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Toronto offers $1,000 reward for those triggering false alarms

On April 4 2013, the Canadian Association for Equality,  C.A.F.E., held an open discussion around the different forms of sexism. This time it was at the Ramsay Wright Laboratories and the title of the event was “From Misogyny & Misandry to Intersexual Dialogue.” The scheduled speakers were Drs Paul Nathanson and Katherne Young. Once again it was time to crank up the University of Toronto Student Union’s fear-factory false alarm brigade, who tripped another fire alarm during the lecture, sending emergency services into action for nothing.

I want to speak specifically to the gamblers of other people’s lives. You are dangerous, bordering on lethal; not in a tough-guy kind of way, but in an adolescent, toxic-to-society kind of way.

You are cowards, so driven by blind hatred that you can’t even recognize what discussion was going on. You feel you owe society such a duty that you put people’s lives at risk. You did so without, of course, asking them, engaging them in dialogue, or considering the people who might have needed emergency assistance for real while you created a wild goose chase in the name of silencing free expression.

University of Toronto now the scene of repeated public safety offenses

Just under the fifteen minute mark into the talk, the infamous ‘hero’ of the University of Toronto Student Union’s feminists triggered it for the second time in a row. It caused emergency services to be dispatched and forced people to exit the building, again.  It caused money to be wasted, again. And most importantly, it caused innocent lives to willfully, needlessly, and consciously be put at risk, again. It was another roll of the dice on people’s lives in the name of bullying an entire society.

The seriousness of the possible outcome(s) of the false alarm is serious enough that Canadian lawmakers have legislated some penalties for it.

First the Criminal Code of Canada;

“437. Every one who wilfully, without reasonable cause, by outcry, ringing bells, using a fire alarm, telephone or telegraph, or in any other manner, makes or circulates or causes to be made or circulated an alarm of fire is guilty of

(a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 393;1972, c. 13, s. 31.”

Fairly serious stuff, and it is what’s known as a hybrid offence which gives the Crown the option of prosecuting one of two ways. If the crown elects to prosecute false fire alarm pulling indictable, the offender can serve up to two years less a day. The prisoner will serve time in a provincial jail. Not a nice place to live and you do not receive the same privileges as you would in a federal penitentiary.  If the Crown elects to prosecute summary the courts will go easier on you, less time, possibly a fine with some community service.

From there we can move to the municipal laws. According to the City of Toronto by-laws, they have some fairly hefty fines in place for those who think its fun or a good idea to disrupt free speech this way.

§ 79-19. Interference.24
No person shall impede or interfere with or hinder the Fire Department in the
performance of its duties.

Which goes on to stipulate further on down this gem;

§ 79-22. Offences.27
Every person who contravenes any of §§ 79-12 and 79-13, 79-14A, 79-15 and 79-16, 79-
17A and 79-19 to 79-21, inclusive, or who contravenes an order made under § 79-14B is
guilty of an offence and on conviction is liable to the penalty established by the
Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.33 (as may be amended or replaced from time
to time), being on the date of enactment of this chapter, a fine not exceeding $5,000
exclusive of costs.

It’s a possible $5,000.00 addition to your expenses. That is really going to bite into those trips to the bar if you’re a student. If not it’s still a fair chunk of change to interrupt a lecture for about 20 minutes. That is what could happen if the Crown elects to prosecute summary. It does not mean you escape jail time either. Summary convictions can and do carry the possibility of incarceration.

But we are not done yet.

The City of Toronto, whether you know it or not, has a bounty on your head in the form of a reward.

Probably a good idea to reproduce it here, it might motivate someone to identify you, which might save some live(s)§ 433-1. Amount of reward.

A reward of $1,000 shall be offered and, if accepted, paid to any person who supplies information leading to the conviction of any person or persons who wilfully, without reasonable cause, make or circulate or cause to be made or circulated an alarm of fire within the city of Toronto.

Finally, the City of Toronto also has a bill ready to be served on you. It is a charge of $350.00 per vehicle per hour for the use of emergency services. All that is required is your name.

A name with a bounty on it.

I’d say life just got a little more interesting for you.

At future events, AVFM personnel will be monitoring fire alarms in the building with video surveillance. If you are caught on camera, we will identify you and file complaints with local police.  We will also post those police reports, along with your name and image on the front page of this website. That should be of interest when future prospective employers Google your name.

Oh, and the reward money? We will use it to buy more cameras.

About Dan Perrins

Dan "Dannyboy" Perrins, up until a few years ago, was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Then a series of events demanded he either grab his ankles and let a corrupt "just-us" system have its way with him or take action. He chose the latter.

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  • Bewildered

    Now that’s what I call FTSU in earnest !

  • JJ

    Booyah. Sucks when the big bad government sets its sites on you. Something feminists thought was exclusively aimed only at those they disagreed with.

    Being the government hating liberatarian I am, I hate it when government imposes itself in one way; as it usually leads to another form of government intervention; so on, and so forth until a loudmouth with a square stache on his lip is telling citizens to kill other people he disagrees with.

    Yet, in this case, messing with fire fighters in order to stifle free speech; I agree with it.

    At some point, we have to know government will choose against its former “pets” and try to find a way to make us their replacement.

    To that, I have a good’ol fashioned American FU for them. For now though, I got laughter and applause.

    It is true what they say; perilous times makes for strange bedfellows.

  • fathers4fairness

    Now lets see if UofT actually has the guts to follow through.

    But Thanks to Dan and JtO for their efforts in this most recent encounter (as well as the camera-persons). It was a masterful work of art that is resonating around the blogosphere of men (regardless if Avery Haines ever gets around to reporting on this).

  • Tim Legere

    Well written Dan.

  • Phil in Utah

    Citizen’s Arrests are legal in Canada on the Federal level. It’s so tempting, but we’d just get painted as ever more brutal.

    • BlueBlood

      I would humbly recommend against any form of citizen arrest. Unless there is some form of “good samaritan” legislation in place, you open yourself up to a charge of deprivation of liberty or, worse, a civil lawsuit. If you see someone being murdered, step in. If you see a speeding motorist, a woman smoking with her young kids in the car, or someone falsely pull a fire alarm, take a photo and give it to the Police.

  • ComradePrescott

    It’s a shame no one already saw who did it!

  • Truyardy

    Good! Go ahead, pull that fire alarm one more fucking time. I dare yah! 😀

    • Never Blue Again

      We should put big red marking in each fire alarm trigger to make their job easier. Because we need hell lot of reward to buy a hell lot of cameras. :mrgreen:

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Go ahead Grrrlz, throw him under the bus. Think of it as a preemptive strike. He’s a guy; if he hasn’t betrayed you (or some other female) yet, he will eventually – he can’t help it. Why wait around for AVfM to collect reward money next time, when you can have it all now?

    • http://none universe

      Providing, for 1000$, the accusation is not false.

      Or, to square matters, for 1000CAD one of you feminist ‘males’ could turn in a member of the sorority’.
      Fair is fair, right.

    • JJ

      Or better yet, have one of your special and “privileged” white knight mangina supporters not only bail you out; but also pay your fine. Wonderful gentlemen they all are.

      And you, poor, poor princess; get to boost your feminist street cred. Yummy attention for you. Maybe N’Sync will make a comeback?

      Here is how it will play out of course!:

      1. Dupe stupid menz into paying your way for first dinner, then drive you to where you will fulfill your master plan.

      2. He drives you there.

      3. He pays your thousand dollar fine.

      4. He pays your bail.

      5. You may potentially become the next Steinem or Firebrand?! Oooooh, CHOICE! Hahahaha, go girl power for you. Make sure to preach to all the menz there from single mother homes how much better, and smarter you are simply for God (we all know He is a she right?) for blessing you with a vagina. May I suggest you try teaching them math your highness?

      6. Get to tell patriarchal males in a holding cells how privileged they are; silly rapists. DOWN WITH PATRIARCHY.

      7. Dupe above pays for your dinner several times after to celebrate your glorious victory of Patriarchal Oppression. Jesus shows up with angels in tow to ask how you could stand in the face of such brutal evil without even flinching, having a coherent thought of your own, and not vomiting useless opinions backed up by no statistics whatsoever.

      Your amazing.

      8. We MRAs get a stupid mangina to teach us “how a lady should be treated!” When he does everything for you, you deserve it; especially after spending time in prison for being falsely imprisoned because your a girl; and you were obviously fighting the evil of patriarchy that we all know exists. 😀 HAHA

      9. Truly, you now get to tell the world how oppressive it really is. You will have become feminism’s one true prophet.

      10. Boobs Futrelle will write a plethora of non-phallus, but boobamously gynocentric, sonnets singing your exploits for all of femdum to give you praise. You will truly be a oppressed princess for sure cupcake.

      Sounds like win win situations for every one involved. You wymmins will definitely show us brutally toxic members extraordinaire of Patriarchy everywhere how it is really done.

      So come on ladies, pull that lever, GLORY is calling.

      And we all know what the Golden Vajayjay says don’t we?


  • TigerMan

    I bet there’s a least ONE protester sweating right now and eyeing their friends with suspicion….. lol

  • Near Earth Object

    On another thread, someone suggested that feminists at the U of T were reading AVfM, otherwise they would not have been able to create a sign referencing ‘Agent Tungsten’.

    For the sake of innocent lives out there, I do hope that they are reading this, Dannyboy.

    ((waves to the feminist lurkers))

  • Wilf

    Pulling fire alarms seems to be standard behaviour at universities in Toronto:

  • knightrunner

    Excellent article Dan.
    I don’t think we can over stress this point. Feminist risked the lives of every man, woman and child with that.particular fire district in an attempt to silence the voices of two people giving a lecture that had nothing to do with feminism.
    The lecture was not pro-feminist or anti-feminist. Feminist were protesting the fact that someone else was talking about gender besides feminists. That was all. They were pissed because they weren’t the ones talking about.gender. Nothing more.

    • josephrobertson

      Yeah this is what got me the most about all those videos we saw come out of that whole event:

      Inside the building, where feminists are shouting and pounding sticks on the floor, responsible people came through and forced everybody outside so that the building could be cleared.

      Then the group of feminists stood on the steps and had a “rally the troops” moment, yelling more about their continual resolve to smash the patriarchy, etc.

      And then the camera turns and we see the firemen come walking up into that bullhorn brigade, these brave men there to do their job, willing to risk their lives to save perfect strangers, certain their precious time is being wasted but still showing up because it’s their duty.

      And not one of those feminists there probably thought for a split-second about the lives of those firemen (much less the lives endangered because the firemen were busy with this when there could potentially be a real fire elsewhere). They didn’t consider for a second that these men walking by them were prepared to literally walk through fire to save their sorry lives, if need be. They don’t care about that, they don’t even care about these men’s issues one way or the other, no matter how much they may say they do.

      They just want to control the conversation, they want to waste everyone’s time, and they want to be the only game in town; and it doesn’t seem to matter to them if lives are endangered in the process (in fact, the fire alarm being pulled was a cause for instant joyous celebration).

      This is the subtext of the events that transpired that day, and it says a lot.

  • Kristina Hansen

    Excellent piece Dan!

    Also a clarification to add:
    “Finally, the City of Toronto also has a bill ready to be served on you. It is a charge of $350.00 per vehicle per hour for the use of emergency services. All that is required is your name.”

    This fine is issued to the place where the false alarm was triggered. U of T is going to have to foot the bill, and I would imagine they are NOT going to be happy about it. Perhaps U of T will wake up and start condemning the group(s) involved in these childish antics once it starts to effect their pockets.

    • knightrunner

      People get tired of bullshit really quick when it hits their wallet.

      • JJ

        Amen. Money talks, BS like “men and boys actually mattering without having to hit your paycheck” walks I guess at UofT?

        Until recently; hehehe.

    • Near Earth Object

      Let’s hope, Kristina.

      Would not surprise me in the least, if the U of T posts their own security at fire alarms, or sets up temporary surveillance cameras during future events.

    • Dan Perrins

      Actually the way the law reads, it appears, that section only applies if the fire alarms are not kept in proper working order. (negligence)
      There is no negligence attached on the part of U of T.
      The fire alarms were as far as I know were in perfect working order. As with most govt institutions they would have in place a rigorous testing of fire alarms.
      There is as well no mens rea (mental intent) involved on U of T’s part.
      Since it appears this is not a strict liability offence both elements of mens rea and actus rea should be in play for it to be a crime or a violation of the by-law.
      If that were the case we would have seen that section of the bylaw struck down as unconstitutional under S 24 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for a S 11 D (presumption of innocence) conflict.

      However that changes if the U of T knowingly aids and abets the criminal(s), or they become an accessory after the fact.
      Another interesting point would be the Criminal Code’s definition of a conspiracy, which could apply if more than one person was involved in the plotting of pulling the fire alarm. It would really be interesting if it came out that the student’s union was involved.
      Another one would be counseling someone to commit a crime.
      At the end of the day unless it is a strict liability offence you need both the mens rea (mental intent) and actus rea (physical act)

      • Dan Perrins

        “When is an Alarm not considered False

        An alarm will not be considered false if it is determined that the alarm was caused by:
        Vandalism/malicious causing damage where Toronto Police has been contacted to assist”

        The police were already on scene assisting, the protesters caused damage to lockers and doors as I understand it.

    • Aimee McGee

      Only $350 per engine per hour?
      UK fire service charges £1000 per unit for any time spent at a false call out.
      Kinda made the places like big hospitals start being much more aware about the risk of false alarms – get a 6 unit call out and that costs the same as someone in an intensive care bed for 3 days

  • ImNotMraBut…

    From what I saw there was someone with a megaphone who reacted a certain way because they knew a fire Alarm was coming. Does conspiracy to commit apply in this case? … in which case she could be served and he best option would be to spread the costs by naming others.

    It’s a bit like dealing with Capone and Tax Evasion!

  • GVrooman

    Way back when I was in grade school I was taught that turning in a false alarm was the worst crime imaginable. The firemen and the police would track you down, lock you up, and throw away the key. Even worse you would never ever get to ride in a fire truck. Maybe they don’t teach that to kids anymore.

  • MRA Greatest Hits

    Who’s the outlaw’s now? Bounty even!

  • Denis

    It’s exam time now and the school year is almost done, so I don’t think there is going to be anything more until fall.

    I think I remember Ian mentioning that they might be starting discussion groups next year. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • August Løvenskiolds

    How to turn $29 into $1000:

    Buy a can of stain powder for $29.

    Apply to fire alarms before a CAFE event.

    Wait for alarm, then examine the hands of any male feminists present (female feminists never do their own dirty work).

    The guilty poodle-boy will have stains on his paws.

    Turn him in, and cha-ching!

    • Kimski

      Aww, man, that’s a great suggestion! Blue fingers and a red face to go! 😀

      If I lived in Toronto, you can bet that that is exactly what would happen at the next CAFE meeting, and the money would go straight to the AVfM donation box signed:

      “Involuntary funding of the men’s cause, courtesy of the feminist of Toronto.”

      Oh, what sweet, sweet revenge. 😀

    • TigerMan

      Unfortunately stain powder could be avoided when triggering alarm by wearing gloves and then disposing of them afterwards. I suppose the best way is to maintain video surveillance with fixed cameras placed in such a way that attempts to disable the cameras would also be seen and recorded. Of course there would be no harm in such a scenario of including both techniques as the protesters haven’t shown themselves to be very bright so far.

  • Ray

    I wonder if the police even bothered to take finger prints on the pulled fire alarm stations. Most fire alarms can be activated without leaving prints.

  • 7twenty

    You see, the government usually doesn’t care about people causing problems until you start costing them money. Once you cost them money, it’s on. I approve.

  • donzaloog

    Excellent work. I’m glad to see the Canadian government doing something about this reckless behaviour.

  • onca747

    If UoT has to foot the bill to the tune of $350/hr, I’m sure the admin will take a very dim view of any student costing them taht amount of money, regardless of whether they are prosecuted or not. Have fun flipping burgers for the rest of your career (although with a degree in Women and Gender Studies, the difference being…)

    • Never Blue Again

      ……. tends to zero. :mrgreen:

  • Robert St. Estephe

    Shall the Gynocentric Wall of Silence be pierced?

  • Peter Wright (Tawil)

    “I’d say life just got a little more interesting for you.”


  • yinyangbalance

    I’m so proud of you!
    This is what MHRA should be about. If you keep this up I will be proud to call myself one.

    Now, isn’t it funny that they make laws like this for crying wolf on false fire alarms, which really hurts no one in particular it just costs the city money, yet they have no such similar laws on the books for women making false accusations against men?


  • All Contraire

    Anyone know has there been any coverage in the local media, specifically of the false fire alarm incident but also more broadly of the C.A.F.E. meeting and surrounding protests? Surely there was coverage from the University of Toronto student newspaper?

  • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    It was another roll of the dice on people’s lives in the name of bullying an entire society.

    Ah. Now Mr Perrins. You captured that ideology in a bottle with that sentence.

  • Suburban Fieldsman

    If any feminists are reading this, I do not mean to deny you your right to go about pulling on things while in public, but if you were to refrain from pulling on fire alarms, it might reduce your chances of getting fined or imprisoned. Please don’t be offended, it’s only a suggestion.

  • tallwheel

    There may not be footage of who pulled the alarm at the latest event, but there is footage of plenty of protesters cheering when the alarm was pulled. And those protesters, if they are reading here, should remember that when they cheered they were cheering a) a criminal offense, b) a waste of taxpayer money, and c) a needless risk of human lives and safety (not to mention an attempt to shut down free speech).

    It could not be more clear. To those protesters the ends justify the means. This is what feminism looks like. (to use their own chant from the Warren Farrell protest)

  • MGTOW-man

    Before I had neared the end of your article here, I thought… we should man the fire alarms to prevent their childish, censorship-laced truth-fearing behaviors from interrupting our successful progress—which is inevitable eventually.

    But I see that you covered it. I should have known.

    We DO have a great bunch of admin/leaders on board who not only have the wits to confront and/or circumvent radical feminism hatred of men and boys, but who also have the guts to act.

    Thank you so much for your support of men and boys. Your sacrifices will be what helps propel us onto the world stage. …and when it happens, it will be like water on the wicked witch.

  • StraightBrownMale

    So how much would feminists demonize men if they showed up with clubs at their meetings and pulled the fire alarm to stop their conference?

  • catsarebetter

    Speaking of “false alarms” I am gloating over this:

    Last summer, a Lincoln, NE woman, later identified as then-33-year-old Charlie Rogers, made claims that she had been attacked at her home, due to her sexual orientation. She crawled to her neighbor’s house, naked and bleeding, saying that three masked men broke into her home, tied her up, carved anti-gay slurs into her arms and stomach before setting a small fire in the basement. After investigating, LPD believed the incident was staged and arrested her for making a false report.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      This is what “rape culture” looks like. A War Culture and the psychological pressures of believing constant threat cause people to act in very odd ways. In the US the rate of rape against women has dropped by 80% but perception of rape against women as a social issue and threat has gone up. It actually empowers false rape claims.

      This false reality has been ongoing since the Infamous Ms Magazine report of 1985 and the creation of a whole Industry – feeding off Federal Funds and with No statistical support or remit unless your Woozle the research and findings. It was first tried with Child abuse – then domestic abuse – then it was rape.

      Rape was the emotional trigger that opened up the really big money. It has even allowed the peddling of false alarm figures claiming that Millions of US girls are being pimped as sex slaves across the USA, and yet Law Enforcement at all levels are so incompetent that they simply can’t find these Millions of US Children supposedly missing – kidnapped – chained to beds and made subject to the Male Lusts. Even the TIP (Trafficking in persons) issued by the US Sate Dept can’t explain the fails after 10 years – so they have to recommend yet more money and more resources to a problem they can’t even find.

      The Argument to Statistics of One is too many is used to justify wholesale fraud … and that Really is Alarming.

      One female is too many, but that rule never applies to one male is too many. Men don’t count and have no civil rights.

      Where can I smash glass, push button and get a response to that?