But what did the boy REALLY want?

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When an adult gets into bed with another adult, this is understood. None of this is understood by a teenager who is kept from the world, or a “juvenile delinquent” getting a lap dance from a grown female prison guard. B.R. Merrick has much to say on the topic.

On Feminism’s Infantilization of Women

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Feminism has always been about the demands of privileged and mostly white women, says B.R. Merrick, and all that has resulted in is dysfunctional brats who think they get whatever they want by complaining–while noting women of achievement who never whined.

From the mouths of (hot) babes

Red-ripe temptation.

There has always been a tendency to shame sexuality residing in human culture. Of course, according to every wave of modern feminism, women get the worst of it. Not so, says, B.R. Merrick, who gives us the money shot on the subject.

A doofus’s guide to feminism

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In a hilarious takedown of everyday pseudo-logic, B.R. Merrick says it takes an education in idiocy to believe men ever oppressed women and that, as a result, feminism has accomplished great things for women or men. We think he has a point.

Do women need men need women?


B.R. Merrick walks us across the bridge that spans the gulf between men and women, noticing the cracks and conflict stressed supports along the way. And he shows us weak portions, stressed by the weight of unrealistic expectation.

We need to talk about Peter


How often does the critic suffer the sometimes heartless and savage nature of critique? Not often enough, for sure. It is a wrong seldom corrected, which makes us love Merrick all the more.