Help a child reach 5

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This is is not really new, however I believe one thing that we should do is give some attention to what we appreciate, as we need to denounce what we know is biased and wrong. Lifebuoy’s campaign and the video are heart touching. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is: As you can […]

The 53rd Hour…

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For single dads receiving visits from their kids on limited occasions only, the leftover evidence from the visit becomes a special reminder – the unfinished drink on the table, the toy they were playing with in the garden, a dirty handprint on the wall, the indents in their pillows…. these are sacred keepsakes to be cherished until the next visit.

Moms who kidnap kids: The back story


The social problem known as parental child abduction has been around for a very long time. Presented here are the earliest well-documented case in the United States, the earliest known image associated with such a case and a brief, but striking example of maternal abduction of children from a father by gunpoint.