University of Toronto

University of Toronto hosts Dr. Janice Fiamengo

University of Toronto about to be tested on sexual politics and free speech.

It is just a matter of hours now until Dr. Janice Fiamengo will be making her presentation about feminist academic corruption at the University of Toronto. For those catching up, AVFM News Ontario reporter Dan Perrins will be making the event, with another MHRA. It is also evident from the comments here and elsewhere that there will be several other Canadian MHRAs in attendance.

I recently posted some commentary about this event, including some suggestions for how members of the University of Toronto Student Union should conduct themselves as compared to their violent and abusive actions at the last event.

It is not that I expect them to react reasonably to my suggestions, but I did want my current concerns over their potential for violence at this event to be a matter of public record in advance.

The Fiamengo talk, hosted by the University of Toronto Men’s Rights Group, part of the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), is going to be markedly different this time as compared when Dr. Warren Farrell presented there last November.

This time, MHRAs will be there, prepared to document what happens as well as attend the event. We will, in effect, be monitoring the actions of people known to violently suppress free speech and will report any such actions, and if possible ascertain and publish the identities of such individuals on the pages of this website.

That being said, there are some precautions I want to encourage in the strongest possible terms to any MHRAs, whether or not affiliated with AVFM. The first is to consider that one possible tactic that may be employed by feminist ideologues at the school is to have one or more of their lap poodles (thank you, James) present themselves as an MHRA and do something provocative or illegal, false flag fashion.

For that reason I suggest that you not take anyone on face value as an MHRA unless they are known to you. I don’t want any real MHRAs to get sucked into the position of even standing next to or being seen “with” someone who does something stupid or violent.

While this may seem to fall on the side of hypervigilance, there are three reasons in particular I am urging you to take the concern seriously.

One, the University of Toronto Administration clearly thinks there is a possibility of trouble from the same crowd who disrupted the last event. The following statement was forwarded to me. To the best of my knowledge it comes directly from CAFE.


The University of Toronto has shown their strong commitment to our organization’s freedom of speech by providing us complimentary use of a beautiful theatre venue at a location they feel will be less vulnerable to the negative actions some of our critics took as a response to our last event.

If the university administration is taking the potential threat seriously, there is no reason we should not.

The second reason is history. The University of Toronto Student Union has an established track record of organizing and executing illegal and violent resistance to free speech when it conflicts with feminist doctrine.

Additionally, they have demonstrated that they are completely unrepentant about their actions. In fact, they have sought to demonize any criticism of their conduct, laying blame on their victims and retaliating against them. Just as we know when individuals behave in this fashion they are more likely than not to repeat bad acts, the same holds true with organizations. UTSU has given us every reason to believe they cannot be trusted on any level.

Third, the lies have already begun.

As some of you have already seen at this article from, the writing reeks of a potential for a set up. The writer attempts to demonize Dr. Fiamengo as a racist and Islamophobe, asserts that CAFÉ is “targeting university students,” and claims that AVFM is a “U.S.-based misogynist hate site.”

The writer makes sketchy, wildly unsubstantiated “axis of evil” type insinuations that we are all somehow connected, which is patently untrue. AVFM has no affiliation at all with CAFE or Dr. Fiamengo.

The point here is that if they can “document” an MHRA doing anything remotely questionable at this presentation, they will spin it to form an indictment of everyone involved; even those, like AVFM, who have no official involvement at all.

I am betting they have operatives that are looking to seize or even create an opportunity of that kind.

So my suggestion to anyone attending this event is to be careful of any friendly strangers.

Also, you may be subject to harassment. It is designed to get you to do something reactionary. The solution? Don’t provoke or allow yourself to be provoked.

For that I refer you again to the last protest. If you are going, watch this video again and note the reactions of the young men who were being harassed, bullied and abused as they tried to attend. Their conduct was exemplary and beyond reproach. Their refusal to react to hostility with hostility only served to accentuate and underscore the disgusting nature of the protestors at the event.

Remember, when there is an earthquake, don’t be Haiti, be Japan.

ABR. Always Be Recording. What was that, Paul? I said

Always Be Recording.

The video by Studio Brule was devastating to UTSU in the realm of public perception. The unblinking eye of the camera and the soundtrack captured every bit of invective, all the flying spittle and all the hatred emanating from their group — in high definition. The video of it went viral. UTSU tried and failed to have it removed from YouTube.

If at all possible, don’t be there alone. See Dan Perrins when you get there for help with buddying up. He will be arriving early. Make sure that at least one, preferably both of your team has the capacity to record video, and, again, ABR.

If you are part of a team stay close enough to communicate and far enough apart to shoot video that will capture the context surrounding your partner.

If there is trouble, GET A SAFE DISTANCE FROM IT and call or otherwise notify police for assistance.

An official word from management here. Dan Perrins is the only person attending this event that can speak officially on behalf of AVFM. You can help us with this. There may be media present there. If anyone is approached regarding AVFM by reporters, please refer them to Dan. Those interested can contact Dan through his Youtube Channel inbox here.

Above all, stay safe and watch your back. If the UTSU has managed to find a few brain cells (in lieu of common decency), they may well conduct themselves appropriately, or not show up at all. Perhaps the sting of FTSU has encouraged them to do that. That would be great, but we cannot count on it. Look at that video and remember the kind of people you are dealing with. Vanja Krajina was not the exception in this crowd, she was the rule. The people attacking police were the rule. The people blocking doors and acting like thugs, real thugs, not “gutless Texan thugs,” were the rule.

If they get out of line, document it and pass it our way if you like, or place it on another internet venue. We’ll find it and we will have it up and running on the quick. But don’t try to reason with them or get them to calm down or change what they are doing. They will only become emboldened and more agitated.

Remember, these are ideologues that are shocked by the reality that the discourse on sexism is no longer their sole property. They are starting to hear, for the first time, the things you have been hearing and saying for years and it absolutely terrifies them. Such is the surrender of power and privilege, just as it was expressed last November.

If there are more suggestions, please put them in the comments here. I tried to think of everything I could, but I am sure I must be missing some things.

And to those of you going, have a great time. Show them what men’s rights really looks like.

  • Kristina Hansen

    Good luck Dan. Be smart and safe and ABR! If I were closer to TO I’d be right there with you. Looking forward to hearing all about it :)

    • Dan Perrins

      Don’t make me break out the patriarchy penis pandering hypno frog and force you to drive into the m-anglosphere (mix of the words man and english, trpl word score points in the playtriarchy game of scrabble) of Ontario Kristina.
      I know you’d be there if it wasn’t such a long haul.

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    Great advice. Think Gandhi.

    Someone suggested name tag/s for Dan or anyone he may attend with… dont know if that is of any practical benefit but reiterating just in case.

  • Turbo

    To Dannyboy, Denis and all other men and women that are attending the lecture, enjoy and be careful. Off the top of my head I cant think of any other ideas or precautions that Paul has not mentioned. Just be mindful that feminists and their enablers are violent thugs, that has been proven over 50 years, even more so in recent times.

    Let us hope that the last event shined enough spotlight on these cockroaches that they are still hiding under the house. Free speech and democracy may then take center stage and a mature adult discussion will take place.

    If not, stay safe and record.
    We look forward to your report.

  • DeclanLyons

    I just quickly read through Michael Laxer’s blog-post on Rabble. He offers links to a lot of article and blogs, but he seems to have forgotten to add a link to Studio Brule’s video of the original protest against Dr. Warren Farrell.

    I’m sure it was just an oversight which has nothing to do with the fact that that video alone would blow every point he made out of the water.

    Also, good luck to Dan and all of the other attendees.

  • gastirad

    I wish “good luck” to CAFE people.
    If it is not too late, my only advice is :”Be seen”
    All sort of evidence must be provided to document the event: video and recorded tapes, witness records (from lawyers if possible )
    That is the way “Femen” movements act in Europe and can do almost evrything without danger.

  • Wilf

    Have a non-filming partner with you. You will be focussed on what you are recording, whereas your partner can constantly scan the crowd and can alert you to any trouble.

    ABR – Assume that all of your recording has value. If someone causes trouble posing as a MHRA, and you have an earlier innocuous recording of them hanging around with other protestors, then their cover is blown. Exposing them for that sort of behaviour will be very damaging.

    Good luck, and stay safe.

    • Dean Esmay

      Slight dissent: even if one partner is dubbed “recorder” and other dubbed “recordee,” both parties ought to have recording devices anyway. Just in case the person with the recording device is targeted.

      • MGTOW-man

        Man, I love the way we are thinking. Whatever it takes, come out on top.

  • Alphabeta Supe

    Needless to say, the most significant difference between FTSU and UTSU is you.

  • Dean Esmay

    Rule #1: Don’t be alone. Not even in the bathroom. Not even in a little cubbyhole where someone asks you for a private conversation. Don’t be alone.
    Rule #2: Do not be carrying anything that could even remotely be construed as a weapon. Pocket knife? Ditch it before you arrive. Pepper spray? No, get rid of it. Flashlight? Not on your person. Keychain wallet? Get rid of the chain. If it looks even remotely like you could damage someone with it, be rid of it.
    Rule #3: If at all possible, wear nothing with pockets, so no one can “find” drugs or weapons that they actually planted in them.
    Rule #4: If someone pushes you, step back. Do not push back no matter how much you want to push back.
    Rule #5: If someone hits you, don’t hit back, either go straight to the ground or run like fuck. If your buddy runs, you run with them. A strong man knows when not to fight. I had a martial arts instructor with a 9th degree black belt in Karate and a 2nd degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu and he’d tell you the same: the strongest fighter is the one who never gets physical at all.
    Rule #6: Have I mentioned the part where you’re never alone? You’re never alone. Are you going to take a piss? Your buddy better be in that bathroom with you.
    Rule #7: Someone waves you over for a private conversation? You don’t go unless you know that person extremely well, otherwise, you wait until at least one buddy you do know comes with you. Yes, even if it’s a dainty helpless looking female who wants to talk to you privately. In fact, DEFINITELY if it’s a dainty helpless looking female, I wouldn’t get within 5 feet of her without witnesses and a recording device.
    Rule #8: Always be recording. Always.
    Rule #9: Even if your camera seems like it’s busted or run out of juice, don’t tell anyone that, pretend like it’s working anyway and say nothing, this will cause anyone who might want to get in your face to think twice.
    Rule #10: Have I mentioned that never be alone part at all? Yeah, well, just in case I didn’t, DO NOT BE ALONE.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Regarding rule #3 – before any sort of search or pat-down, if you are wearing something with pockets, turn the pockets inside out (if possible). Sure, it looks dorky, but dorky is your friend in this case.

      Regarding rule #5 on running – this can trigger an aggressive chase from the police. Most mammals, including humans, instinctively pursue that which flees from us. Going to ground is better, especially if you chant “I’m not resisting!” repeatedly. I would only run as a very last resort to avoid homicidal violence.

      Proposed Rule #11 – Zip your lips. Your words can and will be used against you. If you must speak, restrict your answers to Yes/No/shrug, if possible. Also, asking a question is better than making a statement: “Am I compelled to answer your questions? Why?”

      • Dean Esmay

        Got an email with another suggestion:

        No alcohol. Even the slightest whiff of alcohol will discredit anything a person says when/if police are involved. If you’re going for a beer, do it afterwards and in a location that is nowhere near the site.

        • Paul Elam

          Second that. There is NO plus side to any booze in this scenario, and a fuck ton of possible negatives.

        • scatmaster

          Are Dan and his brave compatriots getting all of this?
          It is great information for the future but it would be nice to know they are reading this which will better help them keep safe. Good luck guys!!!!! You are true heroes. Wish I could be there with you.

          Edit: I see below that Dan has been taking it all in.
          Comments are coming fast and furious. Hard to keep up.

        • August Løvenskiolds

          Agreed, and good call on that one.

  • Mark Trueblood

    I don’t have any advice that’s not already been passed on here, except that if people get in your face and make wild accusations, don’t be tempted to shout back.

    Consider asking polite questions in response to their accusations. They aren’t looking to engage with you rationally, they are looking for a fight, and by asking questions about why they are so angry you can turn their aggressive energy back on them, so they end up making themselves look like the jerk.

  • Kimski

    Be careful and stay safe, guys.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Fake hate crimes are a standard tactic of Saul Alinsky-trained collectivists.These hoaxes are a variety of the military tactic called “false flag.” The more the message of rights for males becomes popular the more chance there is that collectivist change agents will use the false flag tactic their workshop trainers taught them about.

    There is 100% chance that misandrist change agents will be more hate crime hoaxes such as those which have been documented in the past.

    “Kerri Dunn and her vandalized car,” Fake Hate Crimes, March 9, 2004

    • keyster

      Like at Oberlin College, where hate crime hoaxes are an epidemic.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Think of these individuals as Borderline women (even the men) who will attack you and then cry and play victim. Their whole victim identity is at stake, so if they’re there, they’ll be out for blood. It’s a matter of ego preservation vs. ego annihilation.

    When someone like that is set on destroying you, there is no reasoning with them, there is no calming them down. The only thing you can and should do is not engage and get the eff away from them as quickly as you can whilst recording.

    Don’t negotiate with terrorists.

    • MGTOW-man

      If I could, I would up-vote you a 100 times!

  • Robert Sides

    How about positioning a camera somewhere early on that stays stationary…and maybe hidden? Goons might start knocking recording devices out of hands.

    Relatedly, maybe some attendees should hide or mask their recorders…like putting iphones in shirt pockets with lenses exposed (but not obviously so). The point is to thwart any thugs who target MRAs with cameras.

    Will the university record the event, too?

    Will other campus groups (feminist ones, for example), attend?

    If AVFM-ers who plan to attend don’t know each other, they should/could share email photos pre-lecture. Or maybe agree to a password or some “secret sign” to recognize each other by (done offsite lest trolls find out here).

    I concur with Paul: just ONE spokesperson! No matter the temptation, don’t comment. Even informally. You never know how your words will be used. So don’t say anything. Not only will the ultimate “message” be more consistent (coming from one person), but you can call anyone who cites you a liar since there was only one authorized rep.

    Finally, to state the obvious: make sure your devices are fully charged! Bring extra batteries, too, if you have ’em.

    This is going to be EPIC!

    A win-win-win-win-win situation that will make even Charlie Sheen jealous (“Winning!”).

    It will break the log-jam created by fembots on campuses. Henceforth, more and more pro-male speakers, activists, and so on will appear at colleges.

    If nutters show up, great! They’ll once again drive visitors to AVFM and create masculinist media “buzz.”

    If goonies don’t show up, that’s fine too. Attendees will hear about feminism’s toxicity and thugs will “get” that their threats-to-silence no longer work.

    Also, gun-shy pro-male speakers will be encouraged to speak out more.

    We’ll also get videoclips to mine for PR, membership drives, etc.

    Plus any and all coverage by legit media (or even illegit!) will increase awareness of AVFM, pumping up website traffic.

    I feel like Ike the night before D-Day. Like a kid trying to sleep on Christmas Eve.

    As Tony-the-Tiger would say, this is going to be…GREEEEAAAAAAAAT!

  • Robert Sides

    Would it be worthwhile to show up early and cover pre-lecture events, both inside the venue and out? That is, shoot videos of folks lining up; record man-on-the-street interviews; etc.

    Doing so could provide “establishing shots”– clips that provide context for later proceedings.

    Also, it might be easier at that time for the “designated spokesperson” to interview with legit reporters.

  • Aimee McGee

    Keep safe all.

    • Dan Perrins

      No worries Aimee.
      We’re going to be fine.
      Have some faith sister 😉

  • Dan Perrins

    Great advice, great responses from all.
    Christian and I are prepared.
    I’m a firm believer in knowing your opponent, and here at AVfM we have meticulously studied Acme Fem & co.

    This is not my first trip to the public rodeo.
    Last year I worked the local street festival for a weekend. (Will try and throw together a quick video of the recordings I made from that today)
    I had one incident that weekend, the result was exposing a misandric fuckwit, a local version of the UTSU twits. Only he indicated he was willing to take it a step farther by actually raising his makeshift weapon up like a baseball bat in a threat.

    I do not foresee anything like that happening, however if anyone finds themselves facing a twit willing to act in an aggressive manner your first concern is personal safety. Put some distance between you and them.You should already be recording if not and safety permits, you better start. If you already are DO NOT stop recording while you are putting distance between you and them. Don’t worry about getting identifying shots either if it is a personal safety issue.
    Record, Record, Record.

    We should as well consider police interactions, at the behest of feminist organizations. We know we have enemies who are not afraid to lie about what we do or stand for.

    Remember everyone of us is a public representation of AVfM, MHRM /MRM regardless of where you are, conduct yourselves accordingly.

    I don’t want to sound like a broken record but has anyone mentioned always be recording?

  • Phil in Utah

    Personally, my recommendation if someone starts hitting is to yell, very loudly, “Why are you hitting me?” That will get the attention of everybody in the area who has a camera.

  • Codebuster

    And one more thing…

    They might behave like perfectly reasonable people… and then they’ll try to paint us as paranoid crazies who are over-reacting by refering to this post. It’s a tactic I’ve seen the Australian media use (e.g., refer Thomas Szasz, “the myth of mental illness”)

    But they’ve already proven that they are unreasonable. It’s on the record. It’s only sensible for us to cover all possibilities, as we’ve done here.

    I hope that covers all bases. They are this predictable because they will use whatever tactic they think that they can get away with.

  • MrStonedOne

    Idea on battery life:

    If you have a small netbook or what not you could have in a laptop bag or backpack, most if not all computers will charge any phones connected to them while the computer is on standby or sleep, but only if said phone was plugged in before the computer went to sleep.

    If battery life is a concern, you can have it plugged in to your netbook/laptop charging while you are recording.


    Resist the temptation to try to agitate them, they can claim victim status by claiming to have been verbally harassed, we can’t. In fact: Resist the temptation to interact with them in any way shape or from, even if they start the conversation.

    (And resist the temptation to dictate into the mic, unless you know you have a good radio voice it almost never sounds good and even then it might cause the mic to miss something juicy the protesters have said.)

    Danny boy, I’d call you brave but we both know insanity is playing a part here =P. I’ll leave you with this:

  • Truyardy

    If the feminist ideologues have any sense at all, they would behave themselves this time around. But they don’t have any sense so we can’t count on that. So to all who will be attending, watch your backs.

  • Zarathos022

    To all those attending: Good luck, Godspeed, May the Force be with you, and any other wish of good luck I can think of.

  • AConcernedMan

    Regarding the article, everyone should read this:

    The author, one Michael Laxer is quite a piece of work, and clearly not of sound mind.

  • AConcernedMan

    Also, please check the wikipedia entry for this lying dirtbag. I have made a few small updates. Perhaps as a group we can do more, and ensure it stays updated.

  • DW

    With recording, try to get a recorder that timestamps, that way you are covered if/when a single badly blurred still image is brought up as ‘evidence of violence by those thugs AVfM’, or a chopped and edited video is presented as the same.

    The other thing to remember is _they will be recording as well_. They will be watching your every move for something to whine about, no matter how small. They got burnt badly last time and will be scraping for something to make them look good.

  • MGTOW-man

    “This time, MHRAs will be there, prepared to document what happens as well as attend the event. We will, in effect, be monitoring the actions of people known to violently suppress free speech and will report any such actions, and if possible ascertain and publish the identities of such individuals on the pages of this website.”
    —This is fantastic activism. Thank you PE and many thanks to all MHRA’s who help!

    “That being said, there are some precautions I want to encourage in the strongest possible terms to any MHRAs, whether or not affiliated with AVFM. The first is to consider that one possible tactic that may be employed by feminist ideologues at the school is to have one or more of their lap poodles (thank you, James) present themselves as an MHRA and do something provocative or illegal, false flag fashion.

    For that reason I suggest that you not take anyone on face value as an MHRA unless they are known to you. I don’t want any real MHRAs to get sucked into the position of even standing next to or being seen “with” someone who does something stupid or violent.

    While this may seem to fall on the side of hypervigilance, there are three reasons in particular I am urging you to take the concern seriously.”
    —excellent prep and thoughtful planning.

    This is so inspiring. I wish I could be there to witness this history. To all those of us who are attending, thank you, make us proud. …And heed the extremely important suggestions and “rules” put forth by our history-making leader, Paul Elam.

    This could be our golden opportunity that we have waited for so long and highly deserve. Don’t blow it.

    Either we men finally get our place on the world stage with our message of TRUE equality, or the fembots will show their selfish, socialistic asses and get us attention that way. Either way, we win. But be WISE!

  • pinetree

    Again we had ruly protestors — all in masks this time — picketing the event. Dannyboy started vido taping them and was being blocked by a masked guy with his sign. I got some video footage which I am trying to post. I got into a bit of scuffle with the guy. The attendance was full – standing room. As Dr. Janice Fiamengo was about to begin her talk, the fire alarms went off. (wonder who did that?) Everyone had to evacuate the audatorium as fire trucks came with their sirens.Eventually everyone was allowed in again and the protestors left yelling hostile things. There were also quite a few protestors persons in attendance. When it came time for questions Dr. Janice Fiamengo had mostly hostile questions asked. You have to admire and respect her — she gave a scholary well reasoned – fantastic talk. No real violence this time by the protestors but hostility was still very tense and high.

  • GenuineWitty

    I tried to come tonight but when I got there the place was surrounded by some very scary anarchists- including someone who has been charged with an assault against me that resulted in my being hospitalized.

    I hope everyone who was there is okay tonight…

  • pinetree

    Yep- another rowdy hostile protest – but at least it wasn’t violent. The protestors were wearing masks and holding signs — passing out leaflets. Dannyboy was filming them when one masked guy tried to block DB with his sign. I got some video footage of it — and had a smalll scuffle with the guy. The audatorium was full — some standing. Just when Dr. Janice Fiamengo was about to speak — the fire alarm went off — (wonder who did that?). Everyone had to evacuate the audatorium while a few fire trucks with sirens arrived. Then after some time, everyone was allowed in again. The protestors marched off yelling profanities seeing there was not much further disruption they could do.

    However, there were quite a few protestors in the audatorium. When Dr. Janice Fiamengo finished her well reasoned talk, the prostestors got in line and asked questions with a lot of hostility. You really had to respect Dr. Janice Fiamengo for her patience.

  • All Contraire

    My prediction: The protests in Toronto last year were an unauthorized and unwanted public revelation and embarrassment, albeit minor, to the powerful vast supra-national Marxist-Feminist Insurgency, and likely a stern admonishment has since come down from Big Sister to the Student Union and fellow travelers to “Cool It.” Other than conspicuously scrubbed and behaved protestors –– and perhaps a few skirmishes and efforts at sabotage that can never be traced back to Feminazi origins –– I personally don’t expect any confrontations.

    Of course, the notion of a centralized ruthless, hierarchical, highly intelligent and disciplined governing Worldwide Feminist Conspiracy is far scarier and more dangerous than are any ill-conceived and poorly executed local protests.

  • scatmaster
  • gateman

    Meanwhile :

    James Weinstein, Amelia Lewis Professor of Constitutional Law at the College of Law, was quoted in a Feb. 14 ASU State Press article concerning students’ freedom of speech.

    Taking down the fliers is not an exercise of freedom of speech, Weinstein said.

    “It’s not their right of free speech to deface somebody else’s poster, if the poster is displayed where it has a right to be,” he said.

    “It’s the antithesis of free speech,” he said. “To stop the message because they disagree with it is the opposite of free speech.”


    NewsFlash… JUST SAW, on C.T.V., PowerPlay with Don Martin, ~5PM EDST, 03/15, central Canada… a Member of Parliament was shouted down at his invited talk at the University of Waterloo… and he was ended doing his lecture on a ‘controversial topic’ (anti-abortion)… Steven Woodward, CPC, MP.
    Cops came, demonstrators ‘won’.
    …. YOU SHOULD GET this up on AVFM as a second recent violent event on a Canadian campus, over free speech events going weird!
    The politician spoke on TV just now about his right to speak his opinion, ESPECIALLY so on a University campus charged with idea exploration.
    GOLDEN footage for AVFM and the issues at U of T. and censorships BS.

    should be up on this site soon…

    Patrick, aka SPECULA
    London, ON