Stickers and private property

I just got the following email.

Dear Sirs,
I went out my doorway this morning to take my son to school.
We were surprised and dis-appointed to find our doorway had been covered with stickers for your organisation.
We had not been asked if they could be put up and have had to use a lot of energy to remove them.
I realise you cannot take responsibility for where people put up your stickers, but it would seem obvious that private premises are not a good spot.
Could you mention to your subscribers that they should take care where they place them?
Otherwise it could create ill-will against your organisation and ideals.
[name redacted]
ps: we are in Victoria, Australia.
The stickers that AVFM prints and distributes are NOT intended for use on private property. If you are doing this, or plan to do something like this, please reconsider. I urge you not to deface private property in the name of activism for AVFM. As the author of the email rightly states, there is nothing but ill will to be gained from doing this.  Thanks PE

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  • Mr Happy Face

    Really… It’s things like this which damage our credibility :'(

    • Clint Carpentier

      It may just be a mistake, by either party.

      On the one hand, possible the property in question appears to be public; may just be that big, or whatever. I mean, for instance, a trailer park may LOOK public, but the whole grounds are privately owned, and further posting may require dialogue with the owner(s). It is still possible to do just that; however, there are many such places which protect their lot renters from solicitors. Likewise, just because a community has an open/no gate, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s street is public property; though most communities of this nature, are obviously set apart in it’s design, such as old folks communities.

      On the slapping hand, I’ve known many people who thought the sidewalk crossing the lawn was theirs; when in reality, they don’t actually own that hunk of lawn, or that sidewalk, despite the private necessity to maintain either. This also goes for store owners who think the power/light pole in front of their store is theirs when it is not. Some will even know this, but hope you are too dumb to realize that they just don’t want you gawdying up their front.

      Clarification of local property laws by those in question would be much appreciated.

      • Razedbywolvs

        I don’t think clarification for the frond door of your house is really necessary.

        • Clint Carpentier

          Ah, yeah I missed the doorway bit. That’s much harder to explain away. Even an apartment building is technically off limits… Though, low income government subsidized housing wouldn’t be.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Clint my friend I was just having a little fun. :) But having owned a low end government subsidized apartment complex I can tell you with confidence that it’s not ok. As long as some one owns it permission is required.
            The only place I can think of that would be an exception would be telephone polls. I think that has to do with the agreement with the utility companies and the government. The people have “usage” rights.

  • jq747

    Not cool folks.. just don’t do it. If you feel a friend or neighbor could benefit from this website or the MRM in general, but you aren’t confident talking to them about it.. a discrete note in their letterbox would be more appropriate.

    • Matthew Lane

      Not cool indeed.

      • John Narayan

        Hmm, I wonder is the home owner sent a pic, could be one of mine, normally I avoid domestic properties.

        • Matthew Lane

          Have you been naughty John. 😉

          • John Narayan

            Maybe ha ha!

          • Avatar

            Ha ,ha … cheers from Canada my brother .

        • Paul Elam

          Nope. No pic.

  • Steve Brulé

    Might be feminists doing this. Wouldn’t be the first tricky maneuver.

  • Usagi Yojimbo

    Remember, *the feminists* are the vandals. They will do anything that they can to destroy things, whether by law or action. Be it making male spaces illegal, forcing male institutions to go co-ed, destroying public places, defacing churches, protesting government buildings, and so on. We all know the drill with them.

    I am forced to leave this video of feminists trying to destroy a church to remind them of what they will do:

    We have to be above that. We have to have respect and integrity in how we conduct ourselves, because in the end, those two qualities are right and necessary. They lie, cheat, and steal, and encourage others to do the same. We are more advanced socially than they are, and we can’t stoop to their level. Our message is the harsh truth, and we can’t give it any other way, or the message is lost. But to destroy or deface things is disrespectful to those that could be members or potentially help us is counterproductive and destructive.

    The minute they can lay blame on us for being vandals and disrespectful of private property, it will be a gateway to lay even more lies about us being violent, us being misogynists, and in the end, turn public opinion against us, where it has been turning towards us before.

    Place a flyer in the postboxes/mailboxes if legal in your part of the world. Most will think it junk mail, but some might take it to heart. Take the message to the college campus poster boards. Take it to public areas. Take it to walls and fences and utility poles and anywhere that is PUBLIC. The minute we get connected to vandalism of private property or violence, we will be crucified.

  • MGTOW-man

    I make my own posters (not stickers that might leave residues/gums) with my own messages on them. Been doing this for years, many years actually. However, I have never placed them on private property in which there are no other signs, stickers, posters and messages… except for one place… men’s restrooms. They get taken down but I continue to post them because it is men I think we need to reach most. All by myself, I cannot do a lot of this but anything we can do helps.

    Just do not put gummy-backed stickers on people’s stuff. Posters come down better. Try those, please.

  • Zane

    Yeah, I’m really hoping this was a feminist trick—it’s hard to believe an MRA would be so stupid as to trespass and defame private property. It’s a passive-aggressive act which is not likely to engender a positive response to AVfM’s message.

  • Dagda Mór

    Just to note, public property and construction site hoarding may very well be off limits as well. The local authority forbids posters anywhere as well as handing out flyers (€150 per littering violation), so check your local bylaws.

  • Avatar

    I put my posters and stickers in Laundry rooms . Its great . Eassy too .