University of Toronto

For the University of Toronto Student Union

To the members of the University of Toronto Student Union

As I am sure you are already aware, in three days there will be a speaking event at University of Toronto, presented by Dr. Janice Fiamengo. The topic of this lecture, as you are also undoubtedly aware, is “What’s Wrong with Women’s Studies? Academic Feminism, Censorship & Men”

The bold text in “censorship” is mine. I thought it particularly appropriate given the conduct of the University of Toronto Student Union the last time an academician came there to address an area of study that did not meet your approval.

To refresh your memory, the speaker was Dr. Warren Farrell, and the subject was the Boy Crisis, in part an exploration of male suicide, failure to launch and video game addiction.

This is you, outside the lecture hall.

Also, as you may recall, this website took on the very important task of identifying those that we could who participated in the censorship, bullying, harassment, vandalism and violence that the University of Toronto Student Union fostered and displaying them for the world to see.

As you have been very quick to tell as many people who will listen, the results for some of those following your hateful lead was not quite what they expected.

Rather than the University of Toronto Student Union  learning an immediate lesson from your folly, you attempted to take whatever additional retributive action you could, condemning this site for exposing your hatred, and even going as far as attempting to have us shut down — spreading a lot of lies in the process.

Well, it appears none of that worked out as you planned, either. A Voice for Men is still here, and thanks to the University of Toronto Student Union’s failed attempts to censor us, as well as Dr. Farrell, we are more robust and active than ever. And now, you have an even more contentious presentation on the way – as well as our new AVFM Ontario news team, which will be there to cover you as much as the lecture itself.

It is our intention at AVFM to attempt to assist the University of Toronto Student Union this time with some obviously needed advice on your conduct for the upcoming event. Of course this is being offered with the unfortunate understanding that you are incapable of reconsidering your hatred for men and boys, and your desire to harm those with whom you disagree.

First, DO NOT block doors. To understand this fully, just ask yourselves what your personal reaction is to being told you can’t go somewhere or listen to someone. I am sure if you think about it you will see that your efforts to block doors not only resulted in significant negative international attention, it also prompted many peoples curiosity about the information you did not want them to see.

Poor strategy on your part.

Next, if you are going to vandalize property by tearing down legally posted notices for an event, you might want to tell the morons doing it not to brag about it on Twitter. Well, not unless you want to see their names in headlines here.

Just saying.

Also, if you insist on having people out there to harass and intimidate attendees just for showing up, try not to pick on someone who is there trying to get help understanding why they lost two friends to suicide. Not only does this make you look like insensitive, immoral scumbags, it inspires people to do the opposite of what you want them to do, which is to believe that you have any reason whatsoever to be protesting anything to begin with.

Finally, it is very important to remember that your first attempt to make the world take a dim view of men’s human rights, it was you that ended up with the world ready to scrutinize you and your actions much more than men’s advocates.

We suggest that the University of Toronto Student Union consider some very docile, respectful, unfeminist like behavior this time around; that you demonstrate to the world you have learned your place in the changes that are happening right in your own yard, which is on the sidelines, watching.

Or, you can continue to help us by giving the world another sterling demonstration of the very problems for which Dr. Fiamengo will no doubt be excoriating your ilk in her lecture, especially as her idea to speak at your school was directly inspired by your actions that day in November.

Oh, and speaking of inspiration, so was another university group dedicated to men’s issues.

University of Toronto Student Union, it is time for you to just shut up, get out of the way and let other people share ideas whether you like them or not.

Of course, it is up to you. You live in a free country as long as people like you are not running it. But whatever you choose to do, you might want to consider what happened the last time you had a bright idea.

And last November, we were not even prepared for anything to happen.

You can bet we are now.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Lights! Camera! Activism!

    To the MHRAs attending the event, please be safe, do not take their bait, do not push back, do not physically defend yourself, drop to the ground and wait for the police, take a friend, take female MHRA friends, and, most importantly, ABR — ALWAYS BE RECORDING.

    • harrywoodape

      I second the caution from Doc T. The UTSU and the klan from last time want their previous actions expunged from memory and they are really looking to discredit AVfM and men’s rights.
      Expect the unexpected. Even the police may be involved in trying to provoke any MRAs present. ABR is right. If you notice mainstream media there and no UTSU can be pretty sure that something is expected to happen. Document the hell out of everything that go’s on there.

    • Dan Perrins

      Don’t worry Dr. T. they don’t scare me 😀
      I have a decent idea what could be expected and am prepared with a couple of recording devices.
      Any provocation means a photo / video-audio opportunity to objectively document any events that may transpire.

      I still remember ‘fuckwit’ back in August of last year raising his makeshift club and me doing the calculation of what is best. (fight or flight impulse which since I had to travel about 100′ before approaching him I had already worked out what is best, do not respond or retaliate just document)
      My response was to document as best I could and then get on the horn to Paul and JTO. The article followed shortly there after.
      In the courts of law (and public opinion) documentation video, audio or photographic is sacro sanct. (Am guessing U of T student union has gotten that message, but who knows I did read their application to have AVfM banned. Was left with 2 things from that; laughter and wonder. I wondered WTF they be teaching in university. Really, that bit of bird cage liner was your collective best U of T student union?)
      So let them act like petulant little children, throwing a verbal temper tantrum. Block the doors for me and I WILL document it with commentary.
      I WILL pass said video evidence to AVfM.
      Remember Acme Fem & co children you own your words and actions REGARDLESS of what feminism tells you.

      As an aside Dr. T. I would like to remind all Canadian MHRA’s that you do have the right to record any conversation you are a party to. As I understand it the U.S. is a state by state situation (some are single party consent states while others are dual party consent states)

      • Denis

        If you need someone to watch your back, I’m planning on attending this event.

        • Dan Perrins

          Thanks !
          Could you possibly get in touch with me via my yt inbox.
          Might be a good idea to discuss a rally point for those attending from here.
          Also anyone else attending could you please do the same.
          There are a few things I would like to discuss about a rally point.
          It would be nice to have a coffee and shake hands with some of the people I hold an incredible amount of respect for.
          Cheers !

      • harrywoodape

        Be careful of the cops. In this country, there is a history of police acting like protesters to try to discredit the protesters. Be wary of any intimidating guys showing up and claiming to be MRAs. Make sure all that attend do a good job of …just attend the lecture.
        This event could be a notable victory for men’s rights or it could be something else…expect to be provoked…even by the cops if any are in attendance.

  • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

    Just as an FYI, Daddy Justice very strategically takes 2 camerawomen with him on his video activism outings. Therefore, if there are any female MRAs on the ground in Toronto, it would probably be a good idea. It’s very shrewd to use the chivalric impulses of white knights against them. Also, it shows that this is a human rights issue that is supported by both sexes.

    • mstewart

      Also if you’re recording, use a cell phone app like Ustream or Qik–they will instantly stream what you’re recording to an online account. In case anyone tries to destroy your property because you’re filming their antics, you’ll still have a record of it online.

  • Andy Thomas (aka “Andy Man”)

    Love it!

  • James Williams

    I will never get tired of saying “well done Paul” for an excellent letter. I am envious of those who are going. Who knows whether the fem morons (including their poodle men) will show up or what they will do. As they are bullies they may not do so if they feel they have inferior numbers. On the other hand, they may go the other way and do something exceptionally criminal and provocative out of desperation. For those policing the event, it will not be easy.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Poodle Men! I like it, I like it! So much better than “White Knighting”. A White Knight was, in fact, a man of honor and defender of those in need. I hate seeing the term “White Knight” scoffed for true defenders of justice.

      A Poodle Man is a feminist’s lap dog,a snarling little ankle biter, the pudgy guys living in his Mom’s basement hoping to get laid by sucking up to gurrlz.

      • harrywoodape

        You know…there is something that bothers me here. I don’t like women shaming men with derogatory labels. I think it is disrespectful. Lots of guys here have to listen to all kinds of shaming from women everyday.
        I notice some women seem to display a lot of anger at men that they classify as “lesser men”. I shows a lack of respect for what it is like to be an ordinary fellow.
        “Poodle men” are guys that haven’t woken up yet or are rooted in fear. Challenge them on their behaviour? Yes, I support that. Shame them? OK, better coming from another man if necessary.
        I don’t like to hear women shaming men’s courage or character because…they can’t understand exactly what it is like to be a man. Regardless if you have WITNESSED men being shamed and treated badly, it is different from actually being in a man’s shoes. Save your anger and shame attacks for other women, ladies. Our brothers need to heal and least for me…these shaming attacks from female MRAs directed at men that are still blue pill is offensive.

        • Suzanne McCarley

          Are you suggesting that we censor ourselves to avoid offending men, because men already get too much criticism from women?

          • harrywoodape

            I’m suggesting that the women that come to this site to support men’s rights consider that engaging in labeling them things like “poodle men” and making reference to “pudgy guys living in their mom’s basements” are being unnecessarily abusive and using more shaming tactics.
            The hope is that “poodle men” and such will be uplifted to look at themselves and their actions and recognize their own worth as men. Shaming them is no better than feminists shaming men. They use the same judgements.
            We are trying to liberate our brothers (even the immature ones) from the damage caused by multiple generations of an absence of male role models.
            I do think women that come to men’s rights back off a bit in the shame game. Guys too…but it’s quite a turn off to hear women that proclaim MRA shaming men. We want our brothers uplifted…not put down.

          • Paul Elam

            And I am suggesting that women that come to this site ignore this bullshit from you completely.

            I wish that everyone got this (and I am really glad most around here do) but this is not about who says something, it is only about whether it is true.

            There is a period at the end that that sentence.

            There is not, and never will be a different set of standards, OR EXPECTATIONS, between men and women here.

            What part of equal do you not understand?

          • Paul Elam

            Haven’t you learned the rules yet, Suz.

            We have one set of standards for humans with a penis, and a different standard for those with a vagina.

            Fuck, some are still very slow to get the point.

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            Harry…may I call you Harry?

            The Mom’s basement reference, to explain yet further, is directly attributable to the photo of Manboobz on AVFM Facebook page.

            I’ve only ventured to his site once, it pissed me off enough I don’t have the stomach to go back, especially seeing what a bottom feeder the guy was in person.

            Personally – I don’t like the term “White Knight” when used to describe feminist men.

            I like White Knights. My husband is often times my White Knight without even knowing it. To me, White Knights are historically men of principal and honor who do the right thing for the right reason.

            It’s not a term appropriately defining those men pandering for female approval.

            I’ve been in the military. I’ve seen men “White Knight” for other men. I respect and admire men with that human decency.

            “Mangina” is simply TOO disrespectful for me, as a woman, to use. It’s effective when guys call each other that, but I just won’t go there.

            “Feminist Lap Dog” and “Feminist Attack Poodle” I like, I’m comfortable with, and I’m gonna use it.

            Men on this forum speak pretty harshly about women – I’m a woman, yet I know the difference when “women” refers to women or when “women” refers to feminists.

            If the shoe doesn’t fit…I don’t wear it.

            My own son has landed in MY basement a time or two over the years and it’s NOT because I don’t allow him a bedroom upstairs because I only allow his sister upstairs, or because I’ve kicked my husband out of the house…

            …it’s because he thinks the basement is so far away I don’t hear him, well…banging around down there. He hangs a tie on the doorknob as a “Do Not Disturb Sign”.

            While I may not show respect for Feminist’s Lap Dogs or Poodles, I certainly DO respect the men on this forum – even when they don’t respect me.

            I’ll take an insulting but honest man over a pandering man currying favor any day of the week.

          • All Contraire

            Actually “my reply” is to OneHundredPercentCotton in reply to Suzanne McCarley…

            I heartily agree that ‘White Knight’, with its noble chivalrous connotations, doesn’t work. May I suggest ‘femen’ (singular = ‘feman’) to distinguish male feminists?

          • OneHundredPercentCotton

            I like “femen”, AllC, but I tell you what –

            The men locking arms and barricading the Warren Ferrell audience from attending his talk were above and beyond “femen”.

            The guys showing up under the direction of Creepy Bitter Gurls to tear down men’s human rights posters? Attack Poodles.

            I will never shame or blame a man defending his turf – not matter how “blue pill” he may be.

            Those “How Would You Feel If That Was Your Daughter” , “My Single Mom Sacrificed For Me” guys are men I would politely reason with and refer to as “femen”.

            The “Men Are What’s Wrong With The World” guys? The “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” high heel wearing take back the night rally escorts?

            It’s shame on.

            I want That Guy to know, beyond any 50.01% doubt, that I DO NOT respect or appreciate shaming or putting down fellow men on MY behalf just because I’m female.

            There’s a world of difference between misplaced concern and pandering, shaming, bullying and harming innocent men and boys.

          • August Løvenskiolds

            @All Contraire & @100%Cotton

            “Femen” already exists as a bunch of Ukrainian feminists specializing in topless protests and property damage.


          • John A

            I like the term ‘White Knight’, but it is ironic. Those guys are wannabe heroes, not real white knights. Mangina doesn’t work for many reasons, the man one being that a real mangina won’t find it offensive. Feminist white knight works better for those guys, they are all for women’s rights and equality, but as soon as push comes to shove, they jump in and defend ‘the ladies,’ bloody hypocrites.

        • Suzanne McCarley

          Your presumption of malice on our part is erroneous. What offends you personally, cannot drive this movement, and your biased perception that we “enjoy shaming men” is flat-out incorrect. We are all here because we have compassion for men, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to coddle every wounded man we encounter. Paul has learned from years of experience that walking on eggshells to avoid tripping individuals’ personal “triggers,” is a good way to be ignored.

          Brash, in-your-face activism is the name of the game here, and in playing that game we face rejection, disapproval, and hatred, measurable in metric shit-tons. Males and females alike.

          An entire class of people demanding that their feelings be made a priority over justice, equality, freedom and honesty, is precisely why we are here, and we call out men the same way we call out women. Nobody here dismisses your pain, but we aren’t going to let it slow us down; there’s only so much we can do to help you heal. You may not like our manners or our methods, but we are writing, phoning, emailing, stickering and postering – working our asses off on your behalf, and on your child’s behalf.

        • Turbo


          I know exactly where you are. I was there maybe 7 to 8 years ago. I share your pain. I had originally typed a long rambling response but I realized it was getting unwieldy.
          So I have shortened it and I will try to be succinct.

          I think your first post was in reply to OHPC, specifically regarding pudgy guys living in their mums basement. Now, I will confess that I cringed a bit when she said that myself, because this “guys that live in mums basement that can’t get laid” bullshit has been thrown at us by the Femos forever. I have to be careful here so that I don’t start waffling again.

          To be short, you have to put this in context, she was not using this comment the same way that our enemies and shamers do. And you have to surely understand who it is that made the comment, that is what gives you the context. A woman who is here and fighting for the rights of men and their children. Someone who is fighting for the EXACT human rights that you want, and her comments and activism prove it.

          I thought her response to you which started “Harry…may I call you Harry?” was perfect.

          Mate, I would urge you to read it again.
          And just remember this paragraph.

          “Men on this forum speak pretty harshly about women – I’m a woman, yet I know the difference when “women” refers to women or when “women” refers to feminists.”

          Perfectly said, and when someone, even a woman says something about some male doing feminists bidding, well maybe it needs to be said. If we do not tell them they won’t learn.

          Nobody is “white knighting” for the women here, at least not in my opinion, because if they needed that they would not be here.

          None of us are perfect mate, we will all make a mistake from time to time. When you think there is an issue, go for it. But don’t be so precious as to say that women cannot criticize the very men that we ourselves are hammering because of their support for Feminists. The women here are supporting men, their men, and they have as much right to do it as us men.

          These women here are on our side here Harry, please consider this, and do stick around.

        • harrywoodape

          I get it. I support AVfM for the most part. What I objected to is honest. Lately, I see on AVfM, references to “men still sucking on their mothers tit” and “poodle men” etc. Despite my earlier comment, I really don’t think it’s appropriate for men or women to start shaming attacks on men that aren’t there yet. These guys are like I was.
          It’s not hurt feelings, it just isn’t fair to start telling men to “man up” when they were abandoned as boys. It’s important to connect with them. I liked AndyMan’s video a month or two ago “Who taught you to hate yourself?” Uplifting.
          I do think it is absolutely fair and necessary and important to challenge men that support feminism or betray their fellow man but it can be done without finding new names to call them.
          I am a strong supporter of men’s rights. I fully back AVfM’s avante-garde approach to exposing feminist crap. I welcome women that are involved in that too but the whole point to me is to help get men back some esteem for being male and be there for our brothers. Not separate and judge them. Hopefully, some of today’s “white-knights/poodle men/manginas/golddiggers/feminazis/etc.” will become MRAs. I’m all for being unapologetic and straight-up with them (I hate PR)…but let’s grow up.

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          “You are a snotty fucker white-knighting for the women MRAs that you seem to value over the men”.

          Next breath:

          “the whole point to me is to help get men back some esteem for being male and be there for our brothers. Not separate and judge them”.

          …did I miss something here?

          The whole point to me is to help men get back their human rights to be treated equally in society and under the law.

          Without that bedrock foundation there will be no self esteem, there’s only self delusion.

          I wouldn’t sell yourself short in the self esteem department – you’ve done some pretty bold shaming here yourself.

          In the most recent past human rights movement your words would sound like this:

          “You are an Uncle Tom for the whites that you seem to value over the negro”.

          “the whole point to me is to help get the negro back some esteem for being black and be there for our brothers and sisters. Not separate and judge them”.

          Make no doubt about it, today’s “White Knights” were yesterday’s “White Hooded Robes”.

          I think most reformed racists feel bad about being a bigot in the past, but I’m not going to tell anybody they can’t call current bigots “redneck” because it hurts their “self esteem”.

      • Bewildered

        White Knights traditionally rescued damsels in distress and since we are talking of damsels, who are the cause of the distress and not its victims , I agree ‘white knights’ is an inappropriate phrase.
        ‘Poodle man’ is a more apt description —- hopelessly brainwashed to the point of being unable to see the evil in his master!

    • Kimski

      I totally dig the stuffed toy-analogy, James. :)

  • JinnBottle

    “You live in a free country as long as people like you are not running it.”

    …That has GOT to appear in a future book of “The Great Quotations”.

  • Zerbu

    I hope there’s another public attackagainst AVfM. The previous ones already created a lot of publicity for the movement, so my advice to the feminists is to keep them coming.

  • herman melville

    Dr. T is correct. ABR. One person with a videocamera should take the long shots, i.e. the whole scene; another should be in the middle of the action taking the close-ups. Should the need arise, the combination of the two makes it easier for a judge or jury to see not only the specifics of what happened, but the context as well.

    In addition, remember that everything you do or say is on tape, so be on your best behavior. No cursing, no physical violence.

    Finally, remember that every person there is a potential convert. So have your bullet points in mind at all times and state them in calm, reasonable, measured tones. “99% of those killed or maimed in war are men. Do you think that should be equalized?” “Women are as likely as men to commit domestic violence. Do you think male and female perpetrators should be treated equally? What about male and female victims?” Etc.

    Always be prepared with facts to back up what you say.

    It’s your job to show the true face of the MHRM.

  • Christian “xXToYeDXx” Chiasson

    I’ll be there with a camera in hand.

    To Dr. Tara: We’re fully expecting agent provocateurs to be there. We’re not convinced the UTSU won’t try to at least provoke some sort of violence on our part but rest assured their attempts will not succeed. Non-violence and non-aggression is the mentality we’ll have and promote at the event. And like I said I’ll have the camera in hand and rolling the whole time.

  • GVrooman

    “A Poodle Man is a feminist’s lap dog,a snarling little ankle biter, the pudgy guys living in his Mom’s basement hoping to get laid by sucking up to gurrlz.”

    Ooh. Your claws are showing. A typical female shaming and blaming statement. I am not defending White Knights or Poodle Men, but I am defending pudgy little guys who live in Mom’s basement who are no more likely to be White Knights than men who are six feet tall and gainfully employed.

    The whole Mom’s basement thing is getting to be an overworked stereotype. It is quite common for women to live with Mom when they are between husbands or out of work. In fact “going home to mother” used to be a common ploy in marital disputes. One difference is that women generally get to have a room upstairs, while men are relegated to the basement. Of course the basement is Mom’s because dad was evicted from the house a long time ago. The main reason women dislike men who live in Mom’s basement is because it signifies that these men are not quite ready to take on the job of supporting them.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      …so “tongue in cheek” isn’t your strong suit.

      I understand.

      Feminist shaming and over wrought stereo types are the reason I used it.

      We ALL know what “mom’s basement” means, just as we all know what “Bubba’s bitch” means.

      You’ve seen the Wile E. Coyote cartoons where the grenade gets tossed back at the person who lobbed it?

      We all know “White Knights” come in all colors, stripes and patterns, just as MRAs do.

      That was just a little “back at ya”.


      It was funny.

    • harrywoodape

      Excellent points. Well said.

    • harrywoodape

      I think anyone that would “down vote” your comment does not really understand what men’s rights is about. My hat is off to you (yes wood apes have style) good sir. An excellent comment. Thanks for standing up for yourself and for men.

      • Paul Elam

        Wow, and I was just sitting here thinking I understood this movement pretty well. DAMN!

        • harrywoodape

          Ah cotton is your friend.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      I’m happy to call them “poodle men”. its a perfect metaphor for thier behaviour. And if they are inadvertantly shamed by that then all the better… maybe it will make them reflect on thier behaviour.

      The shaming I dont like is the kind where it isnt deserved. Shaming when its called for is, well….. called for. See the difference there?

      Try not to stress so much Harry, its not aimed at you… it is aimed at your enemies. I understand you are sensitive to female shaming and why, many men are and for damned good reasons, me included… but there are nuances here in how the shaming is used, and to whom it is directed.

      White knights and manginas – ie. poodle men, want to destroy you Harry.

  • Dan Perrins

    I’m ready for whatever they throw at me.
    It should be interesting even if the feminist studies minions don’t show.
    The stage is set, what actors will appear?
    What roles will they play?
    What lines will they recite?
    What actions will they preform?
    In about 96 hours (or less) I will be giving AVfM readers a front row seat to the show.
    Alea Jacta Est. (the die is cast)

    Like Paul said its going to be a busy year. We’ve barely broken the 3 month mark and look at the buzz.
    It should be music to all our ears.

    Poignant observations as always Paul, thoroughly enjoyed the article.


    Once we expose them as violent without a doubt,their ideology will fall apart.they will show their bigotry for the world to see.If we are nonviolent,it may paint the picture that feminism is hate.

  • Suzanne McCarley

    Be alert for “infiltrators” who pose as MHRAs and behave badly. Try to get good footage of anyone disruptive, so they can be identified.
    Paranoid? Yep. We’re dealing with devious scuzbags.

    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      • OneHundredPercentCotton

        During the Denver OWS protests my son’s friend was in a parking garage when he witnessed a man emerging from the “protesters”, peeling off a black hooded sweat shirt, then jumping into a police car with several other “protesters”.

        Sometimes we get so focused on certain aspects of things we miss the Big Picture – or the small but revealing details.

        Beware of your own tendencies to be myopic, and look around the edges of the excitement and crowds. There’s bound to be some truth going on there.

        God bless video cameras.

    • Dan Perrins

      Have no fear Sue.
      I am prepared for something like that to happen.
      My camera will not discriminate.
      I’ve no problems documenting some asshat (male or female) who tries to incite anything.

    • scatmaster

      I think Suzanne’s advice is the best.
      I fully expect people show purporting to be M(H)RA’s but causing disruptions. Remember the professional protesters that attended Dr. Farrell’s speech. Make no mistake they have thugs that are more than willing to cause trouble posing as one of us.

      • lensman

        We have this problem in Greece as well. We call them “Known-Unknowns” and they are plants within a group with the specific purpose to raise havoc and give the police a reason to attack it.

        Thankfully, I have a counter-strategy for that…

        Dan, Christian, Denis, I need to share it with you in private (as in not in a publicly displayed forum). How can I get in touch with you?

  • TigerMan

    Excellent letter Paul and I just saw something which demonstrates many students @ UofT are not happy with UTSU either! :)

  • BenJames

    I dont know Paul, this article/letter just sounds a bit like old fasioned ‘baiting’ and a bit shrill. We have right on our side, we have all the high moral ground and a big opportunity to make a serious statement – i dont think it requires this kind of egging, or stirring up. The event is big enough without out it, and it makes MRM look a bit too desperate to make it a fight.

    I guess the speaker knows that her lecture is really a pawn in all this? I hope so, otherwise its disrespectful to her.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      “I guess the speaker knows that her lecture is really a pawn in all this? I hope so, otherwise its disrespectful to her.”

      Troll, much?

      How about a bit of respect for Dr. Janice Fiamengo, a clearly intelligent woman with her own agency and opinions. Rediculous to suggest she chose to give a lecture at the Uni because men tricked her into it, or because AVfM decided to make her a pawn… I dont think she even knows anyone at AVfM.

      The only one here disrespecting her is you – and for obvious purposes.

      • BenJames

        hold on there Peter:
        a) I think Pauls letter is a bit shrill. Im entitled to that viewpoint
        b) Dr Flamengo’s lecture has a topic, and the topic is not “we’re going to show those UofT protesters whats what!”.. is it?

        I am not a troll, I am simply asking the question, Is the topic of the lecture less important than the lecture taking place to those here? If so, then yes, it is a bit disrespectful to the person giving the lecture (unless she agrees with this positioning).

        Before sending out insults just because you dont agree, how about spending 2-3 seconds to understand what was posted first and then if you still disagree, then accepting that everyone is entitled to an opinion.


        • Stephen O’Brian

          For goodness sake, drop the patronizing white knighting.
          The lecturer is a grown woman and a professional who can make her own mind up, plus Paul has every right to crow and give her and the student’s union fair warning that violence on the union’s part will only backfire on them again.

          • BenJames

            give me a break. Has this community suddenly got closeminded or something? I’m White Knighting? FFS. give me break.

            My point was, and remains, that this article and all the comments are full of glee about the combative nature of this event (and believe me I am also looking forward to this immensley: it will hopefully produce some landmark content for MRM and AVfM.)… ..that the combative aspect of this event seems to be more important than the lecture itself. I wasnt even passing judgement about whether this was necessarily a good or bad thing.. merely making an observation… with the not so subtle subtext that perhaps people were getting off on the battle rather than the substance… making us look a bit too desperate for a stand-up/knock-em down fight rather than a real battle of ethics and rights..

            If this comment is a bit too nuanced and involved for you, Im sorry.

          • Dr. F (Ian Williams)


            The Syntax we read. – “If this comment is a bit too nuanced and involved for you, I’m sorry.”

            Translation 1: – The truthful outer voice.
            “If this comment is a bit too pedanticly (Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules) inclined and involved (The question of your intelligence is raised) for you, I’m sorry.” (You are not sorry)

            Translation 2: – The adrenaline inner voice.
            “I did not expect to be berated by sharper minds here and can see I am now sitting in a corner. My only way out is to dip into the “Emergency-lucky-Bag” and see what’s there. Ah, here’s a stone. It’s called “Forget the issues and hurl this stone away from my body to the source of the noise.””

            Afterthoughts 3: – The analyzing inner voice.
            “White knight? I can’t believe I let that one slip out. How could I have missed that one? Bugger!”

            Note to self – – “Do not let your pen write for me. Think a lot more as I might let it be known that I am not quite red pill as yet and that’s fine. No crime in that. I just should explain that next time to cover my arse. In the meantime I had better read up a bit more about this MHRA thing. It’s pretty detailed really and I am starting to now know that there is much much more to know.”

            To self – “Sigh.”

          • scatmaster

            Welcome back Dr. F!!!!
            Been missing you around here mate!!!!

          • Dr. F (Ian Williams)

            Ta Scatters.

            On sabbatical and broken momentarily, and to be sure I will be back as Arnie.

          • scatmaster

            All the best Dr. F. take care my friend.

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        I suspect Dr Fiamengo will have far more individuals in attendance because of the coverage here, in which case, she very well may be grateful to AVFM. Also, didn’t I read that Dr Fiamengo strategically chose U of T because of the hateful behavior at Dr Farrell’s lecture? Seems to me that Dr Fiamengo is someone who knows exactly what she’s doing.

        Let’s see, if campus feminists and Poodle Knights don’t show, it’s a win.

        If campus feminists and Poodle Knights show, give a repeat performance of what they did outside Dr Farrell’s lecture and expose their thuggery again, it’s a win.

        If campus feminists and Poodle Knights show up, attend the lecture and actually learn something, it’s a win.

        If campus feminists and Poodle Knights show up and peacefully protest against free speech and human rights, it’s a win.

        I like these odds.

        • BenJames

          and if a bevy or MRM’s choc full of enthusiasm turn up and make us look like a mob, its a terrible terrible lost opportunity.

          Thats my worry, and thats why I think Paul’s article is almost a call to arms for unruly, mouthy guys to turn up and look bad on the video that YOU KNOW they are going have, aim to provoke us, and then use the video to portray us as ugly, angry men and therefore easily dismissed as not having a calm, fair and rational arguament.

          • Peter Wright (Tawil)

            ” I think Paul’s article is almost a call to arms for unruly, mouthy guys to turn up and look bad on the video”

            Lol, dream on… your smear tactics are getting humorous now. AVfM men and women are peaceful, and anti violent. Role models if you will. So there is no need for your chicken little campaign about mobs of aggressive males turning up at the event as a result of Paul Elam. On the contrary if anyone takes Paul Elam’s lead they will turn up (if at all) and demonstrate the peaceful, non-violent freedom of movement and speech that AVfM is famed for.

          • MrShadowfax42

          • Stephen O’Brian

            Come on, get off the grass.
            Your concern is totally unwarranted.
            Look it’s simple. Box cutter wielding feminists confronted AVFM supporters recently and the AVFM folk did not raise their voices a decibel or lift a finger in anger, but let the femifools be hoist by their own petards. It was a major public relations disaster for the fems and a major PR victory for MHRAs.
            Your concern is better placed on worrying if the femis who must be getting desperate by now will up the ante.

    • Turbo

      “I guess the speaker knows that her lecture is really a pawn in all this? I hope so, otherwise its disrespectful to her.”

      What are you talking about? Dr. Janice Fiamengo made her own decision to do the lecture, and kudos to her for doing so. She is nobodies pawn

    • Paul Elam

      First, BenJames, thank you for your long history of contributions here to the discussion on activism. Always nice to see a seasoned voice in the mix, especially in the case of dissent. And it really adds meaning to “we” when you say, “we have right on our side.”

      Nothing worse than someone who just registers to troll.

      As to your tro, sorry, concern, Fiamengo is a big girl, and apparently one with personal agency, as she has publicly stated that her appearance at the school was at her request precisely because of the conduct outlined above by UTSU.

      I do believe that makes her a player, not a pawn. You do nothing but insult her autonomy to suggest she is being manipulated by an article I wrote after she announced her intentions to speak.

      As to the rest of your comment, all I can say is go piss up a rope. Well, I could say more, but that is all I want to say.

      Whoever you are, you are not fooling anyone.

      Now shove off. The men’s human rights activists are pretty busy around here.

      • Dr. Tara J. Palmatier

        Perhaps a way to combat UTSU sending plants to masquerade as MHRAs at the lecture is to have all AVFM-affiliated MHRAs planning to attend to register with Danny or another designate. That way, if a UTSU goon shows up, he will be easily identified as not a legit MHRA.

        These individuals are not above such chicanery and the folks attending should anticipate and plan for this.

      • JJ


        That comment I posted, and you deleted, was actually the right thing to do.

        I noticed the same thing on Elusive Wapiti’s, and Apocalypse Cometh blogs.

        The site tries to get you to register by country. I suspect whoever it is is looking for identification. They are using your name to do it by infuriating bloggers and those who comment by calling you a fraud.

        I suspect it may have something to do with the upcoming conference? Or maybe a zealous beta male with an emotional terrorist’s axe she told him to grind?

    • Bewildered

      Sorry pal ! The game is over. A powerful search light has been turned on and the bandicoots are running for cover.

  • externalangst

    When Daphne Patai’s and Noretta Koertge’s book Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women’s Studies came out some time ago, it was strategically ignored by the literary establishment and the MSM. Such was the standard way the feminist mainstream handles critical & contradictory material. They ignore them into irrelevance.

    But what are they going to do now? Making a fuss at the UofT lecture will be contrary to past practice and would publicize their worst nightmare. This is new ground for femofascists. I suspect either they will return to the old method of just ignoring it or plant an agent provocateur.

  • Stephen O’Brian

    Yowza Paul!
    Smack down!
    I can hear the squeals of the Student Union members reading this from here.
    Good job. They deserve to be shamed.

  • John Hembling (JtO)

    I am sure this helpful message was just what the young feminists at u of t needed, after this they will certainly turn over a new leaf and behave with utmost civility . Hey, why are you laughing?

  • Jim Thompson

    I suggest that one video camera (at least) on an extension stick to take wide angle inclusive shots from above heads would be a good idea.

    • Peter Wright (Tawil)

      Jim, that is quite a good suggestion – an elevated wide angle lens instead of a narrow focus lens. If our representative at the event has it within his means I think its a suggestion worth following.

  • Paul Elam

    OT, but a point of pure pride.

    Dr. Greg Canning, one of our foremost MHRA’s has seriously put a case of hurt on the notion of feminist “logic” in this mainstream media piece.

    Cheers to you, Greg, for this immaculate piece of pwnage.

    • Turbo

      Agreed, great writing Greg.

  • Grumpy Old Man

    Good stuff Paul. thx

  • dhanu

    Why not make a request (I mean, a written appeal or whatever that is called) to the police/security team itself to record and document everything? (One must still make one’s own recordings too, my suggestion is just an additional option.) That would rule out the police’s own clowns if any, and anyone playing a men’s rights activist but who actually is not (because those people could be identified in the video). It’s easier for the police to set up cameras everywhere since they have both resources and permission. Plus, since it’s us who is making such a request (even if they refuse to grant it for any reason), it would be already clear to them that we have no violent intentions and just want self safety and peace, just in case the femmos would have told/taught them otherwise about us. When a group of people seeks police help against another, that group is, in general, bound to be lawful (excluding cases of money, politics, lobbying, and corruption etc), and is perceived as such by the police.

    Such things give us an opportunity to make friends with the authorities and show our righteous truthful and non-violent stance, at the same time exposing the hatred and bigotry of the femi-camp.

  • August Løvenskiolds

    We have to be ready for ANY provocation from the feminists, including crap like this:

    Let me reiterate: the feminists and their poodles will be flinging poo everywhere to provoke us to violence. Whether you prefer to be stolid, or bemused at their antics, do not engage. If you find yourself losing your cool, walk away.

    Feminists have more experience at collective action (attention-whoring slut walks, rioting, mob-rule) than we have and so we are at disadvantage on that point, but our vast superiority at personal agency and calm, measured actions can carry the day.

    • BenJames

      yes: agreed: and thats he a point I was trying to make earlier (not as sucintly as you August) but got flamed for it. I dont understand what Ive said wrong!

      • MrShadowfax42

        “thats why I think Paul’s article is almost a call to arms for unruly, mouthy guys to turn up and look bad on the video that YOU KNOW they are going have, aim to provoke us, and then use the video to portray us as ugly, angry men and therefore easily dismissed as not having a calm, fair and rational argument.”

        Why is Paul Elam’s article a “call to arms for unruly, mouthy guys”? This should give you a hint as to the short thrift you have received. In that sentence you sound almost like a Jezebel article. It’s a total strawman, one that most who support AVfM spend precious time railing against.

  • Jim Thompson

    In reply to Peter Wright.

    The camera extension pole can be improvised, it doesn’t have to be a specially made stick.

    I’m an old TV cameraman, I know the advantage of this.

  • Aimee McGee

    Pls all be careful. Of the MHRAs attending do we have any one with advanced first aid skills?
    That might seem like overkill, but if the crowd gets unruly and someone is hurt, having a first aider will help until paramedics can get in there.
    I admit, I’m scared for you all

    • Klar

      awww – come on Aimee, that’s a spoiler sorta like “go out and spookem” on Halloween “but remember, be safe”

      • Aimee McGee

        Ya can’t take the first responder out of me, no matter how hard you try…;)
        I’m one of these folk who say prepare for the worst then ya won’t need what ya have prepared!

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Aimee, I love you, and I feel sort of bad at pointing this out, but, really, “advanced first aid” seems like “overkill”?

      OK, serious now – a cache of bandages, ground black pepper (an effective homemade coagulant), et al, would be a prudent precaution against feminist violence, particularly considering their fondness for boxcutters.

      • Aimee McGee

        I’m hoping there will be no need for anything at all…but working on the idea that there will be trouble being able to deal with moderate to severe injuries if paramedics are delayed by crowds is the kind of planning I was made aware of as good practice in protest movements.


    Feminist protest 2012 VS redneck protest 1962. Compare the two!

  • Jim Thompson

    “Perhaps a way to combat UTSU sending plants to masquerade as MHRAs at the lecture is to have all AVFM-affiliated MHRAs planning to attend to register with Danny or another designate. That way, if a UTSU goon shows up, he will be easily identified as not a legit MHRA.” end quote – From Tara’s post above.

    How about clearly visible name tags as well?

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Or, something subtle, like a shamrock pinned to the shirt, or a red carnation, or some other pre-agreed symbol? I don’t want to make this call too far in advance lest the poodles co-opt it, but given the advantages to be gained from MHRA’s being able to recognize each other in a pinch…

    • Kimski

      T-shirts from the AVfM shop, to go with the name tags?

  • Jim Thompson

    Yes, something agreed to late, for the reasons that August suggests.

  • malcolm

    It would be nice if things were peaceful, but this grubby little castrated clown is determined to stir the pot.

    • scatmaster

      Think it is time for a press release to the MSM.
      I am sure they will want to film an event where people of ilk will show.

    • napocapo69

      Maybe he should have a talk with Krista…

  • Paul Elam
    • OneHundredPercentCotton

      Now see? This is where Feminism has failed us!

      As long as I live, as a women, I’ll NEVER get to be referred to as a Gutless Texan Thug!

      ….. or a Good Old Boy, Son Of God, or a Knight In Shining Armor!

      Boy’s Club! Men Only offense!

      I wanna be a Gutless Texan Thug! Who sez girls can’t be a Gutless Texan Thug!

      I know my rights! I demand my gender quota Affirmative Action Equality! (sorry, I don’t have a photo of me in a push up bra for added sincerity).

      • Paul Elam

        Face it Cotton, if God would have wanted you to be a gutless Texan thug, he would have given you a penis.

        Don’t blame the gutless Texan thugiarchy for your own shortcomings!


        • mstewart

          As a Texan you can quote the famous Davy Crockett when dealing with these types, “You all may go to hell, I will go to Texas.”

      • Dan Perrins

        Ok OHPC,
        You’re now a gutless Texan thug no evidence or proof required.
        Its the Canadian main stream newsie way.

        How the hell michael gets gutless from what we do around here leads me to believe he might have grown up around a toxic waste dump.
        He definitely has no idea how much risk can be involved in doing what Paul or any one of the other MHRA folks do.

        Word of advice though OHPC don’t disagree with UTSU or you will have a fifth grade letter written attempting to have you banned from campus.
        They’ll do it.
        Imagine, a crayon scribbled letter pleading for you to be banned at the U of T.
        Maybe this time they will attach a gold ‘vagina monologues’ star to the corner as proof it has the gender studies department approval.
        Oh the horror of it all.

        • MrShadowfax42

          Nice response on that propaganda piece of a blog, Dan. Just what I wanted to say!

        • OneHundredPercentCotton

          Ok OHPC,
          You’re now a gutless Texan thug no evidence or proof required.”

          Awwww, shucks guys. You ain’t just sayin’ that to be nice are ya?

    • August Løvenskiolds

      Lots of name calling and no proof. I did discover through one of his links that Stephanie Nicholas is planning on attending the event.

      • scatmaster

        I would like to shake her hand.
        Damn, going to TO a week late!!!

        • August Løvenskiolds

          Stephanie has posted a GEG about her attending the talk:

    • Stephen O’Brian

      Michael Laxer’s quisling’s piece provides yet more free advertising for AVFM.

      • Paul Elam

        We would probably be better off paying. does not get half the traffic we do.

        • Kimski

          Now, there’s a badge of honour, if I ever saw one. Wear it with pride, brother.

          (-That is SO unfair! Noone ever called me a gutless thug, and I’m trying soo hard!)

    • Suzanne McCarley

      “Paul Elam, gutless Texan thug.”

      Oh, Paul! *sniff* I’m so proud!

      • August Løvenskiolds

        Considering the brave, selfless work Paul does every damn day, as well as Paul’s total rejection of violence, it is remarkable that the author of that inane quip got the “Texan” part right. I guess getting one out of every three statements correct is a good score for feminist journalists like Michael Laxer.

        As a fellow Texan, I can only hope that someday I am seen to be just as gutless and thuggish as Paul.

  • scatmaster

    OHPC: To make it really authentic you need the lower lip pursed forward and stamping your feet at the same time.


    Conscientious Thugs will not be accommodated at the fine new venue. Muahahahahaha!

  • scatmaster

    Why did they change the venue or am I missing something?

    • STONE

      Your good question will be fully answered on AVFM Radio Tonight! My understanding is that the University has offered a bigger, more beautiful, and much better suited venue for the event, in full support of free speech and in the interests of safety and security.

      • scatmaster


      • Kimski

        /takes a nice little roll on the floor laughing.

        Thanks, that made my day.

  • Robert Sides

    > “I did discover through one of his links that Stephanie Nicholas is planning on attending the event.”

    Cool beans! I emailed her (as I’m sure others did), urging her to go. It certainly won’t hurt her writing career.

    It’s prolly obvious, but still: folks should spread out during the event, not clump together… in case things get dicey, arrests are made, people get intimidated, and so on. That way there will be coverage from many angles.

    I wish we could watch the event unfold in real-time, like a moon landing.

    Conferences have been held before. Men’s groups have been maligned before. But this, in my experience, is the first time numerous attendees will be camcording documentarians: Everyman a pro-male paparazzi!

    It’s also inspiring that a masculinist group is fighting back.

    Oh, happy day!

    Finally, as for AVFM being urged not to act like blackshirted nutters: I am sooooooo effing tired of hearing that shite! Men have been holding their collective tempers for 4-5 decades while feminists used their testicles as castanets. The one thing men can do and are used to is “holding it in.” So fuck that noise! No more “sucking it up.”

    Time to “let ‘er rip!”

    After 50 years of shrieking (despite getting almost all they wanted), feminists STILL shriek and display anger, if not rage. So who the bleep is anyone to tell us to “pipe down”? It’s that very fearfulness that feminists smelled and used to their advantage.

    If guys want to do Maori war chants for the next 50 years, fine by me. Sooner or later ventings will lessen and a “natural level” be reached. So…no need to tamp things down!

    If anything, the world makes way for strong displays. So I prefer men to err on the side of “berserking a bit” rather than emulate mice.

    Being “understanding” and trying to “please” the lard-ass lasses of Femerica hasn’t worked. So, time to try new things. Plus we have the right to express feelings any way WE want.

    Feminists don’t see us as human. So why listen to anything they say? In fact, the more upset they become, the better.

    They are wimmin, hear us snore.

    • James Williams

      I can understand the desire to ‘let rip’ as you say, but this is not about sucking up to the feminists. Every time we show restraint in the face of public provocation we undermine their claims about us in front of the world and they lose. Eventually, even the dumbest cop in the world will realise that it’s time handcuffs started being slapped on wimmin’s wrists instead of peaceful men trying to be heard against the odds.

  • Zarathos022

    UofT Student Union,

    Allow me to offer this little addendum

    If we start calling you out for any bullshit you might start at this event, then please have the backbone to come on this site and confront us yourselves instead of sending your white knights and fellow feminazis to do it for you.

    That’s right Sandhu, Kadey, Guo, and Krajina. I’m looking at you assholes.

    You want to call us scum for outing your misandric bullshit then show some spine and do it yourselves.

    Have a nice day :)


  • Grumpy Old Man

    For Christ sake…Harry, are egos so battered they cannot handle a few women supporting the cause. Ladies, call men who lick feminist back sides whatever you want. You don’t scare me and I don’t take it personally…hell we’ve already labeled them.

    BenJames you’ve got a good point. This article is putting the rabble makers on notice and it may not be my style, but I do get it and support it. I sure as heck agree and I hope the less emotional folks go to this event and represent well, and the pissed off folks understand it only takes one remark or emotional outburst to kill our advantage.

  • Paul Elam

    @ Harry, I not only call bullshit, I invite you to the door.

    I may not feel entitled to a lot in life, but not being name called on my own website is one of them.

    I’d suggest you still have maturity issues. And while I sympathize with whatever fucking you got in the family courts, the destruction of your life won’t be allowed to spill into the continuity of this community.

    I’d suggest repairing your damage the best way you can. Continuing to worsen the beating you have already taken isn’t doing anyone any good.

    Maybe, if you learn to get over your rage at women, you also might get the guts to realize something rather significant.

    Your level of fucked up is pretty apparent when you rush to attack women who support men’s rights for shaming men that attack men’s rights.

    This is strategically, well, stupid. And it is emotional reasoning on a level par with little girls.

    If your enemy is women, as a group, regardless of their actions or support, and your friends are men, regardless of their actions or the fact that some of them put knives in your back, then you are either too stupid, damaged or emotionally labile to be of any use to us.

    I sincerely hope you get better, grow up or wise up as the case may be, but your take on this is simply an anchor around our necks.

    If that makes me a white knight in your eyes, it only further proves my point.

    Best of luck to you on the path you have chosen. You’ll need it.