The Cycle of the Female Abuser

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According to the Duluth model, a male abuser typically goes through a “cycle” of abuse. In her recent book psychologist Kimberly Taylor details the cycle of the typical female abuser for whom the Duluth model failed to give any account.

Acid Attacks: Telling Only Half the Story

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Acid attacks are a horror that no human being should experience. The problem should never be minimized. Unfortunately, certain international groups advocating “for women” are busy minimizing the problem for damn near half of all victims, and minimizing the sexual identity of many of the attackers.

Unmasked: The Face of Abuse

Angry woman holding up knives threateningly

When imagining a typical domestic violence perpetrator, many bring to mind the face of a man contorted with rage… but what if the face of the abuser does not belong to a male? John Ribner describes the face of the female abuser.