Radford vs. Stollznow: Tempest in the Skeptic Community

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On Wednesday of last week, Ben Radford, a well-respected and well-published member of what is broadly known as “the skeptic community,” published a website dedicated to answering accusations of gross sexual harassment made by Karen Stollznow, another prominent member of that community. Bob O’Hara has a report.

Teach men to not rape


Men, those crazed and out of control beasts must be trained to override the violent instinct to rape women – so says the feminist narrative of “rape culture.” As wider culture begins to reject this feminist stereotype, John Hembling warns that biographies of those who perpetuated it will be eternally stained with the conclusion ‘there lived a bigot’.

Male Vilification Culture (Formerly: Rape Culture)

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A person who sexually assaults another person for the sake of gratification, anger, or any other reason should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Rape is a violent act. Thankfully, rape incidents have been decreasing every year. Commensurate with this, however, is an increase in Male Vilification Culture.