Professor of Law seeks legalized murder

Bloody Wall

Feminism is an ideology whose proponents advocate against domestic violence while bragging about how they commit it. The website is an example of that. Feminism is also an ideology whose proponents advocate against domestic violence while seeking excuses to murder. Elizabeth Sheehy is an example of that.

Rosalind Wiseman, the boy whisperer

Diligent pupil

Rosiland Wiseman has made an earth shattering discovery. Boys have feelings. Not only that, they can be harmed by the betrayal of others. We know, you view this with skepticism. And for good reason. If we accept they have feelings, we might have to acknowledge they have value.

Love, hope, and MTGOW men: you are the party


Are women needed in the Men’s Human Rights Movement to give men hope? No, says editor John Hembling. It’s just that a human rights movement needs all people. In the meantime, men need to realize that when they Go Their Own Way, men aren’t leaving, they’re becoming.

MGTOW and the big M

Garden lawn grass with a two option ways detour

In addition to being the 800 lb. gorilla of the Men’s Human Rights Movement, AVFM is also MGTOW Central for many MHRAs who also happen to identify with that philosophy. John Hembling is one of those men, and he has a few things to say about going your own way and getting married.