Little red frothing fornication mouth

I thought I would jot down my take on the ideological feminist flying monkeys and the CAFE lecture Thursday night involving Dr Paul Nathanson and Dr. Katherine Young.

Videos are being done edited and uploaded, the Skype twixt Paul and I had has been over forked with bits and bytes clogging up the net. The lead up and the sorting of documentation is always a much longer process than the show itself.

There were actually two shows going on Thursday night. One was a circus, the other an open dialogue on misandry and misogyny. I wanted to cover both. Each had it’s certain appeal. The open dialogue lecture was important; knowledge being shared. The circus was an adrenaline rush full of clowns, trained poodle-boys, and ferocious lioness who have been robbed of true equality by feminism.

Feminism is particularly good at training its minions in two skills, herding and security. One could say they’ve developed it into an art form.

That is what I witnessed on Thursday night; the herding and security central to feminism’s narrative.

They’ve certainly lulled more people in history into believing their claims than any other I can think of. Hitler, Himmler, Hess, Goering, Speer and Goebbels could have learned a thing or three from feminism. Godwin’s Law be damned, the M.O.‘s of these two groups are frighteningly similar.

First they keep the message uniform, to keep it pure. The narrative is pure fascist Third Reich material, blame and other a group. Make up and chant hateful claims, repeat the hateful claims, and repeat them again, ad nauseam. Silence dissent. Hear none of it. If you do hear it, denounce and vilify those who blaspheme. ostracize, obfuscate, and spread copiously throughout society. Yell it at the top of your lungs. Use mechanical advantage to screech the tired old fascist feminist fallacy “its the Jew’s patriarchy’s fault.”

The Patriarchy: something set up to benefit all men and yet it oppresses men as well. It is something they are tearing down because it hurts us and they want to help while they demonize and criminalize us. I believe the layman’s term for this is contradictory bullshit. Heavy on the contradictory part and the bullshit part.

Feminists throw “patriarchy” around like a blanket tainted with smallpox.

“May I borrow a cup of patriarchy? I am baking up some man-hate.”  “Spare some patriarchy for the children?”  “Sorry, I can’t make the Slut Walk today. My patriarchy is acting up.”

It’s always patriarchy’s fault. It’s the creator of original sin, don’t you know? So it was written in the Book of Dworkin — so it was sacrificed on the Altar of Ensler.

That was the common plot of the Three Ringed Circus that had organized to protest the lecture by CAFE.

There was lots of coverage. JTO gave us a wandering snapshot of wading through the  crowds circus. But that was more like a side-show. The main attraction was “Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth.” She is a star in her own world, and trying to make it to the big time via feminism’s you go gurrl attitude and sheer tits in your face gumption.

And you know what? I couldn’t have cared less about her vociferous avocation of what I should do. I couldn’t as well have cared less about her tits. However I do have a problem believing her, and here’s why.

I brought up the topic of mental health and how men make up about 80% of the suicide population in Canada. I mentioned there was about 4 papers on the CMHA website. I was wrong about the CMHA paper count. Sorry for misstating the facts.

There are 12 pieces of information for women and one for men. Men do, however, bear mentioning in a second paper dealing with all of Canadian society — as are women. That would make it 11 to 1. Perhaps men’s voices from beyond the grave might be a little silent. Perhaps Canadians are a little deaf. Perhaps it’s because feminists like ‘Lil Red have bulldozed over those voices.

You can still learn about those men in statistics, those left behind in the carnage — as seen in the studio Brule’ video of a young man searching for some answers as to why his two friends committed suicide, as well as on epitaphs.

Their feminist follow up? Laugh like a maniac and tell people who have actually done some research to “Shut The Fuck Up” as Red was so hot to do to anyone other than her that tried to be heard.

Make no mistake about it she is scared. So scared she could not would not engage in any civil discourse. She brushed away someone who looked to be a reporter with a casual STFU, she screeched those STFU’s at me incessantly for about 12 minutes. That and constantly conflating feminism with women and visa versa.

So much for logic. So much for keeping the discussion honest. Just screech, and I do mean screech like a banshee, that MHRA’s are just a bunch of women haters.

When told point-blank that none of it is correct, I got the same set of replies: “It’s the patriarchy. You just hate women. You’re a misogynist.” No specific order. They have their indoctrination cemented firmly in every sentence, and every thought.

Early on in the night I had a short discussion with two young men who did not wish to be identified. They were afraid of backlash. Literally all they had to say was we think there should be an open discussion about how men and boys are treated these days but because of the militant actions by feminists they were afraid to go on the record, even just audio. I will say they were intelligent young men. It’s a damn shame they live in fear of militant backlash.

This is what the femmies want. They want people to be afraid to state a differing opinion. It is what their whole protest was about.

That is the security aspect of feminism; complete and utter silence, complete faith and compliance. No critical thought required, or tolerated.

‘Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth’ represents how feminism is helping men and boys. She allowed a peek beneath the veneer of the rhetoric spewed endlessly of late by feminists.

‘We are your friend’ they say. You don’t need to worry about men’s issues. We have them covered. We have them covered so well that your attempts to cover them is offensive to us. No, it’s an attack! It’s hate, you misogynistic pigs! Can’t you see we are trying to help you? Shut your fucking mouths and let us fucking help you! And if you don’t we will make you fucking pay!

Sound familiar?

Heads up, feminists, your use-by date has reached the tertiary stage. The MHRM is like time, ravaging your ignorant body of theories. From now on it is the steady onward march to the day that brings your inevitable silence, Little Red Frothing Fornicating Mouth and all.

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Dan "Dannyboy" Perrins, up until a few years ago, was blissfully ignorant of what was going on. Then a series of events demanded he either grab his ankles and let a corrupt "just-us" system have its way with him or take action. He chose the latter.

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  • Ray

    Yep, seen that M.O. before – – – then made this sign.

    Hypocritically, PC colleges and universities that openly condemn bullying, teach it in their Women’s Studies courses.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Dan you’re now my official favorite Patriarch, you entered the nut house and came out sane. I really enjoyed the Unabomber outfit :). Thx for the article.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Jack Nicholson portraying Paul Elam (as well as representing a composite of all other MHRA activist leaders) in The Paul Elam Story:

      • OneHundredPercentCotton


      • Grumpy Old Man

        LoL, my friends call me Chief.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          My Dad knew Will Sampson before he was an actor. As a young guy he used to hang out in our small hometown bars sketching women, which was pretty good strategy for not going home alone…

      • ImNotMraBut…

        Just seen on Twitter – Julia Roberts is negotiating a $30 Mil Contract, getting her hair dyed and practising screaming “Shut The Fuck Up”. Filming will be in Seattle and Shanti has already been told Don’t call us.

      • Near Earth Object

        @ 2:39

        “…you’re gonna pull that henhouse shit now…”


      • Kimski

        Probably one of the 3 best movies ever made.

        I must have seen it over 50 times by now, and I still hate nurse Ratched with a passion. She personifies everything that’s wrong with the matriarchy of today. That’s not a “strong and empowered woman”.
        That’s just an completely insane and spiteful bitch with way too much power.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          I realize now how far ahead of it’s time this movie was. This really IS the face of feminism – THIS is the promised “better world if women ran it”.

  • Shrek6

    Dan, thanks for the thread and the update on these losers. That red headed creature is a most disgusting representative of the human race. I saw the video once, if I am forced to see it again, I shall go outside and do myself in. LOL

    That screeching harridan is not only typical, but I have found her in some men I know also, who have been fully drugged/brainwashed with feminist kool aid and dogma.

    But…they are all on notice, because like a slow moving tunneling machine that eats its way through solid rock, we are coming and we will not stop!

  • Roger O Thornhill (George Kaplan)

    Hi Dan,

    Great article, I’m sorry I can’t finish it now as I’m running late for my weekly meeting at the Patriarchs (Secret Elite) Club!

    Ciao! :-)

  • ComradePrescott

    I had to stop reading in the middle because there is a really hilarious but awful typo.

    “I could as well careless about her tits. ”

    I am sure you mean “care less” as two words, but as it is it can be easily misread as “caress”. I thought it said, “I could as well caress about her tits” which was why I did a double take.

    • Cordovan Splotch

      Actually, it should be “I could as well care no less about her tits.” The negation is kind of important.

      • ComradePrescott

        I agree, it is important! In any case, he corrected himself and evidently he meant to say “cared less”.

      • Grumpy Old Man

        Dannyboy “stay away from the sparklies”.

  • Feuillet

    I beg to differ.

    Comparing Feminist to Goring is completely wrong! At least Goring is an ace and can actually fly! (despites all the evil thing he done.) You are being insensitive to all pilots!!


  • ComradePrescott

    Righto! Finished up now.

    Quite right about them wanting to make people afraid. Standard M.O for agenda pushing liars of all sorts.

    I think that perhaps speaking the truth is the responsibility of a moral man or woman. It really does feel like such a tiresome burden sometimes, but one which I cannot with good conscience ignore.

    More and more, I ask myself if I ought to be acting accordingly to protect the self or to spread goodwill. I must admit to much cowardice in my conduct. Where ever I have spread goodwill, such as volunteer work and donating my blood, it has only been in safety.

    So I commend you for your bravery and say that if your desire is to have people question their own behaviour and thoughts, then I for one have.

  • ImNotMraBut…

    “Little red frothing fornication mouth” – Coffee – Monitor – Warnings please! Please!

    Do you have any idea how much it costs to coffeeproof ?

  • turner67

    thanks for the great work. I think the redhead actually did more damage to her own side. It was actually a good idea to keep her talking in the way that you did.

  • Kimski

    “You just hate women. You’re a misogynist.”

    I’m seriously wondering if there would be a more effective way than feminism to make that an inevitable truth one day?

    Haven’t come up with anything so far, that comes even remotely close.

    Thanks, Dan.
    Glad I wasn’t there, btw. You’re a way more patient and tolerant man than me, from the looks of it.

    • Carlos

      Nailed it.

      Feminism is, itself, the single biggest social and political driver of misogyny. Whether it’s harping, shrieking and spewing spittle in the faces of men and boys and calling them rapists and pedophiles, or practicing the soft-bigotry of reduced standards, quotas and diminished accountability for women.

      Feminism is a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy that has, more than any other religion, world-view, ideology or political movement, the potential to create the very patriarchy and contempt for women that it is engaged in a perpetual revolution against. Which is hardly surprising, it’s like the firefighter who moonlights as an arsonist, creating the very problem he is trying to solve and justifying, and thereby expanding, his own existence, salary and power.

      • Towgunner

        Hey Carlos. Bingo! Nice post. My thoughts exactly.

  • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

    Danny Boy.

    The pipes are piping and you know it’s true.

    You nailed it here with enough steel to confuse a compass. And speaking of compasses, you got some of them labelled “Ethical” to hand out? If so, please save them for others because I can tell you that the cloud of flying monkeys (as you so astutely put) would look at those compasses with the same confusion Homo Pithecus would in a Las Vegas Movie junket.

    You know what I mean. Lights blinking, loud music, clothing not nicked from bears, eating without growling, use of language, knuckles not needed for locomotion?

    Forgive me here, I am having a laugh but I’ll ask you do you think I am too far off-base? Am I wrong to think that the protesters have an intimate connection, or love with their inner-monkey that you say are “flying”?

    They screech and frown and hoot and “Little Red Frothing Fornication Mouth.” (fucking love that by the way) even loped with hunched shoulders and all. Her snarled teeth remind me of something tethered to a tail. I can let you know right now that her stiffly fluffed white jacket only looks that way as it is only a membrane over great tufts of Savannah sprouted shoulder hair. If you don’t believe me, just think of evolution mixed with basic physics.

    On one hand I feel sorry for them, I really do. And on the other hand? Well, I open it up and there’s nothing there. Just air. Just stupid boring silly ole’ air that wasn’t close enough to their snouts to be sucked up in order to make their walnut brains glow enough to be visible on an MRI scanner.

    Danny you bring us grace in an angry stupid world. I know that our spiteful detractors see this and that they realise all the more you scare. I think that is their education from you. So you really have got through to them after all.

    For that you have my purest respect old son.

    Love your beard. Let them stare at it and secretly simmer, “I wish I could do that.” and of those that really could but never will, “I wish I had the guts”.

    • The Equalizer

      “Enough steel to confuse a compass”

      This is a great metaphor for the MHRM. If we have enough steel, we will confuse society’s feminism-pointing compass until a critical mass of people have reoriented their brains and direction towards the truth and equality that we represent.

  • Murray Pearson

    “Little Red Frothing Fornicator Mouth” is pretty good, but I advocate another name for her:

    Veruca Salt.

    Let’s use that! “Give me what I want, NOW Daddy, or I will SCREAM!”

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Well I can see the Similarities with Veruca Salt – but Shanti Shut the Fuck Up would not doubt construct squirrels oppressing a female and expressing the view that she is a bad nut, and then pushing her into the vagina imitating metal garbage disposal chute …. and expressing it all as Humour and in a child’s book promoting indoctrination and negative views of Wimmen …. well It’s the Patriarchy, Don’t you know!

  • onca747

    And what’s worse than little Red frothing mouth? All the feminists who sit around and declare, with perfectly straight faces, “oh well that’s only one strand of feminism. That’s not what I believe”. Moral cowards, to the last (wo)man.

    • ImNotMraBut…

      I just tell them that neither Skirt Nor Kilt will cover up the fallacy – so stop being silly and get with reality. If you have a Zalot holding you banner and proclaiming they have the Only truth you either reject the banner or you reject the Zealot!

      No True Scotsman is a logical fallacy by which an individual attempts to avoid being associated with an unpleasant act by asserting that no true member of the group they belong to would do such a thing. RationalWiki – The Home Of The Sane

  • JFinn

    On-topic and off-topic: Popular anti-feminist vlogger, TheAmazingAtheist, takes on the U of T fiasco in “Feminism vs. Freedom of Speech”

    He’s a liberal with a large young audience, who has made a lot of anti-feminist videos his audience supports. People on all sides of the political spectrum can put aside their differences when it comes to fighting misandry. Be it fighting the blatant Old School glorifying of male disposability, or the New School push for ‘equality’ by solely focusing on women’s problems (+ the glorifying of male disposability.) Despite the recent unwarranted shots hurled at avoiceformen by some MGTOW or by Bernard Chapin, I’m glad they’re still mostly fighting the right fight.

    Some of his other entries: (donglegate) (elevatorgate) (Anita Sarkeesian)

    And another popular Liberal anti-feminist you might have heard of, Bill Maher:

    Regardless of what some of you may think of their opinions (or douchiness,) as opposed to lying feminists, we actually SHOULD be working together.

    • TigerMan

      Hahaha you just saved me the trouble – just watched his video FEMINISM vs. FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Already 43k views and rising! We should hire “Little red frothing fornication mouth” she’s the best publicist we ever had! lol 😉

      EDIT: I just rechecked and it’s actually over 63k hits!

      • August Løvenskiolds

        She’s probably too busy making feminist porn.

        “What, exactly, is ‘feminist porn’?

        “Toronto just hosted the Feminist Porn Awards, and even female adult-film directors aren’t sure if that term is an oxymoron”

        • TigerMan

          Well some of it is probably being banged by guys who stand up to them….. I wonder where such guys could be…. 😉

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Dan, you have the patience of a saint. Indeed everyone on your team does. I’d like to think I could maintain such calm dignity in the presence of that caricature of a human (and her robotic flying monkeys) but I seriously doubt my ability to do so.
    In a sane world, the appropriate response to such a tantrum would be to put that child in a corner facing the wall, and ignore her. But ignoring her ilk has turned out to be deadly dangerous.
    “Security” is an apt term. Her role is Alpha Bitch of a pack of inbred dogs, guarding the gate; her intellectual “superiors” are no doubt grimacing and wincing over her total inability to make feminism seem remotely rational. Putting such a drama queen front and center, was a tactical error on their part. (Semi-)human guard dogs should stick to catchy ambiguous slogans, because when they attempt to publicly dabble in “ideas,” the results are disastrous.

    I don’t believe in repressing free speech, but she and her handlers sure do, and I’ll bet her handlers wish they had muzzled her.

    Thank you for braving the toxic pollution radiating from her vile little mouth.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Q: What are these?

      flying monkeys


      ferocious lioness


      misogynistic pigs






      A: The inhuman creatures Danny braved at the U of T.

  • The Real Peterman

    Will there be videos of Drs Nathanson and Young? I’d love to hear some of what they said.

  • Codebuster

    Great post and clips Dan et al, great effort all ’round. I wish I could be there.

    Just wanted to add… with all their blather about The Patriarchy, they don’t realize that when history looks back to judge them (as surely it will), by then it will have dawned on everyone that feminism is the most damaging thing that has ever happened to women… maybe even more so than to men, in the long run. For all their obsession with the patriarchal dimension of culture while ignoring the matriarchal, it is feminists that make women look ridiculous and ultimately, “invisible”. They have no idea of how cultures work.

  • knightrunner

    ” Heads up, feminists, your use-by date has reached the tertiary stage. The MHRM is like time, ravaging your ignorant body of theories. From now on it is the steady onward march to the day that brings your inevitable silence….”
    Pure genius.

  • Perseus

    **This** is what a feminist looks like.

    Varuca Salt, that’s perfect

    This bearer of the feminist torch reinvents the phrase ‘hegemonic attention whore’ with a vengence..

    • ImNotMraBut…

      Now look what you made me do! That needs an espresso warning! ‘hegemonic attention whore’ indeed! LOL

  • TigerMan

    Thanks to your presence and patience we now have a video going viral of what feminism looks like when it is challenged. If she didn’t have such a reasonable guy as a “foil” the video wouldn’t have been half as interesting. You John, Tungsten, Denis and Christian did us all proud. :)

  • http://none universe

    For this Canadian, after viewing the recent assorted recordings of the protests to men’s issues being discussed at the U of T, I cannot help but think that these episodes resemble that of behaviors found within professional hockey games, but instead in the feminist expressive narrative. Way to go hosers. You did it to yourselves. And you wuz out-performed in all three matches.

    All humour aside, these recordings will contribute to one long lasting and future post game hang-over for many. Count yourselves thankful IF that in the future people may overlook your indiscretions.

  • Heisenberg

    Big Red is a real piece of work … I’d love to see a one on one with her and Dr. T. I’ll bet anyone an expensive meal that she’s got a serious case of histrionic personality disorder …. at a minimum. Great article Danny Boy!

  • Iconoclast Dynamite

    I love how Red-tardation believes that being anything other than an unreasonable bitch is tantamount to behaving like a “compliant” and “docile” woman. Just further proof that the feminist mind is trapped in some caricature of 1950’s America.

  • keyster

    She believes she must behave how she imagines men must have behaved to institutionalize patriarchy. Lot’s of cursing and yelling is her version of female “machismo” unconstrained. She does this so “her voice will be heard”, because patriarchy won’t give her a platform to speak on college campuses.

  • Coldfire

    I love this article and I love the cartoon drawing! Who is drawing these?

    • Typhonblue (Asha James)

      Me. Thanks.

      • Coldfire

        I had no idea you were such a great cartoonist, Typhon!

      • The Equalizer

        They are truly excellent.

      • Dan Perrins

        Great work on the pic TB.
        Made me laugh, you got her character down to a “T”

  • RM1970

    She is so tough, with the police, courts and the whole government behind her, of course. Tough feminists should be sent to Irak and Afganistan to defend our feminized society. I can’t forget she also so intelligent, feminist women like her should be in charge of NASA and every major scientific project, would be so funny, I know I will laugh out loud. She should work in a real job, you know, those actually make the things she greedily consumes.

  • TheMalesOfGames

    I’ve been waiting for an article from you after seeing you in the U of T videos, Dan. You didn’t disappoint. The Raging Redhead in the lab coat may have been the star but you were the award-winning supporting cast member. In StudioBrule’s latest video, your eyebrows-raised expression says more than all of Red’s vitriolic statements combined.

    You’re a class act here, too. Remaining calm and logical, even though you’re presumably now deaf. It was fine for us; we could just turn down the volume. You, however, suffered the brunt and came out of it looking like the most sensible and unshakeable human being alive. I’d like to think that your calmness and Red’s hysteria would convert a few from the other side … but that’s probably just the optimist in me ignoring the fact that most will probably dismiss Red with “NAFALT” and continue ignoring the issues important to men today.

  • A Concerned Man

    I feel bad for the pool gay boy. He’s like a lost little lamb who’s inadvertantly joined up with a pack of wolves.

    They certainly are an ugly bunch, aren’t they?

    • STONE

      Ya, a poor lost little lamb who also told JtO that he wanted his tongue to hurt, his feet to burn, and his soul to be confided, and all because John contradicted him and corrected his false assertion, and he was stumped.

      It’s good to remember that there are at least three reasons for why a feminist would not show up at one of these protests. Either they would be…
      1 Reasonably Sane
      2 Sufficiently Informed
      3 Modestly afraid to totally Humiliate themselves

      And so every protester who shows up must be missing at least one of the above attributes. This is a highly biased and entertaining sample of the “feminist” population, and of the general population.

      • A Concerned Man

        Even so, it’s clear he’s is a very confused young man who doesn’t know where he belongs. He doesn’t quite fit in as a man, so he turned to women’s studies and had his mind warped.

        I have sympathy for him. Unlike Red.

      • A Concerned Man

        I take it back. I’ve seen some more footage of him and it’s clear he as fucking insane as the rest of them.

        These are seriously damanged people, 100% unhinged from reality.

    • TigerMan

      wow that video has now hit 278,427 views!!

      • Suzanne McCarley

        Since she obviously hangs with the “Theater” crowd, she must be thrilled by her new fame. I see a casting call in her future!

  • Lovekraft

    Yeah, Canada is pretty messed up nowadays. Luckily our Prime Minister has keeping the economy healthy as his top priority, so there’s little attention given to the whiny feminists. But, alas, on the horizon is little Justin Trudeau who is likely going to reverse any fiscal responsibility should he pull the wool over the population’s eyes and get into power (my guess is he won’t, since the Liberal Party is a joke. But unification of it with far-left socialist NDP party is a possible strategy).

    I do wonder where those in academia, media, HR depts came from originally. Some probably came from the U.S., but I won’t go so far as blame them for this scourge. It’s deeper than that. We’re talking Lilith-level demonic influences.

  • Lovekraft

    My comment over at youtube was to the effect that this harridan effectively brought many over to the MHRA side simply by demonstrating what we are fighting against.

  • Mateusz Wacek

    Feminists don’t hate men, just The Patriarchy. It’s as convincing as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood claiming not to hate Jews, just the International Jewish Conspiracy.

  • Turbo

    Good grief, I had not realized.
    So apparently there are groups of feminists all over the country, all over the world, banging on the doors of politicians shouting

    “We demand 50/50 shared residence of children after separation,
    We demand equal financial splits for men after separation,
    We demand something be done about the majority of homeless men
    We demand more resources be channeled into male suicide because men need help
    Mens rights are human rights”

    / Sarcasm off now

    Seriously though, it really is great to see this development. Once upon a they told us our issues did not exist, that we should all just check our privilege.

    Now they are telling us we understand that you have problems, but if you just keep quiet about it, us feminists will fix it.

    They have acknowledged us, and are trying to deflect.

    You can smell the fear, and it is better than fresh brewed coffee

    • Typhonblue (Asha James)

      Yeah, it’s a sea change.

      I’ve noticed it recently. Usually when I’d argue with a feminist I’d hunker down to weather a slugfest. But just this week I presented my argument and the guy just flounced almost immediately with “Bad news for you. Feminism and pro-feminism are “in” and it will continue to be even more “in”” and then proceeded to present the lamest and shortest attempt at a counter argument I have yet dealt with.

      These people usually assert their own insecurities so I’m guessing he actually feels feminism is on the way out.

      • Robert Crayle

        This is a seriously good sign for one reason: when proponents of an ideology start declaring the inevitability of their ideology, it’s a good sign the ideology is on the way out.

        (Replace inevitable with ‘in’ for his comment. Those crazy kids and their textspeak!)

  • JMoriarty

    I like how Tumblr user stfueverything (fitting name, n’est-ce pas?) says “they’re too busy whining and crying and being a fucking victim of this so-called ‘oppression’ rather than actually working to get something done.” without the slightest trace of irony in her voice. She also exhibits typical characteristics of radical feminists:
    1) trying to control both sides of the argument
    2) quoting from Jezebel like it was Gospel
    3) claiming to be for equality but showing time and again that she’s really not
    4) ridicules, mocks, and tries to silence differing opinions

    lemme know if I forgot anything

    • Near Earth Object

      I see a red-haired pig.

      I do…

      • Sean Gonzalez

        I don’t…

        pigs taste good.

        What I see can only come from a fascist filled with their own self-righteous and artificial hate.

        Can’t turn that into tasty bacon….

        • Near Earth Object

          I appreciate your point of view—totally!

          I still see a red-haired pig … lol

    • Heisenberg

      Oh my …. if she’s married already the man needs our prayers to summon the will to get out, or we need to have a preemptive moment of silence for her future husband (assuming she can maintain a relationship long enough that will allow her the opportunity to attempt to bully him into a proposal). Seriously, Cee U Next Tuesday!

      • Wilf

        The forum has details of her POF and Cupid dating profiles. She actually looks quite attractive in her pictures (though they do look have been taken about 10 years ago). The text however gives clues to how awful she really is.

        I don’t think a man will be putting a ring on her finger any time soon. But then again, does she need one when she has:

  • Towgunner

    This feminists is a sad person. Not very attractive, fit, etc…one could see right through her. No amount of feminism will ever fix her issues, because her issues aren’t feminists at the root. I suspect she’s never been very comfortable with herself, and therefore, she looks to blame anything and anyone for this. In that light, feminism enables her to deny her real issues. Men are just a convenient way to “express” her angst, but, if men didn’t exists, it would be something else. However, all that aside, actions result in consequences and no one should feel sorry for her. She could have learned to live with herself but instead became a miserable, envious, jealous and hate-filled bigot. Worse, although many others might be like that, only feminists and perhaps a few other “aggrieved” groups, hold the distinction of complete and open hypocrisy…in that what she accuses her opponents of is exactly what she is.

    • Walter E Kirchner

      perfect summary :)

  • A Concerned Man

    i think she deserves to be a meme, don’t you?

    have fun.

  • A Concerned Man

    My god! The number of copies of this video being circulated on Youtube by people with no association with the MRM, and even being linked to by the National Post’s Barbara Kay….

    Good job red. Dig it a little deeper. Just dandy.

    • TigerMan

      I just found another version “remixed” by Russell Lindquist – it’s fkn hilarious! 😉

    • ImNotMraBut…

      It is a little comical isn’t it. But I expect Shanti, the great leader of potty mouth feminism, to shortly disavow any allegiance with the Femms. She will produce a false contract saying she is a performing artists and professional street clown – and above all else that she was paid to do it by Tom Matlack.

      It’s that, or she will be found at the back of the Women’s Locker room, crucified up-side down and set on fire with Lard from the Federal Pork Barrel Buffet used as a substitute for Napalm.

      • Suzanne McCarley

        I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • Robert St. Estephe

    We wonder why — Why are boys not allowed to play at recess? Why is poverty the real goal of “redistribution of wealth”? Why is rampant promiscuity (with no mental preparation for the likelihood parenthood) much better than (uggggh!) family values?

    Here’s a link to a brief article touching on the father of the New Left, Herbert Marcuse, and his influence on feminism. (He’s the guy who put the “toxic” in toxic feminism).

    Excerpt: “…Marcuse insisted that equality with men is not yet freedom. … Marcuse saw finally that what was at stake was a new morality, a feminist morality, a reversal of values of profitable productivity, repression [sexual self-control], efficiency, aggression, competitiveness, of an instrumental rationality severed from emotion …”

    Margaret Cerullo, “Marcuse and Feminism,” The Radical History Review, Spring/Summer 1979 (#20)

    • Kimski

      Allow me a brief moment of rewriting, to make that more in line with reality:

      “…Marcuse insisted that equality with men is not entitlement to freedom. … Marcuse saw finally that what was at stake was a complete lack of morality, a feminist morality, a reversal of values to profitable productivity over the mental health of children i.e. future generations, regression [lack of moral sexual self-control and expression], inefficiency, hormonal hyperaggression, faked competitiveness, of an instrumental emotionality severed from rationality …”

      There, fixed it for you.


    TJ helped us out little…
    TheAmazingAtheist 139,227 views and counting…

  • gateman
  • Groot

    “We are your friend’ they say. You don’t need to worry about men’s issues. We have them covered.”

    Yes, feminism is dealing with Penile Inferiority Complex:

    • August Løvenskiolds

      “Don’t run. We are your friends.”

      • Turbo

        Ha, that is a perfect summation.

        Shut the fuck up, we will fix it.
        Don’t run, we are your friends.

    • Gordon Wadsworth

      “Women have been indoctrinated by small-penis-men to say it and believe it.”

      Wonder what she’d score on an IQ test

      • Bewildered

        Shuuuuuut daa fuuuuuuuuuuuuck uuuuuuup! 😉 She needs a psychiatric evaluation not an IQ test !

  • Lebowski Emancipated

    Patriarchy, fuckface!


  • ARK

    Hello, I have been reading this site for quite awhile. Been through the family court meat grinder. Almost choked getting the red pill down, but down it went. I had to register as I was blown away by the AM radio program I was listening to at lunch today. Corus here in Canada owns radio stations, Adler’s show today was decrying and I do mean decrying, hateful feminism on display at U of T. Also talked about a man in Toronto who signed his little girl up for swimming lessons and wasnt allowed to attend the lesson as he was male. His own daughter! We are entering the mainstream folks, Hats off to you all. Here’s a link if anyone is interested, pardon if I’m johnny-come-lately with this heads up.

    Go here & punch in for the lunch hour MST 04/11/2013.

    BTW, thx for the activism, you people are inspiring.

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Welcome, sir. The world is starting to wake up, bit-by-bit. Good to have you aboard.

    • Turbo

      Welcome ARK.

    • Max Cade

      A very warm welcome to you on the Good Ship Equality! 😀

    • Max Cade

      Not allowed to attend his daughter’s swimming lesson because he was male.

      This. Shit. Is. Insane.

      But no longer surprising.

      Hence the uprising.

    • Max Cade

      And the more Johnnies- and Jennies-come-lately the merrier.

    • Grumpy Old Man

      Welcome ARC and this was a good show thx. For everyone set to April 11, 12PM and the show starts at the 35min mark.

  • ARK

    Thank you gentlemen.

  • malcolm

    Not cool.
    She might be obnoxious, not very likeable, and callous towards the concerns of men and boys, but she didn’t break any laws.

    • Nick

      “Callous” is just one word. Dismissive…contemptuous…and actually wishing physical harm to male victims of domestic violence/rape…she’s a terrible human being. Hateful, angry, willfully ignorant…the list goes on.

  • IrieDave

    It seems like everyone uses the Nazi and fascist analogies to describe feminism, possibly because these are typically identified as right wing movements and thus politically correct to criticize. But really feminists are more Communists, because that’s what they actually are and identify as.

    • tamerlame

      Feminists are not communists. Females are more elitist and status aware than males. Do you think privileged white woman would want to have the same standard of living as a poor working class male?

      Feminism seems like a bizarre mixture of Leninism and Nazism, and Gynocentrism. Feminism is its own unique thing. Marxism is not feminism, the feminist pro female memes infested the Marxist movement. They have infested other movements as well, and will carry on doing so long after Marxism is forgotten, because human nature will still be the same.

      • Peter Wright (Tawil)

        “Feminists are not communists. Females are more elitist and status aware than males. Do you think privileged white woman would want to have the same standard of living as a poor working class male?”

        Knapp… Exactly.

      • lensman

        I prefer to call Feminists “Gender Socialists”.

        The logic behind this is that Nazism’s official name was “National Socialism”, and it advocated a bunch of great social benefits for the pure Germans, while delegating the other races as subhuman, only fit to work to death or go to the gas chamber.

        Substitute “Nationality” with “Gender” and you have modern day feminism. Therefore Feminists are “Gender Socialists”…

        …so I guess we should more accurately call them “Gezis” or “Gazis”?

        Shit, I was never good at this sort of thing.

        • ImNotMraBut…

          Feminism, The Cult Of Gender Socialism – Feminist C.O.G.S.

          They just don’t get the mechanics of how things fit together and make the world go round! The C.O.G.S. Are Broken.

  • Tom
  • StraightBrownMale

    Watching this hysterical piece of trash on youtube has effectively turned me into an anti-feminist.

  • Chuck Hugh Farley

    I don’t know why feminism has not been assigned the ‘hate group’ category with other similar groups like the klan or the mafia – they seek to destroy. rico laws should apply to them