The Ms. Ann syndrome

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Mumia Ali lays out his particular take on the psychology of the Black feminist, where it comes from, and, finally, how it manifests in real time—what he refers to as the Ms. Ann syndrome.

Men are exceptional

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Editor’s note: This article is also available in Romanian and Spanish. Men and women vary in many ways. The debate has raged for a long time about whether this is more likely to be a result of nature or nurture. Some feminist groups tend to maintain that the differences are socialised and thus very much […]

MGTOW’s opposite

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Can MGTOW be pro-feminist? Can they be married? Can they indulge in some aspects of traditionalism? Or do these things disqualify them? Peter Wright explores these questions from the perspective of male self-determination.

It all balances out

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Tim Goldich argues that historically there tended to be a balance that was reasonably equitable between the sexes, but today the main need is for more love for men as vulnerable human beings and more respect for women as adults with agency.