The identifying feature of fascism

Facebook Facism

Fascism is coming to facebook. At least that is the current plan of feminist ideologues, who want to make sure that any speech offensive to their little brand of groupthink is censored from the social networking giant. They appear poised to successfully get their way about the whole affair.

My relationship with evil

Sugar skull girl in tophat

John the Other has taken the time to do some outreach to providers of information and services for victims of domestic violence. He wanted to question them about their data and their motivations. Their reactions to his inquiries were a confirmation of what most of us already know. Evil is real.

Who are you, man?

arid forest ground

John the other searches though the burned down remains of a Jake Pentland article on masculinity and feminism, looking for meaning. He found some of sorts, though not the kind that was intended when Pentland wrote the article. No clues, though. You have to read it for yourself.

Gloating over Earl Silverman’s corpse


As those of us in the Men’s Human Rights Movement mourn the suicide of Earl Silverman, there is great glee and celebration in the community of gender ideologues we know as feminists. They are writing their happy obituaries as we prepare to memorialize this good man.

What if you’re wrong?

University of Toronto

John the Other has a question to ask the protesters from the University of Toronto. It is one, single and simple question that should be very easy to answer. And the invitation is on to any of the protesters to come answer it. We promise not to hit you with a stick.

Ignoble goal, noble method and insanity

University of Toronto

John the Other’s recent visit to the University of Toronto turned into quite the examination of human irrationality in action. Was it evil? Mental illness? Stupidity? A combination of all these things? John will tell you his best guess is no. He thinks it is something actually worse.

Did you know women hold up half the sky?

University of Toronto

John the Other went to Toronto today. He got to meet a lot of feminists; chanting, rhyming, mobbing, stick wielding, spittle projecting, patriarchy hating, cis gender despising, heteronormative rejecting feminists that all had one thing in common. They are all crazier than shit house rats.

JTO at the University of Toronto today

University of Toronto

Our very own John the Other is at the University of Toronto today, and a very fine day it is. A revolution of morons is afoot, led in part by the University of Toronto Student’s Union, a campus affiliated hate group with ties to other groups full of Stalinist thugs.

Bad doggie, good doggie

University of Toronto

The countdown has begun to the upcoming lecture on misandry at the University of Toronto. The schools has a history of some poor discipline on the part of some students there who don’t want to learn new things and don’t want anyone else to. JTO rolls up his newspaper.