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Welcome to the University of North Carolina UNOFFICIAL Department of Men’s Studies program. Chances are, you are totally confused because you are not on the official UNC website and you are not seeing anything related to Men’s Studies. In an effort to help clear up any confusion, the University of North Carolina has no Men’s Study program, but A Voice For Men would like to offer you a healthy dose of satire and reality in an effort to get you to understand that Universities in NC don’t give a shit about you. Well, correction, they do care that you are paying for an education, but as we are about to discover, that education has the opportunity of being cut short in lieu of prison every minute you are on campus.

If you have any questions about our program or studies, we encourage you to talk with our Department Chair Paul Elam. Also, it should be noted that the women over at the Women’s Studies department — yes, that group of Women screaming equality, should be able to answer any questions if you have concerns about our meager offices, classrooms, lack of funding, programs, etc…

At the end of this document, we are going to offer a way for you, the alumni of the Men’s Studies Program at the University of North Carolina, to help our program prosper for those that follow in your footsteps. Furthermore, we LOVE to hear from mothers of men, sisters of men, friends of men, and children of men who love the men in your life.

Courses offered at the Satirical and Unofficial Men’s Studies Program At The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • How to avoid being called a rapist and probable domestic violence offender on campus – Professor: Landen Gambill

In this course, you will learn about the new Department of Education and Office of Civil Rights directive known as the “Dear Colleague” letter than allows you to be identified as a rapist without any evidence, witnesses, or complainants going to law enforcement. Additionally, you will learn how your mothers and sisters might be forced to come visit you in prison because of this new directive in that it strips you of “innocent until proven guilty” and adds “preponderance of the evidence” which simply means that all a honor court or Judge needs is %50.01 likelihood that said assault or rape happened.

  • Drink Alcohol, Go To Jail (Prerequisite – How to avoid being called a rapist and probable domestic violence offender on campus) Professor: To Be Announced.

In this course, we will expound further into new directives being handed down by the US Department Of Education and being lauded over by the women at the Women’s Studies program in that the definition of sexual assault and rape have been lowered in such that if you engage in sexual intercourse with a female who has been drinking, even if it’s two beers, you are a rapist because she is unable to provide consent. POP QUIZ: If you have been drinking and a female at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wants to have sex with you and she has not been drinking, do you have the same protections offered by the Department of Justice lawyers? 1) No 2) No 3) No 4) No

In this riveting and controversial course you will learn how the University of North Carolina satirical and unofficial Men’s Studies has learned that not one single clinical professor or researcher has any specialty in Men’s Health. But, that 27 have specialties in Women’s Health. In this class, we will discover new and exciting cutting edge treatments in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and cardiovascular disease. It’s called beg the women at the Women’s Studies program for some of their federal money allocated for Women’s Health only. Additionally, we will learn how to mourn for your fathers much less early in life than your mothers.

So your a proud new dad ready to hit the ground running and be a equal parent? Tough shit! Your job is visitor 4 days a month. As discovered by our professors, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill does not even mention Fathers on their website, but they do teach the LGBTQ community and mothers how to be responsible parents.

In this class we at the Men’s Studies program at UNC will be holding a course on how to avoid depression, stress, substance abuse, and receive counseling because our Men’s Center has yet to be built. Again, ask the women over at the Women’s Studies department to loan us some money in the name of equality.

Considering teaching at UNC after graduating with your shiny new degree and are considering tenure track? Great! The best approach to doing this is by joining the UNC Association of Men Faculty and Professionals – Oh wait, there isn’t one.

This concludes our course list of Men’s Studies at UNC. It’s unlikely that we will be offering anymore classes in Men’s Studies for the foreseeable future because right now there is a War on Women and you’re the scapegoat. If you would like to help support the Men’s Studies program, we only ask that you get off your ass and realize that your entire future is being decided by feminist that have matured from gender equal activists to women’s gendered superiority at your expense. Don’t believe us, great! Then head on over to the REAL University of North Carolina website and we dare you to find anything positive about Men.

About Michael Sharron

Michael lives in Eastern NC and is new to the Men's Human Rights Movement. His contributions to AVfM will expose radical feminists in North Carolina and their attacks on Fathers and Women in Paternal Families.

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  • thefeministmra

    How much can one be expected to pay for this course? Oh wait, surely we are getting governmental aid in the form of scholarships to support more men obtaining degrees in gender(mens) studies yes?

    • Paul Elam

      Yes, under the Don’t Hold Your Breath Act of 2013.

  • Stephen O’Brian

    Great article Michael.
    You hereby qualify for the post of Professor Emeritus for FTSU.
    Enjoy your tenure.

    • Michael Sharron

      Hahaha, why thank you Stephen :)

  • Legion

    I see this, and I can already hear Edvard Khill singing “Trololololololol” in my head. Well done I say.

    • Poester99

  • JJ

    So where is the nude art class, AKA frat parties in today’s college parlance? I am sure I would test out with a PHD, and only two false convictions.

    To be fair, I was an over achiever. Or under achiever….depends on which ex you ask.

    Honestly, we all know that these girls were victims whose future dupes….I means husbands will have the “luxury” of not being told all the wonderful carousilic adventures her uterus, and those of her friends, are lined with before, during, and after “Holy” Matrimony to a self-proclaimed “born again virgin.” Jesus be praised, her new beta orbiter can be thankful. I’m sure He weeps.

    I’m also sure that the one in four statistic is totally true, because “true” in feminist parlance is double speak for “miserable liars who failed at math and have to dupe others smarter then they who can get an engineering degree.”

    So let’s figure this out:

    Let’s say you have a college of 60,000 students. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for 60% to be female. So multiply 60000 by .6 which = 36000 females, to 24000 men.

    Take that 24000 men, and picture a ravenous band of teenagers who used to be loving, caring, wonderful teenage brats whose mothers loved them. They were most likely clean cut, and loved animals (especially kittens).

    Now, after high school, and “not being tempted” by the wonderful angels AKA sorority girls and other various co-eds (nowadays at least); and these wonderful little boys from mostly single mother homes turn into rapacious barbarians with viking or cosack yak hair garments and 24 pack of the cheapest beer they probably couldn’t afford to watch a “angel” at a sleazy party drink for them. Don’t forget they magically comport a fetish for kitten smoothies from the air in their environment!

    If you take the 1 in 4 thing seriously, 24k males to 36k females = 9000 rapes/year.

    9000 rapes per year!!!!!!!!!!! with only 60000 students?

    Yeah, feminists can totally do math. So they claim we have these choir boys turned demonic rapist worshiper of all that is vile and unholy, are committing rapes at a rate of around 9000 per year on an averaged sized campus, and we are only getting say 80 failed prosecutions in a town like Missoula, Montana with a small state funded college that needs Eric “I can’t handle my business without aiding the death of my own men by Mexican drug cartels” Holder to send in a “crack” team to investigate?

    Very little in this simple mathematical journey tells me we have not entered into a police state yet.

    A school of 200k=30000 rapes/year.

    We have (Source wikipedia):
    “The United States has a total of 4,495 Title IV-eligible, degree-granting institutions: 2,774 4-year institutions and 1,721 2-year institutions,[3] an average of more than 115 per state. As of 2010, the US had 20.3 million students in higher education, roughly 5.7% of the total population.[4] About 14.6 million of these students were enrolled full-time.[5]”

    So, 20.3 million students (giving a 53.5 percent female to male ratio) according to that article is:

    duh, duh, dunnnnnhhhh

    53.5% of 20.3 mil is 10,860,500 female students. Multiply by .25% and you get

    duh, duh, dunnnhhhh

    2,715,125 rapes at our nation’s major college campuses per year!!!

    According to wikipedia, there are

    Nearly 90,000 people reported being raped in the United States in 2008. There is an arrest rate of 25%.

    90000 nationwide is < 2,715,125; not according to feminist's superior mathematics department. Title-9 be praised. Mainly because it is so useful. At least so I am told?

    In 2007, according to the Japanese government their entire nation of 130 million people committed just over 11000 events of violent crime. That is including rape, assault, and armed robbery ( I favor the crook trying it on a gas station and fighting with a katana like in Japanese TV, but I digress ).

    That same year, all of Philadelphia claimed 11,700 of the same. Their population, 1.3 million.

    Okay, so 2.7 million rapes per year on just our college campuses are claimed by feminists!

    Yet 90,000 reported is what the gubermint claims?

    90,000 divided by 365 is 245.6 rapes per day nation wide! At least that are reported, and this merely includes college students, as well as all other women.

    2,715,125 divided by 365 is 7,439 rapes per day on just our college campuses alone according to dear leader and his femipoodle lapdogs and their mangina groomers.

    Let that sink in. Feminists are claiming that the Feds are reporting less than two weeks of rapes for the entire country! Not just the rapist's apocalypse we all must know we are swimming in.

    Yet men are raped in a matter upwards of 300000 per year? Yet they make only just over two million of our "best citizenry" according their single moms who complain of no longer receiving a welfare check.

    • Suburban Fieldsman

      Maybe it’s just a problem with word choice, it shouldn’t be called a rape culture, it’s a rape festival, or a rape extravaganza. UNC campus is like the last days of Rome. I heard they serve mojitos during the exams there.

  • Stallion

    “Additionally, you will learn how your mothers and sisters might be forced to come visit you in prison because of this new directive in that it strips you of “innocent until proven guilty” and adds “preponderance of the evidence” which simply means that all a honor court or Judge needs is %50.01 likelihood that said assault or rape happened.”

    Not to nitpick, but this only goes to actions the university can take like explusion from school.

    For a criminal offense it still has to go through the real court system and they haven’t removed presumption of innocence and the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt before shipping you off to jail. Yet.

    • Michael Sharron

      Stallion, point taken and you are correct. In Domestic Violence cases we know that preponderance of the evidence (POE) is how these cases are prosecuted, most likely a tactic to create greater statistics that can be used to ask for more money from Congress to fund programs.

      At present, to be found guilty of rape we still have due process and innocence until proven guilty. Although, I think it is just around the corner when a new federal law is created like VAWA was that adds POE to it’s core structure for rape.

      • greg

        To bring POE standard to criminal court rape cases has already been proposed for vawa. It was rejected. Believe I read about it at SAVE.

  • greg

    Thank you Michael.

    I Stand Against Landen Gambill, and All False Accusers.
    I spoke to John Gresham today, atty for the Falsely Accused, to confirm that He had received Emails that I had sent him. I had to forward them to He was very pleasant.

    I posted at the daily and am proud as to how many down votes I received. But I do have more Up votes.

    This Propaganda Filth, Fale Rape Culture, Propaganda, needs to be Combated.


  • Suburban Fieldsman

    When I was a kid, I had a great dog. She was a shorthair pointer. Lot of great characteristics, smart, nice, but one thing she did most people didn’t like was that she would find the freshest most aromatic horse shit and roll and roll and roll in it, to disguise her own smell so quarry wouldn’t recognize her dog smell. I remember, she was such a friendly dog, but she seemed pretty confused when she’d approach me or a few of my friends and everyone would just immediately recoil when they’d smell the shit and see all the big patches stuck to her fur.

    The thing is, feminists, like this UNC crowd of malcontent young ladies, the way they explain it, it’s as if the guy, the ALLEGED rapist, is just unfortunate collateral damage in their quest to stamp out this widespread epidemic of campus rape. Of females. I don’t know what all they’re going to get away with on this, or with their efforts in general. Feminists have gotten away with so much already. The thing is, they don’t realize they really do just make themselves stink the more and more. At some point, men, hell, society, are going to come to understand that these ones just stink, and whatever charms they may be able to muster, only answer is to just stand as far away from them as possible. I doubt the whole conversion to lesbianism thing is going to work for most of them, and I think it’s going to backfire twice, since they’re damaging society and may very well be held accountable some day, and they’re really damaging themselves and their own lives. How it fits into the analogy, that the dog did not seek to prevent its quarry from smelling it, but only from recognizing it, well, somehow I just feel that it does. I’m still allowed to have feelings, aren’t I?

  • Suburban Fieldsman

    BTW, I can’t help but wonder, just how in the heck do the parents receive the idea that their young daughter is about to spend four years and one hundred thousand dollars obtaining a university degree in “Gender Studies”. Are they happy about that?

    Nice site incidentally, been enjoying it a long time, just too well, lazy really, to sign in and comment til now. I’m very lazy. :)

  • Greg Canning

    absolutely no bias at UNC , equity and diversity flows abundant, oh except if you a male they you are pidgeon holed, sterotyped, excluded and considered guilty of all things purely for the crime of existing. Thanks UNC for the example perhaps Monash is taking their lead form you?

  • Howard Gordan

    There needs to be warnings to men that the new FBI definition of rape includes drug or alcohol facilitated sex. Conveniently, just after this new definition was put into effect, VAWA was written to include this definition for college campuses. I was privy to a conference call given by advisers of the White House and domestic violence groups when that definition was changed. One woman on the call stated outright the inclusion of the alcohol aspect was put in there for the sole purpose of going after college men that “took advantage” of women who indulged in drink or drug. I’m sure this will be taught to those women in the women’s studies and to those freshmen entering school. There will be a barrage of party-going men that get railroaded into oblivion with this new definition. No longer is it he said/she said, but it’s “did anyone see Becky have a drink at the party?” Life over for the poor sap who was lured into her trap. Jail bait has a whole new meaning, and its location is a bar or party. Its cohort is any woman.

    • theoutside

      Very important info here. Deserves a separate article.

  • JGteMolder

    “Additionally, we will learn how to mourn for your fathers much less early in life than your mothers.”

    Shouldn’t that be “much more early in life”?

    “Your job is visitor 4 days a month.”


  • Dunamace

    Great humour in this post…..And a great message. Well done Michael.

  • TheSandreGuy

    All that women become after reading “women’s studies” are professional whiners.

    I’ve tried countless times to have a reasonable discussion with graduates and all have argues that their “feelings” somehow trumps my logic.

    What a waste of money and time in the curriculum.

    • Eriu

      Having just recently declined to continue with, or attend any more “Gender Studies” lectures, I believe from my own observations that Gender Studies is more than just validating the “wimmin whine” card, it is about indoctrination.

      One reaches the point; I did anyway, where if I hear the word “patriarchy” one more time I will scream.

      Gender Studies is about programming women into a legitimate (in their minds) male-hate default setting, and programming the few unfortunate males in attendance into, abject compliance with a doctrine designed to emasculate, intimidate and dis-empower them AS men.

      In my mind it is, to be blunt, psychological warfare.

      • TheSandreGuy

        My conclusion as well. I have actually analyzed the academic papers of a women’s studies course:

        1. There is actually not a lot of course-material. It seems that they spend 90% of the time in the classroms doing nothing but cackling about how they, primarily middle-class women, are kept down by “the man”.

        2. There are NO actual academic standards by which any correct or false answers are measured. In other words, a grade is entirely set by the tutor, not by any academic merit.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    I would like to give an honorable mention to the famous North Carolinan, Velma Barfield, mercilessly executed by the oppressive patriarchy for being a black widow serial killer (3 husbands and 4 other victims). Barfield is worthy of the attention of students at the university.

    Velma Barfield, North Carolina Serial Killer – 1978

    Barfield’s is one of nearly cases of Black Widow Serial Killers so far collected at:

    Black Widow Serial Killers

    This information will be very useful for the class:
    “The psychology and methods of the predatory woman 101″

  • jimbeaux

    “In this class, we will discover new and exciting cutting edge treatments in prostrate cancer, testicular cancer, and cardiovascular disease.”

    Pet peeve: authors who confuse the word “Prostate” with “Prostrate”.

    “Prostrate” is an adjective which means “Lying stretched out on the ground with one’s face downward.”

    A “Prostate” is “a gland surrounding the neck of the bladder in male mammals and releasing a fluid component of semen.”

    Otherwise, great article.

    • Michael Sharron

      jimbeaux, thanks for the heads up. It wasn’t confusion, it was a typo.

  • Turbo

    I enjoyed that Michael. :-) :-)

  • UNCStudent

    Mr. Sharron,

    Let me preface this by saying that I’m an undergraduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill and I’m also a cisgendered male. I live the experience of being a male student here every day, and therefore I think I know a little bit more about how “oppressive” those “women screaming for equality” on my campus are to men (which, sorry to burst your privileged bubble, they absolutely are not).

    This “satirical” article is incredibly problematic and, ironically, demonstrates the need for Women’s Studies classes at UNC more so than any sober, well-informed article actually could. Your article not only completely ignores the structural influences of power and privilege in our society in terms of gender, but it also perpetuates myths and stereotypes which hurt women AND men. Indeed, as Women’s Studies classes point out, patriarchy hurts everyone in our society, and your blatant refusal to see it only hurts the men you claim to so lovingly advocate for.

    In regards to your thoughts on the case of Landen Gambill, you say that men can be “identified as a rapist without any evidence, witnesses, or complainants going to law enforcement. “ Is it really so shocking that this should be the case? Law enforcement offices have been notoriously slack in dealing with survivors of sexual assault, both female AND male, as evidenced by the fact that in cities like Detroit, over 11,303 rape kits have left to even be tested and investigated. And even in the off chance that law enforcement bothers to rally the evidence to bring a rape case to trial, over 97% of rapists are never actually incarcerated. Doesn’t it make sense, then, that survivors might want to seek justice closer to home, where they can at least have more of a voice in a process that still routinely ignores them and their stories?

    You write: “all a honor court or Judge needs is %50.01 likelihood that said assault or rape happened.” That is a ridiculous statement at best, and also neglects the fact that only 2-8% falsely report rape and over 50% of college women who report rape are not believed. You frame honor courts and judges as if they are searching for men to charge with rape, when actually the odds are stacked in favor of the alleged perpetrator from day one of any proceedings.

    In the future, I hope that you approach your article writing with more research and more careful thought as to how you reach the conclusions that you do. I think it’s ironic that the website you write for has the tagline “compassion for boys and men,” when it seems as though that compassion would run out the door for them if they ever came forward as male survivors of sexual assault. Funny how rape culture works that way.

    -Wilson Hood
    UNC-Chapel Hill, Class of 2015

    • Paul Elam

      As soon as I saw you identify yourself as a “cisgendered male” I knew a ton of bullshit was going to follow.

      Welcome to the house of pain.

    • Aimee McGee

      Somehow I think you have not read anything other than this article. We have loads of male survivors of RAPE here…and despite what your women’s studies class tells you, women can and do RAPE men.
      So if you believe in the patriarcy, can you give me one example where you have benefited from it?

    • greg


      Please go to Community of the Wrongly Accused,, and start reading. Pierce Harlan may be writing about you in the future.
      And please stick around here and start educating yourself. Bring all of your friends as well.

      And as to the lawsuit that Landen is party to, it’s nothing more than an extortion attempt.

      And for the record, I stand AGAINST Landen Gambill and all False Accusers.

    • Turbo

      “you say that men can be “identified as a rapist without any evidence, witnesses, or complainants going to law enforcement. “ Is it really so shocking that this should be the case?”

      WTF, are you really serious.

      Wilson (if you really exist), please have a good long hard think about that statement. Try to shut out the obvious indoctrination you have suffered at the hands of the “Women’s Study Course”, and consider if you really think someone should be able to ruin YOUR life by labeling you a rapist when you are nothing of the sort.

      Wilson (if you really exist), young men like you are the reason we exist and why the Men’s Human Rights Movement need to get into Universities, to help stop the poisoning of young minds like yours.

      • theoutside

        I don’t think “Wison” does really exist. He/she/it is a company-paid troll.

        Just not sure which company.

    • Michael Sharron

      Mr Hood,
      I had a 356 word response to your comment, then realized a very simple way of explaining this.

      If you were a parent, and you had two children, and one started to have difficulties in life and required extensive help, would you a) Find a way to get her/him help and work harder to provide for both of your children or b) take all the resources you have for both kids and give it just to the one with problems and ignore the other?

      Because this is exactly what is happening at all major Universities, they are creating resources just for women while overlooking Men’s needs and issues in the name of equality. Your argument seems to advocate for ignoring one child to benefit the other. In my mind, that makes you a dangerous person. Please never adopt.

      It’s really just that simple, no need for all the rhetoric, ideology, and bullshit you came up with.

    • theoutside

      “…the structural influences of power and privilege in our society in terms of gender, but it also perpetuates myths and stereotypes which hurt women AND men. Indeed, as Women’s Studies classes point out, patriarchy hurts everyone in our society…”

      Classic genderspeak.

  • patriot1

    Michael…with your permission I would like to post your articles on local newspapers to bring awareness.


    Oscar Gurley

  • Rod Keays

    You have an interesting site here. Yet I question if I have read one article or comment on men’s studies. Men’s Studies in fact is the study of the experience of being born male. It really has little to do with women. Granted women become a part of the male experience yet the study of maleness is the point of men’s studies. Topics to consider are: the role of hierarchy in male relationships, competition versus cooperation between males, opportunities for wealth creation vs a reality of poverty and so on.
    The discussion here is mostly about anger and revenge which have nothing to do with a healthy male identity. Before you dis me separate yourself from this argument and ask yourself if you know what your real needs are. Revenge is not a need, it is the absence of love. Feeling good about yourself is a need and only you can create that.
    The anger in our world is so deep and our unmet needs from our former spouse will never be fulfilled. We have to forgive them for that and find a new way to fulfill that need in our own lives.

    • Bombay

      The setup for the strawman comment:
      “Yet I question if I have read one article or comment on men’s studies. ”

      It’s about men’s human rights.

    • Turbo

      What are you, a psychologist? a life coach?

      Either way, spare us the sermon. We know what we are doing.

      If we want to be patronized we have plenty of options. We do not need it here.

    • theoutside

      This man is an agent. Beware.

  • crydiego

    In reply to Rod Keats

    It’s interesting to hear from someone that has a lot of knowledge about men’s studies. Hope you stick around and make more comments.

  • Rod Keays

    In reply to Turbo: My apologies if I came off in a lecturing manner. I am neither a counsellor or a life coach, however I have been active in the men’s movement for 25 years. I have seen a lot of anger in men and a witnessed lot of men suffer because of gender discrimination. Where I live many men have chosen to end their lives when their children have been wrongly taken from them, or to abduct them when threatened jail over wrongful accusations of childhood sexual abuse laid on them by mothers. However to back up my statements Turbo, what are your real needs?
    Forgive me if I seem to be lecturing again. I am just looking for real conversations.

    • Turbo

      What are my real needs Rod? I will tell you what they are.

      All that really horrendous shit that happens to men that you just mentioned. Well, I need that to stop.

      And let me tell you, a group hug and some naval gazing is not going to get it done.

      This is not about revenge or anger (not that most here do not have a right to be angry), this is about combating institutionalized discrimination against men and boys.

      This is about human rights.

  • Rod Keays

    To crydiego. Thanks for your comment I want to hear more from you too.

    • theoutside

      This man is an agent fishing for info.

      It is a bait and switch move. Mr. Cisgendered male attacks, and Mr. Sensitive Counselor mollifies.

      Avoid this person.

  • Rod Keays

    Turbo, I agree with your cause, maybe not your methods as much. Have you made a study of oppression from all sides? My interest is in the oppression of men by men. as I believe this is the bigger and far more dangerous picture ( just my opinion, of course, and this is my work). The oppression of men by men will only end with a paradigm shift in the way we think about wealth, and how it is shared or created. Scarcity or abundance; abundance or scarcity? We make it all up.
    The oppression of men by women is temporary and will end democratically.
    ( Again my opinion) Custodial rights are becoming fairer where I live. For example shared custody and the rights of the child are becoming one of the determining factors in divorce settlements here. Things are changing, albeit slowly. Congratulations on your work.