A brief history of circumcision

infant circumcision brutality bloody knife

Circumcision is medically unnecessary, harmful, dangerous, not required in its current form by most religious traditions, and rationalizations for it are largely based on quack medicine and hatred of male sexuality. Jacqueline Hooman and Men’s Human Rights Ontario have info you should know, and share with others.

Interview with an intactivist in Kenya


Recently, the African Circumcision Advisory Committee acquired a new member, Kennedy Owino, a Kenyan native. Owino is a member of The Intact Network and helps run its chapter in Kenya. Recently AVFM’s Robert O’Hara interviewed Owino in order to give readers an idea of just what is happening on the ground in Africa on circumcision as a political issue.

Lorena Bobbitt and the politics of hate

20th anniversary of John B dismemberment 2

Twenty years ago today, Lorena Bobbitt took a kitchen knife and severed her husband John’s penis, then driving off and tossing it in a field. The result was not a nation shocked and outraged at a sexual mutilation, but a comical reaction from a culture of violence against men, particularly sexual violence. Piece Harlan delivers a stunning review of events. [Illustration by Europa Phoenix]

Genital modification… dissected

Lion cub

Blaming men for women cutting up their labia? Patrice Stanton calls bullshit, and notes how many so called “strong independent” women, even self-describe “cougars,” appear more like toddlers or crying kittens. It’s a simple question: are women accountable for their own choices, or is it always the fault of Teh Menz?