Feminism and the disposable male

Girl writes what karen straughan

A Voice For Men Contributing Editor Karen Straughan, aka Girl Writes What, has had the most popular YouTube video on feminism for the last couple of years. This classic essay and video by her remain required reading/viewing for anyone who wants to understand the Men’s Human Rights Movement’s criticisms of feminism.

Men not marrying

Happy man relaxing on a couch

The fact that more and more men are avoiding marriage has both feminists and traditionalist women all in a tizzy – oh, those mean ol’ men! But what neither seem to care about is the shocking truth that men’s feelings matter, too, and that marriage no longer offers men a positive self-image. AVfM’s MGTOW week coverage continues with this transcript of the classic Karen Straughan video.

Don’t be that anti-rape campaign


Is it “rape apology” to try to stop the false reporting of a rape that never happened? Feminists and some government officials think it is, but clearly, they are nuts. Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat) brings some sanity and even has distinct policy suggestions that will reduce the crime of rape. Are you listening, feminists? Or are you too interested in shaming men’s sexuality instead?