Promoting Marriage

Dr. Helen Smth

Conservatives continue their habit of advocating marriage without bothering to acknowledge the enormous risks on men in the current environment. Mark Trueblood takes Ross Douthat to task for being yet another ideologue who offers incentives but shame and punishment.

Take back the meme!

I watch you

Robert St. Estephe is a very nice person, even though he says he is not. How can he not be nice? He took time out of his very busy day unearthing long buried facts that get in the way of feminist revisionism in order to make us a meme with his very own hands. Not nice? Pshaw! Robert is a very nice man indeed!

Not all cops are like that

Old film strip and photos background

This video shows a police office trying to make an arrest on a batshit crazy woman. What is the last thing he needed? Another batshit crazy woman and a batshit crazy white knight to give him grief. Well, that is exactly what he got.

Fingering the gynarchy

Queen Victoria

The world has long labored under political and social rule designed predominately for the benefit of women. Clearly this is no patriarchy, but what might we call it? The history books provide a useful term for us.

MGTOW: 12th century style

Courtly love showing obsequious male behaviour to women

Perhaps it is that each age of man must discover the truths about women and love for itself. Over 800 years ago, the spread of courtly love and proto-feminism caused a writer to warn his fellows.

The Fraud of Feminism part two


AVfM presents one of the seminal works of Men’s Human Rights literature on the eve of its 100th anniversary of publication. This is the second part of this historic document, the first published here a year ago. You will be amazed to find how salient the topics and conclusions discussed in this historic artifact are to the issues we deal with today in the Men’s Human rights movement! Enjoy this fascinating slice of history.