Like Medea: Medea and the Shadow of Feminism” — usually once I find a title, the paper takes shape. Of course this means I have titles still waiting for papers to take form but that is another story. Anyway, I have been quietly simmering this idea about feminism and aggression in women for some time.

    Eight years ago as I searched for a dissertation advisor, I ran into a wall with the feminist scholars on the faculty of my university. As soon as I explained that I wanted to write about Medea came the assumption: of course, they said, you will be looking at the patriarchy as the issue in her behavior. And when I replied that indeed I was not going to be looking in that direction, but rather at Medea herself and at the meaning intrinsic to her acts and her story, interest in my work evaporated and they declined to serve on my committee. Though long a feminist myself, I had been absent from developments in academic feminism. It had escaped my attention that there were “right” ways and “wrong” ways to study women, both real and mythological, and clearly considering Medea as anything other than a victim of the patriarchy was the “wrong” way.

    I persisted, found an advisor who could accept my apparently heretical viewpoint and happily explored the character of Medea and developed a description of a Medea complex. But the resistance to considering that Medea could be anything other than a hapless victim of the patriarchy continued to intrigue me and set me to wondering about the meaning of excluding this dark and troubling aspect of her, and by extension all of us, from our understanding of what it is to be human and more specifically a woman. It is this wondering which is the subject of my paper.”



    Hi Jess look at my new plane!

  • andybob

    “Dudes, she is a sociopath. Look at her body language, she is actually getting a buzz from the drama. Look at how her eye’s glisten(one of the tell tale signs of a sociopath) and the sheer glee in her voice as she is acting like a bigot.” – KW

    I see it too, KW. She is an obvious sociopath. You have clearly studied this pathology and everything you write is correct. Going one-on-one with such people is futile and plays into their narcisitic sense of self-importance.

    However, because her attacks are waged so publicly, I think it is necessary to combat her just to call her out on her bigotry. Remember that Mr Elam is very clever and knows exactly how to bait her so that she mis-steps and reveals her true nature. Sociopaths are a horror to deal with privately, but they tend to self-implode in the public arena. Look at her hysterical reaction.

    Valenti’s is a nutjob, but an influential one and femtards are watching to see if we will back down. It is essential that we don’t. Her sociopathology is her Achilles heel. Let’s use it against her.

  • Primal

    Why blogs for women are bad for women: Looks like some women are growing up slightly. I’ll know they are ‘equal’ as soon as I read ‘Why blogs for women are bad for men”.

  • Crackpot

    What amazes me about Feminism is that the upper echelon or ring leaders know they are out to ruin men’s lives and spread lies and hatred about men. They know they want special treatment and entitlements because of said gender.

    The majority of them I think are dumb, blind, sheep. They’re the bandwagoners who jump on something that’s popular and have power. Feminist dogma has infected our schools, our courts, our government, our media, and even our places of work.

    Looking back, I think giving them the right to vote was to trick these women into voting for those politicians that want to bring down this country, I don’t know one female voter that didn’t vote for Obama yet – but if you see his rallies you know where the majority of his votes came from. Sure there were manginas that voted for Obama but they’re not really getting anything out of it. Women hear “special treatments” through political lies and false promises and don’t bother with any rational thought before voting.

    What gets me is that even if these women know that men get a raw deal, they don’t care. These are the true man-haters, a free thinking male is their worst enemy. I can see why our system is so dumbed down, not only to raise a generation of feminists, but manginas as well. Put the pieces together and you see that the real people in power WANT this to keep us in control.

    I think our best chance to put a dent in feminism is to get the brainwashed men to wake up first, the ones with authority like our judges or network CEOs. Not sure how far the feminist lie cutbacks lies with them but surely if they were to succumb to the system they helped create it would change things.

    Could be wishful thinking on my part.

  • Tom Snark

    Well Paul, I knew you were making some changes to the site – making sure you own the copyright to use all pictures, and so on.

    But I didn’t know this would extend to you posting your own hairless white butt to greet us all on the front page!

    And don’t try to tell me it’s not your own. I have a VERY clear memory of that night, despite that roofie you slipped me.

    Uh oh, rape culture, trigger warnings etc.

  • TheIronFistOfDeath

    I love that she’s disabled both comments and ratings. Really shows her true colors. Cowardly little cunt that she is.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Every I see the work “feministing” an unwanted image comes to mind: another word starting with the same letter and ending with the same six letters. Utopian sociopathy seems to be physically perverse as well as mentally perverse.

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  • fire lion

    Well said. Die femi nazis