Rolling Stone rolls over

Stone covered with moss in a water

Everyone knows that Rolling Stone stepped in a big pile of it with their gang-rape story that turned out to be a gang of lies. Paul Elam says that the mainstream has little right to complain.

Should fortune favor Brian Clyne?


As expected the KSUM conference and Kennesaw State University Men as an organization have sparked controversy and had SJWs up to their usual actions. Paul offers some words to and about Brian Clyne, the Big Red of KSU.

White Ribbon Australia fraud exposed


Under the direction of Paul Elam, AVfM announces the establishment of November 25 as White Ribbon Fraud Day. White Ribbon Australia is the first to have the covers yanked off their corrupt business model that actually promotes intimate partner violence.

Hot collar and cold tea

Colorful steaming coffee mug on the table

Paul Elam does a little venting. Well, actually he does a lot of venting. No surprise from Elam, but perhaps what he is venting about is less than predictable.