Hanna Rosin: A lesson in propaganda

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Slate magazine, that bastion of free speech (as long as you agree with them), gave us the lowdown on men’s status in the family court in a link to one of their articles: Men’s Rights Activists Say The Courts Are Against Them. They’re Wrong Of course, when I clicked on the link I got a […]

A Flood of DV insanity and doublespeak

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Male feminist Michael Flood may be one of the most dishonest, child abuse excusing, domestic batterer abusing people alive. Psychotherapist Tom Golden looks at just one part of this hateful ideologue’s destructive advocacy.

White Ribbon Australia fraud exposed


Under the direction of Paul Elam, AVfM announces the establishment of November 25 as White Ribbon Fraud Day. White Ribbon Australia is the first to have the covers yanked off their corrupt business model that actually promotes intimate partner violence.