A currently bigoted affair

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In 2010 an Australian woman brought her four Italian daughters to Australia with her. Their Italian father thought that the children were going with their mother for a holiday, but her plan was to stay. In took over two years, and a lot of the Italian father’s money, to get his children back to Italy where […]

Casual misandry

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Casual misandry is a phenomenon in which unfounded negative claims are made about men as a group or men as a group are insulted or put down. Both men and women can engage in this behaviour.

The box: Life in prison, according to Inmate #565862

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Editorial note: Given the state of the aptly named “criminal justice” system today, we think Inmate #565862’s harrowing story should give anyone pause. Is this really what we want to be doing to millions of men, sometimes based on allegations alone?—Eds. I’m the man in the box, Buried in my shit, Won’t you come and […]